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African-American Dataloungers VII

For all of you requesting a Part VII - write on!!!

by Boreply 59812/20/2013

Link to RVi/

by Boreply 110/29/2012

A lot of blind items on lipstick alley.


*Warning, the following blind item is explicit and sexually graphic!

This singer is considered a sex symbol. Women love him, they throw themselves at his feet!

At first, he loved the attention and he was flattered by the compliments.

He doesn’t feel that way anymore.

He’s grown tired of female hysteria and he’s decided to act on an sexual fantasy-that he’s been avoiding.

The fantasy: He desires penetration.

He confided in an gay employee (and held him to secrecy). He allegedly said, I can’t shake this feeling and I hate having these desires.

The friend told him to be himself.

He took those words to heart.

He had the former gay friend (secretly) purchase a dildo.

He put lubrication on it and started practicing on himself (when he lost his gay virginity) he didn’t want the first time to hurt.

When he was ready, he had his gay friend arrange a hookup.

He was shocked when the gay friend arrived with a pre-op Tranny.

At first, he said hell naw but he was convinced to try it.

Later, the Tranny put in work (rimming). When he started sexing him, the singer kept screaming “Breed Me!”

Now, this singer is completely addicted to pre-op Trannys (only).

Different Tranny’s (all over the country) have him wide open!

He’s an active bottom from coast to coast-requesting horse hung Tranny’s.

It’s gotten out of control!

Example: He’s having sex several times a day with various Trannys and it allegedly causes a lot of “blowback-overflow,” therefore he’s now wearing a tampon to catch it.

by Boreply 210/29/2012

Re: Spin off: halle berry tea, if your senstive stay out!

He wouldnt go further then to agree it was gayle and oprah. This was between the oscar and tv movie. This reminds me of the time the late dick yorks boyfriend albert was sharing a story about oprah and gayle. Albert said he over heard gayle saying to oprah that they both can do toni braxton. He said he was at some party. This was around the time toni filed for bankruptcy when she was with that football player curtis martin? I thought he was full of it to.

Also, if OPRAH was a rapist, THE MAN would have taken her down long before she got to BILLIONAIRE status. Oprah is not so special that she can rape and drug people and get away with it.

by Boreply 310/29/2012

What kind of blind items are those?

by Boreply 410/29/2012

Horse hung pre-op trannies!

Merciful heavens!

by Boreply 510/29/2012

Toni Braxton blames Oprah for her bankruptcy. She said that Oprah's comments on her show caused the downfall of her career.

by Boreply 610/30/2012

Why isn't Dianne Reeves receiving her props?

by Boreply 710/30/2012

Did any of you see Toni Braxton's Behind the Music?

by Boreply 810/31/2012


by Boreply 911/04/2012

This is long, but it was written by a white woman in Red Hook, Brookyn:

I've got some feelings right now. So this is gonna be long.

I've been trying out all kinds of volunteering and relief work since the hurricane hit. Until today, nothing I'd done felt like much of anything, except wasted time.

I spent today in Red Hook again, this time with the ever lovely Rachael. I got to see Anna and Quai and touch in with my wonderful radical social work community. I didn't do any more FEMA handouts this time, but stuck to the CBO side of things (better place for me, for sure).

We went to a community center, where there was a huge gym overflowing with donations. Tons of tables set up with supplies, canned goods, blankets, clothes, water, an overflow of everything. We connected with some strangers who became allies during the day. Rachael was so intentional about talking with them about some of the more problematic interactions we witnessed.

Because throughout the whole day, there were way too many racial microaggressions from the predominantly white volunteers toward people of color coming from the community. The most common was the assumption that people of color from the community weren't volunteers, but trying to cut in line or sneak extra food or supplies, and an underlying tone that poor folks needed to be controlled or else total chaos would ensue. (This was a foreshadowing of the police attitude later on.)

People were waiting in the line to get supplies and food for a long ass time. And when I say long ass time, I mean like 4+ hours. In the cold, with their kids, with their grandparents using walkers. Folks got antsy, as everyone does when waiting in long, cold lines. Rachael and I took out water bottles for people, laughing and chatting with them in line while they waited. People were SO NICE and SO PATIENT. When we'd run out of water and tell them we'd be right back everyone was cool with it and just grateful to be getting something while they waited. And so many people in line asked how they could sign up to come back later and volunteer. People wanted to help each other.

Then we started bringing out some sandwiches and snacks for people at the same time. One guy said it was like at those fancy restaurants where they give you coffee while you wait in line. After everything folks have been through seems like they should be treated like royalty. Some other volunteers started giving out stuff in the line too, we all did this for a while, and then the police showed up.

Apparently we weren't allowed to distribute ANYTHING on the street. How come? People might "get out of control." Because feeding people starts riots, apparently. Rachael tried talking to one of the officers, explaining how food and water was helping people stay chill, but orders were orders or some shit. So then we were just taking food&water out on the DL and telling people to keep it quiet, and make sure that kids and the elderly got what they needed first. And everybody shared with each other and no one ever complained when we ran out of stuff, even though each time we had to sneak stuff out around the cops so it took forever.

Think about that. We had to SNEAK OUT DONATIONS in order to give them to people. And there was no issue of scarcity. I'm not sure it would even have been possible to run out of supplies. The Red Cross dropped off truckloads of stuff and the donations were still flowing in when we left at 4.

What keeps running through my head is that this is how we end up recreating the same oppressive systems even when we are "helping," even when we want to do good. We don't trust people to share, we make assumptions about who is trustworthy, who has something to offer, who is valuable. It isn't just the cops doing this, since we so quickly end up policing each other without even realizing it. And today, like all days, these assumptions are tied up with race and class.

It breaks my heart right open.

So, feelings. I had a lot of them. And I'm going back tomorrow to have some more.

by Boreply 1011/04/2012

Did any of you see that movie "Soul Food Junkies" by Byron Hurt. It looked good but I'm always skeptical about criticism against soul food/ southern food because it's often pretty unfair.

by Boreply 1111/04/2012

fist bump!

by Boreply 1211/05/2012

Shaun T took his husbands last name! Im a little upset that he married what looks to be white man, though.

by Boreply 1311/05/2012

Late to the game and don't know the back-thread to Toni Braxton's bankruptcy and Oprah. BUT! I remember when Toni was going through the first bankruptcy, she appeared on Oprah when Oprah did her show from Texas during the trial. Oprah told Toni that she should always sign her own checks. Oprah said Bill Cosby gave her that piece of advice. Oprah's never filed for bankruptcy and neither has Bill Cosby. Somebody wasn't listening.

by Boreply 1411/05/2012

I like what Tamar said regarding the situation last week. She pretty much said Oprah is human and is capable of hurting people's feelings. And that's really all the whole situation came down too, how Toni felt. Oprah is super influential, which is why r14, she was in that trial in the first place! Sometimes Oprah needs to bring it in. Bill Cosby and Oprah also never worked in the music business, which has evolved into a completely different monster since the 90s.

by Boreply 1511/05/2012

Toni is in denial.

by Boreply 1611/05/2012

I didn't know there was Oprah and Toni Braxton beef. Interesting.

by Boreply 1711/05/2012

Anybody see Nicki Minaj's special on E last night? I dont know whether to love or hate her.

by Boreply 1811/05/2012


Thanks for posting. I hate saying this, but his taking a white man's name bothers me.

by Boreply 1911/05/2012

It seems like the only two r&b artists who made good music in 2012 was Miguel and Elle Varner.

by Boreply 2011/05/2012

R2 I'm not buying that bunch of BS lol.

by Boreply 2111/05/2012

I read that Lipstick Alley got shut down for a while after the mayor of Atlanta found out people were spreading rumors about him on the site. I was as shocked as Sandra Rose that they weren't gay rumors.

by Boreply 2211/05/2012

R20 yes to Miguel but a big fat NO to Elle Varner. She cannot sing. "Refill" sounds pathetic. I don't understand her popularity. There are so many girls who can really SANG out there and instead we have this chick being pushed on r&b stations.

by Boreply 2311/05/2012

R13 and R19. Why are you upset that he married white? Did you see the hateful comments that "we" left regarding his special day in the comment section? They hate wasn't directed at his hubby for being white it was due to the fact that he had a hubby instead of a wife. Who the fuck cares what color his hubby is or his new last name...he found someone to love him. Perhaps more of us need to come out the closet and stop this DL crap and successful men like him would have more black men to pick from.

by Boreply 2411/05/2012

Im not really into Elle Varner either. Maybe I need to listen to some more of her songs. That Refill song is not passing the smell test for real sangers, for me.

by Boreply 2511/05/2012

I wonder if Shaun T is the bottom in that relationship.

by Boreply 2611/05/2012

I find fit guys of all backgrounds to be hot...I just find it weird that Shaun T who is famous, took his husband's last name. I assumed either both would keep their own names, or his husband would change his name. Weird.

by Boreply 2711/05/2012

I don't like "Refill" at all but a lot of her songs got sick beats.

by Boreply 2811/05/2012

Eddie Murphy with his new girlfriend:

by Boreply 2911/05/2012

Why hasn't someone started a ATL Housewives thread? Kenya is a mess.

by Boreply 3011/06/2012

"Coochie Crack!"

by Boreply 3111/06/2012

Who will be the breakout star of Basketball Wives: L.A?








by Boreply 3211/06/2012

R30 there is's the one that is titled "Sheree is fired" lol we're using that one.

by Boreply 3311/07/2012

It's a celebration bitches!

by Boreply 3411/08/2012


by Boreply 3511/08/2012

so Jermaine Jackson wants to legally his last name to "Jermaine Jacksun" lmao

by Boreply 3611/09/2012

I need a big black cock!

by Boreply 3711/09/2012

Is Jermaine crazy, r36?

by Boreply 3811/09/2012

My black friend who has had every white girl in site tells me his mother, who along with his dad are preachers, "if she can't use your comb, don't bring her home"

by Boreply 3911/09/2012


I'm happy that Shaun has found love, I just get a feeling in my gutt that because he is married to a white dude, he somehow has to take the number two spot, by taking his last name. Shaun T is the biggest name in fitness now, so it seems odd that his boyfriend would not want to take his name. I'm being honest by saying that it would bother me less if he were black.

by Boreply 4011/09/2012

Is anybody else really scared about the Fisher vs. Texas case that is currently in front of the Supreme Court? I recognize how widely unpopular affirmative action is but to have that loser Abigail serve as an example of how it is unjust is pretty ridiculous.

by Boreply 4111/09/2012

Maybe Shaun T is just the male wife in the relationship.

by Boreply 4211/10/2012

I don't know what Shaun T's relationship is like with his family. are the supportive and approve?...if not, that could be why he wants to change his last name or he could just be in love and want to take his hubby's... or hubby is the only male and they want to keep the family name going in case of children. I don't know.

by Boreply 4311/10/2012

What do you guys think about the Don Lemon / Jonah Hill meltdown? I know some of you dont like Don because he is H.Y. black, and has a white partner like Shaun T.

by Boreply 4411/11/2012

Shaun T and Don Lemon can be with whoever the hell they want to be with. This isn't 1955. And like R43 said we don't know what Shaun T's relationship is like with his family. He may be closer to his husband's family. We also don't know anything about their relationship. Shaun T can take his husband's name if he wants to. He has his reasons and he doesn't have to explain to anybody.

The whole racism claim is a major reach. A white man would not only be in a relationship with a black man but marry that black man but we are supposed to believe that he would draw the line at taking that black man's last name? Especially when considering that this particular black man is a well-known celebrity? Really? Stop letting your insecurities color your thinking.

by Boreply 4511/11/2012


Because I think she has such a weak case, I'm not stressed. Now I think if an Asian were to argue that's it's unjust, they may have a real case.

by Boreply 4611/11/2012

R45 Preach!

by Boreply 4711/11/2012

Okay, I'm black and have no idea what H.Y. black is. Can someone explain. Thanks.

by Boreply 4811/11/2012

does HY = High Yellow?

by Boreply 4911/11/2012

R48, could it be high yellow?

by Boreply 5011/11/2012

I thought that, but Don Lemon is far from high yellow. So I figured that it must mean something else. High Yellow is Lisa Bonet, not Don Lemon.

by Boreply 5111/11/2012

Don Lemon, Shaun T, Lee Daniels. I see a pattern here. No better than their straight counterparts! Tyler Perry probably has a white man laying in the cut too!

by Boreply 5211/11/2012

Some people would say Don is high yellow. It's one of those gray areas to be honest, no pun intended.

by Boreply 5311/11/2012

Don Lemon is SUCH a drama queen.

by Boreply 5411/11/2012

Johna Hill, Don, really? Mr. Hill is not meltdown worthy. Don was most definitely on one.

by Boreply 5511/12/2012


by Boreply 5611/12/2012


by Boreply 5711/12/2012

What do you guys think about the Kevin Clash story? This guy has gone from hero to alleged pedophile in a matter of days. Its seems like a pattern now, black gay men getting outed by former lovers.

Im on the younger end of the people that post on this site, but I HATE that young guys like myself are looking for a payday by doing stuff like this. The guys that exposed Eddie Long are just as bad. Spending their settlements on drugs and getting arrested and shit. I already feel like I have so many stigmas in life as black man and gay man. When they do this stuff it makes us younger gay black guys look just as predatory as the older men who should have better judgement. At least be discreet about your shit and dont drag down the image of black men while doing it. Im sorry if I ranted but this has struck a nerve with me today.

by Boreply 5811/13/2012

Vh1's new interracial dating show white man looking for a black woman.

There is a boycott that has taken a life of its own against the VH1 Network.

We here at Black Media News have been watching the support around this boycott.

VH1 had made racist comments about black women and why they only cast shows that stereotype black women as ghetto.

by Boreply 5911/13/2012

Eddie Murphy's girlfriend is gorgeous (even though the relationship is fake). Don Lemon is not high yellow, not even close. I don't know why, but I am skeptical of the Kevin Clash story. Something doesn't seem right.

by Boreply 6011/13/2012

I feel badly for Kevin Clash. Why would another gay man make up a story that only reinforces gay stereotypes.

by Boreply 6111/13/2012

lol Don is not high yellow...but I think he's being ridiculous about this. Hill probably thought he was a random fan. A lot of celebs are rude when the cameras aren't on them (I'm not making excuses for this behavior and I think it's pathetic). I think Don wrongly assumed Jonah would know who he was and is pressed that he got treated as if he were a random fan.

Jonah just proved he's a jerk and that it's not worth any potential fan's time to try talking to him, while Don got a reality check that's he not that famous to people who don't watch CNN.

by Boreply 6211/13/2012

Is Windell D. Middlebrooks of Body of Proof gay, or is he just playing camp?

by Boreply 6311/14/2012

I feel bad for Kevin Clash, period.

by Boreply 6411/14/2012

Thank GOD this dipshit didn't get elected:

"In a conference call on Wednesday afternoon with his national finance committee, Mr. Romney said that the president had followed the “old playbook” of wooing specific interest groups — “especially the African-American community, the Hispanic community and young people,” Mr. Romney explained — with targeted gifts and initiatives."

by Boreply 6511/14/2012

Richard Roundtree?

by Boreply 6611/15/2012

Frank Ocean and his boyfriend!

Just made to the big leagues and has selected himself a YT man. A French one at that!

by Boreply 6711/15/2012

R65 Oh,Mitty, he just doesn't get it. You just can't fix stupid.

by Boreply 6811/15/2012

R67 too bad the camera quality in that pic sucks. The bf is not bad looking. I wonder if Frank will be a whore or someone who goes from relationship to relationship.

by Boreply 6911/15/2012

The guy who ratted out Elmo, has recanted. I'm not too sorry for Kevin, because he should have known better. I wonder if the guy was a hustler.

by Boreply 7011/15/2012

I didn't even know that Kevin Clash was gay until this story broke. Although the allegations have been proven to be false, I'll be surprised if Kevin fully recovers from this.

That doesn't surprise me one bit, R65. His views are fairly widespread within the Republican party. They've insulted blacks for the last 50 years, Hispanics the last 15-20 years, gays about as long as blacks, and then they have the nerve to expect our votes.

by Boreply 7111/15/2012

Anybody know this guy?

by Boreply 7211/17/2012

As long as the rethugs have blacks willing to coon for them they will aleays think we will come around for them.

by Boreply 7311/17/2012

R73 he's not that good looking enough for me to care lol

by Boreply 7411/17/2012

r74 I hope you weren't referring to me...and if you were how dare you beyotch!

by Boreply 7511/18/2012

that's a MUCH better pic in #75 than #72.

by Boreply 7611/18/2012

Anybody know why the Frank Ocean thread got shut down?

by Boreply 7711/18/2012

Is Tevin Campbell planning a comeback? With the singers we have out today, I hope so!

by Boreply 7811/18/2012

Why we can't get ahead

by Boreply 7911/19/2012

Maybe this too r79

by Boreply 8011/21/2012

Is it just me, or is Awkward Black Girl a little whack now?

by Boreply 8111/21/2012

As far as Shaun T and his white husband, I think that gay black men need to be careful that we don't fall into what I respectfully call the "bitter bitch" cohort. The only black gay guys who have major problems with IR couples are the ones that are totally hateful, bitter, and ALONE. Black gay men and straight black women are the two groups that are the least likely to be married/partnered. We need to ask ourselves why that is.

Personally, I'm at a point where I couldn't give a shit less about a white man for anything more than a casual fuck. Call me racist or whatever, that's just how I feel right now. However, I dated a wonderful white guy for two years who was amazing to me. And I had to deal with all the comments from every black queen who saw us together who project their bullshit onto what we had. I "only dated white men," "thought I was too good for a black man," etc etc.

Black gay guys need to get over that bullshit. Love is freaking love, and it's hard enough to find out here. I applaud anyone who has found it.

by Boreply 8211/22/2012

[quote] I couldn't give a shit less about a white man for anything more than a casual fuck.

Sounds like your white man was too good for you.

by Boreply 8311/22/2012

R82, I agree with your general sentiment, although I'm not sure if some of the things you said are necessarily factual. There are some statistics that have shown that black women are the least likely to be married but I've never seen any information stating that they are the least likely to be partnered. Also remember that our society is trending toward non-marriage in general.

I also must mention that those marriage statistics about black women are faulty ( read the article below). I've also never seen any studies about black gay relationships that support your assertion that black gay men are the least likely to be partnered. Actually, I've never seen a study about black gay relationships period. So I would be very interested in reading such a study. It would be awesome.

However, I do agree with you about bitter, angry, lonely people being the ones angry about IRR ( I hate to be so harsh). I think that they are looking to blame something or someone for their predicament. And I think they tend to overestimate their numbers. Black people overwhelmingly support IRR and a large percentage have been in IRR. I think that those who have a problem with them need to do some serious introspection. A black person is not required to be with another black person, same with whites, Asians, Latinos and so on. You can't claim another person as yours simply because they share the same skin tone. As you mentioned, it's hard enough to find real and lasting love/relationships in this world.

by Boreply 8411/23/2012

Is Janelle Monae family?

by Boreply 8511/23/2012

I haven't read Awkard Black Girl in a while, R81, so I'm not sure. But I liked her at one point. I'm not sure, R85. But it wouldn't surprise me if she was.I've never heard any gossip about her dating a guy or anyone for that matter.

by Boreply 8611/23/2012

R82 just wondering, if your relationship with your ex white partner was great, why do you only think white guys are good enough for a casual fuck now? Why did your views change?

Personally, I'm attracted to all backgrounds if they're in good shape.

by Boreply 8711/23/2012

Yes, R87, I found that casual fuck comment kind of odd too. It doesn't fit with the rest of his post.

by Boreply 8811/23/2012

R80 it baffles me why no black person in power, either in the entertainment biz or business, speaks up about this. I'm sure they've heard about it before too. They don't seem to care about blacks outside of America. Oprah built a school in South Africa OK. Anyone else do anything? Has she ever talked about modern day slavery?

by Boreply 8911/23/2012

r82 here. After breaking up with the white boyfriend (he was older and to this day remains one of my closest friends. I regularly have dinner with him and his husband) I got really burned by a long succession of white guys. I think maybe subconsciously I was looking for the same thing I had before, and truth be told I had a lot of daddy issues to work out as well.

