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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's PEOPLE MAGAZINE wedding cover


by Miareply 20708/05/2013

Propaganda, worthy of the Soviet Era, Pravda newspaper.

by Miareply 110/24/2012

As a shoe/sock fetishist, I can't tell you how much I need that cover in me quite deeply.

by Miareply 210/24/2012

Ugly shoes and socks.

Worthy of a Men at Play video shoot.

by Miareply 310/24/2012

How long do you think the marriage will last? Both are rumored to be closeted.

by Miareply 410/24/2012

Shoes so ugly that they cost more than your house, R3. Men at Play, you say?

by Miareply 510/24/2012

Was her dress really pink? Or is that just the magazine cover?

by Miareply 610/24/2012

The "jumping" of Timberlake reminds me of a certain middle aged actor of short stature. Bad foreshadowing.

by Miareply 710/24/2012

She always struck me as someone who just wanted to make sure she married a "star." And this is the best she could do. Of course he is very rich. I'm sure that's terribly unfair of me.

She also looks so much older and more sophisticated than he does. He still looks like a teenager. Physically they are a terrible match. Again, superficial and unfair judgments. Bad me.

by Miareply 810/24/2012

Timbergay married to a woman?


by Miareply 910/24/2012

are he and Andy Samberg butt buddies?

by Miareply 1010/24/2012

Cheese corn. I read somewhere that she is worth $18 million on her own. How is that possible?!

by Miareply 1110/24/2012

Ha, love that Britney can be seen top right corner.

by Miareply 1210/24/2012

Dyke in a fake marriage with a hideous, vulture faced moron.

by Miareply 1310/24/2012

I don't think that's the headline they went with, R13.

by Miareply 1410/24/2012

I don't get all the Gen X love for him, his records are tuneless crap, he can't write a decent song, he's not an effective singer or actor and he's homely!

by Miareply 1510/24/2012

Because he was pushed on us, R15. Hilarious how he was in a boy band, something completely laughable, and then was automatically pushed as being 'cool' by the media when he went solo. He's a complete dweeb.

by Miareply 1610/24/2012

He's a fug flat pan face dbag.

by Miareply 1710/24/2012

Ugh, that jumping was ensured that it was supposed to be all about JUSTIN.

by Miareply 1810/24/2012


by Miareply 1910/24/2012

R9=JC Chasez

by Miareply 2010/24/2012

I've always figured the dating Britney Spears thing was a sham and was to closet Justin and to bring him along with her popularity.

by Miareply 2110/24/2012


by Miareply 2210/24/2012


by Miareply 2310/24/2012

That is the dumbest wedding cover I've ever seen.

And they have as much romantic chemistry as Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

by Miareply 2410/24/2012

Does he have a record to promote?

by Miareply 2510/24/2012

To the Jew Hater at r19 - Timberlake is not Jewish, but yes he DOES look like Mark Zuckerberg.

by Miareply 2610/24/2012

Maybe he's lying, R26.

by Miareply 2710/24/2012

I can't believe they spent $6.5 million on that wedding.

by Miareply 2810/24/2012

r9 = Lou Pearlman

by Miareply 2910/24/2012

I found a funny one:

by Miareply 3010/24/2012


by Miareply 3110/24/2012

R22 & R23 - Why I keep coming back to Datalounge.

by Miareply 3210/24/2012

I bet he goes as Dracula every single Halloween:

by Miareply 3310/24/2012

I've never seen a Lesbian try so hard to cover up her sexuality as Jessica Biel. Usually the lezzies are more relaxed about it, aka DADT.

by Miareply 3410/24/2012

After the guests at Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's wedding were whisked to southern Italy via private jet last week, they were greeted by a video produced by Timberlake's longtime pal, L.A. real estate agent Justin Huchel. The video had a gag: Huchel hit the streets of Los Angeles and asked a bunch of homeless people, street musicians, and transexuals to wish the multimillionaire newlyweds well. Funny, funny stuff.

The 8:30 video featured street interviews with ten people, many of them obviously homeless, premised on the idea that they were friends of Timberlake and Biel's who, for whatever reason, couldn't quite swing the trip to the Borgo Egnazia resort in Puglia for the nuptials, which were reported to cost $6.5 million. "Greetings from Your Hollywood Friends Who Just Couldn't Make It," reads the opening title card, "Featuring Sid, Chuck, Robert, and More!" Sid, Chuck, Robert, and others appear to be penniless and living on the street. Some of them are obviously intoxicated, mentally ill, or both, and at least one of them is entirely incapable of speaking.

