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Sugges some celebrity biographies!

I'm not too interested in reading fiction anymore, and have been on a real celebrity biography kick lately (Alison Arngrim, Paul Lynde, Barbara Walters, Mike Birbiglia, the cast of Three's Company...).

I also have Patty Duke's "Call Me Anna" in queue.

I clearly don't care if it is high brow or trashy, so hit me with your favorites.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 6710/25/2012

Wow, I just finished "The Guttenberg Bible", Steve's autobiography and boy it was just awful. Full of holes, mistakes and just bad writing. I wondered if he had an editor or fact checker. He starts the day he graduates to the filming of "Three Men And A Baby". No dirt, in fact he states, "sorry, no names folks".

He claims to have secretly set up an office at Paramount and went everyday for months and read Variety and The Hollywood Reporter daily yet every time someone on a job asks him a question, like "Were you on location?" he claims to have no idea what that means. This after ten commercials and two movies. Then he books "Players" and says he needs to get a quick Passport for Mexico when just the year before he went to Austria for "The Boys From Brazil". The whole book is like that. One stupid passage was when a crew member said "Capisce?" and says he doesn't know what that means, yet he's from Massapequa Long Island and his best friend owns a Pizza Parlor.

The only salacious thing in the whole book was when he was auditioning for "Can't Stop The Music", he claims Alan Carr ask him if he minded wearing a sock in his pants.

Like I said to a friend about Ricky Martin's book, just because you can write a book, doesn't mean you should.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 109/30/2012

I skimmed that book at a B&N, R2 and knew it was crap. Even the pictures looked boring. Thanks for reminding me I saved some money that day.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 209/30/2012

Lana: the Lady, the Legend, the TRUTH

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 309/30/2012

Carol Ann Harris, who was Lindsey Buckingham's girl friend during the Rumours and Tusk era, wrote a tell all about FM called Storms. Lindsey does not come off well. The worst part was that he would go into disassociate states, and in at least a couple times beat her when he was in that state.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 409/30/2012

Played Out: The Jean Seberg Story by David Richards

the Kitty Kelly book on Frank Sinatra (His Way)

John Lennon: The Life by Philip Norman

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 509/30/2012

A couple memoirs:

Christopher Plummer's--he's a great storyteller and boy could he put away the booze. Grand old actor telling tales on himself.

Roger Ebert's--beautifully written on the sort of American life that may not be possible anymore. Plus he frankly deals with the health issues he has had to face.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 609/30/2012

One more: Julie Andrews' Home--her early life.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 709/30/2012

Good suggestions, R9

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 809/30/2012

A highbrow celebrity biography???

Do you mean a biography of a highbrow celebrity? I can't imagine a celebrity biography that is itself highbrow. They are lite reading for gays.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 909/30/2012

Haywire by Brooke hayward

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 1009/30/2012

Rosemary Clooney, GIRL SINGER

Michael Korda, ANOTHER LIFE

Andre Previn, NO MINOR CHORDS (his life at MGM)

James Kirkwood, DIARY OF A MAD PLAYWRIGHT (his life on tour with LEGENDS!)


Ann Miller, MILLER'S HIGH LIFE is a hoot

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 1109/30/2012

[quote]How do you guys feel about shitbra's memoir?

I read Gilbert's and Lowe's back to back.

Half Pint spends chapter after chapter about her six years with finance Rob Lowe.

In Rob Lowe's book, he mentions his "girlfriend Melissa" once or twice. I kid you not.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 1209/30/2012

I have read over a hundred and I have to say my favorites are:

Debbie, My Life by Debbie Reynolds

Foxy: My Life in Three Acts by Pam Grier

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 1309/30/2012

"One Lifetime Is Not Enough" by Zsa Zsa Gabor.I loved it and gained a whole new level of respect and admiration for Zsa Zsa Gabor. Her life was an adventure, and she "tells it" to her ghost writer with such verve, good humor and refreshing self-awareness of her status as a camp icon. Every page is a delight.It's such a shame she has to live so long, when one has to assume death would be a blessed relief. Her husband has no shame, but I refuse to dwell on the personal Hell she is in now and enjoy this zesty account of her glamorous, exciting, impetuous life.Great fun to read!

