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Dear MSNBC junkies

Chris Hayes used to dress well when he'd be on as a writer for The Nation, yet now he looks like a refugee from K-mart even on "dress up" night events.

What the deal with this Cupp lady? Is she supposed to be the gay lady counterpart to Steve Kornacki the gay guy? Kyrstal seems the fag-haggy straight womna, and Toure their metrosexual?

I see they had Jeff Zeleny of the NY Times on as a pundit the other day. He reminds me of those Gag-the-Fag videos I've ... heard so much about.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 39905/07/2017

I think Chris Hayes is still hot as shit. I just wish he was family. I like to believe he's got a little bi in him despite the wife and kids.

S.E. Cupp is the latest dreadful attempt at "young hip Republican - now with hipster glasses". She's just sad and everyone knows it.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 111/03/2012

Krystal Ball clearly used to be a stripper before she became a "pundit"

by Brilliant Sleazereply 211/03/2012

The specs kinda make Chris look a bit raccon-ish to me. Kornacki is better looking. I get strong 'Dar off Ari Melman as well.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 311/03/2012

I've seen little of Kornacki because I just can't bear watching that show with 1 Cupp.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 411/03/2012

[R2] I doubt that!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 511/03/2012

Ezra Klein is my MSNBC crush.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 611/03/2012

Ezra's not bad, though I wish he'd dress a bit better -- he's another that sets off my 'Dar.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 711/03/2012

God help me - I think Lawrence O'Donnell is kind of hot. Must be a 'strict daddy' thing.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 811/03/2012

I like that little flip, smark alec, Alex Wagner.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 911/03/2012

L O'D is just too obnoxious, but I suppose I could see others finding him hot. Alex Wagner seems a little *too* "flip" for me.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 1011/03/2012

Here's Jeff Zeleny about to play Gag The Fag with Rick Santorum

by Brilliant Sleazereply 1111/03/2012

Alex is very attractive. Ezra has a hairy you know what...

by Brilliant Sleazereply 1211/03/2012

S.E. Cupp must be embarrassed by her Italian heritage because 'Cupp' is not her real name.

Her occasional columns for The Daily News are nauseating and hateful, she's not much of a writer either. Is she supposed to be Coulter Jr?

How do these morons even get jobs, let alone high paying ones?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 1311/03/2012

Why won't anyone get Steve another sweater. He's been wearing the same grey sweater since the storm. It's really noticeable as he's never worn one before.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 1411/03/2012

Toure has been wearing the same clothes, too. Must be the storm. I haven't been watching long - is Steve usually suited or casual?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 1511/03/2012

I love how Krystal Ball is consistently invited to be a guest on the later shows like The Last Word, and S.E. is not - do you think she's noticed?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 1611/03/2012

Steve is also on later shows. I'm assuming Toure and S. E. have other commitments and can't stick around.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 1711/03/2012


by Brilliant Sleazereply 1811/03/2012

Yes, he is!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 1911/03/2012

I had crossed off watching them. But I gave it a chance. I actually like them. They have a good mix of chemistry too.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 2011/03/2012

I like Ari, Krystal, Steve and Joy Reid. I also like Alex Wagner.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 2111/03/2012

It took me several weeks to watch more than 2 minutes of the show because I didn't want to hear angry black man rants from Toure. About a couple weeks ago I started watching the show regularly largely because I've had a crush on Steve Kornacki for years. I wondered about his sexuality and he finally came out last year. He's really smart and knows so much about politics. What's interested me lately is the relationship between S.E. and Steve. I can't figure out if they are friendly toward each other or not outside of the show.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 2211/03/2012

[quote]S.E. Cupp is the latest dreadful attempt at "young hip Republican - now with hipster glasses". She's just sad and everyone knows it.

Every generation must have its Kennedy.

(I looked up Kennedy after writing that... her last credit was appearing with pitchman Anthony Sullivan on something to do with infomercials.)

by Brilliant Sleazereply 2311/03/2012

Toure isn't an angry black man. He's just annoying. Krystal and Steve seem close. SE is an avid hunter.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 2411/03/2012

Chris' hair and glasses have improved much in the last year, while his wardrobe has gone downhill. WUWT?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 2511/03/2012

Steve K is unwatchable. His angry white man routine drives me nuts.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 2611/03/2012

Steve -- angry? My biggest beef is that he speaks so fast!

Joy Reid is one if the best things of this election season - I could watch videos of her reading the phone book!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 2711/03/2012

Steve simply isn't very bright. He's just a blabbermouth.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 2811/03/2012

Steves talks too fast sometimes. Joy Reid does a great job. She's very insightful.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 2911/03/2012

Touré is hot!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 3011/03/2012

OP=Anderson Cooper

by Brilliant Sleazereply 3111/03/2012

I like Karen Finney, Richard Wolfe, Ari Melber, Joan Walsh, and lately I'm digging on Joy Reid, who is very smart.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 3211/03/2012

I like Karen Finney too.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 3311/03/2012

Sorry [R31] - I'm not Anderson Cooper!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 3411/03/2012

I adore Joy Reid. Also like Richard Wolffe.

I watch MSNBC from "Morning Joe" through "Last Word," skipping Chuck Todd's and Andrea Mitchell's shows, both of whom I find very annoying.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 3511/03/2012

I am addicted to MSNBC. I could watch it all day if I didn't have to go to work. Here in California, 'Morniing Joe' is on 3-6 am, but I still manage to watch a fair amount of the show. I like Chris Jansing, Thomas Roberts, and I'm late for work all the time because I like watching at least some of Alex Wagner.

The only two throughout the day who I could give up are Chuck Todd and Al Sharpton, but I watch them too if I'm around.

In the evening, my favorites are Lawrence O'Donnell (who is my very favorite), Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 3611/03/2012

"The specs kinda make Chris look a bit raccon-ish to me."

It's not the eyeglass frames, his entire eye area is darker than the rest of his facial skin. A lot of people have this problem, it stems from genetics or bad allergies.

My sister has this and she's only 24, she can easily cover the darker area with a lighter eyeshadow and under eye cover cream, which I guess Chris doesn't want to do, even for TV.

Really look at him the next time, you can see his lid area and the entire under eye area are dark.

You can clearly see the dark eye area in these rimless frames.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 3711/03/2012

I watch Morning Joe for Joe's ongoing depression over the Romney loss.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 3811/03/2012

I love Joy Reid. What's her story

by Brilliant Sleazereply 3911/03/2012

Thanks [R37] - I thought his specs were tinted.

Joy Reid is in the stratosphere in the "likeability" department!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 4011/03/2012

I live in Hell's Kitchen, a few blocks away from Rockefeller Plaza from where they'll be broadcasting live through election night overlooking the Center; I think they're calling the setup Democracy Plaza or such. The dog and I plan on going over there tomorrow and watching some of the shows from the street.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 4111/03/2012

Joy-Ann Reid is the managing editor of The Grio, NBC's black news website. Joy-Ann is one of my new favorites. She's one smart cookie.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 4211/03/2012

Joy Reid is the breakout star of the 2012 election. By far the most watchable and intelligent commentator on cable news. I think she's next in line to get her own on MSNBC. She seems to be a favorite with all the different hosts.

Adore Karen Finney. Is she black? interracial?

Of course, David Corn single-handedly changed the course of the election with the 47% video. I wonder if he's gay? He doesn't wear a wedding ring.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 4311/04/2012

Steve Kornacki is cute and smart. But for high-powered sexy, you can't beat Ari Melber. He is so hot he makes me melt. Guess he's str8 but not married. Anybody know more about him?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 4411/04/2012

r36, I agree.

For me, it's Toure all the way. Hot to death. And brilliant.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 4511/04/2012

[quote]Adore Karen Finney. Is she black? interracial?

Karen Kenney self-identifies as Black.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 4611/04/2012


Oh dear.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 4711/04/2012

[quote]Of course, David Corn single-handedly changed the course of the election with the 47% video.


by Brilliant Sleazereply 4811/04/2012

Ari Melber is too wimpy and pretty for me. John Heileman is about the hottest pundit seen on MSNBC, sex on a stick!

My 'Dar is pretty bad, but I could see why folks would pick up a signal from David Corn.

Rachel's relationship with Nate the other day was kind of weird, she was being incredibly kid-glove in bringing up his feelings on how he has been injected into the race personally, but it only occurs to me know that she was implying the "effeminacy" charge; I had thought she just meant the challenge to his ability as a stats guy in general.

J o P

by Brilliant Sleazereply 4911/04/2012

I don't know how anybody can have MSNBC on for a significant part of their day. I only watch the nighttime shows on occasion. Chris Matthews's deranged yelling is funny only when I am in the mood, when I am not he just grates. Rachel and Lawrence at least used calm, reasonable speaking voices most of the time.

I laugh out loud whenever Lawrence introduces Krystal Ball. I just think there are some things that automatically keep people from getting certain jobs, even if it's their birth name or the fact that you were forced to be a Nazi youth when you were growing up.

There is just absolutely NOTHING of value in Ed Schultz. The night of the first debate when he was yelling and slamming the table and screaming at the camera over Obama's lack of luster was just ridiculous and did as much to shape the narrative of Obama "not wanting it enough" than anything else that happened that week. You know Ed, you exist because to play Rush Limbaugh's good twin, not to behave like the real thing. When he kicks off his show with "Let's get to work," I think, no this is YOUR job. I'm changing the channel.

