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Hi, it's me again. Aviva.

I'm not done talking about my traumatic experience in St. Barths.

After all, look at all I went through just to get there.

Now let's get started. Have a seat.

by Avivareply 30707/20/2014

She is just jealous because she wanted to be Ramona's bff.

by Avivareply 109/17/2012

Heather is going to punch and delete Aviva any minute now.

by Avivareply 209/17/2012

Where is the new NYC housewives thread? The old one is full...

Anyway Aviva has her faults but I prefer her to Sonja and Ramona. I'm glad she's finally speaking up. I hated how meek she was until the vacation. Heather has gone the opposite route-she was arguing with Ramona and a bit with Sonja but since the trip is now so boring and peaceful.

I love that at the end of this episode Aviva finally said to Sonja's face what we all know: that she's on a downward spiral. Of course Sonja didn't want to hear it and walked out. I love in the preview next week we see Aviva getting into it 1 on 1 with Ramona too. I just wish her creepy father wasn't a part of the show.

How can anyone feel bad for Sonja? If that cunt would sell her expensive house and stop having "interns" aka "free help" I might not despise her so much. She puts on airs and is a desperate middle aged hag. Aviva is right-Sonja IS white trash.

by Avivareply 309/17/2012

Does Aviva store the artificial leg she uses for swimming up her ass?

by Avivareply 409/18/2012

You don't know what I went through to get to St Barth's

by Avivareply 509/18/2012

[quote]"Two women who can't separate from each other for two seconds on an entire trip are obviously extraordinarily insecure."

Is Aviva really this lacking in self awareness?

Loved when Aviva said she thought the trip would be hanging out with the girls and dinners and Sonja says it was Like that before Aviva showed up.

by Avivareply 609/18/2012

Not too change the subject on you, Aviva, but Luann seems very insecure this season. I love her, but she seems to lack confidence this year. She's my favorite though.

by Avivareply 709/18/2012

Start your own fucking thread, Lu.


by Avivareply 809/18/2012

Aviva has quite a sense of entitlement. Expecting these floozies to stop partying in order to celebrate A's bravery in flying in a plane. She stated that she expected a party! I guess her alcoholic mother didn't give her the nurturing she needed and thus she expects her husband and girlfriends to mommy her. I can't stand this kind of emotional vampire. She sure sucks all of the fun out of every room she enters.

I can't help feel for Sonja. She reminds me of an Edith Wharton character.

by Avivareply 909/18/2012

Don't speak to me with that tone.

by Avivareply 1009/18/2012

Common side effects of Aviva include:

Loose stools Indigestion or heartburn Arm or leg pain Abdominal pain Diarrhea Headache

Consult your physician before reading posts from or about Aviva.

by Avivareply 1109/18/2012

Where is the new NYC housewives thread?

Really some of you people like Sonja? wow I can't believe desperate, delusional, pretentious, drunk and phony middle aged hags could be loveable.

by Avivareply 1209/18/2012

I like Sonja, I know she is basically a hooker, hey so is LuAnn but at least Sonja is fun. LuAnn seems very guarded this season? She seemed to have her mouth set in a grimace the whole episode. No opinions about anything..

by Avivareply 1309/18/2012

Weird, I think Ramona kind of nailed it about Aviva. Pretty clear thinking for such a loon. Aviva is totally co-dependent.

by Avivareply 1409/18/2012

Reid Drescher is sex on a stick.

by Avivareply 1509/19/2012

Frankly, you're all white trash!

by Avivareply 1609/19/2012

What's the big deal anyway? Aviva has been on planes plenty of times! She's been to France! I mean, it's not like you can get to France by boat!

by Avivareply 1709/19/2012

Aviva, can you walk us step by step through your ordeal, i.e., how did you summon the courage to board the plane? on a scale of 1-10, how shaky were you on the plane? did your anxiety increase as the plane was about to land? did you kiss the ground when you unboarded? and most importantly, how great a role did Reid play in getting you through this trauma? Those drunk bitches should've bowed down to him for what he did. I'm so proud of you for facing your fear...there are no words. I know you generally shy away from talking about yourself and from incessantly harping on trivial issues, but if you could walk us through the ordeal, and maybe give us a glimpse into why Ramona and Sonja refused to thank Reid, it would be most appreciated.

by Avivareply 1809/19/2012

Aviva is a palindrome!

by Avivareply 1909/19/2012

God! Did she see she was ready to drop Carol as a friend, because Carol smoked a cigarette?

Lord, this girl is more fun than a case of crabs.

by Avivareply 2009/19/2012

R20..and it was a "pink," cigarette, no less!

Carol looks like she is just freaked out by all the other women. She just wants to smoke pot, and hang out with younger musicians...(and talk about that stupid book/tv show of hers.)

I would love for Ramona and Aviva to find out their husbands are having a fling..which I dont doubt Bravo would stage for the ratings.

by Avivareply 2109/19/2012

I'm digging Heather, but her face makes me nauseous.

by Avivareply 2209/19/2012

HATE to say it but I agree with what Ramona said the other night on WWH regarding Aviva's attitude. She said some of it appeared to be "misplaced anger."

Hmm...watching Aviva go off, that entered my mind also.

by Avivareply 2309/19/2012

Not sure there is a Part 2 thread continuing the now full RHONY thread. Would some kind subscriber care to start one please?

by Avivareply 2409/19/2012

I loved Aviva's psycho babble about being "angry" and not "crazy". Clearly she's been in lots of therapy with someone convincing her about the difference between the emotion of anger vs being actually crazy. She seems to feel that that is a very important distinction.

And it also gives her justification (in her own mind) to be able to express the emotion of anger vs just being a plain old crazy bitch which is obviously what she is.

I loathe Sonja and Ramona, but they are both right on the money with this lunatic. I actually thought Sonja stood up for herself pretty well in the dinner with Aviva where Sonja was wearing the Gilligan shirt.

by Avivareply 2509/19/2012

sonja and ramona are skank whores. Aviva got their number White Trash from head to toe.

by Avivareply 2609/19/2012

It's not about the trip or the island. It was about the children...WHO ARE... MISSING... LIMBS!

by Avivareply 2709/19/2012

I love Sonja - cant help it.

Aviva I want to kick in the existing leg - "I went to vassar I'm a lawyer I speak 5 languages - they should have fallen to their knees and thanked me for coming down and ruining girls week away!"- can anyone make themselves more unlike able??

by Avivareply 2809/19/2012

I don't always like Aviva but I'm still glad she called out Ramona and Sonja. Someone had to. With Jill gone, crazy Kelly gone, Luann taking more of a backseat after that early-in-the-season confrontation with Ramona and now Heather being all Switzerland, someone had to go off on these bitches and Aviva did it.

WTF is up with Luann and Heather being all non-confrontational now? Thank goodness out of nowhere Aviva stepped up.

Sonja would be just as annoying in different ways if she had the settlement money. She would probably be even more arrogant, delusional and snobby.

by Avivareply 2909/19/2012

I'm having a hard time liking any of these woman and it's certainly not because they smoke dope or fucked Island boy. None of them are very nice (I like Heather best). Aviva has a stick up her ass, how can anyone stand her?

by Avivareply 3009/19/2012

Time to kick that insufferable, no-leg, bleach blond bitch to the curb and bring in a certain classy Jewess who truly runs with a fabulous circle of people.

by Avivareply 3109/19/2012

Heather is surprisingly insightful about the other ladies and when she's unclenched, she seems pretty fun. I also like the variety of ways she wears her hair. Sometimes it's quite pretty (you know, most of these women with long hair do nothing with it. Aviva is stuck in a quasi-1970s Jaclyn Smith mode and Carole is often Cousin Itt.)

I avoid smokers like the plague. No matter what they say, most of them stink of residual smoke and all gum does is create cinnamon or minty smoke smell, but Aviva is just too cray-cray about that and everything. I couldn't believe it when she said something about being 40 or 41 because she looks like she's pushing 50!!!!!! Healthy diet be damned! I swear that people who eliminate fat from their diet age worse. She's very haggy looking.

Sonja's interview looks are way prettier than her "live" ones. When she turns it out, she can still look really good. Without the glam treatment, her skin looks rough and very worked-on, the lips are bad, too. I think she's a mess, but I admire her ability to smartly stick up for herself and call out Aviva's own irrationability.

by Avivareply 3209/19/2012

Aviva is really 41????

by Avivareply 3309/19/2012

I can't believe Aviva's only 41. Looks closer to 50. I'm a year older than her, and I look a good 12-13 years younger than my age. Good genetics I guess.

by Avivareply 3409/19/2012

The reunion will be good. Aviva is not going to back down and she'll let Sonja have it all about her spiral downward. Someone needs to put that bitch in her place. Same with Ramona-Aviva is going to rip her a new one and I'll enjoy it all.

