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Apolo Anton Ohno

I have been watching him on Dancing With The Stars and I have to say Carrie Ann Inaba was spot-on when she indicated Apolo just has not had his moment this season and she is right about him not having chemistry with his partner Karina.

While I realize I am using DWTS as a reference point but she is right, there does seem to be something very off-putting about Apolo this season. It was very interesting that when the team dance selection was made - he was choosen second to last - only Bristol Palin came in behind him.

He was so appealing and cute, what happened to him? And once and for all, is he gay or straight?

by Bruno Toniolireply 15302/19/2014

He's 100% hot!

by Bruno Toniolireply 110/25/2012

He is very hot and has an amazing ass.

by Bruno Toniolireply 210/25/2012

OP, Apolo is MINE. Now back the fuck up and get your own man.

by Bruno Toniolireply 310/25/2012

Has anyone noticed how jacked-up his upper body is now? He's usually known for having thick, muscular legs and thighs, but being very thin up top. I guess he just wanted to make his upper-body match the lower half.

Anyway, he is even hotter now. I have, however, noticed that he just doesn't seem to be into it this season. Not only did he have perfect chemistry with Julianne Hough back in 2007, but he seemed to really love it. He's kind of seems to be going through the motions this time around. That said, he's still better than many people still there.

by Bruno Toniolireply 410/25/2012

He has an amazing, warm, moist, inviting and hairless anus!

by Bruno Toniolireply 510/25/2012

He is gay but isn't out yet.

by Bruno Toniolireply 610/25/2012

I MISS DREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Bruno Toniolireply 710/25/2012

I MISS TRISTAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Bruno Toniolireply 810/25/2012

Tiny, shrimp-like penis.

by Bruno Toniolireply 910/25/2012

[quote]He is gay but isn't out yet.

and the longer he stays in, the better!

by Bruno Toniolireply 1010/25/2012

[quote] He is gay but isn't out yet.

Apolo isn't gay, but his father certainly is gay.

However, I completely agree with R5. His ass is TOTALLY amazing, inviting, and most likely completely hairless. He has one of the best bubble butts ever!

Apolo's ass was made for two things - rimming and fucking.

by Bruno Toniolireply 1110/25/2012

With an ass like that, it'd be a crime if he wasn't gay, because no woman would ever know what to do with it.

I had the chance to meet and take a photo with him years ago, but for some reason I didn't do it. Later on, when he first appeared on DTWS, I really started to like him, and was kicking myself for not taking a photo with him when I had the opportunity. I read his autobiography months ago and it was a really good, inspiring read. He never once talks about dating and women in it, though.

by Bruno Toniolireply 1210/25/2012

Even I am lost in the shadow of this magnificent work of art

by Bruno Toniolireply 1310/25/2012

Kinda flat.

by Bruno Toniolireply 1410/25/2012

I would not be at all surprised if he turns out to be gay. He gives off an asexual vibe and that usually means somebody is closeted.

by Bruno Toniolireply 1510/25/2012

Now here is a great looking guy with a nice personality. He looks like marriage material. He doesn't ping for me, but I've been wrong before.

by Bruno Toniolireply 1610/25/2012

I think he maybe is lost in life since he has lost his speed skating goals and training.

Without speed skating goals, he doesn't know what to do with himself.

Right after the last Olympics, he signed up as spokesperson for a line of supplements/vitamins, but I think maybe that was not a success as I haven't seen anything about it since his initial signing with them.

He was going around the U.S. giving inspirational speeches after the Olympics. Not sure he does that much anymore.

I'll look at the twitter posts to see what he has been doing. I was subscribed to his twitter posts for a while but then unsubscribed.

by Bruno Toniolireply 1710/25/2012

He seems to have zero interest in women.