Having said all that, I would lick every inch of that furball Ari Melber.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 5011/04/2012

Joy Reid is sharp. I love her. She is the breakout star of the election season.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 5111/04/2012

I'm not a fan of Jonathan Capeheart. I know he's openly gay and always well-dressed, but I've never heard him utter anything insightful or interesting. He's also been too conservative this election cycle for my tastes. He tries too hard to be unbiased, and ends up not saying anything.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 5211/04/2012

R38: Scarborough will keep claiming "This race is neck and neck" until Wednesday morning.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 5311/04/2012

MSNBC keeps trotting out old, white Republican Tom Brokaw. He clearly can't stand Obama.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 5411/04/2012

Capehart is just too flamboyant for me. I said it, flame me, but that's my reaction. I don't think he's that well dressed, as much as over-the-top about it.

Ed Schulz I usually turn off, unless I'm busy doing something online and keep him on as background noise.

I ask again, does Steve usually wear a suit (as Toure does)?

J o P

by Brilliant Sleazereply 5511/04/2012

[quote]Karen Kenney self-identifies as Black.

Karen Finney; sorry about that.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 5611/04/2012

Add me to the list of people who love Joy Reid.

I love Steve Kornacki, but I have to agree with the earlier poster - he doesn't always make the most insightful comments. I can't tell if that's because he's not exceptionally bright, or if that's because he's afraid to ruffle the evident dullards (S.E. Cupp and Toure).

I like Chris Hayes, but I don't get people's attraction to him. I do, however, get the Ezra Klein lust...

by Brilliant Sleazereply 5711/04/2012

Chris Hayes is c-u-t-e in a nerdy way. Ezra is okay, but is just too boring, maybe if he dressed a bit less dull?

Steve is better one on one with Rachel than as part of the Cycle group, where he's kind of overshadowed.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 5811/04/2012

Never been a fan of Melissa Harris-Perry before, but her election special last night with an all-woman panel was really, really good.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 5911/04/2012

I would like MSNBC to replace Ed Schultz with Jennifer Granholm. Granholm is a lot like Rachel: she focuses on obscure issues that you don't often see on other news shows.

They also need to get rid of Al Sharpton. He's an activist and he seems out of place on a news network. Use him as a pundit. That's fine. But to be a host on a news show? No.

They also need to bring back David Shuster.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 6011/04/2012

I'm not fond of MHP either, who comes across as a (gently) angry black woman to me - a one-note-Janie. Sharpton is kind of the same, a "meh" hour.

I felt Granholm's convention speech was a painful unhinged rant.

J o P

by Brilliant Sleazereply 6111/04/2012

Granholm was a crowd pleaser at the Convention. The whole purpose of a Convention is ignite the base. It's not about the independents or the moderates. It speaks directly to the base.

Anyways, it's obvious you don't watch her show (not many do), but she's brings in guests from outside the beltway and her topics are not well covered by other news cast.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 6211/04/2012

[quote]Chris Matthews's deranged yelling is funny only when I am in the mood, when I am not he just grates.

I CANNOT STAND the way he talks over people who are trying to finish their thoughts. I wish someone would tell him to STFU.

[quote]They also need to bring back David Shuster.

Amen. They should bring back [italic]Countdown[/italic] and let him host.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 6311/04/2012

Chris Hayes looks like a lesbian woman to me.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 6411/04/2012

Hmmm, no one has mentioned me.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 6511/04/2012

David Corn appears to be hetero, although he can be quite giddy when Chris Matthews gives him a tingle up his leg.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 6611/04/2012

Another vote to bring back Shuster. Yeah, Ari Melber is a hot Jew - sorry PC people, but that's what everyone's thinking. But his personality is meh. Thinks he's more intelligent than he is . Love David Corn, Karen Finney, but especially Joan Walsh. Mature, calm , smart. And Chris Matthews is like a constantly upset uncle you can't help but love. Old school. And I like Alex - quick, precise, smart. She handles those panels extremely well. Chuck Todd is , well, Chuck Todd. Great at polls, and numbers - like John King on CNN. Just not as attractive.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 6711/04/2012

Lynn Berry (Early Today/First Look)?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 6811/04/2012

Ayman Mohyeldin

by Brilliant Sleazereply 6911/04/2012

There's a male African-American university professor they sometimes have as a guest pundit who really seems to have almost nothing substantive to add, almost as though he got the contract through some sort of "connection" than anything else.

Joan Walsh has great politics, but a little of her goes a long way!

J o P

by Brilliant Sleazereply 7011/04/2012

[r14] Maddow, I think, mentioned that many of them were stuck at the studio following the storm. She was also commenting on her own wardrobe. Maybe that's why SK has been in that sweater so much.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 7111/04/2012

John Stanton; haven't seen him in a few months though

by Brilliant Sleazereply 7211/04/2012

I call Melissa Harris-Perry's show "What's Racist This Week" because that is the focus of her show, race particularly black people. One moment she is lecturing us that race is a social concept, that races don't exist, then the next she is talking about black people, white people, Asians etc.

R70 When Comcast bought a majority stake in NBCUniversal there were congressional hearings. The Congressional Black Caucus forced Comcast to impliment racial quotas. Cenk Uygur was forced out and replaced by Al Sharpton. Tamron Hall got a permenant show. Melissa Harris-Perry was given her own show.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 7311/04/2012

I like Chris Hayes -- really do -- but one thing I've noticed is about his teeth: they seem to be angled slightly backwards in his mouth.

They're small and they're angled down and back. It's all I look at when he's on my screen. Distracting to me!


by Brilliant Sleazereply 7411/04/2012

they should def bring Eliot Spitzer into the mix.

Hot, nice body, and very intelligent.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 7511/04/2012

I used to like Melissa Harris-Perry as a guest. But now that she had her own show for a while--I like her much less. I get tired of her professorial tone and her professsor type guests. I prefer political analysts to her poly-sci panelists, or as she likes to say, those in "nerdland."

Also, here in California, Chris Hayes/"UP" comes on 5-7 am. Then MHP on at 7 am. I wish MSNBC would flip these two so that Chris comes on at 7 am. Put MHP on at 5 am.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 7611/04/2012

I love how MHP uses the term "NERDLAND" for her show.

I am wondering if Krystal Ball and S.E. Cupp are fighting behind close doors.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 7711/04/2012

I must say that Karen Finney is fine as hell and I love her insights on the issues!

I also enjoy Joan Walsh, Joy Ann Reid (Ms. Harvard), David Corn, Ari Melber, Alex Wagner, E. J. Dionne, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton.

I wish MSNBC would pry Jennifer Granholm away from Current TV.

I still pretty much find "The Cycle" MSNBC's worst show in the lineup.

When this election is over, I sure hope that MSNBC hires Obama Campaign Manager, Stephanie Cutter, as an analyst. Cutter is gorgeous and I've heard she's on our team. Cutter was the first one to call Mittens a liar!! Love her!!!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 7811/04/2012

Who's got gossip? Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz obviously hate each other. Everyone kisses Rachel's ass since she's the breakout star. The rest of them are disposable.

I like Joy but she's way overexposed lately.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 7911/04/2012

I don't understand that Rachel Maddow.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 8011/04/2012

There are a lot of standouts at MSNBC. But of all the hosts and pundits, my favorite among all of them is Lawrence O'Donnell.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 8111/04/2012

My (not so) secret (anymore) desire is to see Ari Melber and Ezra Klein together. My guess is that Ari would be the bottom. He is unbelievably hot. Ezra would talk/coach him through the entire process.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 8211/04/2012

From the MSNBC Chris Hayes promo, it appears he is completely smooth. Doesn't appear to be a hair on his body. Give me Ari Melber any day.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 8311/04/2012

I agree with you about Joy, r79.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 8411/04/2012

[quote]Everyone kisses Rachel's ass since she's the breakout star.

Rachel was a breakout star back in 2008. Now she's a bona fide star of MSNBC. While I don't dislike the other shows, Rachel's show is the only one I watch consistently -- every night actually. 9PM is Rachel time for me. Then I try to catch a repeat of Granholm's show.

By the way, you can't judge MSNBC primetime shows the same as early morning, daytime or weekend. Different formats and different personalities suits different slots. Someone like Rachel can't do daytime because she's serious and nuanced for daytime viewers to absorb. Daytime has to be quick-paced and less nuanced.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 8511/04/2012

R85. Rachel Maddow also needs the daytime to prepare for her nighttime show. Her opening monologue is not just nuanced, it's well researched and thoughtful with lots of facts and figures. And it sometimes last for 20 minutes--nearly a third of her show. No wonder that she's the star of MSNBC.

A great deal of Rachel's show is her. She does not entirely rely on a succcession of pundits who go through a series of Q&As.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 8611/04/2012

I would let Ayman break my hymen any day!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 8711/04/2012

Joy isn't over-exposed.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 8811/04/2012

Her name is Joy-Ann Reid.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 8911/04/2012

Loving Karen Finney! What do we know about her? I don't think she's married and has no kids but I can't find anything else on her personal life...

by Brilliant Sleazereply 9011/04/2012

I like Karen too. Ari is cute.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 9111/04/2012

David Corn may be straight, but I don't know of anyone on MSNBC who has had as much plastic surgery:

Nose job.

Chin implant.

Hair plugs.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 9211/04/2012

^ He coulda got him some lips while he was at it.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 9311/04/2012

I have a moist spot for/from Josh Barro; God bless Chris for having on so regularly.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 9411/04/2012

I think there's some tension between Lawrence O'Donnell and Rachel Maddow. Friday night, one of Lawrence's guests said they were looking forward to watching him call the states for Obama on election night. Lawrence snidely replied, "Oh, no. It won't be me doing it. It will be Rachel Maddow running things, and I'll be off on the side somewhere." Meow.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 9511/04/2012

Four years both L O'D and Rachel were on David Gregory's stupid show that had several pundits each day in a Hollywood Squares Tic Tac Toe formation -- he was INCREDIBLY rude to her, basically steamrolling the point she was trying to make so forcefully that she had to yell out, "Whoa, Tiger!" to get him to back off. It was really vile.