Aviva is really nice unless you cross her. Sonja and Ramona blowing off her charity for trivial reasons started the ball rolling.

by Avivareply 3509/19/2012

r35=Aviva's swimming leg.

by Avivareply 3609/19/2012

aviva and her peg leg can kick rocks. shes such a bore!

by Avivareply 3709/19/2012

No way in hell a diva is 41.

I'd guess early 50's.

by Avivareply 3809/19/2012

I love Carole. That bitch wisely sat back, got a read on the others, and has positioned herself to say the most fabulously on-point observations to the audience, which also making herself the most sought-after of the ladies. And I loved her decision to freak Aviva out with the pink cigarette...

by Avivareply 3909/19/2012

R36 = 1 of Sonja's "interns" aka slaves

by Avivareply 4009/19/2012

It's OK R32, I can't stand to be around (rod up their butts) non-smokers. They act like spoiled children who have grown up with a silver spoon in their mouth...boring, self centered, children. I like to hang out with adults.

by Avivareply 4109/19/2012

R41 it's called caring about our health. We don't smoke and therefore we don't smell your shit! We don't breathe in your shit! We don't want to smell it off your clothes, hair and personal items. Just because you're stupid enough to want to poison yourself, that doesn't mean the rest of us do. It's 2012. Anyone who is still smoking in this day and age is a fucking dumbass and I have no problem being rude about it. Aviva is right.

by Avivareply 4209/19/2012

Yea but whatever Aviva says at the reunion, the fact is she acted like a fool in St. Barts. Ramonja did too but hell, at least you can laugh at them.. Aviva probably has an eating disorder too, she is so fucking skinny and she looks really bad for 41. My guess was 48-50. Hell Ramona looks better than her and she is 55.

by Avivareply 4309/19/2012

Sonja Morgan is the biggest double-dealing, two-faced person I've ever met!

by Avivareply 4409/19/2012

FYI, even though the sentiment is the same, R42 is not me! (R32) There is no reason for someone to think that smoking is an "adult" habit. It's a habit that is often started because kids want to LOOK adult or "cool" and then they're hooked. A real adult can see the ignorance of it and put them down. For good.

But have at it. We'll help cover your medical bills, walk through your stench, clean up your non-biodegradible butts and be sure you get a cute wagon for your portable oxygen tank when the day comes.

by Avivareply 4509/20/2012

R45 high-five. I give dirty looks and sometimes say something if I'm walking somewhere and pass a smoker who blows right in my face! I have time for those fools. It's 2012. Get with it. If you smoke, you are stupid. Period. I like Carol's personality but hopefully this smoking thing is short-lived.

by Avivareply 4609/20/2012

Aviva, dear, just wanted to wish you good luck in next week's runway show. Break a leg!

by Avivareply 4709/20/2012

I smoke regularly and enjoy it. I don't mind non-smokers, though some are shrill and rather one-note, but there is one category of non-smokers who are the worst - those who smoked at one time. They're like born agains who live to tell others they're going to hell. Honey, whoever you are at R46, it's given people are blowing smoke in your face on purpose.

by Avivareply 4809/20/2012

R42, u are rude and no, most smokers do not constantly smell like smoke, ignorant fuck. People like you totally revolt me. And no, I would not ever want to have to spend one second with your extremely tight ass. By the way are you even able to poop? I rather doubt it.

By the way, I'm not even a smoker, I just long for the days when adults could go out, have a drink and smoke a cig without all of you fragile flowers screaming against it.

by Avivareply 4909/20/2012

R48 and R49 I don't give a fuck. I enjoy healthy living and fun. Smoking is not fun nor healthy so you can take your antiquated and ignorant views and fuck off. Go try a nicotine enema for all I care. If I didn't have to smell or inhale second hand smoke I wouldn't care but guess what? Whenever someone does it in public it affects us non-smokers. This is 2012. Get with the program. Go smoke by yourselves but not up in my personal space.

by Avivareply 5009/20/2012

OMG we're having our own St Barts meltdown! Is anyone letting their vagina and boobs hang out while they post?

I figured Carol only mentioned the smoking thing to take the piss out of Aviva. She had a smile on her face the whole time. Loved Carol this episode.

That lunch with Heather & The Countess was so awkward. When she choked and looked to the crew for help, Heather was taking 5 and obviously thought the scene was over. The people behind Aviva and Heather at their dinner were giving them the filthiest looks. I guess they don't have to ask fellow diners if it's OK for them to film?

by Avivareply 5109/21/2012

Yes they do, you have to sign a release.

by Avivareply 5209/21/2012

Aviva is a judgmental, entitled, self-absorbed hag. Not to mention a bundle of crazy. As pathetic as Sonja is this season, she delivered an eloquent smackdown. Can't wait for Aviva to take on Ramona next because that will be epic.

by Avivareply 5309/21/2012

Hilarious, R51!

by Avivareply 5409/21/2012

Oh I can see r50 had an all out hissy fit, because I managed to give her my opinion and it didn't agree with her's! What a child...I can just imagine her desolving in tears because someone had the NERVE to disagree with her. Call your Mom and let her listen to your self centered and moronic diatribe. Crying about second hand idiots make me sick. If you were suffering with a lung disease I could certainly understand why you would ask someone to put out a cigarette but I really have to wonder how generation after generation, people smoked in restaurants and bars, seemingly without a problem? Now assholes like r50 and Aviva can't even be in the same building with a smoker. It's absurd.

by Avivareply 5509/21/2012

Mom's smoked and drank their ways through pregnancies up until the 70s. Where are all the flipper babies?!

by Avivareply 5609/21/2012

I stopped watching this show last season and it appears NOTHING has changed except they swapped out a few bitches.

by Avivareply 5709/21/2012

I understand the intolerance for second hand smoke itself. These days, that goes without saying and I would never impose that on others. It's the people that complain that someone smells LIKE smoke that is insane. Hey, I may smell like smoke, but you smell like a whore! ;) You can't control the way people smell... There's no health hazard to smelling someone who smells like smoke, just as there is no health hazard to smelling someone's cologne or body odor. You may not like it, but tough - grow up. It's not going to hurt you.

by Avivareply 5809/21/2012

I know one thing. I'd rather go to a bar, party or on a trip with Sonja rather than Aviva any day!!!

by Avivareply 5909/21/2012

When you look up "Buzzkill" there should be a picture of Aviva.

by Avivareply 6009/21/2012

Sonja is a hot mess (and kinda sad, actually), but she would be the one you'd want as a friend. Aviva, for all her sermonizing and intellectualizing, is a quivering mess incapable of fun.

Really the worst of the lot is Ramona, who lets Sonja take the brunt of the critique (and her muff diving, if the implications of them hooking up all the time are so), but ought to know better. Like LuAnn said, Ramona can drink all day; Sonja can not.

And then there's Carole, who really is the coolest broad there.

Amazing that LuAnn has managed to fly under the radar this entire season (even her infidelity got trumped by Aviva), and Heather has managed to switch roles (very annoying twit for many episodes, suddenly insightful comedienne the last few) without much impact, because Aviva is much more annoying and Carole is much more insightful. Heather is primed to go next season--if Andy really is as disappointed as the rumors were two months ago, I could see Heather and LuAnn gone (would have said Aviva before St. Barth's, but she is bringing the gold these days)

by Avivareply 6109/21/2012

[quote]I really have to wonder how generation after generation, people smoked in restaurants and bars, seemingly without a problem?

Without a problem? You clearly have no clue how many people used to drop at 60, 50 and even earlier of heart attacks, strokes, lung and other types of cancer. I happen to like old movies and, so often, when I look up stars from the 30s and 40s, they died of these things at young ages. True, some didn't, but most did. They literally smoked themselves into the ground. Watch any old TV series (pre-1960) and the voices of anyone over 30 all sound like a deep-toned meatgrinder. It ate away at their throats and caused everyone to sound like Lucille Ball in Mame!

by Avivareply 6209/21/2012

[quote]I figured Carol only mentioned the smoking thing to take the piss out of Aviva. She had a smile on her face the whole time.

I agree. There's no way Carol thinks they're harmless because thy're pink. Aviva is so humorless, she took her seriously.

