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Several sources say Monty Clift and Roddy McDowall were lovers

Elizabeth Taylor told Frank Langella she played matchmaker.

Believe it or not?

by Jiminy Glickreply 4505/17/2015

Define "lovers". When I hear that word I assume that love is somehow in the mix. And everything I have read about Clift tells me he was incapable of love. He didn't even love himself.

by Jiminy Glickreply 109/27/2012

Clift didn't have "lovers", he had "enablers".

I hope Roddy wasn't stuck with him for long.

by Jiminy Glickreply 209/27/2012

eww...roddy? Monty could do better than that.

by Jiminy Glickreply 309/27/2012

[quote]Define "lovers".

"Lovers" defined!

by Jiminy Glickreply 409/27/2012

I have a feeling Roddy was smart enough to know better to get tangled up with a train wreck such as Clift.

by Jiminy Glickreply 509/27/2012

Roddy was hot.

by Jiminy Glickreply 609/27/2012

Monty was one of the most neurosis-ridden humans in history: Y N

by Jiminy Glickreply 709/27/2012

I believe it. Roddy moved to New York to be with Clift. Clift introduced him to his acting coach, Mira Rostova, and from there he embarked on a moderately successful stage career. Prior to that, the MGM-trained McDowall had no real acting technique -- just act cute and say your lines. Roddy got his sister, Virginia, a job as Clift's secretary, which she probably came to regret, considering what a basketcase Clift was.

by Jiminy Glickreply 809/27/2012

Roddy was well-named as he had a huge cock and I hope Monty enjoyed every inch.

by Jiminy Glickreply 909/27/2012

Roddy had the biggest cock in Hollywood.

by Jiminy Glickreply 1009/27/2012 well as a Tony Award.

by Jiminy Glickreply 1109/27/2012

Roddy was a top right? and Monty was a bottom?

by Jiminy Glickreply 1209/27/2012

If Liz did play matchmaker, it was purely for revenge because Monty turned her down.

She probably figured they deserved each other, considering how nasty both of them were universally known to be.

by Jiminy Glickreply 1309/27/2012

R13, Monty and Roddy were very close friends of hers and she never had an issue with them. When Liz found out Monty died, Liz went to her room, and told everyone to leave her alone. She sank into a deep depression and the staff and her famliy heard her cry with deep pain. She stayed in her room for days with her bedroom door locked. Not only was Liz a very close friend of Monty's ,but rumor has it that she was truly in love with him. Also, she had a lot of gay friends who she was very close to and who she loved dearly.

by Jiminy Glickreply 1409/28/2012

R14 after her bout, she ate everything in the frig

by Jiminy Glickreply 1509/28/2012

It was sad to read she was so lonely the last decade of her life. She loved company, but said everyone thought Elizabeth Taylor must surely have a rich social life- so they never invited her to anything.

by Jiminy Glickreply 1609/28/2012

R13 Actually, Roddy McDowall was known to be a warm and generous person, loyal to his friends. Where did you get your info about how "nasty" you suppose him to have been? Or are you just being a no-nothing no-necked cunt?

by Jiminy Glickreply 1709/29/2012

Undoubtedly the latter,r17. And Clift was a mess, but he wasn't a nasty cub, either.

by Jiminy Glickreply 1809/29/2012

She had Colin Farrell R16. They read poetry to each other

by Jiminy Glickreply 1909/29/2012

I never understood the appeal of Montgomery Clift. Kind of ugly. Roddy McDowell was cute though.

by Jiminy Glickreply 2009/29/2012

[quote]I never understood the appeal of Montgomery Clift. Kind of ugly. Roddy McDowell was cute though.


by Jiminy Glickreply 2109/29/2012

Way back when I was just a 20 year old gayling, new to Los Angeles and fresh off the turnip truck, I was cruised by Roddy McDowall at the Sunset Blvd. restaurant The Source.

Waaaay back...

He was having dinner with Mohammed Ali. Being new to L.A., I wasn't yet used to being around famous people so he made me a bit nervous.

Maybe I was naive and didn't really understand why a movie star kept looking at me and smiling.

by Jiminy Glickreply 2209/29/2012

Didn't McDowell costar in Monty's last pic The Defector as a favor to him. To show Hollywood Monty was insurable?

The impression I get about McDowall, from books and online "gossip", was that he was fiercly loyal to his friends and kept their secrets like a guard dog. As far as I know, he never wrote a tell all book but could have. Like Liz, he had connected with everyone in the business.

He was a very talented photographer. He made some great photos of Clift.

