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Why didn't the Brady kids go on to stardom?

All of them attractive, reasonably talented. The show should have been a finishing school for them for the big time, then...


by Tigerreply 6604/20/2013

You were saying...

by Tigerreply 111/04/2012

For a second I was thrown off by Kelly Ripa posing with them in the OP. I was like, "Eve Plumb has had some great work done!"

Eve still disavows them, I guess.

by Tigerreply 211/04/2012

The show was crap, and none of them were particularly attractive (aside from Marcia) or talented. In fact, Cindy is decidedly unattractive as an adult.

Eve probably had the most talent, so she kept her career afloat for awhile on tv, but wasn't able to transition into a successful adult actor.

by Tigerreply 311/04/2012

Sadly, typecasting combined with Sherwood Schwartz' incredibly bad deal for the actors pretty much killed any chance any of them had to go on to another acting gig. And, of course, cousin Oliver.

by Tigerreply 411/04/2012

They couldn't act. Next?

by Tigerreply 511/04/2012

"Sadly, typecasting combined with Sherwood Schwartz' incredibly bad deal for the actors pretty much killed any chance any of them had to go on to another acting gig"

Actors like to blame "typecasting" for their failed careers instead of lack of talent and charisma. A lot of actors closely associated with iconic roles managed to go on to have successful careers. The Brady kids were not talented or charismatic. And some of them grew up to be...well, not especially attractive.

by Tigerreply 611/04/2012

What was Eve Plumb's beef, again?

by Tigerreply 711/04/2012

[quote]What was Eve Plumb's beef, again?

That The Brady Bunch was stupid, embarrassing shit?

by Tigerreply 811/04/2012

Eve Plumb was the only genuinely talented actor among them, but she grew up to be a plain woman. Barry Williams can act a little and can sing even better, and did quite modestly well for himself as a regional theater actor... he's even sung on Broadway (and not only because of stunt casting, either).

Maureen McCormack has probably the saddest story of the Brady kids... she probably had the best singing voice of all of them, and was also enormously pretty as a young woman. But she was the most iconic of the Brady children so she couldn't get past being typecast as Marcia Brady, and almost every male studio executive in Hollywood born between the years 1955 and 1970 wanted to fuck her besides. So according to her own account her years between 18 and 40 involved her getting lots of auditions, then sleeping with unscrupulous producers and casting agents who always wanted to fuck her, and then she wouldn't get the part. That helped lead to drugs and other substance abuse problems over the years. The sad thing is that she just can't act very well--she has the problem many former child stars have of having become very ingrained in bad acting habits she can't break. (This is one of the many reasons why child stars rarely become adult stars... only a few can break those bad childish acting habits, like Kirsten Dunst and Jodie Foster did... Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Wood and Winona Ryder never broke their childish bad acting habits, but they remained on top for a while as adults because of their beauty and onscreen charisma.)

The others can't act or sing hardly at all, and poor Susan Olsen never even had therapy to correct her lisp. The rumor is she has drinking problems. Christopher Knight was the handsomest in his 20s, and used to have a great body; but he's gained quite a bit of weight. Surprisingly, Mike Lookinland is the best looking of the men now. I understand he has a fairly normal life as a cameraman and is probably the best adjusted of them all--he had the least expectations, I think, for an acting career after the show was over.

by Tigerreply 911/04/2012

"But she was the most iconic of the Brady children so she couldn't get past being typecast as Marcia Brady"

Translation: she isn't talented, but finds it easier to blame typecasting for her failed career. Many actors find success and continue working after being associated with iconic roles...she just wasn't one of them.

by Tigerreply 1011/04/2012

mmmmmm Eve Plumbs Beef.

by Tigerreply 1111/04/2012

How long ago was that photo taken? Flo looks DAMN good!

by Tigerreply 1211/04/2012

I think it was 2007. And yes, Flo has had some good work done.

by Tigerreply 1311/04/2012

Eve Plumb's Beef with some Chow Mein sounds good.

by Tigerreply 1411/04/2012

Chris Knight was smokin' hot about 7-8 years ago when he was on that VH1 reality show. A local gay magazine even put a hot shirtless pic of him on the cover with hotter pics inside. I still have it.

by Tigerreply 1511/04/2012

Was just looking them up on IMDB and found out Chris Knight was on Another World in 1980-81. I don't remember him being there. Is it a mistake?

by Tigerreply 1611/04/2012

He did appear on AW, R16. IIRC, he played Charlie Hobson's grandson (making him Ada's stepgrandson) and his character was romantically involved with Sally Frame. There was a blonde bimbo playing Sally at the time, it was before Mary Page Keller came on board.

Chris was not very good, nor was it a good time for AW.

by Tigerreply 1711/04/2012

Maureen McCormick said in her book she never had any trouble getting acting roles. She said they weren't starring parts but could've easily worked as much as she wanted.

