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Paul Ryan workout photos!

What a hunk of man!

by ;>reply 10010/13/2012

Toothpick legs. NOT hot. Blech.

I thought Republicans hated fit, healthy people. They hate "MOOchelle" Obama for teaching kids to eat healthy. Ryan doesn't look like most Romney voters. Why does he get a pass?

by ;>reply 110/11/2012

Go away, freeper fundie cunt OP.

by ;>reply 210/11/2012

There's nothing better than glamor shots to give a candidate credibility.

by ;>reply 310/11/2012

Joe and Paul should arm wrestle at the debate.

by ;>reply 410/11/2012

Dude! Call me if you need a spotter.

by ;>reply 510/11/2012


by ;>reply 610/11/2012

wow, does that baseball cap make him look like an ugly dork! truth in pics, i guess.

by ;>reply 710/11/2012

The pictures are more credibile than his batshit ideology which mirrors yours, Sister Sarah.

by ;>reply 810/11/2012

Paul is dreamy. Can just imagine how mouthwateringly hairy is butthole is.

by ;>reply 910/11/2012


by ;>reply 1010/11/2012

Oops: credible*

("bile" applies as well)

by ;>reply 1110/11/2012

He's a cunt of man.

by ;>reply 1210/11/2012

He looks like a doofus.

by ;>reply 1310/11/2012

There is nothing DL loves more than a hot white gay hating guy.

by ;>reply 1410/11/2012

I saw ten gym bunnies today who were way hotter today. And I paid them scant attention, this dolt deserves even less.

by ;>reply 1510/11/2012

r2, are you really that much of an idiot?

Did you not notice my winky face in the author slot?

by ;>reply 1610/11/2012

He looks like an older version of David Henrie. As far as M.O. - well, she's just a she-beast. Should have been a linebacker for the Bears. Hate to run into her in a dark alley...

by ;>reply 1710/11/2012

At times he looks toothless.

by ;>reply 1810/11/2012

Take note fags - here's a real man! ALL real. My mudflaps are palpitatin'!

by ;>reply 1910/11/2012

Honestly he looks like he belongs sitting on the top step of a rusty trailer, coors lite in hand.

He has METH MOUTH people!!

by ;>reply 2010/11/2012

All of you saying you wouldn't jump this are liers.

by ;>reply 2110/11/2012

I've seen better legs on a chicken!

by ;>reply 2210/11/2012

Total Butterface

by ;>reply 2310/11/2012

[quote]All of you saying you wouldn't jump this are liers.

Home schooled, R21?

by ;>reply 2410/11/2012

He's meh in the real world, but "hot" in politics -- which isn't saying much when you're in a sea of fugly.

As far as M.O, R17? No one mentioned her, asshole.

by ;>reply 2510/11/2012

He looks so douchey in that backwards baseball cap.

by ;>reply 2610/11/2012

He really has a face of a twit. A contentious twit.

by ;>reply 2710/11/2012

Hmmm I like Obama's look more

He has those hot dick succking lips

by ;>reply 2810/11/2012

He is so BLAH to me.

by ;>reply 2910/11/2012

He looks like the kind of guy you see going in and out of the booths at adult book stores. Not that I would know anything about that!

by ;>reply 3010/11/2012

If anyone is thinking of reviving the old Mayberry RFD series, we've got your Goober.

by ;>reply 3110/11/2012

I love him.

by ;>reply 3210/11/2012

It's true .Washington really is Hollywood for ugly people.

by ;>reply 3310/11/2012

He really does look retarded.

by ;>reply 3410/11/2012

He looks strangely familar.... let me think about this....

by ;>reply 3510/11/2012

I can't believe people claim he's goodlooking. He looks inbred and he has DEAD EYES.

Repulsive inside and out.

by ;>reply 3610/11/2012

He looks awful here. This is the era of things like Mens Health magazine, where celebs go shirtless on the cover.

'Workout photos" have to reveal something - at least a sleeveless, tight shirt, showing ripped arms and the outline of a nice chest. Better yet, shirtless.

by ;>reply 3710/11/2012

Follow Ryan into the shower, then we'll talk. But he's stil an asshole.