After dealing with the same thing with them over and over again, I just kind of gave up. The white guys I was dating wanted nothing but sex. That's it. I didn't feel like I was being respected or treated the way I deserved to be. I also find myself subconsciously railing against how much whiteness is worshipped in gay culture.

I truly believe that love is love and I don't look down on black/white IR relationships, but I'm also aware that one may not be for me at this particular moment in time.

I'm seeing two guys right now. A Latino who is very into me but I vaguely mistrust, and a very nice black man I met while vacationing earlier this year. The long distance thing is of course very casual but I do love being with him when we do see each other. The Latino is very into the idea of things burning hot and fast which I'm not into right now, and, again. there is something vaguely untrustworthy about him, but I'm taking things VERY slowly.

by Boreply 9011/24/2012

R82 It seems like you picked the wrong men. Why did you and your ex break up, did he want more than you could give at the time? I just ask because your ex is partnered up and you said he was older.

Also, you should trust your instincts and go slow with both guys. The latino guy could have his own trust issues, and that could be why he's coming off shady. The long distance relationships are tricky, especially if the relationship stated afterwards.

by Boreply 9111/24/2012

My gift to you all. R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet, chapters 23-33. All 40 minutes worth.

by Boreply 9211/24/2012

So apparently Fantasia TORE IT UP at the Soul Train Awards that will air tonight and that she lost a ton of weight after having that baby.

by Boreply 9311/25/2012

Anybody still watching Sweetie Pies? I have a big crush on Tim, even though he acts like a cunt. His fiancee/baby mama has no idea what to do with his HUGE booty, which is why he is so angry all time lol

by Boreply 9411/25/2012

Tim is very homophobic. Remember episode where they were trying to find out which girl Charles was "dating" and Tim exclaimed "I hope it's not a guy!" Douchebag.

by Boreply 9511/25/2012

So Katt Williams...MESS. Anyone hear the latest? He's being sued now for "non-performance". He was doing a show in California but ended it after just 10 minutes. During the 10 minutes, all he did was confront a heckler, take off some clothes and threaten to fight 3 people in the audience. He must be on crack, as rumors have been for the past couple years. It's sad-in the mid 2000s he was so together and very funny. WTF happened?

by Boreply 9611/25/2012

I know he is ignorant as hell r95. But he is so thick!

by Boreply 9711/25/2012


by Boreply 9811/26/2012


He's ignorant AND stupid?

by Boreply 9911/26/2012

R95 - Did Tim finally get his man-boobs removed?

by Boreply 10011/26/2012

Cee-lo and the Muppets

by Boreply 10111/26/2012

Nicki Minaj's CD is flopping.

by Boreply 10211/28/2012

Can I vent to y'all?

Wanna know why black kids are fucking up??? One of my 6th grade boys was like, "Oh Ms. ___, my grades were good so my Moms got me a PS3. I got an iPone last marking period."

What was his average?? An 80!!!! A goddam 80. And his two 90's were in Talent (drama) and gym! You know what I got when my average was an 88?? My Mom complaining that it wasn't a 90.

Low expectations are not coming from the Man's coming from us

by Boreply 10311/28/2012

What a simplistic, myopic, and sad view, particularly because it's coming from a teacher. Also, generalizations are almost never a good thing. I suggest that you become familiar with a concept called stereotype threat as well as institutional racism if you aren't already. Once you become familiar with both social realities ask yourself why they exist.

I must say that find it hard to believe that someone could live their lives as a black person in this society, someone who works within the educational field and thus familiar with the way in which school culture influences student achievement, can say that low expectations for black students is solely the result of black parenting. No, actually I can believe it.

I would also suggest that you become familiar with the Harlem Children's Zone and Urban Prep Academy. These schools are just two examples of successful predominately black schools that require parental participation and thus high expectations for their children, but they establish an environment of high expectations within the school itself. Everyone from the janitor to the cafeteria lady to the principal have high expectations for their students. They create a school culture of high expectations which results in high academic achievement.

You see, stereotypes are more powerful than many seem to realize. Stereotypes are often internalized and they then become a reality. Then you have teachers who also believe that those stereotypes are true (often subconsciously). This then results in students with internalized racism (which is a major issue and there are examples of it even in this thread) and a school culture that perpetuates negative stereotypes that result in low achieving black students.

The two schools above prove that parents and teachers have to be a team; they have to be on the same page. You can't have one without the other. School culture must be altered in that it promotes high expectations for black students along with parental involvement/high expectations. It's not just the parents. It's also an institutional issue. Don't take this post as an attack. I just wanted to say my piece; I'm not go argue about it.

by Boreply 10411/28/2012

Have you guys heard about this new Tyler Perry Show, Tony and Dave? Tyler Perry has a talent for picking good-looking guys to star in his productions.

Tony and Dave

by Boreply 10511/30/2012

Is this for real? Why are we just now hearing about it if it's starting so soon?

by Boreply 10611/30/2012

No it's not real show, R106. But it should be which is the point of the article. I thought it was a creative way to get a point across so I played along.

by Boreply 10711/30/2012

Damn! Got my hopes up and I'm in love with Mel Jackson! But the blog speaks truth.

by Boreply 10811/30/2012

Yes, Mel is cute. Hey the show could become a reality someday, you never know.

by Boreply 10911/30/2012

lol r105.

I loved Mel Jackson and Bumper Robinson on Living Single

by Boreply 11011/30/2012

Speaking of Jacksons, Michael released "Thriller" 30 years ago today. Time flies, huh?


by Boreply 11111/30/2012

Nicki Minaj needs to calm her ass down. She is really buying into her own hype now! She was so disrespectful to DJ Envy

by Boreply 11212/01/2012

I love how people in here handle trolls, I really do!

by Boreply 11312/01/2012

R103, why are so many teachers mediocre and resentful of their students? It always amuses me how they rant and moan about "these kids" and the supposedly high standards they were raised with--but their own English and teaching skills are atrocious. You should be grateful that the teaching "profession" exists, providing you a much improved lifestyle than that which you would enjoy as a Wal-Mart cashier, which is your rightful place in life. According to "the Man" (and who even says "the Man"? You sound like a white idiot. I'm surprised you didn't say "honkey").

by Boreply 11412/01/2012

Alas, I spoke too soon.

by Boreply 11512/01/2012

So true, r112.

by Boreply 11612/02/2012

Lil Wayne's baby mamas:

by Boreply 11712/02/2012

What happened to Mo'Nique? Ever since the talk show got cancelled, it seems like she fell off the face of the Earth.

by Boreply 11812/02/2012

Did anybody see Dionne Warwick's Life After on TV One? I also heard that Faith and Nicci are leaving R&B Divas.

by Boreply 11912/02/2012

I saw the Dionne Warwick Life After and I thought it was interesting. Nicci got on my nerves sometimes, but I don't want her to leave the show! Who will replace them? Do you know?

by Boreply 12012/02/2012

Im heard that Nicci was leaving, but Im surprised that Faith is leaving too, seeing as how they are executive producers of the show! I guess they will continue being producers but they wont be on camera. I really dont get it, that show is the best thing to happen to all these ladies careers in the last decade, easily.

I hope they pick good replacements. Selena, Keke and Monifa could probably carry the show by themselves, but the more drama the better!

by Boreply 12112/02/2012

I read that Angie Stone may join the show.

by Boreply 12212/02/2012

I love me some niggers!

by Boreply 12312/02/2012

I agree R121! This show is the best thing to happen to these ladies in quite some time, so I don't understand why they would leave the show. That's just an odd decision. Angie Stone might be good.

by Boreply 12412/02/2012

Nicci was full of complaints so I can see her leaving.

by Boreply 12512/02/2012

They should add Tweet and Lil Mo to the cast. Or maybe Coko from SWV.

by Boreply 12612/02/2012

I love that I get the anti-teacher bashing rhetoric here. I also didn't realize that teachers were forbidden to speak in vernacular on a message board...

Am I mediocre teacher? Maybe maybe not. I am well-trained and although I've been teaching for two years, I continue to improve. Even though I think many of the standardized tests are useless, my students from last year did fairly well on their citywide tests.

As I always say, the issue is not whether or not teachers are "good" or "bad." Too many them are ill-prepared and when combined with terrible school environments, poor relationships with parent and administrators, the issue becomes that of teacher effectiveness, not necessarily their quality. Some of the teachers in my school would do just fine in suburban schools where there are fewer issues of disturbances in classrooms, rowdiness in hallways, etc.

To respond to r104, I don't think my view is myopic, I don't think it's that complicated. I, personally, do not agree with rewarding children each time they good grades but I respect parents who choose to do so in an effort to motivate them. Fine. But with an 80 average including two 90's in gym and drama, there had to have been a couple of 70's on his report card. Why are we rewarding a C student with such lavish gifts?

Now, not everybody is going to be an A student and that is fine. But why are this child's parents rewarding him as if he was an A student? He's twelve. If he get's iPods and fancy video games right now, just cruising alone with 70's, what is to encourage him to get A's? How is he going to know if he can do better?

My frustrations as a teacher are the constant disrespect, character assassinations, poor pay, grueling paper work, etc. I went in expecting most of that. What is hard is being expected to inspire kids, many of whom are very talented with plenty of potential, while having to counter obstacles like parents' misguided attempts to cheer their kids on.

by Boreply 12712/02/2012

I think Coko could be a nice addition. I haven't heard from Tweet in a long time. Does she still sing? I'm thinking that Nicci didn't like how she came across on the show and that could explain the early exit. That's just a guess. Faith, I'm not sure.

by Boreply 12812/02/2012

Nicci acted like the show was a huge inconvenience. Maybe she can focus on Curvado, her plus size clothing line. On a side note, Monifah and Terrez are too old to have a baby. That makes zero sense.

by Boreply 12912/02/2012

I watch The Walking Dead and there's a continuing controversy/running joke that the show can't seem to keep black men from getting killed off and that they can only seem to have one black male character at a time.

They had a guy named T-Dog for 3 seasons; right when they introduced a new BMC named Oscar, T-Dog got killed. Last night, a 3rd BMC showed up and Oscar died. Every board I visit, there are countless observations of how TWD "did it again" and killed the black man. The degree of indignation is off the charts, along with of accusations of racism on the producers part.

Personally, I don't see the racism. There are other black characters on this show, so the level of 'OMG, how dare they!" confuses me. Any other opinions?

by Boreply 13012/03/2012

I think a lot of the people piping up on the one black man edict are doing it to feel superior - they want to seem profound and righteous and 'in the know' and that 'they see things'. I also wonder about how many of these protesters are actually black and why they feel the need to be so outspoken.

I've seen this with fans of the show Supernatural - their main fanbase is white women in the 15-30 age range. But man do they get vocal when a black male character is killed off the show - the howls of racism echo off the walls. I just sit back and shake my head. I sometimes wonder if I should feel more outraged - but I just don't.

by Boreply 13112/03/2012

R126 Yesss!

Here's my dream cast of R&B Divas: Meshell Ndegeocello, Dawn from En Vogue, Coko, Tweet, Kelly Price, Angie Stone, Keke, Monifa, Faith and Nicci.

by Boreply 13212/04/2012


What do we think of Joe Budden's peepee?

by Boreply 13312/08/2012


by Boreply 13412/08/2012

He could pound me like a piece of meat r133

by Boreply 13512/11/2012

Can someone post a thread on this...?

by Boreply 13612/11/2012

Shaun T and his hot bawdy!

by Boreply 13712/19/2012

Anybody home???

by Boreply 13812/20/2012

Time to profile white men?

by Boreply 13912/20/2012


by Boreply 14012/27/2012

We have been Emancipated for 150 years! Happy Emancipation Day!

Even though you Negroes have left this thread FOR DEAD...

by Boreply 14101/01/2013

You bitches have nothing to talk about anymore?? Django, DTLA, Al Roker shitting himself, etc???

by Boreply 14201/07/2013

African American Dataloungers = crabs in a barrel!

by Boreply 14301/10/2013

What's wrong with black people who are not in the US? Why exclude them with a thread like this?

by Boreply 14401/10/2013

Stop being a shit-stirrer, r144. We were doing just fine before you came along, thank you very much.

by Boreply 14501/10/2013

Explain that fart of stupidity that is your post r145.

This thread asks for American input only. Why?

by Boreply 14601/10/2013

We've already dissected the choice of titling it "African-American" rather than "black" in earlier threads.

Do your research.

by Boreply 14701/10/2013

r145 is exactly who Im talking about!!

r144 I dont think when Part I started a long time ago that we were intentionally excluding anyone. Anybody can post on these threads really. I think the original topic starter was just trying to be politically correct by saying African-American, instead of black. I recall we had quite a long debate about the term "African American" on the very first thread.

by Boreply 14801/10/2013

I'm not going back and reading through that. It's a dumbfuck decision and kind of offensive that you'd think other blacks aren't worthy.

by Boreply 14901/10/2013

Oh shit. So it's a PC thing? Even worse. Who enables such fucktards in this place?

by Boreply 15001/10/2013

[quote]I'm not going back and reading through that.

You don't have to. We just told you that we discussed it at length years ago. And IIRC most black people who post here don't like being called African-American, even if they are black people of African descent that live in America.

[quote]It's a dumbfuck decision and kind of offensive

Again, it was not done to be intentionally offensive.

by Boreply 15101/10/2013

Who cares if the thread says "African-American" get in where you fit in. Just respond. If your background is relevant put "--Shane,Cameroon, for ex" as author, no one will care.

I'm on all types of forums (based in Nigeria, Britain, etc.) I just respond, not pick a fight about the title of threads.

Anyway, Did anyone ever figure out who the answer to that first BI was?

by Boreply 15201/10/2013

Who's the best Real Housewife of Atlanta now? I am liking everybody except Kenya, and I mainly feel sorry for her.

by Boreply 15301/10/2013

This thread cannot go on until we discuss the Shawto Lo reality show.

by Boreply 15401/10/2013

I heard him on the radio this morning. I wasn't going to watch the show, but I probably will watch it in the end. I just have to see this mess for myself.

by Boreply 15501/10/2013

I guess if we are watching Shawty Lo's show than we are watching Love and Hip Hop!

Ive had a crush on Joe Budden for a long time so Im glad he is part of the ghetto cast. Joe is a bit "off" like his big booty ex-girlfriend Tahiry said, but I think its cute. I also could have sworn that Joe said he was celebrating his 27th birthday. I had to google it because that bitch does not look 27, and wiki says he is 32. I wonder why he lied about his age?

by Boreply 15601/11/2013

New song from Destiny's Child

by Boreply 15701/12/2013

Which two of you bitches were arguing in the "How do you deal with being attracted to a person from another race?" thread?

by Boreply 15801/13/2013


I think Joe was kidding about turning 27. He looks like he's done some hard partying these past 5 years. I did not think I would like the new cast, but they are bringing the drama.

by Boreply 15901/13/2013

Joe said he was high off pills for most of last summer. He looks like he is still recovering

by Boreply 16001/13/2013

Just got finished watching "Soul Food Junkie" by hottie, Byron Hurt. I thought it was going to totally bash the food I love and grew up on but it was pretty fair.

by Boreply 16101/14/2013

Love and Hip Hop last night:

Tahiry's ass is out of control. Those Dominicans are something else.

I cannot believe Joe has a girlfriend, in addition to Tahiry and Raqi. What a mess. It is pretty clear that Joe suffered/is suffering profoundly. I hope he is really getting help to fight his demons.

by Boreply 16201/15/2013


by Boreply 16301/26/2013

Kelis. Kelly Rowland. Gossip.

by Boreply 16401/26/2013

Im looking forward to the Destiny's Child reunion at the Superbowl. I think DC queens across America will faint if Lativia and LeToya pop up LOL

Im also over the Beyonce lipsynching thing. Who cares?

by Boreply 16501/26/2013


by Boreply 16601/27/2013

Mr. Wendal

by Boreply 16701/27/2013

Cool Like That

by Boreply 16801/27/2013

Anyone watching "Real Husbands of Hollywood" and "Second Generation Wayans"? If so, what do you think?

I like both, mostly because they are scripted and not actual reality shows (which I hate). Kevin Hart is a bit over the top at times and needs to dial it down a few notches, but other than that, it's a pretty funny show.

by Boreply 16901/27/2013

I caught an episode of Real Husbands r169. I was surprised at how funny it was, Im not a big fan of Kevin Hart. The writing on the show is very good.

by Boreply 17001/27/2013

Happy Black History Month bitches!

How do we feel about Mother Houston keeping it real with Oprah?

Beyonce trying to save face at the Superbowl press conference?

by Boreply 17102/02/2013

R171, I think we may have gotten a pretty good idea of why Whitney went to her grave without having ever told her mother of her true nature. But I didn't see the whole interview and only her responses to Oprah's questions in clips, so maybe there's context there I need to see before making a final judgment (though I doubt it).

People need to get over Beyonce and the lip-synch thing. Seriously they do.

And I see the race queens are having their annual shitfest (over in another thread) about how Halle Berry "played the race card" to win her Oscar (which is a vicious, evidence-free lie and they know it). Sad.

by Boreply 17202/02/2013

Soooo, that's it? I was expecting more from Beyonce. I didn't need DC3, I mean they didn't add anything to me, they just took time away from the other songs Bey could've and should've performed. What did y'all think?

by Boreply 17302/03/2013

People who use terms like "race card" are usually bigoted. Therefore, I don't agree that Halle used the race card to win the Oscar. However, I don't think she deserved the Oscar either. The Oscar should be reserved for exceptional actors and Halle is just passable. Angela Basset, Kimberley Elise, Cicely Tyson, Thandie Newton, Viola Davis, and Whoopi (Color Purple) don't have Oscars and Halle does. That's just not right. And to be honest I thought Halle's performance in Monster's Ball was a kiki.

As for Beyonce, my favorite song by her is "irreplaceable" but I guess it wouldn't have been right for the SB.

by Boreply 17402/04/2013


Halo did not fit with the Superbowl, but that didn't stop her.

by Boreply 17502/04/2013

I can't for Beyonce to be over. I yearn for the days when black superstars used their power and influence to promote social good. Everyone is just out for themselves now.

With the exception of Alicia Keys maybe...

by Boreply 17602/08/2013

Unfortunately, I think those days are over, R176. No one is willing to put their neck on the line and risk offending their public and thus losing their fame and fortune. Kerry Washington is one the few exceptions and that's why I'm so happy that her show is a success.

Personally, I can't wait for Chris Brown to be over. I hate woman beaters with a passion. But it seems like woman beaters like Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown always win.

by Boreply 17702/08/2013

Also. I feel like there's this poster on DL who pretends to be an anti-white, militant race person here. I feel like this is some tired, bored, white queen who gets off being a shit stirrer.

by Boreply 17802/08/2013

Of course, R178. There are a shit load of mentally ill, race-obsessed, shut-ins who post here. DL is their life.

by Boreply 17902/08/2013

[quote]I can't for Beyonce to be over. I yearn for the days when black superstars used their power and influence to promote social good. Everyone is just out for themselves now.

I think people expect too much, from people like her. I have no idea how much she gives back to various causes so I wont judge.

How do we feel about Lance Bass calling out Chris Brown for using the fagg*t word? I think he's right.

I have a problem with black people who get outraged at me comparing usage of the nigg*r with fagg*t. I feel the same way if someone uses either of those words at me with malice. Just because you are black like I am doesnt mean you have any kind of authority to say that black people are discriminated against more than gay people discriminated against. You have to be gay AND black to really know what it feels like. I'm sick of black blogs and other black people using this argument to broadcast veiled homophobia, because its exactly what they're doing.

by Boreply 18002/08/2013


by Boreply 18102/09/2013

Angie Stone and LaTocha Scott from Xscape are the sixth and seventh cast members for the second season of R&B Divas on TVOne

by Boreply 18202/09/2013

This video is just too much.

by Boreply 18302/10/2013

I loooove the twerking r183

by Boreply 18402/10/2013

Know who this is??