She was a coke addict and said, that killed her career as she only did whatever it took, to get money to buy cocaine. Then she'd run off and get high and not work.

by Tigerreply 1811/04/2012

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

by Tigerreply 1911/04/2012

Thanks r17. I was watching then but have no memory of it. Would the blonde bimbo Sally have been Jennifer Runyon?

by Tigerreply 2011/04/2012

Their's was a charming cast given the scripts and tone of the program. It still holds up better than their rival 'Partridge Family'. I saw them all in different projects except Susan and they still acted like they were in a light sitcom format even when doing dramas. I think it's just that the cast was so young and functioned so well as a group that they were insecure and inexperienced outside of it. And then they became the family that didn't know the meaning of the word 'canceled' with ill conceived revivals throughout the '70s and early '80s.

by Tigerreply 2111/04/2012

Most child actors don't go on to successful adult showbiz careers. The Jodie Fosters and Kurt Russells are the exception, not the rule.

by Tigerreply 2211/04/2012

Eve ddi have the most talent, but I suspect she was difficult to work with. Her looks also faded early.

by Tigerreply 2311/04/2012

Too much coke!

by Tigerreply 2411/04/2012

All the Brady kids except Mike Lookiland have appeared on soaps at one time.

Barry Williams played a doctor on General Hospital for a while in the late 70s.

Chris Knight played Leigh Hobson on Another World from 80-81, paired opposite Jennifer Runyon's Sally Frame.

Maureen McCormack was the original Rebecca Hotchikss on Passions, playing in about a dozen episodes. When they decided to bring the character back, they bypassed Maureen and gave the role to Andrea Evans.

Eve had a 1-2 day role on Days of Our Lives a couple of years ago as a therapist.

Susan had a 2-3 day role on Young and Restless as a social worker about 2 years ago.

And then Brady dad Robert Reed went on to Lloyd Kendall for a year or so on Search for Tomorrow in the mid 80s.

by Tigerreply 2511/04/2012

Elizabethe Taylor has poor acting skills , really and did not outgrow her childish acting so?

by Tigerreply 2611/04/2012

Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady, played a character romantically involved with a character played by the always-brilliant Jennifer Runyon, who poignantly played Peter's sister Cindy in the late 80's classic "A Very Brady Christmas"?


by Tigerreply 2711/04/2012

I thought we all turned out to be huge stars, well, except for Eve.

by Tigerreply 2811/04/2012

Jennifer Runyon was in the first season of Charles in Charge (Baio's girl friend, Gwen). Soon after, she disappeared.

by Tigerreply 2911/04/2012

There was a TV show on here last night...had the oldest Brady kid on some property show, searching for a new house.

He was moving to Branson MS to start a show entitled The Brady Brunch....the folks will eat brunch and he'll tell them stories about the good ol' days

I guess it didn't take off because it's hard to find a reference to it on the internet:-

[quote]Branson, MO ~ Yakov Smirnoff is proud to announce that in August, The Brady Bunch star Barry Williams is set to debut his live production, Brady Brunch. The multitalented Williams will perform a limited engagement, August 2nd to the 14th at Yakov’s Branson Theatre. This one-man show, with a live band, has been created specifically for the Branson stage to showcase Williams’ versatility as an entertainer. This unique production will take you down memory lane with an intimate portrait of Williams’ life and a montage of the Brady Bunch phenomenon. Williams’ incredible showmanship and seemingly endless talent has given him enormous success as an actor and performer. Now, he’s bringing that talent to Branson.

by Tigerreply 3011/04/2012

METV shows four episodes of "The Brady Bunch" back-to-back on Sunday mornings and calls it "The Brady Brunch." I predict a lawsuit! Where's Gloria Allred?

by Tigerreply 3111/04/2012

Jon Stewart interviewed Eve back in 1994. Very funny.

by Tigerreply 3211/06/2012

Eve looks like me now.

by Tigerreply 3304/17/2013

Eve Plumb was the only true actor out of the bunch. She was a natural. The rest were okay but more of a dinner theater quality. Maureen was almost as good. Barry was a big ham and had no depth as an actor. Chris was fair. Mike was also fair. Susan was decent, but will never win an Emmy.

Their careers peaked with "The Brady Bunch" and ended there because that's, quite frankly, the best they deserved, save Eve and perhaps Maureen. I am a former casting agent and would not have hired the three boys or Susan for anything more than a TV commercial. Thems the breaks.

by Tigerreply 3404/17/2013

Eve seems happy: she's married, paints, acts in projects that interest her, and seems to have developed a sense of humor about her status as a member of a classic TV sitcom. Either she married well, or invested well.

by Tigerreply 3504/17/2013

Their egos wrote checks that their amount of talent couldn't cash. Plain and simple.

by Tigerreply 3604/17/2013

I thought Kelly was fake Jan.

by Tigerreply 3704/17/2013

They couldn't act for shit. Of course the scripts sucked out loud. Chris Knight is hot as hell.

by Tigerreply 3804/17/2013

[quote]I am a former casting agent and would not have hired the three boys or Susan for anything more than a TV commercial. Thems the breaks.