"Justin and Jessica, I haven't seen you for a long time," one toothless man tells the camera. "I hope the wedding goes fine for you. My gift is in the mail."

A male off-camera voice, apparently Huchel's, asks the man when he last saw Timberlake and Biel, adding, "Did you and Jessica mess around?"

At one point, after commentary from an apparently transexual man, Timberlake's "SexyBack" is played in the background.

Another glassy-eyed apparently homeless man woozily tells the camera, in a lengthy and rambling monologue, "Jeez I miss you so much. I wish I could be there." ("There" being the $1,000-plus a night Italian resort hanging out with guests like Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samberg. "Here" being behind what looks like a McDonald's.) Others mumble unintelligibly in response to questions about when they last hung out with Timberlake and Biel. When one shirtless man says he saw them at the L.A. Coliseum, the male voice asks, "were you performing with them?"

The video—that's a 20-second excerpt above—was shown to guests at the wedding, according to Huchel's attorney, who threatened a lawsuit when Gawker approached Huchel for comment (the letter from his lawyer is below): "Mr. Huchel made [the] video to be used and exhibited privately at Justin Timberlake's wedding as a private joke without Mr. Timberlake's knowledge."

Good joke.

by Miareply 3510/24/2012

R8 -- Blind Items says Biel made sure she got pregnant when Timberlake waffled. That would explain her smug look. Oldest trick in the book.

by Miareply 3610/24/2012

That's cringe worthy and then some.

by Miareply 3710/24/2012

Do you think Britney is sad?

by Miareply 3810/24/2012

Britney's new fiance is about 40,000 times hotter than Justin. I think at this point she probably doesn't give a shit.

by Miareply 3910/24/2012

I love that People got snarky and put Britney on the cover. I do think Britney really loved him, if you look back to when she started going off the rails it was when they broke up. It probably bothers her. Her fiance looks like a cross between Billy Bob Thornton and that Sam dude on True Blood.

by Miareply 4010/24/2012

Ugh. I watched the Social Network the other day and was disgusted by stunt cast Timberlake's weak performance. I wanted to enjoy the movie but my mind kept rebelling "Why is N'Sync in a movie about Steve Guttenberg?"

by Miareply 4110/24/2012

[quote]I don't get all the Gen X love for him, his records are tuneless crap, he can't write a decent song, he's not an effective singer or actor and he's homely!

Gen Xers are in their 40s. Any love for Justin Timberlake is coming from GenY/Millennial Generation.

by Miareply 4210/24/2012

LOL R41! R42, not all young people are tasteless idiots.

by Miareply 4310/24/2012

Why is she wearing pink and not the traditional white. Is she trying to tell the world she's a whore and not a pure virgin bride?

by Miareply 4410/24/2012

Pink seems to be the 'in' color for brides.

by Miareply 4510/24/2012

To R6 - Yes, the bride wore pink.

To R12 - I thought the same thing. That boy can't get away from Britney if he tried.

by Miareply 4610/24/2012

The marriage will end in,




by Miareply 4710/24/2012

With the way how much the wedding costs someone's got something to prove.

I read that neither Bass or Chasez were at the wedding (Bass wasn't invited and Chasez had a family wedding to attend to).

by Miareply 4810/24/2012

Hideous cover.

by Miareply 4910/24/2012

I applaud People for putting that pic of Brit. I'm sure 'mr. And mrs. Timber are thrilled.

by Miareply 5010/24/2012

awful cover.

He is a good looking guy with a nice body and good-sized dick (allegedly).

But I also think he sucks a dick or two.

I just wish if he were gay, he'd just come out.

He worked with Madonna. Successfully. And I think around that time she may have hinted at his and Pharrel's sexuality??

by Miareply 5110/24/2012

I just assumed that Timbaland was boffing Justin.

by Miareply 5210/24/2012

Jessica Biel is a lesbian? What?

by Miareply 5310/24/2012

I don't see why Timberlake is still such a big deal with the entertainment press. He hasn't recorded any new music in quite a few years, and his movies have all flopped. The public is obviously not interested in him or his attempts to be a movie star, yet the media still treat him as if he were an A-Lister.

by Miareply 5410/24/2012

Did Justin steal the shoes of the Wicked Witch of the West?

by Miareply 5510/24/2012

The marriage will end when the Publicists say the marriage will end - the same way it started.

