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666 Park Avenue

I have high hopes for this. Are you going to check it out, too?

by Dellareply 26207/14/2013

It looks like a piece of shit. The marketing surrounding "The Drake" is cringeworthy.

Poor Vanessa Williams. I loved her in DH but she was underused even in that.

by Dellareply 109/30/2012

I saw the pilot. It's fun, but not nearly as juicy as it should be. Williams is unfortunately underused, but I hope they correct that in future eps. I'll definitely keep watching though.

by Dellareply 209/30/2012

Which network?

by Dellareply 309/30/2012

It will be cancelled by Christmas.

by Dellareply 409/30/2012

R3, have you heard of GOOGLE?


by Dellareply 509/30/2012

I wish it would be great. I'm checking it out too.

by Dellareply 609/30/2012

By "high hopes," I'm thinking as good as, say, the first two or three seasons of "Brothers & Sisters."

I'll see if they can pull off a "B&S" crossed by a "Dark Shadows" crossed by a "Rosemary's Baby" crossed by a touch of humor as in "Melrose Place"... well you get the picture.

by Dellareply 709/30/2012

I definitely wanted more of that Melrose Place camp, but it's there in a small dose. It's more sci-fi than I expected too.

by Dellareply 809/30/2012

"It's more sci-fi than I expected too."

Aw, really, r8? For me, that doesn't bode well. I much prefer regular old spooky.

by Dellareply 909/30/2012

I think they made a mistake casting Dave Anabel. There is something about him that I can't take seriously. I don't think he's a good actor. Maybe it was his character on Brother's and Sisters, but he seems really dumb

by Dellareply 1009/30/2012


by Dellareply 1109/30/2012

I can't believe they use the Ansonia and pretend it's on the east side. I don't even live in NYC and I recognize it.

by Dellareply 1209/30/2012

Already I know I'll be rooting for the spooks.

by Dellareply 1309/30/2012

It's kinda like Rosemary's Baby....without the devil brat!

by Dellareply 1409/30/2012

Slow so far. So far the creepiest character is that playwright dude, rather than any demon.

By the way, I liked this better when it was called "The Sentinel".

by Dellareply 1509/30/2012

So far this show is boring the shit out of me.

by Dellareply 1609/30/2012

more american trash tv

by Dellareply 1709/30/2012

More Vanessa, please.

by Dellareply 1809/30/2012

I want to like it. Just like I wanted to like Lost and Desperate Housewives. I hated both of them and, so far, I'm hating this, too.

by Dellareply 1909/30/2012

Agree way too slow. I checked out after 15 minutes. The premise for this sounded interesting but ABC did it no favors the way they marketed it. I'm holding out hope for Nashville.

by Dellareply 2009/30/2012

The Nashville pilot is terrific. Lots of fun.

by Dellareply 2109/30/2012

I get it- Anabel's character is the devil. He's the secret boss.

by Dellareply 2209/30/2012

5 minutes of script stretched to 1 hour

by Dellareply 2309/30/2012

I liked it but I doubt it will last.

Loved the return of Revenge

by Dellareply 2409/30/2012

I liked it better as a few episodes of Supernatural.

After 10 years your times is up?

Crossroads Demon.

by Dellareply 2509/30/2012

Another bored viewer. I think it's the young couple. Dull as dishwater. I plan to stick with it, though.

by Dellareply 2609/30/2012

Really? Prime time Satanism? Why must limits always be stretched to the point of recklessness?

by Dellareply 2709/30/2012

Connie Britton seems to be in for a really good ride, career wise. Back-to-back Emmy nominations in 2010 and 2011 for "Friday Night Lights," as well as a 2012 nomination for "American Horror Story."

I've heard that her new ABC series "Nashville" will be a highlight among the crop of freshman for the 2012-13 season. We may end up seeing in Britton in next year's Emmy race. (I'm sure many feel she deserves to actually win. And I don't disagree.)

Oh and about "666 Park Avenue," I found the pilot dull -- yet it seemed like the series was well-intentioned.

by Dellareply 2809/30/2012

Indeed R28. Britton is phenomenal in Nashville, and unless it gets canceled early she has an Emmy nom in the bag. I think she's well liked in the industry, and she will have a good chance of winning.

by Dellareply 2909/30/2012

Glad to see the little retarded boy who played my son is still working.

by Dellareply 3009/30/2012

The Real 666 Park Avenue.

by Dellareply 3110/01/2012

It seemed from the opening credits that the address was actually 999 Park Avenue but the shadow cast 666 on the wall.

by Dellareply 3210/01/2012

Robert Buckley, who plays the pervy writer, seems hot.

by Dellareply 3310/01/2012

That sucked.

by Dellareply 3410/01/2012

Yes, R32. The numbers 999 appeared upside down in the shadow but the letters spelling Park Avenue were unchanged. That's when I knew I'd hate the show.

by Dellareply 3510/01/2012

[quote]I can't believe they use the Ansonia and pretend it's on the east side. I don't even live in NYC and I recognize it.

Yes, the 1899-1904, West Side, 17-story Ansonia is "The Drake," built on Park Avenue in 1923 and 12-stories and a 13th-floor penthouse and a fairly grand lobby and then apartment floor corridors with crappy, low, suspended ceilings.

Never mind the strange geography of up and down, walking out to the stair from Apartment 3-B there's an Escher-esque stairway that descends, oh, 16 floors or so in the bowels of Hades; and the basement spaces are on a grand scale.

The non-stop chatter and finish-each-other's-sentences from the blonde chick and her boyfriend/husband drove me nuts.

I had higher hopes for the sets at least.

by Dellareply 3610/01/2012

Weak numbers in the ratings don't bode well for this show.

[quote]On ABC, the season premiere of Once Upon A Time garnered a 3.8 adults 18-49 rating, down 5% from a 4.0 adults 18-49 rating for its series premiere on October 23, 2011.Most of your predictions were right. Revenge premiered to a 3.2 adults 18-49 rating, down 3% from a 3.3 for its series premiere on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 and matching the performance of last season's Desperate Housewives premiere in the time period on September 25, 2011. It ranked as the show's second highest rated episode ever among adults 18-49. The series premiere of 666 Park Avenue scored a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating, down 29% from a 3.1 for Pan Am's series premiere on September 25, 2011.

by Dellareply 3710/01/2012

"Slow so far. So far the creepiest character is that playwright dude, rather than any demon."