I am a former TV viewer and movie-goer and it amazes me how very many shitty actors find work and even stardom in Hollywood.

by Tigerreply 3904/17/2013

Eve also did a complete 360 playing a teenage prostitute in DAWN: PORTRIATE OF A TEENAGE RUNAWAY.

Even more interesting was ALEXANDER: THE OTHER SIDE . It's on YouTube. It made a big impression on this 13 year old ,especially the closeted football player in his bikini briefs.

Forgot Frances Faye was in it. I had no idea who she was at the time

by Tigerreply 4004/17/2013

[quote]mmmmmm Eve Plumbs Beef.

mmmmmm Eva Plumb's Beef Curtains!

by Tigerreply 4104/17/2013

There seemed to be a lot of focus on when the boys were, let's say, "maturing."

Bobbie's voice breaks. Greg moves up to the attic when he "becomes a man." You get my drift.

by Tigerreply 4204/17/2013

Eve's painting isn't bad. Sort of reminds me of Edward Hopper.

by Tigerreply 4304/17/2013

R27, Why wasn't Susan Olsen in A VERY BRADY CHRISTMAS?

by Tigerreply 4404/17/2013

Barry Williams may be a nice guy (he and Chris Knight have remained lifelong friends) but he looks like a child molester. Who wants to see that on the big screen?

by Tigerreply 4504/17/2013

[quote]I am a former casting agent and would not have hired the three boys or Susan for anything more than a TV commercial. Thems the breaks.

Translation: Temp agency sent me on a secy/recep job once at a talent agency.

by Tigerreply 4604/17/2013

r34 That's interesting. So how did you become a casting agent? I cannot imagine trying to "act" in front of someone. But that would be a hell of a job. Sounds like fun.

by Tigerreply 4704/17/2013

Mike Lookinland was the fugliest, homeliest kid ever.

by Tigerreply 4804/17/2013

"The rumor is she has drinking problems"

A rumor? Susan was so hungover during a radio interview that she had to leave early to go puke in the bathroom.

by Tigerreply 4904/17/2013

OP's pic is not 2007. This was Maureen (and her outfit and hair) at the 2007 TV Land Awards

by Tigerreply 5004/17/2013

[quote]Many actors find success and continue working after being associated with iconic roles

You make a good point and I know it's true, but for the love of me I can't come up with any examples right now.

by Tigerreply 5104/17/2013

[quote]Mike Lookinland was the fugliest, homeliest kid ever.

Until Cousin Oliver came along.

by Tigerreply 5204/17/2013

[quote]Their egos wrote checks that their amount of talent couldn't cash. Plain and simple.

Yes, talent and success go hand in hand. If Vincent Van Gogh had been any good he'd have been rich and famous the way Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light was.

by Tigerreply 5304/17/2013

Chris Knight is smoking hot in OP's photo.

by Tigerreply 5404/18/2013

Mike Lookinland looked fine as a kid.

by Tigerreply 5504/18/2013

I blame cousin Oliver for the fad of putting the Hollywood bowl cut on all "cute and precocious" little boys. It persists to this day.

by Tigerreply 5604/18/2013

Chris is HAWT

by Tigerreply 5704/18/2013

[quote] A lot of actors closely associated with iconic roles managed to go on to have successful careers.

Only the very most talented among us.

by Tigerreply 5804/18/2013

[quote] Only the very most talented among us.

And some whose talent range is significantly more limited.

by Tigerreply 5904/19/2013

Barry Williams (with Danny Bonaduce) was on the SyFy channel the other day, fighting a giant Bigfoot (and each other).

by Tigerreply 6004/19/2013

Are you kidding! Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway is a masterpiece.

by Tigerreply 6104/19/2013

I love how SyFy pulls out these b-list celebs fit their movies. They've had Debbie Gibson, Joey Fatone, to name only two.

by Tigerreply 6204/19/2013

Tiger has obviously never been to Branson, where Greg Brady has his own fucking theater.

by Tigerreply 6304/20/2013

R40, I used to slip up on this one too. Doing a 360 is a full circle, coming back to exactly how you already were. What you meant was doing a 180, where you are exactly opposite.

by Tigerreply 6404/20/2013

"blame cousin Oliver for... the Hollywood bowl cut"

Blame John Denver. That's who they had him copying.

by Tigerreply 6504/20/2013

Remember the final season when Jan became hotter than Marcia?

by Tigerreply 6604/20/2013
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