by Miareply 5610/24/2012

He's so handsome

by Miareply 5710/24/2012

eew. Biel can do so much better than TimberFAKE. He's ugly, weird voice, weird body, rude to fans and a mediocre talent. She's so hot she deserves a stud, not a dud. I never understand why any girls or gays are fans/crushing on this guy.

by Miareply 5810/24/2012

Good idea for the cover picture and probably the only way to go. It's not as if they could pull off gazing into each other's eyes with undying love and devotion.

by Miareply 5910/24/2012

I think he can act in some things (Alpha Dog). I like him on SNL. I'm not a Gen Xer but he's a likeable enough actor.

by Miareply 6010/24/2012

Biel should get rid of the bangs and cut her hair.

by Miareply 6110/24/2012

They should just join Scientology already, where they will find many other "Couples" just like themselves.

by Miareply 6210/24/2012

Nice video of homeless people played at his reception. Great gift from wonderful friends.

by Miareply 6310/24/2012

Hope that video bites him in the ass.

by Miareply 6410/24/2012

She's pregnant.

That's the only reason a woman with a tiny waist would wear that gown, and strike that pose on the cover of a national magazine.

by Miareply 6510/24/2012

Say what you will, Timberlake was the best thing SNL has had in decades.

But yeah, he's ugly and a douche.

by Miareply 6610/24/2012

What did Madonna say r51?

True that Lance wasnt invited? And JC skipped it? Ew, bitterness.

by Miareply 6710/24/2012

Too bad this Josh guy is such a douche...

by Miareply 6810/24/2012

99% of modern/young celebrities have no more appeal or talent than the average bum on the street.

by Miareply 6910/24/2012

[quote]Did Justin steal the shoes of the Wicked Witch of the West?

No, but he seemed to be gifted with her looks!

by Miareply 7010/24/2012

That pink is hideous. She's not a 5-year-old girl.

by Miareply 7110/24/2012

A lot of famous people are 'vultures'.

by Miareply 7210/24/2012

Especially in Hollywood and politics!

by Miareply 7310/24/2012

That's gotta be one of the worse wedding picture evah!

by Miareply 7410/24/2012

I feel a backlash coming.

by Miareply 7510/24/2012

I know plenty 40 something gay men (AKA Gen X-ers) who love this ugly troll and lust after him. Never understood his appeal. He's an ugly ass overgrown hillbilly.

And doesn't the bride look thrilled?

by Miareply 7610/24/2012

Like what R75? A meteor crash?

by Miareply 7710/24/2012

R76, you've brought up a major pet peeve of mine. DLers calling ugly men that look like JT 'hot'. I mean undoubtedly ugly people, not unconventionally good looking or a specific taste.

by Miareply 7810/24/2012

Damn... If Lifetime Movies just waited a few months they could have made "Liz and Dick in a Box."

Though with that dress, a remake of "Whatever happened to Baby Jane" is looking awfully good. That cotton candy pink gown is too precious.

by Miareply 7910/24/2012

r67, US Weekly says that Lance and Joey weren't invited, but JC and Chris were.

by Miareply 8010/24/2012

He's on the better looking side of average, but still average.

by Miareply 8110/24/2012

His looks do nothing for me. Decent body, but some ridiculous tattoos. Successful singer, obviously, but still seems to struggle a bit with acting. I'm amazed at the roles he continues to get.

I'm not sure where the gay stuff comes from, I don't see it at all.

by Miareply 8210/24/2012

average looking and mediocre talented white guys have always been the rage for some reason...JT fits that bill. I never saw anything special about him.

by Miareply 8310/24/2012

You can't stand Justin's happiness, can you Marys? It brings you down.

by Miareply 8410/24/2012

She's had way too much plastic surgery to be beautiful. Do all celebs see the same surgeon? Don't answer that, they do. Yuck.

by Miareply 8510/24/2012

Cover isn't cute. It's a LOOK AT ME (not her) cover.

by Miareply 8610/24/2012

He looks like an idiot. Rumor is he didn't invite Lance or Joey because he thought them doing Dancing With The Stars was in bad taste. Ironic isn't it?

by Miareply 8710/25/2012

"Justin thought a reunion would overshadow the wedding," said one pal. "And Justin hates Lance now."

Lance Bass is now out of the closet and Justin Timerlake . . . isn't.

by Miareply 8810/25/2012

Jessica actually looks great on the cover, but Justin looks like a douchbag. He really should stick to singing, because that's his forte.

by Miareply 8910/25/2012

Autotune is Justins forte.

