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Europe: The Gay Edition

Which country has the friendliest gays? Which country is the most consistently pro-gay? Which country has the hottest guys? Which country has the most interesting tourist attractions? Which country has the most closeted men?

by The Americasreply 5507/16/2013

The Netherlands has the most significant tradition of being supportive of gay people both in a legal sense and a cultural sense. That just kinda goes with the Dutch attitude. There has been some issues in more recent times due to first generation immigrants who are bringing with them the prejudice views of their old cultures.

by The Americasreply 110/27/2012

Another vote for the Netherlands.

England is getting better, but getting worse too. Even though the Conservative PM now supports full equality, Immigrant populations are fast growing and spreading anti-gay religious driven hatred and the UK government does nothing about it.

Germany not only doesn't give gays marriage, basic day to day employment and inheritance equality is still denied. It seems that the German (and former Nazi) Pope Ratzinger still has significant control over Chancellor Angela Merkel.

I think the bright light in Europe today, is France. France will be the next big win for the gay community. The French government also stands up to anti-gay religious immigrants much better than any other European country.

by The Americasreply 210/27/2012

Yeah what might surprise a lot of people is of the "big" European countries the most gay-friendly is not Germany, France or the UK but actually Spain. I'd highly recommend a trip to Madrid, lots of hot gay Spanish men.

Italy on the other hand is a lot more homophobic than you would think, go to Southern Italy and you are in the land of closet cases where homosexuality is not openly displayed.

by The Americasreply 310/27/2012


by The Americasreply 410/27/2012

r2 is another American with bizarre fantasies about Germany.

Merkel is a protestant Lutheran and couldn't care less about the pope. She's conservative, but only mildly when it comes to gay issues. She's recently urged gay footballers to come out of the closet, because it's time, according to her.

Her secretary of family affairs has pushed for gay marriage, but the more catholic wing of the party is opposing it - for now.

It's only a matter of time until the more progressive wing of the party, to which Merkel belongs, prevails.

Merkel's deputy, the vice chancellor, is openly gay and married to a man btw.

Thanks for playing, though.

by The Americasreply 510/27/2012

I belive that the minute you set foot on Germany they stamp a pink triangle on your forehead

by The Americasreply 610/27/2012

And OP: I think Britain has the friendliest gays. Germany and Scandinavia have the hottest guys. The Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark are most consistently gay-friendly, with Spain and Portugal recent additions. And Italy is indeed the most closeted.

France is progressive politically, but culturally quite cool towards gays. French gays are living cliches, probably because of that attitude. It's either the gay ghetto, or nothing at all.

by The Americasreply 710/27/2012

The fact the Germany has a history of rounding up Gays and murdering them in Concentration camps, makes the fact that they still today, refuse to give Gays equal rights, is absolutely appalling at the highest level.

If Germany still treated Jews as second class citizens after the Holocaust, the country would likely not be allowed to exist today.

by The Americasreply 810/27/2012

[quote]The fact the Germany has a history of rounding up Gays and murdering them in Concentration camps, makes the fact that they still today, refuse to give Gays equal rights, is absolutely appalling at the highest level


But they have the best backrooms on Earth.

by The Americasreply 910/27/2012

the south of Italy really is very closeted, but you can get lot of action if you know the "codes". For example, if you ask for a pepperoni pizza and the waiter says "you want a big, fat pepperoni on that hot,tight pizza of yours?" you better say "SI!"

by The Americasreply 1010/27/2012

Yes, r8, we already know that you blame Germans of today for killing your relatives.

You're as racist as the Nazis themselves, and Hitler would be proud of you.

by The Americasreply 1110/27/2012

I'd say UK is the most closeted country with their 1% studies.

by The Americasreply 1210/27/2012

r9, Germany has done more for gay Germans than the US has done for their gay citizens.

by The Americasreply 1310/27/2012

Yeah it is important to keep perspective, every western European nation with the exception of Italy is ahead of the US in gay rights.

They all have some federal recognition of civil unions, while America's government bans them from recognizing same sex unions.

by The Americasreply 1410/27/2012

R14, but why then America has a larger OUT population?

by The Americasreply 1510/27/2012

Not to defend US but we do have gay marriage in some states. Do these European countries have that? I am aware that the federal aspect of gay marriage has critical importance.

by The Americasreply 1610/27/2012

I'll defend the U.S. against R14's odd bias. The U.S. is basically a combination of Western Europe (the North) and Eastern Europe (the South). Of course, we seem backwards compared to just Western Europe... If you take Europe as a whole, though, they are exactly as culturally advanced as the United States.

by The Americasreply 1710/27/2012

r7 is only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Homosexuality decriminalized in 1791. PACS (civil unions) 1999. Gay marriage and adoption coming in 2013 (was a campaign promise of Hollande), already working their way through committee in the National Assembly and looks like a sure thing.

