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TV lead suffers meltdown on set

A friend of mine who works at a major TV network told me that the lead on one of its shows had a meltdown on set yesterday. The remainder of the scenes from yesterday had to be scrapped and today's shoot was cancelled. Any guesses?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 15710/10/2012

You could narrow it down a bit more. Like, is it male? Female? Age range?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 109/28/2012

We could play 20 questions.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 209/28/2012

Molten lead.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 309/28/2012

New show? Old show?

Come on, that's almost cruel.

More details!!

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 409/28/2012

Suanne Nivens on "The Happy Homemaker"??

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 509/28/2012

Major network means ABC, CBS, or NBC

Is the lead male or female?

Is the show a drama or comedy?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 609/28/2012

If you told me it was Kate Walsh I wouldn't be surprised. AD's and PA's who've worked on Private Practice have nothing but horror stories.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 709/28/2012

My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night.

I guess it's pretty serious.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 809/28/2012

Lead is female.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 909/28/2012

Does she have a PIK-cha opening on Broadway within the next two weeks?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 1009/28/2012

I love you, R10. Almost as much as I love Arlene Francis.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 1109/28/2012


by Lynn Stairmasterreply 1209/28/2012

Kaley whatshername from BBT

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 1309/28/2012

Please, oh please be the red-haired alky midget!

Is the series based in 'Miami', OP?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 1409/28/2012

The show is a drama and yes, it's on one of the major networks (ABC/NBC/CBS/Fox). And no, it's not Mariska Hargitay.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 1509/28/2012

The fact that OP added Fox to the mix means the female is on a Fox drama.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 1609/28/2012

It's that nice Betty White on the Mary Tyler Moore show. She always looks like she could snap at any moment. I hope she did not hurt Mary.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 1709/28/2012

Why, R16? Fox has been a major broadcast network for almost 20 years.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 1809/28/2012

Did Julianna Marguelies finally figure out why her hot gay husband was so indifferent in the bedroom?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 1909/28/2012

Actually, R16 is right. Why would OP make a point of adding FOX to the mix if people were focused on NBC / CBS / ABC? The only thing is, FOX has shitty dramas and I couldn't picture Emily Deschanel (Bones) having a meltdown...unless she's suffering from postpartum depression.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 2009/28/2012

What kind of meltdown? What was the cause? We need more details about what actually happened!

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 2109/28/2012

What kind of meltdown?! Gee, I guess some actress decided to have fondue in the middle of a scene. There was chocolate everywhere!

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 2209/28/2012

Kerry Washington, Scandal

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 2309/28/2012

It was Andrew Rannells. He left the tampon in too long and was going into toxic shock syndrome. Luckily, there was a medicated douche on the set and he was fine after it was administered.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 2409/28/2012

Andrew Rannells walked on set and saw Ellen Barkin wearing the same Ungaro frock as him.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 2509/28/2012

The Fringe girl.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 2609/28/2012

Unless it was Lea Michelle.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 2709/28/2012

Glee is pretty depressing, but technically it's a comedy.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 2809/28/2012

"Becky" from "Glee." In this week's Dodi Goodman and Eve Arden "homage" scene from "Grease/Grease 2" between her and Jane Lynch, she had no lines and it really PISSED HER OFF.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 2909/28/2012

None of you have it right so far. The actress who had the meltdown also appeared this week on a morning show to promote her series and seemed sedated. And for some reason she was hardly asked any questions about the series she was on there to promote.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 3009/28/2012

Hey asswipe OP, why don't you just say it instead of playing the attention-whore "I know something you don't know" game?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 3109/28/2012

Ginnifer Goodwin?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 3209/28/2012

My guesses:

Lucy Liu (Elementary)


Vanessa Williams (666 Park Avenue)

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 3309/28/2012

Claire Danes

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 3409/28/2012

It seems like it would be someone who is THE star of the how, for it to shut down two days of shooting - which wouldn't be Liu or Williams (andWilliams isn't a crazy bitch).