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 1409/30/2012

I'm reading "Wisecracker: The Life and Times of William Haines" by William J. Mann. It is very good.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 1510/01/2012

Garry McGee's "Breathless," about the life of Jean Seberg.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 1610/01/2012

Arthur Laurents' Original Story By. The ego he maintains throughout the whole thing is hilarious. It's so outrageous that it's like a parody of Little Me at times.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 1710/01/2012

I'm reading Keith Richards' memoirs and it's VERY good so far--very well written.

"Somewhere," about Jerome Robbins by Amanda Vaill is excellent, beautifully sad.

"Nureyev" by Julie Kavanagh is really good as well.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 1810/01/2012

Love this thread.

"Been There,Done That" by Eddie Fisher is superb, compelling trash. I loved it. He tells on everybody, mostly himself and all of it has the ring of credibility to it.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 1910/01/2012

Vanna White's autobiography. It's a hell of a book!

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 2010/01/2012

"You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again" by Julia Phillips. It wins, by far, the best Hollywood career-suicide autobiography. EVUH.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 2110/01/2012

TCM has been flogging a new biography about Dana Andrews that looks really interesting. If you find him intriguing at all. I personnally do.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 2210/01/2012

"Close Up" by John Fraser.

Not the biggest star, but close enough - his recollections of Bette Davis are fun - horrible, but fun...

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 2310/01/2012

Wild Boys by Andy Taylor (Duran Duran)

Le Freak: An Upside Down Story of Family, Disco, and Destiny by Nile Rodgers

Life by Keith Richards

Lick Me, How I became Cherry Vanilla by Cherry Vanilla

Cheetah Chrome A Deadboy's Tales from Punk's Frontlines by Cheetah Chrome

Bit of a Blur by Alex James.

These are all set in the cokey, wild times of the 70s and 80s music industry, except for Alex James, his is the 90s

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 2410/01/2012

Any of the Joan Rivers books.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 2510/01/2012

Marlene Dietrich by her daughter Maria Riva

This is the best celebrity bio I have ever read, and even if you aren't really into old movies or Dietrich you will still be interested in reading this book.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 2610/01/2012

The life of Vanna White

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 2710/01/2012

Anything by James Spada or J. Randy Taraborrelli

They are my favorite celeb authors.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 2810/01/2012

btw stay far away from anything Kitty Kelly wrote.

Lots of inaccuracies in her books, and the content is mostly copy and pasted from magazine interviews and other book sources.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 2910/01/2012

Louise Brooks by Barry Paris

Garbo by Barry Paris

Montgomery Clift by Patricia Bosworth

As I Am by Patricia Neal

Mapplethorpe by Patricia Morrisroe

Billy Wilder in Hollywood by Maurice Zolotow

Ball of Fire: the tumultuous life and comic art of Lucille Ball by Stefan Kanfer

King of Comedy: the life and art of Jerry Lewis by Shawn Levy

Groucho: the life and times of Julius Henry Marx by Stefan Kanfer

Son of Groucho by Arthur Marx

If I Stop, I'll Die: the comedy and tragedy of Richard Pryor by John A. Williams and Dennis A. Williams

Mommy Dearest by Christina Crawford

Jokes My Father Never Taught Me: life, love and loss with Richard Pryor by Rain Pryor

Richard Burton: A Life by Melvyn Bragg

Diana In Search of Herself: portrait of a troubled Princess by Sally Bedell Smith