R61, I hope Heather is back next season. I'm starting to like her.

by Avivareply 6309/21/2012

We all have to die from something. I feel some of you will surely die of a strangulated anus.

by Avivareply 6409/21/2012

[quote]You clearly have no clue how many people used to drop at 60, 50 and even earlier of heart attacks, strokes, lung and other types of cancer.

R62, for how long did you smoke, and when did you give it up. You have GOT to be an ex-smoker.

by Avivareply 6509/21/2012

I'm liking Heather, too, but in terms of Bravo reformulating the show to maximize drama, Heather seems to most expendable, unless she can go more psycho than she's shown.

by Avivareply 6609/21/2012

I'm mid 40s and fondly remember the Thalia on upper Broadway where you could smoke in the balcony while watching films.

And countless hours in coffee shops, cafes and bars smoking with friends.

Though I quit ten years ago, I associate smoking with conviviality. There seems to be much less of it these days. Everyone's an angry mom with a huge stroller, an angry nonsmoker railing at the smokers, a pissed off vegan getting all judgy on non-vegans. When did NYC get so uptight?

by Avivareply 6709/21/2012

Ramona, Sonja, and Ramona bring the drama, so they're not going anywhere. My guess is that Carole is safe, since they need a sane person to balance out all the insanity. Heather's a bore, and the Cuntess and her life are beyond tedious. I'd be ok if they brought back Jill or Alex, but keep Krazy Kelly and that pussy waxer away from the show.

by Avivareply 6809/21/2012

Aviva got into a public fight with her first husband - who she's taking to court because he owes her $350,000 (yes $350,000) in child support

by Avivareply 6909/21/2012

Aviva could have taken the ferry and not the small prop plane. Yes it would have taken an hour - but no worries.

I like Aviva actually - I too would be super pissed if anyone would ask anyone to leave. However, let it go girl.

I also think that Aviva is absolutely hands-down the best bod on the show - she's gorgeous. But, stop talking about Vassar, the French Masters and the JD. Clearly you were a professional student on someone else's dime - and never HAD A FUCKING JOB besides husband hunting.

Love Carole.

by Avivareply 7009/21/2012

A few of you foolish posters need to hush about smoking. Do not excuse your bad behavior or smell on an addiction. You could quit anytime you wanted to, and are living in denial if you think smoking will not catch up with you.

by Avivareply 7109/21/2012

Johnny Carson, a life-long smoker, got emphysema in later life which kills one by not allowing one to breathe - it's a serious lung disease that destroys capacity to breathe.

He puffed up to 5 or 6 times his normal size - very very large and bloated due to the lung disease.

Johnny Carson is a perfect example of what happens to many smokers. He was lucky to make it to his 70's but died earlier than he needed to.

My 60 yr old brother, a life long smoker, has COPD which is killing him - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

His lungs are shot and killing him.

And as R62 correctly described smoking takes a heavy toll in causing many early heart attacks and strokes and lung disease.

by Avivareply 7209/21/2012

Aviva, dear, it's NOT ABOUT YOU. It's about the CHILDREN who are MISSING LEGS.

by Avivareply 7309/21/2012

R49, you are very delusional thinking that smokers do not stink.

Smokers stink almost all the time - their lungs emanate stanky smell as do their breath and clothing.

You must be like some of the posters on Datalounge who insist they do not stink of garlic. Garlic-eaters stink and it is unpleasant.

by Avivareply 7409/21/2012

If a person is a 5 pack a day smoker, yes they stink but I know smokers who smoke maybe a pack a day and no, they do not stink and their houses do not stink, so I have no idea what you are talking about. I think you are an asshole...that's just who you are.

And by the way, I have no problem with kissing a smoker. No problem at all.

I've never smoked cigarettes in my life. If someone wants to smoke, it's their business. I don't need to control them.

by Avivareply 7509/21/2012

People die. It's what happens. If you think there is a lot of fun waiting for you after 70, guess again.

Death is either quick (hopefully) or long and drawn out. Yes lung disease is awful but so is alzheimers and pretty much every other disease that kills people. Death is fucking hard, hard, hard but we all have to deal with it. If you are wise, when you see the worst of it coming, you should end it peacefully, for yourself.

Ask Aviva, she'll tell you.

by Avivareply 7609/21/2012

I'm pretty sure one of the girls mentioned the Avivatee is also afraid of water and that's why she didn't ferry it. I wonder if that woman even knows how to relax.

by Avivareply 7709/21/2012

So it's water, heights, airplanes, being without her husband, swimming nude, drinking, diet soda, cigarettes, conveyer belts and most likely farms... Anything else?

by Avivareply 7809/21/2012

LOL of course the angry, idiotic and ignorant smokers get all pressed when people criticize their deadly and unpleasant addiction. You guys and gals are clinging on to something from the past that is out of date with the times. Anyone smoking today is fucking stupid and you smell like shit. There's no benefit, excuse or valid reason to smoke these days. Don't like it? Stop smoking. We have the right to judge you and we have the right to be annoyed if you smoke near the rest of us.

by Avivareply 7909/21/2012

Just from an entertainment standpoint and not personal preference, I'd say right now only Aviva has added something to the show. Carole is very likeable and boring because she doesn't get in the middle of drama. Something was brewing earlier between she and Luann but that fizzled out. Heather was SO GOOD when she followed Ramona around at the party getting up in her face but now that feud fizzled as well. Aviva's meltdown and feuding with Sonja and Ramona is what's driving the storyline now.

I would cut Carole and bring back Jill, or a new girl who is a total fucking bitch. We've seen teases of fights but not much escalation until Aviva in St. Barts.

and that looks crazy next week with Aviva's dad getting involved. You all KNOW Aviva is going to be pissed when he gets thrown out of the event.

Did anyone see the tweeted dress pics from the reunion that was taped today? LOL Luanne is channeling Posh Spice while Sonja looks like Kim Richard's twin.

by Avivareply 8009/21/2012

Hit me with your best shot fire away

by Avivareply 8109/21/2012

Carole already blogged that she does not smoke.

by Avivareply 8209/22/2012

Enough with the fucking smoking start your own thread!

by Avivareply 8309/23/2012

I really think she does that "I'm afraid of everything", for attention. We all know that we have to fight our fears and we don't ALWAYS have to depend on our husbands. She just wants to have him under her thumb.

by Avivareply 8409/23/2012

>>>I really think she does that "I'm afraid of everything", for attention.

of course she does. She supposedly also has a fear of heights, but has no problem constantly taking a 2 and a half hour plane ride to their top floor penthouse condo in Miami all the time. I'll bet she takes a helicopter out to the Hamptons too. I don't know how her husband can stand her

by Avivareply 8509/23/2012

Maybe her husbband likes to feel needed?

by Avivareply 8609/24/2012

It's confirmed. Aviva is a lunatic. My prediction is that once her husband sees the show, he will leave her. He does not know this side of her.

by Avivareply 8709/24/2012

I have a really hard time believing that Aviva is 41. She looks about ten years older. Carole and Heather are the only sane ones of the bunch and genuinely likeable. I hope they make it to the next season even though they aren't bringing the crazy like the others.

On a WWHL sidenote: Why does Andy keep trying to make that Cat Ommanney from the long defunct D.C. Housewives happen? She's such a sourpuss and not particularly funny, charming or intriguing. He needs to do us all a favor and punch and delete.

by Avivareply 8809/24/2012

Do we want them to be likeable though? I mean it's hard to be likeable yet also bring the drama. Nene (and formerly Bethenny) is the only exception IMO. The other drama-getters are all cunty, obnoxious and charisma-less women.

Apparently it's been reported that Aviva backtracks at the reunion and apologizes for her's not clear if she takes back EVERYTHING or whether or not she still dislikes Ramona and Sonja though. It would be lame if Aviva totally took back everything. She can apologzie for her behavior on the trip, but she's 100% right about her assessment of Sonja and Ramona.

by Avivareply 8909/24/2012

I had to come on here and talk about Aviva. OMG what is wrong with her? Why is she such a judgemental prude?

I just don't get it. She is so jealous of Sonja and Ramona's closeness in my opinion. She thought she was going to become Ramona Singer's BFF. She is like crazy and incensed over anyone having a little fun.

Why are they the only one's dancing on the table. I remember all the girls at the club till 2am, dancing on the table. I remember LuAnn getting her grove on with the Johnny Depp pirate too. Why aren't the other girls in her distain also.

