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Project Runway Thread 2

Did the show just jump the shark with this baby clothes episode?

by Elenareply 16710/21/2012

What an awful episode. No one should go home for this crap.

by Elenareply 109/27/2012

I knew there would be an added challenge to design something for the moms. I didn't think they'd make the whole ep about designing for the babies alone.

by Elenareply 209/27/2012

Am I the only one who thought that it was really shitty for Hedi to be using the designers to basically create free stuff for her new baby line which was shamefully self promoted during the episode. I really hope that the winning designers from this challenge get a healthy share of the profits from those clothes and not just the recognition. I also think it is a total joke when Hedi was taking about babies' needs when to me it is so totally obvious that she has never changed a diaper in her life and all of her kids were most likely raised by nannies who did all of the dirty work.

by Elenareply 309/27/2012

Yes, it jumped the shark. Dear God. I remember when they had couture challenges. And, the judges talking about baby clothes and babies as if they have the same style/clothing issues as adults.

by Elenareply 409/27/2012

Next on Project Runway for Lifetime:

Designers must create a quilted casserole cosy for hauling hot dishes to potlucks.

by Elenareply 509/27/2012

The babies were cute but the episode was a waste of time. I really hate when they bring in "regular" people and portray them as being difficult and picky - that's so fake, I doubt most real folks would complain about the designs that are made for them on the show.

by Elenareply 609/27/2012

Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead!

by Elenareply 709/27/2012

The show jumped the shark awhile ago. I've been DVR'ing the whole season and only recently got around to watching. I'm only three episodes in and am completely OVER it. Unattractive cast, not much talent, lame challenges. The facial hair on all the guys this season is nauseating. Also can't stand that the show is 90 minutes long. I end up fast forwarding through it.

I can't say I blame the contestent that just walked off the show, even they knew it was a lame season and not worth the bullshit Lifetime was shoving at them. In some ways I respect them for getting out when they did.

"Designers, your challenge this week is to bore Nina Garcia Fashion Director of Marie Claire Magazine. You must create a look using only butter and gasoline. You have thirteen minutes and twelve seconds to complete this challenge. Your time begins now."

by Elenareply 809/27/2012

When I saw what the challenge was, I canceled my recording and then realized I hadn't missed watching it and didn't care who had gotten auf'd. I'll miss Tim Gunn but I'm through for the season.

by Elenareply 909/28/2012

I liked the challenge. A lot of designers have a baby line. My mom liked to get Burberry items as baby gifts. Parents who spend a lot of money on their clothes, spend a lot on their kids. It's a fantastic niche because the kids outgrow their clothes and constantly need new garments. It's a cash cow for the designers. So, yes the challenge made sense.

What was utterly stupid was the baby dolls. Completely irrelevant (they were not designing for infants) and just too gimmicky. But thank goodness they got rid of the babies in no time.

What was astonishing, considering the constant bitching we get about designing for "real women" was how quickly they were able to come up with really pretty outfits for the mom. Christopher's complete mom/baby look was really great.

As for Heidi getting free designs for her line: This is a repeated challenge. We has Sarah Jessica Parker getting a design for her cheap line (does it still exist?) . Diane Von Furstenberg's line was in a challenge. I forget who else, but this is not new. In fact, it's almost like applying for a job.

This season may be more low key than previous ones, but I like it. I like that the drama is about designs and not about personalities. I like that it's longer, but instead of models dramas, we get to hear each judge's opinions. What I don't like is that while all the designers are likeable to some degree (except for Ven), none of them is particularly good. They are all decent, competent, salable. But there is no one that makes you do the gay gasp.

by Elenareply 1009/28/2012

The show jumped the shark when the COCKSUCKER won. Everytime I see her slutty photo on the wall behind the contestants, I have to laugh, because it's impossible to get rid of the vision of her white boyfriend banging her pussy and her sucking his cock and then him cumming on her face, out of my head. IM-POSSIBLE.

And for whatever reason, Lifetime thought she would be an appropriate winner and representative for their network and show.

And the bitch didn't even know how to sew!!

Truly, that's when PR jumped the shark.

by Elenareply 1109/28/2012

I like this cast and I agree with R10 that I appreciate the lack of manufactured drama this season.

The 90 minute format is killing the show though. It makes the gimmicks like the plastic baby even more forced and irritating. Of course they had to design an adult outfit. I fast forward through most of the show and just watch the runway and judging. It was a waste of an episode but thank goodness Elena is gone.

by Elenareply 1209/28/2012

All of the remaining contestants are at the same competent but uninspiring level now so I can't imagine how they will get it down to 3 designers. Or will all 5 remain for runway shows?

Can you believe the All-Stars lineup? Talk about drama!

by Elenareply 1309/28/2012

The baby challenge was a terrible idea. Heidi must really be hard up for ideas for her baby line, or perhaps it was simply the most obvious self-promotion the show has attempted. Even NIna Garcia Chinless Fashion Director of Marie Claire Magazine couldn't be roused from her year-long slumber of pleasantness to say anything either kind or unkind--all the judges could do was wave at the babies, wink, smile, and look as if they wanted to get the hell out of there so fast they could barely sit still.

And once again, Dmitry was robbed. The fact that MIchael Costello-lite is winning all the challenges is a sign of what a weak year this is.

by Elenareply 1409/28/2012

The challenge seemed to have been created to allow Heidi, Nina and Michael the opportunity to wave, grin and coo at the babies to re-establish their humanity. I'm not sure it worked.

Did everyone else know that Nina is a mother?

by Elenareply 1509/28/2012

Total frau pandering and shameless product placing. The show is dead. RIP, Project Runway.

by Elenareply 1609/28/2012

Are Dmitri and Chris an item?

by Elenareply 1709/29/2012

I kept wondering what would happen if one of the designers had just ripped off the plastic baby's head to shut it up. Did they mention a penalty?

by Elenareply 1809/29/2012

I was actually sad to see Elena go with this challenge because, surprisingly, she seemed to enjoy it and didn't bitch having to design for kids. And as far as outfits go, Melissa's was the worst (next to Dmitry's Superman costume). It was like they had to convince themselves that Melissa's little vest was all that and so special, when really it wasn't. They accused Elena of throwing together the shirt and pants, but look at Melissa's dress, which looked like she just stitched up a diaper and pulled it over the kid's head.

by Elenareply 1909/29/2012

The baby episode was an all-time low.