What's his deal? Anybody heard have tea on him, or is he just happily single.

by Boreply 18502/10/2013

God, I love Ru! LOL

Do you guys watch her show? At first I didn't know how to take Ms. CoCo. That mug up in drags gave Michael Clark Duncan in Green Mile, Ms. Sophia after the beating, "I feel like I don't know yall no mo", teas. But the bitch can read for blood. I gagged when she got Serena together in the last episode. So the jury is still out on CoCo.

by Boreply 18602/10/2013

There's a young brother who won $75K on Jeopardy today (2/12). He has a big afro and was dressed very casually - grungy open shirt with a T-shirt underneath and black Chuck sneakers.

Unfortunately, besides being really smart, he seems to have some developmental thing going; he was hyper and had a bit of 'crazy eyes' going. Check him out tom'w.

by Boreply 18702/12/2013

Yeah, my Mom and I have been rooting (sp?) for him. He's a total science geek.

That looks like Laz Alonso r185.

by Boreply 18802/12/2013

Good article.

by Boreply 18902/13/2013

Lil Wayne is a CUNT!

by Boreply 19002/14/2013

Weezy needs to sit his troll looking ass down > _/

by Boreply 19102/14/2013

Very good article , R189! I must say that I'm surprised that the author is so aware.

by Boreply 19202/14/2013

That boy was on television. Of course he's going to have some adrenaline going.

by Boreply 19302/14/2013

Although I am frustrated by the fact that Chris Brown has a career in spite of his past, umm, "incident," I am happy that there is a sizable backlash against him unlike other male entertainers in the past. Eg- Lou Rawls, James Brown, Don Cornelius, hell, Bing Crosby, etc

Back in the day, if you were an abusive jackass, it was totally kept on the low. I'm just now seeing Lou Rawls' "Unsung" and was surprised to see that despite the fact he did amazing things w/ the UNCF, he was a total dick to his wife and kids.

by Boreply 19402/23/2013

R182 I guess my wish for Meshell Ndegeocello is a no go. I remember her saying that she tried to reach out to Angie Stone, and I think Jill Scott but they never returned her calls or something like that. She said black radio wouldn't play her music. It seemed like she was hinting at being blacklisted too.

R194 I know! I love Unsung, there is so much we (gen pop) didn't know was going on behind the scenes. I always thought Lou Rawls was a good guy.

by Boreply 19502/23/2013

Chris Brown is a scumbag and he can disappear today and I'll be happy to never hear from him again; but he's just O.J. 2.0. Hating on him isn't exactly going out on some politically incorrect limb, and the same people acting so horrified by his DV were just giving Glen Campbell a standing O at the Grammys, including mouth-breather Miranda Lambert. America always has a handful of designated Bad Niggers, and he's just the latest.

If Rihanna can leave the drugs alone she'll outgrow the shock and awe game, recognize that he isn't a bad, bad man and she's not Bonnie to his Clyde--he's just a punk who beats up on women and Frank Ocean and she's just making a fool of herself, and kick him to the left.

by Boreply 19602/24/2013

Why hate on the Jeopardy kid, R187? He was fantastic and he won the tournament. Give him his props and leave it at that. He cracked everyone up with his final Jeopardy answer too. Google it.

by Boreply 19702/24/2013

Perhaps Dennis Rodman should have been considered for Sec. of State.

by Boreply 19803/03/2013

Are we watching Love and Hip Hop?

by Boreply 19903/12/2013

Anybody in NYC (particularly Brooklyn) who knows more information about the 16 y/o who was shot by po po and the subsequent riots in Flatbush???

Did he have a gun???

by Boreply 20003/12/2013

As a lover of everything Black, I adore Queen Latifah. I think Queen is fab!

Serious questions for my fellow kinfolks,

Will the African American community seriously alienate Queen if she ever comes out?

by Boreply 20103/13/2013

I could be wrong but I don't think so. Most people figured out years ago that Queen is gay. I don't think anyone would care.

by Boreply 20203/13/2013

How do we feel about Justin Timberlake? Is he forgiven?

by Boreply 20303/18/2013

Everyone knows QL is gay. i just watched a youtube of her doing "Come Into My House" live--she's so butch I almost saw her balls drop. No one cares. Justin Timberlake on the other hand I will never forgive for being smarmy, smug and lame. Janet is laughing all the way to the bank at this point, so that Superbowl bullshit is all but forgotten.

I just rewatched "Paris is Burning" and watched "How Do I Look?" for the first time. I don't remember in which one Pepeper Labeija described the early segregated balls where they had to wear whiteface, so they started the balls up in Harlem. DL has it's moments, but I'm kind of feeling like it would be nice to have an online Paris is Burning, because this place is just depressing sometimes and this thread really isn't enough. Anyone know of such a place? If not, I would actually be willing to start one at this point.

by Boreply 20403/24/2013

Not by me R203. I can't stand him and all the hype about him.

by Boreply 20503/24/2013

Bump, bump, bump.

by Boreply 20603/25/2013

Bump for the black DL!

by Boreply 20703/27/2013

Sisqo dic pics!!!

by Boreply 20804/07/2013


by Boreply 20904/13/2013

Black gays coming to reality TV?

Someone emailed this to me.

Does anyone know about this?

What channel?

by Boreply 21004/13/2013

That new LL Cool J, Brad Paisley song is one of the most astounding and embarrassing fails I've witnessed in quite a long time. Fortunately they both meant well but you just can't simplify such a complex issue.

The primary issue I have with the song is mainly an issue I have with the media in general. It's kind of difficult to address this issue in the public sphere because it can easily be taken as offensive, which isn't my intention.

I feel that African American urban/inner city, lower socioeconomic plight is overrepresented in American media, black and mainstream media. And I think this oversaturation is misguided because in reality this story represents a small fraction of the African American experience. I think this oversaturation is detrimental to the psyche of African Americans who don't relate to that story. When your constantly being told that this is your story and you don't relate to it, you begin to see fault in yourself, you think something is wrong with you.

As a teen buppie raised by two buppies, I found myself trying to be what I saw represented in the media because I felt that this is what I was supposed to be as an African American. I was very conflicted and felt that there was something wrong with me because I couldn't truly relate to this image.

It wasn't until I grew older that I realized that there are specific cultural characteristics inherent in class systems, characteristics that individuals of a particular social class tend to share regardless of race/ethnicity. It wasn't that I "acted white", I acted upper-middle class and I was supposed to. I was supposed to relate better with people who were middle and upper-middle class because we share cultural/social characteristics that make us similar. I think that media representations need to reflect the diversity within the African American community (instead of being so slanted to one side). Not doing so can be terribly detrimental. The Cosby Show, Different World, Fresh Prince were nice shows but they're rare media representations, especially today. Sorry for the rant.

by Boreply 21104/14/2013

That was brilliant r211 & I think that is Toure's problem. He also came from Buppie's. I'm not sure what ethnicity his father is & he has never said, but his long dead father was an accountant & had his own accounting firm. I feel he overcompensates all the time but then again, the media tells us that all black men are baby daddies, drug dealers & violent sociopaths. BW are either goddess-like or plain speaking or violent sociopaths.

by Boreply 21204/15/2013

I most definitely understand where you're coming from, R211, as we have similar backgrounds. I was fortunate in that I had parents who had the ability to get me into the organization and/or social club called Jack and Jill, which was created in the 1930s for the specific purpose of establishing friendships and connections between the children of the black elite. My parents also took annual trips to Oak Bluffs and I feel like I grew up in one of the the most diverse neighborhoods in the already fairly diverse La Jolla, California. Therefore, I was always around African Americans or black people who were like me, which I think countered the messages I received from the media.

However, I do have friends who weren't as fortunate and as a result lived ( and in some cases continue to live) a very conflicted and tortured existence as teenagers and young adults. What you see in the media can have a significant influence on your subconscious mind. There were of course children of the black elite or upper class who did in some ways attempt to conform to the images they witnessed in the media and came across as unbelievably inauthentic and buffoonish. It would have made you cringe! And laugh when they left the room.

I knew a few guys who wanted to be gangsta rappers. A rapper would have been fine I suppose since there are some who come from middle and upper middle class backgrounds (though they tend to lie about it or avoid the topic), but gangsta rapper changes everything. Thugs and gangstas don't typically grow up in Beverly Hills with an OM CEO as a father. I'd like to see more representation of the OM black upper class in the media. However, they are so squeamish, exclusive, and secretive that it would be difficult to get an accurate one unless an insider decided to take on such a project. Although the media isn't really interested in accuracy. Anyway, I agree with everything you said. Excellent post!

by Boreply 21304/15/2013

R204, I'm just seeing your post and I'm curious as to what you mean by an online Paris is Burning? Are you asking about a forum for ballroom kids? If so, I do know of one but it's been kind of dead for awhile now. I've been too busy lately to keep up with the scene so I'm not sure where the kids congregate online right now other than YouTube.

The forum I'm referring to used to be a shade-fest and a keke for the Gods. There also used to be a Yahoo/Google group. It wasn't a lot of racial stuff like it is here ( if that's what you mean by depressing) I'll try to find out if there is a new forum. Maybe you really should start a new one and maybe advertise it on YouTube vids where the kids are.

by Boreply 21404/15/2013


by Boreply 21504/16/2013

Why would you make this thread only for Americans? We read DL from elsewhere you know.

by Boreply 21604/16/2013

I agree that it sucks that all the black gay forums are closed.

by Boreply 21704/16/2013

Did you guys always suspect Kerry Rhodes was gay?

by Boreply 21804/17/2013

My parents didn't ( and still don't as even Oprah with all her billions isn't considered "in") really have the necessary "pedigree" to run with the Jack & Jill, Oak Bluffs set. My parents did quite well for themselves but they didn't come from money.

My paternal grandparents owned a dry cleaners, which allowed them to put all 4 of their children through college and my father through medical school. My maternal grandfather was a mechanic and his wife, my grandmother, an elementary school teacher. They also scraped, pinched, and saved enough ( combined with a little help from student loans) to put all 3 of their children through college, including 2 through law school (one being my mother).

My paternal great-grandparents were sharecroppers and my maternal great-grandfather a blacksmith, great-grandmother a midwife. We are the very definition of upwardly mobile. However, our money wasn't long enough and our veins not quite blue enough ( violet maybe?) to get me into Jack & Jill. Our annual vacations were primarily trips to Highland Beach, (sometimes) Sag Harbor, and quite often Disneyland.

I'm sure Toure has experienced much of what I mentioned as it is quite common. It's far more common than many people realize or want to.

by Boreply 21904/19/2013

Nicole Ari Parker?

by Boreply 22004/21/2013

Everyone here is not American.

by Boreply 22104/21/2013

What's our take on Jason Collins?

by Boreply 22205/01/2013

Naomi got dumped by her white Russian billionaire according to the NYP.

by Boreply 22305/01/2013

I'm glad Jason came out. I can't believe his twin didn't know or suspect something. He said one of his aunts knew.

by Boreply 22405/01/2013

I so glad that Jason came out. And he's a great "first." I'm also surprised that his twin of all people never suspected that he was gay, I thought that was odd.

by Boreply 22505/01/2013

The bigger issue I thought he was "engaged" to a white girl...and then led her one for 7 years, a la Ricky Martin, then dumped her.

by Boreply 22605/01/2013

Well, it was wrong for him to lead her on like that but it's not as if this has never happened before. At least he came out before he had a wife, kids, and was the governor of New Jersey.

by Boreply 22705/01/2013

Do we know that Jason's fiancee was DUMPED? Maybe she was in on it. As a female, I can't imagine being engaged to someone for seven years. How many of those relationships actually end in marriage? Would you want to be engaged to someone for that long with NO sign it would end in marriage? Not me.

by Boreply 22805/02/2013

The GF looks like family herself....

by Boreply 22905/04/2013

R211 and R213 I have always been secretly fascinated by the black elite as I didn't grow up with jack and Jill and buppies parents. I would love to see them represented more in the media. I have read that most members shun any kind of publicity.

Are Barack and Michelle considered the JFK and Jackie of the Black Elite? who are some of the leading families in that world and hat cities have the largest demographic of the BE? I realize how gauche these questions are. but I ve always Ben fascinated by their world. I read the book Our Kind of People by Lawrence Otis Graham yrs ago and it bought it opened a door to a world that was different from the world I grew up in

by Boreply 23005/04/2013

[R230] I don't think your question is gauche at all. And yes, I believe that Jackie and Jack Kennedy are the near photo negative opposites of each other. It may be difficult for you youngins to believe, but there was a prejudice against Catholics in America in the 30's-70's socially which was similar in its own way to the struggle of Blacks. WASPY Americans did not like the idea of the Pope one bit, and the idea of the Pope being in the ear of our president was positively horrifying to them. Plus WASPS did not care for the influx of the poor Italians and Irish in the 20th century. The Kennedys were Catholic AND Irish, although they are what was known as "lace curtain Irish". Hence he beat Richard Nixon by the slimmest victory in the 20th century. Even after his death, the Kennedy family was denied membership in the restricted Everglades Club and the Bath and Tennis Club in Palm Beach, FL. They were forced to join the Jewish country club.

Of course times have changed tremendously since the depression era. Augusta National Golf Club, only open 3 months per year and has a membership of 85, invited Condi Rice to be their first female and second Black member. And they did not bow to political pressure. They are slooooowly adapting to changing times. President and Mrs Obama are as handsome a couple as JFK and Jacky in their prime. Their educational CV is superior to the Kennedys. They conduct themselves with a warmer affect than the K's. In short, they are the NEW glamour couple of substance. It sickens me when other Blacks deride them for being sell outs, puppets of the Illuminati or worse a mulatto and his come-up hood rat wife. Jayzus Krist, whaddya want? Beyawnce and Jigga for the First Couple??

Today on MSNBC the panel on Steve Kornacki's show was already talking about the fact that post-Obama it is almost a given that there will always need to be a person of color on BOTH tickets. Crab bucket Blacks bitch and moan about MK Ultra and various conspiracies, but they are too blinded by their own anger to see that this country has changed dramatically in 160 years. I can attest, since I was a child of privilege a la Huxtable, that by the time I die, all Jim Crow YTs will be dead, Blacks will have established themselves in the Bourgeoisie and the working poor and unemployed YTs and Blacks will equally be marginalized, as opposed to YT trash feeling they are somehow superior to ghetto residents. Someday in history, they will teach that Obama was the Jackie Robinson of politics. Not because he was the first Black to enter an all YT pantheon, but because just as Branch Rickey knew he had to select a near perfect, even tempered, strong man to withstand the shit which would be thrown at him every day. I feel that Obama's ascendancy was based on the same reasoning. He had to be more than is humanly possible in his ability to make Blacks and Yts respect and warm to him...and he has. Even folks I know who don't care for his politics, cannot say that they don't respect him greatly as a man with an incredible family.

by Boreply 23105/05/2013

*yawns* all of this talk is too heavy for me.

Did yall see R&B Divas this week? Syleena threw that Nikki Gilbert out of her house!

by Boreply 23205/05/2013

R&B Divas is so boring. And they're all fat.

by Boreply 23305/05/2013

R232, are you black?

You can always start your own thread if you're so fascinated by that particular show.

by Boreply 23405/05/2013

Where's our favorite femme lesbian Suzanne Malveaux? She hasn't been on CNN in quite a while. And did her (alleged) boo Lisa Salters really adopt a kid, some poster on LChat claims she did.

by Boreply 23505/05/2013

I watched R&B Divas this week, this season looks like it will be good. Yes, they are all on the heavy side, I bet you bitches are too. But Nikki and Faith look like they have dropped some lbs.

There is an LA version of the show coming in a few weeks with Kelly Price, Chante Moore, Lil’ Mo, Claudette Ortiz, Michelle and Dawn Robinson from En Vogue.

Here is Lil' Mo on the Breakfast Club promoting it

by Boreply 23605/05/2013


by Boreply 23705/05/2013

Here is a small peek into the black elite, R230.

by Boreply 23805/06/2013

Syleena Johnson has always been supportive to other artists. She proved it last season. I really hope she doesn't engage with Nicci anymore. Nicci even treats the daughter that she promised someone else that she would raise like shit. Believe someone when they show you who they are the first time.

by Boreply 23905/06/2013

I watched the show this week. Angie Stone has good intent, but she needs to sit her ass down. She had me lmao when she took out her prayer oil. That has got to be a first for reality TV.

Nicci and Syleena need to just figure out their real problems with each other and work it out. I can tell Faith regrets even inviting Angie since she is just adding to their drama.

by Boreply 24005/10/2013

What is the gossip on Spank Rock - gay? Bi?

Love him.

by Boreply 24105/15/2013


by Boreply 24205/19/2013

Who's Spank Rock?

by Boreply 24305/21/2013

Spank Rock:

by Boreply 24405/27/2013

R230, please forgive me for the length of time it has taken me to respond to your post, I don't check this forum as often as I used to. To answer your question, there are the 2 Johnson families. One being the Johnson's of Johnson Publishing Company which is responsible for Ebony and Jet magazine as well as a great number of books (and a cosmetics line). The other Johnson family consists of media moguls (BET and film company) who are also part owners of several national sports teams (I forgot some of them so I had to look them up) such as the Charlotte Bobcats (NBA), Washington Capitals (NHL), Washington Wizards (NBA), and Washington Mystics (WNBA). Robert Johnson has also developed a holding company and asset management firm. He has been credited as the first African American billionaire. However, many African Americans aren't very fond of the latter Johnson family because of their association with BET.

I must also include the Lewis family. The late Reginald Lewis was a corporate lawyer turned venture capitalist. IIRC, his was the first African American owned company to turn a billion dollar annual profit. The Chenault family; Kenneth Chenault is the current CEO of American Express. The Ferguson's; Robert Ferguson is the current CEO of TIAA-CREF (and he's a very nice guy, he was my one on one mentor during a Jack and Jill gathering based on the importance of mentors.) The Howroyd's; Janice Howroyd is the founder and CEO of the billion dollar enterprise, ACT-1. Also included are the descendants of Thurgood Marshall, Madam C.J. Walker the first self-made female millionaire in the U.S., and many others. In fact, they are too numerous to name; however, these are the families that came to mind as I began to write this.

Yes publicity is shunned, particularly if it involves discussions about personal wealth. There is an intense fear of being labeled elitist or exclusionary. However, some are indeed elitist and most of the African American elite organizations are exclusive. P. Diddy recently attempted to get his children accepted into Jack and Jill but was turned down. I'm sure that he could meet the financial obligations that come along with being a member of Jack and Jill; however, he's a rapper and the mother of the children was/is a model, which are two things held in low regard by members of the African American elite. If he was a Classical or Jazz musician/vocalist like Leontyne Price or Wynton Marsalis, he'd have had a better shot. Members of the elite also tend to hold stage/Broadway actors in higher regard than film and television actors; although, Sidney Poitier, Leena Horne (who was born into an elite family) and a few other film and TV actors are/were held in very high esteem. What these actors all have in common is that they were from a period in which films were of much better quality and thus the film stars were of much better quality. So yes, there is some exclusion and elitism, but I must also add that many within the elite community take the W.E.B Du Bois doctrine of the Talented Tenth very seriously and as a result, philanthropy is heavily stressed.

As far as the Obamas, that's a difficult question to answer. They both come from working-class backgrounds but have also been educated at the very best schools. And of course they are the first black First Family. Their friendships with both Valerie Jarrett and Desiree Rogers certainly gave them an excellent stamp of approval. And they were well-received by the OB crowd during their first trip as the First Family to MV. So to answer your question, I'd lean toward yes.

by Boreply 24505/29/2013

That should read the Fergusons and Howroyds.

by Boreply 24605/29/2013

Pics to some of the families in R245 post.

by Boreply 24705/29/2013

R238, thank you so much for posting that clip! I've never seen it before today and I'm so happy to see that it wasn't a completely negative portrayal of the African American elite. I've been to the Tuxedo Ball several times and it's primarily an opportunity to network and establish valuable connections. I somehow forgot to mention the Lees in my last post, but I knew that I'd forget to list a lot of the names of some very important people. Bertram lee Sr. was a very successful businessman and IIRC, he was one of the first African Americans to own a NBA team. The family of Charles Bolden, the current head of NASA is another one.

Re: R&B Divas

Is Nicki completely making things up in order to slander Syleena for no real reason, R239? I can't picture Syleena "mushing" anyone. I don't understand why Nicki dislikes Syleena so much. What exactly did she do?

by Boreply 24806/02/2013

Until Nicki resolves her mental issues she is going to have a problem with Syleena. Im glad Syleena kicked her out of her house before she even had a chance to get comfortable.