The way he conveys sexual interest, with a silly arched eyebrow, in the blond bimbo neighbor, who he's always able to see because she lives directly across from him, and who is now, conveniently, his wife's assistant, is downright hilarious and stupid at the same time.

Where do I know this guy from, that horrible show with Brooke Shields and Kim Raver? He looks so familiar.

by Dellareply 3810/01/2012

Why would anyone assume the young couple are evil?

It's quite clear it's Terry O' Quinn's character who is very evil and able to make bad things happen, he's pretty much alluded in interviews that he's the Devil.

Did any of you thinking the young couple were evil actually watch the show? O'Quinn's character has already caused major problems with four characters on the first episode.

He was bartering one guy's life while asking him to kill a real estate rival or else the guy's dead wife, who O'Quinn brought back to life, would die again. This show isn't rocket science.

by Dellareply 3910/01/2012

The show sucked. Thank goodness for Call the Midwife on PBS, because I was underwhelmed with ABC's lineup last night.

by Dellareply 4010/01/2012

The young couple is evil, because they will most likely want to get rid of the cool older evil dude from Lost, duh!

by Dellareply 4110/01/2012

[Where do I know this guy from, that horrible show with Brooke Shields and Kim Raver? He looks so familiar.]

He was on "One Tree Hill."

by Dellareply 4210/01/2012

[quote]By "high hopes," I'm thinking as good as, say, the first two or three seasons of "Brothers & Sisters."

I very much would like to enjoy The Vanessa Williams Programme, but very little about the first episode made sense.

If Terry O'Quinn has the power to kill people and cast them into hellish netherworlds by just looking at them, why does he hire out his tenants as hit men?

Vanessa in the dress shop... I kept waiting for Eva Longoria to come out of the dressing room. Instead I got Bland Blonde.

by Dellareply 4310/01/2012

[quote]If Terry O'Quinn has the power to kill people and cast them into hellish netherworlds by just looking at them, why does he hire out his tenants as hit men?

Probably only people who have sold him their souls. Of course he's the devil.

by Dellareply 4410/01/2012

So is this a haunted house show like AHS or something else entirely?

by Dellareply 4510/01/2012

[quote]there's an Escher-esque stairway that descends, oh, 16 floors or so in the bowels of Hades; and the basement spaces are on a grand scale.

Ah yes, I remember it well.

by Dellareply 4610/01/2012

It tanked last night in the ratings.

Rumor in the biz is that Zero Hour will take its time slot by December.

by Dellareply 4710/01/2012

I don't know why they're using the Ansonia for exterior shots - that one of the most famous apartment buildings in Manhattan and everybody knows where it is. It's not even close to Park Avenue. Like the above poster said, he doesn't even live in NYC and he knows the Ansonia - don't know why they didn't use an actual Park Ave. building for the exteriors or at least a building that wasn't instantly recognizable.

by Dellareply 4810/01/2012

Horrible. Be gone.

by Dellareply 4910/02/2012

With all the competition in Hollywood, has does something this bad get in the network schedule?

by Dellareply 5010/02/2012

There are so many plot holes in this stupid show. NOBODY notices that people in this building keep dropping dead, disappear, and get maimed in horrible accidents? The NYPost and the Daily News would be all over that like flies on shit.

by Dellareply 5110/02/2012

I kind of liked it. It's only the pilot episode so maybe it gets better.

The dealbreaker for me is Dave Annable. I can't stand him or his acting. I hope the building swallows him up.

by Dellareply 5210/02/2012

I think I heard the Trench sisters chewing the scenery.

by Dellareply 5310/02/2012

saw this today on demand, thought it was horrible.

by Dellareply 5410/02/2012

Annabelle does look a little better now that he's shed a few pounds. But with Robert Buckley in the cast, he should get all of the shirtless scenes and Annabelle can just keep his clothes on.

by Dellareply 5510/02/2012

So, this is [italic]Supernatural[/italic] crossed with [italic]Ghostbusters[/italic].

by Dellareply 5610/03/2012

Close R56. It's not as homoerotic as Supernatural and not quite as believable as Ghostbusters.

by Dellareply 5710/03/2012

It is just a rip off trying to ride the success of American Horror Story. (with Dave Annable as the mongoloid)

by Dellareply 5810/03/2012

Robert Buckley looks so much like Scott Speedman. He could be his younger brother.

by Dellareply 5910/03/2012

Who designed the set? A drop ceiling in the hallway? Are they using the hospital corridor from Doogie Howser?

by Dellareply 6010/03/2012

Yes, that hallway looked like it was shot at a Ramada Inn. But starting with the next episode you will see major improvements. The entire design team of the pilot was not asked to work on the series as the producers were not happy with the original look. A new art dept was brought in to make big changes on all of the stage sets including the Drake lobby, hallway, penthouse, and all other tenant's apartments.

by Dellareply 6110/03/2012

I never watched "One Tree Hill", so I wouldn't have known Robert Buckley from that show.

I just checked IMDB, yes, he WAS in "Lipstick Jungle". He played Kirby Atwood, I knew he was on that show. I think he was the model who was screwing around with Kim Raver's character.

by Dellareply 6210/03/2012


by Dellareply 6310/03/2012

Who chose the name The Drake, why didn't the people involved simply make up a name for this building? How about a name which evokes evil? The Drake was actually the name of a famous Manhattan hotel.

"It was demolished in 2007. The site became one of New York's most valuable development sites in 2011. In mid-2012, 432 Park Avenue, a planned 1,376-foot (419 m) residential skyscraper that is expected to become the second-tallest building in New York City upon completion, began construction on the site."