I think it's time to merge the show with "Chopped" --

"Designers, open your baskets. Inside you have parachute cloth, bugle beads, a package of pepperoni sllces and an 8x10 photo of Guy Fieri sodomizing Elsa Klensch. You'll have 30 minutes to put together a look to impress the judges, but you'll have to use all of your ingredients. YOUR. TIME. STARTS. NOW."

by Elenareply 2009/29/2012

The show needs to leave New York so it might have some fresh challenges. LA was bad because of the contestants, not because of the location. They are stretching now because they have already done the candy, etc. which is always done in New York. Go to Paris or London, real cities with real fashion.

by Elenareply 2109/29/2012

[quote]Did everyone else know that Nina is a mother?

She was pregnant during one season.

by Elenareply 2209/29/2012

SWear to God I don't remember Nina's pregnancy!

Was it the LA season? I missed most of that.

by Elenareply 2309/29/2012

The back pocket of Sanji's jumper looked badly stitched on and yet the judges praised it endlessly. That coo face Michael made would give me nightmares (an oversized oompah loompa's going to eat ya!).

The tamagotchi baby thing was just stupid.

It's kind of sad that Project Runway broke Elena on the way and she turned into a nice playful woman in the end (which might be the reason she got offed - when she doesn't provide the necessary drama).

I hate when Tim Gunn calls himself an old fart. Just doesn't feel right.

by Elenareply 2409/29/2012

We remember that but apparently you forgot the sweeps week episode where they ate the baby in the break room.

by Elenareply 2509/29/2012

Elena's outfit was a ridiculous hodgepodge and she deserved to be in the bottom two for it, but the jacket was kinda nice. Melissa should've gone home for that poorly-fitted, wrinkly, tube dress, that kept riding up and showing the diaper. None of Elena's pieces were nearly that bad. The judges definitely surprised me. But I also agree with everyone complaining the challenge was unfair to the designers anyway, a shoehorned excuse for Heidi to hock her baby crap, and Melissa has generally been better than Elena.

We'll probably see Elena again in an All-Stars season, they're going to want her back for her comic value.

by Elenareply 2609/30/2012

Actually that show with Alexa Chung is EXACTLY like Chopped. They have an hour to make an outfit out of something in a box (a stuffed animal, a clown wig, etc.) and then one designer gets eliminated. For the final round they have 12 hours or whatever to make a three look mini-collection where at least one look has to incorporate the new mystery item from the box.

by Elenareply 2709/30/2012

Her name is arsehole, here she is!

by Elenareply 2809/30/2012

It was funny seeing them having to deal with the crying baby dolls though. Elena said hers was named (*bleep*) "Asshole" and a bunch of other funny shit.

I'm not over the show, sorry whiny naysayers. And as long as the ratings hold steady (they've held the ratings from the final season on Bravo), no amount of declaring it over is going to make it so.

by Elenareply 2909/30/2012

I can't believe Ivy The Cunt is coming back for the All-Stars.

I kent *(BEEP)* ing belevit

by Elenareply 3009/30/2012

The PR designs for Babies R Us are almost completely sold out online (only Christopher's design in Newborn size remains). The episode was a windfall for Heidi. Christopher's design will also be manufactured in white for Spring so she'll got a twofer in that.

I think if she had added Dmitri and Fabio's to the mix, she would have broken the sales wide open.

by Elenareply 3109/30/2012

I just looked at Nina's wikipedia entry. Apparently she has two kids. One was born in 2007, and the other in 2010. So I guess she was pregnant for 2 seasons of PR. I don't remember any of this, and I've watched every single season of PR! My subconscious must have blocked it out.

by Elenareply 3209/30/2012

To be fair, we just get shots of Nina sitting. They could have shown her from the shoulders-up for a couple seasons, and we might not have known. But I did hear about the pregnancy in 2010. I saw a pic online somewhere - probably linked from here.

by Elenareply 3309/30/2012

I'm shocked that someone would willingly place their penis inside of Nina Garcia. Do they ejaculate on her sloping non-chin from afar, allowing the sperm to dribble down into her vagina?

by Elenareply 3409/30/2012

Which one of you bitches is going to update this wikipedia page? It seems to be missing an integral part of the puzzle.

by Elenareply 3509/30/2012

R31, link please! Don't make us surf and hunt around Babies R Us, I beg you.

by Elenareply 3609/30/2012

Nina Garcia Chinless Fashion DIrector of Marie Claire Magazine apparently dressed so perfectly during her pregnancies that there were many people at Marie Claire Magazine who did not know she was expecting. Say one thing for Nina Garcia Chinless Fashion Director of Marie Claire Magazine--the girl knows how to wear clothes.

by Elenareply 3709/30/2012

But why does she still have Jen Aniston's hair, circa 1997, R37?

by Elenareply 3809/30/2012

Ask and ye shall receive R36. I was in BRU on Monday (don't ask) and the designs were already on display. They had a yellow sticker on them "as seen on Project Runway." Christopher's design looks less formal in blue denim. The flowers are now sewn on with yellow thread in the center and there's a very cute flower on the lapel of the jacket like a corsage. Sonjia's design looks more like pajamas but is very cute, especially with the rough cuts on the elbow patches and false pockets.

by Elenareply 3909/30/2012

The baby girl's dress was so cute on the show and so ugly on the Babies R Us website. What happened to the fun green color?

by Elenareply 4009/30/2012

Please, please, please God. Let Wendy Pepper win PRAS2 so the internet can explode and the show will continue controversy for another ten seasons.

by Elenareply 4109/30/2012

Re: PR All Stars--I want them to bring back the black chick who told her weeping team-challenge partner, "I don't care if you cry, but you need to cry and cut."

by Elenareply 4209/30/2012

I'm admitting this, but I liked some Wendy Pepper's runway outfits.

by Elenareply 4309/30/2012

You bitches love me.

by Elenareply 4409/30/2012

Dear god, what a mess she is!

