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Bedroom wall colors- I need a change!

Looking for some wonderful DL interior design insight! I'm desperately in need of a change in the bedroom and am tired of my pale blue walls. I painted them light blue to evoke calm & serenity, but I am over it after 3 years.

So what colors really work well in the bedroom? I entertained the idea of red walls but wouldn't know how to do it without it looking like the inside of a vagina. Grey walls seem modern, but too cold.

I really have no notable furniture in the room other than the bed and some nightstands, so the colors don't need to be coordinated with anything.

by Help!reply 4410/09/2012

Own or rent?

How many windows?

Number of doors?

Is the floor hard wood or carpet?

Are the walls straight to the ceiling or is there a pitch?

How many doors?

Are there wood elements or is everything painted?

by Help!reply 110/08/2012

Kelly green!

Will make you think of the auld sod every day.

by Help!reply 210/08/2012

We are a light olive green and love it. Quite soothing.

by Help!reply 310/08/2012

Rent, but I've been a tenant over 10 years & they are cool with no matter what changes I make.

One large rectangular window that spans the wall opposite to my bed.

One door to exit. Four closet doors opposite wall.

Carpet (which I hate).

Walls are straight to ceiling.

No wood elements other than the painted baseboards/trim around doors.

I think my bedroom is around 12'x13', so it's not huge. I have light, airy white curtains over the window, so it keeps the room bright.

by Help!reply 410/08/2012

Go look at red. Take home sample chips. There's a million shades of red. I found mine and I love it.

by Help!reply 510/08/2012

What about a deep coral? Almost red, but not bloody or cold.

Warm sunshine-y yellow?


by Help!reply 610/08/2012

R5, did you go with cool or warm red? I'm just scared of painting the walls red and it making the room feel closed in and too "AAAAHHHH IT'S FUCKING RED!".


by Help!reply 710/08/2012

What's the climate where you live?

If you live somewhere hot, go with a cool colour.

Likewise, if you live in a cold climate, it might be wise to go with a warm colour.

Either way, don't go too intense or exciting in a colour, or you'll have trouble settling down and going to sleep.

by Help!reply 810/08/2012

If you go the polo blue suede route, which I've seen a few times over the last year, you have to do the ceiling as well as the walls.

A butter cream would bring back the 80s without being loud or beige.

A 50s water mellon works with modern furniture.

I tried Windows95 blue in my kitchen and it came out lilac. I painted over with a mid-tone gray - much lighter.

by Help!reply 910/08/2012

If you are into feng shui that could give you some insight/inspiration, but I painted my bedroom a darker shade of a "brownish rust", almost a light maple syrupish look from a light tannish that I had for years and I love it. The painter sold me on his idea for a darker color in the bedroom. The color I have does have a hint of red though.

by Help!reply 1010/08/2012

I painted my bedroom a light lime years ago and I still love it. It's both calming and refreshing. It may seem a bit bright but with my cherry floors and white trim, doors, and baseboards it really looks great.

It is very similar to this.

by Help!reply 1110/08/2012

Autocorrect has some suggestions

by Help!reply 1210/08/2012

I did red once, but my BF is a sloppy painter.

It looked as if we'd been paid a call by the Manson Family.

All that was missing was Helter Skelter on the fridge.

by Help!reply 1310/08/2012

(R11) That is the exact color in my bedroom - have had it for 10 years and still love it!

by Help!reply 1410/08/2012

Never mind the wall colors - cover the walls with TAPESTRIES! Nothing cozies up a space, quiets down the acoustics, adds intimacy, and promotes relaxation more than tapestries.

Sure, you'll have to forego your wall torches, but it's worth it.

by Help!reply 1510/08/2012

50 shades of grey. It's mesmerized millions of idiots.

by Help!reply 1610/08/2012

I can't find the exact color, but I had a bedroom painted a kind of lavender. Thought it was soothing

by Help!reply 1710/08/2012

Cool greys can be cold, unless you have a lot of warmth in the room in the form of wood and warm white.

I think you should consider a warm grey. Like a moleskin sort of color. We painted our bedroom walls Dovetail Grey by Sherwin Williams and love it.

by Help!reply 1810/08/2012

or "wishing well" that sounds kind of soothing

by Help!reply 1910/08/2012

I had my bedroom light yellow for years. Not baby yellow, butter yellow. Goes with silver, gold, light, dark and cherry wood, black, blue, white, cream, green, red, pretty much anything. Also gives you more leeway to change bedding colors later if you get tired of what you have.

If you get tired of certain colors after a while like I do, blues and some rusts and greens are very restricting as far as what colors go with them. Even some darker golds can make it hard to change room colors. I have one room now in a dark gold, it's very pretty but a lot of colors don't go with it. And it seems dark and lifeless. You're better off putting something on the walls that goes with a lot of colors, and changing the bedding.

by Help!reply 2010/08/2012


by Help!reply 2110/08/2012

The aqua family can be fantastic, cool and restful. This deep aqua is like being under a tropical sea.

by Help!reply 2210/08/2012

Light greens are also wonderful wall colors. Warm in winter, cool in summer, as restful as being in a garden. I still miss the spring green kitchen I had at my old place, it was such a cheering color.

