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Edie Windsor vs DOMA

I just finished watching the documentary "Edie and Thea: A Very Long Engagement" on the Sundance channel, and found out that Edie is suing the federal government over DOMA. Edie was charged a large estate tax upon her wife's death because the feds don't recognize their same-sex marriage. Thea and Edie were legally married ijn Canada in 2007 after over 40 years together. Thea died in 2009, leaving her estate to her wife, Edie. The federal government subsequently charged Edie over 300 grand in estate taxes, which wouldn't have been done if, as Edie says, Thea had been a Theo.

by You go Edie!reply 310/18/2012

Bunp (this woman is fighting for our rights)!

by You go Edie!reply 110/07/2012

Edie won her case: DOMA ruled unconstitutional!

by You go Edie!reply 210/18/2012

The trick to avoiding estate tax is to put the house under the ownership of a corporation.

Pretty easy to set one up and you make yourself and your partner/spouse officers in the company. Throw in family members if anything else happens and you're covered. The corporation goes on in perpetuity.

There's a cost to do so - in my state it is $50 a year and a minimum $500 tax.

by You go Edie!reply 310/18/2012
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