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Biden got that "my friend" thing from me

I always refer to G as "my friend Glenn"

by M (suffer haters!!!)reply 810/12/2012

You poor, pathetic, humor-challenged thing. You really have nothing else to offer DL than the M routine, do you?

by M (suffer haters!!!)reply 110/12/2012

give it up OP tedious an unfunny

by M (suffer haters!!!)reply 610/12/2012

That's not all I got from you, you bitch! You said you were clean and now I gotta explain to Jill why her husband's comin' home with crabs. This isn't good.

by M (suffer haters!!!)reply 710/12/2012

I just can't get past the Jewish leader allowing himself to be referred to as Bibi by other world leaders.

by M (suffer haters!!!)reply 810/12/2012
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