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Having Anal Sex For the First Time In a Few Hours And I need these Embarrassing Questions Answered

You can ask me why I'm a 22 yr old and now about to have sex (anal) for the first time after you answer these .

1. Any particular Positions I should be in for the first penetration .

2.The only Lube like thing i have around is a series of different body wash's and liquid bath spa's . Will it do ?

3. i last meal I had was like over 12 hours ago . Should I avoid food till after sex or is that really not a requirement .(Kinda hungry)

4.Is it going to hurt real bad ? Because even when I take A dump the hard ones its a little painful so the thought of his near 8inches thrusting into me frightens me. Anything I can do now while I wait to make a possibly painful experience less . Lol

And yes I do intend to se a condom .So please answer them before you ask me anything .

by Scared Virginreply 7611/25/2014

1. find a comfortable position, doggy often feels best to newbies.

2. NO, get real lube.

3. Eat, but douche, always douche.

4. Maybe yes, maybe no.

by Scared Virginreply 110/16/2012

OP? Sounds like you better stay a top.

by Scared Virginreply 210/16/2012

Why didnt you tell the top to bring lube? It's the least he could do.

by Scared Virginreply 310/16/2012

R1 I live in africa They dont exactly sell "Lube" here .Give me some alternatives that will work Just fine or else I woud have to abort and remain an anal virgin till further notice

by Scared Virginreply 410/16/2012

There are no safe alternatives. Why are you just thinking of this now?

by Scared Virginreply 510/16/2012

Olive oil will work but you would have to take it raw.

Africa has condoms but no lube? Really?

by Scared Virginreply 610/16/2012

GOD DAMN, some people are stupid

by Scared Virginreply 710/16/2012


by Scared Virginreply 810/16/2012

Here are some acceptable emergency based latex based home lube recipes:

1] If you can get to a pharmacist, buy a small bottle of glycerine and thin it with water.

2] Also at the drug store, Polyethylene glycol, sold in the US under the brand name Miralax, can be dissolved in water and used.

[It's funny to think but all those colonoscopies are made possible by drinking thinned out lube.]

And while lube is a newbie-necessity, the sensual preparation and digital stretching and preliminary finger-banging is also required.

If he is going to mount you, penetrate you and leave you may be setting yourself up for some back door damage.

Go slowly, go sensually and make him find the Monk in the Cave.

by Scared Virginreply 910/16/2012

r2 I am not even a top .I am a Virgin both ways

by Scared Virginreply 1010/16/2012

Stay away from oil based lubricants.

No olive oil, no mineral oil, no Vaseline.

Even water based creams may have oil that degrades latex condoms.

What, are you morons posting from 1982?

If you have access to POLYETHYLENE condoms you can use oil based lube but NEVER USE OIL/GREASE BASED LUBE WITH LATEX.


by Scared Virginreply 1110/16/2012

Africa? Oh dear. Make sure you don't eat da poo poo. They frown on that.

by Scared Virginreply 1210/16/2012

r7 what is so stupid about the questions asked

r3 because the top doesnt even know we are taking it a step further .He thinks its the usual mutual masturbation

so baby oil will do just fine right

by Scared Virginreply 1310/16/2012

You can't use oil with latex condoms. They'll break and you'll get the HIV.

by Scared Virginreply 1410/16/2012

For fuck's sake, you think this has never been done before? That it stretches the limits of the possible? That millions of people take cock up the ass every day because "it hurts" and leaves them bloody and doubled over, writhing in pain, swearing that they will never do it again?

by Scared Virginreply 1510/16/2012

I don't know if R7 is referring to the OP or to the people responding with advice.

by Scared Virginreply 1610/16/2012

R12 has given the best advice so far. WW

by Scared Virginreply 1710/16/2012

R9 glycerine has this Very warm sensation when it touches the skin why on earth would anybody want that down there

r11 thanks for the warning .

To everyone thanks for the advice I have decided against it . I called his phone and his baby mama picked it. Now thats not the turn off but the size of his dick . Do amount of lube will make taking 8inches any easier .

