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Tom Hiddleston

Best known as Loki from Thor and The Avengers, this Eton, Cambridge and RADA educated actor, is handsome, articulate and disarmingly humble (notable in a field of other similarly-privileged peers demonstrating far less gratitude for their careers --*cough*Benedict Cumberbatch*cough*). Being the delusional, hopeless fanboy that I am, I submit that there is evidence he is gay, although admittedly there is counter-evidence which suggests he's just really, really enthusiastic. Despite my prejudices in that regard, I believe the rumors that he sucked Kenneth Branagh's cock to get his big break are just that -- rumors. I think it was far more likely just a case of a mentor helping a mentee he believed in (and with good reason).

I find Loki to be a very sexually charged character in The Avengers (especiallly love the scene in Stuttgart where he walks down the steps in the D&G suit), but my favorite physical period for Hiddleston was the second season of Wallander. This was the time period in which he added 25 pounds to his 6'2' frame and grew his hair out to audition for the role of Thor (which ultimately lead to his casting as Loki). He also had a recurring role in BBC's Return to Cranford during this time, so fortunately, his hunky phase was well-documented. To have such a distinctly British look about him, he has an uncanny ability to morph his look to fit various roles. His voice is GORGEOUS. Pure sex. And he's reportedly (and observably) hung like a horse. What's not to like?

Posting a link to a ridiculous(ly entertaining) fangirl tumblr dedicated to Tom's crotch. In addition to the titular subject matter, there's also a good collection of photos there. Enjoy!

(Disclaimer: No, I'm not his publicist. I'm just hopelessly in love with him.)

by The Hiddles Trollreply 60308/04/2013

My apologies for the horrifying thumbnail DL chose to represent that link in the original post. Egads.

Here's a link to a Wallander interview...*sigh*

(Note the presence of Branagh with stars in his eyes. Can't say I blame him.)

by The Hiddles Trollreply 110/03/2012

Link to Tom's Twitter feed, where he routinely shits sunshine and rainbows, and mercilessly feeds my obsession with him

I'm done. It was worth the $18.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 210/03/2012

[quote](especiallly love the scene in Stuttgart where he walks down the steps in the D&G suit).

I hate the scene, because it is so obviously not filmed on location and the only reason the scene is supposed to take place in Germany is for the old Jew who stands up against Loki to have a bigger impact.

I like Tom Hiddelston though, but for a time I mixed him up with J.J. Feild.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 310/03/2012

He was brilliant as Henry V.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 410/03/2012

I do love Tom Hiddleston but not sure why the hate for BC. He has always seemed fairly grateful for what he's achieved and on last week's One Show debunked a few rumours doing the rounds. However, you probably know more about him than I do. I can only go by the interviews I have read or watched. I assume you are the person who posted about Benedict Cumberbatch and Olivia Poulet on the blind items thread. You seem to have behind the scenes knowledge of their relationship from the way you wrote about it.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 510/03/2012

I like him but wouldn't call him handsome.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 610/03/2012

R5, like most people posting on a gossip site, 90% of what I write is pure projection. However, I do know people who know and/or have worked with Ben, and their opinions run hot and cold. Having said that, all seem to agree that he is enormously talented, and Hollywood appears to have the same opinion.

(And to be fair, just as Tom makes it easy to love him, Ben seems hellbent on validating my personal impressions with his foot-in-mouth disease.)

by The Hiddles Trollreply 710/03/2012

R7 I read an interview where BC's sister said he was perfect for Sherlock as he is quite like him in real life. I imagine he is a character. Tom is, as you say, very affable. He is doing very well for himself and I think equally as talented as BC. Sorry for hijacking the thread. I am a huge Sherlock fan and was just curious about your views. Keep posting about the lovely Hiddles.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 810/03/2012

Aww, OP. I love you. I can already tell that you're a very sweet person :)

When it comes to Hiddleston.. I'm a fan myself. He's such a nice guy. He loves his fans and he truly loves what he does. He appreciates it all. He takes it in and enjoys it. It was so funny to see the behind the scenes clips from The Avengers. He always had a smile on his face.

Oh, and is there anything this man can't do? Seriously.. he can rap, sing, play the guitar, speak 5 languages.. it's insane. He is so talented. I don't even know what to say.

The reason I like him is because he's got such a great personality. He is so confident and charismatic. He is so intelligent too. I don't know if you've seen his Madrid interview, but wow... it was heavy stuff, "love yourself". Just perfect. He is so humble and polite too, and so nice to his fans. He signs stuff for fans for like 15 minutes even if he only has 10. He knows how to be a perfect gentleman. He is known as one of the nicest actors today, and I don't think it's an act, I think it's genuine.

He's such a great actor too. He was easily the best part of both Thor and The Avengers. He loves the character. I don't think there's a fanboy out there who loves Loki more than Mr. Hiddleston himself, lol. It just seems like he got the dream role, which is ironic, since he auditioned for Thor. But he is so perfect for Loki. I definitely think the producers did the right thing by having him play Loki. It takes a good actor to bring life to such a complex character.

Oh yeah.. and he's hot too. Even with the receding hairline, I don't really care.. he's still hot. I prefer him with the dark hair though, instead of the blond he usually rocks.. I know it's his natural hair color, but still.. I think the dark hair suits him better. I was very disappointed to hear he's wearing a wig for Thor 2. Which means we won't see him with the dark hair again, sigh.

I've seen some discussion on his sexuality. I want him to be gay. I just don't think he is.. he's dated a lot of girls, and in some interviews you even find him checking out girls, and he loves boobs, seriously. Sometimes he's been caught staring at a girl's boobs. I know he supports LGBT rights though.. so at least he's a gay friendly straight guy. Then again, he is British, and most guys there are gay friendly and supportive. And he has done theatre, I'm sure he has lots of gay friends.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 910/03/2012

Was in "MIdnight in Paris", as F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Only a very brave actor would have allowed that hairstyle.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 1010/03/2012

I have found Loki a very sexually charged comic book character since Walt Simonson drew him that in THOR, and I have to say I found Hiddleston as Loki in AVENGERS pretty much the walking incarnation of my fantasies about fucking a hit evil guy. I rubbed a few out to mental images of him afterwards.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 1110/03/2012

Agreed, R11. Loki is a very hot guy... the fact that he's evil just makes him even hotter.

Here are some deleted scenes. At the start there's a very cute scene between Loki and Thor. I have no idea why they cut that scene out though.. I think it should have stayed in, because it shows the relationship between Thor and Loki.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 1210/03/2012

Everyone loves him, but in the end, they will spit him out just like everyone spat out Robert Pattinson.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 1310/03/2012

This picture made me realize how much I love him.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 1410/03/2012

Excuse me R13, how can you compare Hiddleston to that dweeb? Robert Pattinson is one of the most talentless actors I have ever seen. He is so bad. He has no personality either, is not hot in the slightest and constantly seems high. He was lucky with Twilight. The reason he's barely relevant anymore is because the Twilight shit is almost over.

Tom Hiddleston will have a career for a long time. I agree that the fangirls have started to adore him, and yes.. most of them like him because of Loki and less because of his other work. But at least his fangirls can recognize talent when they see it. Tom deserves it, because he really is a good actor, unlike the twilight guy. He is such a nice person too, he deserves all the fame.

R13.. I'd recommend you to watch some interviews of Tom Hiddleston, because your comment tells me you have no idea how he's like. This guy is intelligent, articulate, sweet, kind, warm, funny, inspirational, talented, humble, polite and he's also very generous towards his fans. He's got loads of charisma too. He's so confident and the confidence makes him sexy. He's easily one of the most inspirational actors this decade. Please don't judge him yet.. watch interviews before making up an opinion about him. I understand that he's not everyone's taste, he can seem a bit pretentious, although I disagree, obviously.. I think he is just extremely talented and enjoys what he does, and that shines through. He actually takes his profession seriously, and likes to educate himself about the roles that he play. How can you not appreciate that? He's so different from most of the bland Hollywood actors of today. I think it's refreshing to see a guy like Tom in the acting business.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 1510/03/2012

"Tom Hiddleston will have a career for a long time. I agree that the fangirls have started to adore him"

Actually, fangirl adoration is very dangerous for a highly trained, extremely talented actor's career. And not just because he will be offered cutesey roles, but because he'll be labeled a "has-been" when the fangirls move onto someone else.

He would be well advised to discourage the little monsters.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 1610/03/2012

Another Hiddleston fan here. It's so strange. He has all the qualities I usually dislike in a guy: fair, thin, slight aristocratic bearing...BUT the man oozes charisma. And is such a great fucking actor.

His Loki totally turns me on.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 1710/03/2012

[quote]I'd recommend you to watch some interviews of Tom Hiddleston, because your comment tells me you have no idea how he's like. This guy is intelligent, articulate, sweet, kind, warm, funny, inspirational, talented, humble, polite and he's also very generous towards his fans. He's got loads of charisma too. He's so confident and the confidence makes him sexy. He's easily one of the most inspirational actors this decade.

OMG! Fangurlia Maxima Suprema!!!

You must have been fingering yourself pretty intensely while you typed all that!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 1810/03/2012

I went to RADA when he was there. I only sort of knew him since he was in his last year and I was in my first. I don't really know about his sexuality. He dated a few girls but the girls were sort of beneath him in terms of attractiveness. Nothing really steady. I'd say it was possible he'd be a gay person who comes out (to himself) later in life. At school his reputation was for being extremely serious about acting and he kind of threw himself into that. Not at all surprised he is so successful. Even in the RADA plays he exuded charm and warmth.

And yes he is SUPER nice and polite. (especially in a place where competitiveness and hurt feelings were the norm.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 1910/03/2012

Thanks for the post, R19.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 2010/03/2012

R19, let me love you!!!! Many thanks for the inside take. All as I expected.

This flawless bastard...

by The Hiddles Trollreply 2110/03/2012

I love Loki!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 2210/03/2012

Thanks for the info, R19. Though I must add that "dating below himself" doesn't necessarily mean he's gay. I just think he prefers more curvy women, and that's refreshing, especially coming from an actor. I do get the gay vibe from him occasionally though, so I wouldn't completely rule out the fact that he might be gay, even if it doesn't look like it right now. At least he's very supportive of LGBT rights, he's an ally, and that means a lot. Who knows.. he might be bi. I could actually picture him having sex with people he likes, despite gender.. pansexual in a way.

I do too, R22. Loki was the best part of Thor and The Avengers. I don't even like Thor (the character).. which is why I waited so long to watch it in the first place, but now I kinda regret not watching it earlier.. I probably would have if I had known how awesome Loki is.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 2310/04/2012

r19 thing I always respected about Tom was that unlike so many people who go drama school with pretty much the sole intent of getting an agent---they all think they are already great actors (either from prior stuff or because they got into RADA) and they just want the RADA connections-----Tom already was signed by Hamilton Hodell (one of if not they best agencies in Lonon) before he went to RADA. The agency saw him in a university production of Streetcar Named Desire and signed him on the basis of that. So he could have started working three years prior to when he did. I'm sure even if he was only a moderately good actor at that point because of his looks he would have gotten some dumb TV show or movies. But instead he put in three years hard work,(and drama school is hard work!) worked his way up thru the theatre doing award winning work and will probably become a respected actor on stage and screen for life.

Lord he's perfect. I miss him! (and I still sometimes have fantasies about running into him at a RADA reunion and.....well who knows!)

by The Hiddles Trollreply 2410/04/2012

Not very attractive. Meh.,

by The Hiddles Trollreply 2510/04/2012

[quote]He was brilliant as Henry V.

He was! The difference in his appearance and bearing as Prince Hal from the later King was startling. He looked very Fassbendery in the role.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 2610/04/2012

I thought there was an unusual homoerotic charge btween his Prince Hal and Peto in the Henry IV plays, especially in their sort-of sauna scene.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 2710/04/2012

He's so much hotter than the big dummy that plays Thor.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 2810/04/2012

R28, yes, he is. He's gorgeous. Love the dark hair and fair skin and blue eyes. Just lovely.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 2910/04/2012

The other guy in the sauna is David Dawson who was in Tom's class at RADA

by The Hiddles Trollreply 3010/04/2012

What is going on here? I'm confused..

by The Hiddles Trollreply 3110/05/2012

I'm not gonna lie.. that banana story kinda shocked me. I definitely think he's straight now.. unfortunately. He keeps looking at women's breasts in interviews, and now this? at the most he's bisexual, but I don't see even that tbh.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 3210/11/2012

R25 Nah! He is 4652786453x more atractive as an actor than your lame and corny lookin Matt Bomer.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 3310/12/2012

There are very few actors who are gay in Hollywood. The percentage is around .5% - it's just a fact. Virtually every rumor of a gay actor has been refuted. Sorry.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 3410/12/2012

Are you kidding me R34? They may not have COME OUT yet, but that doesn't mean shit, you moron.. there's a reason they don't come out. Hell.. some gay actors are even married and have kids. Yes, it happens.. it's not my fault you're ignorant.

The reason I think there's so few openly gay actors in Hollywood is simply because most actors are very ambitious and are willing to closet themselves to get a career, hell.. those are the people who are the most famous. Secondly, it's not that there's few gay actors in Hollywood, it's just that most openly gay actors are weeded out before they ever get big, because it's seen as a liability. Openly gay actors find it more difficult to get roles, it's sad but it's the truth.. the gays have everything to gain by closeting themselves in the business today. Your percentage is way off. You are talking about the openly gay actors, but there's definitely a lot of gay actors in the closet.. hell, there's even been some openly gay actors who are willing to go back into the closet when they get famous. I'm looking at you Colton Haynes and Luke Evans. Ask yourself this: how many gay guys are in drama school? Exactly, so shouldn't the percentage be much higher? It it, but they're just not out.. some people are even happy in the glass closet, like Matt Bomer and Jim parsons were before they came out.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 3510/12/2012

Sorry girls, he's straight. However he rides horses well and is a great dancer. And I think he looks better with dark hair than his gingery fluff.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 3610/12/2012

I agree r35 in a way, let's be real. Hardly any Hollywood ermm .. "actors" give a shit about the craft of acting. They want to be famous movie stars, they want money, to party, be treated like a VIP star and bang as many hot chicks as possible.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 3710/12/2012

I'm not an actor, I'm a movie star!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 3810/12/2012

[quote]I agree [R35] in a way, let's be real. Hardly any Hollywood ermm .. "actors" give a shit about the craft of acting. They want to be famous movie stars, they want money, to party, be treated like a VIP star and bang as many hot chicks as possible.

Again, your problem is that you assume every actor is straight. Not all actors want to bang hot chicks.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 3910/12/2012

I don't believe you can ever say an actor is conclusively straight. The PR machines, hype, and hiding in the closet for advancement her just too powerful. Look at John Travolta....

by The Hiddles Trollreply 4010/12/2012

Exactly, R40... that's my point. Which is why I'm saying that Tom Hiddleston is most likely straight.. because he genuinely seems turned on by women, but I'm still not leaving out the fact that he might be bi.. because you never know.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 4110/12/2012

The idea of a 'gay' actor is practically a myth. You can count on one hand the major stars who are gay.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 4210/13/2012

Stupid God!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 4310/13/2012

Puny god!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 4410/15/2012

Sometimes you sound like Sir Ian in God's and Monster's and sometimes like a love struck teenager, OP. I don't know which I like better. Carry on.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 4510/15/2012

okay, I'm laughing at my use of apostrophes in Gods and Monsters. Carry on.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 4610/15/2012

Update: Tom's been photographed out and about with a painfully plain actress and former RADA classmate named Sian Clifford.


by The Hiddles Trollreply 4712/09/2012

He gave a razzie-worthy performance in "The Deep Blue Sea".

by The Hiddles Trollreply 4812/09/2012

Photographic evidence.


by The Hiddles Trollreply 4912/09/2012

Staring at Scarlett Johanssen's ass.

Does anyone want to explain how this picture looks "gay"?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 5012/09/2012

Benedict Cumberbatch didn't get where he is by sucking cock. Well, he might have permitted some sucking of his own cock.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 5112/09/2012

So I gather this opportunity to charm Colin Morgan into bed was likely wasted on Tom. Oh well, I still prefer to imagine them going home together after the match.

If Tom is as polite as everyone here says, though, he should get a clue that Merlin and the woman next to them could use some of the bench space he's devoting to airing his genitals.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 5212/11/2012

I still would have liked to have seen Adrian Brody as Loki

by The Hiddles Trollreply 5312/11/2012

I agree: Tom Hiddleston, yummmmm! He is hot and supremely talented. Still, you do not need to Cumberbash to promote him, OP. They both are high on the actors I'd love to f*ck o'meter!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 5412/11/2012

I don't get why people think he's handsome. He's very ordinary. Guys like him are a dime a dozen in London

Now Jamie Dornan. He's handsome.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 5512/11/2012

Sorry Tom Hiddleston fangirls - that dude pings. Benedict Cucumber, OTOH, is secure enough in his hyperheterosexuality to make funny remarks on commentary tracks about how he "fancies" Rupert Graves, etc.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 5612/11/2012


You may not think he's handsome, but damn. This dude is HUNG.

(It's always the tall, skinny ones with so-so faces.)

by The Hiddles Trollreply 5712/11/2012

If you watch the nude love scene in the Deep Blue Sea, Tom is clearly someone who has had things up his ass. You can just see how focused he is on his hole. Most straight guys are penis focused....Tom is ass focused.

and he got where he is by his "relationship" with Kenneth Brannagh

by The Hiddles Trollreply 5812/11/2012

Not sure about your assessment R58, but I have to agree with R48 that it was a pretty hammy performance. Playing Loki doesn't require anything more subtle than ham either. Has anybody seen anything that suggests broader acting chops?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 5912/11/2012

Wasn't he the subject of a recent blind item about a meteorically rising foreign star whose boyfriend put the kibosh on one of his beards?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 6012/11/2012

Not gay, but straight, and a supporter of gay rights.

He's really a nice man, but comes across as very focused on his work and a real professional. Wish more actors were like him, more grounded and humble.

As for women, yes he does seem to be into curvier women than what your average actor would be into, which is interesting. He was banging Kat Dennings for a while from what I understand.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 6101/03/2013

hung like a horse=yummy

by The Hiddles Trollreply 6201/03/2013

R59 Prince Hal in The Hollow Crown (Shakespeare). There are lots of great Brit actors, included my beloved Simon Russell Beale as Falstaff. Tom's gay? I have yet to make up my mind.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 6301/04/2013

I'm still not sold that Tom is straight. Coming out would be very difficult for him if he wants to keep working for Disney, now that they own Marvel. He was asked once in an interview about his sexuality, and he said he was hetereosexual, but it was a VERY hesitant, awkward response. He was publicly dating Susannah Fielding at the time, so what else was he going to say?

While he looks cozy in older photos with Kat Dennings, there was also a rumor at the time that she was bearding for him during SDCC when those photos were taken. But I don't know anyone who knows her, so it stays rumor.

He is exceedingly polite and very charming in-person. I met him at an Avengers premiere and chatted briefly with him, but he completely jammed my gaydar, which is what made me wonder if he was enjoying men and women.

I find it very surprising that - as talented of an actor as he is - he doesn't have on-screen chemistry with any of his female costars. (For example, the love scene in Deep Blue Sea was like watching paint dry. Even the kissing was boring.)

This Sian Clifford "relationship" makes me wonder even more. She is terribly plain, looks uncomfortable in every photo, and doesn't seem to attempt to wear makeup or dress appropriately for industry events (odd, given the fact that she's supposedly an actress). I have a hunch she is just a long-time friend who's now his assistant since I've not seen any evidence of her being a solidly working actress in London. I saw her standing with the other assistants & publicists at the British Independent Film Awards while Tom was doing interviews (girlfriends NEVER stand behind the line, that's always where the assistants are). I actually felt kind of bad for her since she seemed a bit unsure of herself as to what she should be doing. And, to be frank, she was dressed like a grandmother - baggy black dress, oversized cardigan, hair in a granny bun, no makeup. In my experience, actors who wear Armani don't shag women who are so dowdy. Fact of life.

But one thing I do know is that the people around him must adore him because there is NO dish on this guy. Or maybe he's just too dull. The paps follow Benedict Cumberbatch everywhere, but they don't seem that interested in Tom. Not enough edge to him in real life to hook press interest.

I did hear from a friend of a friend that he really is hung like a horse - verified during a wardrobe malfunction on one of his films. So that's lovely confirmation!

Sorry for the book! That's all I know about him - wish I actually did know more, as he's a curious one.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 6401/06/2013

Thanks R64. Very interesting "book".

by The Hiddles Trollreply 6501/07/2013

Finally a thread about him here. About time!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 6601/07/2013

I don't know.. mostly I think he's straight. He's constantly seen checking out interviewers boobs and ass. He clearly likes curvier women too. That said, R64, I have to agree that he doesn't have much chemistry with women on screen. Either he's a bad actor, or there's a reason he doesn't have much chemistry with them.. like the fact that he's gay. He might be bi. I don't think he's fully gay, since I do think he's genuinely into women, but he might be into men too.. who knows.

