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M's personal life

John Cazale died in March and she married Don Gummer in September!

Will are third daughter act too?

Any gay rumors about the son?

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 7409/11/2014

Yeah, she had another one lined up in the bullpen right quick.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 109/19/2012

OP, it's rude of your to besmirch Meryl Streep's personal life, especially in regards to John Cazale. When Cazale was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer she stayed with him, put her career on hold and supported and cared for him completely. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about and your post is offensive to anyone who has ever cared for the terminally ill.

Grow up and get a life.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 309/19/2012

"Will are third daughter act too?"

Viola, you should learn how to write English properly, then maybe you won't be 'robbed' (you weren't) of any Oscar in the future.

The Cazale thing is old hat, anyway.

She's stayed with him until the end, and she's stayed with Don Gummer ever since they got married. Hardly the deportment of a slut, is it.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 409/19/2012

God knows there are few things I'm as sick of as Mandatory Meryl Worship, but the Troll is right: nothing but admirable, exemplary behavior on her part, and frankly I think that casting aspersions on the timing of her marriage is just douchebaggery.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 509/19/2012

There was a documentary on the life of John Cazale shown on HBO not long ago. As has been mentioned, Meryl stayed with him and supported him and cared for him right up until he died. Cazale's good friend, Al Pacino and Cazale's brother, were mighty impressed with the way Meryl took care of John until the end.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 609/19/2012

[quote]Cancer Debbie Harry nursing her partner and bandmate Chris Stein for years, putting her white-hot career on hold, to do just that.

[quote]Her career never recovered from taking this time-out, but it was the only thing she could have done.

Debbie is always asked about that and seems uncomfortable answering. She usually brushes it off and says something like, "Yeah, well, I just think it was the right thing to do."

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 809/19/2012

oh my r3 is just MARY! with a capital M, capital A, capital.....

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 909/19/2012

R9, this "Mary" thing has gotten out of hand. It's a stupid cliche, rather like the caftan thing. There's something inherently homophobic about using such phrases.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 1009/19/2012

John was gay.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 1109/19/2012

A good, a rubber room of a thread for Streep Loon to talk to itself.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 1209/19/2012

Didn't Meryl fuck Clint Eastwood during The Bridges... movie? I remember those rumors.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 1309/19/2012

Meryl was rumored to have slept with most of her leading men in the 80s, sort of part of her "method" if you will. Ones that I have heard about have been Kline, Irons, Ed Begley Jr., Eastwood, and Kurt Russell, whether any or all of these are true is up for debate.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 1409/20/2012

Method?! Method?! I am classicaly trained from the Yale Drama School! The method?! Please!

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 1509/20/2012

[quote] this "Mary" thing has gotten out of hand. It's a stupid cliche, rather like the caftan thing.

This is DL, bitch. The application of an exquisitely timed 'Mary!' is a finely-honed skill here that will *never* fall into disuse. It has always been, and always will be. Deal.

And R14, Kline once was asked by an interviewer from Life magazine whether rumors he had fallen into (unrequited) love with Meryl during the filming of Sophie's Choice were true. He was evasive to a degree, but it was clear the answer was yes.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 1609/20/2012

Actually, the term Mary is appropriate in this thread...since it serves as a reminder that Meryl is Mary from New Jersey, not a fuckimg saint.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 1709/20/2012

Meryl & Don - closet stoners.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 1809/20/2012

Meryl's high school yearbook said she was "where the boys are"

translation....filthy slut

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 1909/21/2012

Streep troll, I'm curious. Did Meryl ever comment on that Kate Hepburn quote about her acting being robotic? It's repeated quite a lot and I wonder if Meryl ever addressed it. I think Hepburn was pretty cunty and obviously jealous of the new up and comer.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 2109/21/2012

not the Streep troll but:

She did an interview on 60 Minutes last year where she said she thinks the acting is better nowadays than in the films of her childhood....Some people interpreted her remarks and kind of playful attitude about the comment as a little jab at the click click stuff.

