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"Our Time" with Pamela Sue Martin and Parker Stevenson

What a nice film! Timely to with the election coming up! Pamela was a good actress and Parker an adonis!

by Thumb up!!!reply 1211/07/2012


by Thumb up!!!reply 111/03/2012

Parker does enjoy having cock in ass

by Thumb up!!!reply 211/03/2012

it is timely because of the Roe Vs. Wade battle

by Thumb up!!!reply 311/03/2012


by Thumb up!!!reply 411/04/2012

1974? Really?

by Thumb up!!!reply 511/04/2012

Betsy Slade's character, Muffy, is just unbearable. You feel guilty about not liking her, but it's just impossible.

by Thumb up!!!reply 611/04/2012

Pamela Sue -- happy 70s...

by Thumb up!!!reply 711/04/2012

saw this on a double bill with "Ode to Billy joe" when I was a kid.

Later that night I made out with my best friend and we frottaged to climax.

those are the memories I have of that film.

And someone throws a milkshake. ANd someone else throws a doll off a bridge.

by Thumb up!!!reply 811/04/2012

One of my favorite college films. The ending is heartbreaking, and when Pamela throws the milkshake at Muffy's boyfriend, it makes me cry every time.

The soundtrack is very moving, I think it's by the same composer of Brian's Song.

by Thumb up!!!reply 911/04/2012

The milkshake was Our Time, the doll was from Ode to Billy Joe. Ah ... Robby Benson.

by Thumb up!!!reply 1011/04/2012

thanks for clarifying # 10!

I am sure it was the sight of Robby Benson and Parker Stevenson that night at the double date at the drive in that got my mind thinking of guys. We dropped off our dates, and then my best friend and I messed around for the first time.

Damn now I want to see those movies again!

by Thumb up!!!reply 1111/04/2012

R11, that's hot..

by Thumb up!!!reply 1211/07/2012
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