And to the posters who said he's a bad actor, I have to disagree. I think he's a very good actor, and he was really good in The Avengers, and especially in Thor. He fleshed out a pretty one dimensional character. Any other actor would have played Loki as a one note, but he gave the character more depth. At least that's my opinion. I actually found Loki much more interesting than Thor, and that's because of Tom's brilliant portrayal of Loki.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 6701/07/2013

What banana story? Care to elaborate?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 6801/07/2013

He is the reincarnation of Leslie Howard.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 6901/07/2013

Was he in War Horse?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 7001/07/2013

Oh, what kind of wardrobe malfunction?!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 7101/07/2013

r67 Tom spent his youth in boys' boarding schools. Straight guys raised in all male environments tend not to connect to women quite the same as ones from mixed environments regardless of wanting to fuck them. Who you want to fuck and who you are at ease with and good at dealing with in no way have to be related - lots of times it's the complete opposite.

[quote] At least that's my opinion. I actually found Loki much more interesting than Thor, and that's because of Tom's brilliant portrayal of Loki.

I haven't seen that film, but isn't the Thor character a basic lunkhead good guy while the the Loki character has some darkness and mischief to him like in mythology? That seems like the Loki character would automatically present scene stealing opportunities and would inevitably be more interesting than Thor if Loki was played by anyone at least slightly competent.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 7201/07/2013

Hung like a horse--yeah!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 7301/08/2013


First time I have ever heard about Kat possibly bearding for Tom, interesting.

I've met him as well, last year at tribeca, very polite, sweet man, didn't really get a ping from him. He kept taking not so subtle glances at my friend's boob-acules while we were chatting. I guess his height gives him an advantage for looking down semi low cut dresses. Perv.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 7401/09/2013


There is dish about him, he likes to have one nighters with models. There'a a story about him banging a woc model, so hot:

I didn’t know fonts on lsa liked him like that i would have spilled this earlier. i didn’t even know who he was when my friend told me about him, she had to show me his picture and frankly i wasn’t impressed lol. my friend is a model, i don’t want to say her name bc she has a bf and he’s kind of crazy lol. she was staying on the same floor where interviews were taking place, and she says that he was waiting for an elevator when she came out of her room and he held it open for her and cracked a joke or something like that and introduced himself and asked her where she’s from (she’s american) and he guessed that she was a model and when she asked him how he knew he said some corny shit like ‘look at you, you’re too gorgeous not to be one’. my friend ate it up and when he asked for her number she gave it to him and she the next day he called her and asked her to go to dinner with him and picked her up in a nice car. she told me the conversation was good and he was really complimentary and his eye contact was sexy. after dinner they went to his house and had sex. she said even though they both knew she was just there to have sex he was really polite and gave her a tour of his house. she said his dick isn’t that big but he knows how to use it and he’s good at eating the box lol. they had sex with the lights on and he kept telling her how incredible her body was. and she told me he wasn’t rude when they were done, he turned on the tv and they watched porn and had sex one more time before falling asleep. In the morning she left and she said she hasn’t been in contact with him since besides a text. my friend is black, she’s half nigerian half african american. she’s gorgeous and stateusque, and not like that awkward, hf, model kind of pretty but classically pretty. she switches up her hair a lot but at the time i remember she had a really curly weave. she has breast implants that she loves to show off so she always gets male attention lol. she’s really young, early 20s but looks and acts older. she said tom didn’t ask how old she was once.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 7501/09/2013


Could you elaborate on Tom's wardrobe malfunction? Huge one?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 7601/09/2013

R64 checking in!

The wardrobe malfunction was a towel drop during the sauna scene in The Hollow Crown. My source told me he wasn't at all embarrassed about it. (Of course, actors tend not to be shy in that regard.)

I honestly think Tom is rather impressed with himself, but he's a gentleman about it.(Except when he's looking down dresses, it seems.) That said, I think he'd do well to edge-up a little. Or at least bring a hot date to events for the papers to talk about. He risks being forgettable to the public when he's not yet established as a marketable actor outside the Marvel franchise. The frenzy of his fans is really out of proportion to his industry standing. I've seen talk on other sites with fans believing that Tom making a (hetero) relationship public could somehow harm his career. But, in fact, the converse is true 99% of the time.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 7701/09/2013

Mainly responding to R64 since I could have written that post myself. I'm actually a little freaked out because my friend and I have mentioned pretty much everything you've said word for word and I'm wondering if I know you!

My friend and I met Tom at a private industry reception last year which was attended by some VERY senior people and it was fascinating to watch how he behaves around industry bigwigs. Everyone who meets him says how lovely and super polite he is, well he was definitely on his best behaviour that night. There was no hint of any of the fooling/joking around that the fans love him for - he had his most intense concentration face on as he talked to various people, nodding in agreement a lot and seeming quite restrained.

His publicist Luke was also there (who I believe is gay?) and hung around for a bit but then left quite early. When Luke went to say goodbye to Tom, he reached up with his arms to put around Tom's neck in quite a needy way, as if to say 'HUG ME'! Tom responded by wrapping his arms around Luke's waist and I'm not kidding - they embraced for several seconds, and definitely longer than you would expect for a goodbye embrace, especially two men. Tom even closed his eyes during the hug - I felt as if I was witnessing a really deep moment. I was stood not far behind Luke at the time, so when Tom opened his eyes and began to break the hug, he stared straight at me and I'm pretty sure I gave him a knowing wink of 'you two need to get a room' kind of look. I would not be surprised if Luke has a crush on Tom.

So eventually my friend and I got to chat to him and he really was lovely. Utterly polite and everything, but then he would be at an industry thing. He didn't ask what we did - for all he knew, we could have been the next big writer/producer/director, so he was very charming.

As far as sexuality goes, I think he is possibly gay or at least bisexual. He comes across as someone very emotionally intense and I can imagine him finding people very attractive and falling in love with them regardless of their gender. I do find it funny to read female fans saying he can't be gay because he's had girlfriends - like that means anything at all! My first serious boyfriend later came out as gay and we did have a good relationship while it lasted, not to mention an amazing sex life. I can definitely imagine Tom coming out to himself later in life (one of my close male friends has only recently told me he is bisexual at the age of 38, and I've known him for more than 10 years).

And yes, him being seen with Sian Clifford definitely makes me think he is not straight. He is very confident and sure of himself, seems to spend a lot of time on his image and wears designer clothing - there is no way he would date someone so plain who makes no effort at all with her appearance. She looks like she just got out of bed, threw some baggy clothes on and barely managed to pull a brush through her hair. Image is everything in the acting profession and she is just dreadful. If she was riding his monster cock all the time, she'd have a massive grin on her face, yet looks so miserable in most of the photos with him. He also seems to have so much more chemistry with men in photos and interviews. There was a photo I saw recently of Tom with Nicholas Hoult at some fashion party and it pinged my gaydar off the scale.

As R64 pointed out - he's kind of trapped now he's in the Marvel franchise. He's also said he wants to do the new Star Wars movie (Disney), and they aren't going to employ an openly gay actor.

Never mind - I fantasise lots about him having hot gay sex with other delicious actors and I really hope he is doing this in real life!

Sorry for essay - hope that's a useful contribution!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 7801/10/2013

[quote] He comes across as someone very emotionally intense and I can imagine him finding people very attractive and falling in love with them regardless of their gender.

I could tell you were a woman when I read that. That's not actually the way men work outside of slash fiction.

[quote] there is no way he would date someone so plain who makes no effort at all with her appearance. ...If she was riding his monster cock all the time, she'd have a massive grin on her face, yet looks so miserable in most of the photos with him.

She's prettier than the average non-celebrity woman. She's groomed OK, nicely dressed in a modest low key way and smiling in the photos I've seen of them out together. Maybe she looks depressed when she sees his online fangirl army shitting on her appearance, though. She looks as though she might have some brains and sophistication which is handy if you are a career minded guy using events to network and/or an intelligent person who wants to have a decent conversation with someone you are going to hang around with outside of bed.

He can be charming, but physically he's got a fairly common looking face and not especially good body himself.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 7901/11/2013

Isn't she married to someone else?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 8001/11/2013

Thor to Loki:

"Some do battle. Others just do tricks."

by The Hiddles Trollreply 8101/12/2013

Tom is reportedly dating Jessica Chastain. I'd say that's NOT gay.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 8201/16/2013

R82 - Didn't some source close to her just deny this is true?

And isn't there a thread here questioning whether or not she is in the closet as well?

It stinks of a PR play.

The gay publicist relationship is a question mark. As is that photo of Hiddleston in the car the night of the Glamour awards with another pingy-looking fellow. And his interview comments said same night about him "questioning" his masculinity, because he feels he "always falls short."

Anyone out here know him or Chastain? Is this rumor just awards-season PR buzz, or have they been seen together?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 8301/17/2013

Oooo...someone else noticed the pingy guy in the car. That same guy was also at the BIFA awards with Tom and Sian and I've seen a pic of Tom with him (dressed like a hobo) at a completely separate event. Who IS that guy???? Oh and that photo of Tom with Douglas Booth (who shares Luke as a publicist) that's floating around on tumble is the one that causes my gaydar to jam up and practically catch fire. I'm going with GAY.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 8401/17/2013

Although I think he pings as well, the other guy is probably just his assistant/publicist rep.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 8501/17/2013

Luke is his publicist.

If it's the same guy I'm thinking of, evidence leans towards boyfriend.

Totally buy that out of work Sian is the assistant who doubles as party date when necessary.

R84, would love some photo links Mr. Pingyfriend, if you've got them. Is this the guy?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 8601/17/2013

That's him! I just searched the first twenty pages of and I can't find the pics I'm thinking may have been the Life of Pi premeire instead of the bifa awards, but I remember when I saw it I wondered why the fangirls haven't researched his identity. They certainly go to great lengths to find out everything about everyone else Tom comes close to.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 8701/17/2013

That should have been Damn autocorrect.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 8801/17/2013

We should get some more clues at the upcoming BAFTAS.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 8901/17/2013

[quote could tell you were a woman when I read that. That's not actually the way men work outside of slash fiction.]

It might not be how "men" work, R79 but it's how many actors work. I used to be actress and I've been around many male actors. They are often bisexual or at least open to the possibility. These goes double for the morpher type of actors. They don't even have a solid identity most of the time because they are so used to becoming other people. In my experience, these guys will get drunk and get down with anybody if they are in the mood. I think it has more to do with needing a constant pressure release. And yes, young actors are intensity junkies.

I have no idea if Tom Hiddleston is gay or straight. English people are confusing in this way. By American behavioral standards, you would think most of the country is gay, what with all the charming, witty men and the plain, no fuss women. (It's a class thing in England. The real upper class women aren't supposed to show much vanity because it's beneath them. They are supposed to look like they'd rather be stomping around in their Wellies with their dogs. The upper class men tend to be the peacocks) I live here and my signals are always confused.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 9001/18/2013

I think Tom is straight (which saddens me to say, because I like him a lot). That said.. you never know when it comes to actors. Maybe he does like men too, but I don't think he's gay, at the most bi. He definitely likes women and are often seen checking them out. My money is on straight, with the slight possibility that he might be bisexual.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 9101/18/2013

I though it was confirmed that Sian was just a friend? He probably brought her around to get her more acting jobs.

His relationship with Susannah Fielding was real, because they are both too unknown to stage a PR relationship for people to get excited over. I know that there was a picture of them together on "The Avengers" set, and another one of them watching a tennis match around that time frame in NYC (posted on her now deleted twitter account). But in my honest opinion, I don't think they were together for that long. I think they were friends who hooked up and decided to give dating a try. I think his jump to the American silver screen is what ultimately killed their fling.

Also, I feel like Luke plays a big role in this. He represents both of them, but I don't think he works with her anymore. I can't shake the feeling that Luke might have been sabotaging their relationship. I feel that is is too clingy to Tom. I think he might have a crush on him, despite the fact that he has a serious boyfriend.

I'm going to jump on this "Tom is straight" train. He could possible be bi, but he will ultimately end up with a woman. Just as long as he can pull Luke out of his ass and establish boundaries.

Sorry for this novel, but these are just my observations.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 9202/24/2013

Sometimes I wonder if Tom is bi and having a relationship with Luke. I see some 'chemistry' between them and the sense I get is that Tom is not as into Luke as Luke is into Tom. I think they make a cute couple (if that indeed is the case). Of course, I could be wrong.

Tom seems to be the 'it' man now and most actors when they first become famous start dating some A list actresses. None of that with Tom. This is just an observation of mine.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 9302/24/2013

R91 I totally agree with you

by The Hiddles Trollreply 9402/24/2013

please show me evidence--any kind-- that he's "horse hung!!" I've clicked every link on this thread and I don't see one pic/video showing he's "horse hung!"

by The Hiddles Trollreply 9502/24/2013

if you go to tumblr and search loki's monster crotch, there are all kinds of pics that seem to support the idea the guy is hung. There are some of him in a gray suit where he is walking and it just looks like the whole package is huge.

There is also a film he made a few years ago called unrelated, and in one scene he is in shorts, in a some sort of muddy water. He is jumping up and down, and based on the movement in the shorts, he looks pretty generously sized.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 9602/24/2013

Bulge bump

by The Hiddles Trollreply 9702/26/2013

Luke, the pr guy has a boyfriend, the crazy fangirls who are always crawling up Luke's ass whenever he tweets know who he is.

As for Tom, in videos he's always flirting or giving boob checks, and isn't subtle about it either. Borderline creepy perv.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 9803/03/2013

Wasn't he the subject of a blind item involving a rising star who has to keep his love life on the down low because he's a chubby chaser and that could hurt his image?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 9903/05/2013

The BAFTA film awards at the end of February.

Thanks to the fangirls, he was pictured getting out of his car with his fly open and some serious cock action going on.

He went with Luke of course, and I would love to know what was going on in that car. What kind of publicist lets his client arrive at a major awards ceremony like that?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 10003/05/2013

He's very cute to me.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 10103/05/2013

Hiddleston said he's "maybe heterosexual" in this interview (1:18). Soooo...non-committal then!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 10203/06/2013

Ok that pic with the fly down, Good lord, Huge!!

Wonder if he was fluffed up or that is just how it hangs all the time. No wonder he sits and stands with his legs as far apart as possible, the thing must get in the way.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 10303/07/2013

He's a cute man, my GAWD!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 10403/07/2013

[quote]I would love to know what was going on in that car

A further clue R100 may be found on Tom's shiny black shoe as seen in the big BAFTA picture. Careless certainly, impressive perhaps.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 10503/08/2013

[quote]As for Tom, in videos he's always flirting or giving boob checks, and isn't subtle about it either. Borderline creepy perv.

Are you serious? That reads more like hopelessly trying to seem straight to me.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 10603/08/2013

That BAFTA pic is just sad. Fly open, semen on his shoe...what a creep.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 10703/08/2013

I think it's a raindrop. It was raining/snowing that night. I only hope it is that. I don't see any other 'stains'..eww..Man, he has got some big feets.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 10803/08/2013

Is that sperm blob for real on his shoe, or just photoshopped?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 10903/08/2013

That's one huge, milky raindrop.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 11003/08/2013

Bulge bump.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 11103/08/2013

He needs to fire his publicist. (Even if his publicist was the one responsible for his open fly, half-erect condition.) Who the &%@# lets their client get out of a car at the BAFTAs like that? He's lucky nobody cares who he is, or that photo would have been all over the Daily Mail. That said, I do think the blob on his shoe is sleet on the camera lens. There are similar blobs higher up in the frame.

I think this guy is much more pervy than his uber polite public persona dictates. And not in a good way. Does he have to wank off before every public appearance or something? There's just no excuse for showing up at a high-profile event looking like you've just been interrupted in a toilet stall.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 11203/08/2013

Wow some pretty harsh things to say about a fairly minor thing, an open fly. Like none of us have ever had that happen? He might have made a mad dash to the loo just before getting into the car. Not everything has to mean something. The shoe thing looks like reflection from the lens or water or snow. It is too perfectly round to be semen.

He checks out T&A when he thinks no one is looking. As soon as he becomes aware of the camera, he stops. So I think he def likes to look at the ladies. I guess that doesn't mean he is full on straight, of course. My gay bestie is obsessed with breasts. Michael K from dlisted is into boobs as well.

But I think TH is unlikely to be full on gay either. I lean towards straight, but open, or pansexual.

I can't hate on the guy, he does great impressions, seems genuine in his 'zest' for life, and he recently did a really cool trip to Africa for Unicef and wrote some great blogs about the trip. Seems like a nice guy. True he probably has some kinks, but that doesn't mean he isn't a nice guy too.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 11303/08/2013

There is no proof he was slapping the salami or got sucked off in the car before the Baftas. Maybe it happened maybe it didn't. I think it is hilarious that his fly was open. I noticed in the subsequent photos his fly was up. Anyway, who cares? This is nothing compared to Angelina Jolie saying she and Billy Bob Thorton had sex in the limo before a movie premiere..

by The Hiddles Trollreply 11403/09/2013

Wow, r100, talk about "Major Tom". Still, it is not Jon Hamm huge but it is impressive.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 11503/09/2013

Bulge bump

by The Hiddles Trollreply 11603/09/2013

[quote]He checks out T&A when he thinks no one is looking.


by The Hiddles Trollreply 11703/09/2013

"I find Loki to be a very sexually charged character in The Avengers (especiallly love the scene in Stuttgart where he walks down the steps in the D&G suit), but my f"""

STUTTGART!!!! LOL Those stairs are in the Cuyahova County Courthouse in Cleveland Ohio. Coem to Cleveland OP and I'll take you there.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 11803/09/2013

I hate the scene, because it is so obviously not filmed on location and the only reason the scene is supposed to take place in Germany is for the old Jew who stands up against Loki to have a bigger impact.

That would be public square in front of terminal tower in Cleveland Ohio. They had to film there be ause there are no old Jews left in Stuttgart. We got lots of em in Cleveland. Hitler never made it to Ohio.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 11903/09/2013


just check out some of his interviews on youtube. You can see him take glances of the women.

This doesn't mean he is or isn't gay. Just saying he seems to enjoy looking.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 12003/09/2013

Get the impression that a few of the most recent responses are from fangirls protecting their sacred cow.

I don't really care how much of a 'nice' guy he might be. As it says right at the top, this place is for gossip and "pointless bitchery" and I rather enjoy that.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 12103/09/2013


Susannah Fielding was curvy, Kat Dennings' weight goes up and down, but during Thor, she was thinner than she is on that terrible TV show. But definitely is a curvy girl. Sian Clifford, if she is or was a GF has some decent curves too, but I don't think any of these women would be considered chubby or fat in anywhere, other than Hollyweird. In Hollywood, anyone bigger than a size 2 or 4 is considered big and they are bullied into losing weight. Tom has been seen with women who are probably more in the size 6-8 range, which is still pretty slender. Dennings might approach 10-12, but her tits are so big, it is hard to say as they sort of take over her body.

At any rate, even a size 10 does not equate fat or chubby to most people.

Tom, himself, though is quite thin, and could do with about another 10 pounds imo. He was a bit heavier when he was in Wallander and looked good. He also apparently put on 25 pounds when auditioning for Thor. Branagh wasn't sure if he wanted him for Thor or Loki, so they had him add some bulk for Thor. Eventually they told him he was going to play Loki, and so after working hard to put on the 25 pounds of muscle, he had to drop it again pretty quickly to play the leaner Loki.

I wish I could find some pics of him bulked up while testing for Thor. I think he would look hot with some more mass.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 12203/09/2013

And I'm saying, r120, that it's probably all for show.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 12303/09/2013

@121, why do you get that impression? No one has come on here insisting he is a straight ladies man, and the general consensus is he seems to be a decent chap.

I think he likes to look at the ladies, but I doubt that confirms his sexuality either way.

What impresses me most about him, other than the trouser snake, is he is actually a really good actor. War Horse, Thor/Avengers, Henry V, and he was on some BBC shows that show off his talent.

What I don't like: He seems a little bit too eager to please and I think he panders to the fans a bit much. That will eventually bite him in the ass as they are mostly nutjobs who have no sense of boundaries, or they are a fickle bunch who will drop him like a hot potato with the next vaguely hot/fem British guy who comes along.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 12403/09/2013

Just saw The Deep Blue he is really over the top in that. Hammy and stiff.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 12503/09/2013

I didn't think he was hammy in that. I just thought the rest of the movie was so slow, so inactive that even a little bit of animation in the actor's face or line delivery stood out.