I always thought Hepburn said that because it was right at the point when people started saying M was the greatest actress ever. Hepburn (believe it or not) used to get that referenced as the greatest and I think she was extremely bothered that M was going to take away her "title"

(plus she was a crabby ole dyke who spent her life nursing a drunk, married homo which can cause bitterness.)

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 2209/21/2012

Katharine Hepburn wished she had had Meryl's instrument.

Let's not forget she thought Melanie Griffith was the biggest talent around. The woman was a movie star, and knew little about real acting.

Her click click click comment was pure jealousy, and she blemished her own legacy with it.

Nuff said.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 2309/21/2012

Katharine was every bit as good of an actress as Streep was. You might want to watch LONG DAYS JOURNEY INTO NIGHT before commenting on her abilites.

Plus Hepburn had her own unique personality. Back when STARS were STARS!

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 2409/21/2012

Streep couldn't have pulled off performances like Jo March in Little Women, Terry Randall in Stage Door, Tracy Lord in Philadelphia Story, the characters in Bringing Up Baby and Holiday because Streep has no light touch.

But it would be great to have a Meryl film version of Long Day's Journey. Who would play Tyrone?

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 2509/21/2012

R10 - MARY!

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 2809/21/2012

The Streep troll (tm) is being sarcastic, right?

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 2909/21/2012

I agree about Hepburn's hammishness, but how the hell did she get 4 Oscars?

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 3009/21/2012

"Let's not forget she thought Melanie Griffith was the biggest talent around. The woman was a movie star, and knew little about real acting."

Hepburn never said that. She said Griffith reminded her of Judy Holiday.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 3109/21/2012

Meryl handled my instrument.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 3209/21/2012

Meryl Streep is simply a different kind of actress than Hepburn. She inhabits characters and becomes them, taking on their mannerisms and speech patterns. Hepburn was a wonderful actress as well but she was the kind of actress who always played a version of herself. she was also an old-style Hollywood movie star. She did it extremely well but she didn't do characters the way Streep does. You always knew you were watching Katherine Hepburn.

Same with Bette Davis. Brilliant at what she did, but you never forgot for a second that that was Bette Davis.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 3309/21/2012

[quote]Same with Bette Davis. Brilliant at what she did, but you never forgot for a second that that was Bette Davis.

I did when I saw "Dark Victory," "Jezebel," "Now Voyager," and "The Letter," which was probably her best performance. Even in a really trashy film like "The Great Lie," she dialed down Bette Davis, most likely to heighten the drama between her character and Mary Astor's.

Mannered? Extremely. But I think far more watchable today than Katharine Hepburn.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 3409/21/2012

I read on DL that Meryl had affairs with all of her leading men.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 3509/21/2012

I thought it was pretty common knowledge that M shagged Nicholson while making Heartburn ( one of her worst movies, IMHO).

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 3609/21/2012

I much prefer Hepburn OVER Streep. So there. Sue me. Give me a "Mary." Don't give a shit. Streep has a face that looks like pudding. She has given some wonderful performances, too. Taking nothing away from her talent. But I would rather watch the glorious, glamorous movie star Kate Hepburn in something like The Philadelphia Story or Woman of the Year or Summertime or Long Day's Journey Into Night rather than the "emoting chameleon" that is Meryl Streep any day. That includes Sophie, Silkwood and all the rest.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 3709/21/2012

Meryl and Hepburn are two completely different actresses, in different kinds of films. They can't really be compared, and it is possible to like them both. I do.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 3809/21/2012

Garbo was better than the lot of them. Hepburn, Streep and Davis are just self aware gorgons. Garbo NEVER played safe. She wore an emotional face.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 3909/21/2012

I agree with you, r34.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 4009/21/2012

R36, she's too old for Nicholson, who with the exception of Anjelica Huston bangs nymphettes.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 4109/21/2012

[quote]But I would rather watch the glorious, glamorous movie star Kate Hepburn in something like The Philadelphia Story or Woman of the Year or Summertime or Long Day's Journey Into Night rather than the "emoting chameleon" that is Meryl Streep any day. That includes Sophie, Silkwood and all the rest.