Bertrand Delanoë, very popular gay mayor of Paris for the past 12 years, who has made tons of highly visible quality of life improvements to an already fabulous city. He would have thrown an amazing Olympics.

Yes, France is in many ways socially conservative. But expressing love publicly is as French as baguettes and brie. With all the PDA going on everywhere, same-sex couples blend right in. It is OK to hold hands walking down the street, kiss goodbye on the Metro, get lovey dovey at a restaurant (with usual safety precautions in truly sketchy areas).

French families of all generations, in my experience, are accepting. And it's not just Paris. I know gay couples living in the countryside and highly active and visible in their communities.

I suspect French people are above-average globally for experimentation with bisexuality at some point in their lives, but that's just a sense I get. There seems to be a lot more self-identified bisexuals.

Paris is heaven for lesbians, I don't know another city with its critical mass of pixie-cut ladies on the make.

And there is nothing better than falling in love in Paris.

by The Americasreply 1810/27/2012

Your posts are always dreamy Paris correspondent.

by The Americasreply 1910/27/2012

Germany (well, Berlin) for the backrooms Spain for the bears Serbia for the unattainable gorgeous Slavs

by The Americasreply 2010/27/2012

I love Paris too, but I would say that it's a gay male city. There were literally tons of old queens in that city the last time I was there 2 months ago.

by The Americasreply 2110/27/2012

r19: If I follow my heart, pretty soon I may have to change my name to Your faithful correspondent Down Under!

Silly animated commentary on today's gay Paris life at the link, I ran it through Google Translate with mixed results

by The Americasreply 2210/27/2012

Your moving to AUS? Or am I being dense...I'm being dense.

Yes, the diction of club life does not translate cleanly from French to English - Funny

Always yours,

by The Americasreply 2310/27/2012

Spain is still a risk of a violent Catholic overthrow.

by The Americasreply 2410/28/2012

Poland is pretty much like Russia regarding Gays - BAD!.

Ireland is surprisingly OK with it at the street level. Its the Vatican trumping up anti-gay hatred among the Politicians which is the real Irish problem. Welcome to the dangers of putting an ex-Nazi in charge of the Vatican.

If Europe just shut down the Catholic Church, so many of its hatreds and problems would go away.

by The Americasreply 2510/29/2012

We have found the hottest and largest sizemeat here in Spain and especially in France.

by The Americasreply 2610/29/2012

On Cam 4 it seems that all of the men from Poland are either bi or gay whereas all other countries are mostly straight men.

Just something I noticed and I assume it is representative of the entire country.


by The Americasreply 2710/29/2012

You have to be serious careful of Polish and Russian guys. They invented the "beat you up afterwards to prove they are not "F*ags" like you" type.

by The Americasreply 2810/29/2012

Germany is the nastiest place in the EU for Gays right now. Angela Merkel and her CDU just nuked a law for tax equality for gays. They are not even close to full legal equality. (

Paragraph 175, although technically canceled in 1994, is still VERY ALIVE in German reality.

by The Americasreply 2912/08/2012

Iceland is gay heaven.

by The Americasreply 3012/08/2012

I second what R30 said. A complete non-issue anywhere you go. Even in a tiniest, most remote village imaginable, people were super friendly (I travelled around with my partner.) However, I don't know how I would feel living there if I were single. Most people in Reykjavik seemed to know each other. Imagine a messy break up or a one night stand, it must be quite weird being aware that everybody knows what you've been up to.

by The Americasreply 3112/08/2012

R24, wtf are you talking about? I was in Spain a couple of years ago, Madrid to be exact, and I had the time of my life. Gay couples were openly holding hands on the streets, nobody could care less. Gay people were accepted everywhere we went. They were much more gay friendly and accepting in catholic Spain than here in Norway. Many gay people go through hell in Norway, it's especially difficult in western Norway and the rest of the very conservative and christian bible belt. The society still doesn't accept gays here in Norway. Spain was so totally different. It wasn't a problem at all.

by The Americasreply 3212/08/2012

Oh, God, the Norway Sucks troll is about.

by The Americasreply 3312/08/2012

It's the truth, R33. I should know.. I live here. Norway is a conservative shithole. It sucks being so close to more liberal countries like Denmark and Sweden.

by The Americasreply 3412/08/2012

Let's hear more about the Balkan countries.

by The Americasreply 3512/08/2012

Belgium. Not only does the country have full same-sex marriage but the country's prime minister, Elio di Rupo, is gay! Although he has been complaining that the country is getting less tolerant.