He should stick to acting, because he started his career as an actor playing a singer in a musical group.

by Miareply 9010/25/2012

In the music business, the Autotune software is known as the "Timberfake."

by Miareply 9110/25/2012

Even the comments on the People website are negative and snarky, which is interesting because People commenters are usually gushing, clueless fraus. I wrote this before, but the public just doesn't like Timberlake.

by Miareply 9210/25/2012

Where have you been R53?

by Miareply 9310/25/2012

Wow, a lot of haters on DL, but the guy is straight, i will bet on it

by Miareply 9410/25/2012

Don't care about either of those people. Cared enough to type this, though.

by Miareply 9510/25/2012

R94 I sincerely hope you're right.

But I wouldn't bet the rent on it.

by Miareply 9610/25/2012

Why no JC at the wedding?

by Miareply 9710/25/2012

TimberFAKE is just another lucky, average looking and mediocre talented WASP who made it big in the biz. I appreciate talented and beautiful celebs who really had to work for it. The lucky ones are annoying. The fact that this douche is a known jerk is even more off-putting. I have no idea what any straight girl or gay sees in him besides $$$.

by Miareply 9810/25/2012

JC had his brother's wedding to attend to. That's why he couldn't make it.

by Miareply 9910/25/2012

Justin Timberlake has a cood presence and cool essence on stage as a singer, musician, and dancer.

Have you ever seen him sing, dance, and/or play piano on stage?

It's a worthwhile, engaging experience.

And his 'Sexy Back' song, performance, and video - and performed on stage - were all stellar.

by Miareply 10010/25/2012

R100 is one of those tasteless fangays. Timberfake's presence and essence are contrived and copycat. He, like Madonna, simply copied many black performers and the clueless sector of the white gays and girls thought he was "so cool and original".

I have seen Timberfake "sing" with his weak ass voice, I've seen him play piano and he was OK but nothing amazin and I've seen his mediocre dancing. Nothing engaging about that. His "Sexy Back" song has a nice beat but someone like Usher would have sang, dance and performed it MUCH better.

Hell, even that poser Robin Thicke is more talented than the poser Timberfake.

by Miareply 10110/25/2012

Jesus r101, why throw in Madonna's name into this? Are you going to throw in Janet next? Focus on Timberfake. There's plenty to pick at there.

by Miareply 10210/25/2012

According to The View, Justin had no knowledge of the homeless tape, and it wasn't mean't for anyone to see. It was a friend who taped it as a surprise for their wedding.

by Miareply 10310/25/2012

None of these boy band people have any credibility as musicians, they all suck.

by Miareply 10410/25/2012

I love Robin Thicke!!

by Miareply 10510/25/2012

R104, Justin Timberlake plays piano well. He is also a songwriter.

by Miareply 10610/25/2012

Nick Lachey has a good voice and is a respectable single performer.

He sings well on his own and doesn't need his former group, Ninety Eight Degrees, to make him sound good.

by Miareply 10710/25/2012

R100, I'm not a fan of Justin Timberlake.

I do not seek him out in any particular way.

I just think that he does have some talent.

by Miareply 10810/25/2012

That was already known r103. But he and every rich bastard at that wedding had no problem laughing their asses off to it.

Yeah, I bet it wasn't meant to be seen by the public.

by Miareply 10910/25/2012

R102 it was to illustrate a point. Madonna, like Timberfake, is guilty of basing much of her career on what others (especially black entertainers) have already done better. They present watered down versions and SOME white fans who don't normally follow black entertainers lap it up as some kind of genius work. Why do you think white fans are going crazy for Adele? She is a good singer no doubt, but overrated. She tried "singing black" with more of a soul style and the certain white fans who don't listen to black soul thought she was the most amazing thing ever. I cut her a break because she has talent, but idiots like Timberfake and Madonna who also have rotten personalities deserve all the criticism in the world.

by Miareply 11010/25/2012

I would love to be a fly on the wall at Timberlake's house right now. That little bitch must be so PISSED this homeless story got out and ruined his PR wedding coverage.

by Miareply 11110/25/2012

No one thinks or says that Justin Timberlake does 'genius work', R110.