If and when I do have anal sex , the person has to have a small peen . At least smaller than me .

by Scared Virginreply 1810/16/2012

Is this a troll post?

by Scared Virginreply 1910/16/2012

r19 Surprisingly its Not . I couldnt make this shit up if I tried

by Scared Virginreply 2010/16/2012

Because it causes a warm sensation, OP.

And because it works.

by Scared Virginreply 2110/16/2012

Grape jelly is great for lube. Don't use strawberry jelly. Those little seeds are bothersome.

by Scared Virginreply 2210/16/2012

This post seems really fake and, frankly, not worth responding to.

by Scared Virginreply 2310/16/2012

what a wimp, take the dick

by Scared Virginreply 2410/16/2012

[quote]This post seems really fake and, frankly, not worth responding to.

Is that why you didn't open this thread and didn't post anything?

by Scared Virginreply 2510/16/2012

No lube in all of Africa? That's weird. I also find it weird that anyone living on the continent of Africa, which contains over 50 distinct, sovereign countries, would say they "live in Africa". That's like someone from New York saying they're from "North America" or a person from Hong Kong saying they're from "Asia". Yes, it's technical true but ridiculously vague. Why not just identify yourself as an Earthling for that matter?

So, no, this silly thread doesn't ring true. We also do this same "first time bottoming tips" thread every 3 weeks, for as long as I've been here.

And I love the poster upthread who listed several alternatives for when you don't have access to lube, all of which required a trip to a pharmacy. Hello? If you can get to a pharmacy THEY PROBABLY SELL LUBE TOO!

by Scared Virginreply 2610/16/2012

[quote]I also find it weird that anyone living on the continent of Africa, which contains over 50 distinct, sovereign countries, would say they "live in Africa". That's like someone from New York saying they're from "North America" or a person from Hong Kong saying they're from "Asia".

I image OP is considering the profound geographical ignorance of Americans.

OP--for the first time, go with a top who knows what he is doing. He should prepare you with an increasing number of fingers and he should know not to press in before your inner sphincter muscle relaxes which should happen within a minute after it is pressed by the tip of his penis. And you must relax. It helps if you keep reminding yourself that you want to be penetrated.

by Scared Virginreply 2710/16/2012

A nice firm face-slapping usually loosens up the prospective bottom

by Scared Virginreply 2810/16/2012

[quote]I image OP is considering the profound geographical ignorance of Americans.

That may be R27. OTOH, if the guy is in an area where he has access to the internet, it seems there would be a place to buy some type of lube, lotion, or skin cream, etc.

I saw some villages in Sierra Leone, Gambia and Guinea Bissau where they had no electric power - no stores, either. I passed by one village where they had several outdoor lights and one TV for the whole village.

I think I'll agree with R26 on this thread's OP.

by Scared Virginreply 2910/16/2012

[quote]Africa has condoms but no lube? Really?

Yes, protected-white-world poster, many areas of the world lack lube. Condoms minus lube are designed for fucking women who lubricate naturally. They're not designed for the small minority of openly gay men in Africa.

by Scared Virginreply 3010/16/2012

Don't have anal sex. But if you do, make sure he wears a condom. And no, body wash is not lube. And even with lube, it's gonna hurt like a bitch.

You are not ready for anal sex. Kiss and suck and call it a night.

by Scared Virginreply 3110/16/2012

[quote]Is this a troll post?

No, Rose, it's a preview of tomorrow's The View.

by Scared Virginreply 3210/16/2012

[quote]If and when I do have anal sex, the person has to have a small peen. At least smaller than me. by: OP

He lost me at peen. Not so elaborate. 5/10

And let throw in an Oh, dear for smaller than me...

by Scared Virginreply 3310/17/2012

Bitch, I don't care where you live. Africa or Asshole, Arkansas...if you have the internet, then you have a fucking drugstore somewhere. Buy lube.

Not that this is even a remotely real post, but still...

by Scared Virginreply 3410/17/2012

I don't think 22 year olds announce that in posts.