Mamie's a good guess, but she's still in the "prove herself" stage.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 3509/28/2012

It still could be Liu.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 3609/28/2012

Does anyone watch "Live with Kelly"?

Just looking at her guest list this week there would seem to some candidates for this BI.

Julianna Margulies

Emily VanCamp

Sara Ramirez

Lana Perilla

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 3709/28/2012

Francis Farmer?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 3809/28/2012

Might I have seen her performing in a nightclub act in the New York area during the last week?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 3909/28/2012

I don't think it could be Ginnfer Goodwin....she seemed pretty lucid in the interviews I saw her in this week.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 4009/28/2012

Was it Miss Loretta Swit? (I loved her performance in The Belle of Amherst here in Miami...poor dear gave so much emotionally she may not have had anything left for TV.)

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 4109/28/2012

I think it was Ginnifer Goodwin's ears.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 4209/29/2012

Well, OP, you going to tell us or keep us mindlessly guessing?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 4309/29/2012

The correct answer is "all of them."

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 4409/29/2012

My guess, Suzie, is that Lynn is making shit up.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 4509/29/2012

This is the worst kind of bullshit thread. OP knows no one.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 4609/29/2012

Greer Garson

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 4709/29/2012

I love R10 and R39 so much.... I really do!

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 4809/29/2012

Something about this is familiar.... Has she ever sold hot dogs outside Penn Station? I mean, before her legitimate hot dog work?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 4909/29/2012

The "chin-less wonder" is peeking.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 5009/29/2012

Is she bigger than a bread box?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 5109/29/2012

Patty Heaton!

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 5209/29/2012

If there were any justice in this world, it would be Patty Duke!

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 5309/29/2012

I was going to say Patricia Heaton until OP said it was a drama series.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 5409/29/2012

I warned Jessica about doing television...

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 5509/29/2012

[quote]Please, oh please be the red-haired alky midget!

CSI:Miami is cancelled.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 5609/29/2012

And OP is sure it's a straight drama?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 5709/29/2012

There is a rumor that Kate Walsh has fallen off the wagon really hard. She also is known for being mildly to moderately stoned whenever she does an interview.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 5809/29/2012

It's not Mamie Gummer or Kate Walsh. Same age range as Gummer, though.

I won't reveal the name. It's interesting putting it out there to read your guesses. I suspect it will make the mainstream press at some point, anyway.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 5909/29/2012

Emily VanCamp?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 6009/29/2012

Has anyone guessed it correctly yet, Lynn? I was thinking of Stana Katic for some reason.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 6109/29/2012

It's Blake Lively

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 6209/29/2012


by Lynn Stairmasterreply 6309/29/2012

I can think of a couple who would fit the clues well enough...but they're in what are technically comedies, by network genre.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 6409/29/2012

It's Chace Crawford.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 6509/29/2012

Stana Katic has been off the gossip radar for a while.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 6609/29/2012

My guess is it is MARISKA

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 6709/29/2012

It must be Emily. I've heard she's a bitch, and she's THE star of her show.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 6809/29/2012

CW isn't a major network and Blake wouldn't have a major meltdown when she's finally been getting good press following a major drought.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 6909/29/2012

No, R61, nobody's guessed correctly yet. The actress has been under incredible pressure and is expected back on the set Monday.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 7009/29/2012

Could I have seen this actress in a production of "Over the Teacups" at the Westbury Music Fair?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 7109/29/2012

Why post a thread like this if you aren't going to say who it is? It's not like your saying she killed someone OP. Meltdowns are a dime a dozen in Hollyweird. So who is it already?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 7209/29/2012

I love R38.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 7309/29/2012

Is it Dolores Gray?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 7409/29/2012

Dobrev from Vampire Diaries?

