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What's going to be the first show cancelled this season? What will be an unexpected hit?

Who would have thought last year that Too Broken Girls would be such a breakout hit and Terra Nova would be cancelled? Who would have guessed the horrible Whitney would survive to see another year?

So what shows would be cancelled and what will become hits? The Mob Doctor looks horrible and unappealing. Matthew Perry's Goon is awful. That show with Lucy Liu as some elementary school teacher looks unwatchable. Ben and Kate is completely unfunny. Last Resort doesn't look good. Vegas is DOA.

The Mindy Project seems like it would be a long-running hit. The Neighbors could be a hit since it's paired with Modern Family. Partners and The New Normal could go either way.

by Nikkireply 9411/17/2012

Lucy Lui is not playing a teacher, and her show has gotten the best reviews of any of the new shows this season (WHICH ADMITTEDLY IS NOT SAYING MUCH.)

by Nikkireply 109/27/2012

[quote]. That show with Lucy Liu as some elementary school teacher looks unwatchable.

Is this a joke? She's on a show called "Elementary" about Sherlock Holmes. She plays a female version of Watson.

Elementary. Get it?

by Nikkireply 209/27/2012

Allen Sepinwall says Last Resort is the year's best drama (if this is the one with Andre Braugher).

Revolution is terrible. That's my vote for first to depart.

by Nikkireply 309/27/2012

Most expect "Partners" and "Mob Doctor" to be gone after next week.

by Nikkireply 409/27/2012

The Jeff Probst show has such low ratings, Queen Latifah is already approaching stations as his replacement.

by Nikkireply 509/27/2012

I hated that Mindy Kaling show.

by Nikkireply 609/27/2012

Revolution looks awful and it's probably expensive to produce.

by Nikkireply 709/27/2012

Revolution is bad but, like The Event and Flashforward, will probably get a full season.

by Nikkireply 809/27/2012

Neighbors is a fucking embarrassment. It's amazing it ever got to pilot.

by Nikkireply 909/27/2012

The Last Resort review. Sounds excellent.

by Nikkireply 1009/27/2012

They showed a clip of that Men with Babies show on Morning Joe yesterday and it looks so deeply unfunny.

by Nikkireply 1109/27/2012

Partners, if we're lucky. I was embarassed for the actors. Ben and Kate is waiting on deck. Can't get the hook fast enough.The Mindy Show is a winner. Fast paced, edgy, genuinely funny. Girls without all the ugly nakedness. Love the supporting cast especially the hot Dr. fuck budddy and the waspy receptionist with the slight lisp.

by Nikkireply 1209/27/2012

You people should watch less TV and read a book or something.

by Nikkireply 1309/27/2012

The Mob Doctor looks like it will be the first to go. Animal Hospital won't be far behind.

NBC started premiering their shows weeks before everyone else so it looked like they had a full slate of hits on their hands. Now that the competition has set in the ratings will come down and shows will be going to the chopping block.

by Nikkireply 1409/27/2012

Mindy Project has major potential and they had a Michael Fassbender penis joke. Love Chris Messina too. Partners and Animal whatever with Justin Kirk are unwatchable. Although I don't think it will be cancelled I took New Normal out of my record queue...Just couldn't take it anymore.

by Nikkireply 1509/27/2012

"The Neighbors" is probably going to be gone before the season is out. It had decent ratings following "Modern Family", but I have a feeling many people will not go back to it.

by Nikkireply 1609/27/2012

I agree with r9. How did this show get greenlit and who gave it the prize post-MODERN FAMILY timeslot? As awful as Matthew Perry's show is, NEIGHBORS shouldn't have even made air.

by Nikkireply 1709/27/2012

One very valid point that a review of "The Neighbors" made is somehow these aliens have never, ever had any contact with the world they live in.

by Nikkireply 1809/27/2012

I don't think Revolution is as expensive as Terra Nova was, Terra had a lot of expensive CGI. Revolution seems fairly low-tech, mostly a lot of bad sets and people sword fighting. The whole thing reminds me the original Planet of the Apes. Terra's budget is ultimately what got it cancelled, so maybe Revolution will even get a second season.

