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Beauty and Beast was so good

Kristen Krucek is back and better than ever. Her Belle was fantastic. The beast is so hot. So much hotter than that Queeny Arrow guy.

by Bellereply 1310/29/2012

So which one is the beast? The girl, right?

by Bellereply 110/14/2012

I groaned throughout the whole pilot. Paint by numbers rip off from Hulk, Twilight, Alias, and CSI. PLUS one character has an accent! (is that, like, some marketing pitch theses days? Watch this show, because if features at least one sophisticated person with an accent).

But save the best for last: Female lead narration! We've got a frau winner!

by Bellereply 210/14/2012

It is aright i guess, better then the Pilot! Next week episode will have DL's favourite Straight boy Luke Macfarlane.

by Bellereply 310/14/2012

It's a combo of both Captain America and the Hulk.

by Bellereply 410/14/2012

People are saying Kristen does a good imitation of Beckett from Castle. She's been studying her.

by Bellereply 510/14/2012

[quote]It is aright i guess, better then the Pilot!

What do you mean? Was the first episode not the pilot?

by Bellereply 610/14/2012

Anyone know anything about the actor playing the beast? He is supposedly single.

by Bellereply 710/14/2012

He is New Zealand.

by Bellereply 810/14/2012

Yeah and I'm Argentina.

by Bellereply 910/14/2012

I fell asleep.

by Bellereply 1010/15/2012

[quote]He is New Zealand.

[quote]Yeah and I'm Argentina. by:Ep

I was America in the Olympics.

by Bellereply 1110/15/2012

Tale as old as time. Tune as old as song. Bittersweet and strange. Finding you can change. Learning you were wrong.

by Bellereply 1210/27/2012


by Bellereply 1310/29/2012
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