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Aargh!!! I can't stand people who "reply all" to emails, drives me crazy

I sent an email this morning confirm the time and date of a conference call to 20 people. Immediately after pressing "send" I realized the day was wrong and sent a correction right away.

All afternoon I've been getting messages telling me that the day is wrong, they send it to the whole group instead of just me. Is this a passive-aggressive way of trying to get me into trouble.

by Annoyed Cubefagreply 205/22/2013

Well I just found out when you forward a meeting invite saying the mod is an idiot that it goes out to everyone.

Yeah I'm fucked. I have a business trip with this guy and my boss (who was on the list) next week.

We don't work in the same geographical area so I can't even get a feeling for how fucked I am.

Any advice besides "kill yourself"?

by Annoyed Cubefagreply 105/22/2013

Getting drunk now. May as well.

by Annoyed Cubefagreply 205/22/2013
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