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Whoever liberated my Synergy Kombucha drink from the 9th floor fridge sometime today in the past 5 hours - I certainly hope that you plan to replace it.

Just because my sharpie wouldn't write on the wet glass bottle doesn't make it fair game.

I hope that you do NOT achieve the re-energizing that you sought. And that the bottle exploded on you and your clothes as you opened it.

I have stated my boundaries, and I SEETHE with rage at their violation!

by Denisereply 310/12/2012

What is this disgusting swill?

by Denisereply 110/12/2012


This goes beyond a Larry David storyline. But then, there would have been a secondary story seemingly disconnected but which would dovetail seamlessly at the denouement.

Still It made me laugh.

by Denisereply 210/12/2012

[quote]What is this disgusting swill?

You find rack after rack of it at Whole Foods, near the other probiotics. Unshockingly, they're popular among crunchy granola types and "enlightened" vegan lesbians. I'm assuming the e-mail writer is the latter, as this is EXACTLY the kind of conversation I envision arising annually at Michfest.

by Denisereply 310/12/2012
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