I really enjoyed the last episode at Divas Simply Singing, it was the most moving reality TV I've watched in a long time.

by Boreply 24906/02/2013

Obama's family were not working class. On either side.

by Boreply 25006/04/2013

Anybody watched either of Tyler Perry's new shows on OWN? I admit that I watched Love Thy Neighbor, its like community theater on TV, but its ok. I really just watch to see Andre Hall be cute and unassuming.

by Boreply 25106/15/2013

Nicki is mentally unstable. She and Angie Stone got into it on the last episode. Is Faith off the show for good now? Angie was right in her dispute with Nicki. Next week is the finale.

by Boreply 25206/15/2013

I tried not to say anything last season because I didn't want to judge, but I really don't like Nicki. I didn't like her last season and I don't like her this season. She's a nasty piece of work. She makes things up out of thin air and truly believes the things she's saying. She needs to find a good therapist and likely a psychiatrist.

Love Thy Neighbor is a bit of a mess and I think the writers are trying way too hard to get the laughs. I hope it will get better, though. I haven't had a chance to watch the other TP program but I'm going to try to check it out soon. I'll tell you what, that homosexual Tyler Perry knows how to pick the eye candy. You always know that a TP production, whether it's good or bad, will be filled with some handsome and sexy black men. That butch queen has some excellent taste.

by Boreply 25306/15/2013

Nicki is a nasty liar. Angie was right to call her out on the charity BS. She has serious issues.

by Boreply 25406/16/2013

[quote]I'll tell you what, that homosexual Tyler Perry knows how to pick the eye candy. You always know that a TP production, whether it's good or bad, will be filled with some handsome and sexy black men. That butch queen has some excellent taste.

LOL. Yes, he does have great taste. I would love to lick Andre's body all over!

by Boreply 25506/16/2013

Is it a crime for a black man not to be attracted to dark-skinned black men? I'm light brown, but I've never been into dark-skinned men. I like what I like (my complexion or lighter), why should I be crucified for it?

by Boreply 25606/16/2013

I won't crucify you, but it is self loathing. You can like what you like, but admit what it is.

by Boreply 25706/16/2013

Would it be self-loathing if it were vice versa? No, I don't think so. People like what they like.

by Boreply 25806/16/2013

Yes it would be self loathing if the situation was reversed.

by Boreply 25906/16/2013

Maybe you should bring this issue to the doorstep of those who are actually crucifying you and care enough to do so. Not to be mean, but I don't know you so I couldn't care less about your preferences. And no one in this thread was discussing this issue. Therefore, it appears to be something that you're struggling with or more than likely you're simply trolling and should be ignored.

by Boreply 26006/16/2013

Exactly, R254. How did the women in her former group put up with her? On second thought, clearly they didn't put up with her, thus no more group. I do think that she's suffering from a mental illness, though.

by Boreply 26106/16/2013

r256, are you a top or a bottom or both?

by Boreply 26206/16/2013

I love how Angie read Nicki into the ground right in front of her face. She kept it too real. She should have taken it a step further by sprinkling that bitch with some anointed oil. I cannot believe how evil Nicki is, but she is the perfect villain for reality TV!

Im sad that Faith is gone. She didnt offer much of her personal life but she is such an underrated talent.

by Boreply 26306/16/2013

Yes, Nicki tried it (as usual) and Angie read her ass for blood and I love Angie to death for that LOL. Nicki is evil and I was hoping it was all for TV but I don't think she's that good of an actress. And Angie would have to empty the entire bottle of holy oil on Nicki to cast that evil out of her ass. But like you said, she brings the drama and that's good for the show. I agree about Faith. It's hard to believe that she is so underrated. She has such a beautiful voice. I feel the same way about Keke. Faith brought a calming, level-headed presence to the show so I hate to see her go.

by Boreply 26406/16/2013

What difference does that make R262? That has nothing to do with physical features like skin or hair color...

by Boreply 26506/16/2013

r265, you'd be surprised was makes people tick sexually. I know a few light skinned guys that date dark skinned guys exclusively. They are bottoms that associate chocolate guys with being more on the masculine side for whatever reason, even though they know damn well that queens come in all shades. They dont want to be bothered with other "soft" light skinned guys trying to top them.

I can't tell you how many times I was called "soft" growing up by other black kids, even if they didnt know me. This stuff is programmed in us at a early age.

by Boreply 26606/16/2013

Are we still watching Love & Hip Hop? I'm so tired of K Michelle. Sometimes she just needs to be quiet. I wish Mimi would've beat her ass.

Kirk is so nasty to Rasheeda. If I was the wife in that relationship I would have divorced him right then. He's a cunt.

by Boreply 26706/16/2013

I bottom, but not with dark-skinned guys. I'm just not into them.

by Boreply 26806/16/2013

Okay r268, but what the fuck is your point?

r260 already provided a thoughtful reply; scroll up and read it.

by Boreply 26906/16/2013


by Boreply 27006/17/2013

Angie kept it too real for Nicki's dumbass. She's mentally ill.

by Boreply 27106/17/2013

OK, so I have finally had the opportunity to watch OWN's brand new show "The Haves and the Have Nots." Unfortunately, I had plans so I was only able to see just a little bit, but let me tell you, it was difficult to pull away because there is some serious chocolate eye candy on that show! We have Tyler Lepley who plays Benny Young, Gavin Houston who plays Jefferey Harrington, and Peter Parros who plays David Harrington. Lawd, Tyler Perry looks out for the kids, he looks out for his fellow black gay brothas. The white gays have their boomer or bonner and whoever else but we haven't had a lot to look at on TV shows lately. TP is a saint. I still have to wonder if TP samples the goods, though. Oh, I just remembered something. A friend of mine told me that there is a new show on VH1 I believe, that supposedly has some chocolate eye candy, even for our lesbian/bisexual sistas ( it was a lesbian who told me). However, I haven't seen the show so I can't really verify anything. Maybe someone here knows.

by Boreply 27206/19/2013

Tyler Lepley

by Boreply 27306/19/2013

Gavin Houston. I couldn't find a better pic but just watch him on the show.

by Boreply 27406/19/2013

Peter Parros. Although, you all probably already know what he looks like.

by Boreply 27506/19/2013

And since we're on the subject of eye candy and new shows on OWN, I'll post a pic of probably the best thing about Love Thy Neighbor, Andre Hall ( it might even get you to watch the show).

by Boreply 27606/19/2013

R267, I haven't been watching the show but I checked out some blogs because I was curious about what you meant with regard to Kirk and Rasheeda. It's a crying shame that he would talk to the woman he chose to marry like that. The last time I watched the show they appeared to have a pretty good relationship. But this is why they say reality TV isn't good for relationships. Someone in the relationship ( or both people) is bound to let the reality fame get to their heads and begin to show out and act out of character. If you want your relationship to last, don't go on reality TV.

by Boreply 27706/19/2013

r273, Tyler is really sexy, but Andre Hall is more of my type! :)

by Boreply 27806/19/2013

It would be so hard for me to pick between them, they're both just so fine and sexy. If I absolutely had to choose, maybe Tyler. But that could change in the next hour lol. Thanks for posting that video, we get to hear how he really speaks ( I hear a slight Texas accent maybe?). And now that you guys have seen the video I can ask what I wanted ask earlier. Do you think Andre is gay? I'm getting that vibe but I'm wondering if others think so?

by Boreply 27906/19/2013

I'm going to say YES! I thought gay immediately. Which is great because the man is sexy, actually all of them are. I haven't seen the other guys in action yet.

by Boreply 28006/20/2013

Oh lawd, I would turn Mr. Andre all the way out. Not to say he hasn't been already, with his fine self.

by Boreply 28106/20/2013

Andre has body too!

by Boreply 28206/21/2013

More Andre body and almost a peak of the booty!

by Boreply 28306/21/2013

I love the V.

by Boreply 28406/21/2013

Andre is from Indianapolis, he's been in LA for five years. I wonder how old he is? Im guessing 26 or 27?

I love how innocent he appears to be. That body is rocking! He wore PJ's on the first episode of the show, they showed off his butt so nicely lol

by Boreply 28506/21/2013

Nice, thanks for the info!I would say he's between 25-32. I'd guess maybe 28. Oh yes, and I also like his sweet, innocent vibe. It makes my mind go to dirty places. He's just so fine!

by Boreply 28606/21/2013

[quote]“Mr. Perry is like a 6-foot-6 teddy bear,” Hall said. “He’s just a great guy. He’s a genius. I’m always picking his brain, always trying to figure out things I can do to make the show better.”

mm hmm, yes Andre that's all you do is "pick his brain"

Tyler has put on quite a bit of weight recently. Been hanging around sister Oprah too much.

by Boreply 28706/21/2013

Anybody having fun in the "If You Aren't Sexually Attracted To Certain A Race/Ethnicity" thread?

by Boreply 28806/24/2013

I guess the best place to put this is here. I don't expect the rest of the board to know him. I pretty much grew up on this man and I'm 26. It's sad to see him go, but he left us with some great music that will live forever.

Bobby (Blue) Bland, Soul and Blues Balladeer, Dies at 83

by Boreply 28906/24/2013

One of my favorites.

Bobby "Blue" Bland - Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City

by Boreply 29006/24/2013

Another fave growing.

Bobby "Blue" Bland-Cry Cry Cry

by Boreply 29106/24/2013

Have we seen the last of the R&B Divas?! Gurl...all the claws came out on the season finale! Im glad Syleena got that last good reading in on Nicki and her black gums. She is just awful and that is why Brownstone was sounding like shit at her fake charity event.

by Boreply 29206/25/2013

Hands down my favorite Bobby "Blue" Bland single - '36-22-36'


by Boreply 29306/25/2013

No surprise here.

Stacey Dash has tweeted her support for Paula Deen:

by Boreply 29406/26/2013

Love,love, love that one, R293. To be honest, I love just about anything by Bobby. He was an amazing artist. As soon as I hear his voice I think of good times with my family.

I'll be honest, I haven't been following the Paula Deen scandal, R294. So I have to get caught up before I comment. Although, Stacy siding with Paula seems like a very bad sign. Stacy and I haven't agreed on much lately.

R292, "Black gums and all" was the read of the century! Nicki tried it once again but Selena sat her ass down. It was a keke for the Gods. The gurls were really trying it that night. Keke was over there threatening to take people outside, Angie was moments away from pulling out her holy oil on that ass, Monifah bug-eyed and concerned, Latocha was about to take Keke up on her offer to step outside, and Nicki over there bumping those gingivitis gums as usual. It was a mess. Selena finally got Nicki's ass together, I gagged over the black gums read.

by Boreply 29506/26/2013

Chilli's son Tron (baby daddy Dallas Austin) & T-boz with her daughter

by Boreply 29606/27/2013

Most AA gossip sites aren't even mentioning the SCOTUS decision.

by Boreply 29706/27/2013

You have to look for the black news sites, R297. It's depressing that something that our parents and even some of us (I mean unequal rights for blacks and other people of color wasn't all that long ago) fought for have have been stripped away in 2013.

by Boreply 29806/27/2013

[quote]Keke was over there threatening to take people outside, Angie was moments away from pulling out her holy oil on that ass, Monifah bug-eyed and concerned, Latocha was about to take Keke up on her offer to step outside, and Nicki over there bumping those gingivitis gums as usual.

lmao r295. I watched the reunion, more of the same foolishness. Im wondering why Nicki didn't come forward with all that evidence when the season was being taped. Too late now hoe!

I was misty when Terez proposed to Monifa, I don't think Ive ever seen something like that on black TV before. Im excited for them and I hope her daughter will come around when she gets older.

Angie really needs to stop acting like she the Divas great grandmama, with her holy oil. She is 51. She had her son with D'Angelo in 1998. She was 37 and he was only 24. That is when his body was chiseled chocolate too. I cant say I blame her for getting some of that. Everybody wanted him back then.

by Boreply 29906/28/2013

Oh my lord, the R&B Divas LA looks like a terrible mess. Some of these ladies look like they have been doing some hard living. Kelly Price and a couple of the others need to end their season by burning their wigs/weaves in a smoldering fire! NO GURL.

by Boreply 30006/28/2013

Angie has the most sense on the show. Nicci is a trainwreck.

by Boreply 30106/28/2013

Does anyone seriously think the white people giving George Zimmerman all their love and support (and money) would be doing so if Trayvon had been a white kid? Please. And I hope Don West's skanky-ass daughters catch a lot of hell for that Instagram pic they posted saying their father "beat stupidity," believed to be a reference to Trayvon's gf who had testified earlier that same day.

And maybe this has been posted already (I've tended to avoid all the Trayvon threads on here) but apparently Zimmerman's father has published an e-book declaring that "blacks are the true racists" and that he wasn't aware racism still existed in America until his son was arrested for Trayvon's murder. Seriously?

by Boreply 30206/29/2013

Will there be another season of R&B Divas?

by Boreply 30306/29/2013

I so agree, R299! I love seeing Black LGBT love being represented in such a positive way. To be perfectly honest, that was the reason I began watching the show. I love it!

R300, gurl some of those lopsided wigs are a tragedy ( who did it and what for?). I'm not too sure about this one, but I might check it out just to see what's going on. Chante Moore looks great and I love the fact that Dawn is on the show. I love En Vogue.

R302, cases like this remind me that we aren't very far removed from the days of Jim Crow. Our nation has a lot of open wounds that haven't come close to healing. I read something that said that a DNA report found that not only did Trayvon never touch the gun, but there is no DNA evidence that supports the allegation that Trayvon assaulted Zimmerman. Oh Lord, and the things Zimmerman claims Trayvon said are so ridiculous they sound like lines from some straight to DVD movie.

R303, I'm pretty sure there will be. It's a popular show and those ladies need a check.

by Boreply 30407/01/2013

Hot off the press, everyone.

Kerry Washington made the August cover of VANITY FAIR:

by Boreply 30507/02/2013

Wow, wow, WOW, Mia!

That is GREAT. I haven't bought an issue of Vanity Fair in YEARS but I'll DEFINITELY buy this one just to support.

I love that KW is turning into such a star. She's definitely the new Halle Berry, and infinitely more talented, to boot.

It's really nice to see a talent like her who has paid her dues FINALLY getting her moment. And who knew Scandal would become such a big hit? I'd love for her to get an Emmy nom, though I don't think that will happen.

There's a really cool supporting role for a black actress in the Gone Girl adaptation. I wonder if she'll get it.

OK...nerdgasm over.

There will DEFINITELY be another season of R&B Divas. Those girls really turned it all the way up this year. There is a 10 minute preview for R&B Divas: LA up on youtube right now. I included the link.

It looks really good as well, and the production values are much, much better too.

by Boreply 30607/02/2013

YES! I'm so happy for Kerry and I'm so happy that her show is a success. She's smart, talented, and beautiful ( and she agrees with me politically). The Halle Berry thing is an interesting observation. Kerry does get a lot of really good film roles these days. And she's approaching Halle's level of fame. I could see her being the new Halle.

I hate to say this because I like Halle and she has been the most successful Black/AA actress we've had for awhile now, but I do think Kerry is more talented. Halle tries very hard and has improved great deal, but I do think she's lauded more for her extreme beauty than her actual talent. On a side not, I wish Halle would stop acting so deranged. Anyway, again, I'm very happy for Kerry and I will be purchasing this issue of VF as well.

by Boreply 30707/02/2013

I like Halle as well, but I think she's got two things going against her - her age and her personal life. Hollywood is not kind to any actress over 40 as we all know, no matter how well they look. Sandra Bullock was never thought of as sexy and has parlayed her career doing a variety of roles, mostly comedies, which works in her favor at this point in her life. Hollywood is in search of an African-American actress with talent and versatility and SCANDAL's popularity has made the studios sit up and take notice of Kerry. Good on her. She's done some good work and she has so far not had any paparazzi trouble, although the Enquirer is trying to start some gossip about her and her co-star, Tony Goldwin.

by Boreply 30807/03/2013

Good point, Mia. Halle is slowly being ushered out because of her age ( even though she looks great) and her personal life, while Kerry is being ushered into her spot ( I hate that there can only be one at a time). I wonder what Halle thinks about that? Everyone has their time in the sun I guess.

by Boreply 30907/03/2013

To R309:

Halle has a chance if she is willing to re-invents herself, which many actresses have to do after a certain point. She had the chance to do Broadway with Samuel L. Jackson, then withdrew. She appeared in a comedy so bad this year that it will sweep the Razzies ('Movie 43') and Cloud Atlas was a huge let-down box office wise. I wouldn't be at all surprised that that's the reason she's returned to doing 'Storm' in that new 'X-Men' movie.

I think she should reconsider doing Broadway. In films, she should embrace her age and play the mother of a teenager or a college-age student. I hate to mention Tyler Perry because I'm not a fan, but she might want to appear in one of his comedies (not with Medea) with an all-star cast. Seeing her in this may give other directors an idea to cast her in their mainstream comedies.

I don't know if Halle even knows Kerry, but I'm sure Halle is aware of her. Interestingly enough, Kerry is the latest actress being mentioned as the next Bond Girl (Daniel Craig has only mentioned women of color as his choice for the next Bond film). The last one was the biggest earning Bond film in history. This could really make Kerry a huge commodity if she gets the role.

Sadly, this is how Hollywood works. As there are less roles for women after 40, there are even less for African-American actresses. Viola Davis mentioned that in an online interview just last week. The studio execs are more about money and box office grosses than making the next masterpiece. No slam on her, but Zoe Saldana has a better chance of getting a big role than Ms. Davis because Zoe has appeared in two huge movies; Avatar and Star Trek. Casting Ms. Saldana guarantees her fan base from those films, which means money. Unfortunately, if Halle acts her age, she will compete with the likes of Ms. Davis and Angela Bassett. That's the top three (mature) AA actresses.

They only want box office gold. End of story.

by Boreply 31007/03/2013

True, Mia, and though I agree with everything you said, I do think it helps Halle that her last movie, "The Call," was a huge (and somewhat unexpected) hit, surpassing all box-office predictions. Hopefully, if nothing else, it will give her career the much-needed shot in the arm it's needed for quite some time now.

Love Kerry and hope the fact "Scandal" is such a hit will be a gateway to a film career for her. And with regard to Halle having to look over her shoulder, I agree that it's a shame there can only be one premier black actress at a time in Hollywood. Both she and Kerry should be able to get plenty of work in a town that still continually employs both Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

Interesting note from last week: Kimberly Elise was invited to become a member of the Academy. Don't know why but that totally shocked me -- not because she's not a talented actress who deserves the invite but just that I wouldn't think the Academy even knew who she was. In fact, I was pleased to see there were quite a few people of color invited (Rosario Dawson and Jennifer Lopez among them), so maybe the Academy really is trying to evolve after all.

by Boreply 31107/03/2013

Kimberly should have been asked a few years back, but good for her. I love her work as well.

BTW, Kerry got married.SO happy for her. Didn't think she'd screw up by fooling around with her married co-star.

Here's the info:

by Boreply 31207/03/2013

I adore Kimberley Elise. She's an immensely talented actress yet shamefully underrated and underutilized. Sadly, I don't see that changing anytime soon. However, I'm happy to hear about her invitation to become a member of the Academy ( as well as the others who were mentioned).

Kerry puts the secret in secret because I didn't know anything about a marriage. She did good. That's good-looking man.

by Boreply 31307/04/2013

I looked up Nnamdi Asomugha and found out that he's Nigerian American. Nigerian guys are usually fine. Lucky Kerry.

by Boreply 31407/04/2013

bump bump bump!

Anybody in LA or ATL have tea on Andre Hall???

by Boreply 31507/05/2013

I think there's a very good chance Kerry will get an Emmy nom.

by Boreply 31607/07/2013

From your lips to God's ears, 316.

Scandal is THE hottest drama on network Television. She is one of the biggest stars on TV. It seems like a perfect storm for her to have a moment. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she gets an Emmy nom.

by Boreply 31707/11/2013

What do we think of TP's "The Have And Have Nots" on OWN?

by Boreply 31807/12/2013

r318, it is TRASH and I kind of live.

Tika Sumpter is everything.