Not long after Obama's election, L O'D on his brand new program SWORE UP AND DOWN that according to his "unimpeachable sources in Congress" health care reform *WILL NOT HAPPEN*! It was a real "I HAVE SPOKEN!" moment. Ugh!

J o P

by Brilliant Sleazereply 9611/04/2012

Well, why would he blame Rachel when it was MSNBC executive decision? Why not snark at Chris? He's the one who has a full hour after the post-debate show all to himself.

I rather Rachel run things than O'Donnell. She's very even-tempered.

I remember election night 2004, Rachel was working on Air America at the time. When she had to announce that Bush had won re-election, she said matter-of-factly, "It looks like it's not going to happen tonight...."

Yeah. I've been listening to Rachel since 2004 when she had this little show that was on in the wee hours of the morning with Kent Jones. She was basically a news reader with commentary and analysis in between. She grew more popular and her show expanded.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 9711/04/2012

Is this the same Karen Finney who used to cover herself in chocolate and stick yams up her pooter?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 9811/04/2012

Nope, different Karen Finney R98

by Brilliant Sleazereply 9911/04/2012

I would love to Make Ezra and Ari squeal

by Brilliant Sleazereply 10011/04/2012

Ari Melber! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 10111/04/2012

Rachel is making great points about FL voting debacle today.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 10211/04/2012

this is a fun photo to enlarge

by Brilliant Sleazereply 10311/04/2012

I love Democracy Plaza!

It's gorgeous, uplifting, aesthetically pleasing.

Love how they've lit up the Rockefeller high rise building in red, white, and blue.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 10411/04/2012

Rachel is right about Florida. The early-voting lines are outrageous and exactly what Repubs want.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 10511/04/2012

I think it's great as much people can vote. However, early voting for a month or even two weeks is outrageous. We are already getting results. We have no idea how that affects later voters, if they become more or less motivated to vote. Another thing is many areas use electronic voting machines. The more time they are in use the more time hackers have to get in and switch results around.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 10611/04/2012

Well, r106, the compromise between your concern that the results from early voting might effect election day voters would be for the states to not release the results of early voting. California is not releasing any results until election day.

The solution to the problem is to not cut hours or days for early voting (as GOP are doing), but to allow as many people to vote without forcing them to wait up to 8 hours (as in FL).

by Brilliant Sleazereply 10711/04/2012

Unless he has outright said so, why is it assumed that Ari Melber is (necessarily) straight?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 10811/04/2012

I don't understand why the black Pulitizer prize winning guy is an analyst on MSNBC.

Sorry, can't remember his name suddenly.

He never has anything insightful or interesting to say. Never.

He may be good with the written word for his columns, but he lacks any insight as a live guest on MSNBC.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 10911/04/2012

I hope you don't mean Eugene Robinson??? He has A LOT to say! There's another black fellow they sometimes have on who seems to have little to do with politics and current events, basically saying something coherent enough, but far from insightful.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 11011/04/2012

Ari Melber is dating some girl. I saw a photo online somewhere.

They were labled a power couple. I forget what her profession was though.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 11111/04/2012

R109, are you talking about Dr. Michael Eric Dyson?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 11211/04/2012

seriously r109? Eugene Robinson writes for the Washington Post and has covered politics for over almost 40 years. Who would you suggest is more qualified? Tucker Carlson?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 11311/04/2012

Yes, sorry, but although Eugene Robinson has a winning personality and charm, I don't find anything he ever says to be insightful or worthwhile.

I love Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and find him very insightful, worthwhile, and interesting with a strong intellect.

I find Howard Fineman to have great insight and great analytical abilities.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 11411/04/2012

Dyson does not have a Pulitzer

[quote]There's another black fellow they sometimes have on who seems to have little to do with politics and current events

Hope you're not thinking of Jonathan Capeheart.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 11511/04/2012

R113, as I said, Eugene Robinson is excellent with the written word, but not good at all on TV.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 11611/04/2012

Could someone explain why the dreadful, horrible guest, Ana Marie Cox, appears on MSNBC?

She is a complete waste of time and breath.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 11711/04/2012

Funny enough r117, I'm starting to feel the same way about you. You doth protest a bit too much.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 11811/04/2012

Is Cox on that often? I think I've seen her once. She is a bit ... out there from what I recall.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 11911/04/2012

She is on right this minute, R119, and is on pretty regularly. (Sunday night, 9:52pm central time)

I can't imagine why anyone would be offended that someone points out that she is a zero, completely unqualified, and a total lightweight airhead, so R118 is an annoyance and must not have seen Ana Marie's consistent lightweight appearances.

(MSNBC is having special new episodes of many of their talk shows on Saturday and Sunday nights this weekend.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 12011/04/2012

With the one they always say is "co-creator of The Daily Show," how come now they say "creator of The Dsily Show?"

by Brilliant Sleazereply 12111/04/2012

With the one they always say is "co-creator of The Daily Show," how come now they say "creator of The Daily Show?"

Fixed that for me!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 12211/04/2012

But what about Ari Melber? More, more!! When will he become my BF, etc. He is so handsome and sexy!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 12311/04/2012

Ari Melber is scrumdiddlyumptious. He's my pundi-crush now that Chris Hayes officially looks like a lesbian and Ezra Klein has turned into an obnoxiously smug troll.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 12411/04/2012

Ari Melber is wimpy!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 12511/04/2012

I'd like to add:

As others have said, I'm enjoying Joy Reid. She was on Up with Chris Hayes yesterday and she raised several great points that idiots like Chuck Todd would never consider (why that dumbass is NBC's chief political correspondent is beyond comprehension).

Also, I can't stand Ed Schultz's show, or Al Sharpton's, but they're awesome panelists during special political coverage. Al adds a lot of insightful analysis and Ed will play devil's advocate in a way that's productive and thoughtful. Unfortunately, his pathetic polls on his show seem to be written by a 3rd grader.

Finally, I had to laugh when someone upthread accused Jonathan Capehart of trying too hard to be objective! He's actually a little too eager to defend the Obama administration sometimes, and he'd never be accused of being easy on Mitt Romney. The accusation that he's even a little conservative is laughable. That said, I've run across him in DC and he's a little midget diva! He's like 5'5" and he loooooooooooooves white men. His attitude is pretty repellant, but I guess a Pulitzer permits one to act like a bitchy queen.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 12611/04/2012

I think Chuck Todd is super smart, very intelligent, and a real asset to NBC and MSNBC.

He presents interesting information and ideas, and has great presence and confidence.

Yes, Joy Reid is insightful and gives interesting points of view to be considered.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 12711/04/2012

Wow, Jonathan Capeheart's boyfriend or partner of 10 years is gorgeous and an architect!

see photo of his partner

wow, I had no idea Capeheart would have such a gorgeous long term boyfriend

by Brilliant Sleazereply 12811/04/2012

No, Chuck Todd merely parrots tidbits from Politico. He's one of the shameless dickheads who insisted on turning the presidential campaign into a horse race (going so far as to create scenarios where both candidates get 270 electoral votes, which had him turning blue states red).

by Brilliant Sleazereply 12911/04/2012

another photo of Jonathan Capeheart's partner of 10 years

by Brilliant Sleazereply 13011/04/2012

I really like so many people on MSNBC, but I do not like listening to Alex Wagner.

She seems knowledgeable, but I find her delivery grating and unappealing.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 13111/04/2012

JC may have been with his partner for 10 years, but...nevermind ;)

by Brilliant Sleazereply 13211/04/2012

The Cupp woman's panel show is some of the worst dreck I've ever seen and heard.


a real low point for MSNBC

hopefully it will have a short run and they'll get rid of it

by Brilliant Sleazereply 13311/04/2012

an italian architect - has his own website

by Brilliant Sleazereply 13411/04/2012

I don't see MSNBC getting rid of the Cycle anytime soon.

Who does anyone think will leave MSNBC if Romney wins the White House?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 13511/05/2012

[r31] actually she is better audio only ~ try it

by Brilliant Sleazereply 13611/05/2012

Here is a brutal, vicious smackdown of the beloved S E Cupp!

(P S: it's merciless, too)

by Brilliant Sleazereply 13711/05/2012

Rachel is the anchor that lays the intellectual base, Ed and Reverend Al are sort of our answer to Rush I guess. I find both agreeable but shrill and I have to turn after a short time. I just like Lawrence, he's an interesting mix of Rachel and Ed.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 13811/05/2012

Love, love, love Rev. Al as a panelist. As a host, not so much.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 13911/05/2012

I swear sometimes I can not tell the difference between Maddow and Hayes. Their their voices and manner of speaking, their mannerisms. It's like Hayes is some sort of understudy to a Maddow role. Maddow had better watch out, I think some kind of All About Eve shit is going down with that Hayes guy. For real. Watch the dude sometime and tell me if he's not absolutely Maddow-with-a-cock.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 14011/05/2012

I love Steve Kornacki but loathe S.E. Cupp, so I cannot watch The Fix.

I loathe that sour asshole Joe Scarborough too, I don't know how so many people here can watch him every day.

I love Hardball with Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow's show; those are the two I try to watch every day. (But while I love Rachel's opening monologue, the amount of ads vs. little content over the next 40 minutes can drive me nuts).

I've recently come to like Alex Wagner very much and watch her when I have time.

