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Robert Pattinson: The New Face of Dior Men's Fragrance

Smelly actors endorsing fragrance.

by Brad Pittreply 4906/18/2013

Pussywhipped by Dior

by Brad Pittreply 110/30/2012

just spray his hairy flower and fuck him

by Brad Pittreply 210/30/2012

This is an odd choice because the fragrances tend to choose male spokespeople that they feel appeal to their target customer base, straight men. That's why they choose men like Tom Brady (Stetson), Matthew McConaughey (D&G), James Franco and Chris Evans (both for Gucci).

Straight men hate Robert Pattinson.

What's even worse, gay men hate Robert Pattinson.

Dior is fucked.

by Brad Pittreply 310/30/2012

So, men in general hate Robert Pattinson?

And most Twihards don't have boyfriends to buy it for.

Yes, Dior is fucked.

by Brad Pittreply 410/30/2012

Our scent is inspired by warm masculine notes of whiskey and dried tobacco, with distinctly English undertones of beer battered Cod fish, malt vinegar, and vomitus.

by Brad Pittreply 510/30/2012

lmao, R5

by Brad Pittreply 610/30/2012

I'd rather Robbie all musked up and ready for a tumble le likes the man scent!!!

by Brad Pittreply 710/30/2012

I didn't think Dior hired closeted homosexual spokespersons.

by Brad Pittreply 810/30/2012

The biggest buyers of men's fragrances are straight women, buying them as gifts. This might have been the rationale.

by Brad Pittreply 910/30/2012

They should have had him endorse a women's fragrance.

by Brad Pittreply 1010/30/2012

Bingo R9

by Brad Pittreply 1110/30/2012

More like straight women buying them as a form of punishment.

by Brad Pittreply 1210/30/2012

It still seems most men's fragrance are fronted by men who have SOME appeal to straight or gay men. This guy has zero appeal to either demo.

by Brad Pittreply 1310/30/2012

It will be curious to see how they use him in the campaign.

The fragrances tend to choose spokesmen that are very, very masculine. Take a look at McConnaughey's Dolce & Stetson ads...

by Brad Pittreply 1410/30/2012

Clive Owen for Bulgari and Lancome...

by Brad Pittreply 1510/30/2012

Josh Holloway for Davidoff...

by Brad Pittreply 1610/30/2012

Chris Evans for Gucci...

by Brad Pittreply 1710/30/2012

He's very unlikable in terms of his PR persona. Maybe they are hoping female fans will buy the perfume (kinda like how Madonna/Gaga anticipated male fans would purchase their perfumes even though they were designed for women in mind)

by Brad Pittreply 1810/30/2012

James Franco for Gucci...

by Brad Pittreply 1910/30/2012

he is going to be more famous than any actor, and breaking news for you guys, he is going to propose to kristen this Christmas.

by Brad Pittreply 2010/30/2012

I can never figure out how posters like R20 find their way to DL.

by Brad Pittreply 2110/30/2012

R21 Google alerts. The scourge of DL.

by Brad Pittreply 2210/30/2012

Are Straights welcome here R21? its good news if R20 is right, i am also their fan

by Brad Pittreply 2310/30/2012

They should have gone with either Taylor Lautner or Kellan Lutz if they wanted the teen girls (you better wear the Dior perfume if you want to have some action tonite!) and the gay guys (you better smell like Taylor / Kellan or you are not getting any action tonite!).

Straight or metrosexual guys don't go for the kind of actors like Robert Pattinson.

by Brad Pittreply 2410/30/2012

Robert Pattinson will propose to Rosanne Barr if that is what his agency tells him to do. Welcome to the reality of being a Gay actor in America today.

by Brad Pittreply 2510/30/2012

I can only imagine the kind of obese cat ladies who would have Robert Pattinson on their Google alerts.

by Brad Pittreply 2610/30/2012

Who the hell thought J. Franco would be good to sell fragrances?

by Brad Pittreply 2710/30/2012

Gucci according to R3.

by Brad Pittreply 2810/30/2012

James Franco does NOT smell good.

by Brad Pittreply 2910/30/2012

Neither does Pattinson (his BO almost leaps off the computer screen) or Brad Pitt or McBongo.