He has never been linked with a woman and seems to never have dated any women.

by Bruno Toniolireply 1810/25/2012

Does he like to go up into the man?

by Bruno Toniolireply 1910/25/2012

People on Television Without Pity were saying that Apolo was quite ill with a stomach virus last week.

by Bruno Toniolireply 2010/25/2012

I think Apolo's dancing has been excellent and I don't think it's true that 'he doesn't seem to be into it'.

And I don't understand Carrie Ann Inaba's criticism of him saying that he hasn't done enough. She was very critical and overly picky this week.

by Bruno Toniolireply 2110/25/2012

Carrie Ann was just sore from falling off that chair...

by Bruno Toniolireply 2210/25/2012

Is he First Nation?

by Bruno Toniolireply 2310/25/2012

His father is ethnically Japanese. Hence the last name Ohno. His mother is caucasian.

by Bruno Toniolireply 2410/25/2012

total power bottom yum

by Bruno Toniolireply 2510/25/2012

He has the best ass in sports. No other compares.

by Bruno Toniolireply 2610/25/2012

I know he's only about four feet tall but he is hot, hot, hot. I'd love to have sex with him.

by Bruno Toniolireply 2710/25/2012

I think he's tremendous.

by Bruno Toniolireply 2810/25/2012

R14, honey, that's just the angle. If you've ever seen him skating, or on DWTS, then you'd know that his ass is the opposite of flat.

by Bruno Toniolireply 2910/25/2012

Couldn't find a good butt shot but this video has lots of skin to compensate and those incredible thighs.

by Bruno Toniolireply 3010/25/2012

Apolo butt

by Bruno Toniolireply 3110/25/2012


by Bruno Toniolireply 3210/25/2012

Sticking it out for the masses

by Bruno Toniolireply 3310/25/2012

And then I found this:

by Bruno Toniolireply 3410/25/2012

Those thighs

by Bruno Toniolireply 3510/25/2012


by Bruno Toniolireply 3610/25/2012

I saw him on a talkshow the other day. He did seem a little out of it, very distant, not like his normal self. Maybe he is having a personal crisis.

by Bruno Toniolireply 3710/25/2012

I wish...


by Bruno Toniolireply 3810/26/2012

Sweet ass Apolo

by Bruno Toniolireply 3910/26/2012

Don't worry, boys. No need to push in line. There's enough there for everyone!

by Bruno Toniolireply 4010/26/2012


by Bruno Toniolireply 4110/26/2012

i think he's gay. or maybe wishfully lol.

by Bruno Toniolireply 4210/26/2012

That's the phattest ass I've ever seen on a half-Asian boy.

by Bruno Toniolireply 4310/26/2012

I have desired that man since the first time I saw his face. I would like to hear him say, Ohyes, one day.

by Bruno Toniolireply 4410/26/2012

I bet it feels SOOO good up in there.

by Bruno Toniolireply 4510/26/2012

Please pass the Eric Heiden. Thank you.

by Bruno Toniolireply 4610/26/2012

I would do things to that butt that would spook the livestock.

by Bruno Toniolireply 4710/26/2012

He has a disturbing mole on his neck. Very disturbing.

by Bruno Toniolireply 4810/26/2012

Does he have a mole on his butt?

by Bruno Toniolireply 4910/26/2012

I think he's funny, decent, vain, aware he's aging and unfortunately pissy when it comes to sexuality. Remember how he talked about not wanting to show his chest on DWTS this season?

He has a freak butt specific to his sport that is pure Tom-of-Finland-for-the 2000s, but unfortunately his Fred Flintstone legs and doofy face are anything but(t). Who wants a guy whose body is compartmentalized.

So it's either a MIckey in the bar, a stagger to the hotel room and a worshipful topping session with him while he's under, or nothing.

by Bruno Toniolireply 5010/26/2012

R50 lusts after Bieber.

by Bruno Toniolireply 5110/26/2012

[quote]...doofy face...