I love Rachel Weisz, but the movie wasn't even worth it to watch her. Dull dull dull

by The Hiddles Trollreply 12603/10/2013

@122, there's a movie he did called Return to Cranford, filmed while he was bulking up for his screen test for Thor. The added weight is noticeable and it suits him.

Still think the Sian Clifford thing is iffy, the woman has a face like a frog and the personality of a haus-frau. Would not want to come across her in a dark alley or even a well lit one. If he got his dick wet with that, it's a pity.

@121, I don't see any haus-fraus on here fluffing up the het angle (so he loves tits, makes no excuses about it when he's looking at women in interviews, might mean nothing, could mean something who knows) for their sacred cow, if anything the Tom fangirls are looking for evidence that he's into the sausage.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 12703/10/2013

I'm a fangirl and sometimes I wonder if he is into sausage. I am leaning on the bi-angle. I really suspect he and Luke have something going on.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 12803/11/2013

I definitely think Hiddleston is straight. He needs to tone down the 'Disney prince' and fan pandering, though. It's going to bite him in the ass when his PR isn't around. He's made it so he can't get caught making a mistake; it'll wreck the image he's worked so hard to build. That's also why he always has Luke with him, I'd wager.

Cumberbatch doesn't bother me, but I've met him. Very nice but rather shy/introverted. He's apologized and been referencing his privilege and luck as an actor left and right over the last year, which is all I ask for. We all fuck up, just try not to repeat the mistakes, which is what he's been doing as far as I can tell.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 12903/12/2013

I love how nice he is to his fans. The one thing I am concerned about are the crazies and stalkers. I am sure he has his share. He just needs to be careful of that, that's all.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 13003/13/2013

Aren't the vast majority of actors 'nice' to their fans - goes with the job surely? They're taught to do this by their management - you don't bite the hand that feeds you.

I think Hiddleston needs to be careful here - some fan stories and pictures emerging on Tumblr and Twitter yesterday from young girls who waited for him outside the South Bank awards. I can't help feeling a bit icky that he is giving full body hugs to impressionable school girls half his age, then signing autographs off with 'lots of Loki love'.

The thought of properly hugging people I have never met before in my life just strikes me as odd and I can't believe fans have the nerve to ask. He's breeding a monster here because fans have come to expect it.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 13103/13/2013

For R129, is Benedict as unearthly beautiful in person as he is on film? I know he has a very polarizing look (love it or hate it) and I'm just curious to know how it translates in person.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 13203/13/2013

[quote]is Benedict as unearthly beautiful in person as he is on film?


by The Hiddles Trollreply 13303/13/2013

And lovely Tom, at the same event as Benedict above...

(They seem to be friends. Fans tweeted pics of them together at a Sigur Ros concert a few days ago. I know they were in War Horse together, but it also seems the UK industry is fairly tight at the top.)

by The Hiddles Trollreply 13403/13/2013

R133, Benedict has described his own look as "posh alien", so I think it fits. (Though your OTT characterization is probably warranted.)

by The Hiddles Trollreply 13503/13/2013

@R132: You know, I didn't really know who Cumberbatch was until after I met him lol. I was dragged to a charity event in the fall, happened to be by where he was and started talking to him because I was bored. I thought he was really nice-looking in person. Super pretty eyes, good complexion. I thought he was younger than he turned out to be. Very sweet guy, so I looked him up later. Some of the other celebrities there were pretty damn awful.

@R131: Holy crap I'm not the only one who thinks Hiddleston is a little over-the-top with the younger girls?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 13603/13/2013


Yeah, I've seen a ton of fan-sneaked photos of Hiddleston and Cumberbatch together at restaurants and stuff, so I'd definitely guess they're friends.

People need to stop talking photos of those two when they're not looking though. It's kinda stalky.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 13703/13/2013

r31, I could never ask Tom for a hug, I don't have the courage but I sure as hell would love to have one from him. I do think it is cute he gives hugs to girls and signs autographs with "Lot's of Loki love'. He just needs to be careful of the crazies. It only takes one nutjob to ruin it for the rest of us.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 13803/14/2013

Nice package and check out dem feets. HUGE. Y'all know what that means.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 13903/14/2013

There are a ton of pictures on that tumblr that show the guy is hung. Seems to like to hang to the left, but sometimes to the right.

He seems like a nice guy, but he needs to dial down the smiles. Goofy looking smile, much better looking when he is looking more serious.

He has an interesting face. Sometimes he is almost repulsive looking to me, and sometimes he looks very hot and sexy.

Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry had to make sure his girlfriend was sitting at certain angles from him or she would go from beautiful to hideous. funny ep

by The Hiddles Trollreply 14003/14/2013

I agree that Tom's toothy smile is horrible in pics. If you look at the video, it's not nearly as bad in motion as it is when photographed. Seriously, I think its bad enough to give casting people pause. Just altogether not a good look.

Benedict, on the other hand...unf. Somebody needs to start a new Benedict thread. Please.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 14103/14/2013

Tom during his bulked up phase.


by The Hiddles Trollreply 14203/18/2013

Even as slim as he is now, he has a nice ass. If you spend any time on Tumblr, you can find some great shots of his nice firm butt.

I like him a lot as an actor and he is funny in interviews. Watch him doing a radio show called the Whollywood shuffle or something like that. he was on it twice, but the first one is the funniest.

He would be so much better looking if he had stayed a bit more buff like he was in those clips.

Apparently he is a hardcore runner, and that extra weight he put on during the Thor auditions was probably hard on his running.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 14303/18/2013

Shirt open, curly hair. What's not to love?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 14403/18/2013

I think he looks better with more weight on but I think he is just naturally thin. I watched some movies he made a few years back and he was so skinny.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 14503/19/2013

He is just gorgeous. Yum!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 14603/19/2013

Nice ass.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 14703/20/2013

He seems a genuine guy that respects his fans. (not one that interacts with them only when he has something to sell or promote like certain bastards do)

by The Hiddles Trollreply 14803/20/2013

He carries a man purse?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 14903/20/2013

Has he done any other nude scenes besides Deep Blue Sea?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 15003/20/2013

the man purse was "Swag" from the fashion show. There are other pics from that event that show him holding it up the way celebs do when they get Swag.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 15103/20/2013

Can you just imagine Daniel Day-Lewis in the celeb swag line?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 15203/20/2013

no, probably not. But DDL is known to be rather reclusive and anti-social. I don't think he goes to any big events other than the major award shows.

I think Swag is stupid. The people who get the swag are usually the only ones who can actually afford to spend real money on most of that shit. It pretty much offends me.

I have heard of some actors who donate their swag to a website that then sells it and gives the money to a shelter or a food bank. Not sure if that is still happening or not, but it is a nice idea. I have heard about some swag gifts that are worth a ton of money.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 15303/20/2013

DDL's presumed antisocial nature is not what keeps him out of the swag line, methinks.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 15403/20/2013

yeah, probably true.

I think the whole celeb-fashion show appearance, + the swag is all rather douchey, but a man's gotta eat, and it seems like for most celebs, actors, doing those things is de rigueur.

Not everyone is going to be like DDL. But I don't remember much about his early career so I don't know if went through the whole phase of showing up for the opening of an envelope or not.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 15503/20/2013

you have to pay ntaxes on swag in the us nowadays...some people don't take it because you get a lot of junk you don't really want and it actually casts you money.

DDL was always secretive....he never went to red carpet type stuff.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 15603/20/2013

Lots of great new pics and interviews with TH on Torilla's tumblr.

His hair is to short, but he seems like a pretty genuinely nice guy.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 15703/23/2013

Sidebar: I simply don't understand how these actors, with their careers and film/stage commitments and award shows and interviews, etc. etc., find the time to "date" and/or have one-night stands with anyone! Methinks so much of it is hyperbole and PR.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 15803/23/2013

I gotta say, there is something about that man that makes you want to lay about naked in bed with him for the entire day on a dreary Saturday and then next run off with him on Sunday to help save children being massacred in Syria. The oozing of sexiness combined with what I believe is a truly empathetic spirit is so staggeringly hot I can't fucking stand it.

I'll Mary! myself.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 15903/23/2013

[quote]He's easily one of the most inspirational actors this decade.


[quote]The oozing of sexiness combined with what I believe is a truly empathetic spirit


You are projecting WAY too much onto him.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 16003/23/2013

No way, R160, if anything you can dispute his "sexiness" over his "empathetic spirit." The man is walking UNICEF advert if you take a look at his Twitter-- he is constantly in some shitbox country while we sit in our warm homes discussing his dick on DL.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 16103/23/2013

God, he's so ugly I can't believe he's inspired all the admiration on this thread.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 16203/23/2013

[quote]while we sit in our warm homes discussing his dick on DL.

What you mean "we," fangurl?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 16303/23/2013

"The thing about Bobby Sherman is that he really cares about the environment!"

-- Michelle Williams in DICK, sounding just like the nutty fangurl on this thread

by The Hiddles Trollreply 16403/23/2013

I just spent the afternoon watching The Thin Man, with William Powell and Myrna Loy. Watching it, I was struck that Powell was not really at handsome, but yet he definitely had something attractive about him.

That is how I view Hiddleston. He has a kind of retro attractiveness, that would have fit in very well in the 1940's.

I first noticed him as F Scott Fitzgerald in Midnight in Paris. It wasn't a huge part, but he caught my eye. (He really looked like Fitzgerald too, take a second and google him).

Then I saw him in Thor, He was great as Loki and hot with that dark hair. He didn't look as good in Avengers, though I enjoyed the movie more than Thor, which except for Tom, I thought was kind of a bore.

I think Hiddleston seems like a nice guy.

For those of you who think he is fug, don't worry, he seems to have plenty below the waste that you can focus on if his face doesn't do it for you.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 16503/23/2013

[quote]he seems to have plenty below the waste

Oh, dear.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 16603/23/2013

Tom has that quality (like the say about Bill Clinton) where when he talks to you you feel like you are the only person in the world. (at least that is how he was pre-fame) I think he is still kind of like that from interviews and stuff I've seen.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 16703/23/2013

"We," dear Tonto, yes. I don't see you over on the "WEHT acne" or "Betty Broderick" postings, so I'll gather you're here to discuss the presumed luscious cockage. Unless, you, um, follow his humanitarian missions...

by The Hiddles Trollreply 16803/23/2013

Tom and his publicist (boyfriend?) in Africa.

I mean, do publicist usually go on these "charity" trips? Seems weird to me.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 16903/26/2013

They make a cute couple.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 17003/26/2013

Luke is a lucky man!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 17103/26/2013

Luke came along for the Unicef trip because it was a publicity trip. These charity organizations ask various celebs to go on these trips to bring awareness to their cause. This works in both parties favor though. The celeb gets good publicity and the organization gets a lot of donations from the celeb's fans.

I'm not saying Tom is a publicity hound, but Luke won't let an opportunity to showcase Tom pass him. Homeboy is thirsty as fuck.

Side note: Luke has a serious boyfriend and it isn't Tom.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 17203/26/2013

Luke is creepily everywhere for someone not dating Tom.

Tom seems precious and sweet, but boy goes to the opening of an envelope. And Luke is always there to tie his shoes. WTF?

Who is Luke's boyfriend who is not Tom?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 17303/27/2013

I like him, but I want to feed him some sandwiches. He looks a little too skinny.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 17403/28/2013

Anyone actually work with him?

I'm hearing rumors about strange behavior on the set of Thor 2.

He is looking a little thin and run down. Is he a chain smoker or a drug user?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 17503/28/2013

R175...Do tell!!! I'd love to hear what rumors you've heard. I watch Tom much too closely (I admit it), and I noticed some things that didn't add up or weren't typical of Tom back during the fall (September/October).

by The Hiddles Trollreply 17603/28/2013

Ooohhh, Dish on the rumors from the Thor 2 set? I have never heard a bad word about him. I would be surprised if he smokes as he is an avid runner. Don't know about drugs, but no rumors that I know of. The only thing I have ever heard him say about bad habits is in one interview he jokes about how he toyed with the idea of giving up drinking, but then realized that was bad idea. He didn't say it in a way that sounded like he had a problem with it, just making a joke. He was speaking at an event that was sponsored by Jameson's Irish Whiskey at the time so that was the context.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 17703/28/2013

Wanted to add: I'm also concerned that his only upcoming project is a bit part in the Muppets sequel. Frankly, I wonder if his massive 2010-2012 run just got the better of him. He is only human after all.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 17803/28/2013

I wonder how it works when an actor gets involved in a franchise? Do they have to agree to set aside time for upcoming films and then possibly miss other opportunities?

I mean, he just wrapped Thor 2, and though no one will say for sure, it seems like he could be in Avengers 2. So does he have to just sit and wait as the have an option on his time, or can he go ahead and get other jobs in the meantime?

Anyway, I have heard him say he was hoping to return to theater now and then too as it is his first love, so maybe he is doing some work on that. He also seems to be very active on the appearance/PR trail, which would make me crazy if I were in the business. Seems like he could be a little less eager to be at every single event that is related to the entertainment industry.

He also has said in a recent interview how much the trip to Africa affected him. I have had friends who spent time in Haiti and came back really transformed by the experience. It really made the question things, and they struggled with it for a while. Maybe living in a world of excess is harder to take after seeing such harsh poverty.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 17903/28/2013

[quote]Maybe living in a world of excess is harder to take after seeing such harsh poverty.

Didn't seem to affect Madge. It might just be for publicity or ego aggrandizement.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 18003/28/2013

Madge's ego is unparalleled. I don't tom has reached that level yet.

I just think the man needs to eat little bit more and go on the down low every once in awhile. He will risk a backlash from his crazy fans if he doesn't stay out of the limelight once in awhile. They already are analyzing his recent pictures because he wasn't smiling in every single picture, or because he only stopped to pose for 100 fans, not 101 fans.

The guy has been too good to his fans, to open and it will bite him in the ass, and not in a good way.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 18103/28/2013

There was a bizarre comment about him being "batshit crazy" on set (ONTD), which seems uncharacteristic, but I'm still intrigued enough to want details. Gotta love a crazy bitch.

There was also a comment about him "overcompensating," which I didn't understand. Was hoping someone in the industry could chime in with the inside scoop?

WRT smoking, the running thing is surprisingly irrelevant. I have two friends here in the Bay Area who road race and love to cap off a good training session with a cigarette. It's "the best" or something.

RADA classmate, was he a smoker back then?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 18203/28/2013

Re: Tom's plans. Last I read his kitchen table is piled with plays of every genre. The stage is gagging, and awaits his choice. And sold-out notices.

The same piece told us he got a double first in Classics at Cambridge, so he's fuck-off clever. Could've done anything, world at his big feet, etcetera. Intriguing man.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 18303/28/2013

R182, I found the rumor you were talking about. It sounds like Tom is neurotic and insecure (and was possibly on something at the time, given the incessant, incoherent babbling description). A lot of really smart people who are also insecure have a tendency to "overcompensate" in basically means they make a lot of effort to be sure you know just how smart they are. Of course, sometimes such perceptions are just a reflection of jealousy on the part of the hearer, but I can believe in toms case its probably a little of both.

My own observations were around the same time (October). Tom lost a TON of weight over the summer for the jarmusch film, then he came back to London and pretty soon after started on Thor. Some of his Twitter postings around that time ranged from bizarre to incredibly morose...all uncharctetistic. He also had this very weird bloated look at a couple of he came home from the jarmusch shoot and cleaned out 3 bakeries. All that put together makes me think that drugs *may* have been involved during the jarmusch shoot. Just a theory.

I'll just add that it's really cringe-worthy how intimate he acts with his fans (and this from someone who loves him). I honestly wouldn't be surprised to discover that he trawls twitter for hook-UPS.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 18403/29/2013

Nice write-up at link.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 18503/29/2013

R182, Can you post the link where you read that rumor?

I am not questioning what you wrote, but I have just never ever seen anyone from a movie set, or a co-star have anything but great things to say about Tom. Hemsworth has repeatedly said how great he is and how well they work together.

I also wondered if you could post a link to any pictures where he looked Bloated. I have never seen anything like that. When he was younger he had more baby fat in his face, but I haven't seen him looking bloated that I can recall.

I knew he had lost weight for a film, and I think it aged him as his face is already quite lean and angular.

I think the whole PR side of the business sucks. Making endless appearances, having to attend things alone or with just their "handler". Having to smile, pose for tons of pictures, etc. Actors have be out there, being seen, etc. Most of what Tom has been seen at lately have been things where he is presenting something, where he has been honored, or otherwise involved in something.

Most actors do these kinds of things. Some act above it all, detached or with barely concealed disdain.

I look at someone like Alexander Skarsgard, who makes lots of appearances, is on the covers of magazines, does the Calvin Klein ads, etc. He is known to be very nice with his fans, but detached or annoyed acting with the Paps. Yet, Jared Eng is a buddy of his. Skarsgard can give off that hipster, I am too cool for school kind of vibe with the PR and Fame thing.

Tom seems to be taking the attitude of just going with it. In other words he could act prissy and resent it, or he can act like he doesn't really care, meanwhile still showing up and signing for big promotional contracts, or he can just be his enthusiastic self and enjoy the ride.

I am not saying one way to cope is better than the the other. I think basically most younger, modern actors have to play the game to some extent. And they might might have stylistic differences in how they manage it

Sorry so wordy

by The Hiddles Trollreply 18603/30/2013

I'd agree Tom seems nervous a lot of the time...pleasant guy who wants to be liked was always my impression. Don't think he was a smoker. Can't really remember.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 18703/30/2013

r182 + r175 here.

The rumor is here, in the comments section about 2/3 way down the page.

The bloating comment was not from me, that was r184

I too have heard nothing but good things prior to this, which is why I said it was uncharacteristic, and put it out there to hopefully get some insider explanation.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 18803/31/2013

Thanks for posting that link. I was thinking it was from a story or something, but it looks like it was just one of those "a friend told me..." Not saying it isn't true, just that as we all know, we could all have these anonymous friends who tell us all kinds of things that don't really amount to anything factual.

I could see him being a talker and even rambling. I don't think he is incoherent but I think he is one of those people whose brains work faster than their mouths and they are hard to follow. My co-worker is like that. He is probably at a genius level IQ, but he can get caught in these loops of thought that most average people just don't follow easily, at first. I am used to him know but it took me forever to figure out where he was going with the thread of a conversation.

Oh, I guess it stands to figure that something negative was going to turn up on this guy.

Despite the nerdiness, the overachiever vibe he gives off, I there is something about him I find likeable. I am not sure I even think he is all that hot, though sometimes he can look really good, and other times he doesn't

by The Hiddles Trollreply 18903/31/2013

I think he is insecure but aren't ALL actors insecure? I think he just wants to please people, wants to be liked, etc. Seems like an very nice guy.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 19003/31/2013

Batshit insane? Well, in this video he is but it hilarious. He had to be on something to do this.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 19103/31/2013

that video is part of a running joke that he has with that guy from MTV. Shows he is a good sport, I guess, but a doofus

by The Hiddles Trollreply 19203/31/2013

I love that video. I am shocked that he was able to jump up onto that counter wearing cowboy boots.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 19303/31/2013

actually he is fairly athletic and graceful. There is a clip on youtube of him doing a cartwheel that is cute and some others of him dancing. He has the kind of long, lean, runner's athleticism, not the big bulky muscular type.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 19403/31/2013

Does anyone know what went on with him and Gwendoline Christie (Brienne from "Game of Thrones")? Did they date or were they just hooking up?

I heard he also hooked up with Carey Mulligan back in the day. Can someone shed some light on this for me? Thanks!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 19504/01/2013

He never seems to have real dates....just PR rumors.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 19604/01/2013

@195, he was in a full fledged relationship with Gwen Christie when they were doing a play together and she used to write naughty things on his MySpace wall. As for the other actress you mentioned I have only seen one pic of Tom with his face up against her cheek, don't know if they dated or not.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 19704/02/2013

I was reading through the posted Myspace chat and saw something that might support the gay/bisexual arguement: In the third post up from the bottom, Gwen asks Tom if he had "seen E.M.'s willy yet?"

by The Hiddles Trollreply 19804/03/2013

In regards to the last post, I know one comment asking if you've seen a dude's willy isn't earth-shattering evidence, I just found it curious, that's all.

Anyhow, he seems nice enough, but he doesn't really seem to have boundaries set up and some of the fans take advantage of that.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 19904/03/2013

there are several pics of him with his ex GF, Susannah Fielding, I think is her name.

I stumbled upon a cute clip of them together. He was getting ready to walk the red carpet for something, and they were sort of queued up waiting for his turn to walk. Just before he goes to do his walk, he stops and kisses her on the forehead. (She is much shorter), and they hug briefly.

It looks genuine, cute, and like a real bf/gf thing.

Could be staged, but the way it is filmed it seems like they weren't aware of being filmed. It is dark where they are standing and they seem unaware of a camera. He looks a little nervous and she seems like the dutiful who is there to support her man. Not sure what the event was for, if it was part of the Thor stuff, or something else. But based on that clip, I think they were a real couple.

