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I have some friends who are those lesbians that look like teenage boys (whatever that is called) and they have all decided to transition F to M. They are all taking testosterone and whatever else it is that will make this possible. Is this a new trend among groups of people to do this all together at the same time?

Of course, I love them and the choice is theirs but I do worry about them all doing this as a group.

by Diana Princereply 410/12/2012

I worry more about them doing it as teenagers.

Seriously, every teenager tries out new identities, how would you like to be stuck with one for life? Imagine if your Emo phase left you with irreversible physical changes.

by Diana Princereply 110/12/2012

Yeah, it's wrong and it's sad.

by Diana Princereply 210/12/2012

R2 = lexxie who cant stand to see the heard thinned, so to speak.

by Diana Princereply 310/12/2012

their dicks will never become president.

by Diana Princereply 410/12/2012
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