That's were she is off, yeah they drank too much on the trip, so the fuck what.

by Avivareply 9009/24/2012

It's pretty embarrassing if you're out of your 20s but still getting drunk and staying out late til all hours of the morning. Nothing prudish about judging that.

About this episode...LOL @ old man George referring to Ramona as a "trailer turd" after she had him ejected from the charity event.

I still don't feel bad for Sonja. She's such a cunt. Just when the viewer might be feeling a bit of sympathy, she has to ruin by being elitist. Instead of just saying how it would be tough to take down those portraits of she and her husband she goes on to say how "important" the one of her husband is because he's a Morgan blah blah blah and then later she whines about the idea she might have to sell her vacation house in France lol. WTF bitch. You might lose your NYC home. Sell the vacation home, cunt. Also we don't know her husband's side of the story, and what Sonja may have done to him that would cause him to withhold her settlement money.

by Avivareply 9109/25/2012

Well, it's confirmed. Aviva will be back next season. There's no way Bravo will let her go, because she's certifiably nuts.

Ramona has finally met her match. It was like watching a tennis game, with a back and forth, but everytime Ramona tried to defend herself, Aviva shot right back - HARD!

I never thought anyone could bring Ramona down, because she's crazy and she doesn't shut up, but Aviva totally SCHOOLED Ramona in the yelling match.

I thought Heather would be the one to challenge Ramona, but Heather didn't have it in her. She backed down. And I thought Aviva would be the quiet one, and BOY was I wrong.

When she gives you that look of death... man, it's scary. I would hate to be one of her kids, on the receiving end of one of her tirades.

Oh, and kadooz to the op. I love the "Have a seat" deadpan delivery. It was spot on.

by Avivareply 9209/25/2012

Aviva should just shut up about Ramonja's drinking. Who cares? It's their business, they are adults and will suffer consequences. She should also shut it about the possibility of Ramonja sleeping together. Again, who cares? None of her business. Cunt.

by Avivareply 9309/25/2012

So I am guessing this is the new RHONY thread?

by Avivareply 9409/25/2012

What person invites another to breakfast and then proceeds to lecture them about their behavior that has nothing to do with her? What grown woman sends her 80-year old father to elicit an apology from another grown woman? Aviva is judgmental, self-important, crazy and a flat-out CUNT.

by Avivareply 9509/25/2012

I don't even like Ramona but as it is now, she comes across better than Aviva. Someone who Aviva respects needs to tell her to back off. It's not her place to tell these woman how to act...does she think she is their school teacher? Lord have mercy, hope she never turns fundy, she might turn into Fred Phelps.

by Avivareply 9609/25/2012

I think Aviva's disgusting dad molested her, and then spent the rest of their lives buying her off to make up for it. That explains all her weird psychological issues, his lack of boundaries, the mother drinking herself to death to block it out, the overindulged childhood, her over the top prudish responses to anything sexual, and her freakish dependence on her husband as her protector.

by Avivareply 9709/25/2012

One thing I loved about last night was Aviva outing Ramonja as scissor sisters. 'You were in bed, naked, spooning each other!'

But I agree, Ramona has met her match. Cuckoo Cuckoo!

by Avivareply 9809/25/2012

I hope they can LuAnn. She is pretty much irrelevant at this point. It seems like you have Ramona, Sonja, Heather and Aviva on this merry-go-round of conflict, with Carole the greek chorus. LuAnn is the odd man out, excuse the expression.

by Avivareply 9909/25/2012

Agree R99, don't know why they kept her? She is so guarded and phony.

by Avivareply 10009/25/2012

Aviva is horrible.

And her father is DISGUSTING. All the things Aviva accused Ramona of being = Aviva's father is times ten.

by Avivareply 10109/25/2012

Did you see Sonja on WWHL last night? All she kept doing was posing and looking at herself in the camera!!! Get over yourself!!!

I thought it was weird when Aviva's father said he was seeing a black woman who resembled Aviva. I wonder about molestation too. He's so gross.

by Avivareply 10209/25/2012

He is vile.

As is she.

by Avivareply 10309/25/2012

What kind of lens do they shoot these shows with? An Oprah lens? I saw a non-Bravo photo of Aviva in direct sunlight and she looks like she's in her mid-50s. If her father is 80-something, that makes sense.

by Avivareply 10409/25/2012

Aviva said Ramona is 56. 56 is a little old to be getting drunk and sleeping naked in bed with a "girlfriend".


by Avivareply 10509/25/2012

Sonja is delusional and has an absurd sense of entitlement. Just because she married up into the Morgan family (well before the divorce lol) she think she's american royalty. What the bitch don't seem to understand is that there is no royalty in this country and no one gives a fuck if she married into a well respected family. A lot of people hate the Morgans now anyway after the bank issues and the economic crisis.

Aviva is crazy but I honestly enjoy seeing someone talk down to Ramona and Sonja. Those cunts deserve it. Jill used to go back and forth with Ramona but Aviva really seems to unsettle her which is hilarious.

Luann's best moments were fighting with Ramona, Bethenny and Alex. She's totally boring this season.

Heather turned into a flop, although in the preview for next week it appears she starts up again with Ramona and Sonja.

Carole is the NYC version of NJ's Kathy. Too nice and likeable to be a housewife. THere should be a slight casting change again next season.

by Avivareply 10609/25/2012

Christ, Ramona is 56? She looks amazing!!!

by Avivareply 10709/25/2012

Who the fuck are THE Morgans?

by Avivareply 10809/25/2012

Ramona does have nice skin, which is a combo of good genes, using all those creams (she said she started when she was relatively young) and we know she gets fillers/botox too.

Ramona's skin and her business are the only 2 compliments I have for her though. Her personality is just so disgusting.

by Avivareply 10909/25/2012

Ramona is preserved in booze - that is why she looks like she does. Ramona and Sonja are vile - loud, obnoxious white trash - Aviva called it what it is.....

Bring back Ramona - she was fun and had the wit to go with it.

LuAnn is really strange this year. A baby at her age....

I like Heather - she will bring the claws out when needed - I am looking forward to next week.

by Avivareply 11009/25/2012

Luanne having a baby is ridiculous.

I'm sure Romona has had a good plastic surgeon except whoever did her eyes, over did it.

by Avivareply 11109/25/2012

Is Noel legal yet?

by Avivareply 11209/25/2012

I'm pretty sure Aviva's father is in early stages of Alzheimers. The way he speaks to woman, that's not really normal.

by Avivareply 11309/25/2012

r100, because she looks fucking fantastic in an evening dress. This is NY Housewives we need stylish people. She can stay.

I don't know if I want Aviva back she is certifiable. r97, I think you might be right. The whole talking about how hot she was earlier this season and the new girl who resembles her YUK.

Aviva, mother being an Alkie makes some sense out of her judgemental, prudish, school marm, debbie downer behavior in St. Barts. She continues to look like an idiot versus Ramonja and that's hard. I am on team Ramona and can barely stand her. She makes Ramona look good.

Aviva's bullshit about sending her dad to the charity and how she wouldn't fix him up with Carole because, well Carole is her friend but Sonja's some ho he can get down with, so why is she judging her about what she does as a single lady in St. Barts and not judging LuAnn.

r96, Heather has told her multiple times but I guess she doesn't respect her. I think that Aviva is angry because she feels like a fool for thinking she was so important to Ramona and really she's not, all that.

Aviva went crazy on Heather telling her she was undefensible when Heather called Ramona cray-cray in front of Mario. Aviva is undefensible, she expected Ramona to kiss her ass to next week in St. Barts and she wants to spoon naked with Ramona which is why she went of on Sonja.

by Avivareply 11409/25/2012

r103, those mother fuckers who are now with Chase the devil bank.

They are of the JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley banking family.

by Avivareply 11509/25/2012

Poor little Sonja, she is totally delusional. She had two homes before she got married? I'm not buying it, she hasn't sold her house in France yet? Why not? I am guessing it is not her house. I kind of like Sonja, she's a fun girl but she's still in serious denial.

The Aviva/Ramona showdown was really uncomfortable. I can't believe they go to public places and fight like this. I officially hate Aviva and that's saying something, she makes Ramona look sensible. Well almost.

Keep Carole, Heather, Sonja and Ramona. Get rid of Aviva and the Countess.

by Avivareply 11609/25/2012

One of the guys who removed her ex's painting was really hot. Very handsome and muscular. Surprised Sonja didn't overcome her sadness and grief and flash her pussy at him.

by Avivareply 11709/25/2012

R117 she didn't want him to drop the painting. He would have gone blind. If you think Medusa is ugly, wait til you see her cooch.

by Avivareply 11809/25/2012

Why was it any of Aviva's business if Sonja and Ramona were not spooning naked? I still think she is a bitch and so is Ramona.

by Avivareply 11909/25/2012

Who are the Morgans?

