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No Labels 12 point plan for breaking gridlock

Republican consultant Mark MacKinnon, Democratic fundraiser Nancy Jacobson and Independent former Comptroller General David Walker formed "No Labels" a centrist 501(c)(4).

I am not a member of this group, although I may become one because they seem very sensible to me. This is their 12 point plan for ending gridlock in Congress:

1. Automatic pay docking for Congress if the federal budget is not passed on time.

2. An up-or-down vote on all presidential appointments within 90 days of their nomination.

3. Changing the rules of the filibuster so as to make the process more difficult to accomplish (by having filibustering senators stand on the floor and speak as long as they can), as well as elimination of filibusters of motions to open debate.

4. Anonymous discharge petitions.

5. A five-day workweek in Congress.

6. Institution of Question Time between Congress and the President.

7. An annual fiscal report delivered to a joint session of Congress, after which everyone present must sign the report.

8. A code of conduct banning the taking of pledges from special interest groups.

9. Bipartisan monthly gatherings to be held off-the-record.

10. The establishment of bipartisan seating.

11. The establishment of a Bipartisan Leadership Council to be made up of the Speaker of the House, the president pro tempore, and Majority and Minority leaders of both houses, and two slots per house for other members to be decided using a lottery.

12. The banning of incumbents taking part in negative campaigns against other incumbents.

by Mark MacKinnon's scarfreply 110/09/2012

Good luck getting any Republican to agree with this. I could see some navy-pamby Democrats going along with it, because it gives them a great chance to kick the base in the teeth, and no Democrat can pass up that.

It's a non-starter.

by Mark MacKinnon's scarfreply 110/09/2012
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