Agree completely.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 4209/21/2012

As brilliant an actress as Streep is I prefer her in lighter fare like Julie and Julia and Devil Wears Prada. She's still acting her tits off but she's more fun to watch than in Sophie's Choice or the Iron Lady.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 4309/21/2012

Where is the proof Hepburn actually said "click click click"? That wouldn't be like her to trash another actor.

Maybe it's an urban myth.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 4409/21/2012

[quote]Katharine Hepburn wished she had had Meryl's instrument.

Which is exactly what Streep has. An instrument, mechanically perfect, but lacking any humanity.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 4509/21/2012

Hepburn definitely got sympathy Oscars for Guess Who and On Golden Pond. I mean, really in Golden Pond she was laughable. Faye Dunaway should have won that year for Mommie Dearest!! She wuz robbed!!!

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 4609/21/2012

Leave M alone!

Oh, and Bette Davis could do more than the patented Bette shtick. Margo Channing is unfairly looked on that way, mostly because that characterization has been caricatured. What's there is richer than that.

But for a real indicator of Bette's range, check out A Catered Affair.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 4809/21/2012

[quote]On the other hand, four-time best actress Oscar winner, Katharine Hepburn, didn’t like Meryl. According to her biographer, Hepburn once said, “Click, click, click,” about the wheels she could see turning inside Meryl’s head.

I guess the quote is from Hepburn Bio.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 4909/21/2012

Young Meryl -

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 5009/21/2012

Her accent in Sophie's choice made me giggle. I've never been able to finish the movie because of it. That and because she's so actressy in it.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 5109/21/2012

r51, her accent was spot-on.

And if we're talking someone who comes off "actressy", well there's always hammy KH as a good starting point.

Meryl disappeared into the character of Sophie. Nobody else could have played her like that.


by V. Davis (robbed)reply 5209/22/2012

To R42:

Disagree completely

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 5309/22/2012

Iron Lady was a sympathy Oscar as well, the old "if we give her one, she'll shut up." She's given more Oscar worthy performances. It was as much an award for her makeup.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 5409/22/2012

"Meryl disappeared into the character of Sophie. Nobody else could have played her like that."

I wouldn't know since, as I said, I've never been able to finish the movie due to the giggle fits her Disney Holocaust accent provokes.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 5509/22/2012

More info on Henry Wolfe Gummer,please.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 5609/22/2012

Meryl's always pinged my gaydar. Has she been hiding in plain sight this whole time?

I love her as an actress but I think she's made some dogs. What was that movie with Tom Cruise she made a couple years ago? Those rom-coms will not stand the test of time like Hepburn's or Davis' movies, I'm afraid. That doesn't make her less talented, though.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 5709/22/2012

"I know Meryl's a co-star fucking slut, but she'd have to be a blind slut to fuck Ed Begley Jr.

Don Gummer must be a saint to put up with her whoreishness"

Oh, don't be such an idiot. If Meryl Streep were really an insatiable "slut" or "whore" it would surely have come to light a long time ago, especially if she was fucking all her co-stars. Tabloids would have have had a field day with that...if there were any truth to it at all.

The Meryl Streep hating queens on this thread seem to be spewing venom out of pure jealousy. Meryl Street is a revered actress who's had a incredible career that continues to this day; she's been married to the same man for decades and there has never been any hint of scandal surrounding her or her family. I suppose that's why envious queens hate her. They're jealous of her life and achievements. They really need to get over it.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 5809/22/2012

And the Katharine Hepburn hating queens on this thread are just jealous because she not only holds the record for the most oscar wins by an actor (over a period of forty eight years) but was voted the Best Actress Ever by the American Film Institute.