Wait, is that Amy Poehler on crack?

by Elenareply 4509/30/2012

Funny, this is exactly what we said would happen when they moved to lifetime - goodbye couture, hello fucking baby clothes.

by Elenareply 4609/30/2012

Wrap Up: Thank Goodness the judges finally recognized Dimitry. And Melissa is quite good as well. But Michael Costello lite is middle brow crap. His way of accepting compliments is pure Miss America 1956 (Who me? I won? Oh my goodness, I love you all. I do I do I do.).

NIna Garcia Chinless Fashion Editor of Marie Claire Magazine must still be on her Xanax jag, as she continues her reign of kindness and courtesy. Miss Queen Tangerine, however, had enough zingers to spare. And someone might want to tell Miss Soldana that making nasty comments doesn't signify taste. Just the ability to be nasty.

Fabio wears the best things in his hair. That is all.

by Elenareply 4710/04/2012

I would NEVER want to dress Zoe Saldana.

What a bitch!

by Elenareply 4810/04/2012

I guess the judges saw something in Dmitri's final challenge look that I didn't because, other than it being well made, I didn't like it or think it was very avant-garde. He seems like a nice guy though, and he was pretty consistent about sending down the runway sleek and polished looks from week to week, so I'm okay with him making it to the final four.

by Elenareply 4910/04/2012

Looking at the mini review of the finalists' looks over the season during the judging it became very apparent that Dmitry is the most talented and maintained the most spohisticated craftsmanship.

It was also apparent that Melissa's and Christopher's designs were often tacky or my opinion even tonight.

I was surprised by Sonjia's auf. Really thought they'd keep them all at this point.

by Elenareply 5010/04/2012

Sonjia might've done better if she hadn't lost that gold fabric, but that was a stupid mistake and she paid for it. The dress was pretty ugly, because of the fabric. I agree with Heidi that Fabio's stuff isn't memorable, and I hated his last dress. I also hate his boxy beard, maybe he is good-looking under it, I can't tell. Why intentionally make yourself look like a lantern jaw? It's awful. I definitely preferred Sonjia, but she did fuck up.

by Elenareply 5110/04/2012

But I don't get why Sonjia didn't explain to Tim that Mood didn't pack up her purchased gold fabric. Wouldn't there have been a receipt, at least at Mood if not in Sonjia's possession.

However, I'm not so sure that gold fabric would have saved that looked like a rejected costume from the Finding Nemo Ice Capades.

And I agree about Fabio. Without all the extraneous scuzzy facial hair, hideous tattoos and black nail polish, there might actually be a handsome guy under there. OK, I know I sound like an old puss.

by Elenareply 5210/05/2012

I figured they didn't want to make a precedent by allowing her to go back and get the fabric. Then everyone would be whining they had to go back. And we don't really know if it was Mood's fault, maybe she didn't even pay for it. If she had paid for it, but they forgot to put it in the bag, it seems like they would've called about it. Whoever's fault it was, she seemed excited about the gold lame so it's too bad she didn't get to realize her vision. I don't think she stood a chance with that weird, wood-grained green fabric.

by Elenareply 5310/05/2012

[quote]I figured they didn't want to make a precedent by allowing her to go back and get the fabric. Then everyone would be whining they had to go back.

Oh, I'm certain it's in the show's rules/contract that it's 100 percent up to the designer to make sure he/she's got everything before leaving the store.

Also, I can't stand Fabio, mainly because he eats out of dumpsters.

by Elenareply 5410/05/2012

That weird, wood-grained fabric is called "moire" pronounced mwah-RAY.

by Elenareply 5510/05/2012

None of the looks qualified as avant garde and fell far short of being enchanting.

Sonjia's dress was shit all around.

Melissa's crazy assed getup was appalling. Her model looked like she went into a thrift shop high on bath salts and found a dumb black maxi skirt with a Keith Haring zigzag line motif to put on. Then she finds an automobile seat slip cover to wear as a tank top and tops it off with a little girl sized leather ski vest.

Fabio's poofy, invertable vest might have worked better paired with a pair of vivid harlequin print hot pants and thigh high boots.

Are we sure that Christopher isn't a grandson of Rue McClanahan? Between there being a resemblance and the dresses he makes it makes me wonder.

I liked Dimitry's suit but thought it looked more fierce than mystical.

by Elenareply 5610/05/2012

Thank you R47 & R48.

I thought I wasthe only one who thought Zoe Saldana was seriously bitchy. Especially when she usually ends up on Worst Dressed Lists at Award Show appearances.

by Elenareply 5710/06/2012

Salanda had obviously decided she was going the snobby bitch route for this guest spot. I thought she seemed especially nasty towards Sonjia.

I'm going to put my money on Melissa for the win. I like her and I liked her outfit this week. I haven;t seen the final collections but Christopher seems like a lightweight after this challenge.

by Elenareply 5810/06/2012

I noticed Sonjia has mentioned her boyfriend. Still wondering if Melissa is gay. Anyone?

by Elenareply 5910/07/2012

Looking at the final collections on T&L, I'm scared for Dimitry and Christopher (my favorites so far - until I saw their finals) and will have to concede to Melissa (attractive) or Fabio (cohesive)

by Elenareply 6010/07/2012

Has Dmitry ever said if he's gay?

Did I miss this discussion? Is is maybe in the other thread?

by Elenareply 6110/07/2012

No official recognition from Dmitry about his sexuality (briefly discussed in previous maxed thread)

by Elenareply 6210/07/2012

Yes, it's strange how some of the designers' personal lives are paraded out to us either through their little within the show mini-interviews and skype sessions with their lovers, and then others, like Melissa and Christopher (who are CONSTANTLY yakking to the cameras) remain total mysteries.

When loved ones were brought in to support the designers during that one challenge, I believe it was Melissa's mom who showed up but who was there for Christopher?

by Elenareply 6310/07/2012

There was not much avant-garde going on in this episode. Christopher's dress was just a gothic Disney costume, Melissa had a color scheme brainfart and explosion, Dmitry's suit looked too wearable for an avant-garde challenge (it was basically a dominatrix business suit that should come with a briefcase that has a whip, handcuffs, ball gag, and nipple clamps in it), and Sanji's dress was just too green, not enough fabric (400 bucks and she comes up with THAT? Tim should have asked for the money back), no beauty, and no skills present in that dress. Fabio's design was ok, but it relied so much on the jacket that the dress looked and felt like an afterthought.

