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Jessica Chastain is The Heiress?

A woman so homely that no man could possibly find her attractive. She is simultaneously the face of YSL's new fragrance, Manifesto.

She was actually quite good (saw a preview tonight), but I can't get past the casting of a glamorous movie star as an unattractive woman.

Of course, some actresses are well-suited to such roles . . .

by Joan Fontainereply 1310/12/2012

What a shame Glenn is too old.

by Joan Fontainereply 110/10/2012

Cherry Jones was fabulous as The Heiress.

by Joan Fontainereply 210/10/2012

OP, how were David Strathairn and Dan Stevens?

by Joan Fontainereply 310/11/2012

R2 she kicked ass in "The Heiress" without a doubt.

by Joan Fontainereply 410/11/2012

Straithairn was fantastic (of course). Stevens was adequate, but not really attractive enough to fit Morris as described. His accent was impeccable. Judith Ivey was fun as the Aunt.

There was this pretentious woman sitting behind me who laughed loudly at every line until she realized it was not a comedy. ANNOYING.

by Joan Fontainereply 510/11/2012

OP is jealous cuz she's Jake G's new girl.

by Joan Fontainereply 610/11/2012

Cillian Murphy was offered the role of the Heiress, but was much too pretty for the lead, too..

by Joan Fontainereply 710/11/2012

Catherine Sloper is not homely - but plain - she doesn't adorn herself or act the coquette. I think Cherry's build enhanced the impression that she was plain. She is tall and broad shouldered. Chastain on the other hand - just can't see it.

by Joan Fontainereply 810/11/2012

She adorns herself in both acts--the red dress that matches the color of her mother's hair ribbons and later the dress from Paris.

What is interesting in light of our present state of affairs: In 1850 one needed only three times the income of a comfortably middle class existence to be regarded as fabulously wealthy. Catherine has $10,000 in income from her mother and stands to inherit another $20,000 from her father.

I'm not sure whether that observation was in the original novel or is the playwrights' formulation.

by Joan Fontainereply 910/11/2012

I saw that on Lainey's site too, R6. What other evidence do you have besides Lainey's wishful thinking? because Lainey said she'd like to see them get together, but I had no idea they were together. I tend to doubt it.

I have always loved Aunt Pennyman's character the best. She was such an incredible shit stirrer. Someone like Michael Pitt would've been a better Morris.

by Joan Fontainereply 1010/11/2012

Morris shouldn't read as a psychopath, r10, which is what he would have if Pitt had played him.

by Joan Fontainereply 1110/11/2012

Olivia de Havilland wasn't exactly unattractive, OP.

But you knew that.

by Joan Fontainereply 1210/11/2012

That's what mother used to say.

by Joan Fontainereply 1310/12/2012
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