I could see him as bi, or just open, but I do think he has dated/dates women as well.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 20004/03/2013

if you go to Youtube and search Tom Hiddleston and Susannah Fielding at BFI, you can see the clip.

She looks nice. Not really beautiful but cute in that sort of perky "That Girl" kind of way. You don't see much of him as his back is to the camera. She doesn't walk the red carpet with him and steps off to the side when he walks out.

I think that is cool, as it seems like it was his event and she wasn't trying to ride coattails in order to get some press.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 20104/03/2013

@198, E.M. is Ewan McGregor. He and Tom were doing a stage production of "Othello" at the time. Gwen was just being cheeky about all of the full frontal nudity Ewan does.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 20204/07/2013

r202 put an r in front of posts instead of will help people to know whom you are referring to

by The Hiddles Trollreply 20304/07/2013

I was reading one of his interviews and he said that Tony Hopkins once called him camp after a shoot.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 20404/07/2013

Camp? Acting wise?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 20504/07/2013

I'll try to find it, can't really remember what exactly it was.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 20604/07/2013

Tom Hiddleston: "We were walking down towards the casket and he said, 'Can I tell you something, Tom?' and I went, 'Absolutely. Say it up straight. Tell me, tell me anything.' And he said, 'You’re doing this very strange thing with your wrists.' 'Oh, my god, what am I doing?' And he said, “You’re looks a little bit camp. Maybe you can butch it up a bit.'”

Chris Hemsworth: [Laughing] "And he said, 'Isn’t he, Chris, don’t you think?'

That's the bit from the interview.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 20704/07/2013

I know nothing about acting, but when you are playing a supervillain wearing horns, dressed in green leather, in comic book/mytholgy based film by a director who is trying to insert shakesepearan heft to the comic book based movie genre, playing "camp" might be hard to avoid.

I think it shows good spirit and humility to tell the story as no one would have had to know about it otherwise.

I think Tom can be a bit on the cheesy side, but I do believe he takes his 'craft' very seriously and sharing that story is about him learning from a master like Anthony Hopkins.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 20804/07/2013

Hey, are there any people on here who know Tom, or associate with the London acting scene? Tom is looking very very thin lately, to point where I wonder if he has an eating disorder. I am just wondering if he is a) prepping for a stage or film role or b) the stress of fame and showing up to every flipping event is getting to him, or c) he has an eating disorder

by The Hiddles Trollreply 20904/07/2013

I have to agree with everyone who said that he was terrible in The Deep Blue Sea. Downright amateurish in comparison to the divine Weisz and Beale. I thought he was good in Thor and awful in The Avengers. He didn't make any impression on me in MiP or War Horse.

TBH, he's like the budget version of Michael Fassbender. Not as dangerous or charismatic.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 21004/07/2013

r202 Ha! Thanks for the clarification. Gwen seems hilarious and if Ewan did show his willy to Tom then bravo!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 21104/07/2013

He is going to get even thinner, r209. He is now taking part of this "Live below the line" which is something that simulates what is like to live below the poverty line and eating as such. At least the food he is eating is healthy.

I don't think he has an eating disorder. He is just a naturally thin guy but I think he looks much better with more meat on his bones.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 21204/07/2013

There are pics of him as teen and he was more filled out. Not fat, but definitely had some weight on him. As an adult he has always been pretty lean, but did buff up a bit to test for Thor.

He is leaner now than I have ever seen him and I think he looks terrible. He isn't a classically handsome guy anyway. He is more attractive as a whole package as he has some charisma that shows through. But as thin as he is he is starting to look like a caricature of himself. His already angular face is exaggerated, his nose is taking over his face and his legs, which always appealed to me, cause I like the long lean look, really look pencil legs.

I hope he doesn't lose anymore doing that Below the line thing for Unicef.

I think he has gotten thinner since he returned from his trip to Africa, maybe he is having a reaction to see such poverty and malnutrition and feels too guilty to eat

by The Hiddles Trollreply 21304/07/2013

He's an obsessive about running and in one of his earlier films he was as thin as he is now. This UNICEF thing he is doing where he is eating £1 worth of food a day certainly won't help matters. He is getting way too obsessive with the UNICEF thing, that's all he tweets about now, and not much else. I think a lot of people, even a lot of the more obsessive among them are tired of it. He needs to get a job, plain truth.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 21404/07/2013

obsessive thoughts are not uncommon for people with eating disorders. I think this guy has issues with food. Being an actor means your career is so up and down and so to have some sense of control and order, some people turn to controlling with food and exercise.

But enough arm chair psychoanalyzing. I just want him to gain 15 pounds and look a little healthier. He has a nice long cut to his body. Some pics suggest he is hung, which is nice. So put some fat back into his face and he is kind of an adorably dorky smart guy.

I don't think he hammed it up on Deep Blue Sea. I think his character was supposed to be labile. He was damaged from the war. Everyone else in that movie was rather muted so his character stood out.

I think that Rachel Weisz was drawn to him because compared to her husband, he seemed so alive, so colorful, passionate, etc. So I think that was how he was supposed to be

I do agree that he was a better Loki in Thor, than in The Avengers, but I think it was because in Thor, it was easy to sort of empathize with Loki. He was more interesting as a character in Thor because he was conflicted and hurt, rather than just plain evil. He was lesser son, found out he was adopted and he was always overshadowed by the lunkhead Thor. In Avengers he was more one dimensionally the bad guy. And he played it more smarmy than evil.

He has worked a ton with Ken Brannagh and I think Brannagh was going for a more nuanced performance from him. Where as with the Avengers is was more there as a plot device to move the story forward, and unite the Avengers. If he had played Loki as a conflicted bad guy it would have been hard to rally the troops against him.

I still like The Avengers better as a movie, though. I thought Thor was kind of dull. And I was distracted by the terrible hair or wig of Chris Hemsworth.

The movie poster of "Only Lovers Left Alive" with Tilda S, looks interesting. It will be a small release, but Jim Jarmusch is an interesting director so I think the film could be pretty cool.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 21504/07/2013

I'm really hoping his career will take off--he should be getting great offers for leading roles.

I agree that he is too skinny. He looks too angular and his features get too sharp looking.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 21604/07/2013

Interesting actor and he seems a genuinely nice guy, not just PR bullshit but he needs to work more.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 21704/07/2013

Sorry, Loki enthusiasts, but I've got the pasty Brit angle all sewed up in Hollywood, and I'm not giving it up.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 21804/07/2013

Benedict Cumberbatch is definitely another interesting British actor.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 21904/08/2013

Hiddleston and Cumberbatch were both in "Warhorse".

by The Hiddles Trollreply 22004/08/2013

I would climb Benedict Cumberbatch like a tree, but Hiddleston is terribly overrated. He is being way too picky way too soon, he is still very much an outsider to the movie industry besides his Marvel movies and as much as I love him, his F. Scott Fitzgerald or War Horse outing didn't make him stand out. He should be making tons of movies right now but instead he chooses to sit at home and wait until his dream project comes along. Still he is a dreamboat and hey if the guy can afford to sit on his carved-out-of-fucking-marble ass, it's none of my business. Not like I'm going to get anything out of it.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 22104/08/2013

Yeah, Tom needs to really start working. The man can act, he has proven that.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 22204/08/2013

R221 How do you know he is just sitting at home waiting for his dream project? I have seen interviews where he seems to imply he is reading a lot, considering stage work etc.

I just think he is kind of hard to fit in to some projects because he has a very specific look.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 22304/08/2013

Cumberbatcb has an even more specific look.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 22404/08/2013

... a rather alien amphibian look.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 22504/08/2013

Cumberbatch is just gross, his looks and his endless baby mama obsessed chatter. Ugh.

As for Hiddleston, he will never be leading man material, but if unique looking English is in, he should be getting as many jobs as Cumberbatch.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 22604/08/2013

Why hasn't he found some gal to pop out a few kids, r226? It's not like there's a shortage of candidates vying for his Sherlocked ass.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 22704/08/2013

[quote]his endless baby mama obsessed chatter. Ugh.

Does he have kids? Or just talk about wanting them.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 22804/08/2013

Tom does not have kids but wants them.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 22904/09/2013

[quote]Cumberbatch is just gross, his looks and his endless baby mama obsessed chatter. Ugh.

I meant Benedict...I didn't understand this quote.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 23004/09/2013

R230 Me neither.

I hope that the ONTD teenager idiots are on DL.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 23104/09/2013

Does Benedict have a baby mama? I am confused.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 23204/09/2013

When the spotlight moves on, "Cumberbatch Hiddleston & Redmayne" (CHR) will be a prestigious agency for actors from top schools and colleges.

Post-Oxbridge, an interview at CHR will be vital for ambitious young actors. 'Hugo's been signed up by CHR. Already got a part in the new BBC Trollope. Can't be bad.'

by The Hiddles Trollreply 23304/09/2013

Ambitious and good actors.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 23404/09/2013

There's so much GAY going on in this pic...I can't even.

FWIW, Tom is working. He has a part in the new Muppet movie, bless his lipless, muppet-faced heart. I just want to squeeze him. (Of course he might crack in his current state of thinness. Come back brawny Cranford Tom! Let me love you!)

by The Hiddles Trollreply 23504/10/2013

Why is he doing the Muppet movie if he wants to be taken seriously? He should dump his whole management team and boyfriend/publicist. Right now he should be doing what McAvoy and Cumberbatch have done, and find himself an amazing classic play with a twist, like McAvoy's grunge Macbeth or Cumberbatch's creature oriented Frankenstein and try to win an Olivier for Best Actor, because only then he can justify Loki and move on to more serious film projects. Only after that he can go indie or blockbuster again, but not now. And his whole unicef thing is turning into a fiasco, isn't his publicist telling him that he's pushing it a bit too far? Or maybe he knows all this but he just can't fire his publicist because they're secretly dating.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 23604/10/2013

I feel your frustration, r236. I hate Windsor with the intensity of a thousand fan girls for how he's mismanaging my precious Tom. He's also Emma Watson's publicist, and she's successfully pushing the envelope in her quest to expand her image and prove she can act. Why is he thwarting Thomas's progress with his apparent approval of ridiculous fan enabling (that dreadful Loki'd video, among other examples) and these overly earnest charity shenanigans (although Tom's blog entries from Guinea weren't entirely without merit). I love Tom with all my deluded heart. Maybe my Windsor rage is just the blindness of seething jealousy, but I seriously want him to take flying leap.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 23704/10/2013

Anon 236 here. Oh god that Loki'd video should go on WHO's records as the primary cause of second hand embarrassment in adults. I wholeheartedly believe that he is 200% invested in his charity work, but the guy doesn't know where to stop and clearly his publicist is doing nothing to stop him both in charity shenanigans and fangirl department. I also don't get why he's enabling the fangirls, it must be creepy for him too to know that there are 14 year olds who devote their time and energy to analyse the outline of his cock and write porn about it. Like dude it's not rocket science you are already famous and rich you just need to try to stay that way! You don't need 14 year olds to do that just go back to doing what you're good at! Why are you doing weird movies with vampires and puppets!! Go back to theatre!!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 23804/10/2013


Okay. I'm done...for now.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 23904/10/2013

r235 (aka Hiddles Troll)

There is a lot of gay in both pics.

The publicist is a major fail.

Tom seems like a very nice man who tries to do good. He seems to respond enthusiastically to kindness, which may explain the patience with the publicist and the fangirls (who are clearly now on this thread).

He needs to cut the cord.

r236, the member of his "team" that approved that Loki'd nonsense should be fired on the spot. Painful.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 24004/10/2013

I love that Loki'd video. I thought it was great. He is not afraid of embarrassing himself.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 24104/10/2013

He is such a doofus which is one of the reasons why I love him. He does need to get a new publicist though. I do wonder if he and Luke are dating. I have wondered that for a while now.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 24204/10/2013

If he is dating Luke that is tragic cause Luke is hideous. I didn't have a problem with the original Loki'd video. I see no problem whatsoever with having a laugh over playing a superhero or supervillain. What I thought was unnecessary was when the released a "Making of the Loki'd Video", That was when it just crossed over into painful.

THe Vampire movie is not going to be like a Twilight or True Blood thing. The Writer/director is Jim Jarmusch who is well respected for his quirky indie movies. As far as the Muppets goes, is he full in it or just a cameo. Lots of big names were in the last Muppets movie, Amy Adams, and several big names in cameos.

I hate the muppets so I doubt I will see it.

I like Tom but I agree, he needs to focus on being an actor, he needs to understand and implement boundaries on his fan relationships and he needs to gain about 25 pounds.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 24304/10/2013

Any stories on Luke or is he just incompetent as a publicist

by The Hiddles Trollreply 24404/10/2013

New interview from this morning...

GODDAMN SON-OF-A-BITCH ASSHOLE!!!! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh...

Excuse me while I cry into my tea.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 24504/11/2013

He needs to wear these pants more often.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 24604/11/2013

R245, were you joking or did you really like not that interview, cause I thought he seemed pretty nice. And I don't find his passion for Unicef annoying at all.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 24704/11/2013

I think 245 was joking. Had to be. How can someone not like that interview and that adorableness.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 24804/11/2013

That's what I thought. Just when I think he has crossed over into too cheesy, I will catch an interview with him and he is too fucking cute.

I don't get a strong gay vibe at all, at least not in this interview. But odds are he has given it a try.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 24904/11/2013

He is just adorable. There is nothing phony about him either.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 25004/11/2013

R250 - How would you know there is nothing 'phony' about him? He's an actor - massive clue there. He would be capable of making you believe whatever he wanted you to believe.

R244 - I think he is just useless as a publicist. He certainly allows the fans far too much leeway - he actually responds to them for a start. A friend of mine runs one of Cumberbatch's fansites and she said she 'rarely' gets any response from Benedict's publicist, but then Cumbersnatch is busy with actual film work, while Hiddleston languishes at home reading theatre scripts! Tom is not nearly as established in his career as he should be, to be taking time out of doing films. If he was getting film offers, we'd be hearing about them and getting confirmation that he's been signed up to stuff.

I think he comes across as too theatrical in his films, and has thus not made the transition from the stage very well and could well be a reason for the lack of good film offers. Even Loki (particularly in the Avengers) gives the impression of being on a big stage 'dictating' orders to an audience.

I thought it was also very notable that in the interview on This Morning, he described the female attention as 'alarming'. He used to say it was flattering. That did make me feel sorry for him.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 25104/12/2013

I usually steer clear of these obsessive-fangurl threads, but even I have to admit he is a cutie-pie in that interview at R245.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 25204/12/2013

I've only seen him as Scott F and Prince Hal, both of which I liked and will watch again as a result of this thread. Certainly I'd like to see him on stage.

FWIW I caught understated ping on 'This Morning.' TH came across as the young Foreign Office official he could so easily have been - though the FO would consider the tie-pin a bit dressy!

Clearly whip-smart, I imagine he'll immerse in acting to see how far it takes him, while maintaining serious outside commitments. Clever people like to achieve in a broad range, explore all their abilities, and usually succeed. Arise Sir Tom.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 25304/12/2013

rabid fangirls in this post makes me sad. this is not tumblr 12 year olds, please, no.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 25404/13/2013

How do you know that, r254?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 25504/13/2013


The only fangirl I see in here is you.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 25604/13/2013

We are here. We are legion. Expect us. Eheheheh.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 25704/13/2013

The Hiddleconda was hanging right so many ways.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 25804/14/2013

And closer...

by The Hiddles Trollreply 25904/14/2013

Okay, so I'm the only one awake who cares, but...damn.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 26004/14/2013

LOVE this man.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 26104/14/2013

Bumping for the bulge pics from last night. Caught a bit of this awards show train wreck, and honestly, Hiddleston is "meh" in pictures but fucking HOT in action.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 26204/15/2013

With those goods, he should be getting his pants tailored longer in the crotch and wearing more supportive briefs. That shit looks uncomfortable.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 26304/15/2013

Caught some replays of last night. Hate to say it, but he came off a little douche-like. As in cringe-worthy.

Man can wear a suit, but needs to learn when to zip it and keep it brief when he does open his mouth.

Kind of put the Thor 2 on set behavior thing in a new light.

And Luke was his +1, of course. Sat between him and Chris Evans. What publicist does that? They are totally a couple.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 26404/15/2013

I don't know anything about Tom Hiddleston but taking your publicist or agent to an awards show is very very common.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 26504/15/2013

So you know that feeling you have the morning after you finally hook up with your biggest crush? At the time it's happening, you're thinking "YES!!!", but then the next day, you're like..."Woah. Too much reality."

That's me today.

Tom was trying WAY too hard last night. It was like a mix of pre-meditated calculation and rarefied cluelessness. I feel better knowing that r264 wasn't buying it either. I thought it was just me being hopelessly cynical. Or maybe it's both of us being hopelessly cynical?

P.S. He's going commando and wearing tight pants on purpose, I just know it. Seriously diminishes the joy.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 26604/15/2013

3rd cynic here, what was up his pseudo-sarcastic tirade about Loki the with dog being better bred and having more followers than him, why Tom why? Why don't you just sit still, shut your mouth and be pretty!

I don't think he's a huge fan of underwear. I saw him in this very low budget indie movie and there is a scene where his character changes into his nighties. He takes off his trousers to put on his pj's and TA DAA, commando! So unless he's super skilled at taking his pants off along with his trousers it's safe to say that the "Hiddleconda" is slithering wild and free most of the time.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 26704/15/2013

"Oh, daraling...please don't be cross with me for being a complete dork."

by The Hiddles Trollreply 26804/15/2013

I like him, but his pandering to the fans is going to be his undoing.

The problem with that, is those kinds of crazy fans will turn on you in a dime. So you are on top of the world today and tomorrow their is a huge backlash and you are back to nothing.

He has considerable talent, hung well, graceful movements ( as the other poster said, in motion he looks great) and unique looks. He needs to rise above the fan-gurl scene and focus on his acting and longevity. Personally, staying away from lame MTV awards shows is the first step. No one cares and MTV has pretty much lost all relevance anymore.

I prefer an actor who plays a little hard to get.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 26904/15/2013

He's in Vogue with the severely overexposed and barely legal Cara Delevigne. It's just plain creepy. She's like 19. Oh god how in love was I with this man just 2 months ago and suddenly the tables turned. Now I know what being Adele must feel like.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 27004/16/2013

I guess I don't see why him posing with a professional model would change your mind about him. I doubt that he was the creative person person behind the pictorial.

And the pictures are fine, at least the ones I saw. It isn't like they are pawing at each other.

The Older guy/ Very young woman combo has been around since biblical times, so I guess, I don't find it all that shocking.

I have never seen her before, but she is very pretty. I much prefer her to Lara Miller or whatever her name is with the gap tooth

by The Hiddles Trollreply 27104/16/2013

She is obviously gorgeous to the max but that's not the point. The point is TH is turning into an attention whore and he's trying to be a full time celebrity instead of an actor and the fact that he brings his publicist to the opening of an envelope is proof to that.

I'm sorry but the fact that he's agreed to do a shoot with a 15 year old with scrawny legs is degrading for women and it just feeds Hollywoods obsession with youth.

For someone who's been trying almost too hard to build a persona around the educated respectful Englishman prototype should have seen this coming. Oh well, anything for a spread in Vogue!! Because, you know, Vogue is after all worlds leading movie and theatre magazine..

So sad to see him doing down that road, I wish he was more like Cumberbatch but apparently this one wants to be famous more than he wants to act.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 27204/16/2013

is that girl really on 15?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 27304/16/2013

no she's 19 but severely malnourished.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 27404/16/2013

Cumberbatch did the same thing in Vanity Fair with model Lydia Hearst, whom he then dated.

But agreed, one does not usually equate Shakespeare with posing along side 19 year olds in Vogue.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 27504/16/2013

The pictures in that Vogue article are just cringeworthy - he looks like the creepy uncle who has his eye on his hot niece. Yuck.

I tried to read the text with the article but had to stop after a few sentences as I had vomited all over my laptop. It's like the worst fanfiction you've ever read. Seriously - who approved that kind of article?

The Vogue thing coupled with his equally cringeworthy appearance and behaviour at the MTV awards have confirmed to me that he is nothing but a shallow industry ass-kisser who wants everyone to love him.

And for the love of god, Hiddles - ditch the Armani suits and go for Tom Ford.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 27604/16/2013

The Vogue shoot has a creepy sugar daddy vibe which does not help. They should have paired him with a model closer to his age (well if they make them anymore, seems models these days are getting younger and look more like little boys like the model in the shoot does) to promote the sexy angle the magazine is trying to put across.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 27704/16/2013

god of ass-kisserry

by The Hiddles Trollreply 27804/16/2013

Clearly cumberbatch also had his moments of fame whoring (Lydia Hearst? Seriously? Yuck.) but wanting to get more momentum with high profile photo shoots is one thing, trying to make a career in acting by modelling is another. If he had a movie coming out soon this would at least be somewhat relevant but now it's just creepy. Kudos to anon 276 "he looks like the creepy uncle who has his eye on his hot niece", that's exactly what it looks like!!

