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Survivor: Philippines - You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

Russell is going to be back and so is Mrs. Garrett from The Facts of Life! So excited!!

All this on the exciting 1.5 hour special season premiere of Survivor: Facts of Life Edition!

No spoilers, please.

by Jeff Probstreply 60011/18/2012

That old, fat, retarded girl is going to get picked off so fast, like the last, straggler wildebeest trying to cross a crocodile infested river. They'll end-up having to send Lisa home in a doggy bag.

by Jeff Probstreply 109/19/2012

For a second, I thought you meant Russell Hantz was going to be back.

by Jeff Probstreply 209/19/2012

No, another Russell relative, according to rumors.

by Jeff Probstreply 309/19/2012

I wouldn't miss a single installment if it was Cousin Geri instead of Lisa.

by Jeff Probstreply 409/19/2012

It's a shame it's come this. The Blair Warner that I remember would never be seen unbathed or mussed.

by Jeff Probstreply 509/19/2012

Does anyone recognize Jonathan Penner from THE LAST SUPPER with Cameron Diaz?

I thought he was hot.

by Jeff Probstreply 609/19/2012

Edna's Edible....for sure! Mrs. Garrett's gunna get skinnnyyyyy

by Jeff Probstreply 709/19/2012

Guess who rounded third while you know who was in the jungle.

by Jeff Probstreply 809/19/2012

R7 - Blair's going to get skinny.

by Jeff Probstreply 909/19/2012

Or without her Aviance, R5.

Who are the gays this season? And by gays I don't mean lesbians. I mean hot guys.

by Jeff Probstreply 1009/19/2012

Poor Lisa. She says she wants to keep her anonymity -- which is easy because only one guy on the team is old enough to remember Facts of Life.

Twice already they've referred to her as "the older woman" or "a beautiful older woman."

She looks good, but the night photography does her no favors.

by Jeff Probstreply 1109/19/2012

She is a beautiful older woman.

by Jeff Probstreply 1209/19/2012

I saw slobbering monkey!

Lisa looked gorgeous on The Talk today.

by Jeff Probstreply 1309/19/2012

The smug investment banker skeeze needs to go NOW.

by Jeff Probstreply 1409/19/2012

Lisa played Peter Pan in the musical at Starlight Theatre in Kansas City in the late 80's so she did have a bit of a career post facts of life.

by Jeff Probstreply 1509/19/2012

You'd think that if Blair didn't want people to know who she was, she'd've ditched that same hairstyle.

by Jeff Probstreply 1609/19/2012


by Jeff Probstreply 1709/19/2012

The banker got alot of talking head time and is very annoying. I'd say she's not going anywhere.

Russell is also extremely annoying and arrogant.

by Jeff Probstreply 1809/19/2012

The kids may not have watched The Facts of Life when it was on, but surely they've seen it in syndication!

by Jeff Probstreply 1909/19/2012

I can't stand all these shots of snakes!!

by Jeff Probstreply 2009/19/2012

So who is gay? Tattoo chick? Blonde guy on Penner's team? Sex therapist? Malcolm?

by Jeff Probstreply 2109/19/2012

Jeez! Another snake.

by Jeff Probstreply 2209/19/2012

Zane is a fat, out of shape, tattooed joke.

by Jeff Probstreply 2309/19/2012

this season looks to be a mess already

by Jeff Probstreply 2409/19/2012

Zane=Russell Hantz II

by Jeff Probstreply 2509/19/2012

Carter, the blonde guy is from Kansas City area. There have been several articles about him in the paper. He is a fitness instructor and model. A Christian who goes on and on about his beautiful girlfriend.

by Jeff Probstreply 2609/19/2012

Doesn't this get repetitive to you guys?

by Jeff Probstreply 2709/19/2012

So, what happened with Zane? I missed what his master plan was - how did he end up getting voted out?

by Jeff Probstreply 2809/19/2012

So R26, does that make Carter a closet case?

by Jeff Probstreply 2909/19/2012

Mike still has a hot body.

by Jeff Probstreply 3009/19/2012

Jeff Kent doesn't want them to know he was a former baseball player but then tells them he owns a ranch in Texas.

by Jeff Probstreply 3109/19/2012

Malcolm is HOT, but I get a major bi vibe from him.

by Jeff Probstreply 3209/19/2012

Not impressed with Jeff's shaved legs, that is so feminine.

by Jeff Probstreply 3309/19/2012


Zane threw himself under the bus. His master plan was they would beg him to stay and they would oust Russell. He didnt want to solicit votes. The editing monkeys( no relation to slobbering monkey) allowed us to believe it worked. But it looks like the hamsters realized they still needed strength at this point even in the form of annoying Russell. I'm assuming Zane would have been the target even without his plan since he had such a weak showing in the challenge.

by Jeff Probstreply 3409/19/2012

It seems that Michael is accident prone, I wonder if he'll make it through the season again.

by Jeff Probstreply 3509/19/2012

Anyone with ugly tats have to go.

by Jeff Probstreply 3609/19/2012

Can we at least agree Jeff Kent is a douchebag?

by Jeff Probstreply 3709/19/2012

That was pretty funny R35, it was one thing after another with that guy.

I think Lisa looks pretty good. She actually looked the type that would get blowzy, slatternly and dressed to shop at Walmart. They never tell you that Jesus keeps you youthful. I wish I'd known.

I haven't watched one of these in years, maybe I'll stick with it for a while. What's their usual competition when the season gets fully up and running?

by Jeff Probstreply 3809/19/2012

I have a major crush on Malcolm, I bet if you got him stoned he would let you go down on him.

by Jeff Probstreply 3909/19/2012

Jesus, get to a challenge already.

by Jeff Probstreply 4009/19/2012

Sex therapist?

by Jeff Probstreply 4109/19/2012

Jeff Kent used to be such a hothead and an asshole when playing ball, but I wanted to fuck him. He was one that I distinctly remember freely using the 'fag' term back when pro athletes weren't admonished for doing so. That's what started me losing interest in him, but his donation to 'Yes on Prop 8' was the nail in that coffin. I hope he is the first voted off his team.

There were a lot of shots of snakes tonight. Funny that they are only ever added for the viewing audience and the contestants never encounter any.

I don't remember Skupkin seeming so gay the first time he played. I saw he's wearing a wedding ring, but I'd be inclined to ask him if his spouse is a male. Thanks to those clips of him falling in the fire we got treated to some shots of ol' girl Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

by Jeff Probstreply 4209/19/2012

R42 Lizzie from Survivor and Elisabeth on the View might as well be two different people.

by Jeff Probstreply 4309/19/2012

Gawd, Russell is a jackass and Jonathan comes across as a douche.

by Jeff Probstreply 4409/19/2012

I hope they keep Mrs. Garrett around for a while.

by Jeff Probstreply 4509/19/2012

For those of us who missed it, can anyone describe what Lisa was like, how she related to the other players, what the show is setting up as her narrative, etc.?

by Jeff Probstreply 4609/19/2012

R46, she wasn't featured on the episode as much as you'd think. Most of her team didn't recognize her and she appeared to be the odd one out. The "next on Surivor" preview suggests she's totally alienated herself from the rest of her team, although that's probably a red herring.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Penner ass shot. He was presenting hole!

by Jeff Probstreply 4709/19/2012

R67 - My bet is that we don't see much Lisa for awhile.

by Jeff Probstreply 4809/19/2012


by Jeff Probstreply 4909/20/2012

I feel so old now because Lisa is my age and one of the oldest guys there-Skupin-is the only one who recognized her! I forget that the show ended 25 years ago and most of the young players weren't even born then...

by Jeff Probstreply 5009/20/2012

Mike is one hot man, hope he doesn't get hurt anymore and sticks around for awhile.

by Jeff Probstreply 5109/20/2012

If he lasts in the game (who knows how badly his knee is bothering him) I wonder how Jeff Kent will feel when he learns the first person to bond with him is a lesbian. Or how she'd feel if she knew who he really is.

by Jeff Probstreply 5209/20/2012

R50, I thought along the same lines. I don't think I'd want to go on Survivor anymore because I would be one of the "old" guys. (not to mention I have a low tolerance for assholes).

by Jeff Probstreply 5309/20/2012

This is my first time watching Mike Skupin so I was surprised to see how gay he is. I'm sorry, but a straight guy would not recognize Lisa Welchel. No, just no. He's hot though and seems like a nice guy. It'll be interesting to see how he wields his churchiness.

How does Russell stay so buff? His arms and chest are huge. Can a person get that way naturally by ingesting mass quantities of protein and living in the gym? He's gigantic.

So far I'm enjoying the castaways, even the earnest sex therapist.

by Jeff Probstreply 5409/20/2012

I think the sex therapist has a chance at this.

by Jeff Probstreply 5509/20/2012

I know,r53! I always thought that I'd like to try out for Survivor but there is a lot of ageism at play on the show. And that's what bothers me about DL sometimes as well-you don't feel much different inside than you did when you were younger,but the world shoves you in a box once you get to a certain age. But they'll find out soon enough!

by Jeff Probstreply 5609/20/2012

[quote]I'm sorry, but a straight guy would not recognize Lisa Welchel. No, just no.

The Facts of Life was on network TV for, like, 10 years and was in syndication forever after that. It's not like we're talking about Mink Stole or Edie Beale here.

by Jeff Probstreply 5709/20/2012

Jonathan Pinner was always an obnoxious cunt. Russ is so annoying, completely lacking in self-awareness. Can't wait until he loses consciousness again.

Fond of Malcolm. Smart, experienced. Nice nipples.

by Jeff Probstreply 5809/20/2012

Like it matters how long the reruns were on, r57. FOL featured a bunch of fatties that were of no interest to straight guys, they were never watching.

by Jeff Probstreply 5909/20/2012

Skupin's a republican.

by Jeff Probstreply 6009/20/2012

Next week looks to be one of those when the world never seems to be livin' up to Lisa's dreams.

by Jeff Probstreply 6109/20/2012

At least they're not fuzzing-out penis bulges this season. That's so brave of them.

Then again I haven't noticed anyone bouncing, so maybe it's not a problem.

by Jeff Probstreply 6209/20/2012

Really liked having 3 teams this time. Also, there was more time to get to know wach contestant and develop a healthy hatred, so at the end there wasn't some arbitrary vote to get rid of someone they hardly knew.

The investment banker chick and her galpal are getting the cunt edit so far, so waiting for them to bring it on.

Blair is adorable and very vulnerable. If she doesn't learn how to cunt it up soon, she is gone. Although since she is great TV, we may see some manipulation from Jeffy to keep her around.

The little blond gayette got NO screentime which leads me to believe he will be gone soon or hang around forever and no one will notice when he leaves. Maybe at the end, during the torch ceremoney the winners will try to remember his name.

Speaking of gay, did we all know that hunky Pete is gay? Link below goes to his survivor bio and it seems someone knows him in the comment section and knows that he's gay.

Sooo now I want to be in a Pete and Malcom sandwich.

I want Malcolm in the middle

by Jeff Probstreply 6309/20/2012

Holy Pete Yurkowski! Let me see some of that kielbasa!

by Jeff Probstreply 6409/20/2012

[quote]Like it matters how long the reruns were on, [R57]. FOL featured a bunch of fatties that were of no interest to straight guys, they were never watching.

You're ridiculous. When a show was as big and long-running as Facts of Life, people get to know the stars. Even if they don't watch it.

I'm not saying a 20-year-old should know who Lisa Whelchel is, but certainly a 50-year-old would have at least heard of her.

by Jeff Probstreply 6509/20/2012

R65 - yeah, 50 year olds would know the show, but the other contestants are young.

by Jeff Probstreply 6609/20/2012

Lisa needs to get back in the game, make herself famous again so Haven can write a tell all book called The Hot Sauce Journals.

by Jeff Probstreply 6709/20/2012

[quote]This is my first time watching Mike Skupin so I was surprised to see how gay he is. I'm sorry, but a straight guy would not recognize Lisa Welchel. No, just no. He's hot though and seems like a nice guy. It'll be interesting to see how he wields his churchiness.

Facts of Life was on the air nine years, and seasons 2-8 averaged about 15 million viewers per episode. It ran in syndication through the 90s.

Michael is 50 years old and has kids. It makes all the sense in the world that he would recognize Blaire Warner.

by Jeff Probstreply 6809/20/2012

Lisa seems to be making no effort to "fit in". Even if she doesn't fit in as the older lady of the tribe, it's not helping her by adopting a so-called strategy of self-alienation.

She says she has never missed an episode of Survivor, but clearly she has learned nothing about tribe dynamics when it comes to attitudes toward older players and non-social players.

Mike was absolutely right when he suggested to her that she come clean about being a child-actress. Even if they've never seen the show, they all likely have heard of it and probably her too. At this point it couldn't hurt, so she should take advantage of any possible star-struck tendencies, even if it's only one other player.

As far as Mike, yeah, it seems he's really letting his gay flag fly. ping-ping-ping-ping

by Jeff Probstreply 6909/20/2012

[quote]It makes all the sense in the world that he would recognize Blaire Warner.

Yes it does. That's not the point. The point is the other players, the twenty-somethings.

by Jeff Probstreply 7009/20/2012

Is this the first time a celebrity has appeared on reality competion show and NOT given the winnings to charity? Lisa made it clear she had lost her earnings from FOL. Would't she made more Money on Dancing with The stars?

by Jeff Probstreply 7109/20/2012

Random Girl: "My boyfriend follows baseball, so I recognized Jeff Kent right away."

Translation: " The producers thought I was cute, but I'm sort of lacking any personality. So they tipped me off that this 'Rancher Jeff' guy used to play baseball. Like, professionally. They gave me some of his stats, like how he hit .321 lifetime against left-handed pitchers, and that he hit 27% more home runs in day games. So if I can give interviews that show I 'know' who Jeff is, they guaranteed to keep me around a while.

Oh yeah... and I'm planning to move to Los Angeles to become an on-air TV personality!"

by Jeff Probstreply 7209/21/2012

No shit, R2. I follow baseball and know who Jeff Kent is, but probably wouldn't have put 2 and 2 together to even think someone like him would be on Survivor. Blair Warner, on the other hand... guurrrrl! I'd have known her from a mile away.

by Jeff Probstreply 7309/21/2012

Ha! So true,r72!

by Jeff Probstreply 7409/21/2012

A 50-year-old straight guy might be familiar with the Facts of Life TV show and might know that one of the stars was a pretty blonde. But he's not going to recognize a 50-something Lisa Welchel as "Blair" while competing on Survivor. If she was at the TV Land Awards, MAYBE he'd recognize her, but not out of makeup in the Philippines.

Either the guy is gayer than Gay Gayerson or the producers clued him in. Just saying.

by Jeff Probstreply 7509/21/2012

Republican or not, I want Daddy Skupin inside me, quite deeply.

by Jeff Probstreply 7609/21/2012

A Republican Christian daddy will absolutely know who Lisa Whelchel is. Especially one who grew up busting load after load watching the Facts of Life in slo mo.

Would gurgle on his cum for days!

by Jeff Probstreply 7709/21/2012

Blair is doing this for publicity...not to win.