A little originality goes a long way. I'm assuming most of the people involved are not native New Yorkers, so they had no clue there was a Drake building in the city.

by Dellareply 6410/03/2012

Does anybody else think the little girl who steals jewelry might be Vanessa Williams' daughter Sasha, who was supposedly killed in a car wreck? She doesn't seem to have any family and runs around with total confidence like she knows the place very well. Does she get the jewelry for her mother, who was all over Jane's necklace early in the episode?

by Dellareply 6510/03/2012

432 Park Avenue is only going to have 147 apartments.

It looks ridiculous.

by Dellareply 6610/03/2012

[quote]Does anybody else think the little girl who steals jewelry might be Vanessa Williams' daughter Sasha, who was supposedly killed in a car wreck? She doesn't seem to have any family and runs around with total confidence like she knows the place very well.

I assumed it was a "Sixth Sense" thing where she was a ghost or something, and only the boring blonde could see her.

by Dellareply 6710/03/2012

r51, we're only one episode in. A pesky reporter might show up any time now.

by Dellareply 6810/03/2012

[quote]I don't know why they're using the Ansonia for exterior shots - that one of the most famous apartment buildings in Manhattan and everybody knows where it is.

Believe it or not, but the vast majority of people not living in NYC give a shit about it.

by Dellareply 6910/03/2012

Whoopi Goldberg will be having a recurring role as a 'shut-in/hoarder'

by Dellareply 7010/03/2012

R69- But you can't expect a show set in a certain city not to have a built in fan base of that city's denizens. If they are showing a famous building we would all recognize it's distracting.

I'm sure if they misrepresented the Corn Palace you'd be equally as upset.

by Dellareply 7110/03/2012

I liked it but I'm no TV intellectual, so I guess I have bad taste or whatever, I'll stick with it until it ends.

by Dellareply 7210/03/2012

Best part of this show was that it reminded me of a very vivid sex dream I had about David Annable. It made me like him more as an actor after that.

by Dellareply 7310/03/2012

I couldn't believe how bad it was. GCB, which wasn't great but was fun, was better than this piece of shit.

by Dellareply 7410/03/2012

That elevator scene where the woman got smashed up was kind of brutal and unexpected.

by Dellareply 7510/03/2012

But more important than if the show is worth watching...

Would we do Terry O'Quinn?

by Dellareply 7610/07/2012

Not if he's as dull as he is on this show, R76.

The whole show seemed to be assembled from other, better sources. And yeah I know pilots have to be simple, etc. but this one just telegraphed too much. Lots of atmosphere, not much else.

That lead couple is truly the show's downfall. They are black holes of charisma and unless the focus shifts, I'm not going to watch anymore.

by Dellareply 7710/07/2012


by Dellareply 7810/07/2012

I'm surprised everyone but r72 hates it. I thought the CGI is a little weak, but otherwise I've liked both episodes. If it is only going to last one season, I hope they get enough advance warning to do a wrap-up final episode. It won't be the first sci-fi or horror show I've liked that only lasted one season, anything outside of the box has trouble finding a mainstream audience.

by Dellareply 7910/07/2012

I like it so far, but I wish we could see more of Vanessa Williams - she has great screen presence and needs more to do. I'm willing to wait and see how the story develops - with a new series, you can't always go by the first two or three episodes - it needs a little time to get its' footing.

by Dellareply 8010/07/2012

They should bring back the glory days of ABC in the 80s, and make it like "Hotel" or "Fantasy Island", with different guest star "tenants" every week and Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa as the "hosts". The tenants each make deals with the devil to get what they want, and then after much sex, suffer the consequences.

Erik Palladino can be the "Tatoo'.

by Dellareply 8110/07/2012

An eldergay observation about Vanessa Williams:

There's probably a whole generation of people who don't realize she was Miss America -- nor that she had her title taken away for posing for racy pictures.

And yet she's had the last laugh. Certainly she's most successful Miss America of all time, with successful albums, critical praise on Broadway, and three TV series to her credit. She's no Meryl Streep, and she often plays the same high-class bitch, but she's usually the most interesting person on whatever show she's on.

Plus she looks great.

Go, Vanessa!

by Dellareply 8210/07/2012

[quote] That lead couple is truly the show's downfall. They are black holes of charisma

I could make a nasty remark about one half of the couple having ruined Charlie's Angels already but that would be unfair. The actress got a lot of shit for her acting in CA, but the writing of that show was just atrocious and she didn't have any lines to make something good with. Here in this show I like her though. It looks to me that the couple is deliberately kept low key to make other characters look more extraordinary. The couple is a stand-in for the audience discovering all the oddities.

by Dellareply 8310/07/2012

They need to have Robert Buckley shirtless a lot more.

That is where his talents lie, as we first learned on "Lipstick Jungle".

by Dellareply 8410/07/2012

Terry O'Quinn deserves better. I wish he could have gotten that show with the actor who played Ben on Lost.

by Dellareply 8510/07/2012

R71 made me laugh.

Why does everybody dislike this David Annable guy? I think he has a sexy look.

This show seems kind of unfocused to me so far, maybe it needs a few more episodes to congeal.

I'll give it some more time (providing I can actually hang in there.)

by Dellareply 8610/07/2012

I thought the show was going to be what R81 described. The guest tenant story this week was less than inspired.

I don't hate the show, but it's unfocused at the moment. Vanessa is woefully underused and the secondary couple hasn't been integrated strongly enough into the story.

by Dellareply 8710/08/2012

I fell asleep & missed the last 5 minutes. Did I miss anything?

by Dellareply 8810/08/2012

Just remembered where I saw Robert Buckley before. He was on that really cheesy telenovel on the defunct MyNetwork channel called Fashion House. He appears to be the only cast member other than Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild who had any kind of career after that series. He also played Marcy McBain's brother on One Life to Live. Looks great without a shirt.

by Dellareply 8910/08/2012

[quote]That lead couple is truly the show's downfall. They are black holes of charisma...

Agree. So bland. It's like they just stepped off the set of The New Zoo Revue.

by Dellareply 9010/08/2012

R82- I agree. She was great in both Kiss of the Spider Woman after replacing Chita Rivera and Into the Woods. She was close to getting My One and Only as Twiggy's replacement. However, the producers decided not to go with her. Not sure if it was due to those Penthouse photos or not. Vanessa was also the one good thing in that weak TV version of Bye Bye Birdie.

by Dellareply 9110/08/2012

I will not be satisfied till I see Dave Annable and Robert Buckley's black socked feet!

by Dellareply 9210/08/2012

I knew I'd seen her somewhere before, R83. CHARLIE'S ANGELS wasn't her fault but she didn't rise above the material.