It always makes me cringe when Heidi, the judges, the contestants, and Tim tell the 'only the finalists will show on MB Fashion Week' lie. To me all the contestants stressing out on maybe not showing their designs on Fashion Week nearly ruined this episode for me. WE KNOW that at least one third of the contestants show at Fashion Week (even when they are just decoy presentations)! Stop insulting your own audience!

by Elenareply 6410/07/2012

Dimitry commented on how sexy Hedi was during the Rockettes performance. It seemed a little forced but I think he's straight or wants to appear that way.

Melissa's tour of her house has me guessing.

by Elenareply 6510/07/2012

I thought it was going to be a boring night until I remembered what's on. It's the finale part 1, but they're going to make them all compete for 3rd place tonight, someone's getting voted off the island so it's like a usual episode.

I also recommend "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition" afterwards if you want another competition show to get hooked on.

by Elenareply 6610/11/2012

I think Melissa should go home, but it seems unlikely since she's the only woman left. Christopher's is my favorite even though I don't love it, it is a little safe. Dmitry's is fashion forward and original, but I just don't like it. I never liked Fabio's stuff, but I don't hate his collection either. Mondo was probably the last designer I was really into.

by Elenareply 6710/11/2012

Fabio's collection looks like the wardrobe for a remake of "Logan's Run" - futuristic and minimal. Too simple and boring.

The other three had one standout piece (Christopher's dress, Melissa's jacket, Dmitry's first look) but their other two were pretty meh.

by Elenareply 6810/11/2012

They'll send their least favorite male home, and that's apparently Christopher. I think Melissa's stuff is really ugly, but they seemed to like it, or pretended to. I'll be shocked if they have an all male finale.

by Elenareply 6910/11/2012

Oh bullshit - no elimination. Christopher should have gone home. Michael Costello redux.

by Elenareply 7010/11/2012

The finale part 1 episodes are often boring, and this one was no exception, fizzling out by not sending anyone home. What a waste of time.

by Elenareply 7110/11/2012

WTF, Dmitry?!?!?!?!?!?!

He hosted Tim Gunn in a friend's apartment, not his own. But neither those friends nor any other friends or family were present for the sit-down meal that Tim always has with the designers and their support system when he visits them in their personal work spaces.

I know Dmitry talks about leaving his parents in Belarus to come to the U.S. alone at the age of 18. Is he still completely alone? He comes across as moderately open and expressive when he's interviewed, but he seems to intensely keep his personal life isolated from the program.

What's up with that?


Another thought - Did I miss or forget something? Did they not have the episode where all of the kicked off contestants come back and remaining designers have to pick one or two of them to help them work on some project? They do that toward the end every year, but I can't remember this group doing it.

by Elenareply 7210/11/2012

This season has been a letdown. I can't remember a single design that has absolutely [italic]wowed[/italic] me. There have been some beautiful and well made designs, but nothing exceptional or groundbreaking. Last week's avant garde episode showed how limited these final four designers are. And now with their final presentation just before Fashion Week youda thunk they would've kicked it up a notch, but instead they presented blah and boring. Fabio's designs were just plain ugly IMO, and Dmitry's reminded me of 1990's Dolce & Gabbana. Melissa's and Christopher's were okay but uninspired. Those silhouettes have been done before and better.

by Elenareply 7310/12/2012

So did Melissa have a girlfriend or a boyfriend?

by Elenareply 7410/12/2012

Fabio's designs were very Star Trek TNG (what was the lounge they frequented called?)

And Christopher's boyfriend was a hideous beast!

by Elenareply 7510/12/2012

Boyfriend, r74. Yes Chistopher's boyfriend wasn't hot, but Chistopher isn't that hot either. He has weird eyes, like a doll's eyes, and weird teeth too. Reminds me of a cheaply animated woodland creature in a children's cartoon. He's lucky he took after his semi-cute mom more than the ugly dad, but from that gene pool he was never going to be hot.

by Elenareply 7610/12/2012

I think Christopher is beautiful.

I also finally "get" Fabio. At the beginning of the season hearing about his dumpster-diving lifestyle was a turnoff (prejudiced me to think he must smell like garbage), and his tattoos are unfortunate. Last night I realized at last that he's actually adorably sexy, with that deep voice.

Even Gunnar was more attractive than his personality merited.

by Elenareply 7710/12/2012

If the conspiracy theorists are correct, Melissa was not eliminated as to help the concept that the winner always be female.

That said, it's obvious the Chosen One this season has been Christopher. He's won all the manufacturing challenges, including Lord and Taylor, so he's the probable winner.

by Elenareply 7810/12/2012

I'm with the conspiracy people on this one. Before the non-elimination, I even told my partner that since the only designers they really picked apart on the runway were Melissa and Christopher, that there was no way they could have an elimination since 1. Melissa was the last woman standing and 2. Christopher is as annointed this year as the COCKSUCKER was last year. The fix is in yet again.

by Elenareply 7910/12/2012

I think all the pieces sucked. Dmitry could have some really expensive looking pieces if he'd dial back the bedazzling. His eastern European roots really show with the way he puts things together. It's like every Russian or Ukrainian woman who can't decide what nice pieces she needs to put together to go out, so she puts them all on at once.

by Elenareply 8010/12/2012

r76 Christopher's voice and passive aggressiveness would be the dealbreakers for me. He seems like he just left the mahjong table in Massapequa.

by Elenareply 8110/12/2012

I too thought last night's collections were awful. Fabio's looked like some retro tie-dyed t-shirts that had been shredded and thrown over the models. Christopher's outfits were boring, even with the (ridiculous) pins-inside-his-mom print. Melissa's jacket that they were oooing and ahhhing over looked crooked and sloppy, and Dmitry's stuff would have been nice if he had edited it a bit. Well, make that quite a bit.