She wants to come off with the dignity of her Christian values intact and get work AFTER this.

by Jeff Probstreply 7809/21/2012

Blair makes it the Final Two, rumour has it she comes in second.

by Jeff Probstreply 7909/21/2012


by Jeff Probstreply 8009/21/2012

Thanks, R79. I love spoilers and I will still watch.

by Jeff Probstreply 8109/21/2012

R79, I thought there was a final three not two? Is this season different?

by Jeff Probstreply 8209/21/2012

I did read somewhere that a surprise guest made it to the guess is Blair.

by Jeff Probstreply 8309/21/2012

I'm surprised by how much I'm liking Blair. I don't care if she's a shitty mom or god warrior.

by Jeff Probstreply 8409/21/2012

What R79 is saying might be true.

Spoiler Alert:

According to Survivor Sucks last 5 are women.

One old and one young make it to the final two.

by Jeff Probstreply 8509/21/2012

If Blair makes it to the finals, I'm going to watch this season till the end.

by Jeff Probstreply 8609/21/2012

This thread is supposed to be spoiler-free, jackass.

by Jeff Probstreply 8709/21/2012

This is depressing. Either the old troll is back or there's a new one. So now I can't take part in the thread. The last troll stopped (I think) because so many people dropped out of posting or reading. So either he waited until we came back, or it's a new one. Either way, I suggest people leave the thread. Like I'm going to do.

by Jeff Probstreply 8809/21/2012

That wld be awesome if Blair made it to finals.

by Jeff Probstreply 8909/21/2012

Many of the spoilers turn out to be bullshit from attention-whores.

by Jeff Probstreply 9009/21/2012

RC is conniving.

by Jeff Probstreply 9109/21/2012

I agree with R90 - except for I think the first Russell Hantz season (where Hantz himself was the boot-list snitch), TPTB have kept a pretty tight lid on the spoilers. The past few seasons where there's been a "Spoiler" troll, the spoilers were bullshit. It was just some idiot trying to rile everyone up.

by Jeff Probstreply 9209/22/2012

It doesn't matter to me if someone reveals who's at the end, because we still don't know HOW they get to the end. We don't know what backstab, or what remarkable save takes place or who fails at a challenge, so on and so forth, so I can still watch the show.

Big Brother has gotten me used to knowing an end result. From the feeds and BBAD, I'd already know the end result before each show aired, but I still watched it for the interactions, for some reason that helped to change my perspective, so trolls win nothing here.

by Jeff Probstreply 9309/22/2012

I love Skupin's hunky man tits, and great arms too. Seems like a sweetheart. Hotty for 50!

by Jeff Probstreply 9409/22/2012

[quote] so trolls win nothing here.

So, if it doesn't matter to you, R93, it doesn't matter to the rest of us?

Speak for yourself. I like to be surprised. Not knowing makes the show for me.

by Jeff Probstreply 9509/22/2012

Jonathan's ear hair is disturbing to look at.

by Jeff Probstreply 9609/22/2012

I would ride Penner in a heartbeat..even with his gut.

by Jeff Probstreply 9709/22/2012

I was speaking for myself, R95. When I said they win nothing here, I meant they win nothing with me. I guess it wasn't clear.

I understand your plight. The only recourse is to avoid the Survivor threads. I don't know what else to tell you.

by Jeff Probstreply 9809/22/2012

Do you think RJ's boobs are real?

by Jeff Probstreply 9909/22/2012

The request in the original post is for this to be a spoiler-free thread. If you don't mind spoilers, start another thread.

by Jeff Probstreply 10009/23/2012

And of course anonymous people on the internet will respect your request.

by Jeff Probstreply 10109/23/2012

What happened tonight?

by Jeff Probstreply 10209/26/2012

Of course the fan favorite returnees will find the idol.. is Big Brother producer Allison Grodner involved in this show?

by Jeff Probstreply 10309/26/2012

Yup, the black chick who calls out the white chick who's in a showmance gets the boot. People on this show are so predictable.

by Jeff Probstreply 10409/26/2012

Blair wasn't on tonight and they all talked about god. I only watched the last minutes tho.,

by Jeff Probstreply 10509/26/2012

While Juggs annoys me, I don't think Roxy is wrapped too tight. Seminary student? Her temperament does not seem to equip her well for her chosen path.

by Jeff Probstreply 10609/26/2012

Why is Lisa self-isolating?

by Jeff Probstreply 10709/26/2012

Roxy was a shit-stirrer and she was a pussy when it rained. Even Russell voted for her. Nobody should turn this into a racial issue.

by Jeff Probstreply 10809/26/2012

[quote]Blair wasn't on tonight and they all talked about god.

Not true.

[quote]I only watched the last minutes tho.,

Then shut the fuck up. You don't know what you are talking about.

by Jeff Probstreply 10909/26/2012

Roxy has the non-judgemental attitude down pat for her career in the ministry.

by Jeff Probstreply 11009/26/2012

R79 is why I haven't read these threads for the past two seasons until after the reunion show.

F&F for you R79 ........and so long until after the reunion.

(p.s. I think next week's coming attractions with 'Lisa makes a comeback' is a ruse. If her team loses immunity, next week will be her last. unless something happens to bring her back in the game later.

So, fuck you in the ass, R79

by Jeff Probstreply 11109/26/2012

I'm an elder but I never watched Facts of Life. However I did know who Lisa was when she starred in Peter Pan in summer stock in the late 80's.

by Jeff Probstreply 11209/27/2012

Slow thread...I guess not many people are watching this season. That blonde chick is dumber than a bag of rocks but I'm sure the hot guy will protect her. He doesn't seem much smarter. Lisa is really odd. Why is she such a loner? If she was as big of a fan of the show, she would know that her behavior will not endear her to the others.

by Jeff Probstreply 11309/27/2012

I can see becoming a loner if you're different than other people. She seems pretty tightly wound, and if you have nothing in common with anyone you're with, then what do you do? She's probably not used to be around people who aren't goody-goody holy rollers.

by Jeff Probstreply 11409/27/2012

I know it's strategy and the need to eliminate people, but I find it so silly how these people pick up on the most random, minute things as reasons to vote others off.

For instance, 1-2 days after being on the island, some young chick gets on camera and says she can't "trust" Lisa Whelchel because she goes off alone/is looking for the idol". She said with so much conviction. She can't just say "I got in a bogus alliance with this one stranger and I have to vote off another stranger and I'm picking X". The phony gravitas makes me roll my eyes. Trust her? Dumb show.

by Jeff Probstreply 11509/27/2012

I agree with Roxy. "Cookie-girl" would have annoyed me, especially if it seemed as if she was relying solely on her looks and nothing more.

by Jeff Probstreply 11609/27/2012

So why wasn't Lisa at the vote? I admit, I only watched a few episodes, years ago, the one with Sue Hawk (whet her?) Is it normal for someone to be missing from the elimination votes? Also, the MILF Island episode of 30 Rock was a pitch perfect sendup of this garbage.

by Jeff Probstreply 11709/27/2012

Thanks for chiming in, MIa. How a straight girl feels about things is of great interest to me.

by Jeff Probstreply 11809/27/2012

R117, if you think the show is garbage, then stop watching.

by Jeff Probstreply 11909/27/2012

[quote]So why wasn't Lisa at the vote?

There are three tribes this season. At last night's competition, Lisa's tribe won first place and got fire and a tarp and other stuff, the second-place tribe got a tarp only, and the losing tribe went to Tribal Council.

by Jeff Probstreply 12009/27/2012

Oh no, sassy mouthy chicks always make for a good tribal council.

Well, we still have sassy, mouthy Russel.

by Jeff Probstreply 12109/28/2012

Why are guys named Russell always loud-mouthed douchebags?

by Jeff Probstreply 12209/28/2012

They need to edit the tribal council sessions better. It was obvious by the way that Cookie Tits and Malcolm sat silent while being attacked that the angry black girl was going home. Oh well, she won't be missed.

If the blue team keeps losing people the merge will be soon. That sucks since I like when the tribes are separated.

by Jeff Probstreply 12309/28/2012

CBS’ Survivor: Philippines (3.0/9) was down 6% from last week to finish within a tenth of X Factor in the 8 PM hour.

And it was Lisa's direction of the puzzle that helped her team win first place reward and immunity.

by Jeff Probstreply 12409/28/2012

I love how smart R115 thinks she is.

by Jeff Probstreply 12509/28/2012

I like Russell, he doesn't seem douchy to me at all.

by Jeff Probstreply 12609/29/2012

What's the matter, R125? Did you have to look up "gravitas?"

by Jeff Probstreply 12709/29/2012

Maybe if they stop casting the same stereotypical black contestants,the rating would go up,r123. It was almost too predictable that the black girl was getting voted out,especially with Malcolm's 'gangsta' comment...

by Jeff Probstreply 12809/29/2012

Here the cast as it is today

by Jeff Probstreply 12909/29/2012

Russell is a douche! He equates playing this game to slaves and people who took part in the civil rights movement. He says if he gives up, he's basically spitting on what those folks did. Oh please.

by Jeff Probstreply 13010/03/2012

I Want to see see slobbering monkey

by Jeff Probstreply 13110/03/2012

Why do they always have to show those close ups of slithering snakes?? Show some monkeys or bird.. enough with the snakes. Yes, they terrify me. I know snakes have always been a part of the show. This season there is always a snake wrapped around some tree or hangin' on the tribal council hut.

by Jeff Probstreply 13210/03/2012

Who went home?

by Jeff Probstreply 13310/03/2012

I saw that R130. I just laughed. This dude id delusional and a sore loser.

Glad Angie went home.

by Jeff Probstreply 13410/03/2012

Russell's tribe is melting away.

by Jeff Probstreply 13510/03/2012

It was nice to finally see the gay guy have some interactions tonight. It sounds like he has everyone on his team set to do what he wants, or at least he thinks so. If it ever comes to it, I think it will be a big deal if they vote off Mike Skupin.

Not sure why he was wearing argyle socks on the beach. Maybe he's going for a particular look.

by Jeff Probstreply 13610/03/2012

Are they going to mix up/consolidate the tribes next week? It hasn't been very exciting, or difficult on the two teams that keep winning.

by Jeff Probstreply 13710/03/2012

Maybe it's just my conspiracy theories still at work from my Big Brother withdrawl, but how did Abi-Maria suddenly go from running around willy-nilly like a chicken with her head cut off, looking for the idol anywhere and everywhere to suddenly running across the camp and (EUREKA!) out of nowhere - say out loud to herself, "I think it's that peice of wood on top of the rice bin"


I couldn't help but wonder if there was a camera or crew member silently nodding "pssst... over there" to her.

by Jeff Probstreply 13810/03/2012

Yeah, R138, they did something similar when Jonathan found the idol.

So, do they still parade cast outs on the morning show?

by Jeff Probstreply 13910/03/2012

R138- Huge Big Brother fan here too, and I thought the exact same thing. In some ways this show seems even more manipulated than Big Brother.

How did Jeff Kent go from having no clue what the immunity idol looked like to suddenly remembering the top of the rice bin was gone and that must be the idol!

by Jeff Probstreply 14010/03/2012

[quote]In some ways this show seems even more manipulated than Big Brother.

No, no it doesn't.

by Jeff Probstreply 14110/03/2012

In some ways this show seems even more manipulated than Big Brother

by Jeff Probstreply 14210/03/2012

I don't normally like guys with long hair, but Malcolm with his hair down looks FUCKING HOT!!!

by Jeff Probstreply 14310/03/2012

No, Malcolm is fucking hot when his hair is up. He looks like a girl with that long dark hair. But he has the best nipples ever.

by Jeff Probstreply 14410/03/2012

Speaking of nipples, why do they keep showing that blonde dyke on Penner's team topless. Why don't they censor her tits? Just because she's a dyke, they can show her nipples?!?

by Jeff Probstreply 14510/03/2012

I hate the Mexican girl that found the idol. "I found it myself! Did you hear that? It was ME who found it!" Yuck.

Lisa has it in her to run that tribe yet she's wilting on the sidelines. Girl's gonna get run over.

by Jeff Probstreply 14610/04/2012

What a stupid girl, the one who found the idol. Find it and shut the fuck up about it, dumbass. Why would you run shrieking to tell someone you've found it?

by Jeff Probstreply 14710/04/2012

[quote]Maybe it's just my conspiracy theories still at work from my Big Brother withdrawl, but how did Abi-Maria suddenly go from running around willy-nilly like a chicken with her head cut off, looking for the idol anywhere and everywhere to suddenly running across the camp and (EUREKA!) out of nowhere - say out loud to herself, "I think it's that peice of wood on top of the rice bin"

I wonder if the camera man, rather than whispering something to her, zoomed in on a close up of the idol, and she saw him filming it.

by Jeff Probstreply 14810/04/2012

r146, she is Brazilian not Mexican and she needs to go, seems like a psycho.

by Jeff Probstreply 14910/04/2012

I don't think anyone would have found the idol without a little 'help' from production."Right under your nose' is so vague,and in the past the idol was usually buried under some rock or tree hollow. I don't think anyone has found it yet on Russell team,have they?

by Jeff Probstreply 15010/04/2012

I really like Denise and Malcolm. Shame they're on a tribe of weak idiots.

by Jeff Probstreply 15110/04/2012

Russell seems to have given up on looking for the idol. He's a weird dude. I wonder what he's like in real life.

Jonathan Penner sounds EXACTLY like Alan Alda. It weirds me out every time he opens his mouth.

by Jeff Probstreply 15210/04/2012

[quote]No, Malcolm is fucking hot when his hair is up. He looks like a girl with that long dark hair. But he has the best nipples ever

Ah, no. Malcolm needs to cut that hair short, it's way too long for a guy.

by Jeff Probstreply 15310/04/2012

And men should only have sex with women, not other men!

Stay within the confines of culturally ascribed gender practices, people!

by Jeff Probstreply 15410/04/2012

Survivor: Philippines (2.9/9) was down a tenth from its fast national last week.

by Jeff Probstreply 15510/04/2012

Malcolm with his luscious locks!

by Jeff Probstreply 15610/04/2012

I'm in love with Malcolm.He's so cute and sexy.

by Jeff Probstreply 15710/04/2012

He looks like a dark haired Thor. Anyone else getting a major bi vibe from him?

by Jeff Probstreply 15810/04/2012

R152 I don't hear Alda.

by Jeff Probstreply 15910/04/2012

I think Penner sounds exactly like Alda, too.

by Jeff Probstreply 16010/04/2012

Clean out your fucking ears, R159.

by Jeff Probstreply 16110/04/2012

Blair's going to win isn't she?

by Jeff Probstreply 16210/04/2012

For someone who is fairly thin, Abi has a huge ass.

by Jeff Probstreply 16310/04/2012

[quote]Lisa has it in her to run that tribe yet she's wilting on the sidelines. Girl's gonna get run over.

