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Co-Star! The Record Acting Game!

I used to find these LPs in thrift shops all the time... they were from the 1950s and early 1960s.

Along with the LP came a script. A star (Tallulah Bankhead, Cesar Romero, Vincent Price) would read half of the script, leaving appropriate pauses for you to "act" a scene with him or her. The best one was Arlene Dahl, because she was striking a sultry pose on a real leopard rug on the cover.

I imagine listening to "Co-Star!" would have been a pretty good guide to pencil-dialing ability back in the day.

Does anyone remember these?

by "Paulette Goddard ... in scenes from Peyton Place!"reply 110/09/2012

The Tallulah record was the best - pure camp.

It was on this record that the famous line reading lesson was given by Miss Bankhead:

WHAT have you been doing?

What HAVE you been doing?

What have YOU been doing?

What have you BEEN doing?

What have you been DOING?

Take that, Stanislavski, dahling...

by "Paulette Goddard ... in scenes from Peyton Place!"reply 110/09/2012
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