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Undecided voters: Joe Biden won

FRI OCT 12, 2012 AT 06:30 AM PDT by Jed Lewison

[bold]Biden took a 50-31 win in CBS's snap poll of uncommitted voters and a 5-1 win in this NBC focus group.[/bold]

Last night, Joe Biden said Mitt Romney was wrong to dismiss the 47%, said Paul Ryan was wrong to put his personal faith above women's right to control their own bodies, said the middle-class, not the wealthy, deserve a tax break, and said it's irresponsible and reckless to push for more war in the Middle East. Biden even dared to correct Paul Ryan when Paul Ryan's assertions deviated from reality—and he did it with flair.

[bold]Biden delivered the kind of performance that thrilled Democrats—and enraged Republicans, who were torn between blaming Martha Raddatz and the expressions on Joe Biden's face. [/bold]But as amusing as the GOP's spin may be, it doesn't matter. Democrats needed a strong performance from Joe Biden, and they got it.

[bold]And among the voters who count—uncommitted and undecided voters—Biden won, both in a CBS snap poll of uncommitted voters who watched the debate and in an NBC focus group of undecided voters in Virginia. [/bold]So last night was a good night. Democrats got what they wanted and Republicans didn't.

by no shit sheriffreply 110/12/2012

Have to agree with the common wisdom. Romney clearly won the first debate. Biden won the second, though it was a much better debate.

I fully expect Obama will be on his toes next week and it will not be the embarrassing show it was last week. He will call Romney on his bullshit.

The problem is that while many will accept Biden's assertiveness, many will - sad but true - see Obama as the angry black guy if he takes Romney on with the authority he needs to. Not my racist view, but I live in a racist country. Even Biden is getting shit for yesterday's performance, for his being too grouchy, imagine if it had been Obama? Obama is walking a tightrope. He hates Romney, overcompensated at the first debate to remain very polite, and now he has to walk a fine line between being seen as a weak debater letting Romney get away with murder, on the one hand, and being overly aggressive, on the other. Hopefully he will rise to the occasion.

by no shit sheriffreply 110/12/2012
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