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Andrew Sullivan moved to NYC...

...and hates it.

"After two full weeks of moving to and living in New York City, I just got back to DC for ten days (doctor's appointments, etc.). All I can say is: what a relief.

Moving is never easy; moving to New York City even harder. Moving to New York while blogging an election was probably too large a leap for an excitable chap like myself. Visiting NYC has always been a thrill. But living there? After the initial wonderland feel, you get to adjust to a whole new rhythm. Just in some basic respects - like getting online or using your phone - it's like going back in time a little. Time Warner cable ... well, I probably don't need to tell New Yorkers what it's like there. We bought the most expensive cable package to expedite my work at home - and it just decides to crawl like dial-up every few minutes. My mifi cannot get a signal that's stable. My iPhone is suddenly iffy - calls are dropped and online access is far slower than in DC. And if you keep your wifi open, it gets grabbed by squeegee hotspots that are hard to get rid of. Not a good time to lose Google maps either.

Then the following: we went to a store and found a couch; they delivered the wrong one. We went to Best Buy to get a new TV; they delivered the wrong one. When they did deliver the right one, the cable-box was dead. We could not get any DVR either. I had to go into the Beast offices to live-blog Obama's implosion. Scalding hot water comes out of the cold faucet - randomly. And the space we live in is one fifth the size of our place in DC. Just to walk a few blocks requires barging your way through a melee of noise and rudeness and madness. And a glance at your bank account shows a giant sucking sound as the city effectively robs you of all your pennies at every juncture. When you're there for a few days or a week, it can be bracing. But living with this as a daily fact of life? How does anyone manage it?

I'm told I should give it a few months. Since our lease is for twelve, I don't have much choice. Adjustment to NYC is a process. A really long, exasperating, draining process. Do you just have to harden yourself to live as if this is normal? Or will it get better? Please tell me it gets better."

by Milky Loadsreply 4210/11/2012


by Milky Loadsreply 110/10/2012

Ahhh! He got the message!

by Milky Loadsreply 210/10/2012

Ta ta, Sully!

by Milky Loadsreply 310/10/2012

such a whiner

by Milky Loadsreply 410/10/2012

Why did he move?

by Milky Loadsreply 510/10/2012

Why are there suddenly so many threads about him here?

by Milky Loadsreply 610/10/2012

Our? Who is his boyfriend.

by Milky Loadsreply 710/10/2012

This is the second time I've seen something about Andy's predicament, in which the term "milky loads" was worked into it somehow. Am I missing a(nother) Internet meme?

by Milky Loadsreply 810/10/2012

Oh, wait till he finds his first NYC CumUnion party. He'll never want to go back.

by Milky Loadsreply 910/10/2012

Pretty sure it was part of his infamous online ad for barebacking - was it his handle? I think so.

by Milky Loadsreply 1010/11/2012

get the fuck out, already.

by Milky Loadsreply 1110/11/2012

Anyone know where in New York he's living?

by Milky Loadsreply 1210/11/2012

He's the raunchy pig version of Andy Rooney.

by Milky Loadsreply 1310/11/2012

I know r8, but I'll never tell.

by Milky Loadsreply 1410/11/2012

he is correct about the feeling that someone else is constantly grabbing for your wallet... but he is still a dick

by Milky Loadsreply 1510/11/2012

Moving always sucks no matter where you move to.

I have lived a long time in NY and DC and find NY to be more convenient,better organized and better run by a long shot, especially considering how big it is. Maybe Andrew will come around.

by Milky Loadsreply 1610/11/2012

[quote]Why did he move?

His boyfriend is trying to establish an acting career and wanted to be where the jobs are.

by Milky Loadsreply 1710/11/2012

Jesus Andrew really? You're now wealthy enough to own a place in Provinceotwn, MA - Washinton, DC - and NYC and you expect me to be sympathetic to your plight of affording a thrid abode?


Soory guy, but you read like a member of the 1% and get no sympathy from me.

by Milky Loadsreply 1810/11/2012

New York's not for everybody, Andy.

by Milky Loadsreply 1910/11/2012

I second r6. Sullivan is the same piece of shit he's always been. Why is this news. Is that Ernstain guy trying to drum up a mention of his name in connection to the milky loads. Well here it is: When I'm reminded of Sullivan's milky loads ass, I think of that alcoholic who use to post here by name.

by Milky Loadsreply 2010/11/2012

Tina can go for $250 a gram.... RIDICULOUS!

by Milky Loadsreply 2110/11/2012

Maybe that's why he got all histrionic about last week's debate.

by Milky Loadsreply 2210/11/2012

I saw him at the Eastside Club on Sunday night.

by Milky Loadsreply 2310/11/2012

Okay, I've been on DL since 2003 and have to confess that I have NO IDEA why Sullivan is called "milky loads", given I rarely come into any of these threads.