I read in the bio of Clift by Laguardia (I think) that McDowall called Clift's antics in NYC carousing. That gave me the impression Mcdowell didn't associate too closely with Clift's private, depraved life but knew about it and knew it was dangerous.

I'd guess they had an affair maybe throughout the years but nothing permanent. Nothing Mcdowell would get mixed up in. Clift seemed to live a debauched life.

by Jiminy Glickreply 2309/29/2012

R20, sorry honey but your blind as a bat.

by Jiminy Glickreply 2409/29/2012

Roddy was such a cute child actor. I can't believe how normal he was able to turn out.

by Jiminy Glickreply 2509/29/2012

My blind is a lovely Japanese ornamental fan R24

by Jiminy Glickreply 2609/30/2012

Monty took Roddy's banana up his asshole, got diseases, and died. Cum on! The Hershey Hwy was meant as an EXIT valve not a turn-on ramp.

by Jiminy Glickreply 2706/14/2013

ro.s really really handsome. They lived together in Malibu. Forgot the guy's first name. Rosentha; was the last name, but he had a perfect build and really cute face. Could really see why Roddy would go for him. In Roddy's home movies, Rosenthal was always smiling and looking very happy.

by Jiminy Glickreply 2811/22/2014

Roddy McDowall's personal papers and letters are sealed until 2100. By that time do not many or anyone alive will even know who the man was much less anyone mentioned in the documents. Still if one was a secretary in that lawyer's office you *know* what one would be doing during lunch or working late alone. *LOL*

Merv Griffen and Roddy were roommates? Who knew?

by Jiminy Glickreply 2911/22/2014

You're all lying! He was my boyfriend!

by Jiminy Glickreply 3011/22/2014

Monty's former home in Manhattan on East 61st Street sold several years back from the family who purchased it from his estate.

No mention of Roddy McDowall but an actor named Ben Bagley (never heard of him) is mentioned as Monty's then lover.

Don't know if it was during Monty's time but just down Second Avenue from 57th Street to about 53rd Street was once a very popular "gay" area. You had bars, street hustlers, the lot. Townhouse is on 58th between Third and Second.

by Jiminy Glickreply 3111/22/2014

Ben Bagley was Monty's lover?!!!???

Bagley did all those revisted albums and wrote the best liner notes ever.

by Jiminy Glickreply 3211/22/2014

Roddy McDowall packing? You be the judge.

As the late Divine said "it's always the little guys with something to prove"

by Jiminy Glickreply 3311/22/2014

Too bad Langella won't be honest about his own male lovers

by Jiminy Glickreply 3411/22/2014

Mr. Clift was a neurotic, drunken drug addicted and horsey voiced actor. His fans mistake tics and nervous lip licking for acting. If he was alive today, he'd be the third lead on a USA drama.

by Jiminy Glickreply 3511/22/2014

Monty Cliff was not very well endowed. Roddy McDowall was beloved by Hollywood because he kept secrets, was a true confidante. Monty Cliff had that terrible accident and much face reconstruction. What about Steve McQueen and Paul Newman? Steve's quote "When I got Paul in bed, I showed him who was the man." Is it true?

by Jiminy Glickreply 3611/22/2014

Langella is a ridiculous closet case.

by Jiminy Glickreply 3711/22/2014

My Friend Fucka

by Jiminy Glickreply 3811/22/2014

52 years Roddy n who cares about your private life, I don't care what people do behind closed doors. It's only my doors I care about. Luved mr roddy mcdowell movies

by Jiminy Glickreply 3901/14/2015


Yeah if Clift was going to expose himself and ruin his career, it would be for someone a lot hotter than Roddy McDowall.

by Jiminy Glickreply 4001/15/2015

I read Langella's book. As a result I no longer believe anything he has to say.

by Jiminy Glickreply 4101/15/2015

[quote]Elizabeth Taylor stayed in her pantry for days with the door locked.

There, fixed it for you.

by Jiminy Glickreply 4201/15/2015

Langella wrote only about people who were dead, and could not respond. The one exception was Bunny Mellon, who was over a hundred when the book was publish. Langella was particular cruel about Eliz. Taylor.

by Jiminy Glickreply 4301/15/2015

Watching a episode of Columbo on netflix. Roddy McDowall appears in it. He's wearing these tight pants throughout the episode, great imprint of his nuts and dick. Very nice.

by Jiminy Glickreply 4405/17/2015

How can we seriously take the word of a man who's seen Whoopi Goldberg naked?

by Jiminy Glickreply 4505/17/2015
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