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The young Nan Kempner, circa 1960.

She's so pretty here...I've never seen pictures of her when she was young.

by mary and then some....reply 6211/18/2012

Maybe this will work, or maybe this thread is DOA

by mary and then some....reply 111/01/2012

"maybe this thread is DOA"

Much like the subject of this thread.

by mary and then some....reply 211/01/2012

Who was she?

by mary and then some....reply 311/01/2012

Nan was a fabulously rich society woman who was thin as a rail and had incredble clothes. She was also outrageous and fun. Always a friend to the gays. BFF to Pat Buckley. Her husband cheated on her and she got an incredible settlement.

by mary and then some....reply 411/01/2012

Did she have a daughter named Peggy?

by mary and then some....reply 511/01/2012

This thread is much different than I expected.

by mary and then some....reply 611/01/2012

OP, in 2011 the De Young Museum (SF) featured an exhibition of Nan Kempner's wardrobe. Ball gowns (and assorted Queens) for days.

by mary and then some....reply 711/01/2012

Neither links work!

by mary and then some....reply 811/01/2012

Bump for Nan-tastic memories!

by mary and then some....reply 911/02/2012

Yes her husband "cheated" on her. He had a mistress for years- one that he finally gave up. But she had her flings too. They never divorced. And in the end of her life they were in their way quite devoted to each other.

I actually knew her quite well. I knew the whole family- nice kids- my generation. My Dad was Tommy's partner and even boss. My Mom kind of thought Nan was silly, but I think she admired her flamboyance which my mother (no shrinking violet herself) did not have the guts to express.

Nan was a gas- I loved her when I was a kid and I loved her when I was an adult. She was unique. In a way she was a snob in that she though everyone should look the best they could- on the other hand she was totally down to earth and had a great sense of humor.

And God did she have beautiful clothes and perhaps the best taste I have seen in almost anyone. Sometimes it would go too far... she made the kids wear matching ski outfits (different one for every day), one day Austrian get up, one day modern American, one day plaids... I of course wore my ski parka and maybe had two hats.

When I worked at Andre Oliver in the late 70s and early 80s she brought all her friends to me... I was a lousy saleman basically but she turned me into one of their best because of that. And when I went on to a real career, she could not have been more supportive.

Loved her.

by mary and then some....reply 1011/02/2012

R4, her husband was wealthy; she was rich only because she was married to him. And there was no settlement; they remained married after the cheating incident, which was discussed fairly candidly in the NYTimes coverage of their next anniversary party (at the NY Botanical Garden, as I recall).

One has to wonder whether she was even more vacuous in 1960 than she became in later years.

by mary and then some....reply 1111/02/2012

Tommy Kempner is a Loeb. His mother was John Loeb's sister. John Loeb married Francis Lehman ("Our Crowd", old German Jewish banking money in NYC- BIG bucks) and built a good part of modern Harvard and NYU. Tommy's mother died only a couple years before Nan died. My guess is he became quite a bit richer. Tommy was one of the best looking men of his generation (my parents) that I knew. He was a great athlete too. I also thought he was arrogant- he remains today one of my father's best friends (Dad is 92 and Tommy in his mid 80s I believe.)

by mary and then some....reply 1211/02/2012

Jesus, Charlie, do you NEVER give up?

We get it - you knew everyone, did everything, and have been everywhere.

Shouldn't you be helping to carry food and water up 20 flights to stranded elderly people in lower Manhattan? Or maybe you can call your brother in Larchmont to drive some supplies to Staten Island.

by mary and then some....reply 1311/02/2012

R13- this is a thread about Nan Kempner. Did you notice. As for what I am going about the current disaster in NYC- since I have been unafffected, I am coordinating staffing of essential employees in the medical school and clinical faciilty of that medical school I am affiliated with. I am also help friens of mine who have been displace.

This is a gossip site R13- first hand information is the most interesting to me. Therefore if I have it, I offer it. Would you and other posters rather that I did not say anything about Nan Kempner on a thread about her? Or anyone else. Do you prefer people to post false information? And do you think I think I am hot shit because I knew Nan Kempner, or anyone else for that matter. Nah- my boss has done more for the good of the world than almost anyone in society or famous that I know of- but then she is not the topic of this thread and not famous. So I'll stick to Nan and those who might be interesting in her on this thread. Certainly not you.

My brother is helping neighbors as they are helping him in Westchester. They have no power and gas is hard to come by as well.

Lord you are a nasty person.

by mary and then some....reply 1411/02/2012

I love your posts, Charlie. I suspect that most other posters do as well.

(Although I'm surprised that you still post here, given the shit that's thrown at you from posters who wouldn't dare authenticate.)

by mary and then some....reply 1511/02/2012

Charlie, thanks for the insight and history.

by mary and then some....reply 1611/02/2012

Nan also raised a ton of money for many worthy causes.

by mary and then some....reply 1711/02/2012

I enjoy your posts too, Charlie. Did you ever meet Truman Capote? I believe Nan was one of his "swans" pre-Esquire short story.

by mary and then some....reply 1811/02/2012

Thanks fellas- most people, even on DL, and not nasty.