I was very disappointed. I missed the Biden-Ryan rumble for this??

by Elenareply 8210/12/2012

If those were the strongest pieces that each designer had, it's going to be a really weak runway shot.

I agree with R80 about Dmitry's taste. His collection reminded me of Michael Knight (was that his name?). Christopher's stuff looked cheap and tacky. R68 called it on Fabio's LOGAN'S RUN inspired wear, though they did it better in the film.

Poor Christopher used so many tears during the season he didn't have any left to shed when they were ripping apart his collection. And you could tell he wanted to cry so much.

Nina was pissed last night and I don't blame her. They all sucked.

by Elenareply 8310/12/2012

Don't they usually get more than 5 weeks? That doesn't seem very long to put a collection together.

I don't love any of the collections but I think Chrisopher's print is cool. Nothing new from Melissa and I find her boring now I know she's straight. Dimitry just isn't stylish enough and Fabio isn't doing anything that wasn't done in the 80s. BORING!

by Elenareply 8410/12/2012

In the past they did have more time, recent seasons have given the contestants very little time to put their collections together which is why there has been a drop in the quality of the collections shown.

by Elenareply 8510/12/2012

I thought so R85. None of the collections seem very 'epic' and time has to be a factor. 5 weeks is nothing. Not to mention they'd still be exhausted from filming PR. You'd only have maybe one week for brainstorming/sketching before you'd need to start production. Crazy.

by Elenareply 8610/12/2012

I thought Christopher's print was bizarre.

by Elenareply 8710/12/2012

I don't know how Tim Gunn looks at himself in the mirror each day. He has made a pact with the devil.

by Elenareply 8810/12/2012

My runway collection includes the most beautiful prints inspired by mommys x-ray, her pap smear, stills from her colonoscopy, her hysterectomy, MRI, CAT scan and her mug shot when she was arrested for that DUI last Christmas Eve.

by Elenareply 8910/12/2012

I loved Tim's kicky little red jacket/tan trouser combo.

by Elenareply 9010/12/2012

Don't forget the splotched up leather, Christopher, that looked like you jizzed all over it.

by Elenareply 9110/12/2012

I don't think Tim Gunn has connected with this group as much as he did with contestants from other seasons. I have a feeling that he was really ticked off when the older woman and the Japanese guy both quit within a day of each other. It seems like after that he just couldn't be bothered with the rest of this season's group.

by Elenareply 9210/12/2012

Christopher just seems so insincere and phony. Maybe it's just because he's so young, but he radiates mild creepiness. Fabio and Dmitry are much cooler. I hope Dmitry is gay. He is very cool. Melissa seems very human and talented. So I'm rooting for everyone but Mr. Palu.

by Elenareply 9310/12/2012

Was it the first time in Project Runway history, that two contestants got to stay in bigger places 'by friends' in order to create their collection? Was it also the first time in PR history that Tim visited a contestant without anybody else present (I bet Tim was scared to hell he ends up in Dmity's freezer - thank god for the camera and sound team!).

I was surprised at how much I agreed with Nina who was very disappointed that barely any designer bothered to present at least one showstopper in their three look collection in the episode. And it shocked me even more when they didn't eliminate anyone. Christopher should have been eliminated for his idiotic choice to show no range (all those skimpy outtfits!).

At this point what is the real good thing about being the final three or four? At least eight or nine contestants show their collections at MB Fashion Week (may it be as a decoy or not, they still show it without the audience knowing for sure who's in the final and who's not). Yes, you have the chance to win the big prize, but apart from that only the visit from Tim and his input may be what seems more special and sets the finalists apart from the decoy designers at Fashion Week.

There's no collection I like as a whole. Yeah, Dmity has a couple of interesting pieces and I like Christopher's dress, but Fabio's collection is just ghastly resort wear and Melissa's is kind of wanna-be goth without the edge but with lots of commercial potential.

To me only Dmity has a chance at winning this based on his structured designed skills that look sophisticated and expensive (which is very important for the judges). Of course the show might very well give it to Melissa for being a woman, but I think it's between them. Fabio's collection has no showstopper and is just one big mush of bland. And Christopher is just so all over the place.

by Elenareply 9410/13/2012

I hate when PR concentrates on drama more than design. I was glad that they gave up on the dramatic story lines. But they did not compensate by giving us more talent. Sorry, this was a boring season. And the sad part is that it was boring from the design angle and have been so for a few season. I don't remember when they moved to Lifetime, but maybe that's the reason for the boring designs? Maybe real designers don't want to be associated with that network?

by Elenareply 9510/13/2012

I know, R95. They used to have both really strong personalities AND really strong designers. The past few seasons, the designers have really sucked. Usually, you'll have at least one really good designer who has some 'wow' to what they do. The people this year are just so bad - nothing original about any of them. I mean, look at the top four - three have collections that are virtually all black and white. And all the fucking shorts! Really? Horrible season. I'm looking forward to the all-stars. At this point, Wendy Pepper is a fashion genius compared to these Walmart designers. It all started with the Wretchen season, and went downhill from there.

by Elenareply 9610/13/2012

Christopher creeps me out with his baby teeth, grey pallor and huge circles around his eyes. He reminds me of a sickly urchin in a Dickens novel. And he comes across as such a phony. They obviously want to keep him because he's most likely to cry.

by Elenareply 9710/13/2012

The poster complaining about the designs must be of the kind that needs bells and whistles to distract them. More razzle dazzle = better design. Probably the same ones that think Mondo is some kind of talent.

This season has been refreshing with it's understated and tasteful designs, in contrast with previous seasons freakshows.

by Elenareply 9810/13/2012

No, R98, I hated Mondo's designs. But I'm guessing you're one of those morose New Yorkers who thinks a bit of gray adds a splash of color. There's good design, and there's bad design - this year's crop of designers falls into the latter category because they're unoriginal, and when given color they don't know how to use it. None of these designers can compete with so many from the past, such as Christian Siriano, Daniel Franco, Nick Verreos, Daniel Vosovic, Jeffrey Sebelia, Rami Kashou (yes, Rami), Irina Shabayeva (yes, I include her too) and Seth Aaron. I would even include people such as Kenley Collins, Mila Hermanovski and Leanne Marshall, just because they have a strong sense of design and good technical skills. I can't see any of the people this year having anywhere near the talent of so many past contestants. Agree to disagree - whatever.

by Elenareply 9910/13/2012

r99: Laura Bennett, Santino, the list goes on...there really have been a lot of talented designers on that show, especially if you start to count the "one hit wonders" who were inconsistent but still managed to dazzle (Jay what's his name's Chrysler dress, some of the food/weird materials challenges).