Isn't that funny about Vanessa, R82? She really has had the last laugh. Nobody ever thought she'd come back after those nude photos.

ABC loves Vanessa and once this show is cancelled will find her another vehicle. Hopefully it's a better than this Edsel.

by Dellareply 9310/08/2012

Vanessa worked her butt off to get where she is now.

by Dellareply 9410/08/2012

The Vanessa Williams nude photo scandal seems so quaint today. Nude pics of celebs are not a big deal these days - many of them pose nude for photo shoots in magazines today - but back in the uptight Reagan era those photos of VW were a major scandal - it was a real shitstorm.

by Dellareply 9510/08/2012

I really wanted to like this show, but it is so boring.

Too bad since Vanessa is terrific.

by Dellareply 9610/08/2012

Is this show getting equivalent ratings to what GCB was in the same time slot this spring? Nikki?

I wasn't interested in that show either, but ABC must be pretty disappointed if they replaced it with another show that doesn't improve significantly on those sad ratings.

It would help if the lead-in Revenge was scoring some big numbers, but I don't think it's improved significantly (if at all) over what Desperate Housewives was getting.

I want to like 666, but so far it's been neither interesting enough or scary enough to make me want to keep watching.

by Dellareply 9710/09/2012

Could the ratings issue with Revenge be due to the glut of shows on Sunday night. Including HBO and Showtime, all the good shows are crammed in on the same night.

I'll be glad when we get Google next year and can record up to 8 shows using their DVR.

by Dellareply 9810/10/2012

I wonder if ABC is regretting cancelling "Brothers & Sisters" right about now. The ratings for "Pan Am" were well below that of "B&S", while the ratings for "GCB" and "666 Park Ave." are dismally lower yet. Looks like sticking with Sally Field and Co. for another season or two might have been worth it.

by Dellareply 9910/11/2012

I will not be satisfied until I see Dave Annable and Robert Buckley in drag.

by Dellareply 10010/11/2012

Tried it again this week. There's a lot of potential, but it's just not compelling and the lead young couple is blandsville.

by Dellareply 10110/14/2012

I've been watching from the beginning but I think I've had enough.

by Dellareply 10210/14/2012

I will not be satisfied until I see Dave Annable and Robert Buckley in snug, worn out jock straps.

I liked that one time the lead female character got up in the middle of the night and went down to the basement. That was scary. They should do that again.

by Dellareply 10310/14/2012

I thought tonight's episode was the best so far

by Dellareply 10410/14/2012

I thought it was fine again, I'm certainly not bailing out anytime this season. What else is on in its time-slot that is better anyway?

by Dellareply 10510/14/2012


Okay, I knew Terry O'Quinn's character was evil, but pushing a guy down an elevator shaft is pretty damn ruthless.

I'm intrigued by Vanessa Williams' she in on the evil or conflicted? There's more dimension to her character with this episode.

I'm sorry, but if I lived in that creepy-ass building I wouldn't be going downstairs to the basement in the middle of the night to that secret room behind the door where I previously has ghostly encounters with small children and dead bodies.

by Dellareply 10610/14/2012

What if Vanessa Williams' character is the devil and O'Quinn's character is her enforcer.

by Dellareply 10710/14/2012

It's getting better.

It's mysterious but intriguing, unlike Revenge, which is incomprehensible if you haven't followed it from the beginning.

by Dellareply 10810/14/2012

Why does the lead female keep going down to the laundry room in her bare feet?

This was the best episode so far by miles. I hope it's the direction the show keeps going in, but I fear it won't matter with the viewers.

by Dellareply 10910/14/2012

They sure do like hauling out Robert Buckley's tits every episode, don't they?

by Dellareply 11010/15/2012

They need to r110. At this point it's the only reason I'm still watching.

by Dellareply 11110/15/2012

Me too R111. They should have replaced the lead couple. Bland,not interesting. That girl is on par with Minka Kelly.. cannot act.

by Dellareply 11210/15/2012

Oh, I wasn't complaining.

by Dellareply 11310/15/2012

I don't think it's long for this world. Why don't they just rename it "86'd Park Avenue"?

by Dellareply 11410/15/2012

Close to shutting down production. It will be gone soon. I thought it had potential but it's really bad.. except for Robert Buckley and his shirtless scenes.

by Dellareply 11510/15/2012

Maybe they'll give them enough warning to do a wrap-up final episode. Happy Town only had 7 or 8 episodes, but they did get enough warning to do a hasty wrap-up final episode. I wouldn't mind if 666 turned out more like a miniseries. I have a lot of one-season series collected.

by Dellareply 11610/15/2012

The Anthony Edwards series Zero Hour is probably going to take 666's time slot in early December when it's put on a "hiatus" from which it will never return.

by Dellareply 11710/15/2012

They better have Robert Buckley pound Dave Annabale on camera before they cancel this piece of shit.

And Vanessa needs to sing - maybe something from "Kiss of the Spider Woman" while the boys fuck.

by Dellareply 11810/15/2012

Getting cancelled doesn't mean it's a piece of shit. Look at all the crap that doesn't get cancelled. Failing to appeal to the mainstream's taste is often more of a compliment.

by Dellareply 11910/16/2012

Please. It's a piece of shit.

by Dellareply 12010/16/2012

[quote]Please. It's a piece of shit.

Except for Robert Buckley's tits..

and divine Vanessa who hasn't had much screen time.

That insipid blonde and her bland husband killed the show for me.

by Dellareply 12110/16/2012

The blonde wife is pretty but incredibly dull. Her flat line readings flatline every scene she's in.

by Dellareply 12210/16/2012

They're not using Robert Buckley's tits nearly enough. There should be more scenes of him in the shower rubbing soapy suds across his pert nipples, or more scenes of him walking around the apartment shirtless doing pushups or lifting heavy objects, or maybe a scene of his whole torso flexing as he nails that insipid blonde's husband from behind while the husband whimpers and takes it.

by Dellareply 12310/16/2012

I like this show and hope it doesn't get cancelled.

