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Therapy on Health Insurance

I'm looking for a therapist and my health insurance offers a nice low co-pay for a network approved provider. I am looking through the list and trying to choose one. Most of them have this kind of disclaimer on their websites about insurance payments:

"Confidentiality Most insurance companies will require that the therapist provide detailed information about their clients’ treatment and at times may direct treatment (this is the ‘managed’ aspect of “managed care”). This may include sharing a psychiatric diagnosis (when appropriate) or other sensitive information that remains part of your mental health record. These records may impact your ability to obtain private medical insurance down the road. As a private pay client you can be assured that your records are shared only with your prior written consent."

Have any DLers ever had any negative repurcussions from paying for therapy with health insurance?

by and NOW I'm paranoid of course.reply 110/09/2012

New health care laws will prevent insurance providers from denying you coverage for pre-existing conditions, I believe

by and NOW I'm paranoid of course.reply 110/09/2012
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