It's totally moving in a new (lame) direction and she has to make the vampire thing work.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 7509/29/2012

Have we established if it's a new or continuing show?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 7609/29/2012

Has our actress been known to raise her voice in song?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 7709/29/2012

Missy Reeves had been getting death threats after her Chick Fil A comments. She is not loved on the set of Days - in fact Deidre Hall dressed her down in front of everyone after it was revealed she went to the producers and ordered them to fire Matt Ashford. She wanted to be paired again with the guy playing Dr. Daniel. Those awkward scenes where Jen barely grieved over Jack and now she's back in the thick with Daniel are hard for the fans to take. So she has been getting a lot of pressure to acknowledge the Jack/Jen history and she refuses. She plays all sweet to the press but that's over now. Suddenly she is on a lot more now that Ashford is gone and she's happy with the airtime but the frostiness of her castmates has been a real pain for her.

She's getting what she deserves for being a cunt.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 7809/29/2012

Have we established that this actress does NOT have a picture opening on Broadway?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 7909/29/2012

Am I correct in assuming that the mystery guest is a woman and not a man?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 8009/29/2012

OP, don't you dare tell, or I'll fix it so you ain't got nothin' to tell with!

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 8109/29/2012

Am I correct in assuming that we will not be hearing again from the OP any time soon?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 8209/29/2012

Here is a list of Good Morning America guests for the week of September 24 to September 28. I don't watch any of the shows on the big four networks, so have no clue who this person could be.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 8309/29/2012

At the same time, there are bazillions of "morning shows." I'm beginning to think the name is going to turn out to not be worth the trouble of guessing.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 8409/29/2012

Would be far more interesting and entertaining if a comedy actress.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 8509/29/2012

[quote]nobody's guessed correctly yet. The actress has been under incredible pressure and is expected back on the set Monday.

Must we really do the 20 questions thing?

It's so soap fangirlish.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 8609/29/2012

It's Norma Desmond for realz!!!

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 8709/29/2012

Ok, ok. It's Shelley Long.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 8809/29/2012

Has she been in New York this week for the Heart Fund benefit?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 8909/29/2012

R88 For real?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 9009/29/2012

Fuck off with your parlour games, OP.

This is bullshit.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 9109/29/2012

Hayden Panettiere, Janet Montgomery, Vanessa Williams.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 9209/29/2012

Although OP is a jerk, I keep coming back for "What's My Line?" Please don't stop.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 9309/29/2012

R88 & R90 I'm tired of that thin, uppity, white woman too.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 9409/29/2012

It's not Vanessa Williams.

Someone's finally got it right, though. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 9509/29/2012

Lynn's confirmation could only include Missy, Dobrev, Hayden, Janet or Vanessa.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 9609/29/2012

And r83's link suggests Hotel Transylvania...

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 9709/29/2012

everyone knows it's hayden p. she was such a bad choice for the new show Nashville. She can't cope...or sing.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 9809/29/2012

It's Hayden. I'm surprised she was so lucid at the Emmys given her reputation for being emotionally unstable.

Does anyone else remember the gossip about her mother pimping her out (and sometimes participating)?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 9909/29/2012

Has she ever tried to save a whale, dolphin, or tuna over in the ocean of the far East?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 10009/29/2012

Did Hayden make a morning promotional appearance anywhere this past week?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 10109/29/2012

Oh, and Reeves is the wrong age range.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 10209/29/2012

I think Hayden was on The View...but I fast forwarded

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 10309/29/2012

Appearing on a daytime show was never a clue.

The clue that she is in Gummer's age range leaves out Williams.

It's down to Panettiere, Montgomery or Dobrev. It's probably not Dobrev because she's on CW and it's unlikely Montgomery would hold up shooting.

My guess is Panettiere.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 10409/29/2012

I don't know who it is, but if she dies mysteriously, I'll be there on the double.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 10509/29/2012

Am I correct in assuming that our mystery guest is not appearing anywhere in the tri state area?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 10609/29/2012

The pressure on actresses can be enormous. I almost broke down on "Contagion" when a production assistant served me still water instead of the sparkling I had requested.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 10709/29/2012

It's Maurice Benard who pitched a hissy fit when his butt boy left.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 10809/29/2012

Did poor Debbie Reynolds have a nervous breakdown?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 10909/29/2012

[quote]Appearing on a daytime show was never a clue.

