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Meredith Grey

Am I the only one who finds her incredibly unattractive and tiresome? How Ellen Pompeo ever get a starring role part on a prime time show?

by straight OKC chickreply 3510/08/2012

Her character is annoying, though I thought the show was pretty good for the first few seasons. Ellen's actually prettier now than when the show started.

I liked Lexie, and will miss her character. I loved Arizona at first (and Jessica Capshaw), but hate what they've done to the character.

by straight OKC chickreply 109/27/2012

Meredith is the worst character on the show. That "dark and twisty" crap was tiresome.

by straight OKC chickreply 209/27/2012

I find both Ellen Pompeo and Sandrah Oh to be charming on talk shows, yet I can't stand their annoying characters on Grey's Anatomy.

Conversely, I liked Izzie Stevens as a character, and hate Katherine Heigl's real life personality.

by straight OKC chickreply 309/27/2012

R3 - I loved Izzie until the Denny incident.

by straight OKC chickreply 409/27/2012

They chopped off Arizona's leg!

by straight OKC chickreply 509/27/2012

I think I am A. The only intelligent person who still watches Grey's (I can't help it. It's the adult indie soundtrack that gets me. Every. Time) and B. Have loved Meredith Grey since the onset of the show. Still do.

by straight OKC chickreply 609/27/2012

I miss Lexie. And I will miss Arizona's heelies.

by straight OKC chickreply 709/27/2012

I can not believe they actually chopped off Arizona's leg. Plus it looks like Arizona is now going to be all dark and twisty at least for the first half of this season. Also Mark died and E! is reporting that Eric Dane did not want off the show but that there were "legitimate" reasons for letting him go. They finally admitted that firing Chyler and Kim was budget cuts related, but it seems Eric being fired had nothing to do with the budget.

Anyway, I am completely tired of Cristina and Meredith's codependent relationship. It is just sick and completely disrespectful to their husbands.

Basically at this point I'm only still watching out of a need to see it through to the end, that and I love Sara as an actress.

by straight OKC chickreply 809/27/2012

I think they got confused and thought she was Renee Zellweger. (and Renee was popular back when this started.)

Are they still interns? Those bitches are menopausal by now.

by straight OKC chickreply 909/27/2012

R9 - They were interns only the first three seasons (and the first season was only a few episodes).

Chyler couldn't have been making that much money - at least relative to the others.

I wish they had gotten rid of Karev ages ago.

by straight OKC chickreply 1009/27/2012

I thought Patrick Dempsey quit the show.

by straight OKC chickreply 1109/27/2012

r9 they are surgical fellows now.

r11 Patrick was just making a big stink to force the show into giving him a raise. The hold-out and pay raise for Pompeo and Dempsy is likely what caused ABC to demand budget cuts in other areas.

Looks like Alex is going to turn down his fellowship at Hopkins out of guilt.

I feel bad for Callie her baby daddy is dead and her wife is sans left leg and being a bitch (understandably).

Ellen has aged, and not very well. I kind of hope this is the last season.

by straight OKC chickreply 1209/27/2012

R8 I wonder what the reason was for letting Eric Dane go. He's one of the more popular characters on the show.

Longtime rumors of drug issues. He and Rebecca Gayheart are a handful.

by straight OKC chickreply 1309/28/2012

Do we know why Arizona is now a peg-leg?

It looks like they are going to deal with it more next week, but am I forgetting something from the last season finale because I don't remember anything about this?

by straight OKC chickreply 1409/28/2012

Totally agree, OP. The casting of boring, plain, middle-aged Ellen Pompeo as a young, attractive medical intern is one of Hollywood's greatest mysteries.

by straight OKC chickreply 1509/28/2012

R14, her leg was at least broken in the crash. She made a splint out of something or maybe Christina made it for her, but it was bleeding and she couldn't walk. It probably got infected if they were stuck out there for a week. I guess Callie ok'd the surgeons chopping it off to save her life or maybe she sawed it off herself. I wonder if Arizona kept the leg and has it in bed with her, rotting.

by straight OKC chickreply 1609/28/2012

She's a good host but better on "Who Wan't To Be Millionaire."

by straight OKC chickreply 1709/30/2012

So, apparently Lexie got eaten by wolves in the woods which was revealed by a dazed and traumatized naked Cristina in this weeks episode.

by straight OKC chickreply 1810/05/2012

rumor has it that she had a lesbian fling with Shonda Rhimes. So i guess in lesbian speak she can clap and scissor real good

by straight OKC chickreply 1910/05/2012

Was Chyler a bitch? Eaten by wolves is kinda mean.

by straight OKC chickreply 2010/07/2012

I am sure that Ellen Pompeo will be glad to stop playing Meredith Grey when the show is over. If she tries to find another tv gig she will be typecast.

by straight OKC chickreply 2110/07/2012

Hey there R19, who is "she", which actress is rumoured to have had an affair with Shonda?

by straight OKC chickreply 2210/07/2012


by straight OKC chickreply 2310/08/2012

R20 Good question.

by straight OKC chickreply 2410/08/2012

Arizona wanted to keep her leg and callie said ok. Then she started going into shock because of the,leg infection so Callie made the decision to amputate. Arizona is going to wake up and have a cow.

The mark scenes made me cry. The whole surge deal was heartbreaking. Especially being a doctor and knowing he was surging. Apparently this is a true phenomena. I googled it.

Christine tried to keep the animalls off the other gal. Why was she the only one awake.

Most annoying line of the show. I am your person.

by straight OKC chickreply 2510/08/2012

"I am your person" has been used on the show since very early on.

by straight OKC chickreply 2610/08/2012

Not really r26. They introduced it in like season five and have been beating the audience over the head with it ever since.

by straight OKC chickreply 2710/08/2012

Really? Was it that late? It seemed like forever ago.

by straight OKC chickreply 2810/08/2012

Okay so I looked and it first came up late in season 3 when Cristina didn't know where Meredith was and she wasn't letting Burke tell anyone they were engaged because Meredith, who was busy drowning unbeknownst to Cristina, didn't know yet and Meredith was her person.

by straight OKC chickreply 2910/08/2012

And season 3 was still part of their intern year - before Lexie.

by straight OKC chickreply 3010/08/2012

"You are my person" comes from an early episode in season two when Christina is considering an abortion of Burke's baby, and she needs an emergency contact person.

She makes Meredith her "person".

by straight OKC chickreply 3110/08/2012

I actually liked the original Meredith-Christina relationship but Christina is no longer Christina.

I really miss Lexie.

by straight OKC chickreply 3210/08/2012

I used to be a ginormous Greys fan for the first few seasons and have mostly just been watching it (and Private Practice), because I feel like I need to see the series through. I did the same thing with Desperate Housewives and all it did was get worse and worse.

Grey's seriously needs to just...go away.

by straight OKC chickreply 3310/08/2012

I couldn't even get into PP. Addison bugged me too much.

by straight OKC chickreply 3410/08/2012

I'm with r33. Luckily season 9 is likely the last season. If not, season 10 most definitely is. All the leads want out and the only way they got them to renew for 2 more seasons was to pay them more. That's why Shonda put them all on that plane for last season's finale. She didn't know who she was going to have to get rid of. Lexie died so that Patrick could get a 100k pay raise so that he wouldn't leave. He'd even given an interview saying season 8 was his last season.

Ellen is just flat out honest in interviews now. She basically can't stand the show anymore and is just riding it out for her paycheck. So, like I said either this season will be the last (due to ratings) or season 10 will be the end (the new contracts expire at the end of season 10 and I don't see them getting another raise to keep them on).

by straight OKC chickreply 3510/08/2012
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