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Margaret (2011)

The definition of self-indulgent filmmaking.

by Jimmcfreply 2712/30/2013

I want to see it.

by Jimmcfreply 110/20/2012

Did that finally get released? Is Matt Damon in it?

by Jimmcfreply 210/20/2012

Is this Margaret as in Hey, God, It's Me?...

by Jimmcfreply 310/20/2012

Why this took so many years to edit is beyond belief.

by Jimmcfreply 410/20/2012

Did you mean to say "beyond me" R4?

by Jimmcfreply 510/20/2012

It seems like it was not edited at all - it was 2 1/2 hours long! Matt Damon is in it as a teacher. It was on Amazon for $1.99 a couple of weeks back - and just watched now.

by Jimmcfreply 610/20/2012

I watched it last week after the sale on amazon,too.

Oh mercy! I want my 1.99 back.

by Jimmcfreply 710/20/2012

Unless you financed it or was forced to watch it, what do you care?

by Jimmcfreply 810/20/2012

r5, No. It is another, perhaps more archaic, way of saying I cannot believe it took so many years to edit the film.

by Jimmcfreply 910/20/2012

It was a brilliant movie. I saw a very sold out screening when it was re-released in NYC and loved it. Anna P was transcendent and should have won an Oscar for her performance.

by Jimmcfreply 1010/20/2012

"Beyond belief" and "beyond me" are similar but distinct phrases. I'm sure you meant say "beyond me" as you started the sentence with the word "why". "Belief" would have made more sense if you'd written, "It took so many years to edit--it was beyond belief."

Why'd it take so many years to edit? Tell us, and we'll decide if it was beyond belief.

by Jimmcfreply 1110/20/2012

How did The Damon Butt look in it?

by Jimmcfreply 1210/20/2012

It was the Damon Butt during the Bourne years (I think it was filmed in 2004), so it looked good. Actually, it was strange just how young Damon and especially Paquin looked, especially after watching five years of "True Blood."

The film is messy, but it's Paquin's best adult performance, and J. Smith-Cameron (the trashy shifter mom on "True Blood," completely different here) and Jeannie Berlin (Elaine May's daughter) are both excellent.

by Jimmcfreply 1310/20/2012

This got incredible reviews in the UK last year, it landed on a lot of critics' Ten Best lists.

by Jimmcfreply 1410/20/2012

The most pretentious fillmore evah

by Jimmcfreply 1510/20/2012

I watched it last night. First time I've seen Paquin in a film since The Piano. I was shocked at what a good adult actress she's become. The main thread about the bus accident and her relationship with the dead woman's friend was excellent, but there were too many extraneous scenes and little character development for her. Why did she want that guy to take her virginity, for instance. The Matt Damon scenes could have been cut completely.

Question: in the final scene with the lawyer conference call, she says "I killed her" or something like that. Did she tell the friend that before? Was it in her deposition? It was confusing because i'm sure if they knew, the people close to the dead woman would have found her partly responsible.

The writing was fantastic, its a nice depiction of raw, shaken post-9/11 NY, but with a little more shaping it could have been a great 90 min or 2 hour movie.

by Jimmcfreply 1610/24/2012

I gather the editing took a long time because while there is a story, it isn't an airtight, has-to-be-linear plot, if that makes sense. Many of the scenes could have been swapped, shortened, changed, etc, and given an entirely new meaning. That is an editing job that takes more time and in a way can never be truly finished. Change one thing and then you realize that two other things have to be changed to fit, then it goes on from there. Maybe not as long as this took, but its no walk in the park for an editor.

by Jimmcfreply 1710/24/2012

Loved it, paquin was fantastic and the scene at the end at the opera was one of the most beautiful in any movie I've watched.

by Jimmcfreply 1812/02/2012

"the definition of self-indulgent filmmaking"

Not as long as Paul Thomas Anderson is alive.

by Jimmcfreply 1912/02/2012

Anna Paquin is still a very promising actress.

by Jimmcfreply 2012/02/2012

They were all loathome, but I liked it.

by Jimmcfreply 2112/02/2012

Just saw it for the first time on hbo. I can't understand why so many people hate or just dismiss it. Yes, it's long but I wasn't bored for a second.

It also reminded me that J. Smith Cameron is one of our finest actresses (and has been since I first saw her in Crimes of the Heart on Broadway).

by Jimmcfreply 2212/15/2013

I bought the extended cut on DVD last month - don't know if it's a "director's" cut or just approved by Lonergan but it's the longest available. I decided to get high and watch it on Christmas Day as the start of a number of films I was going to watch:

Margaret Magnolia, PTA All The Vermeers In New York, Jon Jost Drifting Clouds, Kaurismaki

However, it took me 4 days to get through Margaret. It's not for everybody. What the previous poster had to say about the task of editing and giving shape to something like this is certainly true - and I wonder if given the time it would've made those long 360 takes of Central Park and birds flying through the sky more pertinent and effective or more obviously irrelevant. The poster who states how well this captures the raw, nerve-jaggling post-9/11 NYC is certainly right as well, though it almost seems like a moment that was captured without context as if Lonergan firmly believed NYC would be irrevocably changed by those events, somehow frozen in time unable to move forward.

One thing for sure is that Lonergan had a lot on his mind and captured a lot of it, in all its messy glory, in the character of Lisa Cohen; and yet, it's not just Lisa but the people around her, adults who should know better, who seem to be encouraging and conditioning her to be less than she can be, less moral, less just, less concerned about others, less of everything. So the film reflects back on an established mindset, a peculiar strain of American anomie.

In the end, Margaret is what it is. I wish I had viewed it all in one sitting and though I'd like to say I'd watch it again, that probably won't happen. I did think that Lonergan's view of NYC was distinct (and frankly more authentic) than Allen and Scorsese. And much of Margaret is reminiscent of Cassavetes in spirit if not wholly in style. I am suspect of the use of opera in cinema but will forgive Lonergan the final scene since it was less about the opera and more about the moment everything catches up with Lisa Cohen, brilliantly played by Paquin. And Mark Ruffalo is always hot.

by Jimmcfreply 2312/30/2013

Thanks, R23, but you know what we're really interested in.

by Jimmcfreply 2412/30/2013

Okay R24: Matt Damon looks really young in it and there were no discernible shots of The Damon Butt.

by Jimmcfreply 2512/30/2013

Thank you, R25.

by Jimmcfreply 2612/30/2013

It was ok, but I thought the ending was a little weak.

by Jimmcfreply 2712/30/2013
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