Hadn't she just signed the final divorce papers right before leaving for the Philippines? Maybe she's feeling down from the realization that she won't have a marriage to go back to? Not that she had much of real one to begin with, but that's a signficant life event for someone with her religious background. It might have hit her harder than she anticipated so she's withdrawn.

by Jeff Probstreply 16410/04/2012

No comments on "it only counts if it's a manly handshake" guy?

by Jeff Probstreply 16510/04/2012

R165 - that was funny!

R164 - Lisa will go far I suspect. She just needed time to adjust. She was doing more game playing this episode.

by Jeff Probstreply 16610/04/2012

That was not funny, R166. It was mysoginist bullshit. Wasn't a surprise it came from the anti-gay guy.

by Jeff Probstreply 16710/04/2012

What the fuck is THAT on Russell's forehead in r156's picture? So nice to see that he made an effort.

by Jeff Probstreply 16810/04/2012

Jeff Probe was on Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy was queening out about Blair being on Survivor. Jeff said Lisa is an interesting character because she's a very Christian mom who doesn't want to lie or deceive so she is struggling very hard with how to play this game. And it was fun for Jeff to watch this struggle play out.

by Jeff Probstreply 16910/04/2012

[quote]Russell is a douche! He equates playing this game to slaves and people who took part in the civil rights movement. He says if he gives up, he's basically spitting on what those folks did. Oh please.

I agree completely. He's been far up inside himself since they first step foot on that beach. He follows up his "A black man playing a reality game is the same as the black man's struggle throughout history" bullshit with "I was willing to die for this game!" What a load of fucking crap. Just like his teammates have been saying, he's too damn weak for Survivor.

by Jeff Probstreply 17010/04/2012

[quote]How did Jeff Kent go from having no clue what the immunity idol looked like to suddenly remembering the top of the rice bin was gone and that must be the idol!

You wouldn't be curious about that? Why else would the emblem on the rice-bin lid suddenly be missing? What other reason could there be?

by Jeff Probstreply 17110/04/2012

Suddenly someone name Artis was talking to the camera and I had no idea who he was. There are still players who have had no airtime at all outside of the challenges.

by Jeff Probstreply 17210/04/2012

R171 is correct. I think people forget that each 42 minute episode represents three days, or 72 hours.

That's a lot of time for the contestants to kill, and a lot of time to think about the game.

by Jeff Probstreply 17310/04/2012

That's what I hate about the start of the season, R172.

I think there's also a guy named Carter that started showing up this episode too and I thought "Huh, kinda cute ... How'd I miss him ?'

Also --- Pete was another one this episode ? I was like "Pete ? Who's that ?"

by Jeff Probstreply 17410/05/2012

[quote]Jeff said Lisa is an interesting character because she's a very Christian mom who doesn't want to lie or deceive so she is struggling very hard with how to play this game. And it was fun for Jeff to watch this struggle play out.

And she'll win the million, walk away with $600,000 after taxes and donate it to the Church.

by Jeff Probstreply 17510/05/2012

If Lisa's struggle plays out ... that means she doesn't get eliminated all that early. Probably at least makes it to the merge.

by Jeff Probstreply 17610/05/2012

I hope so!

by Jeff Probstreply 17710/05/2012

Want him DEEP.

by Jeff Probstreply 17810/06/2012

He looks cross-eyed.

by Jeff Probstreply 17910/06/2012

Is he Latino?

by Jeff Probstreply 18010/06/2012

My god, Lisa's gotten fat.

by Jeff Probstreply 18110/06/2012

R181 - Actually the few (and there are only a few) extra pounds Lisa has will serve her well during the game. The Survivor diet will also probably work wonders on Abi's ass.

by Jeff Probstreply 18210/06/2012

I also remember Penner from a TV show on Showtime during the late 90's called Rude Awakening. Sheryln Finn played an alcoholic actress and Penner was her hunky neighbor:

by Jeff Probstreply 18310/06/2012

Can someone post the comparison of Jonathan's and Ozzy's cocks? Ozzy is like 5 times his size.

by Jeff Probstreply 18410/06/2012

r174, Pete is the gay - maybe not the only one, but the only male we know about for now.

by Jeff Probstreply 18510/06/2012

There are still too many players for me to even know all of their names. A few have descriptive phrases attached and may develop into names eventually.

I'm glad "big fake boobs" girl went home but Russell (whose name I actually remember) is annoying. What was that weak swimming/diving shit? With that body, he can't pull himself up a ladder?

by Jeff Probstreply 18610/07/2012

Please, send Russell home.

by Jeff Probstreply 18710/10/2012

I was seriously gonna bust a cap if Malcolm got voted out over Russ.

by Jeff Probstreply 18810/10/2012

Glad the Russell show is finally over. Tonight's show was insufferable, especially the last twenty minutes.

by Jeff Probstreply 18910/10/2012

No more muppet voice every week.

by Jeff Probstreply 19010/10/2012

We still do not know most of the people on the other two teams very well, except for the two famous ones & the returning players. Hope that changes next week. Yeah, I am liking Malcolm more each week.

by Jeff Probstreply 19110/10/2012

Am I still on the show? I can't tell

by Jeff Probstreply 19210/10/2012

Memo to Russell-"experientially" isn't an actual word, dumbass.

by Jeff Probstreply 19310/10/2012

Hate to break it to you, R193, it is an actual word.

by Jeff Probstreply 19410/10/2012

Jeez .... I hope Malcolm and Denise (?? I can't even remember her name and she HAS been featured weekly unlike 90 % of the other players) don't lose again next week .... what happened on that one tribe with just Stephanie and Bobby Joe (I think) left .... Did they just compete to start a fire or something ??

There's still 14 players, so it's too early for a merge .... now would be when they have all players toss their buffs and break up into two tribes of 7. Shake things up for players like Pete, who think they've got the game under control (I *love* what he did with the clue to the hidden immunity idol ... that was pretty cool .... might bite him in the ass if Abi ever lets RC know that she told Pete about the idol)

by Jeff Probstreply 19510/10/2012

[quote]I hope Malcolm and Denise (?? I can't even remember her name and she HAS been featured weekly unlike 90 % of the other players) don't lose again next week

It's not going to happen. They're not going to have a tribe of 2 compete and have everyone else sit out the majority of their team. It's obviously going to be a tribe switch-up. So their argument tonight of wanting to keep the muscle on the tribe for future challenges doesn't even make sense.

by Jeff Probstreply 19610/11/2012

Why did they let that blonde lesbian go topless at the challenge tonight? Did it help her go faster? CBS is gonna get fined big time.

by Jeff Probstreply 19710/11/2012

Does anyone like Matt Sing?

by Jeff Probstreply 19810/11/2012

um, the only woman competing in the challenges was denise and she's a brunette, r197. The blond lesbian sat out the challenge.

by Jeff Probstreply 19910/11/2012

Has anyone else noticed that the contestant Lisa (Blair from 'The Facts of Life') seems to have her eybrows drawn on and her lashes darkened with permanent ink? I think her eyebrows are tattoos and they're very bizarre almost geometrical, like Boy George's from the old band Culture Club.

by Jeff Probstreply 20010/11/2012

I saw slobbering monkey last night.

Thanks editing monkeys (no pun intended) for reading DL.

by Jeff Probstreply 20110/11/2012

r199, I think he was trying to be funny by calling Carter, the topless lesbian.

by Jeff Probstreply 20210/11/2012

Thank god Russell is out. His body was hot as fuck to look at but his face not so much (I'm thinking "Predator".) Plus, all his corny religious bullshit, his constant "I almost DIED for this game" bullshit, and his "I'm doing this for my people" bullshit was getting old as hell. Dude should go to seminary school and learn to be a reverend. That russian chick is a flat out CUNT - I hope she gets the axe next. Loving Malcolm, seems to be a smart and mature guy - he nailed Russell on having zero self awareness. How sexy is Skupin's body? He and Penner are the same age - Penner let himself go. Penner used to be so fucking HOT!

by Jeff Probstreply 20310/11/2012

>>Speaking of nipples, why do they keep showing that blonde dyke on Penner's team topless. Why don't they censor her tits? Just because she's a dyke, they can show her nipples?!?

If that's the case, R202, it didn't work the first time. Why do it again?

by Jeff Probstreply 20410/11/2012

Russian chick? Good grief.

by Jeff Probstreply 20510/11/2012

Survivor: Philippines (2.6/8) was down from last week by 13%.

by Jeff Probstreply 20610/11/2012

Ugh. I could not even watch this episode past the immunity challenge. Focusing on the most unlikeable characters and I cannot stand Russell. Fast forwarded to Jeff counting the votes just to make sure of the outcome.

This better improve next week. That other tribe with the Brazilian woman is so stupid - RC carried their team in that diving challenge last week and they want to get rid of her?

by Jeff Probstreply 20710/11/2012

R200 yes, I noticed that even before seeing Survivor. But aside from the eyebrows, Lisa looks fantastic!

by Jeff Probstreply 20810/11/2012

I have missed a season or two...has there ever been a team to suck so bad that they were completely decimated by the time of the merge? It's been so boring to see the same team go to Tribal Council every week. Surely they will split up Denise and Malcolm next week and put them on the other teams? If not and they lose again, how are they going to vote each other off??

I hope they can stick together to the end. I like them both...maybe because we haven't seen anyone else!! We get some yellow team drama, but I barely know who is on the red team other than the former actor and former ball player. I think there is a chick who knows the deal about the ball player, and apparently two blond lesbians, one of whom is allowed to be seen topless?

by Jeff Probstreply 20910/11/2012

[quote]I have missed a season or two...has there ever been a team to suck so bad that they were completely decimated by the time of the merge?

Yes, one tribe was down to one player at the merge. One of our fanatics will provide details at a later time.

I think Malcolm & his sex therapist will be split up next week, one on each of the other two teams.

by Jeff Probstreply 21010/11/2012

They are hinting at an injury next week.

by Jeff Probstreply 21110/11/2012

[quote]I think Malcolm & his sex therapist will be split up next week, one on each of the other two teams.

That wouldn't be fair at all. They would each be the odd one out and be the sacrificial lamb. It would be better to have them each be the team captain and pick their own teams. But I think the producers would want them to be on the same tribe so it's probably going to be randomly drawing an egg and smashing it on your chest to see what color team you're on. Hopefully that way, Malcolm and Denise have a chance of staying on the same tribe.

by Jeff Probstreply 21210/12/2012

[quote] I think there is a chick who knows the deal about the ball player, and apparently two blond lesbians, one of whom is allowed to be seen topless?

I think both blond lesbians got to talk in this last episode. They each got a confessional. There is still a brunette girl on that tribe that never talked at all yet.

by Jeff Probstreply 21310/12/2012

[quote]Am I still on the show? I can't tell

Speaking of Carter, he made a personal appearance along with former Survivor winner and local Danni Boatwright last weekend at a l home and garden nursery. Saw big ad in the Kansas City Star newspaper.

by Jeff Probstreply 21410/12/2012

Malcolm and flip flopped feets!!

by Jeff Probstreply 21510/17/2012

So what happened with the sickies and tribal?

by Jeff Probstreply 21610/17/2012

The dye job lesbian with the repulsive tats was airlifted from Survivor Island by the ring in her lip and the tribe used it's power to vote off-surprise, surprise-the black girl who had been nothing but pleasant throughout the entire episode.

by Jeff Probstreply 21710/17/2012

Dawson was playing mind games with Jeff Kent, the former ball player.

by Jeff Probstreply 21810/17/2012

Dawson did OK. She had a 50 Load Weekend awaiting her at the Manila Thrilla Hotel (Jeff P was Load #37).

by Jeff Probstreply 21910/17/2012

I didn't get voted out did I? No one will tell me.

by Jeff Probstreply 22010/17/2012

R217=jealous that the blonde woman is more butch than she.

by Jeff Probstreply 22110/17/2012

Malcolm has hairy wrinkled feets.

by Jeff Probstreply 22210/18/2012

Is Malcum > Jay Byars?

by Jeff Probstreply 22310/18/2012

It's nice that the homosexual Pete seemed to quickly bond with his new team member Malcolm - the guy that I've thought might be a little gay since he first excitedly hugged Denise the sex therapist when they made an early alliance.

by Jeff Probstreply 22410/18/2012

Malcolm screams bi hipster to me. Yeah, he was snuggling with Tits McBlondie early on but I can easily imagine him leaning back and letting a guy go down on him.

by Jeff Probstreply 22510/18/2012

Pete is far more beautiful than Malcolm, but then again I have a thing for dark haired brunette guys.

There's been rumblings and rumors of Pete being gay.

by Jeff Probstreply 22610/18/2012

I think there has been more than grumblings, r226. Earlier on someone linked to Pete's Facebook page that had a congratulatory message from the brother (or sister...I can't remember) of a guy that Pete dated.

by Jeff Probstreply 22710/18/2012

[quote] the tribe used it's power to vote off-surprise, surprise-the black girl who had been nothing but pleasant throughout the entire episode.

I have to agree. It's actually quite de rigueur for the black people to go home first.

There have been only five elimination votes thus far, and three of them have been black. 60% vote out rate in just five votes. I'm just saying...

Anyway, Pete and Malcolm are fucking HAWT! Omg, does Pete have the best body in the history of Survivor? He's so beautiful it makes me crazy. If he really is gay, that would just blow my mind.

And there's something equally mesmerizing about Malcolm. His long hair, intelligence, very pleasant personality, and obvious good looks have me swooning.

I hope these two go far, because I want to see them on the show for a LONG time.

Poor lesbian girl. Geez that must suck to be so ill in the middle of the game. She made the right choice. It must have been hell on Earth to be starving, cold, SICK with a fever, and wet to the bone. It makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it.

I'm really enjoying this season so far, despite the negative nellies. And Dawson really made me chuckle. I love the stalker surprise shot they gave her at elimination, when she walked up to Jeff.

Good show, because I had no idea who was going home.

by Jeff Probstreply 22810/18/2012

Malcolm's tits are like half melted Hershey chocolate kisses.... yum.

by Jeff Probstreply 22910/18/2012

Do you mean that is the taste sensation they give you on your tongue, r229?

by Jeff Probstreply 23010/18/2012

So happy that Pete and Malcolm are on the same team now. Makes it much easier to fantasize about Malcolm getting fucked by Pete.

by Jeff Probstreply 23110/18/2012

I'll miss her, but I was glad the lesbian went home. People of Survivor can't speak about it, buut people have gotten deathly ill on the game is worth permanent damage.

by Jeff Probstreply 23210/18/2012

That tribe must have really hated the black girl. They were probably desperate to get rid of her. Ha.

The white girl who did really badly in the challenge--Miss Delaware (?)--looks exactly like Christina Applegate. They could be twins.

by Jeff Probstreply 23310/18/2012

The baseball player tipped the team in Dawson's direction because she new his secret.

I wish she had outted him on her exit. Maybe said "at least I met a pro ball player while I was here, good luck all"

It would have been hilarious with them all scrambling.