He does produce some fun, interesting, and entertaining work though.

by Miareply 11210/25/2012

It's being reported that Timberlake didn't mean to harm anyone, because it was a prank from a so-called friend. Justin said that he doesn't believe in making fun of the homeless. He's also not happy with his friend right now.

by Miareply 11310/25/2012

He harms us with his music r113, how can we believe he didn't mean to harm with this video?

by Miareply 11410/25/2012

Timberlake has always been a smug Anglo Saxon douche. This isn't major news. Back when he was the ghetto-fabulous whiteboi from Memphis, his ego and faux machismo attitude was at an all time high. Now that he's an "actor," he ditched the ghetto persona; he no longer goes around with s curly Afro and cornrolls; to be considered a serious "actor" -- in his mind, anyway -- he must wear goofy glasses and Brooks Brothers suits at premieres.

I just don't get how he has a movie career. The majority of his films flopped hard. "Friends With Benefits" was a minor hit, maybe he should stick with comedies. He's a talented comedic actor. He needs to stay away from action or sci-fi films.

by Miareply 11510/25/2012

What the heck did he do? Harm a homeless person? If he did, I hope he is seriously punished. I wish he would never get to eat lunch in Hollywood again.

by Miareply 11610/25/2012

Timberfake begone!

by Miareply 11710/25/2012

R115 the higher ups in the biz must love him. Timberfake's first few movies all did terribly at the box office. For most aspiring actors, that would be enough to squash their chances at getting big parts ever again. Somehow he kept getting cast in movies and because morons think he's aMaZiNg!!111!!11 on SNL, that suddenly somehow meant he's a legit actor. His reccuring role on SNL kept him in the spotlight just enough without overexposing him. As I said, he's a lucky WASP without much talent or looks.

by Miareply 11810/25/2012

I don't care if he writes his own songs because they all suck.

by Miareply 11910/25/2012

I like Justin, but he needs to get over being the center of attention all the time.

by Miareply 12010/25/2012

He was great in Social Network and Fincher said he kept auditioning and the fact was, he was the best person for the part. I have to agree with Fincher.

by Miareply 12110/25/2012

[quote]Shoes so ugly that they cost more than your house, [R3].

Well, if they're expensive, then they absolutely MUST be beautiful.

Thanks for weighing in with your aesthetic criterion, Mr. Trump.

by Miareply 12210/25/2012

Justin is very witty. People in all walks of life enjoy working with a witty person.

I'm sure his quick wit has helped to get him jobs in movies. I'm sure show biz people enjoy his wit.

by Miareply 12310/25/2012

r123 = Justin

by Miareply 12410/25/2012

I believe in Justin's apology. You bitches should be angry at his stupid friend.

by Miareply 12510/25/2012

Holy shit. Did you read about the details of their wedding video???'

by Miareply 12610/25/2012

[quote]That was already known [R103]. But he and every rich bastard at that wedding had no problem laughing their asses off to it.

Ah, Justin did not laugh at the tape, and he was actually embarrassed, and felt awkward about it. You guys need to stop hating on Justin. But, I do hate the wedding photo.

by Miareply 12710/25/2012


Did you buy the new Justin Beiber CD yet?

by Miareply 12810/25/2012

A question for legal minds:

Can any of the homeless people sue the guy who made the video?

by Miareply 12910/25/2012

That's fine R121, but he essentially played himself.

by Miareply 13010/25/2012

So far all accounts reported said he did laugh r127. Believe first reports or believe the "trying to save my ass" reports?

by Miareply 13110/25/2012

Why are there always people hating on Justin for being white? Wtf?

by Miareply 13210/25/2012

Why does he hate Lance now?

by Miareply 13310/25/2012

[quote]He was great in Social Network and Fincher said he kept auditioning and the fact was, he was the best person for the part. I have to agree with Fincher.

Really? You've seen the rest of the audition tapes? How else would you know he was the best.

by Miareply 13410/25/2012

One homeless guy got $40 to appear in the video:

by Miareply 13510/25/2012

Justin hasn't released an album since I was in high school. That was five years ago. He needs to give acting a break for a minute and put out some new music. Future Sex Love Sounds is one of the best albums of the past ten years. It was the template for so many of these current concept albums (ie: 21, Hard Candy, etc.)

by Miareply 13610/25/2012

Stop hating on Justin, he didn't know what his friend was doing.

by Miareply 13710/25/2012

Because Fincher is a creepy perfectionest. He thought Justin was the best or that's what he said on the DVD commentary.

by Miareply 13810/25/2012

And if you think they're ugly, they must be, Mr. Blackwell R122.

by Miareply 13910/25/2012

Those shoes look HORRIBLE, I hope Justin didn't pay too much for them. Oh, wait...

by Miareply 14010/26/2012

Stop "hatin on Justin"??? Are we in some Midwestern High School circa 1999??

