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Naked Grandma Allegedly Offers Sexual Favors to Arresting Officers

INDIANAPOLIS, IND -- A 53-year-old woman who was arrested after a scuffle in a motel room allegedly offered sexual favors to officers.

Police called to a motel to check on the welfare of a toddler found the child and her grandmother naked.

According to the police report, the child's other grandmother called police because she was concerned that Burse was intoxicated while watching the toddler.

When officers arrived, Jacqueline Burse answered the door naked and began screaming obscenities.

A scuffle ensued after police tried to put handcuffs on Burse.

During the scuffle Burse allegedly offered sexual favors, asking the officers "Do you want some of me?" while moving her legs, according to the Indianapolis Star.

She was eventually handcuffed and dressed, but she kept screaming and cussing at officers.

Burse was booked on suspicion of child neglect and resisting arrest.

She has previous arrests for public intoxication, assault, prostitution and drugs.

by Anonymousreply 010/12/2012
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