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Pat Robertson's ACLJ Fired A Lawyer for Boy Fucking

Ms. Jim Henderson allegedly purchased the favors of two under-aged boys. He's married and has eight kids.

If only those homosexuals would stop telling on anti-gay gays!

by it's Wonkettereply 810/12/2012

Billy Graham has tons of pedos, like this around him too. Now understand why Billy Graham is attacking gays?

This tactic is indicative of Navys firing warning shots at their enemies.

by it's Wonkettereply 110/11/2012

What always gives me a rise is the "moral beliefs" line. What morals?

by it's Wonkettereply 210/11/2012

Ha ha ha ha

by it's Wonkettereply 310/11/2012

Not this gay, R4. This gay likes the BIG boys. Men with big equipment and know what they're doing.

by it's Wonkettereply 510/11/2012

I find it offensive that people can joke about this. Personally, pedophilia is a disgusting, heinous crime and the fact that it is too often described as "something Gays like to do" as if we are depraved predators and being gay is some kind of sexually deviant behavior, is so offensive I have no adequate words to describe how I feel. I wanted to say that. This threat is repulsive to me. Too many gays have been victims of abuse growing up.

by it's Wonkettereply 610/11/2012

"Too many gays have been victims of abuse growing up."

Exactly my point!

by it's Wonkettereply 710/11/2012

"Personally, pedophilia is a disgusting, heinous crime"

First of all, the DSM defines pedophilia as sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Being attracted to someone isn't a "crime" (although acting on it is if they are underage).

Second all, the boy in question was apparently 17 - that isn't prepubescent. That isn't pedophilia.

"Too many gays have been victims of abuse growing up."

The vast majority of sexual abuse victims are straight. I find it offensive that self-loathing gays try to link being abused to homosexuality. Tell that to all the straight people who were abused.

by it's Wonkettereply 810/12/2012
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