(Whenever Germany is mentioned on any thread, a complete fucking moron comes along to spew ignorant garbage. It should be ignored.)

by The Americasreply 3612/08/2012

[quote]Iceland is gay heaven.

What, seriously? It's a tiny country with a tiny population (300,000 people on the ENTIRE ISLAND). The "scene" there is the most overrated I've ever encountered, both clubbing-wise and gay-wise.

by The Americasreply 3712/08/2012

I think Southern England is OK for gays, but once you move North of London .....gays beware!

by The Americasreply 3812/08/2012

Germans still hold on to the past era of gay persecution.

I used to think it was just the right wing Frau Angela Merkel, but it now appears the CDU/CSU and the FDP are against gays having fully equality.

by The Americasreply 3904/01/2013


by The Americasreply 4004/01/2013

France still had to stand up to that anti-gay bitch "Frigide Barjot" (she won't tell people her real name), leader of the French anti-gay movement today.

by The Americasreply 4104/01/2013

Here is a picture of Frances anti-gay leader, Frigide Barjot.

by The Americasreply 4204/01/2013

Yeah, I don't think Germany is as pro-gay as people make it out to be. If it's so pro-gay, why is it that several other European countries have gay marriage yet Germany doesn't? Even conservative Norway and Spain have gay marriage.

by The Americasreply 4304/01/2013

R42, "Frigide" looks like a tranny, seriously. And is seriously ugly and unkempt for a French woman. If you see her TV appearances (there have been a couple linked on DL), she pings off the charts, too.

by The Americasreply 4404/01/2013

At least France and its politicians are trying to fight the bigots. In Germany, the bigots are the politicians.

by The Americasreply 4504/01/2013

[quote]At least France and its politicians are trying to fight the bigots. In Germany, the bigots are the politicians.

Excuse me??

by The Americasreply 4604/01/2013

The CDU is the most anti-gay National government in Western Europe today.

by The Americasreply 4704/01/2013

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Greenland. It has a thriving gay community in it capital city and gays are very accepted wherever they go, even in the small villages. Quite a few members of it legislature are openly gay. Plus the Greenland men are very hot.

by The Americasreply 4804/07/2013

In Germany the CDU is just as anti-gay as the UKIP Party is in the UK, Tea Party is in the USA and the Reform-Conservative Party is in Canada.

by The Americasreply 4905/27/2013

Greenland is not in Europe.

by The Americasreply 5007/16/2013

Spain. Friendliest gays, friendliest straights, best parties, amazing weather, nice food and equal rights. Best country in the world to be gay.

by The Americasreply 5107/16/2013

I second Spain.

The Netherlands was the leader and place to be in the 90s, but the flood of new immigrants from the middle east, has ruined the Netherlands and made it dangerous for gays today.

by The Americasreply 5207/16/2013

[quote]The Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark are most consistently gay-friendly, with Spain and Portugal recent additions.

I haven't lived in the Low Countries or in Scandinavia, so I don't have much perspective on the situation there. HOWEVER, I have spent much time in Madrid and Barcelona over the years. Even during the otherwise oppressive Franco era, Spain, especially Madrid, was probably the wildest city in Europe, with the possible exception of Berlin. I think it might have toned down over the last decade, in fact. Barcelona has some nice clubs and the men are blazing hot, but the wild action has always been in Madrid.

by The Americasreply 5307/16/2013

I love Italy and France and would love to retire to one of these countries, at least part time.

I was in Puglia and found it pretty open, in fact Lecce has a gay mayor. Still, Italy kind of bums me out, especially since I have Italian lineage.

So it sounds like Spain, France or Portugal are the places to be if you like the Mediterranean countries. What about Greece, I was there and it seemed like nobody in Athens or any of the Islands cared if you were Gay and most people speak English.

by The Americasreply 5407/16/2013

Berlin apparently went from one extreme to the other and is still coming out of "the other" territory today, as long as Angela Merkel is calling the shots!

by The Americasreply 5507/16/2013
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