(in Michael Kors voice) Let's face it, either you've got it or you don't.

by Elenareply 10010/13/2012

Why does Fabio annoy me so?

by Elenareply 10110/13/2012

I do not enjoy Tim Gunn(and to a lesser degree Heidi). I don't understand his qualifications for hosting a fashion reality show...

I like the other people on the all-star show much more...

by Elenareply 10210/13/2012

I do love Dmitri but girl, take the teabag out of the teacup before drinking it!

by Elenareply 10310/14/2012

Tim Gunn is actually qualified for the job. The problem is that there is less and less of a talent on the show, so it's difficult to see how good he actually is.

His job, when he worked at Parsons, was to mentor students just in the same way he is supposed to mentor the contestants. Alert them when they lose sight of the design, point inconsistencies , potential problems, etc. Now there are so many issues with these non-designs and the editing is so biased for STORY rather than design that we get a very distorted of Gunn and his talents.

Having said that, I am disappointed that he is willing to continue doing this charade of a job. I don't blame him, the pay is good and the ego strokes gratifying, but I was hoping he would gallantly ride on his high horse when the producers stopped letting him voice his own opinions on his podcasts.

by Elenareply 10410/14/2012

Tim tried hosting a couple of shows on his own but they were not successful. A little of him goes a long way. NIce guy, I'm sure but he is very repetitive.

by Elenareply 10510/14/2012

That's enough about me.

Carry on.

by Elenareply 10610/14/2012

Stopping Tim's podcast was a very strange choice for the producers.

It provided an opportunity for conflict and controversy, the lifeblood of reality shows, but it would have been about something of interest - the designs and the judging.

It also provided an outlet for fans who were frustrated or alienated by the judges decisions. It was a way for fans to remain connected with the show.

And people who were not looking that would remain oblivious to the blog's existence.

It was a no lose for the show.

by Elenareply 10710/14/2012

where's that bitch who knows who won? Spill it, who's the winner?

by Elenareply 10810/14/2012

Joanna Coles did a better job than Tim on PRAS. She'll be back for the highly anticipated Wendy Pepper season.

I love Tim but he's also looking haggard.

by Elenareply 10910/14/2012

Worst final collections I have ever seen on PR.

I am disgusted. Still.

You're all gonna bitch when the girl wins, but I hate her collection the least. At least it has a bit of style.

by Elenareply 11010/18/2012

Finally -- the most deserving designer actually won! Dmitry has not only been the most consistent designer, he was by far the nicest, most intelligent, and as one of the judges said, a gentleman all the way. I loved his line about Elena -- "she is walking depression." There's no question his final show wasn't as impressive as most of the other winners in the past, but his was by far the best of these four.

i assume he's gay but he seems to have no family and all his friends look like bridesmaids at a weird Byelorussian wedding. But that makes it even nicer for him, since it doesn't seem as though he has as much going on in his life as the others. Then again, maybe he's sleeping with Tim Gunn.

Final words: Thank God MIchael Costello-lite didn't win. I am sure he had his victory speech all prepared. Melissa was a class act all the way through and seems poised to become a really good designer. Fabio is way cool but his fashions weren't quite sophisticated enough, but it doesn't matter, because he had the best boyfriend.

And then there's Nina Garcia Fashion Editor of Marie Claire Magazine, who spent the entire season being gracious, kind, and insightful. She was the very model of manners and intelligence throughout. What the hell happened to that bitch?

by Elenareply 11110/18/2012

Anyone else get a gay vibe from Melissa's bf?

by Elenareply 11210/18/2012

R110, no Dmitry deserved the win, even though he didn't blow me away. Bug-eyed Melissa was the worst, it would've been a travesty if she'd won. I also wasn't crazy about Fabio's and thought Christopher finished 2nd, but who cares at this point.

Thank god this season is finally over, I've been looking forward to All-Stars (Project Runway & Ru's Drag Race) for weeks.

by Elenareply 11310/18/2012

I liked Dimitri's non-finale outfits the best, he usually came up with some striking designs, he deserved to win, but I felt so bad for Fabio when he started crying and talking about his mom after he lost.

by Elenareply 11410/18/2012

Christopher kind of talks like Napoleon Dynamite

by Elenareply 11510/18/2012

I liked that Christopher's meltdown led to unrestrained cattiness, like when he mimicked Melissa saying she didn't have much to do the next day. Earlier he'd called her pretentious, but the mimicking was right in front of her. It was funny seeing him lose his decorum.

by Elenareply 11610/18/2012

I totally agreed with the final 2, but I strongly preferred Fabio's final collection. That being said, I see why they picked Dmitry, who made consistantly polished and intricate garments in the challenges with a definite luxe factor. He was far and away the best in terms of construction, but his design aesthetic isn't all that innovative or modern. He deserved the win, but I'm not curious what he'll do next.

by Elenareply 11710/19/2012

I'm surprised none of the judged mentioned Dmitry's Vulcan runway models.

by Elenareply 11810/19/2012

[quote]all his friends look like bridesmaids at a weird Byelorussian wedding

I thought they were Eastern European girls he set free when he escaped a white slavery ring in which his entire family was wiped out. Then he married an American girl to get his green card, divorced her and stayed in touch with the co-slaves, as they shared stories of common sexual deviancy that will forever be etched in their now fragile souls.

by Elenareply 11910/19/2012

Dmitry's runway looks would have been greatly improved if his models had been made up with one gloriously funky monobrow sunning across their foreheads instead the two phat clunky eybrows with the hideous makeup.

by Elenareply 12010/19/2012

I thought Fabio should have won. The fact that he could make such a light and airy collection, given his own personal style, was a revelation.