Plus I don't like how he keeps saying how proud he is of his work as Loki and how it's the most blablabla work he's ever done but then he ups his game at more grown-up award shows and suddenly it's all Prince Hal/Henry V.

I will never understand how smarmy dude gets away with it when Cumberbatch is being called an arrogant asshole for acknowledging the fact that even though he has been to an expensive school his family was not rich and he doesn't want to be miscast.

I just saw his MTV red carpet interview, she told him to do a 360 and when jokingly asked if he felt objectified as a man he blurted out "i have huge respect for you guys now, like, you have to come out here and show your asses" Well that explains why he needs his babysitter ALL THE TIME. His personality is leaking through the "charming gentlemen" persona. I loved him when he first became relatively famous with Thor, he was so ambitious and enthusiastic and he didn't feel the need to hide it. Now he's like the guy in college who secretly studies his ass off just to say "wow I really didn't study at all, I have no idea how I got an A" He's like the lovechild of Anne Hathaway and Taylor Swift..

YOU BROKE MY HEART TOM I HAD HOPES AND DREAMS YOU WERE GOING TO BE COOL AND AMBITIOUS AND YOU WERE GOING TO SHOOT LOTS OF MOVIES AND YOU WERE GOING TO RULE THE WORLD INSTEAD YOU BECAME GOOEY AND STICKY!! (plus your taste in women is shit for a man who's trying so hard to be an established artist, you keep eyeing bimbos in your interviews)

by The Hiddles Trollreply 27904/16/2013

I really need to spellcheck, sorry about all that but my point is clear I suppose.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 28004/16/2013


That red carpet show was hilarious, he was flirting with everything in a skirt and acting the alpha male role. I guess his fangirls thought it was so cute that he gave the blonde with the big tits his coat, what a gentleman yeah. Uh no, total creeper move, and then he moved onto the next girl in the low cut dress with her tits almost out, and did the same "visual, not to subtle" boob/ass checks.

Meanwhile, his gay pr guy was running around and trying to corral him, so funny.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 28104/16/2013

R279 -

You are right that he changes his personality/behaviour according to where he is and who he is with.

That unfortunately smacks of insecurity and neediness - he tries to fit in and wants to be liked and obviously doesn't feel he can be totally 'himself'. If you're totally confident in who you are, you don't 'change' yourself for anyone.

It's sad - I honestly thought he might become a huge star but his lack of current work is very worrying. The studios are falling over themselves to sign up Cumberbatch and that is clearly not happening for Hiddles.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 28204/16/2013

I need to go back and read the latest on him.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 28304/16/2013

Wow people are so quick to judge. Tom hit the jackpot with roles in Midnight in Paris, Thor, War Horse, Avengers, Thor 2, The Hollow Crown series, the indie Only Lovers Left Alive. Upcoming he has The Muppets, and Black wings has my Angel.

This is all since 2011, so I don't think he is doing too badly.

I don't think he or anyone else associated with Thor expected Tom to get more attention than Hemworth, and he was clearly the fan fave with the Avengers as well.

I imagine that is all heady stuff and it would take all of us time to find our mojo.

He may take some missteps along the way, but he has been consistently nice and gracious.

Yes, he does come across as too eager to please, and yes, he hasn't established good boundaries with his fans, but I don't think he is a bad guy.

And I guess i don't think the fact that he was sneaking a peek at some tits and ass on the red carpet is all that bad, either.

I think his publicist is not necessarily steering him in the right direction, and I think he needs to work with Tom to put some distance between him and the fans, and he needs to coach him in seeming sincere but not to the point of looking like an eager puppy dog all the time.

The guy has a lot of talent, but I don't see him as leading man material. I think he is better as a character actor. And I think he would have a longer career this way as most leading men, are a dime a dozen.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 28404/16/2013

I still need to catch up on the latest on him but I agree with you R284.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 28504/16/2013

His pandering to the One Direction demographic at the MTV Awards has put me off this guy for good. What a load of contrived nonsense he spewed.

And I agree with the creepy uncle vibe with these Vogue pics. He should be embarrassed.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 28604/16/2013

R286, for goodness sakes, it was the MTV movie awards. The whole show is pandering in one way or another. It isn't a serious show. It is basically a crap fest. In fact, I am more disappointed that he went to the show than I am about that joke. I think the show is lame and ridiculous.

I thought the joke was fine. I thought the rest of his speech was too long, but that part I thought was fine and fitting for the event.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 28704/16/2013

Cue the inevitable backlash...

Come now, girls, Tommy boy's just playing the game. Awkwardly, yes, creepily, occasionally, but look where the game has gotten Cumberbatch. If I remember correctly, his fangurls were equally butthurt when he went off script. He's certainly no worse off for having fought hard to raise his profile. Indeed, Cumberbuns seems to have learned quite a bit in the last year, so props. Let's hope Thomas benefits equally. (FTR, I think the Vogue pics are beautiful, but that second rate fan fiction on the part of the editors sucks.)

by The Hiddles Trollreply 28804/16/2013

the Vogue pictures don't bother me either, though I think the story is dumb.

R288, Backlash is right. Tom seems too good to be true, a nice guy, no nasty rumors out there ( a vague remark about the Thor 2 set is all), has a passion for his charity work, and seems to be enjoying his celebrity.

Sure he's a bit overeager, and has some weird fans. But now after one appearance on the lamest of lame award shows, suddenly he is a creeper, showboat, leering asshole.

I for one would rather have Tom shamelessly embracing the scene, than to have a hipster act too cool for School, while all the while making sure they get as much if not more media coverage.

I can't knock Tom for sincerely seeming to enjoy his celebrity.

He will learn, he is, afterall pretty bright. He just doesn't have it down yet

by The Hiddles Trollreply 28904/16/2013

Yes, MTV Movie Awards is all pandering, but Hiddleston panders to EVERYONE. His lame attempt to connect with 20 year-olds is just the latest example in his lack of identity, and letting his dick hang loose on a huge TV broadcast reeks of desperation. He's like that kid in school who was always dying for approval and desperately trying to fit in with every group. He's established no industry identity for himself, which is problematic since most people don't immediately connect him with Loki since the look is so different. He's just some random British guy in a ubiquitous Armani suit. (I completely agree with whoever mentioned he should switch to Tom Ford!) I'm not much of a Cumberbatch fan, but I do think he's become a much more distinct personality in the industry. While actors don't like being typecast, the public needs to identify them with some sort of image, and Tom's image at this point is just skinny & British. Meh.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 29004/16/2013

Just sounds like a typical actor to me. I think most of them probably have interpersonal identity issues, and were often the kid in school trying to fit in.

As much as they are "in group" once they hit the big time, you just have to know most of them are socially awkward nerds who turn narcisstic eventually because the industry feeds them. Until of course they are no longer needed and then the industry forgets about them.

I don't see Tom as any worse than many.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 29104/16/2013

More of the Hiddleconda..

by The Hiddles Trollreply 29204/17/2013

I think he's trying to score the 50 shades part.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 29304/17/2013

Lol @ R293

As thin as he is, that dick probably makes up half of his body mass, especially when hard.

I think Steve Anell is getting the 50SofCrap job

by The Hiddles Trollreply 29404/17/2013

what happened to sian clifford? suddenly she disappeared off the face of the earth.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 29504/17/2013

He must've shaved his beard.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 29604/17/2013

[R294] I had no idea who Steve Amell was, then I googled him, oh god. He's like Thor 2.0 Beta Version. YES I WOULD WATCH THAT SHIT MOVIE. YES. Smart move producer. Smart move.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 29704/17/2013

r295, maybe she went back to being a bag lady, she had the face for it.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 29804/17/2013

R298 I laughed too hard at this, I should feel bad.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 29904/17/2013

NO, Tom should not do that '50 shades' shit. Please don't.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 30004/17/2013

The Crow....oh is a jinxed movie...don't do it Tom!!!!!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 30104/19/2013

Wait, what are the rumors about Tom on set of Thor 2??? I've been searching through the comments here and can't find the actual rumor.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 30204/19/2013

R291 I agree: I don't see TH as any worse than many. But then, fraus and teenagers are so fickle.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 30304/19/2013


The rumours were on an ONTD thread in response to his Flaunt magazine article. However, I've just checked the thread again and the comments detailing his apparent bizarre behaviour on the Thor 2 set appear to have been deleted.

Whatever is going on, he has been looking awful skinny and haggard of late. He hasn't looked really good since the Avengers press tour.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 30404/24/2013

the comments about his behavior were just part of a bunch of comments. Not part of an article or anything, so I don't think they can really carry much weight.

I agree he is too thin. He looked better with about another 20 pounds on him.

He is apparently an avid runner, and of course he is very passionate about World Hunger. I think he looks thinner since he came back from Africa. I wonder if seeing the terrible poverty and hunger affected him emotionally. I had friend who worked in Haiti for several months. When he came home, he had a hell of time feeling like it was ok to return to the comfortable life he always had. I think it was a version of survivor guilt.

If he plays in the Crow, I bet he will stay thin, but he has another movie, playing Robert Capa, and he may need to gain some weight to look more like him.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 30504/24/2013

ONTD is full of deranged teenagers.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 30604/24/2013

Tom's date to the MTV awards and the Iron Man 3 premiere last night was a guy named John Macmillan. You get a good look at him in the beginning of this video, but he's in the background in pretty much every photo from both events. Hiding in plain sight, folks. Not even.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 30704/25/2013


Tom's new beau perhaps? Is he an actor too?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 30804/25/2013

Yep, he's an actor

by The Hiddles Trollreply 30904/25/2013

I knew it. Gay.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 31004/25/2013

He has these friends, Sian Clifford John Macmillan Laurence Spellman, unknown actors that he likes bring to parties e premiere and I can't understand why. maybe he doesn't like be alone

by The Hiddles Trollreply 31104/25/2013

He didn't bring Sian Clifford from London to LA on a working trip. Or to two red carpet events over the course of ten days.

r307 has it properly spotted, I think.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 31204/25/2013

But not to the clippers game. So he brings his beau just where someone can clearly see him. Hmmmm

by The Hiddles Trollreply 31304/25/2013

r313 That suit with him is an industry type. That was a business meeting/perk. Understandable that the sig other might not be there.

However, we don't know that he wasn't walking just out of frame of all of those pictures.

Sad if he won't come out because he doesn't want to hurt his career. What year is this?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 31404/25/2013

Tom and John Macmillian in "Friend request pending".

I think he likes to have a +1 at these events, regardless if it's his right hand hag Sian or that babysitter of his, Luke. Guess this is the new +1.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 31504/25/2013

Macmillan is definitely the bf. They've known each other for years (both toured with the Cheek and Jowl production of Cymbeline). Sian was doing beard duty for Tom and Spellman, but when they broke up, Sian was dismissed as well. Surprised how ballsy Tom is being. Guess he imagines all that red carpet tit ogling is enough to throw everyone off.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 31604/25/2013

Fan snap of the pair bts.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 31704/25/2013

They look good together, I wish he didn't feel the need to stay in the closet. What do you guys think about his supposed one night stand with a model? Was that an "in vitro" by publicist? Can (or more correctly, would) a publicist go that far? I def. believe he's 100% gay, there is not even talk of him dating/banging ANYONE, no actor is that obsessed with that side of their image unless they're hiding something.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 31804/25/2013

Tom and his boyfriend on London a couple of weeks ago.

The bf is hotter than Tom. Definitely less goofy looking.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 31904/25/2013


I thought the same - he's been single for ages now but no talk of him doing ANYTHING with any woman, other than rumours of him hooking up with a few industry women during the Avengers press tour. But that was nearly a year ago!

However, the Cumberbatch has been single for a similar length of time with no talk of him dating anyone either, though I have never got gay vibes from him at all.

Still think it's incredibly odd that Luke sits next to Tom at big events, when other publicists clearly don't. Guess Tom just likes a +1, and he does strike me as the needy type. I think this is why he encourages the fans more than he should because he secretly enjoys the validation they give him.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 32004/25/2013

Hiddles troll, do weigh in here.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 32104/25/2013

I do rather like the like the guy and I hate to be prejudiced, but Eton school boys and the like are spreading like a cancer throughout British Society. They are usually very talented, but there are a lot of talented people out there. Thier mummys and daddys spend a fortune on their educations and for that they buy the biggest step up you can get in your career, they certainly don't need to suck anyone's dick to get their big chance. For that reaon I can appreciate the Hiddlestones, the Cumberbatchs and the Remaynes of this world, but it is the ones that have dragged themselves up from the bottom of the shit heap that I love.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 32204/25/2013

R320, have you been to tumblr? There's been countless of rumors there with him dating women, there was even a rumor of him dating Jessica Chastain, and some other, less famous woman, can't remember her name though. I just don't understand how you can think Tom is gay. How do you explain him checking out a women's boobs and ass, which he has done on many occasions? I can buy that he's bi, but fully gay seems like a stretch.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 32304/25/2013

Is there anything concrete about his gayness or are you frau cows just moo'ing on because you like to finger yourselves over the thought?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 32404/25/2013

Oh, I don't know, about the discussion of his boyfriend (with photographic evidence) at r316 and r319? Don't be an asshole. If this thread bugs you, use the back-to-threadlist function.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 32504/25/2013

R323 dear fangirl, as a straight female I can confidently state that my boobs have been fondled by more gay men than straight.

R320 Cumberbatch came out of a REALLY long term relationship as far as I know, he had a rebound with a frightfully similar looking girl. I don't think he's as sexual as his fangirls make him out to be, he looks like he's completely obsessed about his work only work work work work. And it's paying off.

I don't want to couch psych anyone but comparing these two, Hiddleston's soft spot seems to be his masculinity as he tries to play that up constantly whereas Cumberbatch is battling with his nouveau riche status because he wasn't as well-off as his Harrovian mates but he always kept up appearances even after he was famous and now he's always working to justify those 'appearances'.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 32604/25/2013


Moo moo boo hoo frau!!!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 32704/25/2013

RE: him being too thin lately:

Loki supposedly has been rotting away in Asgardian prison for quite some time, so maybe he's simply started "method acting".

Then again....who knows. Maybe it's stress.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 32804/25/2013

Just because he takes a friend with him to events is not Proof he is gay. Alexander Skarsgard has a whole Swedish Mafia that he hangs with constantly and at least one if not more go with him to almost every event. Yet most people don't believe that AS is gay.

Your logic is ass backwards, He took a woman (Sian) to several events, and that was proof to many that he was gay, then he takes a man with him to events and that is also proof he is gay. So to me it seems like no matter what, being seen with a woman, or seen with a man, and people are going to want to be convinced he is gay. Yet there are people who have posted on here that they know him and know him to be straight and that gets dismissed.

It is fun to gossip and such, but like it or not, not everyone is gay, not everyone is straight and some might be Bi.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 32904/25/2013

I have long wondered if he is gay. He has been single for so long and you would think that other famous women would be seen with him and he is becoming so well-known. At first I thought Luke was his bf but now I am not sure.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 33004/25/2013

he is only 32 or 33 years old, right? Aren't a lot of men still unattached at that age? Straight, bi or Gay, he can probably get as much action as he wants. He is busy, he travels, etc. I don't think there is an issue with him being "single".

by The Hiddles Trollreply 33104/25/2013

Only people who have nothing better to do get married before 35.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 33204/25/2013

How do we know this John Macmillan guy was at the MTV awards? I don't remember seeing anyone with him but Luke... Also Tom, John Macmillan and that Laurence Spellman guy all know each other and have worked together. That could be awkward if he was making his way through them... And how do we know they flew over together? They easily could be both in LA and caught up with each other. Just because a man brings a man to an event doesn't mean he's gay. This is just a whole lot of speculation.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 33304/25/2013

I hope he doesn't do the Crow.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 33404/25/2013

Who let the fangirls in here? Just because the guy is single, it does not mean he's not getting his dick wet as much as he wants.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 33504/25/2013

not a fangurl, but the guy has money, has fame and is hung. I imagine he can get laid whenever he wants. Now whether he wants to do it man on man, man on woman, or man on whatever is nearby, I don't imagine he is living a celibate life. Or if he is, it is his choice, not because he can't find a willing partner.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 33604/25/2013

I'm one of those fangirls and if he is gay, so what? As if I ever had a chance with him even if he were straight. He is just nice to fantasize about. I just think it is sad he cannot come out since he is part of the Marvel franchise. That is, if he is gay.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 33704/25/2013

r333, please direct your attention to the bottom gif

by The Hiddles Trollreply 33804/25/2013

[R338] Thanks, hadn't seen that. He seems to be hiding the rest of the night. I just saw a post about someone meeting them both and he introduced him as "my mate" and they got no gay vibes from them but who knows.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 33904/25/2013

R337 To fantasize about?

Get a REAL life, fangurls.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 34004/25/2013

He's too defensive about his straight cred to be anything other than a card carrying closet gay.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 34104/25/2013

Like none of you have ever fantasized about a famous person, r340.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 34204/25/2013

He just presented the Olivier Award for Best New Play. It's being broadcast on the radio. He sounds hot and probably hetero.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 34304/28/2013

sorry, as much as it would be pretty cool, I don't think he is gay. Bi maybe, or at least bi-curious, but not gay.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 34404/28/2013

So did he bring his bf to the Olivier awards?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 34504/29/2013

Yes, he brought Luke to the Olivier awards. He also arrived ridiculously late - we were all inside and seated by the time he turned up. Seriously - if Queen Helen Mirren can arrive on time, so can he.

Spotted Tom in the foyer after the ceremony and he made a beeline for the after party queue with a stern look on his face and talking to nobody, whereas most other people were happy to hang around and just chat.

His presentation speech was also long and boring - thankfully ITV managed to cut it to the bare minimum when they showed the highlights later on.

I noticed he sat next to a chap all night who later tweeted him. The bloke's profile has got gay written all over it!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 34604/29/2013

I figured Luke would be there.

I meant John Macmillan.

Which bloke has gay written all over it - Tom, or the chap he sat with?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 34704/29/2013


Are you actually serious? You think that because he's dated a few women and checks out boobs that he can't be gay? One of my female teachers at school was left heartbroken after her husband of 20 years came out in his late 40s (and after fathering 3 children) and left her for another man.

The fact he's had relationships with women means precisely zero. He might not be gay, but just because he's obviously dated and slept with women, doesn't mean he can't be.

Tumblr gets its knickers in a twist all the time over nothing but rumours. The Jessica Chastain thing was disproven by Jessica herself, and despite the fans thinking that he dated Kat Dennings and/or Gwen Christie, there's no concrete proof he ever had proper romantic relationships with either of them.

The only 'confirmed' girlfriend was Susannah Fielding, and that was obviously some time ago. He has a pretty crap relationship history if you look at the facts and not the rumours.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 34804/29/2013

R347 - the bloke he sat with. Doesn't necessarily 'mean' anything of course, but I liked the way the guy said it was 'a pleasure' to sit next to Tom 'all evening'.

Nice and cosy.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 34904/29/2013

and he is this close to asking tom out, he's still tweeting. bwhahaha this is too funny.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 35004/29/2013

Wonder if Luke will try to shut him down?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 35104/29/2013

R348, the same argument that you make that he is likely gay can be used to say he is likely straight.

In your logic, just because a man has a dating history with women doesn't mean he isn't gay. Well, yes that's true, but it also doesn't mean that he is gay.

I always find it funny how in the dl world, if a guy dates a woman, it doesn't mean anything and he probably is actually gay. By this reasoning all men are actually gay.

And as much as we would like to believe that, sadly, it just isn't true. At least some men really are straight.

Now I don't know about Tom Hiddleston per se, but his dating history is with women. He flirts with women. So I would say that there is at least a slightly better than 50% chance that he identifies as straight.

I realize we have been fooled before. And Tom may yet decide to come out. But he might also just be a straight guy

by The Hiddles Trollreply 35204/29/2013


Ah, yes, but with other actors we usually have some story about how so and so picked up someone in a bar and some such. But with this guy, nothing. What about his previous dating history, did he date guys at Rada or at college? All this chatter just seems to be based on pictures of him and some friend he took with him to a premiere. Is he actually dating the friend or is it some story some thirsty fangirl cooked up? Where are the BI's about this guy, want to see them, just curious.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 35304/29/2013

I vote closet case.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 35404/29/2013

re: gay rumors

Wonder if Hiddleston will go as far as his buddy Renner did and knock a 16 year old up too? He's stuck with that frau for life, hope it was worth it.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 35504/29/2013

there is a former classmate from RADA that posted on here way towards the beginning, who stated that Tom dated women while at RADA and that he came across as a nice guy, but very serious about his craft.