Rainbow: the stormy life of Judy Garland by Christopher Finch

Judy by Gerold Frank

Last Train to Memphis: the rise of Elvis Presley by Peter Guralnick

Careless Love: the unmaking of Elvis Presely by Peter Guralnick

Shout! by Philip Norman

Platinum Girl: the life and legends of Jean Harlow by Eve Golden

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 3010/01/2012

Dreamgirl by Mary Wilson and All That Glittered by Tony Turner--lots of dirt on Diana Ross.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 3110/01/2012

I read Jane Fonda's latest and it left me a little cold. It was a good read in the beginning but when she married that congressman, it got a bit dull. Picked back up when she discussed her marriage to Ted Turner. Most shocking "revelations" were that she regularly participated in group sex with her ex-husband Vadim (sp) but only with other women, and that her eating disorder was OFF THE CHARTS, especially during her fitness career!

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 3210/01/2012

Mia Farrow' book is great.

So is Marianne Faithfull's.

Joan Collins wrote a great one in the 70s. Get the original unedited British version.

Roman Polanski's autobiography. Excellent. What a life!

Rupert Everett's last one is hilarious. There's a new one out now as well...I'll get it soon.

I read tons of these books and love them.

Non celeb' memoirs can be very good too...especially Holocaust ones, if the subject interests you. Edith Hahn Beer's book is highly recommended.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 3310/01/2012

A very well written and juicy one is Claire Bloom's memoir LEAVING A DOLL'S HOUSE. She paints a very chilling portrait of her lover of several years Philip Roth as a manipulative and charismatic sociopath.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 3410/01/2012

Gerald Clarke on Truman Capote

Gerald Clarke on Judy Garland

William J Mann on Kate Hepburn

John Coldstream on Dirk Bogarde

Gavin Lambert on Natalie Wood

Peter Biskind on Warren Beatty

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 3510/01/2012

Too Close For Comfort: The Wrath of Nancy Dussault by Lydia Cornell.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 3610/01/2012

I second the Joan Rivers recommendation for Enter Talking, her first memoir, which is very frank and funny about her early life and dues paying days.

On a similar level, Kathy Griffin's autobio--the writing is good and she plays it very straightforwardly about her personal life, along with a lot of laughs.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 3710/01/2012

Judy by Gerold Frank is the most well written movie star bios I've ever read. It's compelling.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 3810/01/2012

Someone on DL recommended "The Grand Surprise, The Journals of Leo Lerman" which I bought used on Amazon. It has tons of stories about old-time celebs. Lerman was involved in the arts in New York and was best friends with people like Maria Callas. Maria said that Onassis only like butt sex which she said "hurt and was boring". Jackie wouldn't do it at all. Leonard Bernstein was a huge queen who would ask his 9 year old daughter if she thought a guy was sexy or not while Leonard was coming on to the guy. Leonard told Leo at a party that he was having the best time of his life because of all the "cocks" he had been getting "in every hole" lately. Yul Brynner had lots sex with men as well as with women. And lots more.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 3910/01/2012

I tried reading Kirk Douglas' autobiography once. I got it for free in bin at the library after a book sale. I couldn't get through it. He was so full of shit. I mean to the point of why bother writing one at all?

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 4010/01/2012

I enjoyed 'Call Her Miss Ross' at the time (late 80s?)... Not sure how interesting it would be now unless you are a Diana Ross/Supremes fan.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 4110/01/2012

[quote]I tried reading Kirk Douglas' autobiography once. I got it for free in bin at the library after a book sale. I couldn't get through it. He was so full of shit. I mean to the point of why bother writing one at all?

I'm not surprised. He's a tremendous bore. Have you ever seen him interviewed?

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 4210/01/2012

Have the Schwarzenegger on hold at the library. I'm curious but won't pay a penny for it.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 4310/02/2012

Has anyone read Adrienne Barbeau's autobiography?

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 4410/02/2012

Vanna White's autobiography. It's a hell of a book!

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 4510/03/2012

[quote]Vanna White's autobiography. It's a hell of a book!

Yeah but it's a bitch to read...

I w_s b_rn in 1957 in C_nway, Sou_h Car_li_a.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 4610/03/2012

Kitty Kelly's book on Jackie O is dishy and a lot of fun.