I think the blonde kid on that team is terrible and he should be gone.

by Jeff Probstreply 23410/18/2012

With Fox out of sorts, CBS swooped in and won the night in adults 18-49 (2.7/8), along with total viewers (10.8 million). Survivor: Philippines (2.7/8) and Criminal Minds (3.1/8) were both up a tenth from last week’s fast nationals.

by Jeff Probstreply 23510/18/2012

Pete and Malcolm are the first time two fuckable guys have been on the same team since Fabio and Benry two years ago (I am still waiting for the sex tape that's been a long, long wait).

by Jeff Probstreply 23610/18/2012

"Makes it much easier to fantasize about Malcolm getting fucked by Pete."

I tend to think it would be the other way around.

by Jeff Probstreply 23710/18/2012

Pete is just freaking adorable

by Jeff Probstreply 23810/18/2012

If Pete is gay then he's in the closet because his Q-and-A/bio on the CBS website makes numerous references to chasing girls, meeting girls etc.

Pete seems pretty smart but I think Malcolm is smarter.

by Jeff Probstreply 23910/18/2012

According to his Facebook page, Pete is a professional model. It seems that a lot of pictures have been removed, there may be indications that 12 pictures are on file of Pete & it turns out there are actually only one. You can get Pete's Facebook comments by signing up without friending him. Nothing there to suggest he's gay, except no mention of 'in a relationship' w/ a male or female.

Malcolm is more personable and outgoing, but that does not mean he's smarter than Pete.

by Jeff Probstreply 24010/18/2012

Dawson was a stalker just staring at Jeff, glaring at him with hatred and then going in to kiss him. Crazy bitch.

by Jeff Probstreply 24110/18/2012

Are Malcum and Pete hotter than Jay though?

by Jeff Probstreply 24210/18/2012

Jay's helium voice made him unattractive.

by Jeff Probstreply 24310/18/2012

I don't get what you guys are seeing in Pete. He is NOT hot at all. He may have a hot body but the face is wrecked. Malcolm is the only hot one.

by Jeff Probstreply 24410/18/2012

I'm sick of the rain and I'm not even playing the game.

by Jeff Probstreply 24510/19/2012

Malcolm, Pete and Carter are all 'eye candy' of varying levels. Something for everyone, I'm sure.

By the merge, I should know all of the players names, I think.

Dana ? Dawson ? Katie ? Didn't know ANY of these people until tonight's episode. Guess all the focus on the losing tribe didn't help.

I wonder if RC and Mike will manage to make it to the merge or not. That team is due to lose an immunity challenge soon. It would be funny if Pete managed to blindside Abi, but get his hands on the immunity idol before she got the boot. Jeff certainly played up what a slacker Abi has been at challenges, so I could see this happen. Pete might not even care that much about the idol and just decide to get the idol out of play along with Abi.

Pete's drama creation with the idol clue has me thinking he can be a pretty strategic player.

by Jeff Probstreply 24610/19/2012

[quote]Pete might not even care that much about the idol and just decide to get the idol out of play along with Abi.

Why would he do that and waste the idol when he has it on his side? And you think that would be a move from a strategic player?

by Jeff Probstreply 24710/19/2012

They're down to 12 people now so the merge should be next week, unless they only do 7 jurors instead of 9.

by Jeff Probstreply 24810/19/2012

Except for Parvati's move with the two idols, I don't know of many times that the person actually in possession of the idol have really passed it on to another player to use, so if Abi has it .... Pete might feel Abi *really* has it and wouldn't give it to ANYONE else down the line. Especially after what Jeff did to her at the last challenge. She's probably crazy mad right about now (doesn't take much !!)

By the way, LOVED Parvati's double idol giveaway.

by Jeff Probstreply 24910/19/2012

Both black girls got the usual 'crazy' edit. So did Russell. Up next week-The Angry Black Man.

And I saw no discernible reason to vote out Dawson-and it's telling that rich Texan Jeff Kent seems to play part in both Dawson's exit and the argument with the black guy(still don't know his name yet)teased in next week show. Looks like we have our new Colton!

by Jeff Probstreply 25010/19/2012

Who's Parvati? A cheese?

by Jeff Probstreply 25110/19/2012

Dawson was stupid to let Jeff know that she knew his secret. Has she never watched a mob movie? People who know too much need to be silenced and a hit was put on her to keep her quiet. Quite a stupid girl. If she didn't tease him with the secret, the other useless girl would have been voted off.

by Jeff Probstreply 25210/19/2012

Shame R251 .... give back your Survivor Fan card.

Former WINNER (and three time player), Parvati Shallow.

by Jeff Probstreply 25310/19/2012

Even dumber was that Dawson even KEPT the secret for 13 days .... you would've thought she would have at least spilled the beans to her girl alliance partners ("Ladies, Jeff the former professional baseball player needs to be the FIRST to go. He doesn't need the million.")

by Jeff Probstreply 25410/19/2012

If memory serves, Jenna gave away her immunity idol to Heidi in S6. They were the two hos who took off their tops for Jeff Probst to give them peanut butter.

by Jeff Probstreply 25510/19/2012

Carter is so fugly, he looks retarded.

by Jeff Probstreply 25610/19/2012

Carter practically flew over the pit and then helped some of his teammates over the hill.

Bummer about the Soutern Dyke ... uhm, Belle. Her leaving (even when it was for a good medical reason) screwed her alliance including Dawson. I would have totally shared my knowledge about the football player at that very tribal council. Carter would have totally lost it and maybe sent one of the guys home instead of a girl.

The constant rain and the cold would never ever entice me to do Survivor.

Malcom looks like a younger and butcher David Beckham.

by Jeff Probstreply 25710/20/2012

Dawson should have at least told her alliance about Jeff K. Not sure why she didn't. Although based on her parting comments, she's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

I thought it was interesting that even the beauty queen voted for Dawson. So even though they were aligned, she must have got word who was getting the boot.

by Jeff Probstreply 25810/20/2012

Why do they always vote out the black women first ?

by Jeff Probstreply 25910/20/2012

Dawson and the other black girl that got voted out this season both came across as bitchy brats that don't do much around camp or contribute to winning challenges. Remember that black girl from a few years back that stole food and buried it so she'd have it all to herself? So, um, there may be a reason why these people aren't desirable to have on your team. Just a thought.

Not trying to make it about race, just personality and behavior. Just because your sassy doesn't mean people want to play Survivor with you.

by Jeff Probstreply 26010/20/2012

So you think all black women are sassy then? No you didn't make it about race at all. These people aren't the only ones being bitchy,selfish and lazy.

by Jeff Probstreply 26110/20/2012

Didn't a black lady get second place last season?

by Jeff Probstreply 26210/20/2012

"Even dumber was that Dawson even KEPT the secret for 13 days .... you would've thought she would have at least spilled the beans to her girl alliance partners ("Ladies, Jeff the former professional baseball player needs to be the FIRST to go. He doesn't need the million.")

She was too impressed with the fact that she alone knew and she could mess with a famous person. She's enamored of stars. She clearly wanted something from Probst.

by Jeff Probstreply 26310/20/2012

I'm not sure why people are making it about race, or specifically black women. There are only two seasons where black women have actually been voted out first. Perhaps because both were recent seasons (S22, S23) they stick in your mind. But there are actually far more strong performances by black women.

Vecepia won her season, Sabrina came in 2nd (last season) as did Cassandra a few years ago. Cirie - who was a fan favorite - came in 3rd and 4th over two seasons, and Sundra came in 4th.

As far as this vote went, it seemed to be a 50/50 shot between Dawson and Katie. I suspect Dawson got the nod because she was seen as more of a troublemaker. Not that she did anything horrible, but I see her as capable of making something happen, vs. Katie who just seems to follow the crowd. I think Dawson was the smarter vote for the majority alliance.

by Jeff Probstreply 26410/20/2012

Thank you for chiming in with reason, R264.

by Jeff Probstreply 26510/20/2012

I saw slobbering monkey with a bananna, I was very happy.

by Jeff Probstreply 26610/20/2012

That all comes down to casting,r260. I'm sure these women were picked to come across as nasty.

by Jeff Probstreply 26710/20/2012

If CBS is closeting Pete, then the editors didn't get the memo, because they included not one but two shots of him staring longingly and lustfully at Malcolm after M joined the tribe.

by Jeff Probstreply 26810/21/2012

Was it just two? It seemed as if Pete was constantly longing lustfully at Malcolm after M joined his tribe.

Were we basing Pete being gay solely on a Facebook post? If so, that Facebook post is looking better and better.

by Jeff Probstreply 26910/21/2012

I think Pete is okay looking, but Malcolm is absolutely hot! Even Lisa finds him gorgeous.

by Jeff Probstreply 27010/21/2012

Now maybe Pete will get more airtime. I keep forgetting to watch, though. I couldn't even name half the people this season.

by Jeff Probstreply 27110/21/2012

Pete looks retarded and cross-eyed. Typical Jersey Shore trash. Macum is much hotter.

by Jeff Probstreply 27210/21/2012

Macum? Who's the real retard here?

by Jeff Probstreply 27310/21/2012

Do any of his fellow castaways know that Malcolm graduated from an Ivy League college?

by Jeff Probstreply 27410/21/2012

Which one? Can't be a good one like Harvard, Yale or Princeton. Probably Cornell or Columbia or North Face.

by Jeff Probstreply 27510/21/2012

Dartmouth. Aren't Columbia and Penn considered better universities than Cornell, Brown and Dartmouth? Just saying.

by Jeff Probstreply 27610/22/2012

Hold up.

Malcolm graduated from Dartmouth (I assume that means with at least a bachelor's degree), and he works as a bartender?

by Jeff Probstreply 27710/22/2012

To: R277-

Yes, based on a YouTube interview with Malcolm.

by Jeff Probstreply 27810/22/2012

Never heard of Darkmouth. It's considered Ivy League?!

by Jeff Probstreply 27910/24/2012

Do you think Ellen, uh I mean Carter, will get to speak tonight?

by Jeff Probstreply 28010/24/2012

Tonight should be the merge. 12 people, final 3, 9 rural jurors.

by Jeff Probstreply 28110/24/2012

Malcolm probably got tired of the rat race so he threw off the shackles and pursued his bliss as a bartender.

by Jeff Probstreply 28210/24/2012

[quote]9 rural jurors.

Can we get married, R281?

by Jeff Probstreply 28310/24/2012

The ads for the show this week spoil any surprise of a merge for viewers.

by Jeff Probstreply 28410/24/2012

I think the merge will be at 10. Are we sure that it is final 3 and not final 2?

by Jeff Probstreply 28510/24/2012

Did Russell win?

by Jeff Probstreply 28610/24/2012

They only do final two if they start with sixteen players. Final three if they start with eighteen or twenty.

by Jeff Probstreply 28710/24/2012

R286, Russell was gone two weeks ago.

by Jeff Probstreply 28810/24/2012

I can't stand Jonathan Penner. I wish they would blindside him.. let him think he is safe so he doesn't use the idol.

by Jeff Probstreply 28910/24/2012

I want to,see Malcolm and his ponytail

I want to see nameless skinny blonde dude

I want to see nameless skinny brunette dude

I want to see Blair's and mrs Garrett

I want to see Penner and his blue eyes

I want to see Denise and her shortness

I want to see slobbering monkey

I want to see Bo and his jandras

All that and Jeff's dimples on tonites show

by Jeff Probstreply 29010/24/2012

Gotta give Lisa credit. She's up for all of the challenges and is a lot older than the other women and she's done quite well.

by Jeff Probstreply 29110/24/2012

Lisa does rock and is very like able.

Penner was so arrogant.

Malcolm is playing the mom card with Lisa and Denise. Smart move.

by Jeff Probstreply 29210/24/2012

According to the spoilers Carter was supposed to go home tonight, so I don't know what to believe anymore. I don't understand the hatred for Penner, he looked good in the nude several years back and came back to camp with fish! When Ozzy did these things he was revered.

It was funny seeing Lisa getting physical with the moosey Denise in the Wicker ball challenge.

I don't know why everyone dumped on the stigmatic rice eater when he went out of his way to replenish their food supply.

by Jeff Probstreply 29310/24/2012

Malcolm and Lisa are becoming the bad asses of Survivor. I would have nasty sex with Mike any day.

by Jeff Probstreply 29410/24/2012

God is pushing Lisa forward. AMEN!

by Jeff Probstreply 29510/24/2012

Slobbering monkey alert at 0:30 and 0:44!

by Jeff Probstreply 29610/24/2012

As I said on other thread, Lisa is truly impressive on this show, kicking ass and with a cool temperament. Is anyone else surprised though that almost NOBODY recognizes her? She looks the same, even the hair, has hardly ballooned or wrinkled and that show was classic TV camp. And, what, one person makes the connection?

Man, fame is fleeting. I guess there are people out there who don't know who Don Knotts is either. Kinda pisses me off actually.

by Jeff Probstreply 29710/24/2012

Who got the boot?

by Jeff Probstreply 29810/24/2012

R297 - it figures that Mike would recognize her as he's 50. The rest are young. Penner and Kent might have guessed,maybe Denise as well.

by Jeff Probstreply 29910/24/2012


I didn't get voted off yet, did I?

by Jeff Probstreply 30010/24/2012

Penner is a huge favorite over at TV Without Pity. I do not have an opinion about him, but am confused about all the love at TVWP.

by Jeff Probstreply 30110/24/2012

The mud wrestling was surprising non-erotic, even though it seemed like they did their best to give it as sexy an edit as they could muster. Not even Pete on Carter was hot.

How was it that in one of the interview clips of the investment banker chick (RC?) talking to the camera, she was wearing a business suit - like she was at work?

Does the Carter dude have crossed eyes?

And I really don't understand the rice situation for these teams. How did each team only have approximately a single days worth of rice left? They are only half way through the game. Don't people go on Survivor knowing they have to ration their food so it will last for the extent of their time?

by Jeff Probstreply 30210/25/2012

Penner has nice nips,but not as good as former contestant Burton Roberts! And I'm very surprised that Penner hasn't recognized Lisa,either-he's also an actor of some note and about the same age. I'm sure it will be revealed in the reunion that he knew who she is but decided not to say anything for the sake of his game(or the producers)

by Jeff Probstreply 30310/25/2012

The show was syndicated and stuff...even younger people could know her. I did but then again I read Dl.

by Jeff Probstreply 30410/25/2012

I can see younger people not knowing who Blair Warner is, but you'd think some of the older ones would. With the exception of Jeff Kent, of course, who would have never watched no faggot TV.

by Jeff Probstreply 30510/25/2012

Penner has to know her....They are about the same age and he was a sitcom star too.

They probably just haven't shown any footage of him talking about her....I bet he will approach her for an alliance soon.

by Jeff Probstreply 30610/25/2012

Carter is from the area. There have been articles about him in the paper talking about his girlfriend. Not sure I believe it.

by Jeff Probstreply 30710/25/2012

Is Carter the skinny blonde guy we met for the first time last night? Talk about no airtime.

by Jeff Probstreply 30810/25/2012

Penned was a sit-com star?

by Jeff Probstreply 30910/25/2012

Yes, R308. At first glance, I thought he was the lesbian. When I realized he was someone else, I'm like, "did he just arrive?"

by Jeff Probstreply 31010/25/2012

I am not young but even I didn't recognize who that Lisa gal is. Not all of us have wasted so much time on mediocre sitcoms.

by Jeff Probstreply 31110/25/2012

Bitch, please. Facts of Life was on for years and was a huge hit. It was part of popular culture. Blair Warner was the central character, and was a gay icon for many you boys watching the show (the reason Skupin immediately knew who she was.). Millions know her.