The baseball cap on backwards makes him look even more like a douchebag.

by ;>reply 3810/11/2012

He looks like a tweaker.

by ;>reply 3910/11/2012

Hubba, hubba! After looking at these, my pussy is now every bit as wet as the breeze wafting into our vacation villa on Capri!

by ;>reply 4010/11/2012

He looks like a chicken.

by ;>reply 4110/11/2012

The man is fugly!

End of story.

by ;>reply 4210/11/2012

I agree that he looks inbred, like a hillbilly.

by ;>reply 4310/11/2012

He's hot. He's the type of hot, rugged DILF you see wandering the malls with their frau and spawn on the weekend. When you see him, you wonder to yourself, "Dare I cruise him?" and "What if he responds to my piercing gaze?" These "rugged straight types," in the most traditional sense of the term, make the best lovers. Sadly, you don't see many of these types, if at all, in the gay bars. You have to seek them out at malls and then summon the bravery to throw them a nod and a wink.

by ;>reply 4410/11/2012

I wouldn't suck his (no doubt) tiny white man's dick if I was suffocating and his balls had oxygen in 'em.

by ;>reply 4510/11/2012

Jesus, I hope r44 is a parody post but I don't think so.

by ;>reply 4610/11/2012

Does he have teeth? Why is his face broken so that his smile goes upside down? Is that a genetic glitch of some kind?

by ;>reply 4710/11/2012

R44 went looking for Mr Goodbar.

by ;>reply 4810/11/2012

Except he doesn't look like that R21. His mouth always looks like he's trying to swallow his own face.

by ;>reply 4910/11/2012

He is truly a ghoul, the Ichabod Crane for the Young Republican crowd. Those pictures parody themselves.

by ;>reply 5010/11/2012

good gawd, he really does look like Goober from Mayberry!

by ;>reply 5110/11/2012

[quote]After looking at these, my pussy is now every bit as wet as the breeze wafting into our vacation villa on Capri!

Mama, I know you have to stretch sometimes to come up with clever descriptions of your pussy/mussy, but I feel the need to inform you that Capri is in the bone-dry part of Italy and gets very little rain.

by ;>reply 5210/11/2012

(1) The comment is from Ann Romney, talking about her pussy, rather than from Momma (not "Mama"--newbie!) talking about her mussy

(2) The Capri breeze can be wet if it comes from the oceanside, where the most prized villas for the wealthy indeed are

But, many thanks for the benefit of your pedantry anyway.

by ;>reply 5310/11/2012

Dustin Diamond is already pitching to play him in the inevitable HBO telemovie. Gomer Pyle had more sex appeal.

by ;>reply 5410/11/2012

I am really not impressed with his body. And I was expecting much better arms and shoulders.

by ;>reply 5510/11/2012

That's it F the issues I'm gonna vote with my loins

by ;>reply 5610/11/2012

Those pics look like an Onion parody

by ;>reply 5710/11/2012

He is absolutely unappetizing. Looks like my social studies teacher, Julius Kornbluth.

by ;>reply 5810/11/2012

Paul Ryan and Aaron Schock wear their ballcaps backward. It's much easier for them to 69 that way.

by ;>reply 5910/11/2012

He looks goofy in those photos, very unsexy.

by ;>reply 6010/11/2012

I clocked Jim McGreevey & I stand strong that Ryan has a secret gay life

by ;>reply 6110/11/2012

Ryan currently getting fucked up the ass.

Thought you guys would be interested.

by ;>reply 6210/11/2012

Oh, bitches, you HAVE to check these Ryan "memes" out!

by ;>reply 6310/11/2012

R63 Thanks for the laugh

by ;>reply 6410/11/2012

Not looking so fierce in the debate tonight.

by ;>reply 6510/11/2012

Paul Ryan NEVER looks fierce, r65.

by ;>reply 6610/11/2012

Scroll down for debate poll.

by ;>reply 6710/11/2012

He's got Appalachia written all over his face

by ;>reply 6810/11/2012

He looks better in black and white

by ;>reply 6910/11/2012

In the second picture he looks like Kathy from Real Housewives of New Jersey! (Before her face reconstruction.)