JT has ALWAYS been a creep and I am glad this has come to light in a BIG way.

by Miareply 14110/26/2012

Justin is an asshole and he has asshole friends. This isn't shocking.

I'm just glad somebody was offended enough to leak the tape to Gawker.

by Miareply 14210/26/2012

Leave Justin alone!! He didn't know about the video, he would never diss homeless people...what a bunch of haters!

by Miareply 14310/26/2012

He just annoys me. What a wigga!

by Miareply 14410/26/2012

r144, that is insanely immature.

by Miareply 14510/26/2012

OK, R143 cracked me up!!!

by Miareply 14610/26/2012

Have to wonder who leaked the tape to Gawker. Can you imagine getting married to someone and then having this tape shown in your presence at your wedding celebration? Mortification.

by Miareply 14710/26/2012

Oh shut the fuck up, [R145]. You probably have a Justin Timberlake poster on your wall and jerk off to his photoshopped Rolling Stone cover. Ya big ole pussy bitch cunt whore.

by Miareply 14810/26/2012

I just looked at the caption for Britney more carefully. It's about her ex-manager's trial. I should put manager in parentheses. He is suing her conservators and her mother for defamation or something of the sort. Based on what I've read there's been quite a bit of testimony about her state of mind and start of her problems. Her father testified that her drug addiction began right after her break up with Timberlake and that she spiraled out of control quickly enough for people to be concerned about her well-being. He urged Federline to sue for custody of the children.

Ouch. I'm sure she's over him by this point and she's engaged to that guy, but it's more than awkward to see the mental breakdown and the implicated ex together. Your life laid bare.

by Miareply 14910/26/2012

He is sort of a wigga, isn't he? But I bet he had very few blacks at his wedding. Justin seems to hang out with black people only when he is making money from music. When he is in Hollyweird mode, he is totally white. Fake ass bitch.

by Miareply 15010/26/2012

They call him Justin TimberFAKE for a reason, R150.

by Miareply 15110/26/2012

I wonder if he has a hairy hole. I'd suck that dingaling, for sure.

by Miareply 15210/26/2012

Ugh, that's nasty!

by Miareply 15310/26/2012

Most African Americans don't trust white people anyway. It's sad that we have to be so separate.

by Miareply 15410/26/2012

First time I got a good look at him at work was in the Social Network. And he came off as gay as anyone I have ever seen in a movie. In fact he seemed so gay to me that his role as a whathisname the .com prodigy womanizer was the weakest link in the film. He seemed exactly like about 5 out of 10 guys you might run into at a midtown (Hell's kitchen/NYC) gay bar on a Friday night- nothing at all wrong with that, but of course the guys in those bars are not straight or pretending to be.

Who knows.

by Miareply 15510/26/2012

Justin has posted an open letter of apology on his website:

by Miareply 15610/26/2012

[quote]Autotune is Justins forte.

lol, seems to be the case for every mainstream 'artist' these days.

by Miareply 15710/26/2012

i think its tremendous. they are perfect for each other.

oh so handsome;-)

and justin not bad looking either.

by Miareply 15810/26/2012

Apology? Too wittle, too wate, Justin.

by Miareply 15910/27/2012

DYK that Justin's asshole friend is dating Amanda Seyfried? Let's see how long that one shakes down.

by Miareply 16010/27/2012

You've got to love his not wanting to upset his friends. They're "good people." What an asshole.

by Miareply 16110/27/2012

[quote]First time I got a good look at him at work was in the Social Network. And he came off as gay as anyone I have ever seen in a movie. In fact he seemed so gay to me that his role as a whathisname the .com prodigy womanizer was the weakest link in the film.

That's exactly what I thought when I saw the film. For a minute a thought the character was supposed to be a closeted gay man.

by Miareply 16210/27/2012

LMFAO @ the "open-letter apology" R156 linked for us. He makes excuses for it..."it was intended as a joke"...DUH but a crappy one at that. I also love how he HAD to plug his recurring role on SNL. What a cunt. I hope Biel cheats on him with a real stud.

I'm sure this will all blow over for TimberFAKE though, as was the case with the now infamous Superbowl incident. Janet took ALL the heat for it, even though he was 1/2 of the contribution. I'm sure the sweet innocent Justin didn't laugh at all when he saw this video made by his "good person" friend...I'm sure Justin cried and kicked him out of the wedding "my friends would never do that". Right? Who is he trying to fool lol. I hope the dumbass mindless public doesn't buy his apology but I'm sure they will and his career will go back to normal (lucky breaks in the biz).

by Miareply 16310/27/2012

People magazine changed their cover shot because the original with that douche jumping in the air got too much ridicule.

by Miareply 16410/27/2012

Agree with everything you said r163.