I left my age off in a slightly similar post (it was a what to do thread) and responders thought I was much younger than I am.

The responses were kind of sweet; I wish people like that had been in my life when I was younger.

by Scared Virginreply 3510/17/2012

I don't understand all the "it's gonna hurt" screeching. My first time was with a big-cock guy and I was as dumb and unready as a brick, but it hurt for a moment or two and then it was wonderful.

Of course a lot depends on the top and the position(s), the latter especially when starting out, but the BS reminds me of how women scare girls about the pain of childbirth and other ways the bitter hens try to peck pleasure from others beginning to enjoy life.

by Scared Virginreply 3610/17/2012

They only do mutual masturbation now but he wants to jump into anal?

How about some nice blowjobs first?

by Scared Virginreply 3710/17/2012

Hey guys serious post here even if it might sound funny. I have tried bottoming a few times and finally found a really patient guy. We're slowing getting further with it each time. He knows what he's doing and is good about it. Today (this was our 4th time working on having sex) he finally said something that I never heard before. He told me compared to the other guys he has been with, my anus is located higher up than theirs. Does anyone here know about that? I never realized that anus location on people can vary slightly. Obviously we all have it in the same area but apparently some are a bit higher while others are a bit lower depending on the person. It makes it harder for me to bottom because mine is a bit higher. Any thoughts on this?

by Scared Virginreply 3810/20/2012

"High anus" is not a condition. It's where the Kennedy's summer.

by Scared Virginreply 3910/20/2012

Wholly Pre-Lubed Condoms Batman!

by Scared Virginreply 4010/21/2012

Don't be a butt pirate?

by Scared Virginreply 4110/21/2012

oh puleeze naive are you? Did he tell you that you have the tightest ass evah to?

by Scared Virginreply 4210/21/2012

He's gonna walk in with tight jeans on and cowboy boots and when you are in position he's going to unzip and take out that 8 inches and ram it in with you grimacing and squinting and clutching the pillow with a squeak from you with each thrust until you have no ass left, it will be deflated like a pancake and all the gays at work will be pointing and laughing the next day. BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.........

by Scared Virginreply 4310/21/2012

Just bite the bullet OP and take that big, African peen up your ass.

by Scared Virginreply 4410/21/2012

Doesn't anyone know ass-sex McGyver style? Go into any grocery and buy some quality sausage (the kind with real pig gut). For an 8" peen, you're going to need 8" plus length enough to tie a knot on the end, so 13" of contiguous sausage will do. Don't buy spicey sausage because this will make your spider bark.

Now pick up a quart of full synthetic motor oil. I like the high viscosity stuff... like 10W40. I quart should last you quite a while.

by Scared Virginreply 4510/25/2012

OP, if you're really in africa you should know that the standard lube there is elephant snot.

by Scared Virginreply 4610/25/2012

Nobody says "I live in Africa." They say the country they're from.

I call bullshit.

by Scared Virginreply 4710/25/2012

So much is questionable about the OP...

1.) Lube is readily available in 'Africa'. I've definitely seen it in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and SA.

2.) 'Baby Mama' answered the phone? Sorry but if this guy's on the DL, the woman answering is likely the wife. Believe it or not, co-habitation without marriage is not really common amongst the local populations; in SA it's not a big deal and it's becoming less taboo in Ghana but in other parts of Africa? Not at all easy to find.

3.) If you have any sort of an expat population in your region of 'Africa', then there's a pharmacy that carries lube.

by Scared Virginreply 4810/25/2012

Just repose the question. What if you were stranded on a deserted island with another man sporting 8" of angry purple peen? What then?

by Scared Virginreply 4910/25/2012

Coconut oil, on a deserted island.

by Scared Virginreply 5010/27/2012

But R11, what if Polyethylene doesn't want him to use her condoms?

by Scared Virginreply 5110/27/2012

What's with all the 14 y/o bad slash writers posting here lately?

by Scared Virginreply 5210/28/2012

[quote] his baby mama

His what?