Say what you want about TP but he KNOWS how to give his audience what they want.

by Boreply 31907/12/2013

R319 So true!

by Boreply 32007/12/2013

How do we feel about R&B Divas LA? I think TV One has another hit show, drama honey!

I have a soft spot for Dawn Robinson for some reason, but that might change since we're only one episode in. I know she doesn't have a sterling reputation, but it seems like she is going through a lot.

Claudette Ortiz is freaking beautiful and has voice to match. If she wasnt tied up with all those kids, and baby daddy drama she definitely would've had a career post-City High.

I cant wait to see Kelly Price turn into a big ol bitch! lol she seems like such a nice person

by Boreply 32107/12/2013

I like R&B Divas LA. Funny their production values are so much higher than the Atlanta version. Must be a better company.

Say what you want about Lil Mo but she's got charisma for days. Superwoman and 4-Eva were my shit!

Claudette Ortiz is so freaking beautiful you can barely look at her.

And yes GAWD to Miss Chante Moore for the whisper notes! She hit those for real! Mariah can't do those anymore without a backing track.

LA has got major potential. I'm glad someone hasn't stepped up to be the bitch. Seems like the drama will come from whatever show they're trying to do.

by Boreply 32207/12/2013

Lil Mo is a gutter ghetto rat... End of story

by Boreply 32307/12/2013

I think the LA cast is much better and interesting than the Atlanta one.

I just love En Vogue but Dawn is definitely a bitch. Don't forget she also walked out of Lucy Pearl shortly after joining them as well. She is someone who wanted that solo fame but never got it.

by Boreply 32407/12/2013

I haven't seen the show yet but I must admit that I have a soft spot for En Vogue/Dawn but I'm afraid that this show may change that ( at least the Dawn part).

by Boreply 32507/12/2013

Are any of you going to ATL Pride this year?

by Boreply 32607/12/2013

r323, Lil Mo is hilarious...Im thinking they should've done a New York version of his show and she would've been perfect for it. She is a New Yorker to the death, so she seems more hood than everyone else and little out of place. But she is going to make the show worth watching.

Claudette is my new girl crush. Her voice is like fresh air and she is so pretty. She might turn me straight before the season is over!

by Boreply 32707/12/2013

A friend of mine sent this to me and I thought I should share it here in case someone may be in need of some good news. The last time I had the chance to look at college enrollment statistics, Black women were about 3rd in college enrollment and Black men were around 6th and now it's 1st and 4th/5th respectively). I think this is excellent news and I'm so proud of Black women for making such strides ( and Black men too).

College Enrollment for Black Women Hits Record High BY: BMWK Staff - 17 Jun '13 | Home

EDUCATION | Black Women have surpassed all groups by race and gender for college entrance

By Janks Morton

College Enrollment

For the first time since the US Census has collected data around educational attainment and enrollment, in 2011 African-American women’s enrollment in colleges has hit a record high. According to the analysis of the most recent census data, nearly 1 in 10 of every African-American females are enrolled in colleges and universities, suggesting the prohibitive barriers to entry typically associated with women and minorities may be finally eroding in post-secondary settings.

by Boreply 32807/12/2013

I also think it's excellent that two female groups have the top two spots in college enrollment. That's where our society is heading and I think it's great. I wish all minorities ( and non-minorities) much success in their educational endeavors.

I kind of thought that Lil Mo would be out of place in the LA cast. She doesn't seem to fit. I know she sings but she seem more Hip Hop to me for some reason. But again, I haven't seen the show so I can't really say at this point.

by Boreply 32907/12/2013

r319: I love Tika Sumpter, she's gorgeous. But TP is not a good director. Scenes go ..........long. He needs to turn the reigns over to more experienced writers and directors. Also, love Crystal Fox. She's so over the top sanctimonious, I love it!

by Boreply 33007/12/2013

The racists with all their anti-black bullshit are just destroying all the George Zimmerman threads. It's impossible to have an intelligent, civil discussion in any of them. I'm surprised the WM doesn't just shut them all down (then again, given this is DL, nah, I'm not surprised).

by Boreply 33107/13/2013

Toni Braxton blaming Oprah for her career problems is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Oprah was trying the tough love on Toni and Toni decided to be a victim rather than listen.

by Boreply 33207/13/2013


by Boreply 33307/13/2013

I love Toni but she has an ego problem. I can see why it was embarrassing for her to be called out like that after being invited on as a guest though lol

by Boreply 33407/13/2013

Halle Berry is reportedly getting married in Paris this weekend:

Wedding bells could ring this weekend for engaged actors Halle Berry, 46, and Olivier Martinez, 47. USA TODAY's Arienne Thompson takes a look back at their three-year romance. The comely couple, who met on the set of the 2010 flop 'Dark Tide,' made one of their first red carpet appearances together at the annual Carousel Of Hope Ball at The Beverly Hilton on Oct. 23, 2010. "You don't expect it to be as bad as it is sometimes," Berry told Chelsea Handler of the film. "Then it comes out, and you think, '(F-bomb).' That's what I did?'" However, she added that she was happy to have met her future fiancé on the shoot. Martinez and Berry kept close at Harvey Weinstein and Dior's Oscar dinner at Chateau Marmont on Feb. 23, 2011, in Los Angeles. Martinez supported the domestic violence charity near and dear to Berry's heart at the Jenesse Silver Rose Auction and Gala on April 17, 2011. Berry and Martinez, who announced their engagement in March 2012, stepped out for a meal a few months later on June 2, 2012, in New York. "Who knew? I swore off (marriage), right?" she admitted to 'Extra' after the news was revealed. "Never say never, people!" The betrothed took a casual approach to the red carpet for their appearance at the 'Cybergeddon' premiere on Sept. 24, 2012, in West Hollywood. They made a striking pair in dark colors at 'Variety' magazine's fourth annual Power of Women event on Oct. 5, 2012, in Beverly Hills. They walked yet another red carpet in support of her sci-fi flick 'Cloud Atlas' on Oct. 24, 2012, in Hollywood. The lovebirds went on a shopping trip on January 18, 2013, in L.A. They stayed in step during an outing on Feb. 17, 2013, in Los Angeles. A month after revealing that they were expecting their first child together, Martinez and Berry went to the movies in L.A. on May 23, 2013. "I feel fantastic. This has been the biggest surprise of my life, to tell you the truth," Berry told CNN when the news broke. She also has a 5-year-old daughter, Nahla, from her previous relationship with model Gabriel Aubry. Martinez, a Frenchman, escorts his bride-to-be on the Rue Clement Marot in Paris on June 11, 2013. Martinez and Berry are positively glowing as they walk the red carpet during the Champs Elysees Film Festival 2013 on June 13, 2013 in Paris.

Next Slide

Ann Oldenburg, USA TODAY 3:26 p.m. EDT July 11, 2013

It will be her third trip to the altar.

Halle Olivier

(Photo: Paul Hubble, FilmMagic)


Buzz is building that Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez plan to tie the knot in Paris sometime in the next few days. Both E! News and are reporting a wedding is in the works.

The couple, who got engaged in March 2012, boarded a plane bound for France earlier this week with Berry's daughter, Nahla, 5.

Berry, 46, is expecting a baby boy, with Martinez, 47, in early fall. The French actor told People last month, "My son will be an American, but I remain French."

It will be the first marriage for Martinez, who previously dated singer Kylie Minogue.

It will be Berry's third walk down the aisle. She was married to baseball player David Justice in the early 1990s and to singer Eric Benét in the early 2000s.

She has been involved in a contentious custody battle over Nahla with recent ex, model Gabriel Aubry.

In 2007, the actress told InStyle magazine she had sworn off marriage: "I will never, never get married again."

When she revealed her engagement to Martinez, she said with a laugh, "Who knew? Never say never, people!"

by Boreply 33507/13/2013

Toni definitely has an ego problem. She's jealous of Tamar. Now she's moving back to ATL.

by Boreply 33607/13/2013

Sorry, everyone.

I'm not that excited. Didn't mean to post both articles...

by Boreply 33707/13/2013

This is already getting lots of Oscar buzz - extraordinary cast

12 Years A Slave:

by Boreply 33807/16/2013

Sheri Saum from the Fosters?

by Boreply 33907/16/2013

Zimmerman is free, is anyone surprised? It is now perfectly ok for people to disobey law enforcement and kill black people after they've been told not to.

I didnt watch much of the trial because I knew he was going to walk!

by Boreply 34007/16/2013

R340, I'm not surprised but that Juror who is speaking to the press is an idiot.

Zimmerman had a right to defend himself but Zimmercan CAUSED the circumstances in which he pulled his gun and shot Trayvon. Didn't Trayvon have the right to defend himself? A complete stranger WHO SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING TRAYVON starts asking what he's doing and why he's there. Trayvon had every reason to feel threatened and scared. What if this guy has a gun (which he did)? Trayvon had the right to defend himself.

The point is that Trayvon should not have had to defend himself. Zimmerman called 911 (which was correct) and was told NOT TO FOLLOW (which he didn't do). His actions caused the death of Trayvon Martin.

I hope the Government does press charges of racial profiling. I also hope the Martins sue Zimmerman for wrongful death. Don't know what the chances are of winning either case but I want what's left of Zimmerman's life to be hell on earth.

P. S. Couldn't Zimmerman be charged with disobeying direct police orders or interfering in a police investigation/action?

by Boreply 34107/17/2013

I've always wondered what it was like in the 1960s when racial tensions were incredibly high, now I know. If we did make any progress in the last 50 years it has all but been erased. It's bad and it's going to be bad for some time. I don't expect any healing to take place within my lifetime and I'm 26 years old.

by Boreply 34207/19/2013

Also getting early Oscar buzz -

Idris Elba as Nelson Mandela in MANDELA: Long Walk To Freedom (with Bond Girl Naomie Harris as Winnie):

by Boreply 34307/19/2013

I read the other day that the Winnie Mandela bio starring Jennifer Hudson may finally get released. If true, that's good, though I fear the critics have already written their slash pieces on the film before they've even seen it.

Which reminds me, did anybody ever see that Halle Berry movie from a few years ago in which she played a waitress (or something) with multiple personalities? The critics really laid into it but I don't remember it even playing anywhere.

by Boreply 34407/21/2013

Ashton Springer, theater producer, has died at age 82. He was considered to be the first black producer with real power on Broadway, "credited not only with helping to bring theater by and about African-Americans to wider public consciousness, but also with helping to bring late-20th-century African-American audiences to Broadway."

by Boreply 34507/21/2013

so...crazy Kanye at it again.

by Boreply 34607/21/2013

Kanye West needs to retire from the music biz.

by Boreply 34707/21/2013

I don't understand Kanye. First of all, like anyone else in the entertainment business, he DREAMT of fortune and fame. I bet the first time he had paparazzi on him he thought, "I made it!" Then he becomes a mega star and as is typical, started to dislike the paparazzi. What does he do? He knocks up a member of the biggest attention-whoring family on the planet, that WhoreTrashian chick. He had to have known when he started fucking her the paps were gonna go even harder on him. I don't feel sorry for him and his tantrums are pathetic.

by Boreply 34807/21/2013

I think this guy is so sexy. I think his name is Marvin or Marlon. He used to play football for Texas Tech and he's on a reality show. And he's gay ( or maybe bi).

by Boreply 34907/27/2013

Here's another of him.

by Boreply 35007/27/2013

I have a serious thing for Victor Cruz. I need one like him in my life.

by Boreply 35107/27/2013

R350 is the wrong link to the second pic. This one should work.

by Boreply 35207/27/2013

Kanye West is an autistic nerd pretending to be a tough guy.

by Boreply 35307/27/2013

R349 which reality show?

by Boreply 35407/27/2013

It's a reality show on MTV called The Challenge Rivals. He hooked up with another gay guy on the show. I think he was also on the Real World.

by Boreply 35507/27/2013

Can you either pose a video of him hooking up, or show a pic of the guy he hooked up with? thanks in advance.

by Boreply 35607/27/2013

I couldn't find a video of the hook up but here's a pic of the guy he hooked up with.

by Boreply 35707/27/2013

interesting...there's a porn star with a better body who looks like that lol. Who initiated the hookup and was there a lot of flirting beforehand? Was it awkward after or they're gonna do it again?

by Boreply 35807/27/2013

I don't know who initiated it. I came in right after they hooked up. There are at least two other gay people on the show, which is a lot for a reality show like this.

by Boreply 35907/27/2013

Wow, there is a new openly gay black man on The Challenge, and he's fine? MTV has had bad luck with casting gay black men. Or MTV just knows that they cray cray angry black man usually comes out eventually!

I remember that guy at r357 from the Cancun season. He needs to bring it in before becomes known as the Real World cum dump.

by Boreply 36007/27/2013

I'mma need to check out this season then. haven't watched for a good 5 or 6 years.

by Boreply 36107/27/2013

Speaking of black gay men on reality TV, I've got some tea just between us girls:

I'm a part of a reality show that just got picked up to pilot on a gay cable network that people actually watch (do the math). We shoot in a few weeks.

As far as I know, they're gonna air the pilot this fall to gauge interest before they order to series.

6 gay guys and a bi girl. NYC-based. 3 of the gay dudes are black.

I'm nervous but excited. It should be fun. It's a docuseries type deal. Very sexy cast that's gonna have very broad appeal I think.

Ta-ta! Look out for it this fall! It'll probably get billed as a "special."

by Boreply 36207/28/2013

From Huffington Post:

Don Lemon: "Bill O'Reilly's 'Got A Point' About Black People"

Don Lemon came under fire on Saturday when he said that he agreed with Bill O'Reilly's comments about black people.

O'Reilly recently went on a rant about problems in the black community, which he blamed on "the disintegration of the African-American family," "the drug situation" and the entertainment industry for promoting "gangsta culture." MSNBC's Chris Hayes later slammed the comments as "super racist."

Lemon, however, seemed to be of a different mind on the matter. After re-playing a clip of O'Reilly's remarks on Saturday, he agreed with the Fox News host, saying, "He’s got a point. In fact, he’s got more than a point…In my estimation, he doesn’t go far enough."

"Black people, if you really want to fix the problem, here's just five things that you should think about doing," Lemon continued. Those five things, he said, were hiking up their pants, finishing school, not using the n-word, taking care of their communities and not having children out of wedlock.

Lemon received a barrage of responses from viewers calling him out on Twitter. MSNBC's Goldie Taylor did not mince words, and referred to the host as a "turn coat mofo."

She tweeted:

Just saw Fruitvale Station. Heard Lemon remarks. There is nothing I can say. Yet. I just have to wonder. Exactly which America does he live in? But if I had a dollar for every turn coat mofo who made it up and out, then cut the rope ladder behind him... they get to thinking that good money, good suits and good manners will make them see you differently... I'll tell you what though. If you step to the plate, your behind better be ready to take a pitch.

by Boreply 36307/28/2013

Ford Foundation Names Darren Walker as New CEO

By Ben Gose

Updated at 3:30, July 25:

The Ford Foundation reached into its own ranks to tap Darren Walker—a longtime foundation professional with extensive nonprofit and corporate experience—as its next president.

Mr. Walker, a gay black man who grew up in a small town in Texas, worked for nearly a decade as a lawyer and bond salesman on Wall Street before giving up corporate life in 1995 to volunteer for a year at a school in Harlem.

by Boreply 36407/29/2013

Awesome, R362! I'm surprised that they would cast that many black LGBT on the show. I'll be sure to check it out. Good luck!

by Boreply 36507/29/2013

Black Students Flock to STEM Fields, Yet Business Lobby Pushes for More Temporary Workers

By William Spriggs

By: Associated Press Article

Posted: June 16, 2013

Over last weekend, young people watched or read about President Obama speaking at Morehouse College and first lady Michelle Obama addressing the graduates of Bowie State University. Hopefully they were inspired by seeing so many young and gifted people finishing the course they chose to follow. Well, here is a little known set of facts.

Those colleges are both historically Black colleges-known as HBCUs-and they graduate a disproportionate share of the nation's Black science, technical, engineering and math majors-the very majors everyone points to as the skills America will need to succeed. And, it turns out, HBCUs are important because those fields are the backbone of the new Black middle class.

More Blacks work in computer-related occupations than are employed as elementary and middle school teachers or postal workers. And, like those students at Morehouse and Bowie State, Black college students are more likely to choose computer science as a major than White students. In part because of the high share of blacks who major in computer science and because of the large number of Black college students, there are more baccalaureate degrees awarded to African- Americans than to Asian-Americans in computer science.

by Boreply 36607/29/2013

r363, I appreciate Don for always speaking his mind and keeping it real.

by Boreply 36707/29/2013

R362 please remind us again as the air date approaches. sounds interesting

by Boreply 36807/29/2013

Cute or not?

by Boreply 36907/31/2013

R369 YES who is that model?

by Boreply 37007/31/2013

r369, he's fine!

by Boreply 37107/31/2013

All I know is his name is Andre. I was hoping that someone here might recognize him.

by Boreply 37207/31/2013

got any more pics of him?

by Boreply 37307/31/2013

I wish I did. Trust me I've searched. All I could find out is that his name is possibly Andre and he is foreign-born. I have a serious thing for sexy black men with foreign accents ( my biggest weakness. Nigerian, British, French, Jamaican are my favs) so I wish I could find more pics and some clips of him speaking.

by Boreply 37408/01/2013

r369, according to my good girlfriend Google Image search, his name is actually Jenry Bejarano.

Look at them tiddays!

by Boreply 37508/01/2013

Kelly Price is a big ole beyotch!!

by Boreply 37608/02/2013

Thanks for tracking down his name! Damn he's beautiful! Here's a clip of him trying out for American Idol (no accent though).

by Boreply 37708/02/2013

lol but Kelly used to be an even bigger beyotch :P

Anyone caught The Real? That new talk show that is having a test run in several cities this summer. You can catch select clips and the occasional full episode on their youtube. The panel consists of Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon. I like it.

I LOVE Loni Love. She actually showed the audience what a weave is, and how it is worn. Tamar the phony got offended. I don't think it's bad at all that Loni showed her tracks. See the clip below:

by Boreply 37808/02/2013

This guy seems so sweet and adorable but he thinks he's too ugly to ever get a GF. It's sad.

by Boreply 37908/03/2013

Who is this hussy with my man Andre Hall?!

by Boreply 38008/09/2013

Kelly Price is a big ole beyotch!!

She screams Socialpath.

by Boreply 38108/09/2013

I am so disappointed in Kelly Price. She was just insecure about the whole thing (revealing those details about her life) and handled it horribly. And she probably felt guilty about not really having the time to make the show work since she "busy". Chante and her director are very classy. I would've snatched that heifer's greasy weave right then and there. Chante's director is really cute!

by Boreply 38208/09/2013

I hope Tamara Tunie has recovered from the embezzlement scandal. I do hope that she fired the manager who stole her money.

by Boreply 38308/10/2013

Would it be in poor taste to suggest that Usher keep his kids away from water?

by Boreply 38408/10/2013

any of you watching "The Real"? I think it's funny. I love Loni Love and the others are OK too.

by Boreply 38508/10/2013

I haven't seen any of this. I have no idea what's going on.

Twitter Goes After Singer Kelly Price for Her ‘Bad Attitude’ on R&B Divas of L.A.

BY: John “Hennry” Harris

Kelly Price was on the wrong end of backlash for her actions on the latest episode of “R&B Divas L.A.” Over the last two episodes, Price has shown a side of herself that fan’s are not used to seeing because she wanted to hire a new person to direct the crew’s monologues.

Kelly Price was rude, feisty and belligerent, contrary to what her fans have known Kelly to be.

This is ‘reality television’, so there is a chance Price might just be turning up to ‘play’ a reality TV villain. Viewers of the show wasted no time taking to Twitter to blast Kelly Price for her behavior on “R&B Divas L.A.”

**Warning** All gloves came off and the TwitterWorld was unforgiving.

Rinny Riot @RinnyRiot tweeted, “The only thing more “two-sided” than Kelly Price’s attitude on #RBDivasLA is her hair. Is it a wig or a weave a little of both?”

Moni Danielle @ItsJustMeMoni, “Watching r&b divas n kelly price big a** pi**ing me off.”