I find her entire personality change odd. Whether or not she was "acting" (a claim I find to be dubious as sitcom actors aren't able to play anyone outside themselves), she now has an obvious lack of confidence as a person. She's curiosly vacant, like she's hiding. Religion? Anyway, she looks like she's finding some fire, and it would be fun to see her come to life at the end. Redemption.

by Jeff Probstreply 31210/25/2012


by Jeff Probstreply 31310/25/2012

I get the feeling that they recognize Lisa, but can't really place her.

by Jeff Probstreply 31410/25/2012

Man, some of you are old and deluded. Why the hell would anyone except the old people know about Lisa?

That'd be like in 30 years from now, me being shocked that 20 year olds don't know who Phoebe Buffay is.

Anyway, Lisa has been a pleasant surprise regardless of her background.

by Jeff Probstreply 31510/25/2012

Ratings: Survivor: Philippines (2.8/8) was flat with last week.

by Jeff Probstreply 31610/25/2012

I've seen the show before, but I'm not sure I would have realized it was her if I hadn't been told.

by Jeff Probstreply 31710/25/2012

[quote]I don't understand the hatred for Penner, he looked good in the nude several years back and came back to camp with fish! When Ozzy did these things he was revered.

Are you seriously equating a naked Penner with a naked Ozzie? Really?

Carter, every time I see him, reminds me of Dana Carve doing the Church Lady on SNL. It's just that look on his face, like he's always getting a whiff of raw sewage.

by Jeff Probstreply 31810/25/2012

Blair Warner!

by Jeff Probstreply 31910/25/2012

Lisa has not changed that much since the pic in R319

by Jeff Probstreply 32010/25/2012

>>I find her entire personality change odd.

Dear lord. She was playing a character. That wasn't her personality.

by Jeff Probstreply 32110/25/2012

Please, she's cute, but hardly an actress r321.

by Jeff Probstreply 32210/26/2012

No, she hasn't changed at all.

by Jeff Probstreply 32310/26/2012

From my memories of The Facts of Life I always thought Lisa Welchel was a pretty good actress, better than any of the other girls or Charlotte Rae. Interviews with Lisa over the years show that she was never much like Blair Warner, especially not the Blair of the early Facts of Life seasons. So, yes, Blair Warner was just a character Lisa Welchel did an excellent job of playing. Lisa is also doing a terrific job on Survivor so far- and I think she is my favorite to win.

by Jeff Probstreply 32410/26/2012

I agree R324. I remember both Mindy Cohn & Kim Fields commenting, in some interview, that Lisa could not have been more UNLIKE Blair (compared to the rest of them & their characters) -- which, in their minds, was what made her portrayal of Blair so funny. She would take on the Blair-persona and just "let it rip!" She was fearless when it came to physical comedy -- didn't care about looking stupid, or ugly, or ridiculous, for the sake of a laugh. I'm not saying this makes her a *brilliant* actress....but she was very good at what she did, especially given her age (then). Nancy McKeon is often considered the real dramatic actress of the bunch...but I always "bought" Blair's more dramatic/quiet/sensitive moments.

Anyway..... that innate comedic ability is why I am able to see her getting back into sitcoms again, 25 years later. Some things just don't go away, no matter how long it's been.

I'm loving her on Survivor! (first time I've watched since S2). She had a slightly rocky start, but seems to be finding her footing, now, content to just "go with the flow". She & Denise, the 41 year old sex therapist, are my faves. I would love to see either of them win.

by Jeff Probstreply 32510/26/2012

Denise is only 41? She looks older than Lisa.

by Jeff Probstreply 32610/26/2012

Thank you, R324.

And I'm surprised about Denise's age too. I thought she was in her early 50's.

by Jeff Probstreply 32710/26/2012

I would have guessed late 40s for Denise, but if I didn't know better, I would have said Lisa is 40.

by Jeff Probstreply 32810/26/2012

Wait... Denise is a chick?

by Jeff Probstreply 32910/27/2012

[quote] Penner has to know her....They are about the same age and he was a sitcom star too.

They probably just haven't shown any footage of him talking about her....I bet he will approach her for an alliance soon.[/quote]

They showed a quick clip of Lisa & Penner, from tonight's episode, on the Jeff Probst show the other day. As suspected, he recognizes her. I'm curious to see if he recognized her right off the bat, like Skupin, or if as R314 suggested, he thought there was something sorta familiar about her, and it finally clicked after a few challenges. There was a moment last week, as Kalabaw approached the mud ball challenge, when it appeared that he looked right at her, with a little knowing smirk on his face.

by Jeff Probstreply 33010/31/2012

I want see slobbering monkey

by Jeff Probstreply 33110/31/2012

I'm kind of curious to see Lisa in this, but I've never watched Survivor. I get the general concept, but would the show make sense to me if I watch just one episode.

by Jeff Probstreply 33210/31/2012

Yes R332. You'd get the gist of it. You might be missing some of the history between players, but they cover most of that during the "previously, on Survivor" snippets.

By the way, only one person has won twice...

by Jeff Probstreply 33310/31/2012

Has Lisa had a little... you know, nip/tuck? Her eyebrows seem extremely... refreshed looking.

by Jeff Probstreply 33410/31/2012

I heart Lisa

by Jeff Probstreply 33510/31/2012

I wondered that, too...Botox or a very severe eyebrow sculpting?

Here's a pic from April 2011, a year before filming Survivor.

by Jeff Probstreply 33610/31/2012

Lisa is doing great in Survivor, she's becoming a badass! I hope she makes it to the finals.

by Jeff Probstreply 33710/31/2012

Fuck! Jonathan is still there.

by Jeff Probstreply 33810/31/2012


by Jeff Probstreply 33910/31/2012

Lisa looked great on The Talk this week. The eyebrows were less severe.

by Jeff Probstreply 34010/31/2012

I'm glad the old player Penner was spared. He was nice to Lisa. I don't know why he's ticked at Jeff and Carter when they both voted for R.C.. Jonathan and Carter are my type physically. It was great to see them both do so well in the challenge.

by Jeff Probstreply 34110/31/2012

Carter is gay, right?

by Jeff Probstreply 34210/31/2012

Penner is fun to watch.

by Jeff Probstreply 34310/31/2012

Love Penner.

I guess he's so thrown by almost being voted out, he doesn't trust anyone. Except maybe Jeff. The LAST person he should trust.

by Jeff Probstreply 34410/31/2012

So, who got the boot tonight? Is RC a woman?

by Jeff Probstreply 34510/31/2012

"I don't know why he's ticked at Jeff and Carter when they both voted for R.C."

You're not very bright are you?

r345, RC is the brunette that the crazy brazilian chick is obsessed with.

I hope Pete, the brazilian, and the black guy go soon. You can tell the 3 of them are entitled, arrogant, and self-absorbed.

Rooting for Malcolm and the two old ladies.

by Jeff Probstreply 34610/31/2012

I haven't really watched that much of this season. Is gay Pete really that bad?

by Jeff Probstreply 34710/31/2012

r347, he's ok, I guess. Abi the Brazilian is the psycho one.

by Jeff Probstreply 34810/31/2012

Gay Pete is an asshole.

by Jeff Probstreply 34910/31/2012


by Jeff Probstreply 35010/31/2012

Sorry gurls, but Pete and Carter are both straight.

by Jeff Probstreply 35110/31/2012

Penner was smart to play the idol but I fear he's not long for the game. The baseball player's obsession with outlasting Penner is sort of funny.

Malcolm seems like he's genetically engineered to win Survivor.

by Jeff Probstreply 35210/31/2012

I think Jeff will regret his decision to side with the other tribe. It was too soon.

And it's ironic how the former pro athlete is the guy with the least appealing body.

by Jeff Probstreply 35310/31/2012

I agree that Jeff flipped too soon. He should have gotten the core alliance out first, then worried about his own alliance.

But I couldn't understand anyone's strategy tonight. Why did Mike Skupkin vote for Penner when his best move was to flip tribes. He knows he's screwed with his old tribe.

by Jeff Probstreply 35410/31/2012

Mike was never good at strategy. In his first, season, his tribe went to TC only twice: one they voted off the annoying Debb, and then they voted off the vocal vegetarian Kimmi. Mike's role was catching food and winning challenges.

by Jeff Probstreply 35510/31/2012

Did I hear correctly that Skupin said he has seven children? I got a phone call and missed that part...

by Jeff Probstreply 35611/01/2012

yep....r356...he seems so gay this time.I don't remember him being so prissy the first time he was on.

by Jeff Probstreply 35711/01/2012

It seems that every week we are introduced to a new male cast member. Some of themaren't getting any air time. I didn't even know Pete before last night.

by Jeff Probstreply 35811/01/2012

Malcolm is so f-in hot. Is he mixed race? He has this extremely curly hair and olive complexion. If he is mixed, it could be why I'm so attracted to him. What a beautiful man.

Pete is another hottie. His ass was SAVED from elimination, but it seems as though his days are numbered.

Pete's insane Brazilian ally is a nutjob. She's fucking INsane and a liability. I hope the other players saw how paranoid and irritating she is, and they send her back to Rio de Janeiro, or wherever the fuck she's from.

Lisa is doing good, although she might have revealed a bit too much about her strategizing. In her attempt to answer Jeff's questions, she revealed a LOT about what's going on inside her head, and I have to wonder if people will see that as a threat.

Penner was smart to use the hidden idol. He could have a chance if he allies with Skupin, Lisa, Jeff, and Carter.

I agree that Carter is non-existant. He's a total waste of space. And his boyfriend Jeff the baseball player is a total dummy. No wonder they're allies. Dumb and dumber.

Artis was a joke. I am so sick of this "bravado" bullshit of kissing his biceps, only to reveal a total pussy, when he dropped out before skinny and weak Carter. Dude - fucking give it up. He's gone next week.

The only ones who deserve the million, IMHO, are Denise or Malcolm. They suffered and overcame, and they're still going strong. The rest of the bunch are pretty much assholes.

by Jeff Probstreply 35911/01/2012

R342- Carter is from the area. There have been several articles in the paper about him. He always mentions his girlfriend. But I wonder about that too.

by Jeff Probstreply 36011/01/2012

Artis is yet another irrational, angry black man on a reality show. Weird.

I like Penner. I think I'll love a paranoid Penner. I don't want to know him in real life but he makes good TV.

HATE the homophobic baseball player. I hope he gets beaten in the game by a (gasp!) girl! That's the worst punishment this lowlife could suffer.

by Jeff Probstreply 36111/01/2012

I'm guessing the final three will be Denise, Lisa, and Skupin.

by Jeff Probstreply 36211/01/2012

The show is finally picking up.

When was the baseball player homophobic R361?

by Jeff Probstreply 36311/01/2012

He played for the San Francisco Giants and made it known that he didn't support diversity day and even donated to anti-gay causes.

by Jeff Probstreply 36411/01/2012

He donated several thousand dollars to Prop 8.

by Jeff Probstreply 36511/01/2012

He is a Morman.

Also, if you want to know how crazy te Brazilian is, just read her Bio...she describes someone completely different then anything we've seen her portray.

Either self-delusional or used to lying to get want she wants...I think she's a sociopath.

by Jeff Probstreply 36611/01/2012

[quote]Lisa is doing good, although she might have revealed a bit too much about her strategizing. In her attempt to answer Jeff's questions, she revealed a LOT about what's going on inside her head, and I have to wonder if people will see that as a threat

True, but Lisa told the truth, she didn't bullshit.

Artis kissing his biceps, then dropping out was a joke.

by Jeff Probstreply 36711/01/2012

Malcolm's "Sweet old Lisa" is like a dagger in my heart because I was born the same year she was....Urrgghh!!!

by Jeff Probstreply 36811/01/2012

I knew Penner had to have known who Lisa is,r330! Like I said,he's also an actor about the same age but I guess TPTB wanted to play up the factor that the youngin's would be clueless to her TV fame.

by Jeff Probstreply 36911/01/2012

Lisa rocks! And she looked hot on the Talk as Blair Warner for Halloween. But First was dressed as Mrs. Garrett.

by Jeff Probstreply 37011/01/2012

Other than a moment of "Oh, that's cool..." what value does Lisa's TV past hold for the castaways? "I was a doctor, I was a TV star, I was an astronaut..." "Yeah, but can you build a fire and win us immunity challenges?"

by Jeff Probstreply 37111/01/2012

I don't see Mike making it to the final 3. Lisa, Malcolm, and maybe Denise.

by Jeff Probstreply 37211/01/2012

Lisa, Malcomb and Denise would be great, the toughest final Three in a very long time. Unless the two women cancelled each other out, it would be hard to choose. Hopefully some major game play coming up to make the decision easier -- or maybe even more tough.

by Jeff Probstreply 37311/01/2012


That trio you mentioned are exactly the ones remaining who I think have handled the game best.

I'm not seeing enough from the others. There are ones who don't have an awareness to benefit themselves. There other others who lack logic. And there are a couple who are surly and don't have the potential to go to the end (and win).

by Jeff Probstreply 37411/01/2012


There are 10 people left in the game. Of that number only 3 of them are female. I am guessing we're going to see some males lose out over the next, say, four episodes.

I don't think it was intentional to target females in the first half of the game. It worked out that way. But now the fat has to be trimmed with that of too men men (7), and it will likely steer in that direction.

by Jeff Probstreply 37511/01/2012

Penner in 1995's The Last Supper:

by Jeff Probstreply 37611/01/2012

Denise is a very strong player both physically and mentally. I hadn't really paid much attention, but her body is off the chain for a woman her age.

I thought it was cool how Lisa promised to protect Malcolm's secret about the immunity idol. I half expected her to be dumb and reveal her former child star status to him as a sign of solidarity, but she was smart and kept her mouth shut.

by Jeff Probstreply 37711/01/2012

[quote]And it's ironic how the former pro athlete is the guy with the least appealing body.

I'm with you on this.

He's got a reasonably handsome face, but his body is so unexeceptional. He's like Levi Johnston.

by Jeff Probstreply 37811/01/2012

I was taken aback when at the immunity challenge, after Penner dropped out, Probst made a blatent proclamation to his buddy Penner that he was in danger at the next tribal council. Tip-off much?

It's known that Penner & Probst over the years have become good friends outside the game. They travel together and socialize on occassion. I thought the remark was a signal to his buddy.

by Jeff Probstreply 37911/01/2012


[quote]That'd be like in 30 years from now, me being shocked that 20 year olds don't know who Phoebe Buffay is.