Come again?

by Bruno Toniolireply 5210/26/2012

He is serious.

by Bruno Toniolireply 5310/26/2012


by Bruno Toniolireply 5410/27/2012


by Bruno Toniolireply 5510/27/2012

That little soul patch thing is just annoying.

by Bruno Toniolireply 5610/27/2012

Don't like the soul patch, but that's the smallest defect I've found in a man in a long time. I would spit the soul patch out, but eat the rest.

by Bruno Toniolireply 5710/27/2012

I don't find him that good looking from the neck up, but incredible body.

And I rarely accuse people of "pinging" but.... Come on...

by Bruno Toniolireply 5810/28/2012

Damn, he can crack walnuts with that ass!

by Bruno Toniolireply 5910/28/2012

His autobio was a really good read. As a teen, he was rebellious and lazy, with no real goals. His father wasn't having it, so, after a big fight, his dad took him to a remote cabin somewhere in Washington State, and made him stay there for the weekend by himself. He did some soul searching, some exercising, and over that period of time he decided that he wanted more out of life then just bumming around with his ne'er-do-well friends. He adopted a training regimine and decided that speed skating was what he wanted to do.

by Bruno Toniolireply 6010/28/2012

Yes, r59!

by Bruno Toniolireply 6110/28/2012

dream of my dick in his hot muscle hole

by Bruno Toniolireply 6210/28/2012

I can't understand anyone not appreciating this dude from the neck up.

Apolo makes me hard just think about him.

by Bruno Toniolireply 6310/30/2012

If you saw his Viennese Waltz last night, you saw perfection. Shawn/Derek should worry.

by Bruno Toniolireply 6410/30/2012

Carrie Ann Inaba isn't spot on about anything. She is a hack and has me wtf all the time. Apolo is sexier than ever this season and plays very well with Karina. He is like a man now, where the season he won he was like a boy.

She and OP are clueless.

by Bruno Toniolireply 6510/30/2012

I missed it last night due to the power outtage. Glad to see he's upping his game. He is the sexiest!

by Bruno Toniolireply 6610/30/2012

Too bad, R66. he scored a perfect 30. You can see the performance if you follow the MSNBC link to the story about Karina saying she would spank him if she had to.

by Bruno Toniolireply 6710/30/2012

Thanks, R67! I will watch it on-demand later.

by Bruno Toniolireply 6810/30/2012

Apolo Anton Ohno has an amazing body, his dance last night was truly impressive!

by Bruno Toniolireply 6910/30/2012

Apolo looked like he had danced all his life, it was frightning and horribly beautiful at the same time.

by Bruno Toniolireply 7010/30/2012

"I don't find him that good looking from the neck up, but incredible body."

It's that awfully disturbing mole on his neck. It ruins the attractiveness of anything above that. Awfully disturbing.

by Bruno Toniolireply 7110/30/2012

It's a mole. Get over it.

I was SO scared that he was going to go home tonight. I also felt horrible that Sabrina, a REALLY great dancer, went home the exact same week she was prematurely ousted during her original season.

by Bruno Toniolireply 7210/30/2012

Emmit should have gone home! Who the f*ck is voting for him, when he's the worse dancer?

by Bruno Toniolireply 7310/30/2012

R72, it's not just a mole; it's a terrible growth, a mutation. Terrible.

by Bruno Toniolireply 7410/30/2012

Apolo's got a huge mole on his thick uncut cock

by Bruno Toniolireply 7510/30/2012

His mole is an abomination!

by Bruno Toniolireply 7610/30/2012


by Bruno Toniolireply 7710/30/2012

Agree that Emmit should be gone. he and Kirstie are the weakest dancers left. Emmit is overscored weekly. Mario Lopez should have easily won that season Emmit won.

by Bruno Toniolireply 7810/30/2012

Complaining about a mole on someone as hot as Apolo is, is like criticizing a Renoir for having a spec of dust on it.

by Bruno Toniolireply 7910/30/2012

R79 Apolo's mole is to dust what Ayer's Rock is to, well, rocks.

