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MSNBCs Thomas Roberts got married.

And boy is his husband gorgeous.

by Hectorreply 5010/25/2012

Mmmm. Lovely couple.

by Hectorreply 109/30/2012

I'm a tired of happy, good looking people already.

by Hectorreply 209/30/2012

I'd love to be those lube / sweat / shit / beer / popper soaked sheets!

by Hectorreply 309/30/2012

12 years together, I guess open relationships can work.

by Hectorreply 409/30/2012

They look like twin brothers, the egos have landed.

by Hectorreply 509/30/2012

They look like blood relatives.

by Hectorreply 609/30/2012

Those eyebrows on Patrick Abner are amazing!

by Hectorreply 709/30/2012

Patrick must be very forgiving. I'm not sure I would stay with a man who does this:

by Hectorreply 809/30/2012

If you think Patrick doesn't fuck around too, R8, then I got a bridge to sell ya'.

by Hectorreply 909/30/2012

2 gorgeous men spending a lot of time naked in bed. hope they both have hard big throbbing cocks and filming their sex to share in xtube. lol.

by Hectorreply 1009/30/2012

So who do we think was "the bride" on the wedding night, if you know what I mean.

by Hectorreply 1109/30/2012

Good for them. Too bad all the nasty bitter queens here can't grow up. For once.

by Hectorreply 1209/30/2012

I guess every couple gay or straight has their own definition of what marriage is.

by Hectorreply 1309/30/2012

[quote]I'm not sure I would stay with a man who does this

Does what, r8? Goes to the beach? Poses for glamour shots?

I'm sure I'm being totally thick, but as far as I can tell you've posted to two boring innocuous pics as if they're proof of the most outrageous and scandalous behavior. Say what?

by Hectorreply 1409/30/2012

Patrick has to be forgiving - he's a three-bagger. A trapezoidal head, tiny mouth, and those wide-set eyes... He looks like a Hammer-Head from "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz".

Still, my well-wishes to the couple.

by Hectorreply 1509/30/2012

Hilarious, R15. I think Patrick will hold up better, though. Thomas will balloon eventually.

by Hectorreply 1609/30/2012

Well, R14, there is this one...

by Hectorreply 1709/30/2012

Okay, who's the top and who's the bottom?

by Hectorreply 1809/30/2012

Sadie, Sadie, married lady...that's me.

by Hectorreply 1909/30/2012

r17, that could be anyone.

by Hectorreply 2009/30/2012

He's off the market,, gentlemen and ladies

by Hectorreply 2109/30/2012


by Hectorreply 2209/30/2012

R17, I doubt he's that hairy.

by Hectorreply 2309/30/2012

[quote]If you think Patrick doesn't fuck around too, [R8], then I got a bridge to sell ya'.

That's my bridge! You better split the proceeds from the sale.

by Hectorreply 2409/30/2012

Patrick has no lips. Yuck. Next...

by Hectorreply 2509/30/2012

Patrick is gorgeous. So is Thomas. Two very hot men. Good luck to them both.

by Hectorreply 2609/30/2012

Wedding slide show at link. Among the B-list gay media celebrities in attendance: Don Lemon, Carson Kressley, Nate Berkus, and her highness Sam Champion (who didn't even wear a tie to a black tie Saturday night wedding!)

by Hectorreply 2710/01/2012

The full report, including guest list and photo of the invitation:

by Hectorreply 2810/01/2012

For those who like that sort of Miss Thing, that is the sort of Miss Thing they like.

by Hectorreply 2910/01/2012

Between the two of them, they have six first names.

by Hectorreply 3010/01/2012

So why no A-list gays at this wedding?

by Hectorreply 3110/01/2012

Didn't Thomas go to the wedding of a deposed A-list/felon and get shitfaced?

by Hectorreply 3210/01/2012

"If you think Patrick doesn't fuck around too, [R8], then I got a bridge to sell ya'."

Then why the FUCK do gay guys want to marry?! They're just going to fuck around on each other, whether the other partner knows about it or not. It just doesn't make any sense. Why get married when you know you're going to fuck around? I hate these A-gays and their stupid statements that mean absolutely nothing.

by Hectorreply 3310/01/2012

"The full report, including guest list and photo of the invitation:"

God, what a bunch of nobodies.

by Hectorreply 3410/01/2012

I don't know........somebody.

by Hectorreply 3510/01/2012

[quote] So why no A-list gays at this wedding?

Because that common whore is not A-list material!

by Hectorreply 3610/01/2012

[quote]a bunch of nobodies

Like Judith Light?

by Hectorreply 3710/01/2012

I am so out of his league it isn't even funny. And I'm younger than him, too.

by Hectorreply 3810/01/2012

They both look like they smell like ass.

by Hectorreply 3910/01/2012

This will appear in Sunday's NY TIMES:

by Hectorreply 4010/05/2012

Bump for the article in the Sunday TIMES

by Hectorreply 4110/06/2012

That NY Times article gives a nice timeline to their relationship, but there is something they left out that I wish they would have included.

Thomas and Patrick have been dating since before Roberts even worked at CNN Headline News. But he posting those hot pics of his ass and cock on Manhunt sometime either during or just after his CNN days - at least that's what I thought. I wish the reporter would have clarified at what point in their relationship Thomas Roberts was cruising the internet for new cock. And then at what point did he discontinue his extra-curricular whoring...if at all?

by Hectorreply 4210/06/2012

The Manhunt photos were posted after Roberts left CNN, when they were living in LA and Roberts was working for (or about to work for) The Insider. He was sent to the midwest to cover a big celebrity funeral (some celebrity's parent - can't recall who) and that's where and when the photos were taken. When the photos were "exposed" to the general public, just after Thomas started on The Insider, he was taken off the air - in the article, it's the time when Roberts says he wasn't on-air for a year, but got paid anyway - they had to honor his contract but they didn't have to have him on camera. From the article, that's also the time when they talk about their relationship being 'strained'. Gee, I wonder why...

by Hectorreply 4310/06/2012

Weren't the pics faceless? How are people so sure it's him?

by Hectorreply 4410/06/2012

The Roberts-Abners sure are rich in friends even if they're relatively cash poor. I didn't realize Patrick is the same age as Thomas...he's aged significantly better than his husband if you ask me (Thomas used to be hot, but not so much anymore).

by Hectorreply 4510/06/2012

R12, I agree there are a lot of cunts on this thread (especially the anonymous who thinks he's out of the couple's league... like anyone believes that), but at least no one's suggesting the newly married couple should be murdered. Unlike the comments under the story.

I have to stop reading comments on news sites. They make me homicidal myself.

by Hectorreply 4610/06/2012

And yet my shrink tells me I should not 'go after' only good looking people.

by Hectorreply 4710/06/2012

BUMP - for a thread about Thomas that isn't used as propaganda for a former prosecutor's blog.


This week I noticed that Thomas wears his wedding ring on his left hand ring finger. Is there any kind of rule on this?

I ask because I thought gay couples were going with wedding rings on their right hands instead of the left. I'm not sure why that started.

Should there be a difference?

by Hectorreply 4810/25/2012

"Third finger, left hand" is where the wedding ring always goes, gay or straight.

by Hectorreply 4910/25/2012

I want to see them fuck rough!

by Hectorreply 5010/25/2012
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