I now that many of us want him to be gay, but I just don't think there is much evidence. Yes, his mgr is gay, but he has a BF.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 35604/29/2013

r346 That is too bad. He seemed to be all smiles when signing autographs. Wonder what happened once he got inside? Sounded like he was in a bad mood.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 35704/29/2013

I vote for bi.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 35804/29/2013

I think a lot of people keep forgetting that actors are actors, and they sometimes don't subscribe to the same sexual identifiers as the rest of us.

Just an observation based on my time working with actors. I don't know if Tom is gay or straight, but I wouldn't be so quick to put him in a specific box. I know it's not popular to put forth that whole idea of loving/lusting for the person, not the gender, but I've seen it with actors more than I've ever seen it with normal people. And I do mean NORMAL people. Actors are pretty fucked up in a multitude of ways. Fun, gorgeous, charming, but fucked up, moody, weeping, NEEDY people. They NEED attention. They'll flirt with men and women to get it, and many times sleep with both. I've seen actors who were a thousand percent identifying as gay go off and shag a female co-star. That's just what goes on in that world.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 35904/29/2013

I don't tjink he has a bf or gf or whatever. He's only work work work, premiere premiere premiere, "hey I'm here say my name and go with interview" he doesn't have any kind of private life. And he seems everyday more sex starved to me

by The Hiddles Trollreply 36004/30/2013

I bet he was in a bad mood because he just found out that he is not in the running for The Crow anymore. Apparently Alexander Skarsgard is now the frontrunner. I like him too, but I could physically imagine Tom in the make up and pulling it off more than I can Skarsgard. But I think they are both fine actors, though Tom is more theatrical and intense and Alex is more like pot on simmer, slow and understated. Very different styles.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 36104/30/2013

I'm glad he is not making 'The Crow'. The movie is cursed anyway. Plus, that movie should not be remade.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 36204/30/2013

Sassy bump

by The Hiddles Trollreply 36305/02/2013

Wow this guy is fug..

by The Hiddles Trollreply 36405/02/2013

No, this is fug.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 36505/02/2013

The rumor has been that Tom's team completely effed up The Crow for him, that they were the source of the leak about him being in talks and doing his own makeup test and that the talks were serious, not just a casual conversation. If it's true, it proves even more how badly Tom needs to upgrade his team. It's an embarrassing, amateur move to float this story like a done deal and then have it completely tank. Subsequent tweets from the Jeff Sneider, who originally broke the story, seems to indicate that a fuck-up occurred. He said:

"The Tom Hiddleston in The Crow news was MUCH MORE than a simple conversation, just FYI. I've got all kinds of evidence proving otherwise..."

"By the way, I've read THE CROW script and Hiddleston was perfect for it. As a fan, Skarsgard strikes me as all wrong, but he's available now"

"I can't help it if my reporting prompts agents to overreact & pull clients out of projects they want to do. It was 1000% true when posted..."

by The Hiddles Trollreply 36605/03/2013

He needs to fire that moron Luke, the leak was 100% his fault and the other thing is red carpet wise, he's turned into nanny, nurse and off the chain guard dog.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 36705/03/2013

r366, if true, then Tom needs to fire his team immediately and that includes Luke. How could Tom be off the 'The Crow' project if he was perfect for it? It could not just be an incompetent team. It's just as well, look at what happened to Brandon Lee.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 36805/03/2013

Guess Luke Evans is now going to play Draven. Hope Tom learned something from this, he needs to fire his management team and get a new one.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 36905/04/2013


by The Hiddles Trollreply 37005/05/2013

Hiddles Bump

by The Hiddles Trollreply 37105/07/2013


by The Hiddles Trollreply 37205/07/2013

Word around town is that Tom really wanted to do The Crow, the talks were quite serious, and then his agent put the kibosh on it over terms. The other thing is that they had Luke Evans on the chain and then Tom’s publicity team really screwed up with their leak and pissed off everyone involved. Evans’ publicist, meanwhile, came out with a statement that Luke was the original choice, which now makes Tom’s agent/publicist look even more incompetent. I have solid word to confirm that the whole leak about him doing the makeup at home came from Tom’s people. That’s an incredibly amateur move on their part. Between that leak and Evans’ statement, now Tom looks desperate instead of the actor that everyone should want. It's good that the Thor sequel hits in the fall, as it buys him more time to make Hollywood pay attention, but he will begin to run out of time to get cast into films that will put him on the map outside of the Marvel universe. Indie films are often good work from an acting standpoint, but they don't sustain a career in this industry. I think this Crow reboot is a bit of a train wreck story-wise, but it would have given him the ability to carry a film in foreign markets (which is where all the money flows now). He really needs that if he wants Hollywood to keep him on their casting list.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 37305/07/2013

But isn't that what non A list actors do, always desperate for parts until they get one? Hitting the pavement or the casting couch for a job. Tom still has to pay for the upkeep of his fancy house in that fancy part of London.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 37405/07/2013

R102, and he also says "definitely hetero". She's asking him if he's meterosexual (because he wears boxer shorts in bed), and he says "maybe hetero, definitely hetero, that's just my particular preference, I've nothing against metero or anything else, for that matter".

by The Hiddles Trollreply 37505/07/2013

Stop clutching your pearls over Tom's career. He'll be fine, he can actually act and he's good looking. Don't forget that his vampire film with Tilda will premiere at Cannes. That will make people notice him outside of the Marvel world, and who knows, he would leave Cannes with a role offer.

But in regards to his PR, he has the power to kick them to the curb if he feels that they are incompetent.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 37605/07/2013

The dude is het, no fluid sexuality, no lgbt, just straight. Yes they do exist, wow.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 37705/07/2013

R376 R377 wow you guys must be fun at parties.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 37805/07/2013

Hiddleconda bulge bump

by The Hiddles Trollreply 37905/09/2013

He throws like a girl.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 38005/11/2013

can that bulge even be real? I mean in that link it looks like a round lump, not dick.

Either he tried to roll it up and keep it from hanging down his leg like it usually does, or he is augmenting the package because he knows the whole tumblrverse is talking about his endowments

by The Hiddles Trollreply 38105/11/2013

TLDR this thread but fwiw Branagh has been married for years to a fat brunette and has kids with her, shows up to award shows with her. She had been friends with HBC, his previous gf & HBC dumped him then he went with this one after a few years.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 38205/11/2013

He's more of a supporting actor.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 38305/11/2013

Typical semi-fug, odd-looking Brit with a wrinkle in his pants that makes him look like he has a big dick. How DL typical. UK men seem attractive only when they are mixed with ancestry from the Continent.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 38405/11/2013

R384 it is def more than a wrinkle. In some shots you can see the full penis outline and it hangs down the leg.

In the most recent link posted it is a huge bulge.

I don't think he is an extremely handsome guy, but when you see him in motion, and hear him speak he is attractive. Not gay though, or at least not exclusively. Bi, perhaps.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 38505/11/2013

That he likes women is pretty clear, there are pics and Videos; he checked out the female Journalist or he gave ambiguous reply. If this guy goes so far with his sexual curiosity that he thinks about experience with men, I don't know, but there is this very strong straight behavior. Maybe in the past, when he was at Eton, you know Teenage boys in public schools without girls .... The last gay-related thing what I read with Tom involved was a message from someone who said he worked on the set of Avengers and that Jeremy had a crush on him and flirted all the time with him, but Tom is straight!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 38605/12/2013

ooh, that's a fun little tidbit of information. There are several behind the scenes pictures where you can see Jeremy looking up at Tom.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 38705/12/2013

Reaching..... Big time.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 38805/12/2013

oh Fuck off. Everything on DL is a reach, that's the basis of gossip, moron

by The Hiddles Trollreply 38905/12/2013

Has anyone seen the promo clips of the new Jim Jarmusch film he's in with Tilda Swinton? Doesn't look too bad, but then it's hard to judge as the clips are so short. Keeps his lovely accent, which I'm glad of as I thought he was going to have an awful cod-American voice.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 39005/14/2013

He and Tilda Swinton seem to have good chemistry.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 39105/14/2013

I guess r386 has never heard of a little thing called overcompensation, nor of obfuscation. That's okay, r386. One of these days you'll gain some perception.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 39205/14/2013

My guess is the fangirl at R389/R392 is overcompensating for her slash fantasy with not very well placed zings.


by The Hiddles Trollreply 39305/14/2013

[quote]He and Tilda Swinton seem to have good chemistry.

They're both unusual-looking, posh, clever, rich and talented. Uncommon common ground.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 39405/14/2013

They look alike, as if they could be related.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 39505/14/2013

Love his curly hair.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 39605/14/2013

@390: Here are the clips:

by The Hiddles Trollreply 39705/15/2013

R396, thanks for posting that link to the picture with his curly hair. He looks pretty hot in that pic. Obviously he has a few more pounds on his frame and it looks good on him.

He has joked that with his curly hair he could be Gene Wilder's doppelganger, and you can see the resemblance to a young, Gene Wilder. More handsome than Gene, but definitely a resemblance. Too bad Tim Burton didn't use him to remake Willy Wonka ( Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) instead of Depp.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 39805/15/2013

Tom and SWINTON as vampires in a Jim Jarmusch film:

by The Hiddles Trollreply 39905/16/2013

Is he going to Cannes?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 40005/17/2013

I'm quite sure he's going

by The Hiddles Trollreply 40105/17/2013

New photos from his new film! I love Tilda Swinton btw.

Seems to be a very interesting film!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 40205/20/2013

He's going to play Coriolanus for Donmar's fall season with Mark Gatiss.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 40305/20/2013

That's it. I'm moving to London.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 40405/20/2013

Yikes. I'm the op of this monstrosity and a determined, longsuffering fan of Sir Hiddles, but I have to say it: Only Lovers Left Alive looks dreadful. So much 2009 hipster dreck. *sigh*

I hope against hope to be proven wrong.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 40505/20/2013

I'm with The Hiddles Troll on this one. And tackiest of tacky names 'Only Lovers Left Alive' doesn't help one bit.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 40605/20/2013

Thank the gods!!!! Terrific buzz for Only Lovers Left Alive at Cannes today.


by The Hiddles Trollreply 40705/24/2013

And a review from The Telegraph (4 stars out of 5).

by The Hiddles Trollreply 40805/24/2013

I'm glad it is getting good reviews.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 40905/24/2013

Cannes photocall. Jesus...WHAT DOES HE HAVE IN THOSE PANTS???? Not sure if I like the massive nondescript bulge or the pornographic free-balling best. What say you DL?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 41005/25/2013

He's got one of those old iPhones, made back when when they looked like bricks. First gen.

Also he's hung, so there's that too.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 41105/25/2013

Yes, r411, I see the phone, darling. Not the first thing that caught my eye, though.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 41205/25/2013

Honestly, I think the bulge looks fake. In pictures from the past, you could see bulge, and it was impressive and looked real. You could even make out the lovely VPL. But in these pics, either he is doing something different to camouflage the VPL, or he is trying to accent it for more attention. I like Tom, but he is obviously very tuned in to what his fans write about him. There are multiple tumblr sites that are dedicated to his bulge, and I think he is well aware of it and is now, feeding into it. He could find pants or underwear that would fit him better. But I really think he likes the attention.

It is a shame really, because he is a talented guy, and when you watch him in action, he has a sexy graceful quality.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 41305/25/2013

Must be suit. In pictures from the Red Carpet, in a black Tux, the bulge looks more natural, and still impressive. Skinny guy, Hung, long legs, tall, and great voice/accent. Yum!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 41405/26/2013

This whole bulge discussion is turning into Beyonce's fake baby bump.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 41505/26/2013

Perez Hilton weighs in. I know y'all hate him but this is quite funny.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 41605/29/2013


by The Hiddles Trollreply 41705/29/2013

Hiddleston just upped his game for Bond, he's releasing Ian Fleming James Bond audiobooks.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 41805/29/2013

Merciful Christ r417 that bulge is truly a thing of beauty!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 41905/29/2013

Jon Hamm has some serious competition here.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 42005/29/2013

Oh my

by The Hiddles Trollreply 42105/29/2013

So did he bring John Macmillan to Cannes?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 42205/30/2013

I didn't see any pics with him. But who knows...

by The Hiddles Trollreply 42305/30/2013

No, he didn't bring John. It was just him, his make up lady, and Luke. I'm very proud of Luke for staying in the background with the other publicists and assistants. Hopefully Tommy Boy laid down some boundaries about personal space. I get claustrophobic looking at pictures of Tom and Luke. Also, Tom looked so good at Cannes! He and Tilda definitely have chemistry. I hope the movie takes his career to the next level.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 42405/30/2013

He needs to fire make up lady, his skin looked so patchy and weird at the photocall with Tilda. He looked like he had the beginnings of skin cancer or something and I guess make up lady tried to put toner on and that made it look worse. Needs more sunblock.

Luke is creepy, he even dresses like Tom now.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 42505/30/2013

I think he has had some sun damage to his skin and he has such fair skin, hence the blotchiness. I have fair skin and have that same blotchiness in places from spending too much time in the sun.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 42605/30/2013

I agree his skin looked awful in Cannes

by The Hiddles Trollreply 42705/30/2013

Typical Brit who has no idea what SPF or sunscreen are..

by The Hiddles Trollreply 42805/31/2013

I love how he took a complete 180 and never tweets about anything but charity anymore, he must have realised how creepy his fans are.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 42906/08/2013

Apparently he wasn't at that big UNICEF rally either yesterday, but a lot of his rabid fangirls were and they were stalking all over the place looking for him. He's been broadcasting about that rally for months now.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 43006/09/2013

Tom is to be commended for stepping back from the fans a bit. He was naive about how accessible he was being, and was in danger of it biting him in the ass. He was photographed with a friend of his (Sian Clifford) a few times, and his fangurls went ballistic. They made up fake ID's and opened new twitter accounts in order to stalk this poor woman, wrote terrible things about her and may have even made threats.

Most fans are probably harmless but there are some real nutso's out there. After Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page were seen at a hockey game, (not exactly a romantic date, obviously), Ellen had a twitter stalker who threatened to kill her. She had to get the cops involved. I don't know if the the crazy fan was a fan of his or of hers, but crazy is crazy.

For some reason, Tom attracts really really crazy fans. I think part of it is because he is not traditionally handsome. Attractive yes, but not matinee idol handsome. So those fans can more easily delude themselves that they would have a chance with him. And then the fires get fueled by sites like Tumblr and all the Cosplay and these freaks get the lines between fantasy and reality blurred.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 43106/09/2013

Oh god there's so much smutty Tom Hiddleston fan fiction on tumblr! It's not even Loki fiction it's directly TH fiction! So creepy!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 43206/11/2013

I know, it is gross, r432.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 43306/11/2013

His charity work is getting much does he donate?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 43406/11/2013

Has courting the fan girls/boys ever really worked for an actor? Gerard Butler indulged (indulges?) his legion of crazies and look how shitty his career is. Any examples of where this has worked for an actor's career in the long term? Because, otherwise, I don't know why Hiddleston or his team would go there.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 43506/11/2013

The charity thing was just a PR move, people are starting to realize that now that he bailed out of that IF rally last weekend.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 43606/11/2013

Any gossip on him?

His skin still looked like shit at the Much Ado About Nothing premiere yesterday. He really needs to see a derm. Otherwise he looked fantastic,even in the ugly shiny jacket.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 43706/11/2013

Maybe he was working, r436. Still. He did tweet about a lot.

He really needs to take care of his skin. Looks like it has had a lot sun damage.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 43806/12/2013

Does he ever miss an opening night? sheesh...famewhore...stay home once in a while.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 43906/12/2013

I don't know what to think about his shiny jacket. True it's horrid but then again he is a try hard and poor Tom just looks so SO happy to be photographed and his eyes are all happy & sparkly & blue & gorgeous, he might actually pull it off. A for effort poor bby.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 44006/12/2013

About the Unicef event: there was a huge crowd going to that thing... maybe it was too crazy to handle and there wasn't enough security (being a charity event and not a glamorous one)?

Anyway, it's true that lately he seems less "available"... and even a little annoyed, as it seems from pap's photos...

(or that's because he got caught in a pretty much recognizable cafè??)

I think that his skin is going better, after the terrible appearance in Cannes... but I really don't like the new haircut, though. I suppose it's for the Capa movie... but I still don't like it.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 44106/12/2013

Well seeing as Bill Gates was there as one of the speakers, I don't see where they would skimp on security. There was an off limits area for celebs from what I understand and Tom was not there. Those thirsty fangirls would have tracked him down, no matter where he was at the event.

He didn't go, that's pretty obvious and if he had no doubt he would have blown up his twitter feed with tweets about being there.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 44206/12/2013

R441 - His face says, "Leave me alone", but the script in his hand says "LOOK AT ME!!!"

by The Hiddles Trollreply 44306/12/2013

LOL R443, you are so right. God knows I love him, but how many celebs would go to a coffee shop with a scrip (and carefully facing out so people can see)? It's the only thing that makes me wonder about him... he seems to have this irrepressible thirst for fame/adulation that boarders on the desperate. Otherwise he seems like an unnaturally gracious gentleman. Except for that thing about the banana on the Amsterdam train of course.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 44406/12/2013

Banana on Amsterdam train? Care to elaborate?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 44506/12/2013

LSA had some dish on this guy in a recent thread, said he likes young pretty black women, he had a one-off in London with an young American A-A model he picked up at a hotel. I think he's bi.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 44606/12/2013

Allegedly he watched Daniel Percival eat a banana out of some girl's vagina on a train in Amsterdam.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 44706/12/2013

He really is a lovely young man,isnt he? I sort of late to the party,but I just saw War Horse and he was the best thing in it!

I predict he will get an nomination/Oscar within the next few years!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 44806/12/2013

R448 = desperate IP-changing fangurl.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 44906/13/2013

Rumors seem to be that he ocassionally picks up models for one nighters, but nothing more than that and tries to come off as wanting a woman with brains and an attitude of who gives an eff. Curious to know if the models he's bedded were those ano aliens they try to pass off as high fashion runway or plus size print models (well anyone over a size 0 is plus sized in that industry) who don't eat cotton balls for lunch.

Read an earlier post in this thread that he's into curvy girls, and that brunettes are his thing. Interesting.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 45006/14/2013

He seems gayish in those photos coming out of the coffee shop.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 45106/14/2013

its refreshingly sneaky of him to skip the unicef rally after weeks of fangurl goading and he looks so grumpy in those candids buying coffee. he is growing up! aww.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 45206/14/2013

For a long time Tom Hiddleston has reminded me of someone, but I couldn't figure out who it was. When he was younger and had the curly blonde hair, the Gene Wilder resemblance is pretty amazing, but now with the shorter, reddish hair, he looks less like Wilder and more like someone else.

Today, randomly, I was watching an old episode of Wings, and it hit me. Tom looks a lot like Steven Weber, who played Brian Hacket. He has done a ton of TV, and though not really handsome, he has a sexiness to him, imo. I see that same quality in TH.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 45306/15/2013

A friend of mine worked closely with him a couple of years ago and told me that his fans are really out of control- they hacked her FB and Twitter accounts and contacted him through them. She had to close both accounts. According to her, straight.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 45406/15/2013

r454, They really are insane, also heard they got into his facebook, and also hacked his twitter. Bet he regrets ever encouraging them.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 45506/15/2013

Am I the only one who thinks he's gay/bisexual who just really hasn't met someone special enough to warrant a confession to anyone super close to him? He seems like a very private person who does his thing sexually/relationship wise without much council from others. He (supposedly) enjoys the company of women, but his interactions with Chris Hemsworth just ping my gaydar like it's nobody's business. You don't look out/gush over/compliment/beg for attention from someone like that without having more than friendly feelings. I think if he meets the right person (dude-wise), he may still not come out & say he swings both ways, but I think he may be more apt to admit it to those close to him & perhaps others. I have other theories as to his preferences, but this is the most obvious one to me. That is all.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 45606/15/2013

Jesus, hacking his Twitter and Facebook? I knew his fans were crazy but I didn't know they were that crazy. Makes sense that he seems to be pulling back a bit now. I was wondering how long he was going to keep up all the fan service

by The Hiddles Trollreply 45706/15/2013

Still don't understand why there are no gay stories about this guy, or mentions of ex-bf's if people on this thread are saying he's gay/bi. There has to be a shred of evidence somewhere outside of "gaydar/vibes from the mothership and oh he looks gay coming out of a coffee shop". Even actors who are buried deeply in Narnia like closets have at least a whisper about them.

