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It's end of days

The rapture is coming.

by I'm depressed.reply 2911/08/2012

These are hard times, not end times.

by I'm depressed.reply 110/31/2012

Good. I'll keep my pjs on. Pjs will remind of sleep, I'll sleep. Perchance to dreams

by I'm depressed.reply 210/31/2012

As my depressed friend would say, "I wish it would hurry up and end all my misery."

by I'm depressed.reply 310/31/2012

LucasFilm sold to Disney? Yep... end of days.

by I'm depressed.reply 410/31/2012

Try braising it, first.

by I'm depressed.reply 510/31/2012

What's next then?.. "Beginning of nights"? Sounds like fun. Should I get dressed up?

by I'm depressed.reply 610/31/2012

I didn't file my taxes this year so I kind of hope it happens.

by I'm depressed.reply 710/31/2012

R7 is going to fall for the blatino sizemeat of his dreams and ruin everything by having the IRS up his ass.

by I'm depressed.reply 811/01/2012

I just hope the end comes quickly...

I hope I will be thinking looks like the Mayans wer...

fade to black...

by I'm depressed.reply 911/01/2012

I haven't experienced rapture in, oh, about twelve years.

by I'm depressed.reply 1011/01/2012

If you could prove it within 50% certainty, OP, I'd quit my job in a flash.

by I'm depressed.reply 1111/01/2012

Vote for Mitt Romney, and it most certainly WILL be the 'end of days.' Or should I say, "Latter Days."

You want to know what really scares me?


Screw this Mayan bullshit. I'd rather see the end of this baktun cycle resulting in the Earth's core breaking apart, ANY DAY over a President Mitt Romney. The net result would be the same, quite frankly.

And you can take that to the fucking bank!

by I'm depressed.reply 1211/01/2012

I wish the fucking rapture would come. Get rid of all these religious fanatics.

by I'm depressed.reply 1311/01/2012

Isn't the Rapture where all the religious people are sucked up, and the world is then left free and happy for a while?

by I'm depressed.reply 1411/01/2012

R14 I think it has something to do with a man from Mars showing up and eating cars, then the bars, before moving on to eating guitars.

by I'm depressed.reply 1511/01/2012

The "Rapture" was invented in the latter half of the the 19th century by founders of the Pentecostal movement. It is an event based on an interpretation of a particular Bible verse.

Belief in the Rapture is not part of the theology of any other Christian denomination. Neither the Catholic church nor any of the other major branches of Protestantism preach that a rapture will occur.

by I'm depressed.reply 1611/01/2012

End of Days and The Rapture are both good gay bar names. I am also partial to Sodom & Gamorrhea for a leather bar. I think these names would make the gayvangelicals feel more comfortable letting down their hair and taking it up the ass.

by I'm depressed.reply 1711/01/2012

I was watching a religous program with my mother (the one with the married couple with lavender hair)Benny Hinn was talking crazy about the end of the world the show was taped almost 30 years ago...

by I'm depressed.reply 1811/01/2012

W&W for r14.

by I'm depressed.reply 1911/01/2012

I take bibles from hotels and tear out the pages to pick up dog shit.

by I'm depressed.reply 2011/01/2012

The Rapture is all followers of Christ, who believe in him will disappear. Those left behind will have to deal with Hell on earth.

by I'm depressed.reply 2111/01/2012

Well, with another Nor'easter heading for the East Coast, I'm not inclined to argue.

by I'm depressed.reply 2211/01/2012

Again, R21, only a small subset of Christians actually believe that a Rapture is supposed to occur. Such an event is not a part of traditional Christian theology.

by I'm depressed.reply 2311/01/2012

I remember the film The Rapture scared the SHIT out of me. Oh, that ending - SO bleak. First time I had seen Duchovny in a film - woof!

by I'm depressed.reply 2411/01/2012

What happens if airplane pilots are suddenly Raptured? Are passengers who aren't also Raptured fucked? And can lawyers working for dead passengers' families sue the airlines for pilots who disappear mid-flight?

by I'm depressed.reply 2511/01/2012

End of Days cancelled!!!

Obama was elected and everything will be okay!

by I'm depressed.reply 2611/08/2012


by I'm depressed.reply 2711/08/2012

God has looked at America's Christians and The Rapture has been canceled.

by I'm depressed.reply 2811/08/2012

No OP -- it's just candy corn withdrawal.

I feel the same way you do when the stores run out of half priced Halloween leftovers. It will pass.

by I'm depressed.reply 2911/08/2012
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