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Oscar Picks: Recent and Future

The last ten years of acting winners have been, for at least half of the selections, dreadful.

Hilary Swank, somewhat passable, won her second statue for serviceable work. Reese Witherspoon, never disciplined, getting honored for a dull take on a late Country Music legend. Natalie Portman, woefully overpraised, being prized for attempting to be compelling in a dark drama.

Terrible choices.

And then we have Meryl Streep, who with 2011 won Sympathy Oscar No. 3, because she had gone nearly 30 years without a win. This was for playing the overly regarded Margaret Thatcher, who few gave a shit about when she was supposedly relevant.

So, what more do we to look forward to?

(All of this doesn't have to address exclusively the category of Best Actress. We can speculate on other races.)

by Anonymousreply 010/13/2012
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