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Thomas Roberts Has A Secret,From One Who Knows

New post up for you snarky gossip hounds Thomas Roberts vs. Anderson Cooper Enjoy As Always ; M

by As Always ; Mreply 6511/21/2012

M would know how and when to capitalize and punctuate a sentence.

by As Always ; Mreply 110/17/2012

Stop promoting your silly blog.

by As Always ; Mreply 210/17/2012

OP, it reads like Ted C. learning to write full sentences and failing.

Next time, have him carry a log wherever he goes.

by As Always ; Mreply 310/17/2012

DL, IMHO the author is using her celeb gossip blog to drive traffic for her real subject matter, child sexual abuse, especially in Hollywood. That's her career. Please read up, and help spread the word.

by As Always ; Mreply 410/17/2012

[quote]Not "M" the blog's author; just a fan

Troll-dar says otherwise.

by As Always ; Mreply 510/17/2012

I'm not shocked by the "secret" or anything in here...kinda boring and predictable lol

by As Always ; Mreply 610/17/2012

Working on JonBenet Ramsey now because that is my mission, justice for the victims, jail for the child molesters, child abusers, etc. All I did, day after day for 10 years.

They are still out there.

Please help find Jessica Ridgeway's killer. I don't care if you like my writing style or lack of use of the AP stylebook. Pointless bitchery isn't all you are about, I know this is true. Why I joined, some of you care about the cause of the little ones who can't fight for themselves.

This is really an evil person who must be stopped. My site will tell you how to you can pitch in. Law Enforcement hasn't got anything so far, they haven't even located most of her body parts. As Always ; M

by As Always ; Mreply 710/18/2012

I desperately implore you to take a writing class or thirty. I read that entire meandering, pointless, unintelligible word salad and I still have absolutely no fucking idea what you're talking about.

His big scandalous secret is that he had a crush on a chick once? Oh, dear.

Honey, you are NOT Michael K, ok? Just stop.

by As Always ; Mreply 810/18/2012

What R8 said - DOUBLE!!!!!!

by As Always ; Mreply 910/18/2012

And to pile on --

OP, you cannot write well. Reading that was torture. Your motives may be the best, but who can say? Your writing is so unclear I cannot honestly tell you what you were hoping to convey.

Stop linking your pathetic blog here.

by As Always ; Mreply 1010/18/2012

WTF is that blog? Who has time to read that fucking novel?

by As Always ; Mreply 1110/18/2012

Just fuck off, R8. You are nothing but a goddamn asshole. You revolting cunt.

by As Always ; Mreply 1210/18/2012

What's wrong, OP/r12, did the truth hurt your little feelings?

You. Cannot. Write. For. Shit.

by As Always ; Mreply 1310/18/2012

Totally agree, R13.

by As Always ; Mreply 1410/18/2012


by As Always ; Mreply 1510/18/2012

The five minutes I spent trying to get to the point of that insipid blog I shall never get back.

by As Always ; Mreply 1610/18/2012

R16, What's the matter? Are you so visually impaired that you are incapable of skimming the articles? Maybe you should just admire the pictures.

by As Always ; Mreply 1710/18/2012

The article really is funny, simply because it's so awful. It seems like something created by a high school lesbian who wants to be a writer but doesn't have the talent.

by As Always ; Mreply 1810/18/2012

The story takes me back to my teenage years.

I'd visit people to purchase pot. I never knew how to make a quick exit, so I'd stay to hear their meandering stories about Life. The universe. Everything.

At least I caught a free buzz and came away with a baggy weighed down with stems and seeds.

OP's link doesn't even provide me with that. That's not right.

by As Always ; Mreply 1910/18/2012

Children, Please Note: MAJOR CLUE HAS BEEN LOCATED, HELP FIGURE OUT WHERE IT IS FROM: "A cross recovered during the Jessica Ridgeway investigation could become a pivotal piece of evidence that helps authorities identify and locate Jessica’s killer. In an ongoing attempt to identify the predator responsible for the abduction and murder of Jessica Ridgeway, police are asking the public to look at several pictures to see if these will help lead police to the killer.

Police recovered a wooden cross that is approximately 1 ½ inches tall by 1 inch wide. The cross has a hole drilled through the upper part and appears that it can be or was worn on a necklace. On one side of the cross are three vertical bars etched onto the shorter horizontal section and a zig-zag pattern is carved onto the opposite side. The cross appears to be a solid piece of wood and the upper post portion is offset from the lower post below the short horizontal section.