Who? Seriously.

by Jeff Probstreply 38011/01/2012


Give it another 5 years.

by Jeff Probstreply 38111/02/2012

Agree with r379, Probst might as well have told him to use his idol at tribal. I doubt he would've made that comment had it been an average player.

by Jeff Probstreply 38211/02/2012

So, was it RC voted out?

by Jeff Probstreply 38311/02/2012

Yes. RC is gone, but on the jury.

by Jeff Probstreply 38411/02/2012

Do you think Penner did the right thing playing the idol?

by Jeff Probstreply 38511/02/2012

Yes, R385

by Jeff Probstreply 38611/02/2012

If Penner hadn't played the immunity idol, he'd have been taking it with him on his walk to the jury house. That would have been stupid.

So yes, using it was the right thing for him to do.

by Jeff Probstreply 38711/02/2012

Why is the Brazilian girl even there? I thought the show described itself as being a show about a group of Americans dumped on an island or wherever. I would like to see an international cast someday in a special edition, though.

by Jeff Probstreply 38811/02/2012

R382: I am getting to like Penner a little more, so was annoyed by Jeff's comment. Hard to believe that some of the other tribe members did not realize what was going on, which is not good for Penner. On the other hand, he would not be there any longer otherwise.

by Jeff Probstreply 38911/03/2012

The only three contestants in this season that I care about are Lisa, Denise, and Malcom. Please let one of those three win!

by Jeff Probstreply 39011/03/2012

Me too, r390.

by Jeff Probstreply 39111/03/2012

R390 - Those are my three favorites.

Do you think Lisa's boobs are all natural? They look quite firm and high for 49.

by Jeff Probstreply 39211/03/2012

Lisa has come a long way since the first couple episodes.

By this latest one, she was practically co-hosting the tribal council with Jeff.

"And another thing that no one has brought up yet, Jeff is ......"

You go, gurl !!!

by Jeff Probstreply 39311/03/2012

[quote]Why is the Brazilian girl even there? I thought the show described itself as being a show about a group of Americans dumped on an island or wherever.

I'm thinking she's American, but picked up the accent once her body became comprised of more than 50% of Brazilian semen.

by Jeff Probstreply 39411/03/2012

R393 - I can see Lisa as a talk show host.

by Jeff Probstreply 39511/03/2012

What I like about Lisa is that she hasn't joined an alliance or trying to win the game by scheming to undermine another person. It's like she's trying to show that the game can be won by being a genuinely good person with values. Penner had it right when he said she could get to the top 3 just by flying under the radar with her sweetness.

by Jeff Probstreply 39611/03/2012

I wasn't surprised that Denise won the woman's part of the immunity challenge. I was surprised that Carter did. He seemed to have been physically and mentally exhausted in the last episode.

by Jeff Probstreply 39711/03/2012

[quote] I can see Lisa as a talk show host.

I can't. There are only so many Survivor winners who have real talent.

by Jeff Probstreply 39811/03/2012

r397, he only weighs about a buck ten, what he wasn't lifting anything that was heavy.

by Jeff Probstreply 39911/03/2012

You didn't win, Lizzy R398.

by Jeff Probstreply 40011/03/2012

I keep hearing it's a final 2 this year.

by Jeff Probstreply 40111/03/2012

Carter seems like he's a little, um, "challenged" mentally -- do they screen for that at all?

Penner freaks me out because his voice sounds EXACTLY like Alan Alda's -- maybe that's why he couldn't make it as an actor.

And Denise has a husband?? I can't be the only one who assumed she was a lesbian -- a hot fit middle aged woman who looks like a man and is a sex therapist??

by Jeff Probstreply 40211/04/2012

[quote]genuinely good person with values.

Oh, shut the fuck up, Lisa.

by Jeff Probstreply 40311/04/2012

Carter has a pretty hot, skinny body, if you like that sort of thing. Kind of an uber-twink. Too bad about the face though. Yikes.

by Jeff Probstreply 40411/04/2012

The only kind of talk show I can see Lisa hosting is some Christian school mom type of show where they see Jesus in their peanut butter.

by Jeff Probstreply 40511/04/2012

R402 - I think Penner looks better older than younger.

by Jeff Probstreply 40611/04/2012

Thank you R403 and R405. The Lisa Troll is becoming almost as annoying as the Ozzy Troll.

by Jeff Probstreply 40711/04/2012

How do you feel about the Tootie troll?

by Jeff Probstreply 40811/04/2012

I get the feeling Lisa's going after Malcomb this week in a blindside since she saw that idol -- what other "Shocker" could it be? Would hate to lose him and his hot goody trail, of course, but the ads are setting it up.

by Jeff Probstreply 40911/04/2012

I think Lisa is a lovely person.

by Jeff Probstreply 41011/04/2012

That's nice, R410. Are you gay? If so, she deems you an immoral sinner on the fast track to hell.

Also, she hot sauces her children's tongues to punish them.

So lovely.

by Jeff Probstreply 41111/04/2012

The coming attractions have me salivating.

Who does Lisa want to blindside?

Is she getting a winning edit? Her story arc is pretty compelling -- not unique, but interesting anyway.

by Jeff Probstreply 41211/06/2012

I want to suck on Malcolm's tits.

by Jeff Probstreply 41311/07/2012

Why does Jeff call the Michael and Jonathan by their last names?

by Jeff Probstreply 41411/07/2012

[quote]Also, she hot sauces her children's tongues to punish them.

So lovely.

Actually state family services child care workers tell parents that is an acceptable method of discipline.

by Jeff Probstreply 41511/07/2012

r414, he sees them as equal. Baseball players always call each other by their last names.

by Jeff Probstreply 41611/07/2012

Thanks R416

by Jeff Probstreply 41711/07/2012

Glad that right wing prick Jeff Kent got snuffed. Especially since his greatest fear was going down before Penner.

by Jeff Probstreply 41811/07/2012

Is Lisa playing with fire? Her open analyses at tribal is refreshing but dangerous.

by Jeff Probstreply 41911/07/2012

Jeff gave the nastiest exit speech ever. I liked him before but not now.

I can't stand Carter's face. He looks like an over-the-hill Sunset Blvd hustler.

by Jeff Probstreply 42011/07/2012

Jeff "I've made $60 million dollars" Kent came off like an egotistical asshole ultimately. Not sorry to see him go. I'm really liking Lisa.

by Jeff Probstreply 42111/07/2012

ha! Jeff came off like a total spoiled right-wing douche. Good riddance!

by Jeff Probstreply 42211/07/2012

r419, I was thinking that but can't help but think she's recovered quite smoothly.

by Jeff Probstreply 42311/07/2012

Hopefully Jeff choked on that stupid ass toothpick he had dangling out of his mouth. Did you see Carter's face when it happened? He has been Jeff's little derp-faced lapdog and now his pouty bottom lip is going to be dragging behind him.

by Jeff Probstreply 42411/07/2012

Jeff's Final Speech...Just ewww. Adios Asshole.

Looks like Hurricane Lisa strikes again next week. Bull in a china shop.

by Jeff Probstreply 42511/07/2012

So what was Probst talking about? What opportunity did they miss? Getting rid of Pete? Lisa? They got rid of a huge threat guy who had followers and was strong enough to win immunity. Whatever Probst was seeing, I wasn't.

Also, why did Penner vote for Abi? Was he trying to shift something?

Someone? Any thoughts?

by Jeff Probstreply 42611/08/2012

He was hoping to get rid of someone who had an idol

by Jeff Probstreply 42711/08/2012

Does the Brazilian have a target on her back now, or does this assure she gets the "asshole" ride to the final 3.

by Jeff Probstreply 42811/08/2012

My guess on Jeff's comment: They left the same two idols in the game that were there before the vote. It helps Malcolm in particular, because he's a good player.

by Jeff Probstreply 42911/08/2012

I think Penner voted for Abi because he secretly wanted Jeff Kent out. He knew that Kent was the one gunning for his scalp the hardest. If Penner had voted for Pete, then Pete and Kent would have tied and who knows what would have happened.

It's one less alpha dog for Penner to worry about, and I don't think he's going anywhere too soon.

by Jeff Probstreply 43011/08/2012

Haven't watch a frame but is God going to allow Blair to cheat and lie and win the $1 million?

by Jeff Probstreply 43111/08/2012

This show has been on for weeks and there's two guys that have made no impact on me - Pete and Carter. I was like "who's that?" when Pete was talking last night.

I swear I thought Carter was a woman the first couple of times he showed up onscreen (he was shown from the neck up, obviously).

Here's a video of one of my favorite challenges from back in the day.

by Jeff Probstreply 43211/08/2012

Survivor: Philippines (2.7/7) was up 13% from last week’s fast national. CBS won the night in total viewers.

by Jeff Probstreply 43311/08/2012

Jeff Kent's final comments really were douchey. No wonder everyone would have wanted him out had they known he was a $ 60 million earning ballplayer.

I hope Malcolm pulls an Ozzy and runs away with the individual immunity idol challenges going forward.

Penner's vote for Abi was exactly a vote agains Jeff Kent. Good for him I say. No matter what he said, Jeff K was still 'anti-returning players' and would've slit Penner's throat that night if Penner had NOT won individual immunity.

Why did Abi even show her idol ? THAT was really stupid .... and I'm sure it pissed off Pete.

Lisa has basically revealed her gameplay in her confessions where she basically said Survivor isn't the real world. So I guess she can't be a good Christian woman while trying to play the game. And it looks like she might jump ship again next week (stupid, stupid mean girls Pete, Artis and Abi !!!)

by Jeff Probstreply 43411/08/2012

Probst said in a Q&A at that the missed opportunity he referred to at the end of the show was Penner's vote for Abi. At the time, he thought that Penner should have teamed up with Jeff to vote Pete out.

by Jeff Probstreply 43511/08/2012

I don't think Lisa will jump ship. She knows if she sticks with Pete/Abi/Artis, she'll beat them all, but if she votes them out, her chances at winning become tougher.

I think Penner or Malcolm go next week.

by Jeff Probstreply 43611/08/2012

Abi isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.

by Jeff Probstreply 43711/08/2012

Well, I think Probst is wrong because as someone else mentioned Jeff was Penner's biggest immediate threat. If he lost immunity, he would be OUT. Penner's really grown on me and I wasn't really pleased to see him return but I could see him charming his way to the final. He absolutely has to keep Abi in the game if he wants any chance of winning. Abi and Pete, maybe. He couldn't even beat one of the dull ones, he has to go with the most hated.

by Jeff Probstreply 43811/08/2012

I thought the missed opportunity was to not vote someone out who had the immunity idol.

Pete was a complete idiot and I really don't know why he reveal to Malcolm about the idol. Did he think that christian Lisa was suddenly lying to him and she wasn't even on the line. It was retarded for him to tell trust Malcolm over Lisa. Totally retard. But Jeff was so douchey when he left I was glad he was gone. What a fucking asshole. He should have stuck with Penner in the beginning and Pete would have been out instead or RC.

Abi is a moron for exposing the idol, she wasn't on the line. If Lisa is going to stick with her original tribe she has to realize they don't have a brain between them and she has to take over as the leader.

by Jeff Probstreply 43911/08/2012

A lot of people won't want to take Lisa to the end since she's (relatively) likable and inoffensive. Once the physical threats(Malcolm) are eliminated, Lisa will be next. No way does she last longer than Abi and Carter.

by Jeff Probstreply 44011/08/2012

I think Abi, Pete and Artemis (whatever his name is) are too stupid to think taking Lisa to end means they lose. Those are the most dim players ever to be on this show.

Right now I like Lisa, Penner, Denise and Malcolm. The rest not so much.

by Jeff Probstreply 44111/08/2012

r439, I think Pete has a crush on Malcolm. He seems to be pretty fond of him. Now Pete will get his heart broken when he learns his love in unrequited. :(

by Jeff Probstreply 44211/08/2012

I want to lick Malcolm's filthy body all over. Then, do it again!

by Jeff Probstreply 44311/08/2012

'At the time, he [Jeff P.] thought that Penner should have teamed up with Jeff [Kent]to vote Pete out.'

How does that justify Jeff's comment last night about such a huge missed opportunity?

I wish Jeff had been more professional, and but his personal friendship with Jonathan Penner aside before this season started. And I do not particularly like either Jeff Kent or Pete.

by Jeff Probstreply 44411/08/2012

I love this season. I had given up on this show during the seasons when Russell was brought back, but the casting of Blair Warner sucked me back in, and I'm pleasantly surprised. I like that most of the players do have personalities - I agree Carter doesn't, but I think Pete does... he thinks he's smarter than everyone else, but appears to be in over his head.

by Jeff Probstreply 44511/08/2012

Jeff was a douche. Good riddance.

by Jeff Probstreply 44611/08/2012

Pete was thinking with his little head when he heard Malcolm stammer on about not having the immunity idol and then made the decision to believe him.

by Jeff Probstreply 44711/08/2012

Jeff was just nasty, glad he was voted out. Even his nasty comments about Obama showed what an ass he is.

by Jeff Probstreply 44811/08/2012

It looks like that mean Cuban chick will make Lisa cry next week.

by Jeff Probstreply 44911/08/2012

Pete could see into Malcolm's soul!

by Jeff Probstreply 45011/08/2012

I hope he's embarassed when he sees this on TV.

And I'm sure the girl he voted out (the one who recognized him and kept his secret) must have done a little happy dance.

by Jeff Probstreply 45111/08/2012

[quote]Is Lisa playing with fire? Her open analyses at tribal is refreshing but dangerous.

She's too honest during tribal council, and its scary to watch.

by Jeff Probstreply 45211/08/2012

That honesty could work to her favor. I think Lisa thinks well on her feet.

by Jeff Probstreply 45311/08/2012

I like that Lisa didn't back down and whimper after outing Malcolm"s tiki. I love that she remained strong and was willing to take her lumps.

by Jeff Probstreply 45411/08/2012

I've wondered for many seasons now if the contestants are required to answer all of Jeff's questions at Tribal -- because they ALWAYS tell the truth, can't even remember the last time someone dodged question or pled the fifth.

I remember reading a book about first season where Greg mocked Jeff and council first time that tribe was there, put on a pirate accent and laughed at it all (watch first season and you'll see even with edit that all the young ones are smiling and laughing -- so it looks like they are mocking old man BB as he is voted out). Probst demanded it NEVER happen again, ha. So sure he has some production say. But really not fair since he has all the inside scoop and blows people's gameplay.

by Jeff Probstreply 45511/08/2012

R445 - They don't always tell the truth, but I think most of the time, they figure that it would be best to not tell a blatant lie at TC.

by Jeff Probstreply 45611/08/2012

But, that's the point of Tribal council, so Jeff can fuck-up the gameplay for everybody.

Btw, Jeff was livid with Greg for the mocking.

by Jeff Probstreply 45711/08/2012

R457 - Yes, he was mad that Greg didn't take it seriously. But Sue and Rich were evasive in their answers, and sometimes flat out lied, and Jeff didn't get mad at them.

by Jeff Probstreply 45811/08/2012

We also get a heavily edited version of the tribal council, so who knows what lies and evasions are left out of the broadcast.

by Jeff Probstreply 45911/08/2012

I read it drags on for three hours just to get the little kernels shown at the end of every program.

by Jeff Probstreply 46011/08/2012

[quote]But, that's the point of Tribal council, so Jeff can fuck-up the gameplay for everybody.

