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Just to let you know ahead of time...

...Because that's the kind of guy I am. Big changes are coming to Datalounge. You'll see. Soon enough....

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 8111/07/2012

What will they be?



by Nicky Know-it-allreply 110/16/2012

I am a bit puzzled right now, because I don't think I get the 'message posted' message.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 210/16/2012

Disregard my message at r2. Still getting the post saved messages after all.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 310/16/2012

Nick Denton bought Mediopolis for his new piece of stagemeat?

Bradford Shellhammer fucked his way into our hearts and minds - again?

Nan staged a lay-in and now each thread is moderated by a furry-lipped blatino hersbear?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 410/16/2012

I love Datalounge. I wish it only the best earrings and caftans.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 510/16/2012

Be still my heart.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 610/16/2012

Arianna? AOL? Blatino?!

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 710/16/2012

Editor, how about a "block user" function? Sure, it'd reset when the annoying cunt clears her cache, but at least it'd help ignore the trolls.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 810/16/2012

But are they good changes or bad changes?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 910/16/2012

You beautiful, sweet, silly, and stupid R9; all change is always bad.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 1010/16/2012

Since you're telling us now so you don't have to tell us then, is the big change going to be that DL is merging with the MichFest board?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 1110/16/2012

You know what would be really fun? A merger of DL and the Free Republic. Then we wouldn't need to go at it hammer and tongs from a distance.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 1210/16/2012

Will it involve nacreous layers?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 1310/16/2012

The promised searcheable database of all posts?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 1410/16/2012

[quote] Editor, how about a "block user" function?

Wouldn't that be heaven?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 1510/16/2012

There's a new world comin'...

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 1610/16/2012

Only authenticateds will be allowed to post?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 1710/16/2012

Datalounge is an insatiable bottom!

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 1810/16/2012


by Nicky Know-it-allreply 1910/16/2012

I'm telling you -- it's going to be a real change.. the first big one in a while. So hold on to your pearls, clutchers.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 2010/16/2012

Thankfully, the inline pics and links have been removed. If that was the big change you were referring to, thank you. Otherwise, don't change it too much. Bringing back tabs would be nice, though.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 2110/16/2012

Can I hope for an actual archive?

Can I hope for the ability to apply Trolldar to the beginning posts on threads?

Can I hope for a more thorough FF tagging system?

(Anyone else remember when FF actually sent the post to a separate archive?)

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 2210/16/2012

Contributions are going up to $19.

Primetime from now until the day after Oscar night.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 2310/16/2012

As long as I don't have to pay to post, then we're good.

I've bemoaned the demise of the good gossip here before, but so far the site annoyances are outweighed by the fact I don't have to authenticate or pony up.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 2410/16/2012

Or, um, eliminating Prime Time.

Because this site was locked down for the past 2 weeks every time I tried to access it.

And, no, I will NEVER subscribe.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 2510/16/2012


Like Reddit, except with subforums for discussions of Tony Stewart, hole-presenting and Joan Steffend on her sixth glass of Yellow Tail.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 2610/16/2012

An automatic electrocution function every time a Freeper posts?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 2710/16/2012

DL will take control of your webcam and when you post, a god awful picture of you will accompany your post.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 2810/16/2012

Just as long as it is still here and I can access it and read it and post I will be fine. I would be lost without DL and they would probably have to up my meds. Seriously.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 2910/16/2012

we shall see...

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 3010/16/2012

[quote] An automatic electrocution function every time a Freeper posts?

I'd rather see this reserved for every time some idiot bumps a thread from a mid-2011 or before

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 3110/16/2012

of all the guesses I hope like hell r17 is wrong.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 3210/16/2012

Didn't that "Things Datalounge Needs" thread get summarily deleted after less than a day's worth of life?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 3310/16/2012

It will be for everyone to sign on using Facebook and have your name displayed along every post you write. There have been complaints by some actors about defamation posted on this site. To prevent lawsuits and to defer responsibility to posters, real names will be displayed. Changes are expected to be rolled out in a few weeks.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 3410/16/2012

If you're not on Shitbook?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 3510/16/2012

Really, moderator? That's why it's called 'gossip'.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 3610/16/2012

Clare got her bread pudding? End of an era?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 3710/16/2012

Fuck you, "moderator". You ain't the Webbie! I didn't tingle at your post and Webbie always makes me tingle.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 3810/16/2012

That makes sense. The Facebook vanguard have always been all over DL this year, defending their company. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a business connection already. Too bad that those of us who eschew that narcissist-bait site will no longer be able to post here.

You'll be left with bad gossip and authenticated Freepers. Have fun...

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 3910/16/2012

This bitch

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 4010/16/2012

Search will actually, um, search.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 4110/16/2012

Please wait until after November 6th. You know, we can only take so much excitement at once.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 4210/16/2012

[quote]Thankfully, the inline pics and links have been removed.

Why, so they have! Thanks, R21 -- I've been using the iPhone/iPad view to avoid them, so I didn't realize they were gone. Good riddance!

