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I'm going to my fundie college Homecoming this weekend.

I went to Wheaton College. Alumni include Billy Graham and Todd "let's roll" Beamer. There are other notable graduates, but i wont dignify their existence (hello Dennis Hastert). I'm going as part of OneWheaton, a gay, lesbian and ally support group. It should be interesting. At 52, I've found my voice and I hope with our presence we can help others find theirs.

R1, I hate you already.

Wish me luck.

by NYStudreply 2710/24/2012

Have fun. Tell Lisa we love her.

by NYStudreply 110/03/2012

Good for you! I grew up in a near West suburb (Oak Park) and so some of fellow highschool classmates went to Wheaton. Many of them were bright and talented (especially in music--I assume Wheaton has a Sacred Music program). My folks retired to Glen Ellyn, so I know the area. I'm glad that there is a group of you to be a presence and a voice--I'm sure there are some closeted (and probably troubled and unhappy) LGBT students there and just the existence of your group will make a difference.

Go eat a pizza at Barone's or a Beef at Skip's for me!

by NYStudreply 210/03/2012

I spent my elementary years in Carol Stream and attended First Baptist Wheaton. My parents liked the Conservative Baptist Convention, of which both FBW and Wheaton College are a part, better than the Southern Baptists.

Good luck, have fun.

by NYStudreply 310/03/2012

Don't forget to wear an OBAMA t-shirt!

by NYStudreply 410/03/2012

You should bring some Let's Roll Cinnamon Rolls along with you

by NYStudreply 510/03/2012

Check back in and give us a summary of your weekend. Should be interesting.

by NYStudreply 610/03/2012

R3, my grandfather was instrumental in the Conservative Baptist church breaking from the American Baptists. He thought that everyone else was going to hell. At least I will see you all there!

by NYStudreply 710/03/2012

This is from one of their job postings:

[quote]Displays a work ethic that is consonant with Col. 3:23 (“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men”).

Oh dear!

by NYStudreply 810/03/2012

A Degree from these Universities is a joke on the job market, unless you are working for a Christian dominated company.

by NYStudreply 910/03/2012

Give 'em Hell OP!

by NYStudreply 1010/03/2012

Wheaton actually has a good rep for being academically rigorous, r9. It's very competitive, the "Harvard" for fundies.

I'll echo r6: tell us all about it.

(OP/NYStud, aren't you the guy who lost his partner recently? Hope you're well.)

by NYStudreply 1110/03/2012

why are you going to this reunion? do you actually like any of these people and want to see them? i say skip it and have a fun weekend on michigan avenue and halsted street instead.

by NYStudreply 1210/03/2012

"A Degree from these Universities is a joke on the job market,"

Why do you think he/she's posing on DL while at work?

by NYStudreply 1310/03/2012

youre an ass R9. THere is no need to say something like that.

by NYStudreply 1410/03/2012

"A Degree from these Universities is a joke on the job market, unless you are working for a Christian dominated company."

What's up with the snobbism on this board? Some of the jerks here will attack anyone who didn't go to Harvard. I actually know a couple of very intelligent gay men who went to Liberty University - they are both from ultra-conservative fundie families and were in the closet at the time. A lot of these kids at fundie schools are tortured about being gay and come from very anti-gay families. Good for OP for trying to help people.

by NYStudreply 1510/03/2012

R11, yes, I'm that guy. It has been six months since i lost my partner. i no longer need to be scraped off the floor each day. Now I sit on the couch hoping I don't become the new Gail Grinds. Well, a much thinner version. Seriously (when did Julianne Moore enter the conversation?), I've had a lot of support from family and friends. Even my Dad, a retired minister.

R12, I'm going because I know what it was like to be there. I thought nobody was there for me. I did the whole evangelical suffering thing. By myself. Perhaps I can help someone. Perhaps not, but I'll try.

R9, I did get a good education (albeit a fucked up one). I became a sucsessful lawyer and I retired at 50. Bite me.

by NYStudreply 1610/03/2012

My brother taught at Wheaton for many, many years and he had a couple of students who came out to him. One young African-American guy in particular (who graduated a number of years ago and is still in touch with my brother). My bro was in the Psych department, so he was looked at as kind of an oddball as well. When he started teaching there, he had to sign a document that said he wouldn't dance with his wife in public.

by NYStudreply 1710/03/2012

So...OP, did you survive the homecoming weekend at Wheaton? We're all ears waiting for your report.

by NYStudreply 1810/09/2012

Was WilWheaton there?

by NYStudreply 1910/09/2012

Don't go.

by NYStudreply 2010/09/2012

I think you should make a big, splashy entrance, in case anyone doesn't notice how much you've changed.

Wearing leather and bringing a slave ought to do it!

by NYStudreply 2110/09/2012

[quote]A Degree from these Universities is a joke on the job market, unless you are working for a Christian dominated company

Some religious colleges have better reputations than others. I'd always heard that WC was rigorous (I lived in Chicago for 15 yrs.). When I was my psych doctoral program I had classmate who was from Olivet Nazarene in Kankakee where she had been a math major (she was in cognitve). Our program had a one year graduate level statistics requirement. I had taken one year of calculus and one semester of undergraduate stats and did well in the class. It was no struggle by any means. She, the math major, received a B (considered a poor "wake up" grade in the program). I was stunned. I was a psych. undergrad with an "A" and she was a math major. I heard later that she was accepted with some trepidation due to a huge gap between her GREs and her stellar GPA.

That was my one and only brush with a small religious schoold graduate.

by NYStudreply 2210/09/2012

Wheaton is the highest-ranked Christian school in [italic]Forbes[/italic]'s Top Colleges rankings—just below NYU and ahead of schools such as American University, UGA, the University of Rochester, Tulane, Sarah Lawrence, and St. John's (Maryland).

That said, I have to wonder how they teach the sciences and such.

by NYStudreply 2310/09/2012

I've always had a fondness for Wheaton College because of their C.S. Lewis collection -- including his wardrobe, on which his famous story was based.

Wheaton, and to a lesser extent Trinity up in Deerfield, are Evangelical but I wouldn't call them Fundamentalist. They may be biblical literalists, but at least they struggle with important issues and sometimes even side with the liberals. Not often, but more often than you'd expect.

Good luck, NYStud.

by NYStudreply 2410/09/2012

Two gay Wheaton alums are working on a documentary about homophobia at the school and within evangelicalism as a whole. One of them, Markie Hancock, also made documentary about coming out, giving up Christianity, and becoming estranged from her fundie Republican family.

by NYStudreply 2510/09/2012

OP? Did you go?

Did you make it back alive?

Do you have any reports?

by NYStudreply 2610/24/2012

Come back NYStud. Give us an update.

by NYStudreply 2710/24/2012
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