The Morgans have been so rich for so long that they refer to the Vanderbilts and the Rockefellers as "nouveau riche."

by Avivareply 12009/25/2012

Sonja should replace the painting with one of a prosthetic leg.

by Avivareply 12109/25/2012

What is Sonja's deal? Is she really as delusional as she comes off? She seemed to think that she would be able to win her ex back if he actually met with her in person. Hasn't it been years since they have been divorced? She also seems to have no identity of her own other than Mrs. Morgan. No wonder the guy dumped her. I bet the staff complained about her all the time. How many wives has the old man had?

by Avivareply 12209/25/2012

I think this article (second one down) really nails Sonja. I think it gives a balanced view of her relationship with her ex. He wants absolutely nothing to do with her. Would you?

by Avivareply 12309/25/2012

Sonja fell in love with her ex's money and the lifestyle he gave her. She's struggling to find herself without it. She's so materialistic and elitist that she can't get past the idea she'll have to WORK and do things on her own like most normal people. She reminds me of the sector of french "nobility" that were broke just before the french revolution but felt they didn't need to work regular jobs because of their family name. It's an annoying attitude. While it's annoying if you flaunt around your status and wealth, it's more annoying if you flaunt what you USED to have and act like you're entitled to keep it.

by Avivareply 12409/25/2012

R123 that article captures exactly how I view Sonja. She's a phony and likes to embellish her "accomplishments". Marrying into a "respected family" was the pinnacle of her life. Too bad she's gotta find a new pinnacle lol

by Avivareply 12509/25/2012

So true. And it's always the social climbers who turn out to be the worst snobs when they finally hook a big fish.

by Avivareply 12609/25/2012

Wasn't Sonja trying to sell a toaster oven?

by Avivareply 12709/25/2012

I think Sonjia is fabulous. She's beautiful and smart. And she's a great mother as well. Notice that she never let's her daughter on screen or mentions her name. She wouldn't even let her portrait be seen on screen. The other househags aren't as protective.

by Avivareply 12809/25/2012

R128 LOL I read a couple years ago Sonja intended to have her daughter on but that her HUSBAND blocked it from happening. He wants to protect his privacy and he's not too pleased she's on this show to begin with. She definitely makes him and his family name look bad.

I can't believe some people still fall for Sonja's act. She's not likeable at all. and she ain't pretty unless you got low standards.

by Avivareply 12909/25/2012

Hi Aviva, Ramona and I are sending you a lovely gift this holiday season. Cheers!

by Avivareply 13009/25/2012

Sonja is a joke. I bet the morgan family is glad to be associated with this mess lol NOT

by Avivareply 13109/26/2012

Isn't Millou dead yet? I thought that's why Sonja couldn't attend Aviva's fundraiser? Looks like his shitty diapered ass is fine. In fact, he wasn't even wearing a diaper, so he has nothing to be embarassed about. Right?

by Avivareply 13209/26/2012

In a few years Sonja will be Norma Desmond.

by Avivareply 13309/26/2012

She has more than one dog.

by Avivareply 13409/26/2012

Sonja can be entertaining. However, I have never seen any evidence of her being smart. If anything, she has been demonstrated that she is many things BUT.

by Avivareply 13509/26/2012

[quote] She has more than one dog.

Yes, but Millou is the dog she loves the most. And he's the reason she wouldn't go to Aviva's fundraiser.

I actually think Millou's a cute dog. She carries him around like a baby. I can see why she's so attached.

by Avivareply 13609/26/2012

Jesus.H.Christ I really hate Aviva after this episode. I'm not saying I like Ramona or Sonja but she makes them seem like rational people and that's fucked up. The way she kept talking about the first part of the St Barts trip as if she actually witnessed it. That chick has major issues.

And WTF is up with The Countess? This fence sitting is unreal, she barely speaks anymore!

Man that was an uncomfortable episode. I can't wait for the reunion!!!!

by Avivareply 13709/26/2012

Obviously the producers called in Aviva prior to the trip and laid down the law...create drama or your contract will not be renewed. We have no further need of your boring ass on this show otherwise.

by Avivareply 13809/26/2012

Thanks for the link about Sonja. She was the greeter at a restaurant and married a rich old man. That seems to be the sum total of her accomplishments.

She should marry Aviva's Dad. That would solve some of her problems.

by Avivareply 13909/26/2012

Did he leave her for a younger woman? Every woman who weds a wealthy man should start planning for her divorce the day she is married. Women who aren't wise enough to understand wealthy men and their families...might as well be in a pit with vipers. They will leave you with nothing, not even your dignity.

Now she has to sell in a down market.

by Avivareply 14009/26/2012

or r140 they should keep a low profile and let the husband fuck around.

by Avivareply 14109/26/2012

Sonja's two houses are worth over $10 million, and she had another $7 million in cash, which she lost in the Hollywood film deal. So, she walked away from that marriage with at least $17 million, and that was before any settlement.

No wonder her ex-hubby doesn't want anything to do with her. He set her up for life, she lost it all, and now she wants him to bail her ass out again with another big cash settlement. BTW, Sonja was the one who cheated on him, and that's why he divorced her.

by Avivareply 14209/26/2012

I kinda want Morgan to come forward and bash Sonja in the press, telling us all she's done TO HIM. He can't be thrilled that she's making him look like a bad guy to all the housewives viewers.

by Avivareply 14309/26/2012

I was ready to give up the show, but once they got rid of Jill and Kelly, I became invested again. I really DO hate myself for that, but such is life.

Anyway - according to Alex McCord, the whole cast got to Bart via a ferry or a boat when they went there for the finale party. The producers wanted drama so they probably didn't even tell Aviva that the option was available. Still does not excuse her crazy. She still bashed Ramona ( who certainly is not a saint) in her blog. The thing is, why does she care that much if Ramon and/or Sonja drink, or have an illicit lesbian relationship, or are white trash. Who appointed her the Jiminy Cricket of RHONY?

Sonja has but the one house. She has never once mentioned a French vacation home and she would have taken every opportunity to mention it. It only came up when she was trying to present herself as an American Royalty.

I am sure it was her ex's decision not to let the daughter on the show. He didn't even permit them to show his face in the painting! Sonja, on the other hand, has yet to learn how to wear underwear. She is the definition of an exhibitionist. She was the one who flashed Kelly when she did that photo shoot on her kitchen counter, she was the first to jump nude into the pool in Florida, she constantly mentions how she forgets to put her panties on, she was the first to jump nude in the St. Bart pool. This is not someone who worries much about shocking her daughter, and certainly not someone who would keep her daughter away from the cameras.

I loved watching Heather when she is in business mode. She is very professional, very experienced, no nonsense smart. She really DOES have a business to run and she seems to enjoy it and do well. I like that she is smart without spelling out all of her academic and professional achievements, unlike Aviva who seems to have benefitted little from he questionable academics. They really are not quite as stellar as she pretends they are. Both schools are for those who couldn't make it to better universities and law schools.

by Avivareply 14409/26/2012

yes, heather is clearly the smartest one in the bunch.

i like carol as well, but she tries too hard to be a Saint.

by Avivareply 14509/26/2012

I like Heather and I think Carole usually tries not to behave like an asshole but Aviva? She's like a fundy Aunt who does not know when to mind her own business. When you insist you take your husband on a "girls only vacation" you can expect some bitching.

I think it was childish and rude of Aviva...

by Avivareply 14609/26/2012

R144 yes Sonja did mention it in this week's episode while chatting with Luann. She apparently has a french vacation home that she is considering to sell if she can't get the settlement money from her ex.

by Avivareply 14709/26/2012

With George calling Ramona "Trailer Turd," it's obvious the rotten apple doesn't fall far from the perverted tree. I can't imagine why Aviva would even allow her father to garner air time when he is a walking contradiction of all the spinster-like judgments she passes on everyone.