His character really came out with the Janet thing. Everyone saw his ass run while Janet took all the blame. Shit piles up, add this to his record. I'm sure he doesn't give a fuck.

by Miareply 16510/27/2012

What a plausible explanation!

[quote]I think it was made as a joke on me not having that many friends attending my own wedding(which IS kind of funny if you think about it).

Poor thing had over a 100 people at his $6.5 million wedding but he has no friends!

by Miareply 16610/27/2012

He hates Lance? Why? He hates the one he can't have? Poor thing...

by Miareply 16710/27/2012

Disgusting. He needs a humanity beard as well as a sexuality beard.

by Miareply 16810/27/2012

[all posts by right wing shit-stain # a removed.]

by Miareply 16910/27/2012

Can someone tell us why he hates Lance?

by Miareply 17010/27/2012

Spending $6.5 million on a wedding is appalling.

by Miareply 17110/27/2012

I think Justin is more jealous of Lance, because he's OUT.

by Miareply 17210/27/2012

Not a fan but I'll take him over Bieber any day.

by Miareply 17310/27/2012

I don't know what the hell you're babbling on about, R164. People magazine is on the stands today with the douche jumping all over the cover.

by Miareply 17410/27/2012

LOl at 'humanity beard', R168.

The photo is just sad. He literally looks like he's about to jump on her, and she looks tired and like she's waiting for his antics to end.

by Miareply 17510/27/2012

[quote]I hope Biel cheats on him with a real stud.

Like Rosie O'Donnell?

by Miareply 17610/28/2012

[all posts by right wing shit-stain # a removed.]

by Miareply 17710/28/2012

I think there is something a little dark about him - something not right. I don't see this lasting and I see her coming out of it very badly indeed. Very typical "marry her or lose her" scenario.

by Miareply 17810/28/2012

There is a blind item about a singer/actor who just married his girlfriend even though he still loves his orginal girlfriend. Claims the marriage was because she is pregnant.

by Miareply 17910/28/2012

I agree that there's something dark and slightly off about him. It's called life in the closet.

by Miareply 18010/28/2012

He comes across as a sociopath. Tries to approximate human feelings but is essentially cold and only concerned with himself.

Jessica Biel is an afterthought. He might as well have just married himself. However, she seems like a clinger and a starfucker and Justin was the golden prize she's been after for years (even though it won't really help her career much).

by Miareply 18110/28/2012

Actually he's pretty sensitive. Remember when he cried on Punkd? And he sure does love his mother.

by Miareply 18210/28/2012

What is it w/Justin and Leo w/their mommy obsession? These are men in their 30s??? WEIRD.

by Miareply 18310/28/2012

Also, I wish his acting career would end. He just is not that good.

by Miareply 18410/28/2012

[quote]I think there is something a little dark about him - something not right.

[quote]He comes across as a sociopath. Tries to approximate human feelings but is essentially cold and only concerned with himself.

I agree with these two statements. It might be because he is secretly gay, but I dont think so. I think Justin is an incredibly jaded person, because of all his success at a young age. You can tell he is a nightmare when the camera is not on him, the whole Janet Jackson thing proved that. He pretty much let her music career be destroyed and had no hard feelings about it.

by Miareply 18510/28/2012

[all posts by right wing shit-stain # a removed.]

by Miareply 18610/28/2012

[quote] Cover isn't cute. It's a LOOK AT ME (not her) cover.

The whole wedding was LOOK AT ME. It was Justin's wedding. Jessica just attended it. The People Magazine article made me nauseous. There's a picture of Jessica and her bride's mates and there justin is standing in front of them scrunched down in some dumb pose in order to focus ALL THE ATTENTION on him. He planned every step of the wedding. They both go up in front of everyone and told speeches. I bet they were nauseating. Then there was the kiss after they said their vows. Justin tilted Jessica way back. They must have had to rehearse that 20 times to get that right. The entire thing was a fake orchestrated party for justin

and Jessica too

by Miareply 18710/28/2012

People need to STFU with that stupid Janet Jackson bullshit though. He apologized and she refused to. They both did as they saw fit. It's not his fault that her career fizzled and his took off.

by Miareply 18810/28/2012

[R188] Joke? Janet Jackson created an entire video for her apology, and they wanted her to say sorry again. Justin's apology at the Grammys consisted of a lame joke.