Oh please. You're tiresome.

by Jeff Probstreply 46111/08/2012

I don't get why Jeff said it was the biggest missed opportunity ever.

by Jeff Probstreply 46211/08/2012

If he was referring primarily to his bud, Penner ... I think Jeff's thought is that Penner would've gone further in the game if he hadn't let Jeff Kent get voted out (by voting for Abi). But it would've resulted in a tie between Pete and Jeff anyway, so who knows what would've happened next. And I think he's wrong anyway ...Jeff was still gunning for Penner and at this point, alliances change from one tribal to the next.

by Jeff Probstreply 46311/09/2012

Probst has said that he knows nothing of what goes on at camp. All he knows is what he sees during challenges and that anything he learns about the group dynamics are through his questioning at TC which, as mentioned, can last hours. That may or may not be true, but that's what he says. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt since the game's success hinges on its integrity. As an Executive Producer, he's heavily invested in the show's longterm succes.

by Jeff Probstreply 46411/09/2012

What happened with that big patch of raw skin on Skupin's right shoulder?

by Jeff Probstreply 46511/09/2012

R465, hand in your buff.

by Jeff Probstreply 46611/09/2012

'I'll give him the benefit of the doubt since the game's success hinges on its integrity. As an Executive Producer, he's heavily invested in the show's longterm succes.'

Probst also seems heavily invested in his fiend, Jonathan Penner, and his successful progress this season.

I wonder how Pete, watching Wednesday night, felt about Probst's comments, even if a different vote by Penner would have resulted in a tie.

by Jeff Probstreply 46711/09/2012

If you go to you can see a brief interview with Jeff Probst about what he meant about the blown opportunity, and also you can see an interview with Jeff Kent.

by Jeff Probstreply 46811/09/2012

Jeff Kent must be having a really shitty week. His loser episode airs the day after Obama is re-elected. Suck it, LOSER! Does he even have a twitter to whine on?

by Jeff Probstreply 46911/09/2012


Jeff Kent was obsessed with Jonathan Penner.

Sort of the way Rick Santorum is so into gay sex.

by Jeff Probstreply 47011/09/2012

Jeff Kent is such a jerk.

by Jeff Probstreply 47111/10/2012

[quote]Probst also seems heavily invested in his fiend, Jonathan Penner

Does this make Probst a sort of Dr. Frankenstein-like being?

by Jeff Probstreply 47211/10/2012

[quote]Jeff Kent is such a jerk

But, that's the very point of it! Jeff Kent is supposed to be the BAD guy on Survivor, like the insufferable Russell.

by Jeff Probstreply 47311/10/2012

Jeff Kent is obsessed with himself, his wealth, and his fame.

by Jeff Probstreply 47411/11/2012

I miss the regular appearances of the Lisa Whelchel Troll for moments such as this, but...

I like her. She's a hot-saucin', Applebee's-lovin', crazy Christian homeschooling mom who believes (or used to believe) that gays could change, but there's nothing malicious in her affect, unlike Kirk Cameron.

I have no doubt she'd vote against gay marriage (which would send Mindy Cohn and Kim Fields rolling their eyes), but I can see her -- particularly after her divorce -- becoming this Generation X Tammy Faye Christian.

by Jeff Probstreply 47511/11/2012

R475- I agree, but I think that describes the Lisa of a couple years ago. The current Lisa is probably more accepting.

by Jeff Probstreply 47611/11/2012

[quote]I have no doubt she'd vote against gay marriage (which would send Mindy Cohn and Kim Fields rolling their eyes),

Mindy, yes. Kim, not hardly. She is just as religious as Lisa, if not moreso now.

by Jeff Probstreply 47711/12/2012

I'm not so sure about that, R477. Yes, Kim is religious .... but she does not appear to be consertive, politically. If you look at her Twitter, she is a BIG supporter of Obama, and also said that she's always been a big fan of Massachusetts Gov. Patrick....who supports gay-marriage.

by Jeff Probstreply 47811/12/2012


by Jeff Probstreply 47911/12/2012

Jeff Kent gave an Interview to People magazine in which he totally lambasted Lisa for not understanding how the game is played......And yet she got her tribe to vote his ass OUT! So you can fucking SUCK ON IT, Jeff Kent!! BLAIR WARNER schooled you! :-D

by Jeff Probstreply 48011/12/2012

R480 - Lisa taught Jeff the facts of life.

by Jeff Probstreply 48111/12/2012

[quote]Jeff Kent gave an Interview to People magazine in which he totally lambasted Lisa for not understanding how the game is played.

Christ, he sounds like Russell Hantz. At what point will some of these dolts (Jeff Probst included) figure out that there is more than one way the game can be played?

by Jeff Probstreply 48211/12/2012

Mr. Pro Ball Player, in his Ponderosa videos, went on and on about how he was the only one who knew how to play the game and everyone else is so stupid.

Yes, he said this at Ponderosa after getting himself voted out.

He's by far not first bitter poor loser who went to Ponderosa exclaiming that everyone but them is stupid.

But he added an extra dose of douchebaggery by making sure we are all clear on the point that winning a million dollars would be meaningless to him.

What a fucking asshole. I'm so glad he's gone.

by Jeff Probstreply 48311/13/2012

It must gall him to be stuck at Ponderosa with RC, whose gameplay he must have found laughable.

by Jeff Probstreply 48411/13/2012

I'm not a huge baseball fan but I could name a hundred more famous players than Jeff Kent. He's a legend only in his own mind.

by Jeff Probstreply 48511/13/2012

I'm sure Jeff is going to say how misunderstood his "statements" were on the finale.

by Jeff Probstreply 48611/13/2012

"But he added an extra dose of douchebaggery by making sure we are all clear on the point that winning a million dollars would be meaningless to him."

R483 - Yeah, and the "only 600,000 after Obama" line.

by Jeff Probstreply 48711/13/2012

Jeff Kent was a major jerk when voted off.

But, I am a baseball fan. Jeff Kent had a great career, and has every right to be proud of that career. For the record, I am a St. Louis Cardinal fan, a team that Kent never played there's 'home town' cheering in my response.

by Jeff Probstreply 48811/13/2012

r488, he wasn't being "proud," he was being an ass. If you're truly proud you don't need to brag.

by Jeff Probstreply 48911/14/2012

Tonight's episode is called Little Miss Perfect. Gawd, I hope they don't vote Blair off!

by Jeff Probstreply 49011/14/2012

All the laughter all the tears.

I want to see Blaire and Mrs. Garrett

I want to see feisty Shakira and her attitiude

I want to see Malcolm and his dreamy hair

I want to see Denise and her shortness

I want to see Penner and his dreamy eyes

I want to see Skupin and his bumbling

I want to see nameless blonde and brunette guys do nothing

I want to see slobbering monkey

All that and Jeff's dimples on tonight's show

by Jeff Probstreply 49111/14/2012

Lisa "has not said where or when she believes she contracted the West Nile virus."

Translation: "My lawyer is all over this"

by Jeff Probstreply 49211/14/2012

She didn't catch it while shooting Survivor, if that's what you're implying. The incubation period is 2-14 days. There have been 1000 repoted cases of WNV (38 deaths) in North Texas this year.

by Jeff Probstreply 49311/14/2012

I miss Jay and his sashay. But not his voice.

by Jeff Probstreply 49411/14/2012

Hope Lisa gets better and makes it to the finale

I actually saw Artis smile

by Jeff Probstreply 49511/14/2012

Interesting outcome from tonight's episode.

by Jeff Probstreply 49611/14/2012

I forgot Artis was a person until he was voted out.

by Jeff Probstreply 49711/14/2012

Jeff is still giving off attitude on the jury. He needs to take lessons from RC and Artis in class. He should be a real joy at FTC.

Can't wait for Shakira's meltdown next week. Talk about passive/aggressive.

by Jeff Probstreply 49811/14/2012

We saw on-camera confessionals of Pete and Artis having addressed Abi's inability and/or unwillingness to keep herself in check. She is a liablity to them. But they made their choice.

by Jeff Probstreply 49911/14/2012

So the first person voted out of Tangdang is the black person. That's terrible.

by Jeff Probstreply 50011/14/2012

Yay for Lisa.

by Jeff Probstreply 50111/14/2012

You go Lisa!!!!

by Jeff Probstreply 50211/14/2012

Lisa didn't do anything. Stubin (?) voted for Ardis. Lisa stuck with her alliance. The editing is mega confusing but that was clear when they showed the votes.

by Jeff Probstreply 50311/14/2012

Denise said on her Facebook that she recognized Lisa at the mud challenge. So they did talk. Secret alliance anyone?

by Jeff Probstreply 50411/14/2012

Skupin, Lisa, Penner, Denise, and Malcolm. I'm willing to bet they'll be Final Five. Or at least I hope they will be.

by Jeff Probstreply 50511/14/2012

I can't believe Lisa didn't go along with Skupin.

by Jeff Probstreply 50611/14/2012

I LOVE that Denise recognized Lisa, and whispered something to that effect, while Lisa had her pinned down, during the muddy challenge. "I know who who you are!" TOO FUNNY! I really hope that there is a secret alliance; there! That would just MAKE THE SEASON for me !

by Jeff Probstreply 50711/14/2012

I liked accident prone Skupin getting hit in the head with a coconut.

by Jeff Probstreply 50811/14/2012

Survivor is racist R500.

by Jeff Probstreply 50911/14/2012

Abi is going down! Pete will be dragged with the bitch.

by Jeff Probstreply 51011/14/2012

I give Lisa a lot of credit for sticking with her alliance. It was clear that she saw though Jonathan's sweet talk about the price of childhood fame.

But, she had every reason to switch given the way Abi treated her, and did not go back on her word. I do feel sorry for Pete, who has turned out to be relatively likeable. Too bad he came on too strong initially with Malcolm.

by Jeff Probstreply 51111/14/2012

Which one was Artis again?

by Jeff Probstreply 51211/14/2012

I don't find Pete relatively likeable. I think he's an arrogant asshole.

by Jeff Probstreply 51311/14/2012

I do really like Pete. It's a shame he sealed his fate when he bonded himself with Charo.

by Jeff Probstreply 51411/14/2012

R514 - Pete wanted to start drama early on. He's the one who instigated the RC/Abi feud,

by Jeff Probstreply 51511/14/2012

I think Lisa can see through Penner's BS too. I'm surprised but I think she has turned out to be a compelling presence on the show which was something I didn't anticipate.

by Jeff Probstreply 51611/14/2012

Which one is Artis?

by Jeff Probstreply 51711/14/2012

Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: I bring social skills and team work. I am a motivator. I will also bring a very positive energy.

Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I will bring my “A” game! I am strategic, I am athletic and I have an ability to persuade situations to my favor.

by Jeff Probstreply 51811/14/2012

Which one is Artis?

the black guy

by Jeff Probstreply 51911/14/2012

true r516

by Jeff Probstreply 52011/14/2012

Thank god Mycum survived another episode!

by Jeff Probstreply 52111/14/2012

Artist is a computer engineer?!?

by Jeff Probstreply 52211/14/2012

Lisa is more and more turning out to be some kind of goddess. She is dominating this game, in the most underhanded granola mom kind of way. It's fascinating as hell.

by Jeff Probstreply 52311/15/2012

Artis got voted off. Surprise, surprise.

Pete is SO goddamned handsome, it's unbelieveable. Even after weeks of living on an island with no food and shelter, etc., he STILL looks like a fucking supermodel. He's the hottest guy in MANY seasons.

Abi is still a nutcase, and next week she'll be begging Lisa to keep her. Interesting, because based on the daggers she shot at Lisa and Skupin, I thought she would be on a rampage next week. I was also surprised that Lisa was loyal to her alliance. Skupin was the turncoat.

Probst is really protecting his boyfriend Penner. Thought Penner would have been gone weeks ago, but somehow, Probst is ensuring Penner remains on the show. Interestingly, Probst never protected his lover Colby, the way he's protecting Penner. Glad to see the gays sticking together.

Skupin should have kept Artis. The old Tandang would have been a much stronger alliance, than an alliance with Denise, Malcolm, and Penner. They're all hardcore.

It would have been so easy for Lisa to beat Abi and Pete, but now she's going to have to go up against the MUCH tougher Malcolm and Denise and Penner.

I was rooting for Lisa to win, but Skupin could have very well done both Lisa and himself in.

Still, I'd love to see Lisa, Penner and Skupin in the final 3. That would be fun!

by Jeff Probstreply 52411/15/2012

The benefit of Scupin had in being the outcast in his own tribe means no one on the jury (except that nut job Abi) will blame him for switching sides. However if he did make it to the final 3 with Abi and Pete he'd walk away with the million, but if he makes it to the end with any member of his new tribe it's unlikely. I think that's Lisa's motivation for sticking with Abi and Pete- no one on the jury is giving them the money. She's said so in the past. They're so disliked by the others it's unlikely anyone will ever give them a million bucks.

by Jeff Probstreply 52511/15/2012

[quote] However if he did make it to the final 3 with Abi and Pete he'd walk away with the million, but if he makes it to the end with any member of his new tribe it's unlikely.

Exactly. This is why Skupin won't win. And Lisa won't win, either, thanks to stupid Skupin.

With Artis, Abi, and Pete, Lisa and Skupin were a lock to win the million. However, Malcolm and Denise are both stronger, smarter, and better liked than Lisa and Skupin, which is why they will make it to final 3 with Penner - and Lisa and Skupin will be out.

The next two weeks will be boring, as first Abi, then Pete will be voted out. After that, Lisa will go, then Skupin, leaving Denise, Malcolm, and Penner to fight it out.

I'm not mad at them, though. Penner played a very smart and strategic game. Malcolm and Denise fought and clawed their way back from being the losing-est tribe this season, to making it this far.

Plus, Malcolm still has immunity. I give both Malcolm and Denise a TON of credit, and if these are indeed the final three, then I would say that they are the most deserving final three in Survivor history.

by Jeff Probstreply 52611/15/2012

Penner and Scupin are hot, would do a 3way with them

by Jeff Probstreply 52711/15/2012

Uh, r526, you forgot about me.

by Jeff Probstreply 52811/15/2012

That's hilarious, R528. Carter is pretty forgettable, but then so are most people on this show, now. They concentrate on 3 or 4 stronger or higher profile players (remember the 'Russel Hantz Hour'?), and you don't get to know anyone else until the end.

by Jeff Probstreply 52911/15/2012

With Artis, Abi, and Pete, Lisa and Skupin were a lock to win the million...

That is true but wouldn't Artis, Abi and Pete just vote them out. Although Skupin had a shot at winning immunity challenges. Of course, they'll have the same problem with the other group.

I agree that going with people no one likes is the way to go though.

by Jeff Probstreply 53011/15/2012

Who's Carter?

by Jeff Probstreply 53111/15/2012

It's true, you could take Carter to the final and win. So hip hooray...Abi could be voted off soon.

by Jeff Probstreply 53211/15/2012

Carter continues to look like an over the hill Sunset Blvd male prostitute, meandering aimless around, bumming cigarettes.

by Jeff Probstreply 53311/15/2012

Why is everyone blaming Skupin for that decision but not Lisa? They've both made it very clear they tell each other what they're going to do as they are each other's #1 in the game. Lisa knew he was voting for Artis.