And I thought that Fabio was the single most gracious runner-up ever in Project Runway history. Not a bad word to say about anybody, including during the final shows.

I was happy Dmitry won, but I've seen his stuff before. Nothing new, nothing innovative, and actually a bit old. I see why Kors and Garcia would like his stuff, but it's not like I haven't seen his style from dozens of other designers.

I love Melissa. I know she's the token female, but I think she's gorgeous, gracious, and unexpected. She's so elegant and beautiful, but with a bit of an edge.

Christopher was the most disappointing. His clothes were very nice (albeit a bit slutty), but his attitude towards the end really sucked. So bitchy and catty, when all the others were being nice.

Contrary to what most of you think, I loved all four designers. I think their nice-ness had a lot to do with it, but there was nothing that went down the runway that I really really hated. And trust me, I've hated a lot that went down the finale runway, in past seasons.

These four were all very solid designers.

by Elenareply 12110/19/2012

Fabio should have won.

You can be sure he'll be invited back on the next All-Stars competition. And he'll win that one.

by Elenareply 12210/19/2012

Christopher is such a little Drama Queen. I could imagine him having an obsurdly long crying jag on his way back home to Long Island, then running into the bathroom to slash his wrists because PR was so mean to him not acknowledging his genius. Hated Melissa and her stuff and Fabio's clothes were interesting but I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them. Dmitry was the classiest, most sophisticated of the bunch and I was happy to see him win. COULD NOT BELIEVE Elena was voted favorite designer/contestant by the idiot public. What a bitch.

by Elenareply 12310/19/2012

No mention of Mondo and that moustache he stole from the leather guy from The Village People?

I was surprised that Dmitry won after Houdson said the line of Fabio needing the push / win more than Dmitry who could make it on his own.

Christopher brought the drama and I thank him for that. The clothes weren't that much to talk about and all over the place. I thought the model who wore his dress at the end had drouble walking, too like the model who wore Melissa's white dress.

I think it was a fair decision to give Dmitry the win. Maybe Fabio and his boyfriend make a sextape to make up for the lost prize money. I sure would buy it.

by Elenareply 12410/19/2012

[quote]No mention of Mondo and that moustache he stole from the leather guy from The Village People?

THAT WAS MONDO???? Seriously, I would never have recognized him in a million years.

by Elenareply 12510/19/2012

I liked Jennifer Hudson's comments about all of the designers' work.....very smart, fair and sensitive.

by Elenareply 12610/19/2012

All I cared about is that Christopher didn't win. What a little shit.

by Elenareply 12710/19/2012

I was quite surprised with Fabios collection. I thought the three pieces he previewed in the last show were horrible. But somehow he pulled it together and presented a polished, attractive and fashion forward collection.

by Elenareply 12810/19/2012

[quote]All I cared about is that Christopher didn't win. What a little shit.

He's got plenty of room to pack his entire collection into the bags under his eyes.

by Elenareply 12910/19/2012

I loved Fabio's 1980s pastels--not.

by Elenareply 13010/19/2012

Do the designers choose which three outfits from their collection to show the judges the week before runway? I bet not.

The producers probably choose three outfits that are of the weaker end to create yet more drama leading up to the final runway show.

Though perhaps that is wise in that it gets the designers to redesign those weaker garments.

by Elenareply 13110/19/2012

The only memorable moment of the season was that horrible one when Heidi Dahmer said to the designers, "My children's line is called, 'Truly Scrumptious", because that's what children are: truly scrumptious."

AAAAAARGHHHHHHHH! Make it stop repeating in my head!!!!

by Elenareply 13210/19/2012

I thought Fabio had it but I'm very happy for Dimitry. As long as Christopher didn't win, I was happy. Talk about showing your true colours, what a fuckwit. Loved it when Tim told him it was no time to be petulant. You could also see the contempt from the judges when he once more mentioned the X-ray print. There is nothing quite as fabulous as a withering look from Nina!

by Elenareply 13310/20/2012

Terrible season, terrible finalists, terrible winner. There shouldn't have been a "winner" this season.

To upcoming all stars looks dreadful. Some of the most annoying designers ever. Ugh.

by Elenareply 13410/20/2012

Fabio should have won? Ah, no dears. Not with those stupid dresses he wears.

by Elenareply 13510/20/2012

I don't exactly understand why the finalists were given more money in the finale to go once more to Mood. I know that pretty much all of them got bad critique for showing three lackluster designs (and yet none of them got eliminated).

Regarding Chris, when was the last time 'the drama queen' won Project Runway? Yeah, it gives you a lot of screen time, but in the end they all lose. Dmitri's dry wit and his talent got him the win.

by Elenareply 13610/20/2012

Yes, but the drama queens are the ones who are invited back for All-Stars, etc.

by Elenareply 13710/20/2012

1. The designers select the three outfits to show the judges.

2. Each year the designers are given a last minute twist, usually to add another garment to the selection and they get the help of previous contestants. This year the challenge was to use the pointers they got from the judges to get their collection to the next level. Each year they get money and time at Mood to complete the last challenge.

3. The collections were mostly boring as hell. Some individual nice pieces but I bet there was not even one gay gasp in the audience throughout the whole show of the finalists and the decoys.

4. Fabio stood out because he was different and had a very distinct point of view. It was a very light presentation next to all the dark ones (remember, the judges had to sit through all the decoys as well). His collection was fresher than all the other, and, if you are looking a FUTURE great designer, he was it. There was no surprise in any of the other collections. Elena also had a very strong and distinct POV and she also had a cohesive and interesting collection, but it was boring after you got the gist of it. It seemed very repetitive. Fabio had a lot of very different, interesting pieces that could be combined in many different ways.