Can't wait to find out what's in that old suitcase the blonde lady brought up.

by Dellareply 12410/20/2012

ABC ordered two more scripts into production, bringing it up to 13 episodes that will be shot. I have a feeling this is just a way to wrap it up and market it as a miniseries in foreign markets.

by Dellareply 12510/20/2012

The storyline moves along so slowly. You're not even sure what you missed because you get so damn bored watching it.

by Dellareply 12610/20/2012

That's ok with me r125, as long as they do wrap-up the main storylines. I don't know why they don't plan out a risky series like this as miniseries from the outset, and then expand it into a full series if the ratings are good enough. That way the viewers who do stick with it know they're going to get a complete meal either way.

by Dellareply 12710/20/2012

Good point, R127. NBC should have taken that approach with The Event and ABC should have done the same with Flashforward.

I got the number wrong. Two additional scripts would bring the episode order to 15.

by Dellareply 12810/20/2012

So any ideas as to what or who is in the suitcase?

by Dellareply 12910/20/2012

We gave it up no more 666 to bad could have been a good show :(

by Dellareply 13010/20/2012

I still like it, I hope the ratings stabilize this week. If it can hold on to its current numbers it'll at least get a full season, if not a second.

by Dellareply 13110/21/2012

During the climactic scene at the Mayor's party our stupid fucking affiliate ran a station promo!Was the scene super bloody or sacreligious or something?

by Dellareply 13210/21/2012

Not really r132, the female reporter got hit with a stray bullet, it went through her eye and she was seen lying dead on the floor with blood pooled in the eye that was hit, and blood pooling around her head. Network standards are more prudish than cable, but it didn't seem too extreme for the 10pm hour.

Does anyone know who the ghost in the suitcase was, have we seen him before, in part of Jane's research of the building?

by Dellareply 13310/21/2012

Do we get another good long look at Buckley's tits tonight?

If not, I might skip this episode altogether.

by Dellareply 13410/22/2012

Gone after sweeps. Other episodes won't be shown.

by Dellareply 13510/22/2012


by Dellareply 13610/22/2012

Then why did they just order two more filmed, r135? They would've shut down production if cancellation was imminent. Sweeps start in a few days and lasts until Nov. 21st, it's not going to get cancelled that fast.

by Dellareply 13710/22/2012

Link r136? Normally that kind of pronouncement would be accompanied by some proof.

by Dellareply 13810/22/2012

No Robert Buckley in the new episode.

by Dellareply 13910/22/2012

RB's tits have script approval and they didn't like where the story was going last night. Lousy script, no tits! Remember that kiddies!

by Dellareply 14010/22/2012

I can't with this show.

It's all over the place and the acting is horrid.

Thankfully I have AHS on Wednesday nights.

by Dellareply 14110/22/2012

666's ratings went up last night, so you circling vultures aren't going to pick its bones anytime soon. It's tying Good Wife in 18-49, I'll bet it lasts a whole season.

by Dellareply 14210/22/2012

No Robert Buckley tits last night. In fact no Robert Buckley.

by Dellareply 14310/22/2012

Don't bet on it, R142. The numbers were up only a tiny bit and that's because it was up against The Good Wife and not The Mentalist.

by Dellareply 14410/22/2012

Of course the assistant went to the Halloween party as Slutty Nurse.

by Dellareply 14510/29/2012

Too bad Robert Buckely wasn't dressed as the slutty nurse.

by Dellareply 14610/29/2012

Buckley should have been dressed in assless chaps.

by Dellareply 14710/29/2012

This last episode was really good. The show is starting to gel, and there were some genuine scares. I just hope it's not too little too late.

I just don't understand what idiot wouldn't watch a show with Vanessa Williams on it, regardless of the quality. This show should have 300 million viewers each week just to worship her alone.

by Dellareply 14810/29/2012

Robert Buckley is trying to steal Scott Speedman's career.

by Dellareply 14910/29/2012

Last night's episode was a trainwreck. Vanessa Williams must have pissed off her make-up artist because she looked like shit and her skin looked rougher than usual. And what was with that horrible song at the end. This show is trying to be current and edgy but it just isn't. It's very 1992.

by Dellareply 15010/29/2012

Have it on DVR. Did we get Robert Buckley tits last night?

by Dellareply 15110/29/2012

Abc ordered more episodes.

by Dellareply 15210/29/2012

Only 2 more episodes R152. This likely means they want the writers to wrap things up and give the show a decent ending.

by Dellareply 15310/29/2012

I want Robert Buckley inside me quite deeply. That man is fine.

by Dellareply 15410/29/2012

Last night was the first episode that bored me. It is moving too slow, and the CGI is decidedly weak. The networks never seem to be able to compete with the SyFy channel in that regard.

I didn't like that Vanessa was wearing fur, but I guess she is a villain. I like the theory someone here had that she's really the demonic character, and Gavin is her enforcer.

I actually think Henry is more handsome than Brian (Robert Buckley) but Buckley does have a better body. I thought he looked ridiculous in his gladiator costume still wearing glasses though. I was fantasizing a lot about Henry last night, but that was mostly out of boredom with the show itself.

Every show has off episodes though, so I won't be too hard on it.

by Dellareply 15510/29/2012

Ooooh, Buckley in a gladiator costume? I guess I'll check out the new episode.

by Dellareply 15610/29/2012

All that insipid blonde does is run around barefoot and head for the creepy basement.

by Dellareply 15710/29/2012

Who was the guy who got hit by the villain and then mysteriously disappeared at the end?

by Dellareply 15810/29/2012

He was just an extra R158. The blonde ran into a party guest and asked to use his phone to call for help. He was expendable and we weren't supposed to feel for him.

by Dellareply 15910/29/2012

The Melanie Daniels/The Birds costume was pretty sharp and a good choice for that actress.

Dave Annable was the gayest cowboy since the Village People.