Also, I doubt Penner is going to want to take Malcolm and Denise to the finals. And i doubt anyone wants to take Penner to finals either. I actually think Abi may last longer. Why would anyone want her gone? So maybe r526 is wrong about his pattern. I do doubt that Lisa can make it to final 3 though.

Anyway this could end up being a really strong final 3 if Carter, Abi or Pete aren't in it.

I felt bad for Pete. He saved Malcolm last week and Malcolm turned on him. He must have been sad this week. :(

Lisa and Skupin would be wise to target either Malcolm or Denise nest week.

by Jeff Probstreply 53411/15/2012

I agree that Penner is still very hot. Great face, magnetic smile, and that voice...

by Jeff Probstreply 53511/15/2012

Abi will save herself with the hidden immunity idol--does that mean that Pete goes to Ponderosa instead? Penner? They all still want him gone, right?

by Jeff Probstreply 53611/15/2012

I enjoy watching Lisa listen. She really listens to whoever is speaking to her without annoying "uh huh"s and "yeah, right"s. She never talks over people. That's probably something she learned back in her acting days.

by Jeff Probstreply 53711/15/2012

Skupin is a hot daddy

by Jeff Probstreply 53811/15/2012

R526 you are wrong !


Lisa makes it to the final 3.

by Jeff Probstreply 53911/15/2012

Of course a douche like r539 had to show up uninvited.

by Jeff Probstreply 54011/15/2012

Does Pete still have a crush on Malcolm?

by Jeff Probstreply 54111/15/2012

I think Lisa's listening abilities were developed at Jesus-y workshops and retreats.

by Jeff Probstreply 54211/15/2012

Pete is going to be heartbroken when Malcolm votes him off.

by Jeff Probstreply 54311/15/2012

The climax of this season will be Abi getting voted off.

Her FB page has gone rather quiet. The only people who seem to be posting are people that hate her. Really, really hate her. Even she can't justify herself.

by Jeff Probstreply 54411/15/2012

Last night was essential The Penner Show. TAR is looking better and better as survivor continues to bring back former players who have learned from past experiences on the show. Last night was a text book example -- the verbal exchange between Lisa and Penner.

by Jeff Probstreply 54511/15/2012


For those who care so much the Final Three are posted on TV Without Pity.

by Jeff Probstreply 54611/15/2012

Penner's chat with Lisa was fascinating. He definitely struck some chords even though she could clearly see his motives at the same time. Good stuff.

Lisa clearly knew that Skupin would vote with Penner to break the Tandang alliance. I presume she stuck with it mainly to give herself a talking point with the jury.

by Jeff Probstreply 54711/15/2012

No spoilers on this thread or else we won't be able to read the thread!!!

by Jeff Probstreply 54811/15/2012

This has become The Season of Lisa

Penner slobbering all over Lisa has become a bit much, but that's typical of a failed actor interacting with a more successful actor.

Malcolm and Pete sliding through the mud was almost too hot to handle.

Perhaps if Artis hadn't gone the rest of the day with dried mud and rice plastered all over him, he'd still be around. Strange. But it was nice to hear his gracious exit interview. I was expecting spite.

Jeff Kenter is sporting his "I'm an intolerant Republican bigot" trademark mustache along with his pissy poor-loser bitch face.

Who did Denise wink to at the end of Tribal Council, after the vote?

by Jeff Probstreply 54911/15/2012

Can someone ask the guy with the spoilers if I make it to the final 3??? TIA!

by Jeff Probstreply 55011/15/2012

You don't, Carter.

by Jeff Probstreply 55111/15/2012

Ugh, Jeff Kent continues to be a prick during Tribal Council...can't stand him.

Oh please, let Lisa make it to the finals, or I will SCREAM!!!!

by Jeff Probstreply 55211/15/2012

Am I wrong for wanting Malcolm. Pete, and Carter to gangbang me? Or am I just a whore?

I wonder whose cock is bigger?

I think Carter may be uncut.

by Jeff Probstreply 55311/15/2012

[quote]Am I wrong for wanting Malcolm. Pete, and Carter to gangbang me? Or am I just a whore?

sorry R553, but you are a whore, darling.

by Jeff Probstreply 55411/15/2012

If you are willing to take it from Carter, then yes, you really are a whore, darling.

by Jeff Probstreply 55511/15/2012

[quote]Penner slobbering all over Lisa has become a bit much, but that's typical of a failed actor interacting with a more successful actor.

OK, I'm hoping you're just a troll and don't actually believe that.

It was painfully obvious Penner was playing her.

by Jeff Probstreply 55611/15/2012

And Lisa was acting during the slobbering too. They both know exactly what they're doing.

by Jeff Probstreply 55711/15/2012

Looks like RC is putting on weight after being on the jury.

by Jeff Probstreply 55811/15/2012

[italic]I'm[/italic] the one who does the slobbering around here thankyouverymuch.

by Jeff Probstreply 55911/15/2012

[quote]Who did Denise wink to at the end of Tribal Council, after the vote? [/quote] I noticed that, too -- I think it was Lisa.

by Jeff Probstreply 56011/15/2012

Lisa was clearly auditioning for her Lifetime Movie. I predict they will produce at least one.

by Jeff Probstreply 56111/15/2012

Carter is just a vacant hole.

by Jeff Probstreply 56211/16/2012

[quote] Carter is just a vacant hole.

Yes, but it's warm and moist, and quite inviting!

- Jeff the pro baseball player

[quote] And Lisa was acting during the slobbering too. They both know exactly what they're doing.

I would love to have seen Lisa act out the following dialogue to Penner...

"I fought worse monsters than you for years in Hollywood. DON'T FUCK WITH ME, FELLA! This 'aint my first time at the rodeo..."

by Jeff Probstreply 56311/16/2012

Jeff Kent seemed like a big bitch throughout his time there.

by Jeff Probstreply 56411/16/2012

I can't stand Abi, but her "I found a clam!" with Denise's reaction and the coconut incident with Skupin (and Malcolm trying not to laugh) were right up there with Artis being voted out as the most entertaining parts of the episode.

by Jeff Probstreply 56511/16/2012

This is actually one of the best seasons in a long time.

by Jeff Probstreply 56611/16/2012

Any one not planning to bring Abi to the final three/two is a fool. Pete on the other hand .... he's next to go, I think.

by Jeff Probstreply 56711/16/2012

Am I the only one having a hard time keeping the names straight this year?

I hope Lisa or the cute guy with the idol win. I'll even take the buff lesbian or the former actor.

by Jeff Probstreply 56811/16/2012

Why can't people SPECULATE on this thread rather than be bombarded with spoilers? *sigh*

[quote]Probst is really protecting his boyfriend Penner.

You are a weird one.

by Jeff Probstreply 56911/16/2012

It really is turning into a nice comeback for Lisa that could lead to other things. Who'd have thought a B actress of a long ago sitcom considered one of the all time worst, now living in Texas and out of the spotlight, could appear on a fading reality show and get all this mileage?

Testament to her actually. Likeable and really beautiful (and beautifully preserved without all that weird botox or whatever). Still rooting for her.

by Jeff Probstreply 57011/16/2012

I wonder if Lisa's "I don't need to be Little Miss Perfect anymore" realization on the island contributed to her decision to dump Steve when she got home.

by Jeff Probstreply 57111/16/2012

She dumped Steve before Survivor, R571. The divorce was finalized a couple weeks before she left for the Philippines.

by Jeff Probstreply 57211/16/2012

[quote] Likeable and really beautiful (and beautifully preserved without all that weird botox or whatever). Still rooting for her.

She really does look good even living in the wild with zero makeup and hair styling. Can't say that about 99% of the actresses her age.

She'd make a great TV mom. Hope something comes of this.

by Jeff Probstreply 57311/16/2012

Does the Facts of Life cast still get residuals?

by Jeff Probstreply 57411/16/2012

All I know is that I want to be double teamed by Malcolm and Pete. Pete in front, and Malcolm behind. For hours and hours. That would be heaven!!!

by Jeff Probstreply 57511/16/2012

"She really does look good even living in the wild with zero makeup and hair styling. Can't say that about 99% of the actresses her age."

R573 - There are a number of actresses half Lisa's age that don't look as good.

by Jeff Probstreply 57611/16/2012

Is Artis gay? He pings. Would also explain his close "allegiance" to young stud extraordinaire, Pete.

by Jeff Probstreply 57711/16/2012

Yes, they do still get residuals, R574, but they are not very substantial.....and certainly far less than what actors would get even 10 years later, let alone NOW (25 years later). A few years ago, LW posted a picture holding a residual check for ONE CENT! That's not even with a trip to the bank.....but it would get you a free drink at a bar called "Residuals" in L.A.! If you present a residual check for less $1.00, you get a drink on the house.

by Jeff Probstreply 57811/16/2012

I think we can find a spot for her.

by Jeff Probstreply 57911/16/2012

[quote]This is actually one of the best seasons in a long time.

I totally agree.

by Jeff Probstreply 58011/16/2012

Hate to say it but -- as someone who fucked his skin up smoking ciggies for a bit too long -- she may be an ode to clean living. A few natural wrinkles with time but very few. (She may also subscribe to the Connie Stevens advice about getting older -- a little extra weight in the face helps the skin look better).

by Jeff Probstreply 58111/16/2012

Clean living and good genetics.

by Jeff Probstreply 58211/16/2012

And Botox.

by Jeff Probstreply 58311/16/2012

I gotta say, this season has totally changed my mind about Lisa Whelchel. I thought she was a stuck-up, prissy Fundamentalist, and I'm delighted to find that she's a humane, smart, genuine person. I little overconcerned with what others think of her, but that's hardly surprising since she was an actress at an early age.

by Jeff Probstreply 58411/17/2012

I don't mind Lisa, I just wish she'd shut up once in awhile.

by Jeff Probstreply 58511/17/2012

My only disappointment with Lisa is that, coming as the filming did as her marriage was ending, she didn't beg Pete to fuck her silly. That's how I'd have played it.

by Jeff Probstreply 58611/17/2012

Stay tuned...maybe she does!

by Jeff Probstreply 58711/17/2012

R584, we don't know what she thinks about homos yet.

by Jeff Probstreply 58811/17/2012

R570-in what world is "The Facts of Life" considered one of the "all time worst" sitcoms? Certainly not one of the best, but I've never heard it referred to it in that way ever. It is actually considered a classic of its time.

by Jeff Probstreply 58911/17/2012

It's going to be hard to get rid of Pete or Abi. They would have to split the vote 3-3 and get whoever doesn't have the idol. But it just takes 1 person to change their vote to mess this up and the vote bounces back to the other side.

Why would Skupin and Lisa want to be number 5 and 6 on a 6-person alliance if they can stick with Pete and Abi and be higher up in the ranks. Even if they don't want to be with Pete and Abi, they should let the vote bounce back to get rid of Macum or Denise and THEN go join with Penner and who's left. Only then would they be higher up in the ranks. I think that's why Skupin wanted to get rid of Jeff last week before flipping.

I really hope they don't send Macum to the jury house!

by Jeff Probstreply 59011/17/2012

Skupin is the biggest queen on the show. He talks like a queen, he acts like a prissy queen and he even runs like a queen. Why did no one notice this in season 2?? Having 7 kids is covering up for something.

by Jeff Probstreply 59111/17/2012


Yes, R588, we do.

Lisa Whelchel, better known as Blair from the facts of life, believes gays can turn straight. She’s seen it happen after all. Whelchel, a bible beater, posted that to a question from a “concerned” Mom about her child being gay. However, she has since taken it down because she believes homosexuality is too complex for her to comment on. I would have to agree, I mean first you have to have a brain…Blair would not approve of this bigotry…

‘This original question was from a mom who wrote to me and was concerned that her son might be struggling with homosexuality. In my original answer, among other comments, I expressed my belief that, if a person desires, it is possible to leave behind a homosexual lifestyle. I know this is true because I’ve seen it come true in the lives of many of my friends. Thousands have been helped, loved, and supported by websites such as exodus to and the many ministries they recommend.”

by Jeff Probstreply 59211/17/2012

Could My Teen Be Gay? We're worried about his disinterest in dating. Lisa Whelchel

To Lisa:

My 16-year-old son's more interested in the arts than in athletics, seems to have no interest in girls, and doesn't have many male friends at school or church. With all the publicity about homosexuality today, we can't help but worry our son could be gay. What should we do?

From Lisa:

You just described my husband, Steve, as a 16-year-old. He was First Chair in band, never dated, and spent more time working and studying than hanging out with the guys. Today we have a healthy 16-year marriage and three wonderful children. So just because your son doesn't resemble the stereotypical high-school boy doesn't mean he's gay.

Two common threads exist among those who struggle with homosexual tendencies. First, does your son exhibit any signs of childhood molestation or incest? If you suspect this is the case, seek help from a local Christian counselor.

Then look at the father/son (and for girls, the mother/daughter) relationship. Does your son feel accepted by his father? Is your husband a jock who rejects or even ridicules your son's interest in the arts? Perhaps your son's father isn't even in the picture, either by divorce, absence, death, or passivity.

The father holds the key to affirming a boy's manhood. Without that blessing, a gaping hole is left in a young man's life. Fortunately, a healing substitute often can be found in a strong father figure. If not, some young men attempt to "cannibalize" other men through homosexual actions to fill that void.

I know from personal friendships it's possible for someone who struggles with homosexual temptation or who has embraced that lifestyle to find freedom and strength to change. The answer is first found in receiving redemption through Jesus Christ. From there I recommend logging onto or for further information and direction.

by Jeff Probstreply 59311/17/2012

I think she's a good example of the fact that some of the fundamentalists are just uninformed rather than outright hateful. That doesn't make what she said acceptable, but sometimes we forget that not every anti-gay statement comes from the same place.

by Jeff Probstreply 59411/17/2012

When did Lisa write these items? I think Lisa has changed somewhat over the past few years.

by Jeff Probstreply 59511/17/2012

It's obvious that Lisa has "evolved" over the past few years so I think it's a bit unfair to insinuate she 's homophobic.

I'd love to see what she makes of Colton on an All-Stars edition this time next year, though.

by Jeff Probstreply 59611/17/2012

Wow r593. Lisa is a cunt.

by Jeff Probstreply 59711/17/2012

Did she divorce Steve because it turned out he WAS gay after all?

by Jeff Probstreply 59811/17/2012

>>It's obvious that Lisa has "evolved" over the past few years so I think it's a bit unfair to insinuate she 's homophobic.

How is it obvious?

by Jeff Probstreply 59911/17/2012

R593: Lisa's answer covers a lot of points that many here would argue greatly against.

Why are we giving her the benefit of the doubt?

Probably because she is a better actor than Penner, and is very good at coming across as likeable on TV.

by Jeff Probstreply 60011/18/2012
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