What I cannot for the life of me understand is, why someone like me, who has absolutely no fashion style and has never paid more than $20 for a shirt (though I could afford more) would be so invested in this show after so many seasons? Do they have commercials with subliminal messages that just hook you in? I wouldn't know, I never watch the commercials!

by Elenareply 13810/20/2012

r134 = Elena

by Elenareply 13910/20/2012

Dimitry would have come in 4th or 5th place when this shit was on Bravo.

by Elenareply 14010/20/2012

What probably helped Dmitry the most is the fact that his was the most 'Lord & Taylor' of the four. His stuff was at least polished. I liked his and Melissa's the most. I didn't care for Fabio's collection, though he stayed true to his own vision. I thought Christopher's was the worst - no clear direction or cohesion. And leather shorts? Please. When that Lord & Taylor woman said she liked his stuff the most, I thought - sure - let's see you or any of your octogenarian customers pull on those leather shorts.

by Elenareply 14110/20/2012

Exactly, R141, his kind of designs are and were sold in Lord &Taylor's. There is nothing new or fresh about them. At least Fabio was fresh.

by Elenareply 14210/20/2012

Dimitri's collection was as drab as he was..think Debbie Downer in fashion, Melissa should have won.

by Elenareply 14310/20/2012

Anyone watching PR Australia? Should I start a new thread? What I like about PR Australia is the designers are always really good. They always seem to have good technical skills, and are good at design. I like that the show focuses on the actual talent, too, instead of the drama. Someone like Anya wouldn't have made it past the first episode.

by Elenareply 14410/20/2012

[quote]think Debbie Downer in fashion

That would be r134

by Elenareply 14510/20/2012

"I am sure he had his victory speech all prepared"

HA!I laughed because it's so true! I thought Gunner was the bitch-Christopher is more passive/agressive,which is worse,in my opinion.

Can't wait for All Stars and 'Andre'!

by Elenareply 14610/20/2012

Gunner could be a bitch, R146, when called for. But he knew when being a bitch would make him look bad. For example, the real life client challenge. Van was an uber-bitch to his plus-sized client. Gunner told his client he would work hard to give her something special. he never mocked her or talked down to her. He knew there was no profit in that.

by Elenareply 14710/20/2012

I had to do a double take when I saw both Josh McKinley and Gunner in the audience. In my mind they'd melded into the same person.

by Elenareply 14810/20/2012

R138, I am just like you. I wear the same jeans I wore in the late 90s. I wear Old Navy T-shirts. I dress worse than you average soccer dad. And I love this show. I like to try and pick the winner before hand. I always lose (I though Melissa and Fabio were the best).

Oh well.

On to All-Stars!

by Elenareply 14910/20/2012

I quit watching for a long time when that horrible Jeffrey won but this is the first time I liked the winner...

by Elenareply 15010/20/2012

All-stars begins this week?

by Elenareply 15110/20/2012

Thank you for letting me know about PR Australia! I definitely prefer their version, although I was not overly excited about the third season's winner.

by Elenareply 15210/20/2012

All-Stars starts next Thursday at 9, 8 central.

I think Dmitry won because of his looks. It was weird how they kept showing Heidi starting at him, with goo goo eyes, then she went up on the stage, and they did a close-up on her kissing him.

Maybe I'm crazy but I think it was a bit of a try at a "show mance" or whatever they call it when they fake out a romance to titillate the fangirls.

Oh and why the hell did he have the three pretty girls show up and nobody else to congratulate him? No boyfriend and he looks like that? Surely he's not trying to pass.

by Elenareply 15310/20/2012

Hey maybe they wouldn't let his boyfriend show up because they were playing the stupid cute "maybe straight" guy card, who Heidi has a crush on?

by Elenareply 15410/20/2012

Are you nuts? I like Dimtri but Heidi can do ALOT better...

by Elenareply 15510/20/2012

Heidi and Dmitry? Seriously, R153. Don't make me come smack you.

by Elenareply 15610/20/2012

Melissa's bulging eyes really started to creep me out. They looked like they were about to burst and spray eye-juice all over everyone.

by Elenareply 15710/20/2012

Is Dmitry into Goth? His hair looks like it's dyed black, not natural.

by Elenareply 15810/20/2012

R156 Only said I think the show was playing that angle up, for some reason, and maybe that's why they didn't let Dmitry ever talk to his boyfriend. I hope this does not become a trend. They might have just decided to try it with him, for ratings or whatever. And Heidi's recently publicized divorce. Well, maybe I need new glasses...

by Elenareply 15910/20/2012

The best line in this thread was when a poster said that Tim was hoping that he wouldn't end up dead in Dmitry's freezer when he visited Dmitry at home.

And, I agree, Dmitry could never 'seal' the deal with Heidi.

by Elenareply 16010/20/2012

Heidi is in the middle of a messy divorce and you think they are going to play up that angle? Your imagination is running away with you R153. If you watch Heidi throughout the show, she looks adoringly at most contestants.

by Elenareply 16110/21/2012

Heidi is in a middle of a messy divorce where she is accused of having an affair with one of the yeah there is that.

Having said that, I don't know what the deal was with Dimitri and I am not sure if they purposely did not show a bf or if he is currently single. But they did calm down about showing boyfriends in general. You no longer get "this is my best friend" stories, which makes everything seem a lot more natural.

by Elenareply 16210/21/2012

Does anyone have a link to watch PR Australia in the US? Arena is still blocking it and it's not on YouTube yet.

by Elenareply 16310/21/2012

I watched the first two episode of the Australia show and boy, am I creeped out by the male host and his overly botoxed face and those plumped up lips of his!

And I am sorry, but all the ready to wear fashion on Project Runway Australia would make Elena go constantly : Id lugs layk sheet! And honestly: Ready to Wear fashion designer is just another way of saying glorified seamstress.

Though I am pleasantly surprised at the female bridal wear designer who made that Sidney Operahouse minidress in the second episode.

by Elenareply 16410/21/2012

Yeah, R164, but they're a lot better at constructing clothes. They get the same amount of time to do their challenges, but they actually manage to complete them, and make them look finished and well made. As for the ready to wear part, I'll give it a few more episodes to make any sort of determination. You can't argue ready to wear and then say someone like Christopher or Dmitry aren't as well. And back to Anya - she was neither technically able OR trendy/original - and she won?!?

by Elenareply 16510/21/2012

Interview with Dmitry at the link - no mention of a boyfriend.

by Elenareply 16610/21/2012

Perhaps Dmitry is in the closet because of his family. Belarus isn't exactly that open-minded when it comes to gay things.

by Elenareply 16710/21/2012
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