Buckley's gladiator costume was waaaay too much costume and not enough flesh. His entire torso was covered - not good.

by Dellareply 16010/30/2012

Teddy Sears was in the preview for next week. That might be a good thing. He was a hot piece of ass in American Horror Story.

by Dellareply 16110/30/2012

Maybe he'll be sexing up Buckley? It's the least they can do after covering Buckley's tits for so many weeks.

by Dellareply 16210/31/2012

The Brooklyn sets took damage from the hurricane. That sucks, but hopefully all of Buckley's wardrobe was washed out to sea.

by Dellareply 16310/31/2012

LOL R163.

by Dellareply 16411/01/2012

Hope we get some Buckley tits tonight.

Unless it gets a full season order, there are only two episodes left, right?

by Dellareply 16511/04/2012

Buckley is my dream boyfriend - really hot, but in a nerdy kind of way.

by Dellareply 16611/04/2012

No r165, they already filmed 13 and have shown 5, so there's 8 more episodes left. They ordered two more to be filmed, but then the studio was flooded with 6 ft of water. I doubt they will rebuild/repair the sets for a show everyone knew would be lucky to only get one full season.

by Dellareply 16711/04/2012

Tonight's episode is good, love the endless hallways thing. Gavin's scarier than usual, it's suggested Olivia doesn't even know she's married to a monster, let alone a supernatural one. They waited too long to get this good though.

by Dellareply 16811/04/2012

Expect either a cancellation or "hiatus" announcement tomorrow.

by Dellareply 16911/04/2012

I hope that the show isn't cancelled, even though I wouldn't mind getting that hour back. I'm going to assume that they going to stick Nashville in that slot.

by Dellareply 17011/04/2012

Well considering tonight's excellent episode, I'm making a "too bad" announcement right now.

by Dellareply 17111/04/2012

Is it too much to ask for a scene with Robert Buckley in the shower, soaping his junk and ass crack?

by Dellareply 17211/04/2012

The little black girl with psychic powers is seeing a therapist and taking care of her catatonic grandmother so she's not a ghost.If the little girl who escaped the murder/suicide in the 20s grew up to become the blonde's grandmother then why does she appear to her as a little girl?

by Dellareply 17311/05/2012

Who didn't see what was in the gift box coming? It's like the writers from the show are taking bits from every "evil on Earth" film of the last fifty years and using it in the scripts. If the Terry O' Quinn character is so powerful, wouldn't he have "sensed" telepathically/empathically who were betraying him and his wife?

The tall cop was hot--looked a lot like Alexander Skarsgard.

by Dellareply 17411/05/2012

I so want to see Nick Chinlund(Other Evil Guy) getting stuffed with big dicks at both ends!

by Dellareply 17511/05/2012

Any Robert Buckley tits last night? So many shows to watch on Sunday, this one is low man on the totem pole DVR

by Dellareply 17611/05/2012

You know there are countless pics of handsome men with muscular pectorals all over the net. You don't have to watch an hour long show with your fingers crossed hoping to see Buckley's.

by Dellareply 17711/05/2012

I don't think Terry O'Quinn is the devil, I think either he made a deal with devil in order to protect Olivia. I think in order for his powers to work, he has to go through some kind of third party who agrees to do it in either some quid pro quo kind of set up or of their own free will. I think either he's setting up Henry to be his replacement or Henry is the child of Satan a la Damien and doesn't know it.

by Dellareply 17811/05/2012

I agree r178, just because he has supernatural powers doesn't mean he's all-powerful or the devil. There wouldn't be a show if he was all-powerful. Just like Bewitched wouldn't have worked if there wasn't something, Darrin, limiting her powers.

by Dellareply 17911/05/2012

Except last night Terry was making the endless hallway thing happen.

by Dellareply 18011/05/2012

it's over, kaput, finished.

by Dellareply 18111/05/2012

Although I haven't seen the new episode yet, I agree with those that feel the show is getting better. Unfortunately the overnight rating is the lowest yet.

Is there anything that can get more eyes checking out the show? I wish there was something ABC could figure out (would shifting it to another night help?) to keep it going and give it a chance to gain viewership.

But that story about the sets being destroyed in the flooding really seems to be a bad sign. Like r167 says, it seems highly unlikely that they'd rebuild sets for a show that is inches from being cancelled.

by Dellareply 18211/05/2012

I know they're back shooting tomorrow and Friday at the Ansonia on W 73rd St. They're shooting in the lobby which was seen in the pilot and first episode before the sets had completed construction at the stage.

by Dellareply 18311/07/2012

Huh, now the writers just have to figure out how to set the whole rest of the series in the lobby.

Seriously though, glad to hear they haven't given up on it.

by Dellareply 18411/07/2012

According to the previews it looks like Buckley is finally going to fuck that blond chick this week.

And the main couple looks like they are having troubles, so maybe the Charlies Angels chick will fuck Teddy Sears in an upcoming episode.

by Dellareply 18511/10/2012

Just caught last weeks episode. And it was good! Finally! It seemed to finally find it's groove.

by Dellareply 18611/10/2012

Shame it'll probably be yanked off the air after tomorrow night's episode.

by Dellareply 18711/10/2012

Another murder at another high society party?

Stick a fork in this show. It's done.

by Dellareply 18811/11/2012

They promoed it for two weeks from tonight--so not quite dead yet. I think too much has happened already that has begun to be explained. But I'll take it over that hack Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story any day.

by Dellareply 18911/11/2012

Sorry--meant to type "hasn't begun to be explained."

by Dellareply 19011/11/2012

It actually does seem to be getting better.

by Dellareply 19111/12/2012

Geez!The "Big Bad" went down pretty easy,unless he's not the real big bad and just a pawn.Also does Olivia's actions tonight prove she's evil too or just loyal to the point of being a sheep to her husband's will?

by Dellareply 19211/12/2012

OP = Webmaster, This place is dead. What the fuck happened?

by Dellareply 19311/12/2012

So Buckley finally banged the assistant, and all we saw was his back. All that and no Buckley tits? Those tits are the only interest that story has going for it.

by Dellareply 19411/12/2012

So that insipid blonde is now trapped in the bowels of the Drake basement..... best place for her.

by Dellareply 19511/12/2012

What R194 said.

by Dellareply 19611/12/2012

The staircase is a great cliffhanger, I'm certainly eager to see what's down there.