Have a hard time putting up with Rev. Al and Ed yelling at me like they're not aware they have microphones. And I agree that Ed's polls are beyond ludicrous each & every night.

I expected to love Up With Chris Hayes but his manic energy, speed talking and hyper-knowledge of every arcane issue wears me down really fast.

Conversely, I've grown much more fond of MHP than I anticipated.

I think Ezra Klein is smart but a snooze (especially as a fill-in for Rachel). Ari Melber is adorable.

Other Panelists: love Richard Wolfe, Jonathan Alter, John Heileman (love his specs & checked shirts too), David Corn and Howard Fineman (usually).

I used to appreciate Chuck Todd as a straightforward, interesting guy. But this year I feel like he's become a bitter asshole determined to propel Romney while putting down Obama every chance he gets. I really hope Chuck has to suck it on election night.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 14111/05/2012

I saw Richard Wolffe in Las Vegas during the NV Primary in 2008. He looked exactly the same as he does on TV. He looked straight at me. I think he was observing all the Hillary supporters cheering the voters on at Caesar's Palace.

He's a handsome man.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 14211/05/2012

Chuck Todd used to be a favorite of the White House, especially when Robert Gibbs was the press secretary, but they seem to have had a falling out in the past year.

CNN also turned anti-Obama about the same time that Gibbs left his job as press secretary.

Maybe it's time for Jay Carney to go.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 14311/05/2012

[R141] -- I like Heilemann's checked shirts as well, though he's a real fox pure n simple; the dudes here can keep that wimpy Melber.

[R140] -- I don't get the deal you're going afer regarding Maddow and Hayes? Are you saying he's nice to her, but would stab her in the back to get her slot? They're both rather androgynous people I agree.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 14411/05/2012

John Heilemann would look great in leather.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 14511/05/2012

No R140, just being facetious.. I'm just saying they guy IS her. If I were her, I'd be a little freaked if guy on my show acted so much like me that is was noticeable to the audience. Freaky.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 14611/05/2012

S E Cupp and Andrew Sullivan are going to be on Bill Maher together this week. The combination really, REALLY makes my head hurt thinking about it!

J o P

by Brilliant Sleazereply 14711/05/2012

Joe Scarborough has been absolutely insufferable now that Romney is losing. This morning Mika was trying to read a story on the voting problems reported in Florida, and he kept smugly whispering "Benghazi..." It was completely inappropriate.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 14811/05/2012

God I pray that Obama wins re-election. But there is a part of me that also wants Obama to win just to see all the MSNBC GOPers like Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough, S.E. Cupp, and Tom Brokaw's heads explode.

And watch them all claim that it was just the hurricane that propelled Obama to victory!

Couldn't just be that voters were so sick of Romney lying every damned second of the day?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 14911/05/2012

Who slipped Rachel the happy pills? She seems positively giddy about tomorrow.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 15011/05/2012

That last segment about preparation for tomorrow was adorable. Rachel ends the show with a goofy red beer hat on her head and says, "Your country needs you. Plan ahead."

by Brilliant Sleazereply 15111/05/2012

[quote]Who slipped Rachel the happy pills? She seems positively giddy about tomorrow.

She gets like that during any election, but especially during the Big One. She's said it's like civics nerd Christmas Morning to her.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 15211/05/2012

Someone upthread said that Eugene Robinson doesn't add much to the conversation. I feel the same way about Dan Rather. Whenever he's a guest on TRMS, he does nothing to enlighten me on the subject. Nothing insightful from a man who has been covering the news since before Kennedy was in office.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 15311/05/2012

[quote]God I pray that Obama wins re-election. But there is a part of me that also wants Obama to win just to see all the MSNBC GOPers like Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough, S.E. Cupp, and Tom Brokaw's heads explode.

Along with the lop-sided heads of Michael Steele, Steve Schmidt. Andrea Mitchell, Mark Halperin, Ron Christie, and David Gregory.

Tired old bags of shit.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 15411/05/2012

R154, I don't know how I could have forgotten the names on your list!

David Gregory is the reason I have all but stopped watching "Meet The Press."

Halperin, since the campaign started, does NOTHING at all but spew Romney campaign talking points.

And Andrea Mitchell with her senseless GOP talk and false equivalency nonsense!


by Brilliant Sleazereply 15511/05/2012

Thank Jesus, Ron Christie is not on very often. What beligerent, trouble-making Uncle Tom douchebag.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 15611/05/2012

i, too, love ari melber and think he would look amazing out of his thing that really bugs, though, is his head movements. The way he tilts his head in a very clipped manner, then blinks, reminds me of a lizard. I half-expect a giant tongue to whip out an catch a fly... And can the make-up person at MSNBC please lay off the orange foundation for Lawrence O'Donnell? It is so distracting in HD to see all that orange face, and that ashy-grey neck.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 15711/06/2012

[quote]Someone upthread said that Eugene Robinson doesn't add much to the conversation. I feel the same way about Dan Rather. Whenever he's a guest on TRMS, he does nothing to enlighten me on the subject. Nothing insightful from a man who has been covering the news since before Kennedy was in office.

I totally agree. In fact, he's something of a concern troll.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 15811/06/2012

and i do not understand why John Fuglesang is allowing Ron Christie to appear on his Current TV show. god do i hate ronnie!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 15911/06/2012

Did everyone see Matthews' apology today? I've never seen anyone so worked about something!

Ari Melber looks kind of like a bobblehead doll when others are talking.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 16011/07/2012

I saw Andrea Mitchell in HD last night. The horror. The horror.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 16111/07/2012

Andrea Mitchell is the Edward James Olmos of network news.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 16211/07/2012

How is the Cupp lady bearing up throughout this ordeal?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 16311/07/2012

Speaking of Mizz Cupp -- she outdid herself today! (

Hint: Dems let Bush let this mess happen)

J o P

by Brilliant Sleazereply 16411/08/2012

-Absolutely adore Rachel,Chris,Meliss,Ezra and Lawrence.

-I use to like Chuck and enjoyed him when speaking with Robert Gibbs. Now him and Howard Fineman really turn me off. Remember their Repug friends that told them they felt secure about Ohio?

-Martin is growing on me. He knows how to throw shade and I'm luvin it.

-They should give Rev Al and Ed a show together. I do enjoy them I know they mean well.

-I grew up listening to Chris I >3 him . I think the President has disappointed him on some personal level. I know how much of a stan he is for him. He never stopped supporting him and I like how he called the Repugs out the blatant racism.

-The Cycle is growing one me. Even Toure and S.E. Steve is too cute. I like Crystal.

-Eugene,Herbert,Bob and Joe a(the other black man) I like them.

-Ron Christie is embarassing.

-Why don't they have Harold Ford and Michael Steele on Morning Joe? I actual like Michael.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 16511/08/2012

I love them all except S.E. Cupp, Chuck Todd, and Joe Scarbarough.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 16611/08/2012

I want to marry Richard Lui.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 16711/08/2012

Joy Ann Reid has been stellar.

Classic moment: She was on a panel with one of the talkers who thinks he knows everything, some white guy who was saying that black people in Florida were disenchanted with Obama this year compared to 2008, and she handled it just right. She said she disagreed and then when the guy tried to dismiss her opinion she pointed out that she has "spent a lot of time around black people in Florida" but was very gentle about it. The guy looked like a tool, but she tried to help him realize what he was saying before he went further and looked even worse. Hers would be a show I'd watch. Maybe just turn "The Grio" into a television show.

Karen Finney and Melissa Harris-Perry are both biracial. Karen Finney talked about her parents' marriage and how it was once illegal for them to marry, comparing it to the gay marriage debate today.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 16811/08/2012

Chuck Todd does not have a clean, inviting anus...

by Brilliant Sleazereply 16911/09/2012

Willie Geist just had his last show on Way Too Early this morning. He is now going to be part of the Today show during the last hour.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 17011/09/2012

168 - Joy Reid corrected former PA Gov Ed Rendell. I saw that. Joy is great.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 17111/09/2012

Melissa H-P is mixed race? Interesting as I find her to be somewhat anti-white myself - there aren't any specific things she has said so much as her "blacks as victims" mentality in the way she presents things. I find her commentary generally useless. My opinion is that MHP is the past, and Joy Ann Reid is the future.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 17211/09/2012

Richard Lui is hot hot hot!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 17311/09/2012

Alex Wagner?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 17411/09/2012

Alex Wagner is so WATCHABLE! I enjoy her more and more. She seems giddy about stories and her infectious delivery makes me want to hear everything she has to say. She seems so smart and fun, and not so deadly serious about everything.

Joy Reid is also my new favorite. She's so smart and matter of fact about....FACTS. I love her rather ordinary looks, she is relatable in a way the glamourpusses aren't. She really shines when she talks about issues, because she actually knows what she's talking about!

Chris Hayes gets SO worked up and starts sputtering and says things that are sort of true but never mentioned on tv. I love him for that. He isn't good at making friends with the other panelists, which I find refreshing.

I love Ed Shultz! The progressive movement needs angry, cranky, pro-labor white men to focus on red meat issues. Although he doesn't go down smoothly, I love his punchy mid-west flavor.

You have to admit, the Rev. Al Sharpton has gotten a lot better. To be candid, I find his insights often the clearest, and often the most astute. His bio is far more than the Tawana Brawley case, and those who just shriek that still after 25 years, need to get over it. I'm sure he believed her. Big deal. Plus, I caught him mis-pronouncing "Eastern Seaboard", as "Eastern Seaborg" last week, and now I worship him!

Ari Melber needs to ask the make-up lady to put make-up on his neck, not just his face. His face is golden and glowing and his neck is pasty, pink and full of shaving nicks. He does have a bobble-head delivery, but I like him. He seems very ambitious, which makes his delivery self-conscious sometimes.