457 posts about him, someone must know something.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 45806/15/2013

I really hate the crazy aspect of the fandom but it was inevitable. Hacking his fb and twitter--that is a new low. It kind of makes me sad he is pulling back a little but he has to. I loved how accessible he was to fans but that seems to have changed now. The crazies ruin it for everyone else who know better and respect boundaries.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 45906/15/2013

Some of the fan girls remind me of the Crowe hags.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 46006/15/2013


Tom is a really nice guy. I've met him a few times at various industry parties in NY. No gay vibes, and he didn't check me unfortunately (I'm a guy). Still he was gorgeous in person with a genuine handshake and very polite. Charmer. Not to go into detail about the last time I met him or who he left with etc, but I noticed he left looking coupled up with a woman he didn't arrive with who wasn't as cute as me *wink*. Lets just leave it at that.

I'm bi, and was told on a thread here once that that bi-sexuality in men was actually a myth, so yeah denial in many forms sometimes runs deep around here.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 46106/15/2013

R461 I want my fix of gay gossip, news and pointless bitchery. Spill.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 46206/17/2013

Seriously. Description required.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 46306/17/2013

[R461] Can you give any other details? Which event this was at and such...?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 46406/17/2013

There will probably be a time when there is a Brad Pitt moment where he comes home and a fan is sleeping in his bed while wearing his clothes.....

by The Hiddles Trollreply 46506/17/2013

r465, that would most likely happen.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 46606/17/2013

I think most of them are too fat to fit in his clothes

by The Hiddles Trollreply 46706/17/2013

R467 BUUURN! *snort laughter* Most accurate comment ever. Now that he's definitely not in Avengers 2 he better pray hard Capa movie doesn't flop.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 46806/19/2013

Do you remember Laurence Spellman, the mystery guy in the car with him after Glamour awards and walking behind him at Life of Pi premiere, well he's landed a role in the Capa movie.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 46906/22/2013

Well it helps to be Tom's best friend r469.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 47006/22/2013

Very interesting r469, I guess Tom is a loyal friend.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 47106/22/2013

Look here, three of his friends in one shot

by The Hiddles Trollreply 47206/23/2013

I could be his bestest friend if it's going to lend me jobs like that.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 47306/23/2013

Tickets for "Coriolanus" were sold-out in less than 20 minutes, yesterday: Shakespeare, beware, the fangirls are coming!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 47406/25/2013

Oh my god, can you imagine the scene at the stage door, r474? The audience is going to be wall to wall fan girls all drooling over Tom. By the way, have you seen how intimate the theater is? It's like the actors are right on top of you. As much as I love Tom, even I don't think I'd be comfortable with that. I can't imagine what he thinks about it. Maybe his ego loves it...

by The Hiddles Trollreply 47506/25/2013

As much as I love Tom Hiddleston, I cannot imagine flying to another country to see a play he is in. Maybe if I were living in the same city. Some of the fans bought tickets for multiple shows. Some of them are having meltdowns for not scoring tickets. I can think of many better things I can spend my time and money on.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 47606/25/2013

Well, it depends: if you're from Europe, London is an easy going, after all (not to mention that is an amazing city to visit), but I've read about people from US, China and Australia (O__O), and that's MAYBE a little too much!!

Anyway, I agree about the madness that will wait for him at the stage door, and I really hope that the attendants will be enough polite to respect the theatre space and silence, fangirls or not... I'm surprised that he hasn't yet tweet something about how much is happy, and honored, and humbled, and excited, and overwhelmed (....) for the sold out...

by The Hiddles Trollreply 47706/26/2013

I work at the Donmar. This is going to be insane. We're already deluged with phone calls and emails from fans hysterical that they didn't get tickets. This is going to be weird.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 47806/26/2013

I can't imagine there will be a real theatre fan there. I certainly wouldn't touch that production with a bargepole and I love the Donmar. Shame. It has great potential. But who would want to sit with a load of squeeing adolescents without a clue about the play or the ability to judge an interpretation? At least you'd know where you were at a One Direction concert. Ugh. And imagine: this play can call for nudity (market scene). Think of the Hiddleconda coming out in the midst of all those hormones. Ugh again.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 47906/26/2013

Good Lord. One wonders if he even has a shot at becoming the serious actor he strive to be with all that screaming going on at every substantial theater opportunity.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 48006/26/2013

"strives". Sorry. No coffee yet.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 48106/26/2013

I really wanted to see Coriolanus as it's one of my favourites but I contemplated for a long time whether I was sure I wanted to sit through it amongst squealing fangirls, when I finally made up my mind the tickets were sold out.

And hello to R478 who works in Donmar, I envy you.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 48206/26/2013

I'm going to see it on New Years Eve. It should be interesting and I hope those girls keep their hands to themselves because you seriously can high-five the actors if you're close enough. Bless you, poster who works at Donmar. I hope Tom has a very effective exit strategy after the shows...

by The Hiddles Trollreply 48306/26/2013

This makes me sad actually. He was so accessible to fans and that created a monster. I agree that there probably will be no real theater fans there--only fangirls.

I wonder if he is having second thoughts at all. He has been so quiet lately--no twitter posts at all.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 48406/26/2013

Hope he hires some good security, he has no idea what kind of a crazy storm is coming for him.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 48506/26/2013

Donmar should make it 18 & over while they still can.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 48606/26/2013

[r 478]

I just checked for tickets out of curiosity, for Tom's show, it is totally SOLD OUT, all dates! Have you ever seen anything like this before? I'm shocked. I have traveled to London for special performances before, but didn't encounter this type of hysteria.

Sheesh! Good luck to you in handling those strange fans.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 48706/26/2013

Surely he thought of all this. Maybe he knew it would sell out and in the end 'benefit' his career, as in Look at me, my return to the stage and it sold out in just minutes! I am available for hire!I am THAT popular! Good ploy, as long as it does not back fire in his face, with rabid fan girls acting like star struck teens at a Beiber show. Can't wait to read about that. Wishing him the best in his endeavor to please.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 48806/26/2013

I admit I am a fan of his and I will not travel to England just to see a play of his. It is just not worth it to me even though I would love to see him on stage. It must be nice to be able to afford to do this. Even if I had money I would not. I thought I was obsessive but I guess not compared to some of them. Wow. Some are going to multiple shows. That seems kinda stalkerish to me.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 48906/26/2013

I think the majority of the women--yes, I think most of them are women, are not teens going to the play.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 49006/26/2013

It sold out in something like 22 minutes. The Donmar always keeps some tickets back though, which are released online every Monday morning during the run.

David Tennant's theatre productions sell out very quickly too. That's the only other case I can think of.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 49106/26/2013

James McAvoy's Macbeth also sold out pretty fast but I doubt the fangirl factor was a big part of that.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 49206/26/2013

I've got tickets for this and I'm very excited to be going. I suppose I am a sort of fangirl, but I'm a fan of his because of 'The Hollow Crown' NOT the Marvel films. The speed at which this sold out however (I had to be very patient and persistent on the phone to get tickets) plus the general hysteria over it (are some people really going multiple times, or travelling from overseas? - good grief!) does give me pause. I remember seeing the David Tennant Hamlet at the RSC back in 2008 and there was some inappropriate squealing and whooping going on there. Some parts of that audience weren't particularly well-behaved, at least not in the way you might expect for a performance of a Shakespeare play. I'm definitely worried this might happen again at the Donmar. It may even be worse considering the size and intimacy of the venue. The stage door will probably be a nightmare and best avoided.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 49306/27/2013

R 493 I would be very interested to hear about how the audience behaved during the performance you attended. I personally don't see anything wrong with foreign travelers flying to London to see Tom's play - I do hope for their sake they make the most of their London visit. I'm concerned about some immature reactions during the play in such intimate space, and for those three months, I worry about his personal security and safety before, during, and after the show.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 49406/27/2013

Struggling actor - write to Alastair to send him your CV,, seriously, he's the nicest CD on the planet and totally welcomes actors contacting him unsolicited. Some CDs can be a but funny about that but he actively encourages it.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 49506/27/2013


At the start of the play there was some whooping/squealing from a few girls whenever Tennant appeared. Fortunately they did calm down a bit as it went on! It was noticeable though that some people in the theatre seemed to be treating the event like a film showing at a cinema. Lots of rustling with snacks/drinks and fiddling with mobiles. I found that rather rude and disrespectful to the actors.

Re: foreign visitors. I suppose jetting in from abroad is fair enough if you want to make a holiday out of it. Not sure about spending all that money though on literally seeing just one play for a few hours, regardless of who's in it!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 49606/27/2013

Coriolanus is part of the NT Live series and will be shown in movie theatres on Jan 30th.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 49706/27/2013

R495 that's very kind of you thank you very much, I definitely will do that!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 49806/27/2013


Really? If that's the case I would imagine security is going to need to be extra tight. I can imagine there may be fans turning up at the Donmar without a ticket hoping for some kind of stage door interaction with Hiddleston or Gatiss...

Goodness only knows how that's going to pan out though - it's a teeny weeny little place isn't it?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 49906/27/2013

I was hoping for his sake that this would be the return to a more serious turn in his acting career. Shakespeare and theatre seem to suit him. But I fear those crazy fan girl stalkers will turn this proper production into a farce.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 50006/27/2013

It'll be even worse than Ewan Macgregor's Othello post Star Wars. But Hiddles has never done a Shakespeare stage lead, so I guess he couldn't really get full West End?

I fear his shameless baiting of the fangirls really is in danger of biting him on the career arse - if I were him, I'd be more worried about that than a bit of scrumming at the stage door.

I like Hiddles and I want him to do well and extend his range (posh War Horse, socialite Scott Fitzgerald, 1950s RP Freddie, even his comic book character is the stock villain with a posh British accent - all posh) but I am worried this production will go horribly, horribly wrong. He won't get plaudits if no one save fangirls can face going, no matter what the acting chops he manages to display.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 50106/27/2013

I got tickets to go. I do love me some Hiddles but mainly I love me some Will. Plus I couldnt get tickets for any of the other big Shakespeare plays. I love theatre and I must admit I'm quite worried that screaming/whooping/giggling fan girls will ruin it.

It would be incredibly disrespectful to all the cast if they did. I guess we'll see...

by The Hiddles Trollreply 50206/27/2013

Oh plus I am to understand that ticket sales were pretty healthy before it went on general release, through the 'friends' of the Donmar and regulars. The people who go because they genuinely love the Donmar and theatre. I hope that's true because it means there will be plenty of people there to truly appreciate the play, not just one member of the cast.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 50306/27/2013

An awful lot of 'Hiddles' fans bought memberships in order to buy tickets before they went on general release though, just to be ensured of getting tickets. If you look on Twitter and Tumblr or the Donmar's Twitter feed lots of the hardcore fans are talking about it. Same thing happened with Tennant's RSC roles - membership doubled or something after his most recent play was announced. So unfortunately I don't think we can assume that if someone's bought a membership they are a regular or whatever. I guess if you're paying for flights and a hotel to fly to another country to see an actor in a play, the extra $30 or something to ensure you'll get good tickets and be able to book before first isn't that extreme.

Having said that I do know a fair few people who are longtime members and regulars who have booked and are really excited for it, so I'm sure there will be people who aren't just there because they're fans of his.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 50406/27/2013

I got tickets to multiple shows of Coriolanus but actually seriously considered not buying any because I didn't know if I could stand batshit crazy fangirls squealing all over the place.

I hope the Donmar get some serious security for the play because some of the fans are just completely nuts. I saw a post on Tumblr from one Hiddlestoner who believes that every fan has 'the right' to meet their idol. Such a sense of entitlement!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 50506/27/2013

I'm more excited to see who they cast in the other roles. Hopefully some nice gay actors that Tom can play around with backstage.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 50606/27/2013

I'm sorry [r 505] but if you got tickets for multiple shows, you sound like one of the very "batshit crazy fangirls" who will be squealing all over the place yourself!

Do you really need to see that man's performance, "multiple" times? Seriously?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 50706/27/2013

Tickets to that show are not cheap and from what I understand they were hard to get when they went on sale. Seeing this play multiple times r505 makes you look like a nutty fangirl no matter which way you try to justify it.

He's going to need a lot of security, his fans are insane and so are Gastiss's.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 50806/27/2013

I hate when fandom gets insane like this. It's creepy. Poor Tom, I hope he has some good security.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 50906/27/2013

Tom's made his bed, I guess. He knows how crazy his fans are, and he knows how intimate the Donmar is... Why would he do this? Part of me suspects that he loves and enjoys the crazy fangirling and hysterical attention. It's odd tho because you don't hear that he's egotistical but I guess you can never tell what goes on in someones head.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 51006/27/2013

Back when BC was doing Frankenstein, they had an INSANE fangirl issue with some chick stalking the stage door and even throwing him a *surprise birthday party* (sending invites to him and all)... THAT was crazy enough, and he's not super accessible to fans. I can't imagine how nutty this is going to get, esp as Tom AND Gatiss both have some pretty fervent fans.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 51106/27/2013

Cumberbatch is jolie laide. Hiddleston is just laide.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 51206/27/2013

Tom Hiddleston is a has-been.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 51306/27/2013

Mark Gatiss has crazy fans? Looking at his face I'm surprised he's able to cause so much fervor. But I guess r512 would say the same thing about Tom :x

by The Hiddles Trollreply 51406/27/2013

I think Gatiss' stans are from his association with Sherlock. That show has the most invested fans and they seem to latch onto anyone connected to the show, not just Benedict.

I was vaguely a fan of Mark Gatiss's work quite a few years ago, and perhaps I wasn't aware of it, but he didn't seem to have those fans then.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 51506/27/2013

Thank you r515, I don't anything about the Sherlock fandom except that it's got a lot of really devoted and demented people in it.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 51606/27/2013

re: 511

It is inevitable that there will be girls stalking the stage door at this. I still get a kick at the video of one of the girls who followed Tom to the parking garage and you hear her say in the video, "I don't want him to think I'm crazy." Too late, dear....

by The Hiddles Trollreply 51706/27/2013

My sister and I went to see Ralph Fiennes in Richard II and Coriolanus at the Gainsborough Studios in Hackney in 2000 IIRC. No, we weren't crazy fans but thought it would be cool to see some Shakespeare in London. We also saw Vanessa Redgrave at the Globe.

Most of the audience were cool but a couple of women tried to approach Fiennes while he was on stage! One had flowers or something and the other wanted to talk to him. This happened during Richard II. Can you believe it? They were removed but it really broke the flow. The plays were wonderful, it was a privilege to see Shakespeare played so beautifully.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 51806/27/2013

R517, Tom seemed irritated in that video but he did pose for a pic with each one and sign autographs. He was nice about it too. Most celebs would have just walked on. Loved the shot of the 'butt' in the beginning.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 51906/27/2013

Hard to feel sorry for him when he brought the crazy on himself, by trying to look attainable by flirting with the crazies in person and online. The crazies like nerdy looking dudes, as proven by him and that friend of his Benedict humberquat. Tom, do yourself a favor, get a sig other, get married, get little ones and then you will no longer appear "attainable".

by The Hiddles Trollreply 52006/27/2013


Re: Richard II. That's pretty alarming. I'm getting quite apprehensive about all this now. I really hope there's not going to be some idiot who spoils it.

I can't for the life of me think why some fans have booked to see the play multiple times either. Are they thinking it just HAS to be the most fantastic critically acclaimed thing ever just because Hiddleston and Gatiss are in it? What if they don't like the production design or the direction or something? Or will they continue to attend and enjoy it regardless just because they want to fangirl over their favourite actor(s)? Odd.

(I'm the anon who mentioned the DT Hamlet saga earlier BTW.)

by The Hiddles Trollreply 52106/28/2013

Well, he seems to have switched off Twitter/dialled down the crazy-enabling ever since that Crow debacle in which a gazillion tumblr rebloggings of the fan/candid pic may have played a part in scuppering him for the role. Perhaps he's hoping that keeping radio silence (and not turning up to Unicef events etc cos, oh, he isn't that committed after all) by the time the play arrives, they'll all have moved on to someone else, won't turn up, and all the nice people will get £10 late tickets at the door.

Or something.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 52206/28/2013

That is a pretty smart plan on his part but I am not sure it would work. It is usually the craziest ones that hang on. I have witnessed that in various fandoms.

That is strange he did not show up to the UNICEF event even though he tweeted about it constantly. He really never gave an explanation either. Maybe he was working.

I am really hoping this fandom insanity will die down soon but I just dont see it. Plus, he has a couple of movies coming out this year.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 52306/28/2013

@R522 Well I wouldn't expect the man to live on Twitter 24/7. Maybe he's just busy :)

As for 'crazy fans' - I don't think anyone can do much about that kind of thing. It seems an inevitable hazard of getting involved in a big genre franchise (Marvel, Doctor Who, Star Trek whatever).

Hopefully Hiddleston will continue to give impressive performances and develop his career beyond the Marvel films to the point where all this hysteria will have calmed down a bit. He deserves to be successful and popular IMO, but I find the Loki's Army shtick rather overblown. Most of the mania around that is probably a fad I reckon.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 52406/28/2013

"And have you noticed how Gatiss--"

"I have."

by The Hiddles Trollreply 52506/28/2013

Anyone who says "fandom" or buys multiple tickets to see a relatively unknown Shakespeare play just because of the lead actor belongs on tumblr and is a part of the crazy around this dude. Sorry to burst your bubble but there is no way of justifying getting several tickets for a show you haven't even seen yet. Normal people go see a show once, reasons for that might be liking the actor, liking the play, liking the playwright, play being recommended or getting rave reviews or trusting the venue. You get the point. IF you love it, and decide to see it again, that's when you buy another ticket. At least that's what relatively normal people do.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 52606/28/2013

I have to agree. I've seen plays more than once, but because I loved it the first time or felt I'd gain something more from a second viewing.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 52706/28/2013

Back in 2007, Orlando Bloom was in a play at the Duke of York. He was in a supporting role in a kitchen-sink British family drama. Me and two other friends bought tickets to one show, we all went together. A LOT of pandemonium before the show of fans wanting to see Orlando between the shows. He signed autographs and he had bodyguards, it was managed chaos.

During our show, thankfully the audience was well behaved, but one woman's cell phone did ring and of course she was in the first row.

I visit London once a year and it would have been interesting to see Tom on stage, but I'll wait, I think this is a going to be a disaster for him due to the intimacy of the theater and the access to him the crazed fans will have. I think he's going to regret this, but I wish him well.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 52806/28/2013

Two women actually went on stage to give flowers to/talk to Ralph Fiennes. During a performance. Wow. Just wow. That is awful.

Didn't he get jumped by some crazy fan at Cannes? Some girl jumped on him to hug him? Maybe that's part of why he is more careful now.

I looked at his tag on Tumblr once. Just once. Enough to give me the shivers...

by The Hiddles Trollreply 52906/28/2013

There's one infamous David Tennant fan who went to Much Ado every single night, either to see it or just to stage door. I followed a link on Twitter to a Tennant fansite that had an announcement about the rest of the Richard II cast a few months ago, and fans were listing the performances they'd booked for. Many of them had booked for like half dozen performances.

I went to see a play that starred the main actor from Scrubs a couple of years ago, and the audience was full of American fans who talked all though the parts when he wasn't on stage. Then it took ages to get out of the theatre because they were mobbing the stage door so much, even though it was pouring with rain. Perhaps some live in London but I got the impression they'd flown over. Who knew Scrubs had hardcore fans at all?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 53006/28/2013

Ok, this thread is bad for me but also gobsmackingly fingernails-on-a-blackboard funny. I'm now addicted to the whole Hiddleston soap opera. Here's my favourite from today.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 53106/28/2013

Thanks for that R533. The author of that tumblr fails to realize that there is no 'calm conversations' to be had with the crazies in a fandom. It's like talking to a brick wall.

And I bet it's true that hate mail was going to be sent to the theatre!

Poor Tom, I will be watching the fallout of his Donmar work like a bloody car crash.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 53206/28/2013

re: 504

I hope that the hardcore fans were joking, because Donmar hasn't a "regular" £30 theatre card membership, as many others theatres of ATG groups, but a separate and specific one on their own (I know that because my boyfriend's dad used to had one), that is much more expensive! As R503 said, members are called "friends", and you can see that it has a very different cost... now, that would really be crazy!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 53306/28/2013

I think the obsessed (crazy?) fans are like anyone with an addiction, they haven't a clue what you are talking about. Lecturing them is a waste of breath and time. Do they 'ruin' fan-dome for the others who claim to be normal? Define what is normal in fan-dome? I say just ignore them and enjoy yourself. All in all this is a entertaining thread!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 53406/28/2013

It costs that much, seriously?! I only heard of it because I follow the Donmar on Twitter and in the run up to members/friends tickets going on sale, their feed was full of, "Hi @mrshiddlesfan, thanks for your tweet. We're processing your membership application now."

by The Hiddles Trollreply 53506/28/2013

Yes, R537 , that much! there are also others levels (like wigs and props) of "friendship" and they are cheaper, but apparently only the highest ones are available now... I don't know in past weeks, though.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 53606/28/2013

I was going to post that earlier. From what I saw membership cost serious money - or at least more than I could afford. Add to that the fact some fans seem to be flying in from abroad specifically to see Coriolanus and you've got a hefty cost.