On the other hand, Sonja acts entitled, as though she were really rich, and expects Heather to do a publicity campaign for a toaster oven no one will ever buy, and has the nerve to just expect it all to be done because she's (the ex) Sonja Tremont Morgan

by Avivareply 14809/26/2012

The show is such a compelling train wreck, and the cruelest irony? These women are so hopelessly narcissistic and oblivious that they consent to appearing on a reality show that makes them all look like venal, collagen-enhanced drag queens, endlessly throwing shade! I LOVE IT! LuAnn says "to some people, living elegantly just comes naturally"....and then we watch a weekly hour of juiced-up gorgons, claws out, attacking each other like thugs in a street brawl...Ramona declares "I'm not afraid to say what everyone is thinking"...which, of course, is only true if EVERYONE also happens to be alcoholic, delusional, made toxic by their own spite, and mass produces religious jewelry...! Sonja is an over-the-hill pin-up girl who despite her protestations that she was a "society wife and hostess' looks like she'd be more at home gyrating on a pole...Aviva seems recklessly naive, wide-eyed and stunned to find herself in a nest of estrogen-drenched vipers (didn't she watch the show before consenting to appear on it?)....Carol only appears mild by comparison with the other rancid dames, which is probably why she's on the show, not to mention the fact she can promote her forthcoming novel and drop the Kennedy name at every possible turn....and Heather gets to look like the smart one because she wears glasses! But really, the show is nothing more than CAGE-FIGHTING in designer knock-offs! The gals say they're promoting their respective "brands," advocating their pet charities, and giving us a privileged peek into their glamorous lives....but in all honesty, Times Square peep shows have more dignity. And if anyone thinks I'm being unduly critical, i mean all of this as HIGH PRAISE! It's must-see TV!!!!!!! In the old days, for entertainment we had to throw Christians to the lions or toss naked gladiators into bear pits....but now, thank heaven, we have the REAL HOUSEWIVES franchise!!!!!

by Avivareply 14909/26/2012

I never thought I would get hooked on a housewife must be my desire to feel better about myself, after watching them.

by Avivareply 15009/26/2012

lol did anyone see last monday when Cat Ommanney was on WWHL with Sonja? Cat is now pregnant with her new guy's baby (she has 2 preteens currently with her ex husband), has a much shorter haircut and retained her catty attitude. I love her hatred of Luann though lol. I'm not surprised she sided with party drunks Ramona and Sonja over Aviva either.

by Avivareply 15109/30/2012

My fucking God...I didn't think anything could be worse than Ramona but Aviva has won the biggest asshole on the show, award. She really is sick, sick, sick, sick.

by Avivareply 15210/01/2012

Aviva is borderline SOMETHING ... not sure what. Insufferable whatever he mental incapacities might be called.

by Avivareply 15310/02/2012

Aviva was recommended by her friend Bethanny

by Avivareply 15410/02/2012

The title of this thread makes me laugh every time I see it. It truly captures the turd-essence of Aviva.

Kadooze to you, OP.

by Avivareply 15510/02/2012

Yaaaas. I love that Aviva went off on Ramona again and I'm glad Heather stopped being all nicey nice to Ramona and Sonja.

What a piece of shit Sonja is. She doesn't seem to understand that Heather WAS HELPING HER FOR FREE. Anything extra? How about paying for it you fucking bitch. Sonja thinks her former married status entitles her to special treatment. LOL she showed up to Heather's charity event and donated nothing. At least Ramona gave $1000.

I'm glad Aviva is around. Without Jill, we need someone to put Ramona in her place.

Anyone else LOL'ed at the reunion clip? Luann la cuntesse seems to think she's on Michelle Obama's level for getting free designer clothes? BITCH PLEASE. how delusional can she get. I'm glad Carole shut her ass down.

by Avivareply 15610/03/2012

Luann is pathetic. Who does she think she is that she's important enough to be able to ask for free clothes? She's not some famous supermodel. No one would have known she worked in modeling without her stint on RH NYC.

by Avivareply 15710/04/2012

Aviva is *insane*. Once she gets going, she literally cannot stop. She never hears another word that someone says. She also gets a very aggressive body posture (leaning forward and over the person she is confronting) and the words just keep coming and coming.

She also blinks A LOT. Not sure what that means, but she does it a lot.

And she was a shithead for taking the jacket off in heather's show.

by Avivareply 15810/04/2012

lol NY dailynews reports Ramona went crazy when she found out Aviva was also invited to the GLAAD event and unsuccessfully tried to have her banned.

by Avivareply 15910/04/2012

I have this fantasy that Mario and Reed meet up to discuss a way to get their wives to be friendly, and after a few beers, one thing leads to another, and Reed is flat on his back, legs pointed to heaven, as Mario feeds him his thick Italian cock. Someone get me my smelling salts!

by Avivareply 16010/04/2012

Actually, Heather's husband is a lot "cuter," then Reed or Mario. He also looks a lot "gayer," then either.

Sonya, I love, but she is a fool. She is mad at her husband not because of the child support but because he won't take her back. She lost all her money on a production deal, yet she still wistfully talks about the logo she had for her film company. To top it all off, she wont listen to someone who actually has business experience (say what you will about Heather, she looks like she could be a shark when negotiating, all she would have to do is give you her stern, "Now Ramona," look and you would fold!)

by Avivareply 16110/04/2012

I've noticed that when rich men marry women from the "wrong side of the tracks" the women end up being the worst snobs. (You would think they'd have some empathy for those of us who toil at a job to make ends meet.) Sonja is a typical example. She spent a couple of years trying to snag a rich man, hooked Morgan behind his family's back, and finally got Morgan to leave his wife and family for her. Sonja's entitled snobbery really gets to me.

by Avivareply 16210/04/2012

I think Aviva wants to scissor Sonja. Just a hunch.

by Avivareply 16310/04/2012

Finally watched the last two episodes. First off, you bitches need to cut Aviva some slack. Does she have issues? Of course, but that's because HER LEG WAS CUT OFF IN A COMBINE when she was a child! I think that's a reasonable basis for *having* issues, no? Also, while I totally agree that she needs to learn when to let. something. GO, she is completely correct about both Ramona and Sonja.

Ramona is an unabashed alcoholic who needs to have her precious pinot grigio with her AT ALL TIMES. Her alcoholism was much more directly focused on during Bethenny's last season, but I assume Bravo concluded they couldn't belabor the point for more than one season (and it was one of THE main storylines of that season, along with Kelly's infamous Scary Island experience -- which btw is the ENTIRE reason that annual exotic trips are now a staple through the entire RH franchise). Aviva calling her out on her St Barths behavior was entirely appropriate. She is FIFTY-SIX YEARS OLD, for fuck's sake. She's old enough to be a GRANDMOTHER, but still acting like she's trying out for Girls Gone Wild! I don't know if it's a bunch of drunk lushes defending her on here or what, but at that age a woman needs to act with a certain dignity that Ramona utterly lacks.

Sonja, on the other hand, is a slightly different story. Aviva mentioned, accurately, during her final dinner with Sonja after St Barths that Sonja is obviously drowning her divorce and lawsuit sorrows in booze, with Ramona as her enabler. She is 100% CORRECT in this assessment, and I think the show should have more directly emphasized this reality this season. Yes, Sonja *is* white trash from Albany who married rich and now possesses an unbelievably huge entitlement complex, but then again, the same OR WORSE can be said about LuAnn, even though you bitches have apparently forgotten this fact given her virtually nonexistent amount of screen time this season. Remember all of the endless insistence on being called the Countess even AFTER she divorced the count? Also, Sonja's delusional belief that she can launch a successful toaster oven (?!?) product is no more delusional than LuAnn's delusional belief that she could have a successful singing career.

As for who's the smartest Housewife ... Heather? Seriously? Aviva has a law degree AND a Master's in French. Carole is a highly accomplished journalist. Ramona is easily the most financially successful Housewife currently on the show, and unlike most of the rest of the Housewives (current and past), she didn't marry into any money.

Finally, regarding Sonja's kid not being shown, has no one else noticed that none of Aviva's four kids -- except her youngest, which she had with her current husband Reid -- are shown on the show, either?

Oh, and yes: the whole flight-into-St-Barths thing was ENTIRELY for drama. Most of the Housewives have previously *been* to St Barths, as have I, and anyone who's been there can tell you that many, if not most, visitors arrive via ferry boat from St Maarten.

by Avivareply 16410/04/2012

^^ biased friend of Aviva ^^

by Avivareply 16510/04/2012

Sonja's desperation is not entertaining to watch. I'd much rather watch Luann be a clown or Bethenny be a smartass then watch a woman realize that her life is falling away from her.

Andy, it's time to clean house and bring in some new (blue) blood.

by Avivareply 16610/04/2012

I would suggest that R164 is actually Aviva but the post is far too short.

by Avivareply 16710/04/2012

Avivas son with Harry has been show on a few times and even with her ex.

by Avivareply 16810/04/2012

[quote]Andy, it's time to clean house and bring in some new (blue) blood.