There seems to be a disconnect between who the public thinks of as sexy, and well CLEAN enough to hawk a scent and the luxury brands.

Pattinson in particular is not only not masculine but comes off as fairly sexless.

by Brad Pittreply 3010/30/2012

Somewhere between no self-respect and a lack of self awareness lies Cuckold...the new fragrance from Dior!

by Brad Pittreply 3110/30/2012

Never understood the choice of McBongo for D&G. He is famous for smelling bad.

by Brad Pittreply 3210/30/2012

Stop it bitter queens. Rob cleans up very nice...even with the scruff. Look at some of his GQ and Detail pics. Sure, he's a closeted hot mess right now, but he can be pretty when he or his PR team needs or wants him to be.

by Brad Pittreply 3310/30/2012

He looks very moody. Moody is good for fragrance ads.

by Brad Pittreply 3410/30/2012

His is a face that is made for the two-dimensional format of print.

by Brad Pittreply 3510/30/2012

I'd prefer these campaigns go to actual models who need the work...instead of millionaires that already sold out.

by Brad Pittreply 3610/30/2012

Maybe they figure if they keep the body stink levels high, then psycho women will not get too close. Sort of like Kevlar against Women.

by Brad Pittreply 3710/31/2012

God, that picture, R35. He looks like a demented Howdy Doody.

What an odd face.

by Brad Pittreply 3810/31/2012

He's weird looking and going downhill quickly.

by Brad Pittreply 3910/31/2012

Paging Robbie the Retard, paging Robbie the Retard:

by Brad Pittreply 4006/12/2013

Now, finally, he can be taken seriously just as he's always dreamed of!

by Brad Pittreply 4106/12/2013

Does this make you want to buy their cologne?

by Brad Pittreply 4206/14/2013


by Brad Pittreply 4306/14/2013

The Flashdance shoulder pose.

by Brad Pittreply 4406/14/2013

This site is something else. I've never encountered a more bitter bunch of queens. Are you all just pressed that Rob does not in fact conform to your queer delusions about him being gay? As for his supposed non-appeal to straight and gay men, have you done some sort of focus group to verify this? I'm sure Dior, a respected fashion house, know what they are doing. They've already received a massive positive response just to the few leaked screenshots and the press photo. Imagine what will happen once the ad airs in September. It's going to be mayhem. And granted, it WILL be mostly women who respond to this. Newsflash: most men's fragrance campaigns are targeted at women as they are the biggest consumers of men's fragrance, buying it for their boyfriends, husbands, and their straight or gay male friends. With just a whiff of the campaign being leaked, women have already responded with a resounding Yes. Clearly NOT a mistake by Dior then.

And since you all seem to disparage all Rob fans as being obese twihard cat ladies, I'm sure the replies to my comment will follow along those lines. So my response in advance to those comments is: Stay pressed.

by Brad Pittreply 4506/17/2013

Well, he does still seem to have a career, despite the fact that some people predicted he wouldn't.

So I have to agree with you to some extent.

by Brad Pittreply 4606/17/2013

[quote]And since you all seem to disparage all Rob fans as being obese twihard cat ladies, I'm sure the replies to my comment will follow along those lines.

At least you're being honest that you are an obese Twihard cat lady. Knowing is half the battle.

Pattinson still has a career? Must have fooled me!

by Brad Pittreply 4706/17/2013

[R47] LOL You didn't even try.

by Brad Pittreply 4806/18/2013

Because nobody cares.

In fact, nobody has cared about Rpatz since 2009.

But this:

"With just a whiff of the campaign being leaked, women have already responded with a resounding Yes. Clearly NOT a mistake by Dior then."

just leads me to believe it's a parody post anyway.

by Brad Pittreply 4906/18/2013
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