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Rancid Cunt Rightwing Lawyer shits all over Sandra Fluke "Some women don't know how good they have it."

Christine M. Flowers: Some women don't know how good they have it

Christine M. Flowers Philadelphia Daily News

THERE IS A MAN from the Northeast who left his native Pakistan many years ago, worked hard, got his green card, and brought his family to the United States. He is a very good person, a proud American citizen who plans to vote this November because, as he tells me, this country has given him so much and he has a duty to return the debt.

We are lucky to have him.

He is lucky, too. If he were still living in the Swatt region on the border with Afghanistan, every day would bring with it the possibility of death. It is a part of the world where young girls must hide in their homes if they want to learn reading, where child marriages are commonplace and where the Taliban rules.

My friend has two daughters. They don't need to shroud their faces when they go out into the street, are able to choose their own friends and, most importantly, walk with their heads high into the classrooms they love.

For this, more than anything else, my friend rejoices in the greatness and promise of America.

I never fully understood what it meant to be from Pakistan, or any other country where my gender was a birth defect. I've always had the best schooling, unlimited opportunities and men in my life who said "go ahead" instead of "follow behind me."

I've learned a few lessons from "Salim," including the importance of humility (haven't excelled in that subject) enthusiasm in little things (like running water and functioning electricity) and tranquility of spirit.

More importantly, I've learned true gratitude for the freedom that I, a woman, possess.

That's why the recent talk of a war on my gender angers me to the point that I want to scream. "Have you, my sisters, lost your senses?"

Sandra Fluke with her simpering demands and outstretched hands makes me ashamed to call myself a woman, makes me want to sit this Georgetown law student down and tell her the story of Malala Yousafzai.

Sandy has spent so much time this summer and fall drumming up sympathy for her condom crusade that she probably hasn't heard about this Pakistani woman, really just a child of 14, who was shot in the head last week by an enraged group of Taliban soldiers.

Her crime? Speaking out about the importance of education. Teaching her friends how to read. Meeting with ambassadors and other important men, asking them to do something for the women of her beleaguered country.

Malala is in a coma now, and no one knows if she'll awaken. If she does, there is a strong possibility that this brilliant young girl who spoke multiple languages and loved literature will be brain-damaged, blind or unable to breathe on her own.

I asked Salim about Malala, and he shook his head. "This is why I came here 13 years ago," he said to me. "My oldest daughter was 5 when I left Pakistan, and I knew that if I stayed, she would never have the life I dreamed for her." Now, his beautiful firstborn is finishing high school, contemplating college and stretching wings that would have been crushed under the weight of the Taliban.

Salim looks at his own child and thinks of Malala. "I feel for that young girl's father," he says. "I know what he is going through just now, and I understand the emptiness in his soul. It could have been my own."

Perhaps Sandra Fluke might learn a few important lessons from Salim. She could put down her torts-and-contracts books for a few minutes and look into my friend's beautiful blue eyes, listen to him talk about American promise and opportunity, see his brilliant teenager and reflect on the message she's been trying to sell us for the past contentious months.


by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 4310/29/2013

(continued) For all of its superficial imperfections, this country loves its women. It gives us ample space to develop interests and skills, respects our right to earn an education, demands that we be treated equally at work and in the sports world, and even legislates creatively so we can do whatever we want with our reproductive parts.

But for Sandy, that wasn't enough. She and her like-minded friends wanted all of this, plus free birth control. They wanted to make the rest of the country believe that women were being "raped" when they submitted to a legitimate medical procedure. They screamed bloody murder when the highest court of the land said you couldn't dismember an infant and call that "choice."

Malala Yousafzai lies in a coma, because she wanted to go to school. Sandra Fluke earns accolades because she wants the government to subsidize her love life.

Someone needs a reality check.

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 110/19/2012

Forgot link.

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 210/19/2012

Sounds an awful lot like the Taliban's complaints about Malala's efforts.

Good for Sandra Fluke for standing up for what she believes in, and for promoting the rights of women, in the face of a merciless, cruel cruel campaign launched by ignorant men (and their coopted women mouthpieces).

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 310/19/2012

Christy Flowers must be friedns with Patty Heaton.