They just added three new housewives this season! As for blue bloods, just a quick reminder that Carole is an actual *princess*.

by Avivareply 16910/04/2012

Do you think Aviva is the only adult who has been dealing with childhood trama? Please! The woman has been spoiled and protected...obviously her parents never had the nerve to disagree with her. All I can say is...I hope she watches herself and learns a thing or two from her attitude and actions. Fuck that bitch.

by Avivareply 17010/04/2012

I stopped reading the post at R164 after the first paragraph. Did it ever get interesting?

by Avivareply 17110/04/2012

Why in the world was Sonja getting a toaster oven box designed when no such oven is forthcoming? It's a metaphor for her...all packaging, nothing inside.

Poor thing goes to bed at night -- her unpaid interns beside her bed waving palm fronds to cool her given her inability to pay for AC -- and dreams of running a toaster oven empire. Just as she's taking the company public with an IPO that made Facebook's look puny, she hears the ding of the toaster oven and runs over to where it's supposed to be, but the counter is empty. It dings again and her eyes flutter open. It was her alarm.

by Avivareply 17210/06/2012

I haven't seen a toaster oven on someone's counter top in ages. They take up too much counter space.

by Avivareply 17310/06/2012

Sources tell me that Barbra Streisand was "stunning" at her dress rehearsal for Monday's night tour opening performance at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. After rehearing all week at Temple's Liacouras Center, she performed for her 500 of her nearest and dearest for nearly three hours this afternoon. Kennedy inlaw Carole Radziwill, former "Biggest Loser" host Caroline Rhea, who described Streisand as "phenomenal," and Pat Ciarocchi of CBS were some of the invited guests.

by Avivareply 17410/06/2012

Ah...I thought we were badmouthing Aviva?

by Avivareply 17510/06/2012

Aviva is clearly unstable not to mention delusional. Her relationship with her Dad is was creeps me out the most about her. I hope she didn't host too many slumber parties as a child.

by Avivareply 17610/06/2012

[quote]Why in the world was Sonja getting a toaster oven box designed when no such oven is forthcoming? It's a metaphor for her...all packaging, nothing inside.

To be fair, unless you're Apple Computer it actually takes time to get production going on any consumer product made overseas. I have friends who've launched startup products and had to wait a year or more before finished, sellable models arrived for sale. The box had a nice mockup of the oven, but we have no idea whether a functioning prototype existed then or even now. Btw shipping and customs alone normally consumes two months minimum (again, unless you're Apple and can just UPS shit straight from Guangzou).

[quote]Aviva is clearly unstable not to mention delusional. Her relationship with her Dad is was creeps me out the most about her.

I don't get why Aviva's dad creeps so many people out. To me he seems like a standard moneyed ex-New Yorker enjoying his retirement in Florida, replete with a heavy tan and a prominent set of Chiclet veneers. Such men are really a dime a dozen down there, and yes, they are ALWAYS looking for younger women if they're unattached (and Sonja's the perfect type they're seeking). I'm only surprised he's still single, given that affluent 80-year-olds with decent looks are usually snapped up rather quickly. Yes, he certainly stretches the lines of vulgarity, what with his comments (cut for TV) about squirting female orgasms, but OTOH that's how New Yorkers of a certain age talk if they're not blue bloods (and I assume Aviva's dad is Jewish, so obviously not blue blood).

by Avivareply 17710/06/2012

There is NO toaster oven. What Sonja is working on is a proposal. She is writing a toaster oven cook book and she wants to tie it in with a toaster oven. She has not sold her book to a publisher. She is doing a mock up of a brand proposal. If she had a publisher and/or manufacturer who already agreed to sell sell the toaster oven, they would have handled all the publicity and branding.

As to Aviva - I came to the conclusion that one of the thing the producers told Aviva before they signed her up was that she would be the perfect "housewife" to stand up to Ramona. I think Aviva started the season thinking she was hired to put Ramona in her place and therefore she feels so righteous about it. Remember how she said she was told Ramona is crazy... she was told by the producers. She is also insane, so that helps from the producers' point of view.

Aviva's father is NOT a typical retired rich man. He is wildly inappropriate and crosses the line of good taste. It's one thing to come on strong but with humor to women who are 40 years younger. It is another thing to poke your erect penis at their back on the beach, or to make sexually suggestive comments about your own daughter. Sorry, I don't find it cute. Betty White does it cute, he should take lessons from her.

by Avivareply 17810/07/2012

r178 speaks the truth

by Avivareply 17910/07/2012

[quote]Yes, he certainly stretches the lines of vulgarity, what with his comments (cut for TV) about squirting female orgasms.

His comments weren't cut. And he said them at the DINNER TABLE... "Um, I'll take my coffee black, thanks...."

by Avivareply 18010/07/2012


I still don't like Aviva. I like what Ramona said to her -- there's no ill will, but get a new therapist. Lol

by Avivareply 18110/08/2012

What a 180 degree turn from the RHONJ. This one seemed dull.

by Avivareply 18210/08/2012

r164, give it a rest. Aviva sucks.

I got drawn into this marathon today not going to work and Aviva is no Kelly but she is off her rocker.

I just wish Sonja would just say once and for all that she hated the packaging with the guys torso. She was bullied into picking it. I hated (I am not a lesbian) and preferred the other one and I know she did to. Fuck gratitude when you get forced into something you don't like.

by Avivareply 18310/08/2012

Wait. I'm confused. THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK and RuPAUL'S DRAG RACE...which is which? I can't tell them apart!

by Avivareply 18410/08/2012

R182 - this one is classier than their NJ counterparts.

Do you guys still feel that Aviva's apology as insincere I do. Ramona is right - she saw herself on tv and realized how bad she looked. Now she wants to backpedal. She is a piece of work.

by Avivareply 18510/08/2012

Exactly R185

Aviva probably got a lot of negative feedback from viewers & is trying to back pedal on her cuntiness.

I don't think it's working.

by Avivareply 18610/08/2012

Well WWHL viewers voted 69% to *not* accept her apology.

by Avivareply 18710/08/2012

lmao Luann la cuntess hunni let's get this straight...First Lady of USA vs. reality "star"? Hell yeah you 2 aren't on the same level. Why the fuck would this delusional bitch think a designer who loans Michelle Obama outfits would want her to wear something in fucking "Life & Style"? I'm glad Carole shut her ass down.

by Avivareply 18810/08/2012

Sonya's dress was stunning!

by Avivareply 18910/08/2012

Heather why didn't you show this fire during the season? ugh.

Sonja is trash as always. Make the white trash :D

by Avivareply 19010/08/2012

R183 what gives? Sonja was never Heather's client. Heather helped her out for FREE so that's why Heather pushed her ad idea on Sonja. Heather decided to be nice and agreed to letting Sonja have that additional setup. Sonja with her entitled ass assumes everyone should do everything for her for free, like her interns I mean slaves. Sonja has no respect for hardworking people even though she is white trash and wasn't born into wealth.

I don't get all the hate for Aviva. Yes she acted crazy at St. Barths but she's right that Ramona and Sonja are white trash and do act very inappropriately for parents in their 40s and 50s. If Aviva had not been part of this cast, the season would have been a total bust. Heather showed glimpses of a battling spirit but stopped bringing it until the finale. Luann and Carole have mostly been boring except for their own back-and-forth catfight.

I loved Carole's answer about why she doesn't use her "title". She gets it. Luann doesn't. Carole is proud of her career, not who she married. One would think Luann would be proud of being a nurse and model but nope all she cares about is a title that is meaningless in her home country (USA).

I really miss Jill because she went HARD at Ramona and I miss that. Aviva is backtracking too much now. We need another gal added into the mix for next season and she better be a Ramona/Sonja-hating total bitch lol

Who knows if Aviva will be around next season, and if she is, I have a feeling she'll try to be nicer. Heather is not hardcore enough and Carole is not a fighter.

by Avivareply 19110/09/2012

Sonja and the packaging - I know Sonja did not like the photo with the guy but here is the thing. Sonia tells heather that SHE is really the product, which is true. Why else would anyone buy a toaster oven for more money unless they were a Sonja fan and it appealed to them? Heather, at the time, only knows Sonja from RHONY. She assumes that her potential market also knows her from RHONY so she designs a package based on the Sonja she knows - a cougar who can add life to any party. The Sonja she knows lusts after every man she sees. The Sonja she knows brags to a woman about sleeping with her ex-husband. A Sonja who would be inspired to cook her toaster oven meals at the sight of a naked muscled man.