BRINGING UP BABY has made the prestigious Sight and Sound magazine list of the Greatest Motion Pictures ever made.

Plus she is the actress with the most films inducted into the National Film Registry.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 5909/22/2012

Hepburn was and is a movie star, Streep is an actress.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 6009/22/2012

R60, this is such B.S., this whole "movie star, not an actress" crap that anti-Hepburn trolls post as gospel truth. In your minds it's true but it's not the truth for everyone.

You don't think Streep has mannerisms that go from film to film? You obviously haven't seen many Streep films.

They are both wonderful actresses, just different. But to tear down one just to build up the other is crap and such crap as "movie star, not an actress" needs to buried.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 6109/22/2012

Thanks, R61.

Is the only way to praise Streep to condemn Hepburn or vice versa? I'm glad to have them both in my Netflix cue.

Streep has made very smart choices in the last decade and will have more very good and okay but beloved (Mamma Mia!) films for an over 50 actress than any other in history.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 6209/22/2012

kh was jealous because meryl has all , carrer and family, she said actors can have only one thing , also she was a star likr tom cruise but please dont compare her to meryl skills in the acting field

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 6301/27/2013

I find it very difficult to watch Meryl Streep in anything because her acting choices are all so obvious. You can actually see her thinking about those choices. Yes, she does a decent accent, but never really sounds like a person from the area, more like an educated or refined person from an area. Very studied.

Katherine Hepburn was Katherine Hepburn no matter what her role.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 6401/27/2013

I went to Dartmouth with her son. He's straight. Very smart, quiet and smoked a lot of pot in college. Had a long term gf in college. He is talented, was in a great band called Bravo Silva after graduation. They were fantastic. Meryl used to come to all the concerts in NY and stand in the back and cheer. It was pretty cute.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 6501/27/2013

I like Meryl Streep and I think it's interesting to learn more about her but the Streep Troll just kills any thread about her. You do more harm than good, buddy, but I know I'm talking to crazy town.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 6601/27/2013

Streep is much more talented than Katherine Hepburn. I think Meryl will get a fourth Oscar eventually.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 6708/27/2014

Gag me.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 6808/27/2014

It seems pointless to compare Streep and Hepburn, although people do it here all the time. They owned their respective eras, and barely overlapped (1981). As far as older stars, I preferred Bette Davis over Hepburn. And Hepburn was named best actress by AFI only of stars who appeared in film before 1950. I don’t know if she would be number one on the list today. If it included modern actors, it probably would be Meryl, followed by Bette Davis. Hepburn was indeed small to write a bitchy book with her housekeeper to be published after she died, but she was very much like Julia Roberts – egotistical and self-obsessed. Me, me, me was her favorite song.

Streep’s personal life is remarkably normal. Her kids are educated, well behaved and polite. She also gives a lot to charity, which I appreciate.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 6908/27/2014

I think Streep is really talented. Her kids not so talented.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 7009/11/2014

Streep can turn herself into anybody. Katherine Hepburn was always Hepburn.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 7109/11/2014

Not all talented people have talented kids. Picasso never produced a talented child, although I once heard on a talk show that Paloma thought she was more famous than her father. She did her jewelry thing for a while and then vanished from everyone's consciousness.

I don't like Henry Gummer's music but I do like his photography. Maybe he should consider being an artist like his father.

Mamie and Grace are only adequate but they do not sparkle on the screen like Meryl. I can't see them having long careers like their mom.

Louisa is a model.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 7209/11/2014

For some reason, I always thought that Don Gummer was an "artist" the way some husbands of big stars are labeled "producers" so we shouldn't think that they are riding on their spouse's coat tails.

Turns out that Gummer really is an artist and apparently a well respected one at that. He has exhibits and commissions and pieces all over the place.

It isn't my type of art, but more power to him.

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 7309/11/2014

R73 I believe that one is called "G's Cervix."

by V. Davis (robbed)reply 7409/11/2014
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