I have loved Rachel since her first Air America radio show "Unfiltered", with Lizz Winstead, and Chuck D. It was the best show on that short-lived network, and was canceled far before they went under.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 17511/09/2012

R171, you are right, it was Ed Rendell. I don't dislike Rendell, but he needed to learn some respect, and he did.

I am very conflicted about Al Sharpton. He does have interesting insight, and I don't mind his awkward delivery at all. He's likeable and does good work, especially with voting rights. But it's also not like his insane Tawana Brawley days are that far behind him. Not that long ago, he went down to Florida to advocate on BEHALF of a group of young men who committed a horrific gang rape on a mother and son (and yes they did and forced all the worst things imaginable). The mother and her son are Haitians, so why he took sides for black rapists against black victims in that case I will never understand. It wasn't even a matter of innocence, just Al protesting that the rapists were being treated "too harshly." Hard for me to forgive him for that one.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 17611/09/2012

Watching MHP is like sitting in a women's studies class. She doesn't have anything insightful to say and I constantly feel like she's lecturing to the audience. She's a bore.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 17711/10/2012

The Ed Show is now number 2 behind O'Reilly and AHEAD of Anderson Cooper 360!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 17811/10/2012

I like MHP.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 17911/10/2012

Lawrence O'Donnell is so right on with the issues. I love the fact that he's knowledgable. That's important.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 18011/10/2012

I luv Joy Ann Reid too.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 18111/10/2012

Joy Reid is smart and insightful. I really like her.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 18211/10/2012

Joy Reid should have her own show asap!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 18311/10/2012

[quote]Melissa H-P is mixed race? Interesting as I find her to be somewhat anti-white myself - there aren't any specific things she has said so much as her "blacks as victims" mentality in the way she presents things.

Mixed race blacks can be very militant about race. Black icons like Malcolm X and Bob Marley were actually multi-racial.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 18411/10/2012

[quote] Mixed race blacks can be very militant about race.

Perhaps they have some insight worth listening to?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 18511/11/2012

[quote]Perhaps they have some insight worth listening to?

Or perhaps they just have internal shit they are working out in public?

I guess we'll never know.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 18611/11/2012

MHP isn't remotely militant.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 18711/11/2012

Now even the GUESTS are listhping!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 18811/11/2012

Joy-Ann Reid is very pretty.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 18911/11/2012


She's not militant in the way that Sharpton and Jackson might be - she plays the blacks-as-victims game appealing to white liberal guilt.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 19011/11/2012

Chris Hayes has a sexy hairy chest. I saw him with an open collar on MSNBC and it was heaven!

I also thank Chris Hayes for introducing us to Josh Barro, openly gay, smart as hell and HOT/Adorable!

Joy Reid is the breakout of 2012.

I cannot watch Rev Al & Ed because by that time of day I am newsed out. But I come back for Rachel & the smartest man on TV Laurence!

I like MHP and really like Chuck Todd because he does know his stuff and plays it down the middle. He is a great analyst.

SE Cupp is to dumb for MSNBC. Crystal Ball & Steve Kornacki have to explain every little thing to her and she rarely is able to understand what they are talking about. She would fit in better on Fox & Friends.

I even like Uncle Joe Scarborough. He does get stuck in the Neocon Theology and talking points most of the time. Some times he drops the veil and admits that he is full of shit. He is a likeable knucklehead. Love Mika, Barnacle, Heilmann & Capeheart (when he dances with Mika)

by Brilliant Sleazereply 19111/11/2012

Come on! You know you want to give Ari Melber the best b.j. he's ever had!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 19211/11/2012

Rumors that Ed Schultz may lose his show to Ezra Klein.

"Several MSNBC employees, who spoke about programming plans on the condition of anonymity, said the most likely candidate for a new show was the Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein, a frequent substitute for Ms. Maddow. Mr. Klein may start with a weekend time slot, but these people said the 8 p.m. weekday time slot held by Mr. Schultz was also a possibility.”

by Brilliant Sleazereply 19311/11/2012

Ezra isn't interesting enough to carry his own show: he's sort of one-note and can be quite boring and besides, there's no reason to replace Ed Schultz. MSNBC is going to alienate its older viewers if the network keeps hiring younger hosts. If anyone is waiting in the wings it's Joy Reid who should be next in line for a hosting position.

I wasn't very impressed with Up! and MHP this weekend, disappointed in their post-election coverage. Let's see if they can retain their earlier momentum.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 19411/11/2012

Not that I like Ed Schultz or anything, but Ezra Klein is pretty dry. When he subs for Rachel, he's pretty dull. Monotonous and too serious.

Ed Schultz has great appeal with the working class/blue collar type Dem viewers. He covered the whole Scott Walker recall for weeks.

Why can't they woo Jennifer Granholm? She's the Rachel Maddow of Current TV. Current TV is up for sale and she may be needing a new job.

Al Sharpton needs to lose his job. He has no business being on MSNBC or any news organization. Maybe Granholm could take his slot.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 19511/11/2012

[quote]I like MHP and really like Chuck Todd because he does know his stuff and plays it down the middle. He is a great analyst.

Chuck Todd was part of the media that tried to gin up the election as being too close to call. He thinks he knows what he's talking about but he doesn't. One of the on-air poll "analyst" who pretty much said that anyone who thinks they can predict the election (read Nate Silver) doesn't know what they're talking about.

I hate Chuck Todd but, unfortunately, if you watch MSNBC, you can't get away from him. He's ubiquitous.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 19611/11/2012

Rev. Al would better serve MSNBC as an "elder statesman" a la Ed Rendell, who appears daily on virtually every show in the lineup. Other than a breaking news story, Sharpton's producers don't seem to present him with any new or provocative material--they simply rehash that day's news.

He's one of today's best political pundits but, as far as his show's content, every day is a slow news day.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 19711/11/2012

Ditto on the no love for Chuck Todd. I wonder how his show's ratings fare for his timeslot (I certainly don't watch it).

Bitch belongs on Fox.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 19811/11/2012

I like Ezra Klein, but MSNBC needs the populist perspective Ed Schultz offers. He is my least favorite, but if he's going to be replaced it shouldn't be with some wonky intellectual.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 19911/12/2012

[italic]National Enquirer:[/italic] Cher has a crush on Chris Hayes

by Brilliant Sleazereply 20011/12/2012

I seem to be one of the few who finds O'Donnell downright smug and obnoxious, and desperate to be relevant (based on his "insider connections").

I've mentioned by 'Dar is lousy, and Chris Hayes sets it off like an air raid siren -- false positive I guess?

Ezra is boring enough when he appears briefly as a guest, let alone hosting stuff.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 20111/12/2012

Rachel is by far the smartest host of political/news show on any network. I echo the opinion that Joy Reid should have her own show....really enjoy her. I think Alex Wagner is HOT and smart, but the way she drools over Heileman and Halperin (Emmy-winning) makes me sick.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 20211/12/2012

Rev Al is drying up before our very eyes! He makes me think of a hairless cat.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 20311/12/2012

Ezra Klein is ok as a guest, but I think he would fucking suck as a full time host.

I would rather watch Bill O and his bullshit over Klein.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 20411/12/2012

[R202] I drool over Heilemann also

by Brilliant Sleazereply 20511/12/2012

Ezra is a good numbers guy as a guest but is horrible when he subs for Rachel Maddow as the host.

You'd find more energy in your local nursing home!

Ed can be a little rough around the edges, but I like him. Like so many others have mentioned he is a great representative of blue-collar America that makes up a large segment of our nation!

MSNBC issued a statement after the article referenced above appeared on Mediate to say that "they are very pleased with their primetime lineup and have no plans to make any changes to it."

by Brilliant Sleazereply 20611/12/2012

Aren't Ed's numbers quite good? Why would they replace him with somebody as boring as Ezra Klein?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 20711/12/2012

Forgot to add that Chris Hayes' show UP needs to be re-vamped because Chris is very lack luster in his presentation of the material. His show generally has great guests and graphics, but Chris does not present the material in an interesting manner.

In the teaching profession it is not enough to present the students with information and facts, but you must also make the material interesting for the students to want to learn it and be interested in the subject matter. This is where Chris Hayes FAILS miserably IMO!

I don't know if they can work with Chris so that he can be a better presenter of the material though? I'm afraid if Chris stays on his current track, his show will eventually get cancelled.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 20811/12/2012

Also a fan of Heileman. Something about him melts my butter.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 20911/12/2012

R207, yes Ed's numbers are solid nightly.

If you go to Mediate and read this so-called article about Ed Schultz, you will pick up a GOP bias in the reporter.

For instance he uses phrases like "populist rage" to describe Ed and "MSNBC is far more liberal than FOX News is conservative" to describe MSNBC.

Apparently, there is no truth to this rumor about MSNBC wanting to find someone new for Ed's timeslot.

They issued a statement after this article was put out stating that they are very pleased with their primetime lineup and have NO plans to change the lineup.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 21011/12/2012

Fuck Todd has a face for radio.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 21111/12/2012

Only morons who are so stupid they can't form their own opinions based on the facts watch this crap. It's pathetic to be spoonfed opinions you proclaim as your own. You're no different than Limbaugh's cretins.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 21211/12/2012

But Ari Melber hot and sexy and Steve K. is so cute ans smart!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 21311/12/2012


by Brilliant Sleazereply 21411/13/2012

Only morons who come into threads and insinuate that people who watch msnbc can't form their own opinions are even BIGGER morons. Last time I checked this is america so we can watch whatever channel we choose.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 21511/14/2012

I like Ezra alot. But he would be trounced if he went up against big mouth O'reily and Anderson Cooper.Ed pulls in very respectable numbers to give MSNBC a very solid second place in nightly ratings.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 21611/14/2012

Ed appeals to blue collar democrats and has solid ratings so I think he's safe. I enjoy some of his guests, like that Ohio state senator, Nina Turner. The left is diverse, not just the wonkiest intellectuals should be on.