I liked Jane Fonda's book. She's been through so much and is very honest about it.

I love Marianne Faithfull's! She's very frank about her life too and a little high-minded.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 4710/03/2012

I always heard that Kitty Kelly was wary of lawsuits and had a whole team of researchers and lawyers who vetted the facts in her books. I also can't think of any times that she was called a liar.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 4810/03/2012

Kim Carnes "Barking at Airplanes, Running for Buses" is riveting!

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 4910/03/2012

I'm thinking of writing my memoirs. I already have a working title. I'll call it Cheryl: Secrets from My Stench Trench.

Catchy, no?

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 5010/03/2012

Re the Harris book - while it is true that Buckingham comes across as a complete nutter, its also true that the author seems slightly unhinged herself. The book is just barely on the good side of obsessive IMHO.

Auto bios I'd recommend: Ozzy, Keith Richards, Meredith Baxter Birney, Patti Smith, Chely Wright, Clapton, Cherie Currie (is nuts but good book), Cynthia Lennon, Geoff Emerick, Alex James, the book written by Michael Hutchence's mother and sister (is a complete car crash.... but will give you insight Im sure the authors never intended - compelled as they were to be complete apologists for him and thus put forward the most sympathetic/unselfreflective portrait possible - is complete family psycho/melodrama).

Avoid: Rupert (could not finish it and I slogged thru the Grey trilogy so thats really fucking saying something), Anthony Kiedis (complete apolitical self-indulgent pig), Patti Boyd (utterly vacuous), Marilyn Manson (a legend in his own mind), Slash (self-indulgent, empty waste of a person), Dave Mustaine (the book was okay but he has since proven to be fucking nuts and I am full of remorse - don't do it), Steven Tyler (illegible...hideous).

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 5110/03/2012

"Gerald Clarke on Judy Garland"

I thought that his biography of Garland entitled "Get Happy" was atrocious: poorly written, trashy and inaccurate.

Judy told a lot of lies during her lifetime and Clarke takes everything she said as the gospel truth. Much of what she said about her mother was either great exaggeration or outright lies, but Clarke believes it all. At one point during her life Ethel Gumm helplessly blurted out "what have I done to make her hate me so?" And Clarke answers that: because you made your innocent, sweet little baby girl a drug addict you wicked old witch! Of course that's not true; Clarke was just repeating the same old story that Judy had been for decades telling anyone who would listen to her. On some tv show Clarke claimed that Ethel Gumm had hooked Judy on speed when Judy was only TEN years old. That was pure bullshit, but it got publicity for his book.

"Get Happy" also contains grotesque decriptions of Judy's wild sex life. Clarke relates how Judy would go into restaurants with one of her gay lovers and disappear under the table to suck his cock. He also said that one of her more cruel lovers told her to sing a few bars of "Over the Rainbow" for him immediately after she'd sucked his dick, in order to hear Judy Garland sing her signature song with a mouthful of his semen. His book is just trash, not worth reading at all.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 5210/03/2012

I liked Ali MacGraw's book. She talks about her relationships with Robert Evans and Steve McQueen.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 5310/04/2012

PPSM, if you're into soaps? Jeanne Cooper's memoir (she plays Mrs. Chancellor on Y&R) is pretty good: "No Longer Young but Still Restless." Quite the old dame!

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 5410/04/2012

I read:

Hello Goodbye Hello - Craig Brown. A book about celebrities meeting other celebrities. Then one person from the last encounter leads into the next. Only problem is, the subjects, although known, aren't that interesting.

The Confessions of Rick James - Memoirs of a Super Freak. The first part is written off drugs in jail, and is good. The second half is written on drugs and is awful.

Most Talkative. Stories from the Frontline of Pop Culture - Andy Cohen. Hmmmm. I like Andy and I like the book, but if you don't like Andy, you'll hate the book.