From Westminster PD facebook: Several more pictures there."

Flame away all you want, don't read my blog, go to The Facebook Site which I have nothing to do with, I just want the killer found before he dismembers another child while the kid is still alive.

That is more important to me than pointless bitchery from queens who do care about stopping child predators.

I've read The AP Stylebook, doesn't save kids. As always ; M

by As Always ; Mreply 2010/19/2012


And yet the major clues to piss off are eluding you completely.

by As Always ; Mreply 2110/19/2012

[quote]I'd stay to hear their meandering stories

Both the blogger and the "fan" of the blogger took a course in Advanced Meandering. They obviously had the same teacher. Their meandering style is a perfect match.

by As Always ; Mreply 2210/19/2012

This loon should be more fun to mock. As it is, she's just too weird.

by As Always ; Mreply 2310/19/2012

The author of that unreadable blog is illiterate. The gossip, if it can be called that, has been stolen from a few sources including here.

Don't bother.

by As Always ; Mreply 2410/19/2012

The writer of that blog is a bit off. It wasn't hard to figure out who she is. Maybe she doesn't care but I always caution people not to reveal personal details about their lives unless they're prepared to sign their names. She's a bit old to be acting like some high school girl and that's how she comes across.

She sure has an ego and she clearly thinks she is gorgeous. That's nice that she wants to continue trying to catch bad guys but I read some of her posts at her blog and she lifts whole sections from Wikipedia. Even about people she claims to have been intimates of.

I took offense at her post about Thomas Roberts. She was just completely cunty - she also claims that she was the only woman he ever lusted after because, of course, she was so irresistable. Even to a gay man. It's quite a hoot to read.

eriously why would you dish confidences like that on a blog I assume she wants to be taken serious about a serious subject. I'd sure as hell never trust her with any information.

And, yes, her so-called insider info about Roberts has been here and elsewhere for ages as well as mostly everything else she writes about celebrities inclduing her "friend" Oprah.

As a defense attorney I can be as critical as anyone of law enforcement, prosecutors and the agencies I have been dealing with for decades and I agree with a good number of her critcisms but sometimes her criticisms just come off sounding like she wants to look smarter than they are. Sort of the same personality type as some of those serial killers.

by As Always ; Mreply 2510/19/2012

R25, The blog was not originally intended for the savvy and informed of DL, any more than CDAN or BlindGossip targets those with Hollywood insider info. I'm a fan because her real goal is to drive traffic to "websleuths." Check out that site and look at her life's work, and hopefully you'll understand her purpose. Yes her blog, which does not accept advertising or payment or fees, is a cover for fraus, such as those that read DL, but need to "wake up" and be made aware of the reality of child sexual abuse in and out of the entertainment industry. Her recent post on why she thinks Patricia Ramsey killed her daughter, JonBenet, questioned why a cute little Black girl was never reported missing. Obviously if she discussed the latter story without the former, few would be interested.

by As Always ; Mreply 2610/20/2012

Bitch, shut up.

by As Always ; Mreply 2710/20/2012

[quote]same personality type as some of those serial killers.

At this point, she probably could not hold down a job for very long. Anyone who read her blog would not hire her for any type of work.

by As Always ; Mreply 2810/20/2012

She "used" Thomas Roberts' name at DL in order to get attention for her poorly written blog. This ploy clearly indicates she's not someone who could be trusted to look out for the welfare of the public.

What's next for this charlatan? Will she claim she has "a secret" about Anderson Cooper? Will she spin something about Mel Gibson, claiming it's a secret that only she knows? Will she claim that she owns the gauze used on the camera lens to shoot Lucille Ball in Mame? Will she reveal why Mitzi Gaynor got the lead in South Pacific?

by As Always ; Mreply 2910/20/2012

Why do you think that "M" is a she?

I liked the blog, it reads well.

by As Always ; Mreply 3010/20/2012

That has to be one of the most poorly written blogs ever.

It uses a lot of words and 'points' but says nothing.

by As Always ; Mreply 3110/20/2012

Well, I read her posts on Jonbonet and the other criminal matters. She is just another opinion on these cases albeit with criminal experience. In the end she doesn't have all the answers though she seems to think she does - as does her "fan" here.

[quote] her blog . . . is a cover for fraus, such as those that read DL, but need to "wake up" and be made aware of the reality of child sexual abuse in and out of the entertainment industry.