by Bruno Toniolireply 8010/30/2012

God, he's got great hair. Can't find any good foot pics, though, damn it.

by Bruno Toniolireply 8110/30/2012

Oh, how I wish that he would look at me like this every night before bed.

by Bruno Toniolireply 8210/31/2012

He looks eminently fuckable, but I'd be afraid that in a moment of ecstasy he'd snap my dick right off with those incredibly powerful butt muscles.

by Bruno Toniolireply 8310/31/2012

after a long soak in the hot tub and some finger action up his tight hole, gave Apolo some poppers to relax his hard as a rock hole hoping he would not flex his bubble butt. As Apolo did the spread eagle on the bed I entered with my pounding meat for the fuck of my life

by Bruno Toniolireply 8410/31/2012

Was he positioned like this, r84?

by Bruno Toniolireply 8510/31/2012

How does the Ohno butt compare to the Recker and Damin butts.

by Bruno Toniolireply 8610/31/2012

Damon, that is, r86.

by Bruno Toniolireply 8710/31/2012

That Mario Lopez, a professional dance instructor, was in the competition at all is questionable, that Emmit beat him made the whole thing a joke.

Sabrina went home before Kristi. Right.....

by Bruno Toniolireply 8810/31/2012

Sabrina voted out over Emmit? A total joke! I'm tired of bad football dancers winning DWTS. Even Emmit's solo was totally ridiculous.

by Bruno Toniolireply 8910/31/2012

the voting on that show is an absolute joke. that the three highest-scoring couples would be the bottom three is ludicrous. but that's what happens when you leave the voting in the hands of the moronic, uneducated public who vote for people like that buffoonish football player over Apolo.

Personally, I think Apolo is gay and will eventually come out. Adore him.

by Bruno Toniolireply 9010/31/2012

[quote]I was SO scared that he was going to go home tonight

That was all drama. If you heard Tom say NOT necessarily in the bottom two. He was in no danger.

by Bruno Toniolireply 9110/31/2012

[quote]How does the Ohno butt compare to the Recker and Damin butts.

I don't see what the big to-do is over Matt Damon's ass. It's not even in the same league as Recker or Ohno's monster asses.

by Bruno Toniolireply 9210/31/2012

I agree that the DWTS voting is a joke. It's basically just a popularity contest. When Mel B. lost to Helio, I was pretty much through. That was a total injustice.

by Bruno Toniolireply 9310/31/2012

I love seeing Ohno in print on DL. That man drives me crazy on DWTS. I even watched him skate competitively just to see his face. I would love to make love to him in so many ways.

His problem on DWTS, is that he's a better dancer than his homely partner. She's the problem, not Ohno.

by Bruno Toniolireply 9410/31/2012

R92, how does the Ohno butt compare to the Recker butt? They're both athletes.

by Bruno Toniolireply 9510/31/2012

[quote]how does the Ohno butt compare to the Recker butt? They're both athletes.

I'd have to have both men squat naked over my face and let me go to work to REALLY know the difference.

by Bruno Toniolireply 9610/31/2012

I didn't see it either due to the outage, but I think it's a travesty that Sabrina went home when Emmett and Kirstie are still in the competition.

by Bruno Toniolireply 9710/31/2012

R94, Are you FUCKING kidding? Karina Smirnoff is a 5 TIME BALLROOM CHAMPION! She's the most decorated of all the pros on DWTS. Karina is an AMAZING dancer. Louie Van Amstel is her former partner on the pro circuit. Slavik Kryklyvyy is her partner whom with she won those and learn!

by Bruno Toniolireply 9810/31/2012

Karina is fabulous and a good partner for our boy.

by Bruno Toniolireply 9910/31/2012

Karina and Slavik killing the ballroom floor...

by Bruno Toniolireply 10010/31/2012

Say what you will r98 r100, she hasn't shown much talent on this program. Maybe it's all beneath her. She is clumsy and champion or not, she's a fright at which to look. Those balloon lips alone would cost them both points they need to win.

by Bruno Toniolireply 10110/31/2012

R94, R101, Seriously, I'm not sure what your watching, but she's very talented and WON the mirrorball with J.R. Martinez last year. She was robbed of the title when Mario Lopez was her partner -instead they gave it to Emmitt. She's had some shitty partners over the seasons, but when she has someone with talent she makes them look great!