by ;>reply 7010/11/2012

What's with his mouth? He looks like an old coot who has taken his dentures out!

by ;>reply 7110/11/2012

He needs to do some upper and lower lip curls.

by ;>reply 7210/11/2012

Good Lord, R44, seek help. Your life sounds like hell.

by ;>reply 7310/12/2012

I swear to God I thought I was looking at Jim Varney from the Ernest movies. Has a man running for Vice President ever looked more like a toothless moron than Paul Ryan.

by ;>reply 7410/12/2012

He is very Jim McGreevy-ish, r61!

by ;>reply 7510/12/2012

Ha ha ha! Look at Mr. Spindle Legs.

by ;>reply 7610/12/2012

Please Hammer, don't hurt 'em!

by ;>reply 7710/12/2012

what an ugly, fuckhead little gnome.

by ;>reply 7810/12/2012

R69, LOL!!!

by ;>reply 7910/12/2012

I'm really afraid these pics of Ryan could win Romney the presidency. Remember when those beefcake photos of Spiro Agnew in a mankini clinched the election for Nixon in '68?

by ;>reply 8010/12/2012

I'd lick his shitter.


by ;>reply 8110/12/2012


by ;>reply 8210/12/2012

R69, that was my first thought ... OMG, it's Goober!

by ;>reply 8310/12/2012

It really is that lipless mouth. Actually grosses me out. Especially when I imagine him eating spaghetti. slurp slurp...

On their own terms, those pictures are horrific. About as :"un-Presidential" as you can get. If they were from his youth, say, the Backstreet Boy era, we'd laugh and move on... but he POSED for these. As a career politician!

by ;>reply 8410/12/2012

He has meth lower-face

by ;>reply 8510/12/2012

He really is pretty much without any self-awareness, to pose for this silly pictures.

It's a parody, but he doesn't realize it.

by ;>reply 8610/12/2012

I swear that second pic looks like a promo for a CBS comedy involving some single dad.

by ;>reply 8710/12/2012

Idiots who wear baseball caps indoors = douche bags.

Idiots who wear baseball caps backwards = major douche bags.

A 42 year old who wears a baseball cap backwards (and allows himself to be photographed) = douche bag supreme.

by ;>reply 8810/12/2012

R88, I just got a "WTF" look from my SO for laughing so hard.

by ;>reply 8910/12/2012

Does he really think a backwards baseball cap is an attractive look?

by ;>reply 9010/12/2012

I thought he was cute before the debate. But when you really do study his face, he is quite unattractive. And those photos are wrong on so many levels. You really do have to question a grown mans reasoning behind posing for those photos in dingy socks and dirty sneakers? What is he trying to convey? Who is his audience?

by ;>reply 9110/12/2012

He has the face of a gargoyle. And flamingo legs. So, that's what all those people were salivating over??

by ;>reply 9210/12/2012

Fuck Paul Ryan, OP! Just don't vote for him.

by ;>reply 9310/12/2012

[quote]Who is his audience?

Aaron Schock.

by ;>reply 9410/12/2012

Wow, his legs are absolutely horrible. Everything about these photos is wrong. He looks really weak, too. So hunched over.

by ;>reply 9510/12/2012

"You really do have to question a grown mans reasoning behind posing for those photos in dingy socks and dirty sneakers?"

That's the part that looks the most rank to me. He looks like he's ready for(or just finished)The Redneck Games. Everything about him is so out of proportion-Instead of being warm and inviting,his blue eyes look perpetually bloodshot and creepy. He has a head full of hair,but that Widow's Peak conjures up images Munsters and Vampires. His body looks too weak to support his head and his legs look like matchstick shavings.And his suits are always two large and ill fitting-especially the pants.


by ;>reply 9610/12/2012

Yes, he does resemble Screech!

Fucking hilarious!

What kind of PR people does this dolt have? The TIME picture are ridiculous.

by ;>reply 9710/12/2012

a combo of screech and urkel

by ;>reply 9810/12/2012

He is only good looking because all you elder gays look so bad after 40.

by ;>reply 9910/13/2012


God what a racist thing to say

by ;>reply 10010/13/2012
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