What I heard is, Ezra might get a weekend show.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 21711/14/2012

Steve K has a wonderful, moist, wonky and inviting anus....

by Brilliant Sleazereply 21811/14/2012

As predicted, Ed threw a fit about the rumor of his replacement on his radio show. He's a blowhard.

Replace him and Al Sharpton.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 21911/14/2012

They should give Lynn Berry a weekend show. She has subbed for Alex Witt in the past. She does a great job on Early Today and First Look during the weekdays.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 22011/14/2012

Ed is a blowhard, but they need someone like him on the roster.

Also, complete agreement on Nina Turner. Love her. Did you see when she and our favorite Joy Ann Reid were both on the show? One of them (Joy Ann?) said they were to prove "we really are two different people."

by Brilliant Sleazereply 22111/14/2012

I love them both. I'll have to look that clip up.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 22211/14/2012

What in all that is right in the world was SE Cupp doing on Morning Joe filling in for Mika. Does someone at MSNBC really think that America needs SE's dance/art history educated opinions on Israel and Hamas?

Please eradicate this no nothing from MSNBC

by Brilliant Sleazereply 22311/15/2012

I would agree that the weekend morning shows (both Hayes's and Harris-Perry's) could stand to be punched up, or maybe totally revamped.

I like both hosts well enough, but two back-to-back panel shows that tilt toward the "egg-heady" are a bit much. It's great to see academics on television, and there should be a place for more a intellectual discourse than we usually get from cable, but it should also be at least somewhat entertaining.

Rachel gets this balance just about right every night.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 22411/15/2012

Nina Turner said last night that she may be running for Ohio Secretary of State. Woo-hoo! I'd love to see her in Congress too.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 22511/15/2012

I have now decided that Sam Stein has the most warm, inviting anus of all...

by Brilliant Sleazereply 22611/15/2012

Sam Stein is a seductress.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 22711/15/2012

Nina Turner is too much.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 22811/15/2012

I love it when Krystal Ball shows up on Lawrence O'Donnell, Martin Bashir, and Politics Nation too. I believe she is using the Cycle as a stepping stone for something better.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 22911/15/2012

S.E. Cupp is so vile and disrespectful. The Cycle was just interviewing Sister Simone Campbell and S.E. was so nasty to her. What happened to common respect?!? She needs to be removed from this program. She is acting just like Elisabeth Hasselback from the View. Maybe they should have a show together...on FOX!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 23011/15/2012

S.E. Cupp is shameful

by Brilliant Sleazereply 23111/15/2012

Another who doesn't enjoy "C" Cupp.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 23211/15/2012

Is Nina Turner a lesiban? She was making the moves on Jennifer Granholm when she was on her show.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 23311/15/2012

The next time conservatives whine about MSNBC hiring nothing but liberals, please remind them about this chick. Scarborough can be moderate sometimes, other times a blowhard. But S.E. Cupp?! She's unhinged all the time. I have to wonder what Steve Kornacki thinks of her. Andrew Sullivan obviously doesn't like her judging how the two bumped heads last week on Real Time.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 23411/15/2012

SE was rude to Sister Simone today. It was pathetic. I really like Krystal Ball. How was Nina Turner coming on to Jennifer Granholm?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 23511/15/2012

S.E. Cupp went into the lion's den of liberal TV news. I'm wondering if she can handle it for the long haul. It will be an uphill climb for her because the other three are liberal and one is an angry black man ready to pounce if she dare says anything untoward about Obama.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 23611/15/2012

R236's breasts are very wet and fat.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 23711/15/2012

She certainly was, r235.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 23811/16/2012

Toure is annoying, but he's not an angry black man.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 23911/16/2012

What do you suppose the MSNBC Office Holiday Party is like?

Mika, staring longly at the hors d'oeuvres?

Chris Matthews, drunker than usual, face flushed and weeping over JFK?

Thomas Roberts forgetting he's a newlywed and trying to get into Steve Kornacki's pants?

Mike Barnacle and Ed Schultz getting into a wrestling match over who's more blue-collar?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 24011/16/2012

I have a feeling that Thomas Roberts would snub Steve Kornacki in real life.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 24111/16/2012

Kornacki is decent looking, but definitely not in the "pretty boy" league.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 24211/16/2012

Thomas has a delightful, warm, salty and musky anus...

by Brilliant Sleazereply 24311/16/2012

S.E. Cupp is still being disrespectful to her co hosts on the Cycle.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 24411/16/2012

Watching S.E. Cupp is painful. She used to be attractive but her current hair color and style (another poster said that she looked like a Mennonite prostitute) and the hipster librarian glasses make her look harsh and cartoonish.. Her teeth also need a good cleaning. And then there is her voice. Just the most unpleasant sound this side of a car alarm. Shit can Toure and Cupp on the Cycle. Bring on Jonathan Capeheart and the cute Conservative black chick who is always on Bill Maher's show and maybe this show will be watchable. I loved Kornacki's rant against John McCain on today's show. Absolutely on the mark.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 24511/16/2012

SE Cupp reminds me of one of those bitter trashy trailer park girls. The ones who want so very much to be pretty like themother girl on the show but it's just not possible.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 24611/16/2012


by Brilliant Sleazereply 24711/16/2012


The Mennonite Prostitute thing referred to the INCREDIBLY frumpy getup she on for Bill Maher's show the other night, when Andrew Sullivan and James Carville were guests, too.

J o P

by Brilliant Sleazereply 24811/16/2012

Keep that hipster turd off Morning Joe, for fuck sakes. She's an absolute embarrassment to MSNBC. I would rather listen to Steve Schmidt or Michael Steele than this brainless throaty horror.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 24911/16/2012

What did SE do to her hair? It looks awful.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 25011/16/2012

Yuck, r250.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 25111/16/2012

I nominate Luke Russert for most boring TV person.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 25211/26/2012

Thomas Roberts looks like he doesn't wipe well.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 25311/26/2012


by Brilliant Sleazereply 25402/22/2013

Krystal Ball is pretty.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 25502/23/2013

Chris Hayes looks like a middle age lesbian

by Brilliant Sleazereply 25602/23/2013

Ezra Klien is adorable.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 25702/23/2013

The MSNBC gay men: Thomas Roberts, Steve Kornacki, and Ayman Mohyeldin.

Am I missing anyone?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 25802/23/2013

Melissa Harris-Perry is awesome.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 25902/23/2013

I'm not really familiar with MSNBC's daytime line-up. Not home to watch them. In the evening, I'm only familiar with Chris Matthews and Rachel. Rachel's show is the only one I watch every evening. Guess I'm not an MSNBC junkie.

I'm going to be seeing Rachel at one of her book tours in March. Very excited.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 26002/23/2013

Not MSNBC, but cute Palestinian Ahmed Shihab-Eldin of Huffpost Live, formerly of Al Jazeera, seems very gay to me. My gaydar never fails so does anyone know if I'm right or wrong?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 26102/23/2013

Your gaydar does not fail you, R261 - Ahmed Shihab-Eldin is definitely gay.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 26202/23/2013

Care to share any details r262?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 26302/23/2013

R261 -- Chris Hayes is SO gay-appearing to me, does he ping your never-fail 'Dar?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 26402/23/2013

SE Cupp is a lier. If you listen closely to the way her assertions, you'll catch her occasionally making something up, or distorting something completely. It pisses me off that her co-hosts don't ever stop-the-presses and draw attention to her shameless dishonesty.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 26504/29/2013

Chris Hayes is definitely gay. He may not have ever even kissed a boy before, but he is as gay as they come. He once responded to a guest's comments about a gay strip club, and he sounded giddy; but that's not the only clue I've seen. Come-out, Chris! We don't bite! Not too deeply, anyway!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 26604/29/2013

I don't know if Ahmed S-E is gay, but either way he's hot af.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 26704/29/2013

Ii thought Hayes has a bother who is gay, so I don't think he'd bother with a sham marrriage and a baby.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 26804/29/2013

S.E. Cupp has left the Cycle for CNN to a revamped "Crossfire" airing in the fall.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 26907/01/2013

I think Chris got the memo and now is wearing a jacket and tie and is styling his hair. He also effusively thanks people for tuning in. I had read somewhere that MSNBC powers that be were happy so far with the show but that it needed some tweaking and I guess this is how it begins. So far so good. Now if Steve K would do the same thing and stop with the gray suit jacket and blue shirt. I do also appreciate Josh Barro's appearances on both Steve and Chris. He is becoming more adorable as time passes. Weight loss, muscle gain and a more progressive outlook. He is my new dream date. Move over Ari Melber.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 27007/01/2013

Really? Someone actually watches that sorry excuse for cable channel?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 27107/01/2013

I had noticed he dresses like a grownup now, Mary; he needs new specs though. He must've been told directly by the bosses: "You will wear a suit!"

by Brilliant Sleazereply 27207/01/2013

Does S.E. Cupp have some kind of lung issues...Have you noticed the raspy noise she makes when she inhales?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 27307/01/2013

Duck Dynasty gets more viewers than the entire MSNBC lineup. Chris Hayes must have some sort of nervous disorder and it shows.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 27407/01/2013

Krystal Ball is still on maternity leave.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 27507/01/2013

So stick with Fox News r271. No one gives a shit.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 27607/01/2013

Josh Barro is a Libertarian ASSHOLE. Not cute.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 27707/01/2013

I'm glad that Ed Schultz is back even if it's only on the weekends.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 27807/01/2013

Krystal Ball always sounds like a joke of a name until u seat her next to S.E. Cupp and Toure.