by Scared Virginreply 5310/28/2012


by Scared Virginreply 5410/28/2012

Bitch is going to be blowing bubbles from his pussy.

by Scared Virginreply 5510/28/2012

I have a question: Just got into anal sex (started last year and finally began enjoying it) but I have developed bad hemorrhoids (mainly internal) I am now in discomfort bordering on pain. Could my hemorrhoids have been caused by anal sex? Also, if and when they heal is it advisable to continue being on the receiving end of anal sex? Is anal sex NATURALLY for everyone, as in my case?

by Scared Virginreply 5610/28/2012

r56 Now that's really fucked up. I know for a fact there are physicians who specialise in gay health issues. If you lived in Palm Springs, I could tell you where to go. I'm sure a guy like that would have your answer.

by Scared Virginreply 5710/29/2012

Obviously your ass doesn't like being fucked,so it responds with hemorrhoids,they are like speed bumps for the penis

by Scared Virginreply 5810/29/2012

My FB had to cancel on me. He was going to open me up. I'm not sure I could have taken his dick, but even the prospect of his fingers was making me both nervous and giddy with anticipation.

I've put it off for years for fear of pain, disease, but now I've gotten to the point where I just want to experience it so I can check it off the list.

I'm leaving the ball (no pun intended) in his court to reschedule.

by Scared Virginreply 5910/29/2012

The reason I said I live in africa instead of a specific african country was because I am still very paranoid and wouldn't want it to be zero In on my location , or to be discovered as crazy as that sounds .

lube in pharmacies , probably but again walking up to a pharmacy saying I am buying lube ,I dont want to be suspected of anything . When you live in such a antigay society , when getting discovered is a death sentence , you take everything extra seriously .

Honestly As much as i find guys attractive i am absolutely scared to death about anal sex.

So make fun of this post all you want , its not a troll post ,I am just being cautious with my postings .

by Scared Virginreply 6011/11/2012


by Scared Virginreply 6111/12/2012

I WANT A MAN i'll be nice

by Scared Virginreply 6211/12/2012

it gonna hurt like hell.


by Scared Virginreply 6311/12/2012

I live in Africa, South Africa. It just happens that my bf brings lube even oil based if we intend to do anal so I'm not sure which part of Africa does not have.

All i wish to say is, as long as you're ready and comfortable. Go for it.

by Scared Virginreply 6411/24/2014

Just spit on it and go bareback unless he's a lose fag, then just run in opposite direction.

by Scared Virginreply 6511/24/2014

[quote]Just spit on it and go bareback unless he's a lose fag

The deed has been done...did you see OP's 1st post + date?

Wonder how it went for OP...maybe he's been arrested.

by Scared Virginreply 6611/24/2014

In the two years since OP started this thread, his hole is known as the Holland Tunnel and has adjusted to living life in Depends.

by Scared Virginreply 6711/24/2014

Make sure you do El Poopo Grande

by Scared Virginreply 6811/24/2014

[quote]I live in africa

Oh? Which part? The east side or the west side?

by Scared Virginreply 6911/24/2014

Um don't shit on the dick or condom. I've never bottomed but a guy I use to fuck was really hot but he would always shit on my dick when he are at 5guysburgers by my apt. Maybe I'm a bad top or fuck too hard. But don't believe anyone that says a little shit isn't a turn off, it's a mood breaker and the smell usually hits first. Doesn't matter how hot u are. Shit is nasty

by Scared Virginreply 7011/25/2014


by Scared Virginreply 7111/25/2014

Bill Cosby

by Scared Virginreply 7211/25/2014

OP, you posted a month ago. Tell us about "The Grand Opening?"

by Scared Virginreply 7311/25/2014

R73, 2012 was two years ago.

by Scared Virginreply 7411/25/2014

We're still waiting, OP !!!

by Scared Virginreply 7511/25/2014

While we're on the topic, does anybody have a good eggnog recipe for a holiday party? TIA!

by Scared Virginreply 7611/25/2014
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