Yes it was, R104. You obviously did not read the whole thread.

The daytime morning talk show clue is at R30.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 11009/29/2012

I would love to know the nature of the meltdown. Was it drug-enhanced or just a major hissy fit?

If all those blind items about her are true, I feel sorry for her childhood, but damn she's a crazy whore as an adult.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 11109/29/2012

R110, I don't believe that post is from OP who identifies him or herself as Lynn Stairmaster in the clue posts.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 11209/29/2012

Yes. R96 is the OP. Too bad it's not Vanessa. She was on a morning show this week.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 11309/29/2012

I'm afraid I'm going to have to disqualify myself. I rode up in the elevator with tonight's guest.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 11409/29/2012


Are you serious?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 11509/29/2012

R115, don't be so gullible.

This blind is solved - Hayden P.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 11609/29/2012

Sounds like Hayden P, yes. I wonder if she will always be somewhat fucked up from being a child star. I actually like her; hope she gets her shit together. But agree with the poster(s) that said she's poor casting for that show.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 11709/29/2012

This never happened.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 11809/29/2012

It's not Hayden P. Try again.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 11909/29/2012

It's Blake Lively.

Blake is a quiet type so a meltdown from her would be surprising.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 12009/29/2012

...Nina Dobrev?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 12109/29/2012

If it's Blake - she just figured out her new hubby is gay, eh?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 12209/29/2012

Ok, this is a last week morning interview with J. Montgomery. She always looks kind of sedated, but she does look sad and like she's about to nod off in this video.

It would fit the clue about not being asked about the actual show. They literally only talked to her about switching from a British accent to a Jersey American one.

It's annoying when anchors don't know how to shape an interview properly. But that's neither here nor there.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 12309/29/2012

Okay, we got this...

At R70, OP points out that nobody had guessed correctly yet; which rules out any of the serious guesses between R1 and R69 (including Blake Lively).

At R95, OP points out that the correct actress has finally been named, but Vanessa Williams and Hayden Paniettere (sp?) are identified as incorrect guesses.

The CW is not a major network, so ditch the bitch from Vampire Diaries.

The only two legitimate non-eldergay inside joke responses that were offered between R76 an R94 are Missy Reeves from Days of Our Lives and Janet Montgomery from Made in Jersey.

Now, when it comes to morning show appearances, TV actresses will NOT appear on another network's program unless they're starring in a movie or they've written a book. Missy and Janet have done neither. Furthermore, Missy did not appear on Today, but Janet certainly appeared on The Early Show (her network's morning show).

Missy's not under as much pressure as others are trying to claim (keep in mind the fraus who watch soap operas couldn't give a lesser fuck about her stance on Chik-fil-A). If anyone is under pressure, it's Janet, who is now the lead on a major network series. It certainly doesn't help that the show is looking like it's going to be a flop based on the premier numbers!

Anyway, the final piece of evidence that this thread is about Janet Montgomery:

Longtime DLers are well aware that Lynn Stairmaster is in NYC (LS went to a couple of screenings last year that offered up some good gossip on W.E. and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Cloying...I mean, Close). Days of Our Lives is filmed in Los Angeles, but Made in Jersey is filmed in...New Jersey. Sure, OP could e-mail / Skype / IM friends across the country, but only a fairly close friend would divulge a piece of gossip like this....and close friends tend to live nearby.

Here's a linke to a clip of Janet being interviewed by Gayle King-Winfrey. She does seem a bit sedated here.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 12409/29/2012

I think it's either Kate Walsh or Julianna Margulez

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 12509/29/2012

r125 did you even read the rest of the thread? It is Mamie Gummer's age...

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 12609/29/2012

R125, I think you're an idiot with the reading comprehension of a 1st grader.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 12709/29/2012

Ellen Barkin

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 12809/29/2012

Wow, rude new world that has such people in it.