Why didn't Ari Melber change is name to Lane Closure and call it a day?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 27907/01/2013

Lol..Hugh. Crystal Ball sounds like a psychic stripper'S name. Also I acknowledge that MSNBC has its issues with content, hosts, and ratings. That being said I still watch Chris, Steve and Rachel and sometimes Melissa because they have guests that you never see on other news channels. Yes there are the regulars who appear but as far as a diversified (albeit politically aligned)array of races and genders and ages it doesn't get much better. Seeing Pat Schroder on Steve this past weekend along with Jerry Nadler was exhilirating.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 28007/02/2013

[quote]Crystal Ball sounds like a psychic stripper'S name.

Yes, it does, r280. She's explained that her father was a geologist and loved crystals. Apparently, he also had a strange sense of humor.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 28107/02/2013

[quote]MSNBC Suffers Worst Quarter Since 2007

There are so few of you that you might as well get on a three-way call and save yourself some time

by Brilliant Sleazereply 28207/02/2013

Karen Finney?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 28307/03/2013

Whatever. I love the shows I watch on MSNBC and will continue to watch. If the alternative is Fox and CNN I will remain where I am. I was truly astonished yesterday a.m. when I was flipping channels and alit on Fox with Tucker Carlson and two others nabobs. They were discussing the aircrash in SF with a priest as one would normally do in a situation like this on a fair and balanced news network. They were delighting in the fact that "only" two people had died in the crash and the salient fact they gleaned from this is that God was in control and was the unseen co-pilot. It was amazing. Didn't Tucker Carlson once have sort of a serious career going? Painful.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 28407/08/2013

Krystal Ball is returning from maternity leave on the 29th of July. Abby Huntsman is the new co anchor for the Cycle. She starts on the 29th of July.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 28507/18/2013


by Brilliant Sleazereply 28607/18/2013

What about Steve Kornacki?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 28707/21/2013


by Brilliant Sleazereply 28807/24/2013

I bet Ari Melber is one hot nasty fuck.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 28907/24/2013

Joe Scarborough gives me a headache. He is boring.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 29007/25/2013

Does it seem Rachel's show is becoming less and less of a 5-night thing? Seems they preempt her a lot on Friday nights. Or maybe that's just her summer schedule?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 29107/26/2013

Ed's wife just got a clean bill of health and it's time to bring him back on weeknights. Enough already with Hayes; he had his chance and he blew it.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 29207/26/2013

I want Josh Barro deep inside me.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 29307/26/2013

Maybe Rachel wanted to do four nights in the summer. My two cents.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 29407/27/2013

Josh Barro is HIV+, R293.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 29507/27/2013

Alex Witt seems to love working on the weekends.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 29607/27/2013

Craig Melvin?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 29707/27/2013

Craig Melvin is married to an ESPN correspondent. Are Josh Barro and Steve Kornacki dating? Is it public knowledge that Barro is HIV+?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 29807/27/2013

Why does that Cupp woman call herself "S.E""? Is her first name Sippy?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 29907/27/2013

[quote] Didn't Tucker Carlson once have sort of a serious career going? Painful.

Don't cry for Tucker. His father is a bigwig CIA media guy (think Voice of America, Radio Marti as well as NBC and PBS) and his adoptive stepmom is the heiress to the Swanson frozen food fortune. Tucky will always be on TV somewhere. Always.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 30007/27/2013

I am glad that Abby Huntsman will be on the Cycle now that S.E. Cupp is gone. She will be a nice addition to the Cycle.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 30107/27/2013

Who says that Barro is poz? I've never heard that.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 30207/27/2013

Me neither.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 30307/27/2013

I miss Contessa Brewer being on MSNBC. She was one of a kind. I also miss Lynn Berry on there from First Look though I am glad she now works on HLN.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 30407/27/2013

Barro was on Up this morning in a sleeveless shirt, showing off some nice chest hair and arms. I hate to admit it but he looked really hot.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 30507/28/2013

I was wondering if they sneaked off to Steve's office after the show for a quick game of Hide the Salami.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 30607/28/2013

Is Barro a Republican?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 30707/28/2013

Barro is a Republican.

Here he is looking delicious on MSNBC this morning:

by Brilliant Sleazereply 30807/28/2013

I'm not sue that Barro considers himself a republican or conservative at this point, I think his self definition is much more nuanced.

I was startled at how good looking he was (much buffer, better skin tone, lacking the facial beard shadow he has in most of his pics) on Kornacki's crappy pale shadow of Hayes' Up this weekend.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 30907/29/2013

Barro looks 10 years younger without the beard. I think he's also lost some weight. He was shooting sexy looks at Steve all morning. I don't know why, but he was.

I have a feeling he's evolving politically the same way that Andrew Sullivan has in recent years. No self-respecting gay person can continue to be a full-bloodied Republican in today's political climate. I've personally seen some of my gay Republican friends evolving, too.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 31007/29/2013

Let's talk about Josh's no no ...

by Brilliant Sleazereply 31107/29/2013

John is apparently a dom top into tubby hipsters.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 31207/29/2013

Chuck Todd?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 31307/29/2013

Chuck does NOT have an inviting no-no...

by Brilliant Sleazereply 31407/29/2013

I spotted Kornacki chowing down on a burrito at a Qdoba on McDougall Street in Manhattan. He had a look of joy on his face that special-needs kids get when they are presented with a puppy. I stopped and stared cause he looked so bizarre. He noticed me noticing and I moved on.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 31507/29/2013

Josh Barro looked so hot when he was on MSNBC on Sunday morning . . . his short shirt sleeves had to be hiked up above his bulging biceps.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 31607/29/2013

All of Josh's friends are really, really left wing. Practically communists. And yet they still hang around him. The power of good looks and fame, I suppose.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 31707/29/2013

1. Josh Barro is not cute in person.

2. He and Steve Kornacki are not dating.

3. Josh Barros is a repellent asshole, but he is not poz.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 31807/29/2013

Josh Barro has a repellent asshole.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 31907/29/2013

Barro has lost weight, gained muscle and is looking like a 14 yr old choir boy. Love when he wears the casual Friday short sleeves. Glad someone mentioned Craig Melvin. I love his voice.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 32007/29/2013

Barro should do his next MSNBC appearance in a tank top.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 32107/29/2013

They should add Josh Barro as co-host of the Chris Hayes show. Kind of like a Hannity & Colmes format. I think that would save Hayes's show.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 32207/29/2013

Josh is a cold, cocky, smug jackass.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 32307/29/2013

How is Barro a repellent asshole? Details, NY DLers!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 32407/29/2013

What did anyone thought of Abby Huntsman's first day on the Cyle yesterday?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 32507/30/2013

Josh does tend to make moony eyes at Kornacki and even Chris but I think that may be just the way he looks. His transformation is startling.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 32607/30/2013

So I guess Rachel is THE number one star of the network at this point? I ask because I've noticed that everyone occasionally subs for everyone else on each other's shows but Rachel never subs for anyone (even though others sub for her). Is that a reflection of her power at the network? (To be fair, Laurence O'Donnell has never subbed for anyone either, but people sub for him.)

And whoever wants Josh Barro can have him; he's okay but Ari Melber is way hotter in my opinion (would love to see him in a pair of sexy underwear).

by Brilliant Sleazereply 32707/30/2013

I wish I knew, r327.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 32807/31/2013

I agree about Melber but also find Josh endearing. These is a guest who is frequently on Melissa and Chris who is African-American and teaches at Columbia who is stunningly handsome. I think his name begins with a "D". Anyone know his name? He is beautiful.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 32907/31/2013

Rachel gets the highest ratings, so yes, she is the number one star.

Barro looked 10 times hotter on Kornacki's last show than I've seen him look before -- I didn't realize until I opened this thread that it's because he shaved his beard. It makes a huge difference. I'd like to see Melber dressed down as Barro was this past weekend.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 33007/31/2013

Josh Barro looked adorable on Chris Hayes' show tonight, even though I miss the facial hair. Sigh! I wish I had seen him in the flesh during Bear Week!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 33107/31/2013

I love Josh Barro's hairy neck!

by Brilliant Sleazereply 33207/31/2013

I can't stand Luke Russert sitting in for co hosts of the Cycle. He's a nerd. Toure was not on there today.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 33308/01/2013

Luke Russert is a douche. So was his dad.

MSNBC should give Josh his own show.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 33408/01/2013

Josh and Brian Sims were on last night. Josh on Chris and Brian on Rachel.'s rainin' mens.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 33508/01/2013

Luke Russert wishes he were a nerd, R333. He's a fratty douche, though, with not even an iota of wit.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 33608/01/2013

Josh Barro will be on Real Time with Bill Maher tomorrow night.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 33708/01/2013

Tamron Hall?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 33808/05/2013

Alec Baldwin will have a primetime show on MSNBC.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 33908/10/2013

So no good Ari Melber pics, huh? Not even some shirtless Ezra Klien?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 34008/10/2013

Ezra is taller than you'd think.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 34108/10/2013

Josh Barro on Ezra for Chris the end of last week. He is beginning to look like a dewy eyed Disney creature. He is existing on virgin blood? Also his dress shirt was body hugging. I have to say I am obsessed.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 34208/12/2013

Do you have link to video, R342?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 34308/12/2013

Josh Barro is disgusting. I will never get that serial killer-eyed troglodyte's appeal.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 34408/12/2013

I don't but I think it was Friday night. He's appearing more and more. I like when he's on Steve Kornacki. He gazes at him like he's a crystal ball (and not THAT Crystal Ball who also has a great rapport with Steve).

by Brilliant Sleazereply 34508/12/2013

Ed Schultz is moving back to a Monday through Friday show, taking over Chris Matthew's Hardball slot (5 pm EST). Hardball used to air at 5 and replay at 7; now it will air only at 7 pm.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 34608/19/2013

For some reason, Chris Hayes' annoying little eyeglasses (or half-specs) bug the shit out of me. I can't see past them to what he's wearing.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 34708/19/2013

What does anyone think of Abby Huntsman from the Cycle?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 34809/15/2013

Huntsman doesn't bother me. I don't feel the urge to turn off the TV as I did with her predecessor.