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 410/19/2012

Just to give you an idea, she's also a staunch Catholic who was angry when people came after the Church for their massive pedophilia cover ups and pretty much didn't give a shit about the victims:

[quote]Even when the sex-abuse scandal rocked the church, I refused to do what so many of my co-religionists did and abandon the pews for a less troublesome spiritual home. Horror and disbelief at the sick acts of criminals didn't make me say, "Enough, I'm out of here."

She is also a wacky JoePa supporter so we know she enjoys kiddie rape.

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 510/19/2012

Flowers says that Conservatives are "born that way," much like homosexuality.

Read this shit:

Christine M. Flowers: My right-wing views are part of my DNA

By Christine M. Flowers Philadelphia Daily News I'VE COME to believe that conservatism is genetic, not environmental. After all, to take a page from the gay community, why would I choose a lifestyle that subjects me to criticism, discrimination and general vilification if I wasn't born that way?

Now, allow me to dislodge my tongue from cheek, and I'll explain how social conservatives have become the new Nazis for some people. In fact, we've been lumped together with the SS by disgruntled citizens from Wisconsin to New Jersey, most of whom pay union dues and seem to have a particular penchant for depicting their governors as Hitler.

(And don't get me started on Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann, either of whom can't make a slip of the tongue without the New York Times, MSNBC and the rest of the media lynch mob turning them into a cross between Aimee Semple McPherson and Leni Reifenstahl.)

Some like to say that a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged, but that's simply a way to denigrate those of us who believe in personal responsibility. Liberals tend to sympathize with the mugger, and have a hard time waking up to the fact that not every miscreant on the street is a Jean Valjean looking for bread to feed his starving family. Sometimes, if it walks like a thug, talks like a thug and looks like a thug, it is a thug - and no amount of social engineering will make the thug sympathetic.

Social conservatives, as opposed to their fiscal and foreign-policy neocon cousins, have had a particularly hard time of it.

While the mainstream media drums up grudging appreciation for a guy like Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who says we should abandon our fixation on social issues - and even had a (temporary) crush on Rudy Giuliani, who balanced his law-and-order creds with moderate views on abortion and gay marriage - anyone who is pro-life, anti-gay marriage, supports religion in the public square and thinks that the Equal Rights Amendment was a savvy scam is anathema to the Fourth Estate.

And when the media is agin' ye, thee has a problem, Pilgrim - because most of the Pulitzer-winning opinionators out there are unabashedly liberal, and seemingly incapable of believing that a rational being can ever be against abortion, same-sex unions, institutional atheism and anything else opposed by evolutionary amoebas like me.

So that's why I'm convinced social conservatism is a matter of DNA, not GOP, since anyone with a sense of self-preservation wouldn't willingly choose to live a life where you are considered a bigot, racist, misogynistic or, my very favorite, hopelessly stupid. Even those of us with advanced degrees, like Bachmann, a tax lawyer, are ridiculed as clueless simply because we don't sound like subscribers to Ms. magazine.

Our brothers and sisters in the gay community have made great inroads with the idea that they were born with their particular sexual orientation, something they neither acquired nor necessarily desired. They just "are," which helped reach the recent decision legalizing same-sex marriage in New York.

And while I used to struggle against that interpretation, given my strong belief that we are not slaves to biology, I have to admit that it makes life an awful lot easier if we can just say, "Hey, it's not my decision that I'm this way, so don't hate me for it!"

That's why I've decided that the next time someone writes a snarky comment after one of my op-eds calling me a mean-spirited "rhymes-with-witch," I'll try to convince them that believing in the sanctity of life from the moment of conception is as much a part of me as my attraction to men.

And the next time I get an email telling me I'm a coldhearted "rhymes-with-punt" because I don't think that the homeless should be able to use the sidewalk for a toilet, I'll argue that wanting to keep innocent citizens safe from unpredictably dangerous mental patients is as much a part of me as my Italian heritage.

And the next time I get a voice mail wondering why the Daily News employs a disgusting "rhymes-with-trucker" like me, I'll leave a return message explaining my belief that you can't give constitutional cover to same-sex marriage is as much a part of my inherited identity as my brown eyes and freckles.