Shica Ladejobi @ShicaLadejobi, “Wow, I have totally lost all respect for Kelly Price! She was so rude and disrespectful to po’ Fred, smh! Dead wrong Kelly! #RBDivasLA

Mr. Teddy B. @Teddy2theB, “Kelly Price attitude and ego is horrible, they must honesty [honestly] think they created their talent and forget it was God who blessed them…”

Shaunda W @Sistar3lla, ” why aren’t there somebody putting on inspiring tv for ppl to see. Really Kelly Price, Nicci Gilbert were the best opt! What #RBDivasLA

BrandBitiousPR @DaGrnEyedKid_PR, “I don’t talk about reality stars/entertainers but Kelly Price is really showing a side of her that is coming off very childish and ignorant!!”

S-1 Music™ @S1Sounds, ” Kelly Price probably need that vasoline to put her clothes on.”

Huney horrible RT @SheGottaBig_EBO: As much as I love Kelly Price’s voice I could not work with her. It’s ridiculous how bad her attitude is.”

Kelly Price’s behavior came as a shock to me personally. I toured with Kelly Price on the Hennessy Priviledge Tour, co-headlined by Dave Hollister, and I found Kelly Price to be very down to Earth, beyond nice, and very much a God-fearing lady. Hopefully, she IS just trying to make good television. Maybe she was just having a bad day ? We are allowed to have those, aren’t we ??

I guess we have to tune in and see if Kelly Price gets some act right. As for now … Twitter has tweeted angrybirds.

by Boreply 38608/10/2013

I've never heard of "The Real." Which channel is it shown on?

by Boreply 38708/10/2013

Kelly Price sure is ugly.

by Boreply 38808/10/2013

Shemar Moore?

by Boreply 38908/10/2013

It's hard to tell if Kelly is just doing that to create some "drama" on the show, or if she really is a bitch in real life. It could be her willing to take the "bad" edit...

R387 it's a new talk show that is on a 6 week trial run this summer but it's only airing in select cities. You can see clips and the occasional full episode on their youtube page. I think it's entertaining. The 5 co-hosts are Tamar Braxton, Tamara Mowry, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon. Mai is a style tv host and Bailon was formerly in the short-lived early 2000s girl group 3LW and then she was with the Cheetah Girls.

A lot of black women and gays are watching it.. The newer clips at the top of the page:

by Boreply 39008/10/2013

Thanks for the link, R390. It seems interesting.

Did something happen to Shemar Moore, R389?

by Boreply 39108/10/2013

Tamar & Adrienne Bailon no thank you.

I love Loni Love it's about time.

by Boreply 39208/10/2013

From the first time I saw Loni on the roundtable of Chelsea Lately, I hoped she would have bigger career options in the future. I'm glad she's getting this opportunity. Loni is funny as hell and also very smart-she has an engineering degree.

The Real is doing pretty well in ratings compared to Kris Jenner's show, so it has a chance of being picked up full-time for fall 2014.

by Boreply 39308/10/2013

Ive been watching the clips of "The Real" online, the ladies have great chemistry with each other and it seems very natural.

I hope they picked up. I love Loni too, she is the reason the show works.

Adrienne Bailon I also have a problem with. She is one of those Latina women that think they are JLo; they have the fine naive boyfriends and treat them like shit! No God. Rob Kardashian becoming suicidal over that girl told me all I need to know about her.

by Boreply 39408/10/2013

People, keep watching The Real's youtube clips if the show doesn't air in your city so we can send a message for Fox to pick up the show for next year!

R394 I wouldn't go by Rob WhoreTrashian. Remember, he acted a fool when he and Rita Ora broke up too. I don't trust any member of the WhoreTrashian Klan. They make up shit for press and to make everyone else look bad.

by Boreply 39508/10/2013

haha oh these girls is stupid! Tamar vs. K.Michelle at it again. K.Michelle went out on the day of her album release wearing a wig similar to the one Tamar often can see the pics and twitter war below:

by Boreply 39608/15/2013

Any thoughts on the Oprah/Switzerland story?

As expected, the DL queens are having a meltdown in those other threads.

by Boreply 39708/15/2013

K.Michelle actually has an ok voice, I enjoyed her little set on the Love & Hip Hop reunion, but her personality is quite irritating.

Did anyone watch THE SHEARDS on BET this summer? Im late and just watching it. I love me some Karen Clark and Kierra. I hope Kierra can lose some weight. Karen's son is fine as hell!! He still has his baby mama dickmatized, poor thing. Time to move on.

by Boreply 39808/16/2013

Adrienne Bailon I also have a problem with.

Me too hated that bitch.

3LW kicked the pretty dark skinned chick out of 3lw singing group.

Fuck Adrienne Bailon and that light skinned ET looking bitch.

by Boreply 39908/16/2013

go in, r399!

by Boreply 40008/16/2013

Anyone know of any online social networks for black gay men? Thanks.

by Boreply 40108/17/2013

any of you bitches like Jason Derulo?

by Boreply 40208/17/2013

Seems Stacey Dash is at it again, going after Oprah and the President. This woman is working hard to get a gig on FOX NEWS:

Stacey Dash has long been vocal with her political opinions. The 46-year-old actress endorsed GOP candidate Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, saying Romney was "the only choice for your future." In the months since, Dash has continued to sound off on everything from voter ID laws to military presence in Syria.

This week however, Dash commented on an entirely different issue: Oprah and her recent words on Trayvon Martin and Obama.

The actress took to Twitter to post a link to a Fox News Insider article which slammed Oprah for comparing Martin to Emmett Till and for saying that President Obama shouldn't be "on Fox News every day." Dash tweeted a quote from Malcolm X along with the article, writing, "'If you aren't careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.' ~ Malcolm X." She then went on to write, "Shame on you, Oprah."

Oprah has yet to comment on Dash's words.

by Boreply 40308/18/2013

Is Stacey trying to campaign for Elizabeth's old job on The View or something? She needs to sit her ass down.

by Boreply 40408/18/2013

She really should just stick to looking amazing for her age and not speak.

by Boreply 40508/18/2013

Poor Stacey. It must hurt to know no matter what you do, you'll never be white.

And watch: she posts all of that nonsense, then the first time anyone posts anything back at her, she'll run to the media screaming how she's being unfairly attacked again because she dares to be a black Republican.

by Boreply 40608/18/2013

Dash reminds me of that phony black "conservative" Crystal Wright who couldn't get attention as a liberal. Does Dash even have a career anymore? No one would've cared about her if she hadn't come out with this vile right wing crap.

by Boreply 40708/18/2013

Now, now, Stacy Dash isn't black: she's Aztec and West Indian!

by Boreply 40808/18/2013

I'm not the Oprah troll but just think it's hilarious how the white queens in the Oscar threads are having a meltdown saying how disgusted they are that Oprah will pull the racism card (like all black Oscar winners have done, of course) to get nominated and win for "The Butler," yet go to the Emmy threads and they're there accusing the Emmy voters of homophobia as the ONLY reason they've never given Chris Colfer the Emmy he so richly deserves (according to them).

Oh, the irony....

by Boreply 40908/18/2013

Thanks for the information about It seems like there is little space on the net for black gays.

by Boreply 41008/18/2013

What is bgclive like? Haven't joined it so far...

so Tamar Braxton got mad that K.Michelle wore a wig that is "similar" to the one she "is known for" and apparently K.Michelle sought out the guy who makes Tamar's wigs. lmao.

Tamar is entertaining but I don't think I could stand to be around her in person unless she just turns up her personality for the cameras. I like fun divas-not women who are jealous and insecure.

Think about it-in just a few year's time being "famous", Tamar has already gotten into it with K.Michelle, other people on Love & Hip Hop, Jill Scott and Claudia Jordan. I can't wait until she pisses off a big name, but then again maybe she wouldn't dare.

by Boreply 41108/21/2013

r411, Tamar will probably continue getting into it with other celebs, as long as she has Vince to protect her. Vince has a ton of influence in the music industry, he has hand a helping hand in a lot of big time careers. Tamar is so not stressing over K Michelle's ass. I personally think both of them have on way too much hair 90% of the time anyway. So many of these black stars looking like Cousin It with all that hair on.

by Boreply 41208/21/2013

All of the Braxton sisters are tacky ghetto stains.

by Boreply 41308/21/2013

BCGLive is ghetto.

by Boreply 41408/21/2013

R412 I agree that many of the female black celebs would look better if they didn't go for such ridiculously thick and long weaves/wigs.

anyone hear the new joint by Toni and Babyface? It's nothing amazing but I'll always love Toni's tone:

by Boreply 41508/21/2013

lol 414 can you elaborate?

by Boreply 41608/23/2013

BCGLive maybe ghetto but it is the best that we got. No other black gay network sites around.

by Boreply 41708/23/2013

Is BGC like a message board and a dating site all in one? Ive only been to the site a couple of times(if a porn star I watch has a profile there lol)

by Boreply 41808/23/2013

There are plenty of black guys on the other sites such as adam4adam, manhunt, realjock and dudesnude though it seems many of them are only interested in non-black gays.

by Boreply 41908/23/2013

Exactly, on those other sites the black people are only looking for whites. And the white people are looking for other white people. If you are black and looking to meet other black guys it is a waste of time to go to those other sites.

by Boreply 42008/23/2013

For me personally, I've met some blacks and whites who were interested in dating blacks off those sites. Yes they are less common, but they do exist. I just don't like to exclude myself from dating other groups of people. I've gone on dates with just about every background. I also don't like the tone of bgc...too many wannabe thugs who think they have to act like thugs because it's a black-oriented site.

by Boreply 42108/23/2013

For some strange reason, I've found that the first people to scream "ghetto" are usually the ones who most fit that stereotype themselves (loud, belligerent, etc.) they usually just trying to cover it up by "talking proper," their version of standard, conventional American English. It's rather amusing.

by Boreply 42208/24/2013

R422, like the guys on gay dating sites who INSIST that the other guy be this hypermasculine Thor while they themselves are the complete opposite.

by Boreply 42308/24/2013

OK now Minaj only been on the scene for what-5 years? WHY THE FUCK IS ANYONE DOING A TRIBUTE TO HER?

Here is skank Trina performing "Moment 4 Life" with Minaj in the front row:

by Boreply 42408/24/2013

r424, thank you, Nicki needs to have several

by Boreply 42508/24/2013

Why am I not surprised that the thread about a black transgendered female being murdered this week has garnered only two replies? (It was sinking fast into oblivion with zero responses until I posted at R1 strictly for the purpose of lifting it back up.) Contrast that to the thread about the two white guys in Chelsea who got attacked earlier in the week.

Typical DL.

by Boreply 42608/24/2013

Does anybody remember the black transgender woman who was attacked by a possible skinhead ( I'm not sure about that part) and she actually ended up going to prison for defending herself? The story appeared in some mainstream black publications and news sites. Are there any updates? What was her name and what state did the attack take place in?

by Boreply 42708/25/2013

R426 wow I didn't know you posted it here. Let me bump it now.

by Boreply 42808/28/2013

Wow, Tamar is FINALLY about to drop "Hot Sugar"! And she has pretty guys in the video :)

by Boreply 42908/29/2013

R429 this will be a much better single. "The One" is a nice, but bland and boring song. It should NEVER have been picked as a followup single to "Love and War". I wonder if they went with it because Tamar got pregnant. That's the only reason I can think of as to why something I view as an album filler got released like that.

by Boreply 43008/31/2013

R429 she did put that preview out and hopefully it will come out as the fourth single but she just officially released a different single instead to be #3. Check the thread here that I posted it in:

by Boreply 43109/01/2013

lmao people are going in on Naomi's edges:

by Boreply 43209/03/2013

Poor Naomi. Looks like traction alopecia. There has to be a better way to care for black hair than perming and weaving.

by Boreply 43309/03/2013

If Naomi took care of her natural hair she would never had had this problem. Most black women in the entertainment business are wearing some form of false hair. It's how you take care of the natural hair is the most important issue. There are black female celebrities who have posted pixs of themselves w/o weaves and wigs...guess what they have beautiful hair underneath. If weaves/wigs are "protective" styles then protect the hair that grows from the scalp.

My hair is natural and I will never put chemicals or weaves in my hair again.

by Boreply 43409/03/2013

Naomi should ask Wendy how she keeps her scalp 100% concealed on tv. She doesnt use any bonding either. I have never seen strand of Wendy's hair, and I know she has more edges than Naomi.

by Boreply 43509/03/2013

It is shocking though. When she was younger she went on runway a few times with her real hair and all was good. Now when her weave is pushed back, we get this:

by Boreply 43609/03/2013

Her rival Tyra Banks is just 4 years younger but her hair is holding up, despite having a very high hairline:

by Boreply 43709/03/2013

I don't think that Russian guy is ever gonna marry Naomi either...

by Boreply 43809/03/2013

r437, sometimes it has little to do with age, and more to do with health. I lost a ton of hair from anemia a couple of years ago, and its still not a full as it was back then. Hair is one of first things to go when you have health issues, you combine it with stress and age and its gone. She could have something going on that we don't know about. But yes, it is likely that chemicals and styling damage took her hair out for good.

by Boreply 43909/03/2013

Naomi does have gorgeous skin though. I don't care for her since her attitude is so stank. There's a funny story from the late 80s or early 90s when she was coming up. Apparently she got cussed out by Phyllis Hyman after 1 of Phyllis' people held the door and Naomi just walked through without saying thank you. Keep in mind Phyllis was a very tall lady too. That must have been some sight. Phyllis would NOT have put up with Naomi's shit.

by Boreply 44009/03/2013

wow r440, I know Phyllis read her for filth!

by Boreply 44109/03/2013

R441 Basically, a man in Phyllis's entourage had held open a door for Naomi as Naomi and her entourage exited a restaurant. However, Naomi completely disregarded the guy and so Phyllis called her out on her rude act by telling her that she could have said thanks. True to her nature, Naomi gave attitude like an eye roll or something, and then proceeded to advance to her limo - or at least what she thought was her limo. Turns out that the limo was actually Phyllis's and Phyllis told her something along the lines of, "Keep movin' because the limo's mine, bitch." And with that, Phyllis and her crew entered the restaurant.

I'm sure that's not all Phyllis said and there are more details but that's all I know. I would have loved to have been there in person to have seen that.

by Boreply 44209/03/2013

I adore Naomi, I wish they wouldn't drag her. I know that a lot of black women in the entertainment business wear pieces to protect their real hair and most have beautiful hair. So I'm wondering what happened to Naomi's? Poor thing. But she's still Naomi Campbell.

R426, there are very few decent people on this site. The good people are very much in the minority here, most are 60+ and quite racist among other things. And this is why I don't visit this site as often as I used to. I'd rather spend my time around people who aren't going to throw around racial slurs or make racist comments all day. I certainly understand why someone would ask about a black gay social media site. Anyway, I usually post things concerning black people in this thread for obvious reasons.

by Boreply 44309/04/2013

R429, you can tell Tamar lives for the kids lol. She's doing the Leyomi head spin with that ponytail. Anyway, I'm not sure that I like "Hot Sugar" but maybe I need to listen to it again.

by Boreply 44409/04/2013

Oh and the dark guy right next to Tamar is very cute. I like that.

by Boreply 44509/04/2013

Did anybody watch the R&B Divas LA reunion? Wendy WENT IN on all of them, like she used to back in the day!

Kelly Price confirmed that she said Mariah's voice is OVER. Whoever did that heifer's makeup deserves an Emmy or something, they worked wonders.

Chante Moore did not deny that Kenny is gay.

Dawn didn't show up, like she had anything better to do. She is still mad at Wendy for putting her on blast all those years ago on radio. There was so much shade to be had. I can't wait for part 2!

by Boreply 44609/05/2013

When does it air, R446? I can never find it.

by Boreply 44709/06/2013

here you go r447

by Boreply 44809/06/2013


by Boreply 44909/06/2013

I have r&b divas recorded but I'm behind a few weeks (4 lol). I'm going to try and catch up this weekend then will post my thoughts here.

Does anyone think Kelly is really that much of a diva or if she's playing it up for the cameras and willing to take the "bad edit" to boost ratings? You can't trust these reality shows.

by Boreply 45009/07/2013

Well, r450 if you watch the reunion Kelly Price very explicitly states that her behavior was a result of producer intervention. Basically they said if something doesn't start happening they were going to shut it down. If you watched the whole season you realize that the first three eps were BORING. The KP drama made the entire season. I will say that it's quite telling that the producers once again decided to make the big fat black woman the villain.

My BFF HATES R&B Divas LA. He calls it "The Rehearsal Room" because that's all that happens.

Also, I'm the one who's shooting the gay reality show. We have a network and we start filming in 3 weeks! Wish me luck!

by Boreply 45109/07/2013

Thanks, 448.

Don's new haircut looks ridiculous but I think there's some symbolism there. He got a lot of flack for his comments about poor blacks not too long ago so I think he's trying to show some sort of solidarity with this haircut. I'm not old enough to remember when this haircut was popular but was it a haircut that was most popular among poor/working class blacks?

And good luck, R451!

by Boreply 45209/07/2013

[quote]If you watched the whole season you realize that the first three eps were BORING. The KP drama made the entire season.

I was a little surprised that the producers let all that candid talk about the behind the scenes drama air. These shows get boring because we only see these ladies when they are put together for some event, and not them being regular working people, disciplining their kids, trying to make ends meet, etc. Hell, Claudette and her kids were homeless before the show started, and we wont even find that out until next week. Even though Dawn is trifling, she gets some points for sharing such a personal struggle.

[quote]I will say that it's quite telling that the producers once again decided to make the big fat black woman the villain.

You know, I clocked this, but it's clear that the producers discussed all this with them. Faith and Nicci said they felt like they lost creative control of the show, aka: there was not enough drama for TV and they let the producers have at it.

by Boreply 45309/07/2013

Damn r452, just how old are you? lol I surely rocked a high top as a youth until about 1994. Will Smith had a high top on the early years of Fresh Prince.

I really don't understand why so many people have a problem with Don, its like he can't catch a break.

by Boreply 45409/07/2013

R451 ok so you confirmed my thoughts. I had a feeling this was not the "real" Kelly.

Good luck with your show! Can you tell us anything more about it lol like the network or the premise?

by Boreply 45509/07/2013

I was born in 1989, R454. So I don't really remember a lot of the styles from the early 90's. However, for some reason I do remember braids. I really need to get caught up on R&B Divas so I can know what you guys are talking about.

I do think there's a message behind Don's haircut. As we all know, that is not a haircut a news anchor would typically have.

by Boreply 45609/07/2013

I like Don in general but of course I don't agree with everything he says (is there anyone we always agree with? I haven't found someone like that in my life).

I really hate most of the hairdos on r&b divas. Kelly and Dawn look so messy. Chante's is OK but the shaved side of the head look isn't for me. I like Claudette's hair the most. Michel'le had plastic surgery wow.

by Boreply 45709/07/2013

All caught up on r&b divas. LMAO @ Wendy Williams. She is so messy but she asks what we want to know. Interesting how Chante would not give a direct answer when asked if Kenny is gay...hmm...

I didn't know Kelly started out as Mariah's backup singer, or that she bashed her failing vocals on twitter this year lol

Michel'le and Claudette were so messy with their men I can't believe it.

Pathetic of Dawn to skip out on the reunion. Anyone who still doesn't believe she's the reason why En Vogue broke's an example of her behavior.

by Boreply 45809/08/2013

On wednesday, Lil Mo is going to release the full-length version of the r&b divas LA theme song as a single. She and her husband wrote/produced it. I have to say I love how it sounds. My only issue that I just realized that only Lil Mo and Chante are singing leads with Claudette doing backing vocals. I think it would have been cool if Michel'le, Dawn and Kelly also sang in it. Not sure why they're not in it, especially Michel'le since there was no drama with her.

I really love Chante's voice. Her tone and range are so classy-sounding yet powerful to me.

Here's the theme song:

by Boreply 45909/09/2013

Tonight is part II of the reunion. Looks fun.

