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Is that Shirley from What's Happening on the Colonial Penn commercial?

It looks like her

by Alex Trebekreply 1201/02/2014

She died, I think about 10 yrs ago, it's been awhile.

by Alex Trebekreply 110/06/2012

It might be her. But, Shirley Hemphill has been dead since 1999, so I don't know.

by Alex Trebekreply 210/06/2012

How can anyone look at Shirley and deny evolution. It obvious she looks just like a gorilla.

by Alex Trebekreply 310/06/2012

There are two black women discussing a funeral and if the one isn't Shirley she is somebody from a 70's show. Now it is going to bug me.

by Alex Trebekreply 410/06/2012

Whereas you, r3, bear a startling resemblance to a freely laid turd.

by Alex Trebekreply 510/06/2012

Too weird. I did a Google search and somebody asked the same question and they said it was Marcella Lowery, she has been on a bunch of shows including The Cosby Show.

by Alex Trebekreply 610/06/2012

OP, your question reminded me of a joke I heard years ago, shortly after Shirley died.

Q: What would Shirley say if she were alive today?

A: (fists banging on wood) Rerun!! Get me out of this coffin!!

by Alex Trebekreply 710/07/2012

I always thought it was Rog on What's Happening and then years later I saw his name was Raj.

by Alex Trebekreply 810/07/2012

The fourth comment here is offensive. Shirley Hemphill was a versatile, intelligent actress and person.

by Alex Trebekreply 901/02/2014

Nah, she wasn't too bright and pretty one-note as a comedic actress. But I'm sure she'd fix you some good food if you went to her apt.

by Alex Trebekreply 1001/02/2014

R10 = Jesse Helms

by Alex Trebekreply 1101/02/2014

Kathy trocolli used to rim and eat out Shirley Hemphill.

by Alex Trebekreply 1201/02/2014
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