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I just went into my office kitchen and there was a full container of curly fries on the top of the trash. I ate a handful.

I've gone back 4 times now and can't stop. They're delicious.

by George Costanzareply 2403/29/2013

I love you OP. Put the rest in my snatch and you can eat the garbage out of the garbage!

by George Costanzareply 109/20/2012

Technically, yes. I once threw away an opened bag of chips, because I didn't want to eat the whole thing...then later went back and ate them. Yes, I know I have problems.

by George Costanzareply 209/20/2012

OP, you're gross.

by George Costanzareply 309/20/2012

You queens will stick your tongue up a guy's shitty hole, but not eat out the trash? Right.

by George Costanzareply 409/20/2012

48% of you better get used to it..

by George Costanzareply 509/20/2012

R2, Miranda did a similar thing in an episode of "Sex and the City," except it was cake in her case. She threw away half a cake 'cause she was starting a diet, but went back later to retrieve it and ate it all.

by George Costanzareply 609/20/2012

Why not just take the container?

Of course, it's gross. "Adjacent to refuse, IS refuse." (As said in Seinfeld when George eats a pastry out of the garbage, even though it was on top of a magazine, and had the pastry paper underneath).

But, clearly, if there's no "bad" garbage contaminating it, and it's on top, then technically it's perfectly edible. I just wouldn't tell anyone about it.

by George Costanzareply 709/20/2012

I have to wonder if there was a good reason it was thrown away in the first place. Maybe something very nasty happened to the fries.

by George Costanzareply 809/20/2012

Thankfully I've never been that hungry

by George Costanzareply 909/20/2012

I used a carrot as a sex toy once. I then threw it out, and then I reached in a ate it!

by George Costanzareply 1009/20/2012

The spilled on the ground. That's why they were gathered back into the container and put in the garbage.

by George Costanzareply 1109/20/2012

At work I saw one of the girls who worked near me throw out a big bag of perfectly good carrots. I was amazed and asked her why she did that and went to her wastebasket and took them back out and said I was going to take them home and use them. I made a carrot pie out of most of them which is very similar to pumpkin pie. I brought her a piece of it the next day and told her it was pumpkin. She ate it and said it was good, I then told her it was actually made from the carrots she would have thrown out. She was surprised but began giving me her leftovers from lunch which was ok I guess--the whole moral is that food shouldn't be wasted, at all--a great deal of effort and resources were used to bring you that food, rather than being an ungrateful bitch, eat it or save it for later. I'm wondering how much food people are going to waste once food prices go up still more from the recent drought.

by George Costanzareply 1209/20/2012

Get a load of Ms. R12.

by George Costanzareply 1309/20/2012

Bump for trash munchers!

by George Costanzareply 1403/26/2013

Maybe someone sneezed on them!? Yummy. Hepatitisy.

by George Costanzareply 1503/28/2013

r12 I used to agree with you, until I discovered the wonder of Supermarkets!

by George Costanzareply 1603/28/2013

Eat your weirdo!

by George Costanzareply 1703/28/2013

I love R16!

by George Costanzareply 1803/28/2013

why would someone put food with nothing wrong with it in or near the garbage. I think you're nuts for taking the chance. I can see if you're poor and that's your only way to eat. If you're not, why not just buy some of those fries?

by George Costanzareply 1903/28/2013

R4, you may have and be a shitty asshole, but that's just you darling.

by George Costanzareply 2003/28/2013

In college I knew some people who ran a food-truck business and a lot of other college-age kids worked there. The business had to throw out left-overs, and many nights (the work day ended at 10 pm) a crowd of us would be climbing around in the dumpsters for sandwiches and other treats. Din-din.

And pot smoking and tripping and sex in the alleys (a warehouse district) on top of garbage sammies!

by George Costanzareply 2103/28/2013

It's called "Freeganism," thank you very much, and they are sticking it to the man one cast-off at a time! One man's trash bag is another man's doggy bag, you know.

by George Costanzareply 2203/28/2013

A bunch of us actor types were sharing a house for an out-of-town gig. One night we had a cast party. A particularly crazy, fat & old actress living with us made tons of lasagna. Party went well, ended late of course. A few of us were cleaning up and there was crazy old fat wench hunched over a large trash can taking bites of discarded lasagna from people's discarded plates. It was manic, as she was bingeing on it, too. My friend and I were simply horrified with what we were witnessing - and the image is still burned into my brain now some 15 years later.

by George Costanzareply 2303/28/2013

I like to rub an apple or piece of fruit up an down the crack of my ass, and then put it back in the office refrigerator.

You want to know why?


by George Costanzareply 2403/29/2013
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