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How do you transfer app data to an iPhone 5?

Now that I have an iPhone 5, I need to transfer all my app data from my old iPhone to the iPhone 5. I know I can transfer the apps but what I need is the data saved inside the apps.

For example, how do I transfer all my Grindr chats and starred favorites? I have hundreds of starred favorites that I don't want to lose. I don't have a Grindr Xtra account and will not pay for one, so how can this data be transferred? I also need to transfer my Smurf's Village intact and all my dick photos. Preesh!

Sent from my iPhone 5

by iPhone 5reply 2803/04/2014

Will someone answer for the OP? Don't just sit there like a bump on a log!

by iPhone 5reply 109/21/2012

iTunes will back up your old phone and then transfer the data.

by iPhone 5reply 209/21/2012

You just need to sync the profile, hon. If you don't know how to use a smartphone, you don't deserve one.

by iPhone 5reply 309/21/2012

Your Grindr chats will not transfer but if you restore your new iPhone from the iCloud backup you make of your old iPhone then your profile and favorites should transfer. Maybe somebody who has actually done this already can provide more insight, though. As far as other app data, unless the apps are designed and configured to backup data to iCloud there's no way to transfer them seamlessly from one phone to another.

by iPhone 5reply 409/21/2012

Yeah, iPhone 5 is iPhone 5 when you have iPhone 5 with the apps for iPhone 5 that I have on my new iPhone 5 I just bought.

If you have the iPhone 5 like the iPhone 5 I just bought, do you iPhone 5 your iPhone 5 the way that iPhone 5 features are on the iPhone 5? Any iPhone 5 owners who can iPhone 5 for the new iPhone 5 out there?

It's really iPhone 5, and while I iPhone 5 for the new iPhone 5, it still iPhone 5 on any iPhone 5, or even iPhone 5.

Thanks, iPhone 5. I truly iPhone 5. iPhone 5, everyone!

by iPhone 5reply 509/21/2012

Sounds like a lot of important data, OP. Hate to see what you would grab on your way out of your home if it were on fire.

by iPhone 5reply 609/21/2012

Everything is important, r6.

by iPhone 5reply 709/21/2012

You're a whore, darlin'.

by iPhone 5reply 809/21/2012

Whatever, Cristal.

by iPhone 5reply 909/21/2012

For chats I want to save I just do a screen capture on the "important" parts and they're saved in photos.

by iPhone 5reply 1009/21/2012

Who's going to go through and screen capture all chats and info? Give me a break.

by iPhone 5reply 1109/22/2012

[quote]You just need to sync the profile, hon. If you don't know how to use a smartphone, you don't deserve one.

Uh, that's not how it works, hon. It will sync and download those apps to your new phone but it won't sync the data INSIDE those apps. It won't remember your chats, your favorites, or any of your saved data. The only way it can remember that info is if the app is account-based such as if the app is linked to the Game Center account. But since Grindr is not account-based and not linked to Game Center, it seems like you're shit out of luck if you want to transfer the data.

So R3 is an idiot who has no idea how smartphones work yet likes to run his mouth.

by iPhone 5reply 1209/22/2012

OP please trasfer all your dick photos to me along with any hairy hole photos

by iPhone 5reply 1309/22/2012

Well, I guess this is where a Grindr Xtra account comes in handly. I just backed up my 3GS, restored to the new iPhone 5 and all of my favourites, chats, photos, etc. were right there in the application.

Truth be told, I already miss my 3GS.

by iPhone 5reply 1409/22/2012

Why, R14? Is not the iPhone 5 better?

Sent from my iPhone 5

by iPhone 5reply 1509/22/2012

Grindr has a function called sync, just menu, settings, sync profile. Very easy, everything will be transferred to your new phone

by iPhone 5reply 1612/19/2012

What are Rich White Manwhore Problems, Alex?

by iPhone 5reply 1712/19/2012

You can use some 3rd party tools to transfer apps from your old iPhone to the new one.

by iPhone 5reply 1806/07/2013

I read Apple has an iPhone swap program to get people to trade in their older model iPhones for a discount on the new iPhone 5. Anyone know how much of a discount?

by iPhone 5reply 1906/08/2013

You get $50 off for trading in your old phone.

by iPhone 5reply 2006/08/2013

Thanks r20

by iPhone 5reply 2106/08/2013

Make sure you have an iCloud account, it backs up everything in your iPhone.

by iPhone 5reply 2206/08/2013

How sad that Grindr data is that important to you.

by iPhone 5reply 2306/08/2013

who the fuck needs to save chats from GRINDR? what the hell? what a sad, sad life you must lead.

by iPhone 5reply 2406/08/2013

R22, I'm a newer iPhone 5 owner. Do you have to purchase an iCloud account or do you get some space with your phone?

by iPhone 5reply 2506/08/2013

I usually transfer apps from old iPhone to the new one via iTransfer.

by iPhone 5reply 2609/29/2013

A program called Backuptrans iTunes Backup Extractor lets you transfer data such as photos, videos, camera rolls, SMS Messages, contacts, notes, calendar events, bookmarks etc from iPhone backup to your new iPhone. This may help if you can't restore data with iTunes.

by iPhone 5reply 2709/30/2013

Take a look at this article about "how to transfer apps between iPhones".

by iPhone 5reply 2803/04/2014
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