Here's a Nan story that I think is a hoot- published in a Vanity Fair article- so it may be exagerated? She and Tommy were newlyweds living in London in 1953 and of course Nan had to go to the coronation. And of course she was not invited. She went anyway, dressed to the nines. She was noticed, picked out of the crowd, and escorted into the Cathedral, by the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill who could not have cared less if she was invited.

by mary and then some....reply 1911/02/2012

charlie is one of the reasons I continue reading this site. Classes up the joint, and I very much appreciate authentic first person accounts Thanks, charlie.

This is not a thread about the storm! I clicked it because I give a damn about Nan Kemper, and she was lovely.

by mary and then some....reply 2011/02/2012

Please Charlie, more stories. I have stuck in the storm w/o food and heat.

Pls pay no attention to the rude. Do you have any Paley stories?

by mary and then some....reply 2111/02/2012

I don't usually care about NY society types, but Nan Kempner was a hoot and a half. She was a fabulous and fun person to be around.

by mary and then some....reply 2211/02/2012

There are no great swans and divas left in NY society who can raise a shit ton of cash, wear couture and toss off a bon mot.

by mary and then some....reply 2311/02/2012

ooh, yes, Paley stories!

by mary and then some....reply 2411/02/2012

Any good photos of Tommy out there? I 've heard of Nan but not Tommy. Did he stay out of the public eye. Who was his mistress...anyone famous?

Thanks for posting, charlie!

by mary and then some....reply 2511/02/2012

If you like good gossip, involving Truman and the Paleys read the article on him about his unpublished "Anwered Prayers" except in exerpts in the new Vanity Fair.

Bill Paley was a customer of Andre Oliver in the first couple years it was open. That is as close as I got to him. He was classy, polite, treated all well, paid his bills promptly. That's all I know. His famous wife "Babe" was deceased in 1978 when the store opened.

Now his daughter Amanda (Burden) I got to know pretty well, and still do as she plays tennis where I do. A beauty with a brain who has been putting it to good use as (I don't think I have the title right) a commissioner of public planning under Bloomberg. I don't want to gossip about her (she is very much alive and a very private person) other than to say she is a class act- accepts no salary for her NYC job.

I agree there are no swans left. New York "society" is now about the corporate charity circut with lots of people posing as society at corporate styled events, including Hollywood starlets- everything is branded. There is no coverage of private parties or events- women who fancy themselves as chic or society use stylists to dress themselves- which is I suppose why they all look the same despite the fact that they have much more money than Babe Paley or Nan Kempner had. Those broads never used stylists-

Yeah I met TC- he lived in the UN Plaza when I lived at 49th btwn 1st and 2nd. I had a few words with him at a bar called Last Call out on 2nd Avenue (we youngsters at the time called it last gasp). He was smashed of course. Same thing at Studio- too drunk and tweaked to carry on a cohesive conversation. Brilliant writer, perhaps one of the one or two best ever in the 20th Century who drank himself to death.

by mary and then some....reply 2611/02/2012

Is Charlie the new Kirker, sure sounds like him!

by mary and then some....reply 2711/02/2012

It's true, those broads never used stylists but they did regularly attend salons in all the major couture houses with private fashion shows staged exclusively for them.

by mary and then some....reply 2811/02/2012

Charlie has a good point, those ladies didn't have stylists. They were much more interesting than the society ladies we have now.

Did you ever meet DV? Would have loved to have met Vreeland

by mary and then some....reply 2911/02/2012

kirker was young, I'm "old" (59). I've also been posting on DL for while. kirker gave up- smart fellow!

by mary and then some....reply 3011/02/2012

I love Charlie's posts! Thanks for the tip about the VF article Charlie.

by mary and then some....reply 3111/02/2012

Yes I met DV and number of times. She was good friends with my boss, Andre Oliver. Andre's best friends were Oscar de la Renta and his wife Francoise. She died of breast cancer and Oscar eventually married Annette Reed who became Annette de la Renta of course. I got to know her (she became a great customer) through Nan. Annette is an Englehardt heiress- she is at least as wealthy as Oscar. Also a very nice lady.

Gotta go now boys- work to do believe it or not!

by mary and then some....reply 3211/02/2012

Thank-you Charlie,

I know things are bad out there for many, many people but especially right now we can all use flights of the imagination and nan sure did that. You don't see these rare birds these days.

by mary and then some....reply 3311/02/2012

Thanks, charlie.

by mary and then some....reply 3411/02/2012

Thanks for the great gossip Charlie.

by mary and then some....reply 3511/02/2012

I saw her interviewed on TV back in the 90s; she was congratulating herself on the "real courage" it takes to wear extreme designer looks in public.