by Nikkireply 1909/27/2012

"The Neighbors" & "Mob Doctor" - watched each once, that's it. I'm thinking this will go down as worst season ever for new network shows. While cable shows keep getting better- like Romney, the networks are flailing around in search of something that will work. Millions thrown out there to promote......garbage.

by Nikkireply 2009/27/2012

I had high hopes for Justin Kirk's new show, Animal Practice, but last night was painful to watch. And then they brought out the monkey . . .

They seem to think that their work is done and the laughs will come automatically as long as a person is standing next to, holding, or carrying an unusual animal.

by Nikkireply 2109/27/2012

R20 hit it... Neighbors and Mob Doctor...

by Nikkireply 2209/27/2012

Agree that PARTNERS should bite the dust as soon as possible. Along with Max Mutchnick's, David Kohan's, and James Burrows' careers if there's any justice.

THE NEW NORMAL still has problems but I watched the 3rd episode (the one with the homophobe in the outlet store) and it was better than the previous two.

Granted that isn't saying a whole lot, but Andrew Rannells seems to be toning it down just a tad (but nowhere near enough - he's still a minstrel show character). But the fact that Justin Bartha's character bought the Club Reebock outfit for the baby right after he'd been tossed out of the club for good made no sense at all.

by Nikkireply 2309/27/2012

I may be in the minority, but I thought PARTNERS is a smidgen better than THE NEW NORMAL.

by Nikkireply 2409/27/2012

I like NEIGHBORS more than NEW NORMAL.

If ABC still had a TGIF, NEIGHBORS would have fit in perfectly there. It's not a nine thirty show. And it shouldn't follow MODERN FAMILY.

by Nikkireply 2509/27/2012

Never heard of any of these.

by Nikkireply 2609/27/2012

[quote]If ABC still had a TGIF, NEIGHBORS would have fit in perfectly there. It's not a nine thirty show.

I think next week it moves to 8:30 behind THE MIDDLE.

Even though I didn't think THE NEIGHBORS was a good show, the critics calling it the worst of the season obviously had forgotten about GUYS WITH KIDS, which is quite simply execrable. (I like Jimmy Fallon but he clearly needs to stick to hosting talk shows and stop producing sitcoms.)

by Nikkireply 2709/27/2012

The only one I've seen so far is Ben and Kate and it was hideous. I thought network execs generally don't do coke anymore during work hours.

by Nikkireply 2809/27/2012

Neighbors makes Guys with Kids seem like Shakespeare. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was like Small Wonder. I felt horrible for those actors. No paycheck could justify that shit.

by Nikkireply 2909/27/2012

The second episode of Revolution was better, but it's still pretty preposterous. I don't know if I care about the characters enough to learn all the back story.

The first ep of Last Resort was really good. I want to see where it goes. Same with Mindy Project.

The New Normal is getting better, but the best thing about the show is the little girl. They need to have her do Little Edie again!

Could only make it through 5 minutes of Partners. Awful, but then again I don't like any CBS comedies. I prefer the Thursday night NBC comedies (not so much Up All Night) ABC's Modern Family and the under appreciated The Middle and Suburgatory.

I haven't watched any of the other new shows, and none of them sound very interesting, especially the one with M.'s daughter.

by Nikkireply 3009/27/2012

The Matthew Perry show is called GO ON, not Goon!! And it's actually quite good (and I don't like Matthew Perry).

by Nikkireply 3109/27/2012

[quote]I don't like any CBS comedies

R30, not even Big Bang Theory?