In a way, I can understand why he sold her out (from his POV anyway). He wanted so badly to have critical acclaim and he wasn't about to let anything or anyone get in his way of potentially winning a Grammy. Despite Janet being his idol, despite her having NSYNC open up for her tour when they were just starting out, etc.

Its funny how Beyonce had much more success than Justin with her solo career (i.e. she won 5 Grammys in one night) yet never behaved the way he did. She thanked Kelly and Michelle that night during her speech (and still does to this day, when she won the Billboard achievement award). Justin has never once thanked JC, Joey, Chris or Lance.

Some people asked about Lance. I doubt Justin "hates" him, but Bass did say this some years ago in his autobiography [about his relationship with Britney not lasting]:

"I knew it wouldn't. Justin already had a great love in his life - his career. He wanted to be a star and no girl, no matter how great, was going to be able to distract him from that for more than a night or two between trips to the center of the spotlight."

by Miareply 18911/18/2012

TimberFAKE is a mediocrely talented and ugly cunt...nothing else to say about him.

by Miareply 19011/18/2012

Justin's music career peaked around 2005-2006 and other than the forgettable collaboration with Madge on Hard Candy he hasn't put out any new material since then. To make a comeback he'll have to compete with Justin Bieber who basically filled the niche he left open. He doesn't really have the looks or talent to support a major acting career either so I think he's pretty much ovah.

by Miareply 19111/18/2012

$6.5 million for a wedding is absolutely disgusting.

by Miareply 19211/18/2012

I still wonder if the video scandal will quickly be forgotten, as the superbowl incident was for this lucky faker.

by Miareply 19311/18/2012

[R193] It will and has. He seems to avoid every scandal that is thrown his way.

by Miareply 19411/18/2012

Come on, guys, he's adorable. Met him once and he couldn't have been nicer and, no, it wasn't a photo op thing. He even waves at you in your car as he passes by in his, at least he did back when he was seeing Diaz up Marmont Drive. (His southern roots, no doubt).

SHE, on the other hand, is a major drag. Always looks miserable and zero star wattage, Must be an amazing fuck because I don't get it otherwise (then again, I don't get ANY of those stupid Jessicas -- Biel, Alba, all of them but Lange. Their movies bomb and they keep getting hired for... what?)

by Miareply 19511/18/2012

Timberlake can come back anytime he wants. His stints on SNL prove he's really the only versatile song, dance, and comic man, in the old Dean Martin / Carol Burnett type of vein.

His emotional problems stem from his jewfro. He's not a Jew and he's not black, yet he has one.

If his hair is that kinky curly, can you imagine how curly his short and curlies are?

by Miareply 19611/18/2012

Lance said that? No wonder Justin got pissed off.

by Miareply 19711/20/2012

He's great on SNL.

I wonder how many months their marriage will last?

by Miareply 19811/20/2012

I do think he is talented, I just don't really think he's attractive...can't he straighten his hair? Maybe he should just go with an afro.

by Miareply 19911/20/2012

I can't at the people in this thread who say he's talented. I will say he's not completely devoid of talent, but he's simply a mediocre talent. There are many people who are much more talented, better looking and nicer who will never be famous but this cunt will always be 1 of hollywood's golden boys for no reason. Minus the hair, he's an average white boy with mediocre singing and dancing abilities. His acting skills are lacking majorly.

by Miareply 20011/20/2012

He is far from a golden boy these days. No one gives much of a shit about him anymore. His movies are flops, his wedding pics got him only like $300k. But he was once a far more than mediocre dancer and a pretty good singer too. Plus he had tons of charisma. Physically he hasnt aged well but IFHH in a heartbeat.

by Miareply 20111/21/2012

So maybe she has a contract with him? I hope they won't feel the need to adopt a brown baby.

by Miareply 20211/21/2012

I think he's a pretty good actor but he probably made a mistake by not coming out of the closet. He had a huge number of little girl fans but those times are long past. He should have come out, now it's too late. He'll be another John Travolta but John probably wasn't sexually abused when he was a kid.

by Miareply 20311/21/2012

I liked him in that Cameron Diaz 'Bad Teacher' movie. I give him credit for playing such a wimp, especially with somebody he once "dated". Love Cameron in that movie!

by Miareply 20411/21/2012

marry me r2

by Miareply 20508/05/2013

Are they still married?

by Miareply 20608/05/2013

Huh r203? Why does having tons of girl fans mean he should've come out

by Miareply 20708/05/2013
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