What does that even mean? Do you know where you are?

You sound like one of those nutters who wants to see conspiracies and "rings." We all know child abuse exists - but I do not encourage anyone to devolve again into the conspiracy mindset that brought us wild and mostly baseless accusations of satanic rituals in nursery schools and caused great misjustice all over the U.S. That type of overzealous and irresponsible investigation and prosecution caused irreparable harm to both innocent persons falsely accused and real victims.

M is an older she. She used to be an assistant prosecutor in a small rural county in Maryland. She does have experience but that makes me think she has taken leave of her senses to create the kind of blog she has. If she was like this as a prosecutor she must have been insufferable.

LOL! She does claim she has inside info about Mel and Anderson, et al. Her article on Oprah who she claims to have been on very friendly terms with when the O was in Baltimore is lifted practically word for word from Wiki - even the info she claims was from personal knowledge - maybe SHE wrote the Wiki article on Oprah - LOL!

Suffice it to say I detect she has some "issues" and she's acting them out.

by As Always ; Mreply 3210/20/2012

I tried to read the blog, but I couldn't. Seriously? Get to the point. We're in the age of twitter, of 140-word communications. Your pieces are way too long. I'm not suggesting that you reduce your posts to 140 characters, but you should write more concisely and get to your point. An editor would do you wonders.

by As Always ; Mreply 3310/20/2012

R32, No, I'm not into conspiracy theories, although I think that they sometimes make entertaining reading. I was joking about her blog "appealing to fraus that read DL." I'm actually using the "frau" term to refer to anyone, MAN OR woman, who isn't up to date on the latest gossip. Just because it's too basic for you doesn't mean that other men reading DL can't learn something. Re Patricia Ramsey, I am always disappointed when the rich and powerful get away with crimes by "lawyering up." The more exposure to the truth the better.

by As Always ; Mreply 3410/20/2012

It isn't "lawyering up" when you are facing allegations that you murdered your child. You make it sound as if it is somehow wrong or sinister to do that. Anyone would do that. You'd be an idiot not to. It's how innocent people end up charged with crimes.

by As Always ; Mreply 3510/20/2012

R35, Please tell me why Patricia Ramsey was never arrested for killing her daughter? Why should her husband get sympathy for saying he'll be looking for his child's killer for the rest of his life? Of course I know many of the guilty hire the best lawyers money can buy, and some have unlimited sources of funds.

by As Always ; Mreply 3610/20/2012

This whole thing (along with the WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN? bit) seems like the delusional sock puppetry of a sick, sad woman.


by As Always ; Mreply 3710/20/2012

R37, Do you have any idea how frequently sexual molestation of kids, like Thomas Roberts, occurs?

by As Always ; Mreply 3810/20/2012

When she does the big reveal on Hugh Beaumont, Tony Dow, and Jerry Mathers, she'll be more famous than Gloria Allread. The question is, how did she manage to acquire Roddy McDowall's diaries?

by As Always ; Mreply 3910/20/2012

I have Charles Adelbert Canfield's much sought after biography, only 25 copies were produced in Full Leather With Real Gold Edging. Oh, of course a Whitney was the author as rich people can only converse with each other. Whenever there was a problem with a servant, or a chaffeur, tragedy ensued.

As Always ; M

by As Always ; Mreply 4010/21/2012

These people were far more tiresome than any of you. Tracing their lineage to demonstrate their superiority to The Poors.

by As Always ; Mreply 4110/21/2012

Exactly how long ago did your medication run out?

by As Always ; Mreply 4210/21/2012

For pointedly cruel bitchery, I turn to Michael K of DListed.

He is much more clever than you.

Why don't you settle down & enjoy the stylings of Michael K?

by As Always ; Mreply 4310/21/2012

Dallas Drake runs a tiny outfit which promotes the cause of LGBT youth & trains Polce Departments to handle their cases with greater sensitivity. Below is his facebook site.

He knows me, I sent him more money then he asked for when the financial crisis struck; leaving him short of funds to keep going.

Yes, another cause from the do-gooder.

Hope DataLounge will support him.

by As Always ; Mreply 4410/24/2012

Please support the work of The Center For Homicide Research. Dallas Drake knows me, I sent him more than he asked for when the financial crisis hit.

He does outreach to GLBT youth as well as training police departments to approach their cases with greater sensitivity.