I don't think "vacuous" begins to describe such a person.

by mary and then some....reply 3611/02/2012

I loathe fat people

by mary and then some....reply 3711/02/2012

Bump for more Nanversation. I loved her and was sad when she went.

by mary and then some....reply 3811/02/2012

She was pretty, but nothing more than a fashion plate.

by mary and then some....reply 3911/02/2012

How about the Guests, CZ and her daughter who was the it girl. Was little Corn wild?

by mary and then some....reply 4011/02/2012

love charlie! Best poster on this site!

by mary and then some....reply 4111/02/2012

And Love reading about these old school NY socialites. Sort of the best part about Vanity Fair actually..

by mary and then some....reply 4211/02/2012

We love you, Charlie!

by mary and then some....reply 4311/02/2012

I usually can't stand charlie, who seems to be DataLounge's official spokesperson for the 1%, but his stories are often fascinating.

I can see being annoyed by the guy every now and then, but he's never done anything to earn hatred. Kirker on the other hand...that douchebag had no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

by mary and then some....reply 4411/02/2012

Amanda Burden was/is in charge of the High Line project.

She and Charlie Rose have been main squeezes for many years.

by mary and then some....reply 4511/02/2012

Kirker unified us in negative emotion. That counts for something, surely.

by mary and then some....reply 4611/02/2012

LOL, R46 *does* have a point.

by mary and then some....reply 4711/02/2012

Is that picture really from 1960, OP? It has a much more modern look to it.

by mary and then some....reply 4811/02/2012

Vacuous? I don't think someone who values charm, kindness, humor and generosity can ever be considered vacuous. I met Nan only a couple of times. I served her at society events, and even in her home once. She was funny, warm, and had an infectious spirit for other people. I thought she was the real deal.

by mary and then some....reply 4911/02/2012

[quote]Is Charlie the new Kirker

Charlie has crossed paths with some interesting people and shares what he knows.

We know that kirker went to a Perez Hilton event and left his date standing on line in 40-degree weather for five hours, whilst he stayed indoors drooling over Perez.

by mary and then some....reply 5011/02/2012

I would guess the OP's photo is c. 1983/84.

by mary and then some....reply 5111/02/2012

Guess our Chuck went out tonight. Hope you are having a great evening.

by mary and then some....reply 5211/02/2012

r42 I agree. Vanity Fair used to do regular articles about the old-timey NY socialites and they were always interesting. I don't believe there's been one in quite a while.

by mary and then some....reply 5311/02/2012

NK was a notorious racist. A piece of shit in haute couture is still a piece of shit.

by mary and then some....reply 5411/03/2012

Paging Charlie darling. I miss you

by mary and then some....reply 5511/09/2012

Aerin Lauder got Nan kicked off of a charity board for slapping a black man for making eye contact. She was delicious!

by mary and then some....reply 5611/12/2012

Nan was great friends with Sterling St. Jacques in the Studio 54 days. Reply 56 is full of it. And Aerin is too cool to throw her weight around.

by mary and then some....reply 5711/12/2012

Yeah R56's post is not true. Nan would never do anything like that- totally out of character. And... she wanted to be looked at!

Cornelia Guest: an X, still a dear friend of mine knew Cornelia well in the 80s. I met her a few times, hung out a little. I did not like her that much in those days, she was not nice. My X used to call her Corniglia (to her face), with affection. She loved it. She was not unlike Paris Hilton in the 80s, although not dumb.

What I have seen of her now- nothing up close- she is a bit of an entreprenuer living in her family home Templeton out on Long Island. She semms much mellowed and nicer- no man in her life, at least publically. Never married, no kids- loves animals. Anyone who loves animals in my book is usually alright, even if the are a bit nutty.

Her brother Alexander is a sweetheart. Very handsome, very nice and a diamond/jewel dealer(?) now. I believe he is married and has a small family. He used to come into AO all the time back in the early 80s.

CZ- don't know much about her aside from what I have read over the years. She did not shop at AO- she really did not have a lot of money in her last 20 years. Much of the Winston Guest fortune was spent or lost, gone and the kids, while well off, are not wealthy in the manner of todays kind of wealth. Hence they both make money. But both seem to be doing well. Survivors, and I always admire people who thrive over the years.

by mary and then some....reply 5811/12/2012

SPY magazine used to snark on Nan and Pat Buckley all the time back in the 80s.

by mary and then some....reply 5911/12/2012

Scroll down to page 64 for SPY magazine's great article on Nan.

by mary and then some....reply 6011/12/2012

Here's the fabulous Vanity Fair profile of Nan, which was published just a few weeks before she died.

by mary and then some....reply 6111/16/2012

Who is this Charlie? Charlie Knickerbocker?

Nan's family owned a Cadillac dealership in San Francisco. But, then Julia Koch's daddy was a junk man in Arkansas. You've got to start somewhere.

Nan's husband had an affair with a lady who worked in a book shop. I guess he liked her pussy more than Nan's.

Guess I'll have to go back and read The Andy Warhol Diaries to see what he said about Nan. He was deliciously unkind to the young Anna Wintour, soon to be our ambassadress to Uganda.

by mary and then some....reply 6211/18/2012
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