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 4310/16/2012

I am already heavily involved in considering options that make our independence go away. Right now, your posting privileges aren't in danger. If Obama is re-elected, it will be. Mitt Romney gives Datalounge the greatest chance to remain independent. Remember, in the world of anonymous message boards, you are either gossiper or you get gossiped about. So far, Datalounge has been a gossiper. If Obama is re-elected, all of your posting privileges will be shipped overseas. Keep that in mind when you go to the polls Nov. 6.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 4410/16/2012

Archives, perhaps? Some of those classic threads really ought to be permanently enshrined.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 4510/16/2012

The editorials will return by popular demand.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 4610/16/2012

I hope the Facebook theory isn't true. I would hate to have to leave.

Where will all the refugees meet up?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 4710/16/2012

The in-line pics are still visible on my computer.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 4810/16/2012

None of you are right so far.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 4910/16/2012

Cleverbot MHB v. 1.0 - the database is now fully populated, so her responses will be in real-time.


"What is it about women from Park Slope?"

MHB: "Fish pushing double-wide strollers with snail trails make me vomit!"

"I'm visiting Haiti!"

MHB: "Darker the berry, longer/thicker the fruit! Leave your wallet at home!"

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 5010/16/2012

Timeline for this, OP?

I'll be gone too if there's a FB sign up requirement-although my spidey sense tells me that post is off.

OTOH, maybe Simon Halls is behind this.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 5110/16/2012

So, unless your being a trolling tool, OP, the FB thing is bullshit?

Real time chat? Avatars in profiles? Split topic boards again?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 5210/16/2012

There will be a special forum for Anderson Cooper.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 5310/16/2012

The search function will work 24/7 for the first time in five years.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 5410/17/2012

They're gonna pull the plug, idjits.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 5510/17/2012

A battery of special enticements for subscribers:

A free toaster with every subscription?

Special savings coupons for subscribers who may register to accrue points for posts and transfer these points to coupons redeemable, on applicable third Tuesdays, for invitation-only savings at the Piperlime Accessories Wall?

Special reduced rate subscriptions to GENRE Magazine (flyovers) or Christopher Street (in the know Manhattanites)?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 5610/17/2012

Oh, R56. We only read JANDRA magazine around these here parts.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 5710/17/2012

Thanks for telling me NOW so you don't have to tell me THEN.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 5810/17/2012

I'm sorry it's going away forever soon, but I understand that the you-know-what-company-we-can't-say-the-name-of has been losing (Excuse me. Loosing) up to $30 a month with the Datalounge Secret Mindreading Trojan Beta Test Project. Obviously this sort of loss is insupportable, and the results of the beta after 12 years have continued to be "indeterminate."

But then I realized that I most miss the DL when I'm on it. So maybe it's all good.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 5910/17/2012

I would like to make some suggestions...

I would love posts to show up instantly and the elimination of the lag time between posting and when it shows up.

A delete feature for the OP to delete a post or thread.

Maybe one or two open days per week, where everyone can start threads. I pay and don't mind, but realize that a lot of people just won't do it.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 6010/17/2012

[quote]And, no, I will NEVER subscribe.

So I'm sure your opinion will be given the appropriate weighting.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 6110/17/2012

I'm getting a promotion.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 6210/17/2012

^^A sure sign of the Apocalypse.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 6310/17/2012


by Nicky Know-it-allreply 6410/17/2012

I am the NEW editor of Datalounge.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 6510/18/2012

^^^Sign two of the Apocalypse.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 6610/18/2012

The big change is that a major character from datalounge will die in the next version...

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 6710/18/2012

Ciaran, I saw the pictures in Chrome but not in IE (don't know about Firefox or other browsers) -- the iPhone/iPad view did get rid of them in Chrome. Now they seem to gone in Chrome, hooray!

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 6810/18/2012

They're gone from Mozilla Aurora now, too. I didn't like having them on the front page.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 6910/18/2012

[quote]Maybe one or two open days per week, where everyone can start threads.

They do that for 40 minutes between 3 and 4 a.m. EST one day a week. It's not advertised. You just have to know about it and hit on the right day, which changes each week. If every non-member sets their alarm to wake up and come here between 3 and 4 on the right day, they can start a big bunch of threads to add to the DL fiction.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 7010/18/2012

My DL world hasn't been rocked yet. What was the change? The revamped 'search' function?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 7110/25/2012

Does the search actually search now?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 7210/25/2012

1. Pictures are back.

2. My friend Julie, that cunt, has accepted the position of DataLounge Editrix.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 7310/25/2012


Julie is a cunt! You absolutely CANNOT promote her over me!

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 7410/25/2012

The new search function that doesn't function half the time is no better than the last search function that didn't function half the time. Thus, I don't think the sometimes working new search function is the big surprise.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 7510/25/2012

This isn't the Datalounge I remember. It's very estrogen-heavy now, kinda lame.

I visit a couple times on the weekends now.

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 7610/28/2012

How far "ahead of time" OP? Is thing going to happen in the next few days or next month?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 7710/28/2012

[quote] This isn't the Datalounge I remember. It's very estrogen-heavy

Tremble and shrink o' piddling penis!!!

I'm telling you NOW, so I don't have to tell you THEN:


by Nicky Know-it-allreply 7810/28/2012

Will this big change happen this year, OP?

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 7911/06/2012

Update, OP. Update!

by Nicky Know-it-allreply 8011/07/2012


by Nicky Know-it-allreply 8111/07/2012
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