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Taylor Lautner & a dog

Artistic black & white photo.

by Robert P.reply 3511/24/2012

Is it terrible that I was expecting a teacup pomeranian?

by Robert P.reply 109/23/2012

The dog knows talent when he sees it. In this case he's still looking.

by Robert P.reply 209/23/2012

Yeah, they had to settle for a dog because his career is nowhere in sight.

by Robert P.reply 309/23/2012

Do you think Taylor's hole is still virgin?

by Robert P.reply 409/23/2012

He's a very handsome man. Beautiful photo.

by Robert P.reply 509/23/2012

The ballet studio scene is AMAZING.

by Robert P.reply 609/23/2012

Despite the fact that he may be muscular, this photo makes me realize how tiny he is.

by Robert P.reply 709/23/2012

You know, that would be the perfect poster for an indie feature called 'The Tramp and the Dog'. A gritty tale about a hustler who befriends a stray dog and they both are going on quest quest for quick cash, food, a dry and safe place to sleep, and love in the busy streets of NY, LA, or Chicago.

Clerk (cooky character studies of johns, hustlers, drag queens, shop clerks, social worker, etc.) meets My Own Private Idaho.

Calling Gus Van Sant, calling Gus Van Sant.

by Robert P.reply 809/23/2012

It's certainly time that Taylor star in a gay movie.

by Robert P.reply 909/23/2012

Which one in that picture is Taylor?

by Robert P.reply 1009/23/2012

That pic reminds me of Katherine Hepburn in so many ways.

by Robert P.reply 1109/23/2012

Is he the new Ridge Forrester?

by Robert P.reply 1209/23/2012

He's rehearsing for an all-boys version of "Annie."

by Robert P.reply 1309/23/2012

He is a sweetheart. (sigh)

by Robert P.reply 1409/23/2012

He really is the hottest guy in pictures today.

by Robert P.reply 1509/23/2012

Lily Collins was one lucky bitch to have had Taylor deeply inside her.

by Robert P.reply 1609/23/2012

R11, Audrey Hepburn is Taylor's favorite actress.

by Robert P.reply 1709/23/2012

R16 Bryan Singer's baby boy? Dear Tay-tay is a virgin to the ways of women.

by Robert P.reply 1809/23/2012

He should wear clothes more often. He would look good in a nice dark suit.

by Robert P.reply 1909/23/2012

Look like Tay Tay got his nose cut.

by Robert P.reply 2009/23/2012

The dog is more human looking.

by Robert P.reply 2109/23/2012

No R1, I was expecting a purse dog too.

by Robert P.reply 2209/23/2012

He hasn't posed with an alpaca yet.

by Robert P.reply 2309/23/2012

The dog's IQ is probably higher, but at least he's nice.

by Robert P.reply 2409/23/2012

The poor beast was probably taken right back to the pound and maybe even gassed by now, too.

And I'll bet the dog was treated even worse.

by Robert P.reply 2509/23/2012

Taylor is too goodkooking to be human.

by Robert P.reply 2609/23/2012


When you have a pic of Taylor getting fucked doggie style, let us know.

by Robert P.reply 2709/23/2012

Remember that movie he starred in last year?

It's free on Amazon Prime.

by Robert P.reply 2809/23/2012

He is so fucking adorable!

Oh yeah, and Taylor too.

by Robert P.reply 2909/23/2012

He really does look great in clothes. Designers should send him their stuff.

by Robert P.reply 3011/24/2012

W&W for R2 - that was hilarious.

by Robert P.reply 3111/24/2012

I recognize that he's good looking but he does absolutely nothing for me. Am I alone in this?

by Robert P.reply 3211/24/2012

I was hoping for some K9 action.

by Robert P.reply 3311/24/2012

[R1][R22] I was expecting Kristen Stewart.

by Robert P.reply 3411/24/2012

Frankly, I'd be much more interested in the picture if Tay Tay wore the dog collar and Fido wore the sweater and pants.

by Robert P.reply 3511/24/2012
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