I think Apolo and Karina WILL make it to the finals. It's up to the producers if that is what they want. The producers and NOT the voting public control this show. Apolo is talented, I was glad when he won the 1st time and I hope he gets another chance at the title.

My fav DWTS dance of all time - Karina and Mario's Paso.

by Bruno Toniolireply 10210/31/2012

r102, I must qualify my comments by "revealing" I don't know anything about dancing. My comments were the results of a combination of a little emotion with some desire and comedy. I certainly know nothing compared to you and I defer. I will have a different attitude the next time I watch.

by Bruno Toniolireply 10310/31/2012

R94,R101, I'm so passionate about this topic since I've studied dance since the age of 4 and have taught modern/jazz dance. So for me, I know dance talent/technique when I see it.

I love this show mainly to watch the pros. I hate the b.s. personality propaganda game the producers play on the show.

by Bruno Toniolireply 10410/31/2012

You're correct, r104, Mario was magnificent.

by Bruno Toniolireply 10511/01/2012

But I'd like to speed skate all up in AAO!

by Bruno Toniolireply 10611/01/2012

I'll help you, Sugar. Let me give you a little push.

by Bruno Toniolireply 10711/01/2012

I MISS DREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Bruno Toniolireply 10811/01/2012


by Bruno Toniolireply 10911/01/2012

oh baby

by Bruno Toniolireply 11011/01/2012

tiny feet r109.

by Bruno Toniolireply 11111/01/2012

But a big butt!

by Bruno Toniolireply 11211/02/2012

This is insane

by Bruno Toniolireply 11311/02/2012

Yes, that is AAo's ass.

by Bruno Toniolireply 11411/02/2012

What do aging speed skaters do with the rest of their lives?

by Bruno Toniolireply 11511/02/2012

R115, check out the Derek Parra thread.

by Bruno Toniolireply 11611/02/2012

Sort of amusing how many legitimate pictures of this man's beautiful butt are out there.

by Bruno Toniolireply 11711/02/2012

I'm voting for Apolo and Johnson. If Emmet makes it to the finals, I will SCREAM!

by Bruno Toniolireply 11811/02/2012

Apolo and fellow speed-skater Shani Davis are really CLOSE friends. I wonder if they've ever dabbled...

by Bruno Toniolireply 11911/02/2012

i would like to be the third in that group. r119.

by Bruno Toniolireply 12011/02/2012

Meaty legs

by Bruno Toniolireply 12111/02/2012

what do you think is hole smells like?

by Bruno Toniolireply 12211/02/2012

R122, musty after a long day of DWTS rehearsal, and zestfully clean when he's out on the town. I'll bet he's smooth all over, with tiny wisps of fine black hair in certain places (hole, pits, pubes...)

by Bruno Toniolireply 12311/02/2012

Hot, r123

by Bruno Toniolireply 12411/02/2012


by Bruno Toniolireply 12511/02/2012

It's an amazing workout. The ass shots start at 2.43 and follow till the end. What a butt!

by Bruno Toniolireply 12611/03/2012

Wow, that video is HOT! Apolo has matured into a really sexy guy. I wonder about Apolo's sexuality, though: He has never been linked to any women, yet there are no rumors about him with men. Apolo must be very good at keeping his private life- no matter what way he swings- private. Oh, that video claims Apolo is 5-8, but I don't believe that for a moment!

by Bruno Toniolireply 12711/03/2012

all wet

by Bruno Toniolireply 12811/03/2012

Baby got back!