Your hopeless do-gooder ; M

by As Always ; Mreply 4510/24/2012

Post up on Criminal Profiling, Jessica Ridgeway.

Also mentions my love of Chris Kluwe.

by As Always ; Mreply 4610/25/2012

Could you tone it down with the ego and claiming you predicted things that were already published?

Also the copying of material from other places without attribution is verbotten and you should know that. I'm talking about your while sale lifting of passages from wiki for crying out loud.

Seriously your are bordering on insufferable.

by As Always ; Mreply 4710/25/2012

Me above - that's not "while sale" but wholesale? I'm high on chocolate chip cookies and whole milk - yum.

by As Always ; Mreply 4810/25/2012

Milk, cookies, Suri's burn book.

Off to reconsider proposal that I blog about Assica being shocked that Pappa Joe is gay...

by As Always ; Mreply 4910/25/2012

Nothing like a Happy Memory.

The Saintly Father Brian Under Arrest.

He looks great in handcuffs.

Pedophile Priest Beloved By Everyone But Me.

by As Always ; Mreply 5010/25/2012

Hey I liked her discussions on Depp and why he is an ass. An interesting perspective...

by As Always ; Mreply 5110/25/2012

What the hell is going on here?

(And wtf r18? Thanks for thinking "lesbian" is an insult.)

by As Always ; Mreply 5210/25/2012

I'd love to be an honorary lesbian, please.

Current post in progress discussing why members of a certain cult: Mormons, make poor Presidential Candidates as stance of The Church of The Later Day Saints on gay marriage, choice to be you & me, rights extended to those who have converted to their cause is not enough to allow your heathen family to enter the blessed area at your own wedding.

Ann, wasn't that kind of humiliating? Mormons are flaming the site, see if you can help watch my back.

Still adore Chris Kluwe (NFL punter, WoW Loate) for flaming Maryland politician who is violently anti-gay, specifically against gay marriage with the declaration that granting the right to gay marriage won't result in the creation of:"lustful cockmonster".

Please don't encourage Willard Mitt Romney's running mate: American Pyscho, by admiring his rock hard body. No Friend of Dorothy, there either.

by As Always ; Mreply 5310/26/2012

I need help now, please look at this post to answer question at bottom re: Tim Gunn.

Gwyneth is insufferable, you know this.

by As Always ; Mreply 5410/27/2012

Special pics just for you Datalounge lurkers.

by As Always ; Mreply 5510/29/2012

New Post Up Promoting Concern for LBGT Youth Crime Victims.

by As Always ; Mreply 5610/30/2012

While you were bitching, I was gathering support from The Battle Ground States to Vote:

Anti-cult, Anti-Mormon, Ant-Mitt

Your Own M2

Is Closing In On the Kill

If you hate cults, child molesters, pedophile priests, vote against hater of LGBT Willard Mitt Romney

Enjoy The View

by As Always ; Mreply 5711/05/2012

Special photos for Datalounge

Very cute stuff

by As Always ; Mreply 5811/08/2012

god, pleas do not allow these backwards thinking posters to be those who elected Obama. OP must be an investor in a timeshare brain cell sharing scheme.

by As Always ; Mreply 5911/08/2012

Some like them wet: Special datalounge lurkers edition


by As Always ; Mreply 6011/08/2012

Special Photo Edition: Datalounge lurkers only

Young & cute

Some like them wet,wet,wet

No, I will never post links to Manhunter

Children, please

It was him, everyone knows....

by As Always ; Mreply 6111/08/2012

Special Datalounge Photo Edition

Some like them wet

Some like them barefoot

Checkout Ryan Kwanten

Wet, dry, barefoot


by As Always ; Mreply 6211/08/2012

Now Thomas is yammering with Ally Sheedy about someone else's concern for LGBT youth displaced by Hurricane Sandy & the snow.

Remember to only address him as "Thomas", never as "Tom": he becomes quite irritable.

One who knows...

Your M2

Stop looking for those Manhunter pics...

by As Always ; Mreply 6311/15/2012

You win:

Manhunt is up...

It is Thomas.

Why do you have to see this?

by As Always ; Mreply 6411/18/2012

Happy Thanksgiving DL Lurkers!

Special Photo Fun Edition.

One from a private collection.

Not available anywhere else. No, not Thomas: he takes those himself.

And posts them on Manhunt. Poor Abner, putting up with Thomas like 4ever.

This blue eyed blond is very intellectual.

by As Always ; Mreply 6511/21/2012
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