I agree "Last Resort" was quite engrossing, much better than I thought it would be, but then I can watch just about anything with the fabulous Andre Braugher.

by Nikkireply 3209/27/2012

Nothing shall trump the Messiah of 2012/13 television, the Grand and Wondrous HONEY BOO BOO!

by Nikkireply 3309/27/2012

[R30] here... I've tried with The Big Bang, and while I didn't HATE it, I'm just not that fond of the characters and don't really find it very funny. Same thing with Happy Endings. But comedy is subjective, I guess...I love Community and Parks & Recreation, but judging by their ratings, I guess I'm in the minority!

by Nikkireply 3409/27/2012

The Mob Doctor will probably be one of the first cancelled. Animal Practice looks pretty shaky as well.

Guys with Kids is probably on the bubble. Partners had a drop off from HIMYM. It wasn't that great a show but it may grow into something decent.

I expect Nashville to be a hit. It's got a lot of buzz and most critics has it as the best of the Fall Season.

by Nikkireply 3509/27/2012

R9 and R16, how were you able to see The Neighbors already and even know its ratings?? It didn't even premiere until tonight.

by Nikkireply 3609/27/2012

What show is Meryl's daughter Gummy in?

by Nikkireply 3709/27/2012

r36, The Neighbors featuring Jami Gertz and nobody else that I've heard of was on Wednesday night.

Based on it's description, I would have guessed it to be the first show to be cancelled. I'm surprised at the rating it got and don't expect that many viewers to continue, but who knows.

I'm happy that there was no laugh track because it seems like the type of show that would need to tell the audience where the funny lines were. The show honestly didn't make me laugh at all, but I didn't think it was awful either. Overall I am surprised that someone at ABC thought the program would work.

by Nikkireply 3809/27/2012

Bring back Charlie's Angels 2011 I loved that show!

by Nikkireply 3909/27/2012

Wait, so are you saying the pilot for The Neighbors aired both last Wednesday AND this Wednesday? Because they just aired the pilot tonight. How do you guys know the ratings already? R16 was posting on Wednesday morning about the ratings of a show that was premiering later that night.

by Nikkireply 4009/28/2012

CBS comedies are for old people and idiots.

by Nikkireply 4109/28/2012

I don't get what you are saying, r40.

The Neighbors had it's premiere episode this week - on Wednesday, Sept. 26th. The overnight ratings were available the morning of Thursday, Sept. 27th.

Unless you are seeing something different than I am, the post at r16 is date-stamped as Thursday, Sept. 27th at 4:04 p.m. - several hours after the TV ratings for the shows that aired the previous night were available.

What doesn't make sense about that?

by Nikkireply 4209/28/2012

Nevermind. ABC aired the pilot again on Thursday so I thought it premiered tonight. Weird of ABC to air the pilot two nights in a row.

by Nikkireply 4309/28/2012

Some of you people are SO opinionated. Too bad your opinions suck. The New Normal, Go On, and Revolution are pretty entertaining. If you would suspend your disbelief, you might actually enjoy a show like Revolution. It's a fantasy, folks, and there's nothing wrong with a little escapism.

by Nikkireply 4409/28/2012

The Neighbors is so unrealistic. There is NO way someone would be that casual about having an alien as a neighbor. Real people would run away and never come back.

by Nikkireply 4509/28/2012

I honestly want to know the mindset of these show runners who decide, "Let's make our gay lead character as gay as possible."

by Nikkireply 4609/28/2012

Crystal the Monkey is the best part of Animal Doctor. And who the hell gave Jeff Anal Probe a show? He's such a smug pig.

by Nikkireply 4709/28/2012

The Neighbors was interesting for a pilot, but they have no where to go with the plot to make a successful series. "My Favorite Martian" had better acting.

by Nikkireply 4809/28/2012

Partners and Neighbors so far are the worst and I expect they will be gone very soon. Haven't watched any others.

by Nikkireply 4909/28/2012

"Ben And Kate" looks horrifying. In just the previews, Nat Faxon should have is SAG and Equity cards revoked. But what do I know, I predicted the talent free "Whitney" would be gone in three and it got renewed.

by Nikkireply 5009/28/2012

I hear Marla Gibbs is coming back to TV in a mid-season replacement series.