Lil Mo released the single "I'm A Diva" today.

by Boreply 46009/11/2013

I love how Dawn Robinson's excuse for skipping out on the reunion was "I don't do buffonery" but then she retweeted when her fans/friends said about Lil Mo "you can take the girl out of the ghetto..." and then about Wendy Williams "her whole career is built on negativity. Seems a bit hypocritical of Dawn. We know she's not some innocent angel.

by Boreply 46109/11/2013

Part II of the shady reunion tonight!

by Boreply 46209/11/2013

So Lil Mo released the single version of "I'm A Diva"...I think it's OK but I wish she had left it with Chante doing co-lead vocals and Claudette doing backup/chorus.

Lil Mo on her own doesn't sound as good as the theme song to the show IMO. What do you guys think?

by Boreply 46309/12/2013

Kelly going around hugging the other ladies and telling them why she loves them seemed very fake to me.

Wendy is just the kind of host we need. She's not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions.

by Boreply 46409/12/2013

the part with Michel'le talking about how when she was younger she equated getting beatings with being loved with was very sad. I didn't know that Dr. Dre used to physically abuse her, and even broke her nose once which is why she got that awful nose job to straighten it.

Lil Mo is a shady ass mess! She kept throwing shade at Dawn all night, making comments how Dawn can't hold notes anymore, is broke and has to fill her car with water so it will run etc...

guys if you haven't seen the reunion you must lol

by Boreply 46509/13/2013

Lil Mo aka Cynthia had me ROLLING r465. She put Dawn all the way on front street when she started talking about putting water in her car so it could start.

But what she said about Dawn being scared seems right on target.

r464, Kelly knew she had to do that so redeem her image somewhat, which probably is the only reason she did it.

Im glad they finally got the tour together, but Im sure there is shady business involved with it which will be the premise of the new seasons.

by Boreply 46609/13/2013

And why is it that the ladies that talk about growing up the church always turn out to be the most offensive ones?!

by Boreply 46709/13/2013

Chante says the tour Kelly announced is not even finalized yet.

by Boreply 46809/13/2013

Wendy should do all reunions. She brought it. I'm hearing not so fast on the tour also

by Boreply 46909/13/2013

agreed about Wendy.

Wow so according to Chante, Kelly was not amping it up for producers and that behavior was just Kelly being Kelly.

I love Michel'le's singing voice and especially the classic "No More Lies", but the woman is desperate and idiot. Despite telling us about how Dre broke her nose and beat her, she said she would gladly work with him again since they had good chemistry! C'mon woman.

by Boreply 47009/14/2013

I really liked Michell'e. I'm thinking she still has to play nice for the sake of their kid together. Then to Dre still has pull so maybe she doesn't want to best blaxklisted if she wants other producers to work with her. At any she was funny as hell & I hope her career resurges.

by Boreply 47109/14/2013

Michel'le is funny but I just don't think she's very intelligent. When I hear her speak (and it has nothing to do with her unusual voice) she just seems to have this bizarre perspective on things.

I LOVE "No More Lies" and "Something In My Heart" though.

by Boreply 47209/15/2013

Who Let 'Baggage Claim' Star Boris Kodjoe, Sexist Actor & Inventor of the #FatExcuses Hashtag, Speak Again?

Boris Kodjoe, Old Navy mannequin come to life and star of the new film Baggage Claim, is at it again. And by "it" I mean "spewing ignorant, sexist, hateful comments about women and weight gain." Apparently, one highly offensive Twitter tirade wasn't enough for the barely-famous actor. He's got to keep spreading his message of cruel judgement and crass opinions.

Speaking with the blog in support of Baggage Claim, Kodjoe and his co-star Derek Luke spoke about the issues facing married couples. For some reason, Kodjoe (who is married to actress Nicole Ari-Parker), felt the need to hop back on his hate train and profess the need for wives to keep it tight after getting married:

Okay, part of the deal is, you got to keep it sexy. Got to keep it hot. Because it’s easy getting married, but it’s not as easy to stay married. And part of that is, like, I make my wife my girlfriend. She’s my girlfriend. So, we got to keep it sexy. If we keep it sexy, we keep it right, everything else falls into place.

Let's just unpack these statements for a moment. Oh right. It's so "easy to get married." That's why there's a billion-dollar industry built around match-making websites. That's also why there's a rampant and heartbreaking issue in this country which causes women to connect their physical forms to their worthiness of love and relationships (see also: our billion dollar fitness and weight loss industry).

Perhaps in Boris's super sexy world, marriages grow on trees alongside apples and oranges. All it takes is a meeting of two equally sexy specimens and boom: marriage hits them over the head like falling fruit and they're thrust into a life-long physical fitness challenge in which the first one to lose his or her six pack is cast into the dungeon of loneliness and despair.

Does Kodjoe keep a body fat and skin fold caliper under his bed and force his other half to submit to weekly tests to check that she's indeed "keeping it hot?" If his wife ever eats something other than diet food, does he stare her down until she does 200 crunches to expel the evil calories from her "sexy" bod? Does he start auditioning future wives every time he suspects that her jeans are getting tighter? Is love not a factor in this marriage? Is he a robot hellbent on sexy people inheriting the earth?

Possibly. But he made sure we know that he's not a sexist robot. He holds himself to the same superficial standards and fully expects his babe of a wife to dump his ass if he stops being sexy (get ready for a rude awakening when old age sets in, big guy):

What if I gained 200 pounds and then she’ll look at me like, really? And I couldn’t even blame her if she started looking around, because I took her off the market, so I have to deliver what the market could possibly deliver for her. So, I gotta take that place. Right? So, I gotta fulfill those things that the market could’ve given her. I’m the market now, so I got to keep it hot and she has to do the same for me.

by Boreply 47309/15/2013

Your commentary on his statements is hilarious, R473!

by Boreply 47409/15/2013

I agree that if you get together with someone and you're both into fitness/looking hot, then you both should maintain that. It's what the 2 of you are attracted to. Clearly physical attraction is only 1 aspect of a relationship but it is important. I don't think Boris is intelligent but I agree with him on this.

by Boreply 47509/15/2013

Yeah but Boris is looking a little long in the tooth. Only Nicole is aging slightly better.

Because of the show Michelle' seemed more intelligent than I thought she was.

by Boreply 47609/15/2013

I don't see how anyone can think Michel'le is intelligent. She is the original r&b/hip hop singer/ride-or-die-chick. Michel'le has HORRIBLE taste in men-Dr. Dre and Suge Knight? really? and she wonders why no man will date her now.

Michel'le derailed her own career. In another interview you can find on youtube, she was asked why there was so much space between first and second albums. Her answer was that she didn't want to record after her label tried making sing a certain way, look a certain way and say certain things. While I understand that, she should have switched labels. In another interview, she said how Dr. Dre tried to convince her to go with him to Aftermath Records when Suge Knight and Deathrow Records were in trouble with the law. Michel'le was so damn loyal she opted not to go.

Now she says Dr. Dre and Suge Knight were "good" to her? She is messed up and doesn't seem to understand how they did her wrong.

I would hope someone in her 40s would have a better comprehension of what has happened in her life, but I guess not.

She does seem like a nice, sweet woman though.

by Boreply 47709/15/2013

I think people are taking Michel'le's statements WAY out of context. We are talking about stuff that happened years and years ago. The Michel'le seems like she has built a bridge and gotten over it, forgiven both of them and herself because they were all young, hood rich and stupid. She admitted she thought love was pain, and now she knows the difference.

These people are in their 40s now, Dr Dre is almost 50! I don't see a problem with them working together if they choose to. Everyone seems like theyve matured and respect each other.

by Boreply 47809/15/2013

Do you blame Tina Turner for never wanting to work with or even see Ike again? I don't. I expect most women who go through horrible abuse like that to want to cut off ties with the man who who harmed them. Michel'le is a bit wack to me.

Anyway, bossip is wrong for this one! lmao at Ne-Yo and Soulja Boy in particular:

by Boreply 47909/16/2013

Tina's mother passed away a decade ago. Ike knew she would be there & spent the entire time trying to get to her. Tina spent the entire time trying to avoid him.

It is a dynamic. Tina is an icon. She didn't need Ike. However Dre is an icon, Michelle' is'nt. He has millions, & her career isn't what it used to be. She has self esteem issues but maybe to her businesss is business

by Boreply 48009/18/2013

Will r&b record producers/executives get the HINT that their current output of music SUCKS? It's very telling when you look at the top itunes downloads. More than half of the top 30 songs aren't even from this year! Look:

by Boreply 48109/18/2013


by Boreply 48209/18/2013


by Boreply 48309/18/2013


by Boreply 48409/18/2013

Is he fine, sexy, cute, or no?

by Boreply 48509/18/2013

Magic's son now Jordan's daughter!

by Boreply 48609/18/2013

Bedroom Intruder song guy Antoine Dodson going to be a father? bitch wut...who is the girl he impregnated? wow:

by Boreply 48709/18/2013

Is Wendy Williams mamma biracial?

by Boreply 48809/19/2013

Fine! Name?

by Boreply 48909/19/2013

Boris Kodjoe

Kevin Hart

by Boreply 49009/19/2013


Imagine THIS as your damn daddy:

by Boreply 49109/19/2013

I hope Michael's daughter doesn't also come out as the tragic fool that Magic's son has revealed himself to be.

by Boreply 49209/19/2013

Why is Michael's son a tragic fool?

by Boreply 49309/19/2013

r482, he fine

by Boreply 49409/19/2013

I think it's great that 2 basketball greats have gay children. A lot of black people look up to them so Magic and Jordan can be role models in yet another area of life.

by Boreply 49509/19/2013

His name is Francois Angoston. Sorry about that I thought I put his name in the first post.

by Boreply 49609/19/2013

Magic's oldest son is dreamy. E is cool though. Esp.'wearing those $5000 Louboutins

by Boreply 49709/22/2013

"Rich kids on Instagram"? I think most people just find it sad, but then there are always those queens who will squeal with delight and hiss at the "haters." Too bad he literally has nothing going on in his life other than 1. Shopping and 2. Selfies of shopping.

by Boreply 49809/24/2013

I can't stop watching "Think Like a Man!"

Taraji is one LUCKY lady to be kissing Michael Ealy. I think that's why I watch the movie. Interesting in that nothing is made of the fact that Loren sleeps with Dominic on the first date. Their relationship is about the inequity in income/status/education/etc.

Morris Chestnut got . . . large. Totally unfortunate cuz he was hot back in the day!

by Boreply 49909/25/2013

Is anyone watching Basketball Wives? Im so over Tami Roman from last season that I haven't watched this season at all. I don't think I want to go there.

by Boreply 50009/27/2013

I was done after last season and the whole Chad/Evilyn fiasco.

by Boreply 50109/27/2013

Stopped watching "BBW" after Jennifer & Royce left. Evelyn is nerve wracking. Every show she whines anout Chad & Tami Roman is a bully. Sadly this drove me back to scripted tv. Even sadder it was Tyler Perry. Although "THATHN" was a pleasant surprise. Also R & Divas was good. Wondering where Tia/Tamera, Chicagolicious will'end uo now that the Style network s now Esquire

by Boreply 50209/27/2013

I can't get down with Basketball Wives or Love & Hiphop. Those shows are too ratchet and pathetic for me, and I don't mind trash tv.

by Boreply 50309/28/2013

I don't look down on BBQ Wives or Love and Hip Hop any more than I look down on Real Housewives or its ilk, though it would be nice if they would find out how to have entertaining drama without having to resort to hoodrat shenanigans. ATL Housewives have perfected that.

Is anyone going to watch this "New Atlanta" show on Bravo? I don't know. I watched the trailer and it just seems like we've seen this all before. It's hard to break through with an original reality concept these days.

I came thisclose to seeing Baggage Claim yesterday but saw Prisoners instead. What a bleak, punishing, depressing movie. It's a great flick, but it totally ruined my day. I may see BC next week. I find it so interesting that BC may beat out Don Jon at the box office this weekend, with alleged stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johannson

Also, as the OP of the original African-American Dataloungers thread, I'm thrilled to see this thing lasting!

by Boreply 50409/28/2013

Cool OP. Saw the New Atlanta. Only the spoild Rich girl interested me. Not enough to keep watching every week. Its one of thise flippng the channel shows. Actually can't wait for Married to Medicine. Only Bravo show I'm watching this week is Milliinaire Listing. Nene wedding is actually watchable. She is annoying as usual

by Boreply 50509/28/2013

I do love me some housewives. I know a lot of it is staged and most of the women on the various franchises have questionable pasts, but they make me laugh. I just can't with Basketball Wives and Love & Hip Hop as those shows go too far.

I looked at "The New Atlanta" and I was bored. I was annoyed someone out there named their daughter "Africa" on top of that. A girl named "Africa" appearing on a trashy show acting trashy? no thanks.

Personally I think Atlanta has maxed out its reality show potential. I think if hollywood wants do more black reality shows, they should try Detroit or Chicago. While I love that Atlanta is getting the attention it deserves, many seem to forget that places like Detroit and Chicago have PLENTY of big, bold characters who would excel on reality tv.

by Boreply 50609/28/2013

Detroit? Gawd no. Hardcore Pawn is enough. BBW has ran its course like the dating shows of Vh-1. "Flavor of Love", "New York" etc. Yeah, Chicago, West Coast could get attention. Like Sweetie Pie's on OWN. Maybe another restaurant. The whole genre is tired though

by Boreply 50709/28/2013

oh c'mon Real Housewives of Detroit would be amazing lol. Maybe they could contract a disgruntled female relative or in-law of Aretha? would be aweome.

by Boreply 50809/28/2013

who be done stolt da golt iphone 5s? who da screet price?

by Boreply 50909/28/2013

lol r508. My dream cast for Real Housewives of Detroit would be Anita Baker, Vickie Winans, Karen Clark-Sheard, and yours truly, ReRe! The shade would be endless, and poor Karen would be the peacemaker.

I personally am ADDICTED to Love and Hip Hop, so all these other show seem less ratchet in comparison. I know how awful it is, but I just can't stop watching. Im from the south so all of these shows are just stuff I grew up seeing, but the people acting these things out just have more money. My favorite moment from this last season had to be when Rasheeda's mom ran over Kirk's motorcycle with her car.

by Boreply 51009/28/2013

Great ideas, r510. Except Karen Clark-Sheard already has a reality show and I've had enough, already. I think Monica Conyers should take her place. There would be blood...EVERYWHERE!

by Boreply 51109/28/2013

r511, why don't you like Karen's show?

by Boreply 51209/28/2013

A take on R& B divas. "Gospel Divas". Supposed DaBrat has a deal in the works to do a Rap'Divas spinoff. I hope she Roxanne Shante, M.C.'Lyte

by Boreply 51309/28/2013


Oh lawd, more like L*sbian Divas

by Boreply 51409/28/2013

haha yes most of these female mc's are either lesbian or swing both ways. The fighting would be intense!

by Boreply 51509/28/2013

@ r512 She hits a little too close to home with her personality. Reminds me of a very close family member. One that I love but don't want to also see on tv. The only one I want to see is Kierra. That son is a handful but I respect that he's making his own path.

by Boreply 51609/29/2013

Rap Divas is not a bad idea from a reality standpoint, but lets be serious: the only career boost any of them would see would be reality TV checks and hosting gigs. M.C. Lyte, Da Brat, et al are all WAY over the hill to be rapping. I mean, really. And I'm not being sexist because I give Jay-Z's elderly ass the side-eye too when he's bouncing around the stage in loose jeans and fitted hats.

Nicki did an interview once where she said she wants to be out of rapping by 35 or something (she does very well at keeping quiet the fact that she's in her early 30's). I'm pretty sure she said something to the effect that "nobody wants to see some old lady rapping." I see her as starting her own label and putting other female rappers on...when she's done.

And speaking of female rap, the implosion of Azaelia Banks is one of the saddest stories to come out of hip hop in a while. This is a chick that could've been HUGE. EVERYBODY wanted to work with her. The hipster gays that run music journalism LOVED her. She was to be on Gaga's album, then a few twitter meltdowns later she's a hasbeen before her first album drops. No release date for it, dropped from Gaga's record, no buzz. She makes $$ from touring but that's it. That's rough but she brought it ALL on herself.

Twitter killed her career.

by Boreply 51709/29/2013

Co-sign, R. 517. Ms. Banks is the author of her own misfortune. She said some really over-the-top shit allegations about GaGa and thus lost her shot for a mainstream crossover. Hell, even the hipster Indie PB&R blogs have forgotten her and moved on to more talented and stable acts like AFA Twigs and Angel Haze. She had her shot. Too bad it was on her foot.

by Boreply 51809/29/2013

Banks is an example of what can happen when your ego is too big before you actually make it. Hype is not enough to allow someone to be arrogant and stupid.

Anyway, please help out in the following thread as racists are at it again:

by Boreply 51909/29/2013

Now I KNOW I'm not the only one who loves this song. I love the whole song but I keep replaying the part from 3:00 to 3:42:

by Boreply 52009/29/2013

So it's rumored that they're casting for r&b divas nyc. While I like the idea, I'm not happy at all with the rumored cast, as most of them are nobodies. There are plenty of famous has-beens living in nyc, who would do a reality show. If these ladies end up being the actual cast, I probably won't watch:

Miss Jones Cassandra Lucas from Changing Faces Pamela Long from Total (vocally worst group ever) N'Dea Davenport from Brand New Heavies Truth Hurts Vivian Green

I doubt any of them has very many hardcore fans either. Surely they can do better than this? The LA cast was actually pretty high caliber minus Claudette Ortiz.

by Boreply 52110/06/2013

The Houston spinoff of L&HH have been cast. Slim Thug and Willie D are the headliners. Seriousy. Mona Scott is riding it till the wheels fall off

by Boreply 52210/06/2013

ugh post got messed up. Here's a neater version of the proposed cast:

Miss Jones

Cassandra Lucas from Changing Faces

Pamela Long from Total (vocally worst group ever)

N'Dea Davenport from Brand New Heavies

Truth Hurts

Vivian Green

by Boreply 52310/06/2013

Sorry r523 loved Total. This is the one Diddy should reunite. Not exited about this group. The ones from the groups have the big hits. I just remember that one single from Miss Jones & it was barely played

by Boreply 52410/06/2013

Ugh, r521 that cast is pretty dreadful. Vivian Green is actually one that has quite the devoted fanbase. If you've ever heard her first CD, it is WONDERFUL. Then she tried (unsuccessfully) to cross over on the next CD complete with extensions and soft lighting on the cover. Yuck. Anyway, she still plays NYC all the time. She's fairly active in the scene here, but they still need a "name" for the cast.

r522 MSY is riding L&HH until the wheels fall off because it's basically all she has. The New Atlanta is positively dreadful. The only reason L&HH is a thing is because of Joseline Hernandez. That is a reality STAR. MSY has created a viable franchise, that's for sure, but I don't see it for her in any other realm.

by Boreply 52510/07/2013

lol r521 leave Claudette alone, she's a sweetheart.

I have hard time believing that NYC cast. No shade to those ladies, but they aren't stacking up against the star power of the other casts. And keep in mind we are talking about R&B stars from the 90s and 00s here.

I don't blame Mona for striking while the iron is hot, there are a ton of border-line broke people in the music industry that are willing to go along with this. Maybe she could've done an LA, or Miami version with Trick Daddy? But Im sure Houston will be just as ratchet as ever. I actually liked L&HH New York better this season, because the men also had bitch fights like the women did. Joe Budden has screws loose and he is interesting to watch.

by Boreply 52610/07/2013

Claudette Ortiz is gorgeous and seems like a nice woman, but she's certainly not a great singer and she only had 2 hits with her group.

I did like the LA r&b divas cast more than the Atlanta one. Hopefully if they do a NYC one they can find better women than the rumored cast.

L&HH did have 2 other "stars" lmao. K.Michelle is rather famous now and actually has talent. The other is Shay Johnson, reality whoress whom we fist saw as Buckey on Flavor of Love.

by Boreply 52710/07/2013

[quote]Black gay guys, why are you complaining about how being black and gay hold you back? Wouldn't it be easier if you stopped chasing white and white-Hispanic men and actually started chasing men that look like you? Just sayin'...This goes for you Asian nellies as well.

Which one of you said this??

by Boreply 52810/11/2013

For most people who are perpetually single or have a hard time finding mates, it's much easier to blame others for the predicament they find themselves in. The reality is that black LGBT people have a tendency to self-segregate for a whole host of reasons. We have our own organizations, pride parades, cruises, dating sites, and we even have entire cities known specifically for its black LGBT population. Most black LGBT people aren't exactly knocking each other over to get to San Fran, Palm Springs or West Hollywood. In fact, most wouldn't even consider posting on this site which is why so few are here.