There are trolls on here crying that it must be Blake Lively and you call me an idiot for guessing two actresses that are actually on major networks? Okay, someone has anger issues.

Lastly, I haven't seen Mamie Gummer since Off the Map and she looked about 35 on that show, so forgive me for not Googling her age, She looks older than she is.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 12909/29/2012


by Lynn Stairmasterreply 13009/29/2012

Is our mystery guest 'the toast of Broadway' after receiving mahvAHlous notices last Sunday?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 13109/30/2012

R124 is taking this a tad too seriously.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 13209/30/2012

This is so Markie Post!

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 13309/30/2012

Posters like R124 make DL great.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 13409/30/2012

The anchors at r123's clip were so annoying, I felt sorry for Janet. I couldn't blame her for looking like she wanted to escape.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 13509/30/2012

Well, smell Jessica Fletcher at R124!

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 13609/30/2012

I detest posters like R125/R129. They are the dumbing down of DL.

Dearie, did you not read that Lynn Stairmasters said it had already been solved and it was down to 2 people.

Read R124's excellent deductive post and you'll see how the grown-ups solve one.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 13709/30/2012

Excellent work, R124.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 13809/30/2012

Could I have seen our mystery guest having luncheon at Schrafft's before attending a matinee this past Wednesday?

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 13909/30/2012

Janet will have all the time in the world to relax when her show gets cancelled in a few weeks.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 14009/30/2012

WOW - crazy Janet and crazy Donna Murphy on the same set.


by Lynn Stairmasterreply 14109/30/2012

I guess that's the last time they hire an actress over Skype.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 14209/30/2012

Brits are not used to the long hours worked on American sets, nor to the long seasons. But I guess she won't have to worry about that soon.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 14309/30/2012

what is your problem r137, this is a blind item post not the equation for cold fusion. The fact that you are taking it so seriously that I jokingly responded to what is most likely a false lead is more disturbing than anything else in this thread.

If your life exists on this site than good for you. Some of us have other more exciting things to do though.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 14409/30/2012

Anderson Cooper.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 14509/30/2012

From what I understand, "Made in New Jersey" hasn't been reviewed favorably. Even if it were good, good promo keeps getting more difficult to afford. Sad for her, after all the work she's going to have to end up putting in anyway.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 14609/30/2012

[quote]I don't believe that post is from OP who identifies him or herself as Lynn Stairmaster in the clue posts.

R112, Trolldar is your friend.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 14709/30/2012

Question for Lynn. You said that the actress has been under incredible pressure. Is Montgomery under more pressure than other lead actresses launching new shows for some reason or can we expect meltdowns from the actresses leading Beauty and the Beast, Emily Owens,and Mob Doctor whose shows are reportedly just as bad if not worse than Made in Jersey.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 14809/30/2012

All 3 of the actresses you name, R148, are more experienced in the making of a weekly series than Ms. Montgomery; all 3 have done episodic TV before.

Janet has not, and not American TV, where shows have a longer run of episodes than British TV.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 14909/30/2012

Janet's also the female lead in 'Spies of Warsaw,' the British/BBCA mini-series which is incredible. I've seen the first episode and think it will be solid. Not a ratings hit but critically acclaimed.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 15010/01/2012

I had zero interest in "Made in Jersey" before, but now I kind of want to watch an episode.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 15110/01/2012

who the fuck is Janet Montgomery?

All of this for a nobody. Great.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 15210/01/2012

R152 = Janet's agent (playing offense)

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 15310/01/2012

Who ARE these people - I don't know ANY of them. Whhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 15410/01/2012

Made In Jersey is the first casualty of the TV season.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 15510/10/2012

[quote]Made In Jersey is the first casualty of the TV season.

Actually, it's third, right behind taste and originality.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 15610/10/2012

Did I miss who it was and should I care?

Let's face it, the op is a complete asshole.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 15710/10/2012
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