by Nikkireply 5109/28/2012

I thought Ben and Kate was a joke and that the guy was wearing fake teeth. Oh my god, he really looks like that.

by Nikkireply 5209/28/2012

I love Justin Kirk. He's offbeat handsome, and his large, beautiful cock is famous. He was absolutely brilliant in "Angels In America." But "Animal Practice" comes close to being the worst thing ever on television. The writing is godawful, leaving him to do a halfhearted imitation of "House." The supporting cast are downright offensive in their stereotypes. Yes, the monkey is good, but he should fire his agent.

by Nikkireply 5309/28/2012

I read an article about how the only way they can get those reactions out of the monkey is through constant fear and intimidation. The monkey "smiling" for instance is actually a grimace from excessive stress or pain.

That ended that for me.

by Nikkireply 5409/28/2012

Nat Faxon has an Oscar. He's not going anywhere.

by Nikkireply 5509/28/2012

Watching Last Resort was like watching paint dry while watching golf on your TV.

by Nikkireply 5609/28/2012

Elementary with a female Watson and Holmes in NY was pretty bad.

by Nikkireply 5709/28/2012

Didn't I read a few years ago that a show was in development that was going be a gay version of Scarecrow & Mrs. King, or something along those lines? Or did I imagine that?

by Nikkireply 5809/28/2012

I really liked Partners.

I really don't like The New Normal, but it wouldn't surprise me if the fact that it's Ryan Murphy keeps it on longer.

There's a poster near my work for a show about dads or kids or something that looks horrible.

by Nikkireply 5909/28/2012

Please watch the Mindy Kaling show. I need to keep my job.

by Nikkireply 6009/28/2012

People still watch basic cable??

by Nikkireply 6109/28/2012

I stumbled upon 'Last Resort' and it was good to see Andre Braugher in a role that spotlights some of his talent.

From Alan Sepnwall's review at R10:

[quote]One is Andre Braugher, who plays Marcus Chaplin, and is among the best, most convincing actors we have — the kind of magnificent talker who could tell you the moon is made of delicious green cheese and leave you looking for a rocket and a really big grater... Braugher's signature role remains "Homicide" cop Frank Pembleton, who once described his skills at interrogation as "an act of salesmanship — as silver-tongued and thieving as ever moved used cars, Florida swampland, or Bibles. But what I am selling is a long prison term, to a client who has no genuine use for the product." Marcus Chaplin is not Frank Pembleton, but they share a similar verbal gift.

by Nikkireply 6209/28/2012

"Vegas is DOA."

Uh huh, Nikki. Look again into your crystal ball: it had 14 million viewers last Tuesday.

by Nikkireply 6309/28/2012

The Mindy Show/Project sucked. Also, the New Normal. Terrible and full of cliches.

by Nikkireply 6409/28/2012

The Last Resort looks horrible. Who still wants to watch resort shows? The days of Fantasy Island are long over.

by Nikkireply 6509/28/2012

I could not understand what the actors were saying on Last Resort. The sound quality is so bad and there is so much background noise....

by Nikkireply 6609/29/2012

What is a show runner?

by Nikkireply 6709/29/2012

[quote]I read an article about how the only way they can get those reactions out of the monkey is through constant fear and intimidation. The monkey "smiling" for instance is actually a grimace from excessive stress or pain. That ended that for me.

Awww Honey, Bless your stupid little heart.

by Nikkireply 6809/29/2012

[quote]I really liked Partners.

You have shitty taste.

by Nikkireply 6909/29/2012

Made in Jersey is a train wreck.

by Nikkireply 7009/29/2012

[quote] If you would suspend your disbelief, you might actually enjoy a show like Revolution. It's a fantasy, folks, and there's nothing wrong with a little escapism.