Leaning to Live Out Loud - Piper Laurie. Very good. Loved her humorous description of filming her death scene in Carrie. Very well-respected in Hollywood and knew everyone.

Climbing the Broken Stairs. Frieda Atkins. Riveting tale of a girl's horrifying life in the ghetto. Well done but riddled with typos. She redeems herself and I rooted for her all the way.

A Woman of Substance - Oriana Fallaci. She's the journalist with the big mouth who burned all her bridges with one match. But, wow, what an amazing person. Fearless. I miss her and her good friend Chris Hitchens.

Patti LuPone - A Memoir. Hmmm. More like a chronological account of her career. Not much self-reflection and she really hates Glenn Close for "stealing" Sunset Boulevard.

I Am Not Myself These Days - Josh Kilmer Purcell. Back when he was a drag queen named "Aquadisiac," Josh fell for a crack-addicted rentboy. I can see why he went all "bucolic" after this one. I liked it better than ...

Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man - Bill Clegg. Ugh. Don't understand why people like this book so much. He smokes crack and has gay sex. He's cute but his book is a turnoff.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 5510/04/2012

"Betty Who?: My Life as a Genuine American Treasure" by Helen Lawson

Great autobiography!

Just came out last month.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 5610/04/2012

Gilded Lilly by Isabel VincentÂ

About Lilly Safra the billionairess, two time widow who may have (or not) have organized the death of her second husband, billionaire Edward Safra as well as the 'suicide' of her 2nd husband, who shot himself twice (directly into his heart) very soon after he told her he wanted a divorce and would do everything in his power to make sure to cut her out of the family money. She ended up inheriting around $500 million from his estate when the dust settled. The book had been squashed, and unsold books pulped after publication, by Lilly Safra and her lawyers. The author made a few changes and was able to get it re-published in USA. Dominic Dunn wrote several Vanity Fair articles on Lilly Safra and the rumors surrounding Edmond Safra's odd death

Thing of Beauty by Steven Fried. About the live and death of the super model Gia.

The Black Count by Tom Reiss The true story behind 'The Count of Monte Cristo' . The story of Alex Dumas, who was the father of Alexandre Dumas, pere, who based the main character of his book 'The Count of 'Monte Cristo' on his father.

Rock autobiographies

Up and Down With The Rolling Stones by Tony Sanchez (their drug dealer)

Life by Keith Richards

It's So Easy by Duff McKagen

Slash by Slash

My Appetite For Destruction by Steven Adler

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 5710/04/2012

I've been reading books on Freddie Mercury lately, I can't remember the titles though.

I'm just finishing "More Room in a Broken Heart" by Stephen Davis. The true adventures of Carly Simon.

It is a good read. I'm having trouble figuring out how a woman who has worked for 40 + years could end up so broke (in debt).

Carly had an amazing number of partners. I got the feeling she might be tough to be around; lots of phobias and anxiety.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 5810/04/2012

Kitty Kelly Jackie O & Nancy Reagan were great. That whole "Just Say No" crap was dreamt up by some aide b/c they didn't know what cause to give her as she was obsessed w/astrology & numerology.

Marlene Dietrich by daughter Maria Riva is spellbinding as authentic diary entries are included. How thrilled Dietrich was that Yul Brenner came down with cancer and how Marlene herself beat cancer later on. It details how some senior citizens become alcoholics so late in life. Dietrich never wasted a day. Ever. There's a tutorial on how to light yourself for great shots included. Her prejudice of Italians is mentioned as well. You'll be able to understand Madonna's motives to not throw in the towel b/c Dietrich toured well into old age. Madonna's bible, it is.

Zsa Zsa's One Lifetime is racist as she states "a Spanish man will sleep with anybody, even a dog. I like a good German man". When you realize Gabor is Jewish, you'll just shake your head in disbelief.

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 5910/04/2012

This thread is screaming for a Sean Young biography!

by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 6010/11/2012


by Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marmreply 6110/25/2012
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