We're seeing a lot of votes for light green here, just sayin'.

by Help!reply 2310/08/2012


If you really want change, stop playing it safe.

You should spice up the room with a Mexican-type palette of robust hues.

by Help!reply 2410/09/2012

I can't remember the color name, but it's a very deep, like black cherry red. Not as dark as an actual bing cherry. I've got white window trim and a dark brown lamp and metal wall decoration. It's very cozy.

With a dark color, it must be done to perfection on the ceiling line. I had somebody do it that did a perfect job for a reasonable price.

by Help!reply 2510/09/2012


by Help!reply 2610/09/2012

Our bedroom is a calm blue and I agree it can get boring if that is all you have, but we offset it with burnt oranges and tans on accessories and the architectural elements of the room. You don't have to paint all walls the same color. If we get bored with it, we may swap out the oranges for lime greens, which also offset blue nicely.

by Help!reply 2710/09/2012

Yellows could work, only if the room has lots of light. Otherwise yellow looks dingy.

Red is too hot, too overbearing in a room like a bedroom. Red is good for entryways, hallways, dining rooms. If you really want red in a bedroom, do one wall (headboard wall) and coordinate with a harmonizing color on the other three.

White woodwork can make the wall color too severe. A darker linen, or ivory will help if you choose bold colors.

by Help!reply 2810/09/2012

Agree with r27. 3 years isn't long for a paint job (especially when you don't own the place and have to do it yourself). Stick with the light blue but warm it up with rich brown tones. It will make it cozy for fall and winter, and then you can re-accessorize to lighten it up again in spring and summer.

by Help!reply 2910/09/2012

You may hate this suggestion, but after butter yellow, I like a gray pink.

by Help!reply 3010/09/2012

There's a nice shade by Ellen Kennon called Gustavian Grey. It scans grey, blue, green. Love her paint!

I've used a pale watery shade that's bluish-greenish in my room. You can go modern by bringing bolder pops of tangerine, turquoise, aqua or teal... or bring in lots of woodtones for warmth, or grey, black and gold for a sophisticated look. It's a very restful color, but also adaptable to many different decorating styles. Because it's a color of nature, it doesn't get old fast.

by Help!reply 3110/09/2012

My favorite bedroom ever was painted a beautiful shade of yellow. It was like waking up every morning on a Doris Day movie set.

I can't abide blue in a bedroom; it's too depressing even though I've tried it several times. Lavender can be same problem if it is too blue.

That pretty light green up above would be very nice.

by Help!reply 3210/09/2012


I think blue is the most appealingly versatile of the three primary colors. The feelings evoked from a vast array of blues include ones on the warmer side.

If one choose a blue that's pale, that can make the room feel chilly. Go for a medium blue, and it's more intimate. (A tertiary with more blue than green or more blue with violet is also a help.) Of course, one should pull the room together with more than just the wall color. And one doesn't have to sick with one hue for being painted on all walls.

by Help!reply 3310/09/2012

In the right room, a deeper color can be effective. I enjoyed a small bedroom I painted hunter green, and a friend had a beautiful bedroom that she painted a deep plum.

by Help!reply 3410/09/2012

Titty pink!

by Help!reply 3510/09/2012

It doesn't get better than Farrow & Ball. Order their color csrds and a few sample pots. I wouldn't pay their prices to paint the whole house, but for small rooms or accent walls, they're worth it.

by Help!reply 3610/09/2012

For those that hate blue walls, I agree that pale blues can be bland. However, deeper blues can be wonderful as bedroom colors, an "evening sky" color is peaceful and restful, and makes any room look larger. It's also a color that takes light beautifully.

It does look its best if some of the furninshings are white or light neutrals, but that's true of most deep, intense colors. Bear that in mind, when making your decision.

by Help!reply 3710/09/2012

Given that it's only twice the cost, you could justify paying those prices for a room you paint once every 10 years.

by Help!reply 3810/09/2012

Hex triplett#98B4D4 sRGBB (r, g, b)t(152, 180, 212) HSV (h, s, v)t(212°, 28%, 83%)

Tasteful, pure, and reassuringly expensive.

by Help!reply 3910/09/2012

I love teals simlar to the tiffinany blue-green

by Help!reply 4010/09/2012

Some of you people have a major red-blue color blindness deficit going on!

Who dresses you?

by Help!reply 4110/09/2012

Here's a room in blue that should be easy to live with.

by Help!reply 4210/09/2012

I've always wanted a black bedroom. Thought it would look very stylish & be relaxing too.

by Help!reply 4310/09/2012

Della robbia blue. That's what it must be. It simply must.

by Help!reply 4410/09/2012
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