No, there's nothing wrong with escapism, but just because the show is fantasy/sci-fi, doesn't mean it's good fantasy/sci-fi. Most of the people complaining about Revolution wanted it to be good, otherwise they never would've bothered watching it even once. Besides, this thread isn't about which shows people hope are cancelled because they hate them, it's about which shows are likely to be cancelled because of soft ratings and unfavorable buzz.

by Nikkireply 7109/29/2012

[quote]Most of the people complaining about Revolution wanted it to be good, otherwise they never would've bothered watching it even once.

The best scifi in years was Battlestar Galactica and it was on cable.

Why can't the big networks do scifi right?

by Nikkireply 7209/29/2012

Made In Jersey flopped in the ratings last night. It's a goner.

by Nikkireply 7309/29/2012

I was hoping "Last Resort" would be better than it was.

It's an interesting premise, and the one SEAL is really, really hot, but I find it kind of hard to root for the guy who decides to set up his own nuclear state. Maybe I'm reading it wrong and Scott Speedman and the Admiral's daughter are supposed to be the heroes and Braugher is supposed to be Kurtz, but it didn't really sit right with me.

by Nikkireply 7409/29/2012

I'm thinking Goon with Matthew Perry won't last. Odd name for a show. Is the title referring to him?

by Nikkireply 7509/29/2012

r75=Ryan Lochte

welcome to DL Ryan!! We don't care if you are dumb since you look so good!!!

by Nikkireply 7609/29/2012

Really r68?

You stupid motherfucking cunt.



Here's the article, you rancid moronic cunt.

by Nikkireply 7709/29/2012

Tune in tomorrow for the last ever episode of PARTNERS, with Bryan Singer's favorite boy, Brandon Routh.

by Nikkireply 7809/30/2012

I agree with R66. I thought it was just me. I turned on closed captioning. That can't be good.

by Nikkireply 7910/01/2012

So PARTNERS got cancelled already?

by Nikkireply 8010/01/2012

Let the Mindy start circling the drain.

by Nikkireply 8110/01/2012

666 Park Avenue got a 2.2 rating last night-Pan Am's premiere in the same slot last year got a 3.2.

Maybe the rumors are true that Zero Hour will take the time slot from 666 as early as December.

by Nikkireply 8210/01/2012

It's been a month. What shows are cancelled?

by Nikkireply 8310/08/2012

You're comparing apples and oranges r82, the 2nd episode of show always drops off a lot from the premiere. Pam Am dropped from 11 to 7 million, so the 3.2 is meaningless to compare to 666's second episode ratings. 666 is reported to be the non-sports leader in its time-slot for young adults and women across all key demos. It's considered to be an "on the bubble" show, not a certain to be cancelled show.

by Nikkireply 8410/08/2012

None yet r83, according to the "TV By The Numbers" site, but they say the first cancellations should be announced by next week.

by Nikkireply 8510/08/2012

And "The Mob Doctor" takes her own pulse, a look of concern on her face as the series fades to black.

by Nikkireply 8610/08/2012

Partners is unwatchable.

666 is a fucking mess.

by Nikkireply 8710/08/2012

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner...uhh, loser.

It's Made In Jersey.

by Nikkireply 8810/10/2012

So what's the second show 2B canceled? Last Result?

by Nikkireply 8910/13/2012

Because OF COURSE they had to use a British actress to play a Jersey lawyer since there are absolutely none of the real thing in L.A. -- oh,wait, there are actors in New York too, some who can do accents even.

I remember thinking "Fuck You" the commercials kept trying to push that dull actress down my throat. Glad it (and hopefully she) is gone.

by Nikkireply 9010/13/2012

Bye, bye Last Resort

Bye, bye Park Avenue 666

Bye, bye Partners

by Nikkireply 9111/16/2012

Seriously? Those 3 are gone? And I never got caught up with them.

by Nikkireply 9211/17/2012

The animals in Animal Practice were not tortured or hurt in any way. The show and producers went out of their way to take care of them. That Vulture article was pure propaganda bullshit.

by Nikkireply 9311/17/2012

[quote]The animals in Animal Practice were not tortured or hurt in any way.

The viewers, on the other hand...

by Nikkireply 9411/17/2012
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