There is very little overlap between the two communities. Therefore, this idea that large numbers of black LGBT are out chasing white men and have no interest in black men is not based in reality, unless there are a lot of black/Mandingo appearing white men that I'm unaware of. If you're having difficulty finding a partner, you need to evaluate what it is about you that's making that your reality.

by Boreply 52910/11/2013

[quote]unless there are a lot of black/Mandingo appearing white men that I'm unaware of

[quote]If you're having difficulty finding a partner, you need to evaluate what it is about you that's making that your reality.

r529, I think you have just about wrapped up the entire black LGBT dating psyche with those two statements.

by Boreply 53010/11/2013

The Black LGBT dating scene ( or maybe I should just say gay since that's what I am), is very tough. The Mandingo worship is out of control. The classic Mandingo type is just one type that is idealized by black gay men ( light skinned black and pretty is another and they are usually stereotyped as bottoms) but it seems to be the most highly prized. Which is why so many black gay men worship American football players, who epitomize the look ( tall, primarily dark skinned, shaved/buzzed hair, 8 pak, ripped, masculine of course...) Basically Tyson Beckford, Tyreese types....

If you asked a random gay black man to name 5 celebrities or well-known figures he finds attractive or sexy it would be shocking if 4 of the 5 weren't football players. We don't really have anything equivalent to the bear scene so if you're chubby you might as well throw on a dress and become a drag queen and prepare to be single for life. I workout 6 days a week and don't remember the last time I had a piece of chocolate. It's a tough, tough scene.

by Boreply 53110/11/2013

Personally I know all kinds...some black men who only date black men, some black men who only date white men and some who are open to any background. I don't think there's a majority of any type of black gay...

by Boreply 53210/11/2013

I date black men and white men. The black men tend to be extremely difficult and snobbish towards me. Just unbelievably rude. They're all looking for the typical hyper masculine thuggish dude who's 6'4 and ripped. I've got a nice body, but I'm of average height and masculinity. The white dudes seem to want me to be some kind of "typical" black dude that I'm not too. *sigh* it's rough out here. I do tend to have luck with older daddy type International dudes, specifically Italians. They LOVE me. But the black gay dudes need to get over two things: our desperate need for hyper masculinity and our need for "discretion" above all else.

by Boreply 53310/11/2013

The new cast for Love and Hip-Hop LA! I am here for it!!!!!!

by Boreply 53410/11/2013

I love to admire built masculine dudes and pretty boys. I would be lying if said I didn't. But in reality, a lot of us don't look like this. So I dont understand why, like r533 said, we tend to approach each other with such stank attitudes? It seems like we like to test each other with this. Im usually the first one to actually smile and be nice, and then the other guy stops fronting and starts chatting me up.

r531 I think I get placed into that second category you mentioned. Im medium sized and on the lighter side, and I guess guys assume I take it when they look at me. I actually like to top, but most guys want the big tall athletic dudes with huge dicks, and that's just not me. But like I said before, I dont blame people for liking what they like. Its just that I think a lot of us give each other a hard time, because we have such rigid ideals of what we want. Maybe if we started being a little more cordial we would find more of what we want in each other.

by Boreply 53510/11/2013

Can someone tell me if there is a thread like this, perhaps on another site, full of black men only this time masculine black men? I'd like to find it. Thank you.

by Boreply 53610/12/2013

R536, I don't think you're masculine enough to post there

by Boreply 53710/12/2013

Yeah, you're right, R532. We have to be careful with the stereotyping and generalizing. The black LGBT dating scene is pretty tough but I'd imagine that non-black LGBT people would say the same thing. The LGBT dating scene ( or just the dating scene period)in general is probably tough. R533, I do prefer masculine guys ( although I'm not opposed to dating a guy who is a bit femme as long as he has other qualities that I find appealing) but I've never been into the hyper-masculine, bad boy, thug type. I like guys like James Blake, John Legend, Boris Kodjoe etc.... They're masculine but more I guess you'd say preppy than thug.

R534, are they trying to have a Love and Hip Hop franchise in every major city? Mona might be doing too much, but I'm partially here.

by Boreply 53810/12/2013

I'm interested in most of the Soul Train Awards performers this year.

The only one I'm not here for is Joss Stone because she's annoying and fake. Dionne Warwick is going to be honored so hopefully her songs will be covered with justice:

by Boreply 53910/12/2013

Anybody see this in the other thread? Apparently most of us want thugs, and misogyny is what ultimately controls our sexual desire for masculinity. Very interesting!

by Boreply 54010/18/2013

I'm SO looking forward to seeing that TLC VH1 movie!

Good casting.

So EJ Johnson will be on the upcoming E! reality show "Rich Kids in Beverly Hills". He was on Fashion Police this past friday for his first tv appearance. His personality is just what you expect.

by Boreply 54110/20/2013

Laz Alonso. Any info?

by Boreply 54210/22/2013

lol r542 I was just watching that yesterday. I never thought Laz was gay, but he was trying so hard in that interview that I might have changed my mind. And those thirsty females in the audience! He is super cute and he has so much energy

by Boreply 54310/22/2013

He's hot.

by Boreply 54410/22/2013

How do we feel about Tamar's 'Hot Sugar' video?

by Boreply 54510/25/2013

R545 discussed in the Tamar Braxton thread already. The video is bad. I like the wet look she has but a couple of the other looks are bad. The dancing by the gays is fine. The video is too simple though. Her lip syncing seems incorrectly timed which is weird. The part when she whips her long pony tail but throws it with her hand is WACK. Beyonce would never. I'm shocked they released it.

by Boreply 54610/25/2013

So what do you all think about the Jay-Z/Barney's controversy? Do you think he should call off his partnership with them or hang tight?

by Boreply 54710/26/2013

The Jay-Z/Barney's "controversy" strikes me as contrived in an effort to get the heat off Barney's and get it on to a black person, any black person. It reminds me of the way CNBC/Fox continually trumpets every random error message on the Obamacare website (while interestingly ignoring the fact that the very reason the site is crashing is that tens of millions of people are flooding it because they, you know, need health insurance that they otherwise are not being provided by the glorious "private sector"), while dropping the story of the Republican shut down of the country and it's devastating consequences like a hot potato.

Let's say Jay-Z calls off his partnership with Barney's. Then what? If the problem is that Barney's is unfairly discriminating against some of it's patrons, then Barney's needs to come up with a plan of action to correct that, not anyone else. Scouring every nook and cranny of the store for black corporate partners who needs to end their partnerships, or demanding that black patrons explain why they are at Barney's buying what they're buying, etc., just means that the people doing the wrong thing and needing to take corrective action get let off the hook yet again.

by Boreply 54810/26/2013

It's another example of how Jay Z and a lot of other very rich black celebs don't know/don't care anymore about problems facing black people. If Jay Z had done his research before, he wouldn't have been in that mess.

by Boreply 54910/26/2013

Well, I'm fairly late to the party but I wanted to say a few things concerning the "Mandingo worship" in the black gay community. Truthfully speaking, it's the whole tall, dark, and handsome thing. If you look around the web ( particularly on dating sites)you'll notice that there are quite a lot of blond, blue eyed males complaining about women not being interested in them and preferring men with dark hair and eyes. Tall, dark, and handsome is associated masculinity, and there are likely evolutionary reasons for why we associate those qualities with masculinity.

Men have a tendency to be darker in skin tone than women within their population. Light hair and skin tone tends to be associated with femininity. This is why we are more likely to refer to an attractive blond male or light skinned African American male ( think Shemar Moore) as pretty or a pretty boy. However, few people would ever refer to George Clooney or Tyson Beckford as pretty.

I rarely watch LOGO these days but you'll notice that twinks ( in non-black films) are often portrayed as blond. It's because blond hair is associated with youth, primarily female youth( for evolutionary reasons I won't get into right now). Since a twink is youthful, boyish and thus less masculine, he's portrayed as blond. How often are superheroes or John Wayne types portrayed as blond, especially in the past?

You will also see this "Mandingo worship" in mainstream black films. Stella got her groove back with a Mandingo. Most of our biggest male sex symbols are African ( and half African) Mandingos such as Idris Elba, Djimon Hounsou, Boris Kodjoe, Taye Diggs (not African but still Mandingo) and then we have Shemar Moore ( basically a lighter skinned "pretty" Mandingo). Therefore, the desire for a tall, dark, and handsome man is a fairly consistent pattern. It's human beings using height, hair color and skin tone to gauge masculinity. This may have been useful in our evolutionary past but I don't think it's very useful in our modern society. However, it's a habit that ain't so easy to kick.

by Boreply 55010/29/2013

Very good post, R548!

Oh and I missed the beginning of the TLC movie that everyone is talking about, will it air again anytime soon?

by Boreply 55110/29/2013

"It's another example of how Jay Z and a lot of other very rich black celebs don't know/don't care anymore about problems facing black people. If Jay Z had done his research before, he wouldn't have been in that mess."

So true, r549. If only Jay-Z hadn't forgotten about the problems facing black people, he never would have been in that mess. Now we just need to find the black person (s) responsible for the mess at Macys. Thank god no whites will be harmed or made uncomfortable in any part of the the rush to Find a Negro to Blame.

by Boreply 55210/29/2013

R551 you can find it on youtube or download the vh1 app

by Boreply 55310/29/2013

is no one else in this thread annoyed the mods are leaving up a thread with the word "negro" in it? :

but if a mod sees you use the f-word it's edited, and you can't even post (without a gap in between the letters) the word el dergay.

Here's the disgusting thread:

by Boreply 55410/29/2013

It doesn't surprise me , R554. It shouldn't surprise any of us. This is the reason we are segregated to being with. It is what it is. Don't pay to post here.

by Boreply 55510/29/2013

Thanks, R553!

by Boreply 55610/29/2013

And don't forget ef femin ate, R554. They don't like that one either.

In the meantime, you can post the N word, the F word, the C word and they couldn't care less.

by Boreply 55710/29/2013

I hope none of y'all pay. Whoever starts this thread and Janbot should be the only 2 of us to pay lol

by Boreply 55810/29/2013

any of y'all heard of HWA Hoez With Attitude? This song gets me (notice the background singer cooing "ho-ooh woah, ho ho ooh oh ooh oh) every time lol

by Boreply 55910/30/2013

I LIVE for Janbot, R558! No one puts those Madonna stans in check like Janbot! LOL!

But, yeah, the racism doesn't surprise me anymore at DL. Let's not forget it was the late, great James Baldwin that warned us how racist many gays were back in the day. The same is true then as it is now.

by Boreply 56010/30/2013

I think it is wonderful that we have so many coloreds here in the Datalounge.

by Boreply 56110/30/2013

I've been posting here for a few years and finally decided to pay this year. Im surprised some of the threads I start related to black celebrities get a lot of discussion. So this site is not completely racist. And there are more black people here, even though it feels like there are about five of us lol. We have racist TROLLS here that rear their ugly heads every so often. We've had one that has been posting this week that probably got their ban lifted, but they will soon be banned again. A lot of the racism here is veiled racism, and posters dont realize it is. I will gladly check who posts it if I feel like it.

by Boreply 56210/31/2013

Lady Violet, go back to bed, things will get better for you, I promise.

by Boreply 56310/31/2013

R562 well please start as many black celeb/gay black-related threads as you want. If more of those threads start appearing here, more and more gay blacks will flock here too and add some diversity to this site. I hope gay mixed-race Latinos and Asians come here too.

by Boreply 56410/31/2013

Black celebrities aren't only interesting to black people.

by Boreply 56510/31/2013

R565 that is certainly true, and there are certainly plenty of white celebrities I'm interested in, but you have to admit there is a severe overload on this site of boring el dergay white celebs that most of the public doesn't give a fuck about.

by Boreply 56610/31/2013

Are we watching season 4 of Love & Hip Hop New York?

by Boreply 56711/02/2013

There was some flak about some actress dressing up in black face for her Halloween costume. The kids over at ONTD seem to get really outraged at this form of "racism". As a black woman, black face doesn't bother me. I don't give a shit.

Go for it, white people.

by Boreply 56811/02/2013

Aiight, which one of you mofos does Insanity? I happened to peruse the datalounge facebook page and came across someone (not sure if he posts in this thread) who had a nice muscled body with plenty of beach pics and said he did Insanity. I work out too and I have a friend with whom I do Shaun T's newest T25 program, but I was impressed with that profile I saw. I'm glad it wasn't all twinks and old queens.

by Boreply 56911/03/2013

lol r569. Care to link to this person on the DL facebook?

by Boreply 57011/03/2013

R570 I don't want to give someone's name out like that...go to the datalounge facebook page and look at the member list. The in-shape guys on the list are definitely smaller in population size to the others lol. You'll be able to figure it out. I didn't even get through the whole list either so it won't take too long.

btw next time Janbot starts a thread, someone make sure to tell him some of the gurls were calling him out on the facebook page, saying they're tired of him etc...I love me some Janbot. He is funny as fuck and his haters take it so seriously. He has them pressed.

by Boreply 57111/03/2013

R566, I'm huge Joan Crawford fan, which isn't always easy since a lot of people hate her because of that woman and that book. I also like Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe, and Liz Taylor and for whatever reason they get bashed quite a bit as well. I just wanted to mention this because you'd be surprised at who actually likes those elder gay celebrities.

I'm only 25 but I grew up watching old films with my mother, grandmother, and even great-grandmother. And I became fans of many of the actors and actresses. One of the primary reasons I come to DL is to see if there are threads about Golden Age actors and actresses and that's actually how I found DL. Unfortunately there weren't many black actors or actors of color back then but I adore Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, Harry Belafonte, Lupe Velez, Dolores del Rio and many others.

Interesting, R569. I've never believed in those workout tapes. I have a pretty good program that keeps me tight and right but those tapes do seem to be very convenient. But I wonder if he only does "Insanity" or is it just a part of his program?

by Boreply 57211/03/2013

Shaun T knows what he's doing, as does that Tony Horton P90x guy.

I know someone who was in good shape before, but after starting Shaun T's T25 program in July, he looks amazing now.

There are people who look great only doing the programs, but it's best if you couple it with going to the gym and lifting weights.

Programs like P90x or Shaun T's Insanity and T25 get you ripped, but have a lot of cardio. If you want to gain more muscle, you still need to lift weights.

by Boreply 57311/03/2013

I did Insanity for about 2 weeks over the summer. I liked it enough, but found myself getting lean while flabby at the same time. Eventually I stopped and went back to the weights. I like myself lean and muscular, but not ZOMG SUPERRIPPED.

Perhaps I'll try T25 right before beach season and see what it gives.

Incidentally, I saw ShaunT and that husband of his at my favorite sushi joint in Chelsea last week while I was there for a late lunch. The husband looks old and kind of drawn, but that Shaun T is hot, hot, HOT. Even hotter in real life than on television because he is TALL.

by Boreply 57411/04/2013

Yeah, my program is more weight training heavy than cardio because too much cardio makes me skinny. I was bone thin all the way up until I was about 20 years old, which is around the time I found the right workout and nutrition program that finally helped me add more bulk. I always had muscle but I was just skinny with it. I don't like the super ripped, bodybuilder look either so I would never go that far. I like being nice and lean. Not too big and bulky and not too skinny. I might try "Insanity" just to see what it's about.

by Boreply 57511/04/2013

A friend of mine is in close living quarters with Dawn formerly of In Vogue. All I can say is, bitch is crazy! In legal troubles, filing for bankruptcy, cops coming to her home, girl is broke! and has an abusive boyfriend to boot. But you didn't hear it from me. Oh and she got kicked out of her youtube reality show as well for badmouthing her former husband.

by Boreply 57611/04/2013

En Vogue could have been as big as The Supremes. And they were more talented.

by Boreply 57711/04/2013

It's a shame Dawn's life is such a mess. She seemed like such a wounded person on R&B Divas. I hope she can get her shit together eventually.

by Boreply 57811/04/2013

I'm re:576. I would feel sorry for her if she wasn't so mean-spirited. Based on what I've heard, she's bonafide, crazy! Like, she can have a month at a psych ward and she'd still need more time. I'm convinced she ruined En Vogue as well, I'm sure its the little secret noone talks about.

by Boreply 57911/04/2013

Maybe the success of TLC story will spur the En Vogue girls to do something.

by Boreply 58011/04/2013

Raphael Saadiq. Family?

by Boreply 58111/04/2013

R574 can you give us any more tea? Did you observe Shaun and his husband Scott? Did people approach them or they kept to themselves? Not gonna lie, I would want to watch their sex tape. I do find it weird that Shaun took his husband's last name though

R576 Dawn is the reason En Vogue lost its momentum. I LOVED that damn group and they should have had more success but fucking Dawn with her ego and diva ways fucked everything up. I hope they do an En Vogue made-for-tv-movie soon. I'm sure the TLC success has them thinking about it. The problem is, there's no way the 4 of them would be able to work together, and Dawn would probably hold everything up by not signing off on stuff. Maybe if Dawn gets desperate enough for money she would agree to something again. I feel no sympathy for her. She could have had it all.

by Boreply 58211/04/2013

r582, there's no real tea. They were just having lunch and hanging out. I had a direct view of them from where I was sitting, so I tried to be discreet. Just seemed to be the usual fucking around on smartphones, etc. Shaun T is pretty nelly.

by Boreply 58311/05/2013

I hope Dawn and Jelly Rice don't return to R&B Divas LA. I thought Nicci Gilbert was awful, but even she wasn't as terrible as those two. Those two bitches damn near ruined the LA show.

by Boreply 58411/05/2013

[quote]Shaun is pretty nelly

lol if you had watched his workout videos, you'd know. In his T25 tapes, he has plenty of moments of MAJOR gay voice.

by Boreply 58511/05/2013

Shaun seems like a fem top. They do exist, guys on the feminine side that will tear your shit up like you would've never thought. Trust me, Shaun T is that kind of dude.

r581, Ive always had a huge crush on Charlie Ray! He is like one of my fantasy gay husbands lol. Ive never heard any gay rumors about him though. Even Wendy Williams didn't think he was gay back in the day.

by Boreply 58611/05/2013

Oh lawd, Kerry Washington's husband lost his job this week and they have a baby on the way

Ain't he fine?

by Boreply 58711/08/2013

R586 but Shaun took his husband's last name. That doesn't seem to be a very toppish thing to do.

R587 yes he is

by Boreply 58811/08/2013

Taking the husband's last name is shading his own family, no?

by Boreply 58911/08/2013

Shaun T had 1 of the gayest, most over-the-top weddings ever lol but it's sweet:

by Boreply 59011/08/2013

His quote on the matter:

[quote]The couple is in complete wedding bliss just weeks after their nuptials. Shaun T explained to the crew how the couple decided who got whose last name, saying, "I just knew that I wanted his last name… [I'm} the only Shaun Blokker in the world, get in to it," he said excitedly.

by Boreply 59111/08/2013

Yasss, get in, Shaun!

by Boreply 59211/08/2013


by Boreply 59311/11/2013

hell, this one ain't even finished yet. Several more posts to go. Ain't no VIII yet!

by Boreply 59411/11/2013

We only have like five replies left. Bye gurl!

by Boreply 59511/11/2013

Any of y'all see Fashion Queens? Miss Lawrence and Derek J are so EXTRA. I mean, I watch for laughs, but those 2 are too over-the-top for my ass. 30 minutes of that shit is about all I can take so I'm glad the show is not an hour.

by Boreply 59611/11/2013

r596, those girls are MUCH but I kind of live. I mean, they're entertaining and they know how to be on camera. Miss Lawrence is quite the diva though. I met her at Sizzle Miami once. Derek J. however is as sweet as peach cobbler. A really genuine, humble guy. I supposed it is because he's getting dicked down good on the regular from that baller boyfriend of his.

And Bevy Smith is a minor acquaintance of mine. She's a sweetheart as well. I'm glad to see all three doing well.

And I can't believe AA Dataloungers is still going strong. That's great!

by Boreply 59711/13/2013

Introducing "Chad" from Sean Cody.

by Boreply 59812/20/2013
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