To the circling buzzards, yes the show is going to get cancelled, there's no doubt about that. The ratings are getting very low and it'll be cancelled early next year. But they will air all the episodes filmed, which is 13 plus two more being filmed now. There is much discussion of how not many shows have been cancelled yet this year, only two. And the consensus is the networks have changed their policy to air any episode they paid for, even if they already know they're going to cancel the show. It's the more frugal approach.

by Dellareply 19711/12/2012

All I want is one more look at Robert Buckley

by Dellareply 19811/12/2012

Nashville just got picked up for a full season. I doubt 666 will make it to that.

by Dellareply 19911/12/2012

It's the stairway to Hell, bitch!

by Dellareply 20011/12/2012

There's no way it will r199, but they are saying they will air every episode filmed, which is supposed to be 15. And really that's enough since the last two filming now probably wrap-up the main story-lines. Then it'll have a dvd release and probably end-up having a bit of an afterlife on the SyFy channel with all-day marathons.

by Dellareply 20111/12/2012

"They" being people who analyze and speculate on this stuff, not ABC. It's what the Cancellation Bear on "TV By The Numbers" says, and it's never wrong.

by Dellareply 20211/12/2012

No more new episodes.

by Dellareply 20311/16/2012

Just announced-it's cancelled.

by Dellareply 20411/16/2012

No more Robert Buckley tits!

by Dellareply 20511/16/2012

R204, link? You wrote the same thing in the Last Resort thread.

by Dellareply 20611/16/2012

[bold]ABC Cancels 'Last Resort' and '666 Park Ave'[/bold]

by Dellareply 20711/16/2012

Pan Am, GCB. Nothing seems to work in that time slot except Desperate Housewives. I'll continue to watch 666 till it's over though.

by Dellareply 20811/16/2012

[quote]Nothing seems to work in that time slot except Desperate Housewives.

It's not the timeslot, it's the shitty shows.

by Dellareply 20911/16/2012

As with Last Resort, they are going to air the full 13 episodes, but not the 2 additional shows the ordered scripts for.

Blond chick may be forever locked in the stairway to hell.

by Dellareply 21011/16/2012

Deleting the show from my DVR as we speak.

They were stacking up (never a good sign) and now there's no point.

by Dellareply 21111/16/2012

I like the show, but it probably wasn't going to go anywhere and just go in circles plotwise. I hope that Terry O'Quinn's character gets thrown down an elevator shaft or something worse on the final episode.

by Dellareply 21211/16/2012

Unfortunately, there won't be any resolution.

No surprise, though. After nine seasons, Dynasty went off the air with everything up in the air. Literally, in the case of Alexis and Dex.

by Dellareply 21311/16/2012

Robert Buckley, show killer.

by Dellareply 21411/16/2012

I did expect it but I was enjoying the campy horror which was genuinely chilling at times.

The bland blonde and that annoying prick from Brothers and Sisters should never have been cast.

I loved Vanessa, Terry, rest of cast and architecture. Shame.

by Dellareply 21511/16/2012

The bland blonde getting attacked by the ghost was a pretty violent scene for a show like this.

by Dellareply 21611/16/2012

Bye everybody!

by Dellareply 21711/16/2012

I'm so worried about Dave Annable!! It is hard enough for actors nowadays let alone ones with speech impediments!!!!

by Dellareply 21811/16/2012

Yes! I'm thrilled Last Resort got cancelled.

Hopefully, someone will now put Andre Braugher in something worthy of his talent. Same with Giancarlo Esposito.

by Dellareply 21911/16/2012

Will there be closure?

by Dellareply 22011/18/2012

Vanessa has a long-term contract with ABC (as does Terry O'Quinn), so look for them on new series next fall on ABC.

The others not so lucky.

I guess we'll never see Dave Annable being fucked by Robert Buckley....

by Dellareply 22111/18/2012

ABC must really love Vanessa. She's got two cancelled shows under her belt (Ugly Betty, 666) and one show that ended early once she joined the cast (Housewives). Yet she still continues to get work on their network playing the same character.

by Dellareply 22211/18/2012

I hope Robert Buckley moves on to another high-profile gig. I like to look at him because he's exactly my type.

by Dellareply 22311/18/2012

Ugly Betty lasted 4 seasons, that made it a middling success, not a failure. Failures only get one or two seasons.

Desperate Housewives sucked and was on its last legs when Vanessa joined. All she can blamed for is not being able to single-handedly revive a poorly written/conceived show that was well past its sell-by date.

by Dellareply 22411/18/2012

They should move Nashville in this timeslot

by Dellareply 22511/19/2012

I guess I'll delete the unmatched eps on my DVR. Not much point now.

I bet ABC is wishing they hadn't passed on "Devious Maids"...

by Dellareply 22611/19/2012

Blondie Charlie's Angels chick: "Did you live at the Drake? Do you know about the mosaic? Did you go down the stairs?"

Creepy dude in the cell/hospital room: "No, I came up the stairs."

That was kind of a good spooky moment in the new episode. At this point I'm obviously not to learn the names of these characters.

by Dellareply 22711/26/2012

God Damn It! I really don't understand half the stuff that's going on in this show, but I'm finally interested in some of it. Tonight was a pretty good show.

Why did it take them this many episodes to make some of these stories compelling? Maybe they might have gained viewers from week to week (instead of losing them) if they narrowed the focus to just these characters and the pace moved like tonight.

by Dellareply 22811/26/2012

If the sets had not been flooded by Sandy, would ABC have gone for a full season?

by Dellareply 22911/26/2012

Do you think this show would have made it if they had cast interesting leads that we cared about? The young couple is dull. He looks like a grown up Pinocchio and she well.. she's just the blonde who really can't act.

by Dellareply 23011/26/2012

Damn, I was getting into this show.

by Dellareply 23111/27/2012

I gather that the final episode will deal with Jane's mother having been murdered in the Drake 20 years ago.

by Dellareply 23211/29/2012

What I don't understand is the Drake/Evil making the little black girl's mother go into labor in the building thus endowing her with super powers she would later use against it.You'd think supreme evil would take things like that into account.

by Dellareply 23311/30/2012

I hope Whoopi turns out to be evil.

by Dellareply 23412/02/2012

It's a joke based on her Oscar winning (don't get me started) role in Ghost.

by Dellareply 23512/02/2012

It is Heavenly Father's desire that it is this show's turn to be No. 1.