I saw Jackie Kucinich as a guest on some MSNBC show last week. They do give a hiring preference to politicians' daughters, don't they?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 34909/15/2013

I just took action to hold NBC Political Director Chuck Todd accountable for his outrageous claim that correcting Republican lies isn't part of his job.

He's such a douche, sign this for a stronger USA.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 35009/21/2013

Why are they making Chris Hayes look more and more like Charles Nelson Reilly by making him comb his hair that way, keep it that dark color, and having him wear those glasses?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 35109/21/2013

Do we have shirtless pics of any of these guys?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 35209/21/2013

r351 LOL

by Brilliant Sleazereply 35309/21/2013

R351 I was wondering the same thing this week.

And then I listened to an old Fresh Air podcast in which Hayes said no one from MSNBC has ever discussed his appearance with him.

So he mst be doing this to himself.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 35409/21/2013

R351, I was just watching Chris last night on Bill Maher's show and he looked HOT. In fact, all I could think looking at him was "this is how he should dress on his own show." Enough with the boring suits and ties because I just don't think that's the real Chris. They need to let him be more relaxed, more laid back like he was last night, with just a button-down shirt and some jeans. You could even see a smidgen of chest hair (I think he's mostly smooth), his hair was just a wavy/uncombed, and he just looked relaxed and fucking hot. That's how he needs to be on his own show and I think the ratings would be much, much better.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 35509/21/2013

Am I the only one who can't watch Chris Hayes because he talks like a yipping poodle? He seems to be spitting out a dozen words a second at all times. I can't watch him unless he relaxes a little and talks like a normal person.

(In fairness, he's not the only one on MSNBC who does this - Steve Kornacki is the same way.)

by Brilliant Sleazereply 35609/21/2013

MSNBC is unwatchable.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 35709/22/2013

Ezra, Ari, Chris & Kornacki should tell each other the news while role playing a sleepover complete with a shirtless pillow fight.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 35809/22/2013

And tickling. They need to tickle each other.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 35909/22/2013

I love MSNBC, it's the only station that has a decent, balanced approach. That being said, I can't stand Chuck Todd.

And, I signed the letter to NBC about Todd's unprofessionalism.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 36009/22/2013

[quote] I listened to an old Fresh Air podcast in which Hayes said no one from MSNBC has ever discussed his appearance with him.

I'll bet that has changed since he got the 8 p.m. show and the ratings have been down.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 36109/22/2013

[quote] Alec Baldwin will have a primetime show on MSNBC.

Only on Fridays.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 36209/22/2013

John Fugelsang, who was on his way to stardom at Current a year ago (before it was sold and all hell broke loose) and is always great on Stephanie Miller's radio show, just kicked some conservative Xian ass on The Ed Show.

Something like "if Jesus showed up at your Values Voter summit, you'd see a dark skinned liberal homeless guy who doesn't speak English and you guys would kick him back to Juarez"

I hope MSNBC signs Fugelsang to some kind of ongoing relationship right now.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 36310/11/2013

John tore up that idiot Ken, but sadly, Ken didn't learn a thing, he's a typical in denial nitwit.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 36410/11/2013

What's the rift with Touré and Ari Melber? They keep throwing barbs at each other, however it is mostly Touré doing the hurling.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 36510/12/2013

I am wondering how Krystal Ball and Abby Huntsman are getting along on the Cycle.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 36611/09/2013

I've hated Chris ever since his Cory Booker interview.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 36711/09/2013

I can't stand Steve Kornacki. He is so not a Democrat. He seems more like a libertarian to me. And he's boring, ugly and humorless.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 36811/09/2013

Hayes be a lady. An ugly, ugly little lady.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 36911/09/2013

I don't mind Kornacki, but Joe Scarborough can sit on a fat, rusty tack.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 37011/09/2013


by Brilliant Sleazereply 37112/05/2013

Rachel Mancow-Andrea Martin in Chariot of Eggs. Just sayin'.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 37212/05/2013

Moderator: Please note, MSNBC junkies as title of post by OP violates our standards of truth. They are not drug addicts, i.e. drug abusers, they are MSNBC dummies. There's a difference. The former group, it is suggested, are addled, the latter are subjected to Ed Schultz and his ugly mug. Exposure to same creates both dummies and junkes. Please fix this tread and correct OP. Thank you.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 37312/05/2013

MSNBC dropped Goldie Taylor and Karen Finney as commentator a while back ago.

MSNBC is becoming Fox News lite.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 37411/24/2014

I read that Phil Griffin is revamping the network this year.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 37501/25/2015

MSDNC is one big talk show. It has little news and what news they have is severely biased.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 37601/25/2015

I still believe in MSNBC. They need to revamp all of the weekend lineup shows. Get rid of Alex Witt, Steve Kornacki, as well as getting rid of boring episodes of Lockup and Caught On Camera.

MSNBC needs to step up to the plate for their weekend shows. My two cents.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 37701/29/2015

Whichever way MSNBC leans, it's still a tool of the media oligarchy and therefore can't be completely trusted.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 37801/29/2015

I hear you on that, r378.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 37901/29/2015

What was MSNBC thinking when they put a Morning Joe super bowl special during primetime on Friday night?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 38001/31/2015

Chris Matthews?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 38102/14/2015

Joy Reid's show is about to be cancelled on MSNBC.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 38202/19/2015

MSNBC will regret their decision trying to be like Fox News.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 38302/21/2015

I have not watched MSNBC since the 31st of July, 2015 when the Cycle, Now with Alex Wagner, and the Ed Show went off the air. I was done by then. I only watch the Free Speech TV channel now.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 38401/07/2016

Why did they get rid of Krystal Ball? I used to really like her.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 38501/07/2016

The Cycle was cancelled. Krystal Ball wanted out of her contract. She didn't want to stay on as a contributor for MSNBC. Toure was done with MSNBC. Abby Huntsman went on to become a Fox News contributor. Ari Melber is the only one from the bunch that is still on MSNBC as a contributor.

Krystal Ball was probably too kind to be on MSNBC for too long. MSNBC was changing into a different network.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 38601/07/2016

Today, Kevin Magee was named the new Executive in Charge of MSNBC's "Morning Joe." Magee who previously served as Executive Vice President for Fox Business Network will begin in the new role immediately and work alongside Executive Producer Alex Korson.

Most recently, Magee served as Executive Vice President of Fox Business Network and Executive Vice President of Fox News Radio. Prior to that, Magee was the Head of Programming for FOX NEWS channel from 2001-2006. He was also Business News Executive Producer at CNBC and a Senior Producer for "Good Morning America."

"As we enter a fascinating and historic election year, we are thrilled to add Kevin's knowledge of news gathering and morning television," said Phil Griffin. "'Morning Joe' is the most influential news show on television and Kevin's insight and experience will be a huge asset to our team."

Magee replaces Emmy Award winning TV veteran Michael Weisman who was Executive in Charge of "Morning Joe" over the last twelve months collaborating with Mr. Korson, in which time the show secured over 100 Presidential candidate interviews and more viewers watched "Morning Joe" than CNN for the 6th year in a row.

"Michael was a great help in revitalizing the show and doing exactly what we brought him on to do," said "Morning Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough. "Though we knew he was only committed to helping for one year, we will continue to seek his invaluable insights and Michael will always remain a critical part of the MORNING JOE family."

by Brilliant Sleazereply 38701/10/2016

I miss the Cycle. MSNBC keeps canceling all the shows I like. Now they're mostly just boring.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 38801/10/2016

Oh Duhvida.......grow up

by Brilliant Sleazereply 38901/10/2016

Does Richard Lui have a tiny noodle?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 39004/30/2017

Goddamn it! Why didn't you start a new thread instead of opening this ancient one?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 39104/30/2017

Chris was on a fellow MSNBC anchor's show promoting his current book, recently, and he looked like he just rolled out of bed. He didn't even look like he had showered for the day.

It was pretty gross.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 39204/30/2017

Stephanie Rhule

Chris Jansing

Tamron Hall (Former MSNBC & NBC host)

Ed Schultz (Former MSNBC host)

by Brilliant Sleazereply 39304/30/2017

[quote] hot as shit

How is this a compliment?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 39404/30/2017

Nicolle Wallace To Host New 4 PM Weekday Show On MSNBC

by Brilliant Sleazereply 39505/06/2017

Ed Schultz is now a Trump fangurl and anchor at Russia Today.

by Brilliant Sleazereply 39605/06/2017

WTF did she do to her face, R395? Did sucking Trump ass rearrange it till it was strange?

by Brilliant Sleazereply 39705/06/2017

Chuck Todd

by Brilliant Sleazereply 39805/07/2017

Willie Geist

by Brilliant Sleazereply 39905/07/2017
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