I'm not sure it will work. But given the recent results in New York, I'm optimistic.

Christine M. Flowers is a lawyer.

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 610/19/2012

Typical ignorant repuke cunt

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 710/19/2012

Her argument is basically "be grateful for second-class citizenship".

How many of you are okay with that?

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 810/19/2012

If she really cared about the rights of the child, she would be putting more of her efforts into children who have been born into abject poverty. Instead, she uses them as an example of how in the west we comparatively have it so good. Well yeah, in any ways we do but that does not mean that it is all perfect and free.

She used the guy she talks about in her article to promote her own agenda. Disgusting.

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 910/19/2012

How timely!!

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 1010/20/2012

She's an idiot. Send her to Pakistan and let her be a woman there.

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 1110/20/2012

"religion in the public square"

I'm all for this. Stand on the street corner and deal with anyone crazy enough to engage you. But do not fucking disrespect the wisdom of the Founding Fathers by trying to insert your craziness into the lives of your fellow citizens.

"given my strong belief that we are not slaves to biology"

Yes, please try to stop breathing, eating, or being attracted to men.

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 1210/20/2012

Who'd want to fluke Sandra anyway?

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 1310/20/2012

I am from Philadelphia and am very familiar with this vile person. In fact, I had to stop reading her column several years ago to watch my blood pressure. She is a rightwing nutbar lawyer, who is also a meanspirited, smug, nasty misogynist. She really feels women are second class citizens and her concern for children stops at birth. She is unbelievably ignorant and proof that a college education and multiple degrees do not necessarily make someone smart. As others have said, she worshiped JoePa and was way more concerned for the loss of his reputation than she was about the dirty goings on at Penn State - the rape of children did not seem to faze her as much as the termination of a fertilized egg. Fucking hypocrite.

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 1410/20/2012

OP here. I've had a fun little e-mail back and forth with her today. Basically she says she's Catholic and Sandra Fluke is infringing on her rights as a Catholic.

As a former Catholic, I had to remind her of all the atrocities the Catholic Church has committed - just this year alone.

She seems to think that Sandra Fluke's crusade against religious freedom is a far greater crime to humanity than half the country calling a private citizen a whore and a slut.

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 1510/26/2012

Wait a second...this is weird...I did NOT write "Sometimes I love this kind of entertaining, campy trashy fun" as the first post of this thread when I originally created it.

I googled this thread since it had fallen off the board but that is not what I wrote. I noticed that yesterday in another thread.

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 1610/26/2012

Yes dear - I'm sure your "friend" Salim loves the fact that you are a patronising cunt...

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 1801/02/2013

Anti-misogyny troll, what do you tell people that you did today when they ask you in real life?

"Oh, I spent all day on a gay messageboard bumping posts with the words cunt and frau to prove a point about misogyny"

Would you tell someone you did this? Is your cause so important to you that you would? I doubt it. Go drink another bottle of vodka. Perhaps mix your meds with them while you're at it.

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 2801/02/2013

r19-27 is a nitwit who bumped the thread because the OP used "cunt" in the title. It's a politically incorrect word, but this thread is about a real misogynist, Christine Flowers, attacking a feminist, Sandra Fluke. If the OP was such a misogynist, he wouldn't be defending Fluke. And anyway, it doesn't excuse your childish meltdown or accusing all of DL of misogyny. You're a fucking moron.

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 2901/02/2013

r31 - r35 = F&F

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 3603/19/2013

The point of Datalounge is to provide a place for gay men and the women who admire them to talk openly about their contempt for women. That is why DL exists. I'm a gay man, and I think it has to stop, this abuse.

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 3703/19/2013

r39, stop spamming, and bumping up this thread, freak!

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 4003/19/2013

The shitbag known as Philadelphia attorney Christine Flowers publishes incendiary right-wing crap and then, when you challenge her on it, via the email address she posts along with her crappy op-ed piece, she replies until she sends one final email advising that she's blocked you, and THEN she gets off one last barb. Christine Flowers is an idiot.

by My name is Christina Flowers and I HATE my vagine.reply 4310/29/2013
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