Heavenly Father is never wrong!

(picking drapes for the Oval Office as I type)

by Dellareply 23612/02/2012

Teddy Sears is on tonight in a t shirt hammering through a wall. Add this to Whoopi reprisng her role in "Ghost" and this couldnt be any camper if Richard Simmons appeared in a Stay Puff Marshmallow Man costume.

by Dellareply 23712/02/2012

Desperate Housewives was still getting well above 10 million viewers in its final season. Way better than Revenge and now cancelled 666, which took its time slot. No matter how bad DH's plots had gotten over the years, it was still a strong performer that made the network $$$$.

by Dellareply 23812/02/2012

Whoopi Golberg is The Angel Psychiatrist!

by Dellareply 23912/02/2012

I believe the issue with Desperate Housewives was the production costs. Even though it was getting decent ratings, it was costing too much to make. I'm going to assume that a show like Nashville is cheaper to produce than 666, thus the reason it received a full season pickup.

by Dellareply 24012/03/2012

Did they at least get Robert Buckley out of his shirt for one last look??

by Dellareply 24112/03/2012

No Buckley tits this week R241 - he wasn't on at all.

And they didn't show scenes from the next episode, but I'm sure we'll see him again.

by Dellareply 24212/04/2012

Show cancelled. That was the last episode R242.

by Dellareply 24312/04/2012

Unless you have some updated news, r243, ABC said they planned to show all the episodes that were filmed and they were reworking the last episode in a rushed attempt to conclude the story. That means they have 3 or 4 left to go.

I think they start new episodes again the first Sunday in January.

by Dellareply 24412/04/2012

ABC should run a sequel, featuring Robert Buckley in various stages of undress.

by Dellareply 24512/04/2012

I did not know that, R244. I thought that was the final episode as the sets were flooded and destroyed during Sandy. Good to know.. maybe we will get some more Robert Buckley and some closure to the show.

by Dellareply 24612/04/2012

And Raul Esparza was on Sunday's episode!!

by Dellareply 24712/04/2012

The thing is with all the other ABC shows, there has been a winter break promo and the date of their return. Not so with 666.

by Dellareply 24812/04/2012

No happy holiday news for Robert Buckley's tits. Now we see why ABC didn't officially announce the January start date for remaining episodes.

The show is being shelved for the rest of the season. The remaining episodes will possibly be run next summer - which might as well mean never because who will remember anything about this program 6 months from now?

And it's pretty weird what they are temporarily going to put in the timeslot. Now the hour after Revenge becomes a comedy block with the underperforming pairing of Happy Endings and Don't Trust the Bitch in Apt. 23.

by Dellareply 24912/21/2012

I was looking forward to those last 4 episodes. The first episode after the spiral staircase cliffhanger was shockingly boring. I was ready to give up on it, but then the Whoopie episode was good again. I'm sure the last 4 episodes will be made available one way or another. If they do renege on showing them next summer, there's always the possibility of a dvd release, or perhaps the Sy-Fy Channel will buy it for all-day marathons. Sy-Fy has aired all sorts of obscure one season, and even half-season, shows. The last 4 episodes might also simply be made available as downloads.

by Dellareply 25012/26/2012

I just read something interesting on 666's wiki page, episodes 10-12 will air as regularly scheduled in Australia. It must've been doing better in the ratings there. If it's going to be airing anywhere on earth in the next few weeks, it's possible the eps will be available for download. Oddly though, there are 4 remaining episodes, not 3, wiki doesn't say anything about when episode 13 will air.

by Dellareply 25101/19/2013

Saturday (June 22nd) ABC starts to air the remaining episodes of 666 Park Ave.

Looks like they are starting with Episode 10 that day and will play out an episode a week for the following 4 Saturdays.

by Dellareply 25206/11/2013

Thanks R252

I thought they'd shitcanned the remaining episodes.

by Dellareply 25306/11/2013

The first of those new episodes is tonight.

by Dellareply 25406/22/2013

Buckley's tits were on display briefly in the new episode.

The chick that plays his wife is so unremarkable that I didn't even recognize her when was on.

by Dellareply 25506/23/2013

Rachel Taylor is a good actress in her native Australia, but this show never used her talents. For a protagonist, the minor actors in the show overshadowed her story. The Whoopi episode was the most interesting of the boring lot.

There was so much potential for a "Rosematy's Baby" style UES soap but this was just hell-on-earth (literally). Poor Vanessa had nothing to do and looked bored to tears.

by Dellareply 25606/23/2013

Yes the Whoopi episode is good, but it's hardly the only one. I'd ignore everything up to episode 6, but after that the rest are pretty good. I'll bet it'll be put out on dvd, because people do know there is far more than one good episode.

by Dellareply 25706/23/2013

Let me make it clear, ep. 6 is what I consider the first good episode. Actually ep. 3 wasn't bad, but I'm willing to sacrifice it. I think ep. 7 is another bad one, and then I liked all the rest of the episodes.

by Dellareply 25806/23/2013

I missed it last night! Shit! Is it on demand?

by Dellareply 25906/23/2013

No Buckley tits on the new episode. He was on this week, but he keep his shirt on the whole time. No wonder nobody watches this show!

It's too bad that blond Aussie chick kicked Teddy Sears to the curb last week. I was hoping to see him hit dat, or get it with somebody before the show ended.

by Dellareply 26007/01/2013

No Buckley tits this week either. And now that his wife killed (maybe, but who knows with this show) the slut neighbor, we probably won't have fresh shirtlessness in the last episodes at all.

I also changed my mind about the Teddy Sears character. I wanted him back cause I thought he was hot, but now that he's back, I'm not seeing what I thought I saw before.

But at least the story has progressed into something compelling.

by Dellareply 26107/10/2013

The final episode tied everything up in a neat package... did the producers and writers know that the show had been cancelled prior to shooting the final episode? I beleive there was a delay due to the flooding last fall and the sets were ruined.

by Dellareply 26207/14/2013
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