by Bruno Toniolireply 12911/03/2012

If Apolo's not gay, that ass is a huge waste!!

by Bruno Toniolireply 13011/03/2012

What a special gift for his bf.

by Bruno Toniolireply 13111/04/2012

I always thought that Apolo and Shani would make a hot couple, r130.

by Bruno Toniolireply 13211/04/2012

Shaves his pits, that's bizaaaare. What the hell is he going to do with the rest of his life besides periodic "Dancing With The Stars All Stars"?

by Bruno Toniolireply 13311/04/2012

Speaking of DWTS, our man went shirtless last night. Nice upper bod.

by Bruno Toniolireply 13411/06/2012

R126 smell that musky ass after a work out yum

by Bruno Toniolireply 13511/06/2012

I can't believe that this program is going to eliminate Apolo. You may have noticed, that no matter how good this guy performs, he is always short changed by a point or two. I guess they don't want him to win a third time. Apolo will make it to the finals, but he will not be allowed to win.

Take it to the bank.

by Bruno Toniolireply 13611/06/2012

Any verificatia of size meat?

by Bruno Toniolireply 13711/06/2012

R133, motivation speaking to high school students all around the country.

Making personal appearances.

Representing a supplement/vitamin line.

Look at his twitter posts if you are interested.

But perhaps your interest is just condescendingly putting him down and ridiculing him - when you know nothing about him.

by Bruno Toniolireply 13811/06/2012

R136, I agree. Especially last night, he was very much gyped and under-scored. It was dramatically apparent.

Last night he deserved three 10's, and if not 10's, then 9.5'a.

Also dancing first sometimes results in lower scores because the judges don't want to over-score at the beginning when there is nothing to compare the couple to.

But last night, it seemed very obvious that the judges are trying to put a damper on Apollo.

I wonder why

by Bruno Toniolireply 13911/06/2012

Apolo's upper body shirtless last night was absolutely gorgeous.

I rarely see an upper body that beautiful.

by Bruno Toniolireply 14011/06/2012

The entire show is rigged. It's as phony as wrestling and the russian government.

Too bad, but it's just another delivery system for advertising. TV and Radio in the US is the worst of the planet.

by Bruno Toniolireply 14111/06/2012

"I guess they don't want him to win a third time."

I thought he had only won DWTS once before. Is that not correct?

by Bruno Toniolireply 14211/06/2012

[quote]I can't believe that this program is going to eliminate Apolo. You may have noticed, that no matter how good this guy performs, he is always short changed by a point or two.

They are dooing with Gilles Marini too. They underscoring him. I thinks it's fir the drama.

by Bruno Toniolireply 14311/06/2012

9 uncut

by Bruno Toniolireply 14411/06/2012

I'm still just AMAZED at how Apolo totally transformed his upper body. The lower half has always been impressive, but he used to have skinny arms and not much of a chest at all.

by Bruno Toniolireply 14511/09/2012

Really hot chemistry he had with the male dancer who joined them for a three-way dance. They looked really cute together and the looks they threw each other spoke volumes.

by Bruno Toniolireply 14611/17/2012

He's in the infomercial for Shaun T's new fitness program Asylum, looking great. Could be that's how he's beefed up?

by Bruno Toniolireply 14711/17/2012

I like AAO's beef!

by Bruno Toniolireply 14811/17/2012

Love that shot of Apolo's VPL, R148!! First real evidence I've seen of a decent-sized cock. Are there any more like that?

by Bruno Toniolireply 14911/18/2012

I think he's straight. He actually has been linked to women. He was dating Alison Baver, another short track skater, and was thought to have dated his DWTS partner.

by Bruno Toniolireply 15002/13/2014

Why did yo bump a dead thread, r150?

by Bruno Toniolireply 15102/13/2014

R151 presumably bc he's covering the Olympics.

by Bruno Toniolireply 15202/14/2014

His face looks different now. Did he have work done?

by Bruno Toniolireply 15302/19/2014
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