I've just done a Google search and I pull up nothing, other than "milky loads" being used as a not-so-flattering nickname.

I'm assuming he was caught in a Manhunt or CL ad but could somebody please give detail or help out with a link? I've searched and I'm finding nothing on how Andy scored this name.

by Milky Loadsreply 2410/11/2012

R24 do you have google safe search on...I get a ton when I type his name and milky loads.

by Milky Loadsreply 2510/11/2012

In his defense, I think NYC can be a tough place to live, even if you have financial means. Everything can be a little (or a lot) more inconvenient here. In DC, it's probably simple enough to hop in your car and go to the grocery store, or Target, or the doctor's etc. In NY it just doesn't work that way.

Plus, moving is almost always tough. If he was used to things a certain way in DC and has been for awhile, it's probably not easy to throw that all out and get used to new rhythms in life, especially when you are approaching 50.

Finally, although both DC and NYC are expensive, NYC is more expensive, and overall you are almost guaranteed to get a lot less for your money. When I moved to NYC from Wisconsin many years ago, my rent went from $440 to $1700, and the square footage went from about 1200 to 600 (and it felt a whole lot smaller than that).

Give him a break. He's just chronicling a move that is legitimately not likely to be easy.

by Milky Loadsreply 2610/11/2012

[quote]In his defense, I think NYC can be a tough place to live, even if you have financial means.

He's also a drama queen of the highest order. Something positive will happen to him tomorrow or next week or next month and he'll be posting that NYC is the greatest city on Earth. I enjoy his blog, but he does magnify most things out of proportion.

by Milky Loadsreply 2710/11/2012

There is one anti-Sully troll who posts 80% of the attacks on him here. For many years it was David Ehrenstein, and I assume it still is. He has an obsessive hate for him and wants him dead.

by Milky Loadsreply 2810/11/2012

For those wondering about the "milky loads" story: eons ago Sully, who had up until that point been very preachy about safe sex, never mind that he's been poz for about 15 years now, posted an ad on some hookup site (I don't recall which...) soliciting "milky loads" up his ass. IIRC he used only faceless pics but a gay blogger somehow managed to deduce that it was him. Caught red-handed, so to speak, Sully admitted it and defended himself on the basis that he was already poz and only had unprotected sex with other poz guys.

by Milky Loadsreply 2910/11/2012

If only there were some way to solve this Milky Loads mystery... some tool we could utilize to obtain an answer....

by Milky Loadsreply 3010/11/2012

R30? That's a really tired shtick. I take it you're a newbie? Or, perhaps just mentally damaged?

People have posted that they can't find the exact nature of the reference while attempting to Google it. In the time it took you to capture that stupid image of your Google search, you could have just explained, or used the time to catch up on your meds and soap operas.

Your going from thread to thread with that over-played "if only there were some way to search" shtick you seem to think is hysterically cutting is incessant and beginning to beg for banning.

by Milky Loadsreply 3110/11/2012

r30 is asking for it.

Begging in fact.

by Milky Loadsreply 3210/11/2012

Yes, David Enrenstein has taken over this thread....

by Milky Loadsreply 3310/11/2012

Life must be frustrating for you, R31. Not only do you find Google to be a challenge, but you're not sophisticated enough to realize more than one person might use the same shtick over time.

Since your shortcomings must be pointed out to you on a regular basis, I'm hopeful you'll eventually develop some coping tools to better manage your feelings and frustrations. I'd suggest you could find some helpful resources via Google, but... you know....

by Milky Loadsreply 3410/11/2012

[quote] People have posted that they can't find the exact nature of the reference while attempting to Google it.

Yeah, because they're fucking morons, and r30's pic proves it. Sometimes the truth hurts.

by Milky Loadsreply 3510/11/2012

What he actually wrote was "love to milk hot loads with my power glutes"

I have to say, seeing what he looks like today it does not turn one on to think of him as a suction-butted splooge vacuum.

by Milky Loadsreply 3610/11/2012

What tell he gets a load of us...

by Milky Loadsreply 3710/11/2012

He puts the "Shitty" into "New York Shitty."

by Milky Loadsreply 3810/11/2012

David Ehrenstein is a cunt of the highest order.

by Milky Loadsreply 3910/11/2012

Yes, David we know you are here!

by Milky Loadsreply 4010/11/2012


by Milky Loadsreply 4110/11/2012

David you just have to get the last word in, don't you...

by Milky Loadsreply 4210/11/2012
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