I am more financially restricted and although the tickets were very good value compared to other shows, adding on a train ticket and sundry expenses, it'll be an expensive day/night out for me and if the experience is ruined by screaming and giggling fangirls, I'm going to be batshit angry.

Maybe the Donmar will put up signs or make an announcement about theatre etiquette at the show? I shouldn't imagine they'll tolerate it at all...

by The Hiddles Trollreply 53706/28/2013

You know what. Maybe this will be good for the Donmar. All that money going in can only be a positive a surely. Good for the future of the theatre, thus good for all theatregoers in the future?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 53806/28/2013

Well, I bet that the scary-as-hell-fangurls, like that wendy-crazy-one-kate-something and her beloved friends, have enough money to join this thing, since they opened a new "fund campaign" for their so-called "Indipendent British documentary", after they already were able to raise more than $12.000 in past months just to allow them to travel from US to UK (maybe twice), pretending to do interviews to various actors, directors... but clearly making that up just to meet Hiddleston.

I can't decide if they are the worst, for making up a thing like that, or the poor, helpless souls (minor-scary-fangurls) that spend their money to make them molest the actor of their dreams....

by The Hiddles Trollreply 53906/28/2013

There are yards of threads on ATC about grossly inappropriate audience behavior in theaters, and this sounds like it's on the same spectrum. Basically people who are so far up their own asses they aren't aware of how the way they're acting interferes with other people's enjoyment of the show or even performers' ability to do the damn show in the first place.

Somebody posted a Youtube recording of a production of "The Rocky Horror Show"--inappropriate right out of the gate--in which audience members are interrupting the actors and stopping the show dead in order to yell the same stupid shit they yell during the movie. Painful.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 54006/28/2013

Ugh, the links from posts 533 and 541 give me the willies. I bet they bought multiple tickets for the show. What is wrong with these women? Don't they have lives? Dumb question.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 54106/28/2013

Tom is wise not to say a WORD about any of this. Stay out this soap opera.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 54206/28/2013

Sorry R541... but what is that? is it real?? they actual take others "fans" cash to do a "documentary" and catch TH?? if it's true, it's a shame!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 54306/28/2013

I'm legit hoping his management team or a family member or someone told him to step away from Twitter for a while and just chill the eff out with the fan flirting. Esp since that crazy fan crap in Cannes that, by all accounts, freaked him out big time. IIRC, he's got Luke Windsor all up in his Kool Aid and Windsor is NOTORIOUSLY an attention whore vicariously through his clients. Maybe its time to ditch him and get a PR agent who can curb the crazy.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 54406/28/2013

R546 what happened to Tom in Cannes?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 54506/28/2013

It was rumored that a girl jumped him as he greeted the fans. Thing is, there are tons of pics from Cannes and none of them show this happening. There are pictures of him as he exited his car and there is a fence between him and the fans. I can't see how this could happen. I am hoping it didn't and it is just a rumor but who knows. I don't think it happened but maybe that is wishful thinking on my part.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 54606/28/2013

Luke Windsor is also Emma Watson's publicist too.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 54706/28/2013

Can someone who is familiar with different groups of fans tell me how this guy's fans rank in terms of crazy?

I know other actors have had run-ins with individual crazies (someone up thread mentioned a crazy fan breaking into Brad Pitt's house). While that is far worse and more frightening than traveling to another country to see a play for a particular actor, I'm interested more in how fans behave as a group/how mentally ill they behave as a whole.

Is what I'm reading in this thread par for the course for actors who, for whatever reason, seem close/attainable to fangirls or is this unprecedented crazy? I have a hard time imagining it being much worse.

Finally, why the fuck would an actor court this kind of attention?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 54806/28/2013

Re the Cannes thing: There's several posts online from witnesses to the incident. Crazy b just came out of the fans crowded at the side of the perp walk/red carpet/whatever and started hugging on him and had to be removed by security.

Re the fandom crazies... TBH, I think, and maybe this is me being pie in the sky hopeful, the crazies are a small percentage. But LORD are they the cream of the crop for obsessive in his fandom, lol. If you look on Tumblr, it seems to be divided between fans who are just fans and not slavering over every word he utters, fans who are way too into his dong, and fans who think he's a special sparkly unicorn virgin prince who should NEVER do (insert name of play/movie/actress) because omg it's so beneath him and his DIsney woobiness.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 54906/28/2013

Who knows, r550?

I think in the beginning, a famous person finds this flattering and loves it but after a while it has to be really unnerving. I will never understand it since I am not famous but this is a huge adjustment for a person. I think fandom has always had its crazies but maybe we think it is worse because of the media/internet now and our culture worships celebrity.

It really is an interesting phenomenon. I think for many people this fills a void in their lives but some are so unstable that it takes over and they no longer have the capacity to see that their behavior is disturbing and not normal.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 55006/28/2013

There are a lot of divisions in this fandom, I agree but any fandom has these divisions. It is sad, actually and I begin to feel sorry for the famous person in question. I don't think any actor/singer/etc wants to be known as 'that person with the crazy fans' since it destroys their brand. Some can survive it and still have a great career.

Benedict Cumberbatch has his share of fans but I think because he is keeping his distance it is not hurting his career.

Tom is a nice guy which is one the reasons why people get so attached to him. He seems accessible and plus he has that bad guy/Loki thing going for him as well. He is smart, classy and talented. He may not be classically handsome but his charisma makes him so attractive.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 55106/28/2013

R552 - It is fascinating. The internet has the ability to normalize any behavior. While this can have a positive effect - for example, letting gay kids who live in Fundieville know they are not freaks nor are they alone - it can normalize behaviors that are unhealthy.

There is nothing inherently wrong with being a fan - we all have actors, musicians, athletes, etc. that we admire for their ability and/or looks. There is something wrong, however, with obsession and the stuff I'm reading on this thread about the behavior of Hiddleston's fans goes into that territory.

Because there are large groups engaging in this behavior, it becomes normalized and there isn't a rational person in these groups to put the brakes on it. Or, if there is, this person is seen as the "irrational" one. The bizarre post that R533 linked to speaks to this. The author of the post refers to someone calling out a destructive behavior as "fan shaming".

R536 hit the nail on the head when he or she referred to this kind of obsession as being akin to addiction. It seems impossible to convince these people that what they are doing is harmful to both themselves and the person they claim to admire.

I guess the other thing that surprises me is that the ages of his fans seems to be all over the place. I guess I expect kids to be more given to fan worship, but when I hear about people flying to another country and buying pricey tickets to multiple play performances, I assume they are adults. That just makes it more fucked up to me.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 55206/28/2013

Well, fan-shaming does try to put the brakes on it, r554. It is one thing to be a fan of someone but it is another to fly cross country to see a play a certain actor is in. The categories seem to be drawn and those in those categories take real offense as seen as a 'crazy fan'.

It definitely is an addiction--fills a void in someones life. The question is, to what extent does that addiction go to. I can see this--12 step groups for fandoms.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 55306/28/2013

I admit, I am a fan of his and am horrified by some of the behavior of the more nutty fans. I guess I do not want to be associated with that craziness. I am embarrassed for them. I am not seeing that play and the thought never entered my mind in flying long distance to see it. Even if I had the financial means, no way.

I do enjoy watching his movies and looking at pictures of him but that is it. I have no desire to travel anywhere just so I can get a glimpse of him. I also do not want to be around people like that.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 55406/28/2013


What a shame. It seems to me that Hiddleston is becoming more known for his loopy fans, at least on the internet, than he is for his acting talents.

I fear the fan frenzy will only get worse towards the end of the year when Thor 2 comes out. That might be bad news for those of us with tickets to Coriolanus who actually want to enjoy the play and his performance in it, rather than see it as an opportunity to 'meet him' or 'wail and flail' over him(!)

by The Hiddles Trollreply 55506/29/2013

I really really hope no one will do anything stupid during his performance like interrupt him or approach him. I wonder if he is having second thoughts about this. I saw pictures of the theater and my god, talk about the close proximity from the stage to the seating. He will only be feet away.

I get so disgusted with the crazy, entitled fans. There are so many people out there who have no idea of the meaning of 'boundaries'.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 55606/29/2013

Surely to goodness there will be security close by tha stage? I mean, it seems crazy not to. Earlier someone said they work at the Donmar - surely they are looking at this and making plans to deal with this?

That whole area is quite compact - too many people at the stage door is going to block up the roads and majorly annoy everyone nearby, surely? And with normal shopping crowds, tourist plus autograph hunters, if he appears at the stage door it could be absolute chaos. I hope he has security and they are on the ball. It wouldn't surprise me if he didn't actually do the stage door thing most nights.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 55706/29/2013

A thought just occurred to me. What it Tom becomes ill and can't do a show and his understudy has to fill in? I fear the wrath of the crazy fans will make the news.

As the play progresses, I wonder if security will have to make their presence notable during the live presentation in order to keep fans in check. And with Thor 2 being in theaters during the first few weeks of the play, fan anxieties in needing to meet Tom will be twofold.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 55806/29/2013


I'd be very disappointed if that happened. My main reason for going is to see Tom perform Shakespeare, so if I had to 'make do' with his understudy that would be a bit of a blow in all honesty. I wouldn't get angry about it though - it would just be bad luck, wouldn't it? (Bad luck for Tom Hiddleston as well of course!)

Sadly people tend to overreact to everything on the internet these days. There's always a minority who'll go off the deep end and start hurling abuse at others at the slightest provocation. Kind of depressing really.

I agree with the idea that it might be prudent for Hiddleston and Gatiss to avoid doing the stage door thing altogether. Too many people in too confined an area makes for major security headaches I'd have thought.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 55906/29/2013

Tumblr is a place losers can congregate, much like their nerd-filled lunch table in the cafeteria was a few years ago.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 56006/29/2013

And Tumblr would take that as a compliment.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 56106/29/2013

Oh my god they are doing a 'hiddles fun run', one can handle only so much second hand embarrassment, I'm off to bed and never to his thread again..

by The Hiddles Trollreply 56206/29/2013

A Hiddles fun what???

Geez these desperate girls will do anything and try to make it look legit.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 56306/29/2013

A fun run?!? Wow! Another group just raised £32k for UNICEF as well - that's one hell a lot of money. Although good for them as its a very worthy cause.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 56407/01/2013

Cute idea, actually and good for them!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 56507/01/2013

No. That's creepy.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 56607/01/2013

I used to think he was pretty cute and sweet. But then I got over it. These pretty celebrities that come out of nowhere and get really famous after one movie; they don't last long. His new movie is shit and the only place he has is in Avengers/Thor movies. Outside of these Marvel movies, he is [bold]NOTHING.[/bold]

by The Hiddles Trollreply 56707/01/2013

R569 which one? Capa movie or Only Lovers Left Alive?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 56807/01/2013

Tom is a great actor and famous, but he won't last long. His current fans are annoying as fuck; he is known more for his looks than his acting skills. I was completely turned off by his fans, but then later I just didn't give a shit about him anymore. His new movies look like shit as well. See you on t.v buddy, I ain't paying for you.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 56907/01/2013

R571 I disagree with you. Tom is a good actor with a career other actors would die for. See you at the movies.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 57007/01/2013

R569, not a fangurl, but I was aware of Hiddleston a long time before he did that "one movie." He's been acting continuously since 2001, including shows that were broadcast by PBS in the U.S.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 57107/01/2013

r573 You are a liar. You probably went back and watched his shows after his famous face.

r572 He already has a movie shown with a low rating that no one will bother. Lets see if his squealing fangirls show up to support him.

His movie [bold]Only Lovers Left Alive[/bold] Is shit. His fangirls on tumblr are openly requesting everyone to give the movie a higher rating on IMDB. What a load of shit he is.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 57207/01/2013

Who are you to call anyone a liar, asshole?

Just because you never watched Wallander or any of Hiddleston's other shows on PBS doesn't mean the rest of us are pig ignorant like you.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 57307/01/2013

You're too stupid to live, R576. Have another drink.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 57407/01/2013

Sigh. The psycho fangurls have invaded datalounge.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 57507/01/2013

Oh fuck me. Who took the jam out of your doughnut, love? If you have nothing constructive to say, do us all a favour and go away.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 57607/01/2013

(That's to our recent guests incidentally - not the grown ups)

by The Hiddles Trollreply 57707/01/2013

I think Tom is a very good actor whose star is still ascending. Even A list actors & actresses have made cringe-worthy films and their careers have survived. The crazed fangirl stuff is off the chain though and that could be dangerous to his person and problematic for his stage career, particularly in a venue as "intimate" as Coriolanus. The folks at the theatre should be very worried. Maybe it's a good thing for him that he's not in the Avengers 2!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 57807/01/2013

R282 A listers' get a free pass on occasional shit films because they are A listers but I doubt OLLA is as bad as it sounds. Tilda Swinton makes her career choices wisely.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 57907/01/2013

[R283] I have no idea if OLLA is good or bad; I've only seen the clips posted online. I laughed out loud at the black wig though! Regardless, OLLA won't sink Tom's career. He does a great job in The Hollow Crown. But as others have noted, the hysteria surrounding the Coriolanus ticket sales coupled with the fact that Thor 2 will debut just a month prior to Coriolanus, is going to send the fangirls into even more of a frenzy. I'd hate to be ANY of the actors in Coriolanus -- his fellow actors will be giving him a LOT space to avoid being trampled. It's going to be insanity! I think Mr. Hiddleston knows it, too which is why he's keeping a lower profile in recent weeks!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 58007/01/2013

I thought the film was surprisingly well-received at Cannes?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 58107/01/2013

I'm British and I can promise the (tumblr fangirl?) above that TH's profile BEFORE Thor in the UK was non-existent. Marginally existent for theatre, perhaps, but TV/household name? Absolutely not. He got the Hollow Crown gig because it was an anniversary production trying to popularise the classics and he had some (but not that much) classical theatre experience and was properly trained, but mostly because Thor/Avengers had given him a profile with da kidz.

He wasn't particularly known, respected, or even often cast in TV terms. Not at all. He got the Thor gig off a relationship (presumably platonic) with Branagh via Wallander. It was nepotism, not renown, reputation or talent. Or at least, not off any reputation that yer average Brit was aware of, anyway.

I think it's time for the fangirls to move on to someone new. He's dropped them already: they just don't realise it yet.

As I said earlier, this thread got me nosing into this whole soap opera and I scrolled through his Twitter. It was full of outrageous fangirl baiting - posting pictures of birthday gifts sent to him, replying publicly to godknowswhat was written in some letter a girl flew halfway across a country to give to his publicist, making up hashtags hinting at just how much fanmail he got. Following the mad bints.

Well, it got him his MTV award, I suppose. I think he was hoping it would get him lead roles in big films, but it didn't. In fact, as posted earlier, it could well have helped scupper his chances for The Crow.

So now he's on to Plan B. Which doesn't involve Twitter or fangirls. They won't be hearing from him again. And they'll probably never understand that a veneer of British public school manners should not be taken as evidence of a kind and beautiful personality. It's only skin deep. Tom may or may not be a nice guy in person, but his Twitter role is only a role like any other. He just has to hope that they don't take the attention vis a vis Coriolanus. Because if they do, over his performance, his future career is pretty much in the toilet.

That's my prediction, anyway.

I don't think he's gay though.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 58207/01/2013

Yes I'm with 586. Well said. I guess it must be very tempting to 'nurture' a fan base when you are on the up and then it must be hard to deal with when it becomes a bit of a monster that's out of your control. I can understand fully why he has pulled back massively from them. I hope to God he never searches for his own name on Tumblr... That said he is always gracious and polite with fans and I think there are quite a few actors who could learn a lot from his example.

However, I do think he got to where he is today through hard graft. He did hone his craft through endless working from uni onwards, many at a theatre just down the road from me. He also did some workshops in prisons with inmates. He paid his dues and if he used his connections, well then fair play to the guy. And I hope he got the Hollow Crown gig on talent because he really did do it justice.

As soon as he gets himself a long term relationship, 50% of these fangirls will drop off and move onto the next single, accessible actor.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 58307/01/2013

And just for clarity, despite the above rather sensible post - I would hit that. Hard. Every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

He's handsome, hung and talented. It's be rude not too...

by The Hiddles Trollreply 58407/01/2013

[R587] - perhaps I put it too kindly? I don't think he "nurtured" anything. And I don't think he's in the least bit afraid of the "monster" his fanbase has become. I think he did his best to create it because he thought it would help his career. And now that it is evident that it didn't (no Crow role, in fact no lead role in a big budget film at all) he intends to drop it like a big fat turd.

Like most Brit public schoolboys, I'm afraid he's just not too bothered about the plebs. He might be a nice guy to people he actually KNOWS. This isn't the same thing.

Hiddles wants to be an A list film star, who "keeps it real" by doing the odd bit of theatre. Everything he does is towards that end. My point is that he thought fangirl baiting would advance him towards that goal. It doesn't seem to have worked, so now he's going to stop doing that and try something else. My other point is that it might actually be too late and his moment/chance will have passed.

But I still don't think he's gay. And if he isn't gay, why can't he keep a girlf?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 58507/01/2013


by The Hiddles Trollreply 58607/01/2013

I can't imagine him having a lead role in anything. And before someone bitched about "Only Lovers Left Alive," Tilda owns that movie.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 58707/01/2013

He sure can have a lead role in a movie. The fangirls will definitely show up. He can act and has charisma.

I did not want to him to do the remake of the 'The Crow'. It is cursed and plus why remake a great film. Leave well enough alone.

Hey, Hollywood, instead of casting Channing Tatum, try Tom Hiddleston.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 58807/01/2013

R589 Maybe because he's smart enough to fuck around as he wants to, now that he probably has A LOT of chances, instead of having some annoying girlfriend in his way ;-)

Anyway... apparentely he started to work to Capa movie, because he has dark hair again (and I've to admit that I love it!)

by The Hiddles Trollreply 58907/01/2013

why are you all assuming that he got dropped from the Crow movie? Tom name came up along with other actors, and it may have well been a publicity stunt by the movie producers. Yeah he may have screen tested and auditioned for the role, but in the end, he simply did not want to be associated with a movie franchise which had already tanked in the past.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 59007/01/2013

R593 - but he's only ever had ONE lasting girlf. And she couldn't have been ruder about him or distanced herself more from him since they split. You're from tumblr - you know this.

R594 - well, time will (and has already in some ways) tell. Come back next year and we'll see how many big films Hiddleston has landed any role in, let alone a lead. I'm predicting no big budget presence. And you will, almost certainly, be writing tumblrs about someone else by then.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 59107/01/2013


Why deal with the drag of eating off the same plate every night when you have variety out there?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 59207/01/2013

I think he is bi. Hasn't he been with that Macmillan dude all this time?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 59307/01/2013

One lasting girlfriend? You mean that one that everyone thought was his wife? From what I've been told their relationship was measured in months, not years. And that he cheated on her by sleeping with a gorgeous model and she dumped him. Guess he's into models, like Leo.

Saw a pic of the gf in question, don't blame him for banging the model behind her back, ex girlfriend is fug.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 59407/01/2013

I know he has a strong fan base online and is a likable person, but does the general public know or even like him. For me he doesn't have a relatable look especially to Americans. I don't see him playing corny actions heroes or comedies like Channing Tatum or starring as a superhero like Chris Pine/Hemsworth/Evans. I do see him taking more smaller movies that give him nominations or maybe more villainous roles/ or supporting characters in big movies. But with most of the big American product roles that he can go for I see that most of them have gone to Benedict Cumberbatch.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 59507/01/2013

R595 I look his pictures/news on Tumblr, yes (say what you want about it, but it's faster than other sources), but I haven't an account and I don't know anything about his personal life, except the public appereances. I saw pictures of him with his ex, of course, but that's all. I follow his public life, not his personal one. I answered to your "question" just because... well, it sounds so obvious to me! If it's not to you, what's your theory?

R596 exactly my point!

by The Hiddles Trollreply 59607/02/2013

Ugh. A modelizer. I can't stand those... (Opinion based on pure jealously, obvs.).

I don't agree that he doesn't care about plebs though - he does seem genuinely nice to anyone who approaches him. Also disagree with the fug comment, that's just bitchy, she was very pretty. But something epic obviously went down because it ended very badly.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 59707/02/2013

[R592] It was not "he didn't want it, passed it up". He was not *offered* the role. He desperately wanted it- he just didn't get it.

by The Hiddles Trollreply 59808/04/2013

[584], [587] YES. YES. A thousand times yes to everything you wrote about this guy. This is exactly who he is and what he did, Tumblr crazies notwithstanding.

Question: Does he actually go ANYWHERE without posing for pictures? Ever?

by The Hiddles Trollreply 59908/04/2013
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