BUT Sonja is going for something else. She is trying to build a life for herself that will make up for the loss of her husband. She is trying to cultivate an image in her mind of a loving mother who has a little spice (hence being photographed on her kitchen counter .... so similar to the Beverly Hills Housewife who was also photographed on the kitchen counter, though she was wearing her panties at the time).

The think is that Sonja cannot articulate what she wants. Notice how whenever she comes to formal meetings with Heather she is dressed like a mormon wife, covered head to toes. She sits demurely, crosses her legs at the ankle, the whole thing. But all Heather sees is the Sonja who cannot stand straight after a party, who takes off her clothes at the drop of a hat, who forgets to wear her underwear. And that's what she goes for.

Since all the work is done free and since Sonja is not strong enough and possibly can't sustain the demure lady image long enough to convince even herself, you get an unhappy "client."

I also like Alex McCord's explanation. It is quite possible that the producers have arranged this deal as a story line. They say to heather ... why not offer it? Heather is game. Sonja is game because she knows she gets a free service. Photographers take hundreds o pictures but put the finishing touches and present only one or two, especially when they are not paid for the job. What Sonja was trying to do at the fashion show was jump on the opportunity when she saw the photographer, and tried to get him to agree to release the rest of the photos so she could chose another one. She would probably never see him again since he is not her friend, and she knows he would never return her calls or volunteers to give her the pictures. She absolutely had bad timing and absolutely had poor manner. This is an explanation, not an excuse.

by Avivareply 19210/09/2012

As for Heather saving her spunk for the reunion - I think it's a combination of good manners and editing. She showed spunk during the show but also realized most of these ladies are too nuts to try to have a rational conversation. Remember when her feelings were hurt by Carole excluding her from the foursome dinner at the island? Any other of the housewives would have let that escalate and used it as a returning topic for continued drama. Instead, Carole went to talk to Heather, spent one on one quality time, apologized and diffused the issue. Instead of continuing to become the new lunatic enemies on RHONY , they became best friends.

by Avivareply 19310/09/2012

Read the forums over on TWOP last night after the reunion. By far, the best comment was something like, "My favorite part of the reunion is when Aviva described Daddy George whispering into her ear, 'Scream, Clarice, scream for the lambs.'" I spit out my wine laughing.

by Avivareply 19410/09/2012

I went to Vasaar College.

by Avivareply 19510/09/2012

Also people, Sonja don't forget is BBF with Josh Kilmer Purcell and Brent Ridge the other two marketing whore who just happen to live in the building next door to Sonja.

Excuse me but where do you think she get all her ideas from?

by Avivareply 19610/09/2012

make that whores and gets.

by Avivareply 19710/09/2012

Aviva would have been perfect for leading the Salem Witch Trials. It is none of her business how Sonja and Ramona behave. She can choose to associate with them or not. But her unhinged reaction to them revealed a lot of her own issues and they aren't pretty. She does need a new therapist to help her sort out her supremely creepy relationship with her supremely creepy father.

by Avivareply 19810/09/2012

Why was SHE offended if they were sleeping naked and spooning? Why is that any of her business? They weren't trying to spoon her skinny naked butt.

by Avivareply 19910/09/2012

Is it true that Ramona douches with Pinot?

by Avivareply 20010/09/2012

I don' understand why some of you are annoyed that Aviva judges Ramona and Sonja. Um...there would be no drama otherwise. These women have to associate with each other as part of the contractual agreements. If I had to hang out with people I didn't like, of course I'd be judging them lol. There is a LOT to judge about Ramona and especially Sonja. I just wish Aviva wouldn't backtrack.

Thank you Carole for shutting Luann down.

by Avivareply 20110/09/2012

I don't like Ramona but Aviva forced me to stick up for Ramona! I know drama is the name of the game but a little less drama would be more entertaining in my opinion. Other than Louanne supposedly fucking that guy on the island...we aren't getting the real story on any of them, are we?

Please! SOMEONE tell Aviva her Dad is not normal...not normal at all.

by Avivareply 20210/09/2012

I've not seen a toaster oven but really, either picture was fine and I don't think Sonja felt pressured to pick one over the other. Heather told her to go with her gut. Anyway, Sonja acted like she was a paying client but she was not. It was a favor.

No good deed goes unpunished.

by Avivareply 20310/09/2012

the reason why Sonja's toaster idea can't get past the idea is because she's fucking broke and can't put the money in to get the ball rolling. All this advertisement stuff is fine and LOOKS good, but there's no concrete product yet. I'm shocked Lady Morgan hasn't found some distributor to do it free for her lmao.

Anyway, fuck this season. It only had a couple of fun moments but was overall pretty boring. Ramona just can't carry the cast by herself. Aviva and Sonja stepped up in places, but Luann, Heather and Carole were bores for the most part.

I'm looking forward to the faceoff of Andy Cohen vs. Jill Zarin on WWHL this coming monday! She's still pressed about being fired from housewives, and honestly I am too. After Bethenny I liked Jill the most and she was the most unitentionally funny. Plus she went HARD after Ramona. I missed her this season.

by Avivareply 20410/10/2012

I do think Aviva took a look at herself and didn't like what she saw...maybe this could help her grow into a better person? But Ramona? She's a lost cause, she'll never grow up.

by Avivareply 20510/10/2012

The producers had a "come to Jesus" talk with Aviva prior to the St. B trip. Bring the drama or your contract will not be renewed. Bitch brought the drama. End of story.

by Avivareply 20610/10/2012

Sonja should have sold her toaster oven on QVC or HSN. Ramona sells her tacky jewelry on HSN, so she could have introduced Sonja to them.

by Avivareply 20710/10/2012

There is NOT A CHANCE Aviva will be fired. This thread provides the exact reason *why*: her hysteria was the only really interesting thing this season. RH shows are always at their best when several of the housewives are at each other's throats, which is why Teresa's table-flipping on the first season of RHONJ will remain so legendary in the annals of reality TV.

If there's anyone in risk of being cut next season, it's LuAnn, who did NOTHING this year except possibly fuck the Johnny Depp lookalike.

by Avivareply 20810/10/2012

Of course they will keep her on, people hate her.

by Avivareply 20910/10/2012

She only got on the show to be more hated than me. Bitch.

by Avivareply 21010/10/2012

I would still do a minor cast change for next season...if they don't replace at least 1 or 2 of these 6, they need to add a 7th girl...there really wasn't enough drama with the departures of Jill, Alex and Kelly. Heck, even Cindy got in Sonja and Ramona's faces the 1 season she was on.

by Avivareply 21110/10/2012

Say what you will about Ramonja but those 2 have each others backs. They are the only 2 on those couches that will always look after each other.

Sonja looked great but she needs to adjust her meds. The Countess needs a new hairdresser. Carole came off quite badly - she should have just owned it. "Yeah, I was a bitch in my interviews cause I think you're all assholes!" Still hate Aviva despite the leg story which did make me cry a little. Heather is the only one looking good so far.

by Avivareply 21210/12/2012

Well that reunion was pretty fucking boring. Anyone else they had gone further into what Luann, Ramona and Sonja were glad the cameras didn't catch in St. Barts? lol Y'all know they were hiding some real SHIT. They got all nervous and they defended themselves by threatening to expose the each other if their story got out.

Jill Zarin on WWH (NOT LIVE) was far more entertaining. Love her or hate her, she's not boring. Andy Cohen was a coward for not doing the interview live. You could see he doesn't like Jill and he hated her answers. She really zinged him with the "ratings are down this year" lol TRUE but of course Bravo edited her to look as crazy as possible.

by Avivareply 21310/16/2012

Jill Zarin totally took the night away from the NYC housewives lol. She's such a diva I LOVE it. They need to have her back on. Andy Cohen is a cunt and I'm glad Jill bothers him with her over-the-topness haha. I love how she advertized her new jewerly line as well as might have picked up an Omega3 endorsement during the interview lmao.

by Avivareply 21410/17/2012

Jill always saw herself as the star of the franchise, instead of its bete noire. Bethenny was her little Eve Harrington, schlepping the star's luggage at first. But then it turned out that Bethenny's "luggage" was better-looking, younger, and not one to be fucked with. As soon as she found Jason Hoppy, Bravo changed its focus, kicked Jill to the curb, and left her "career" smoldering in the gutter just as it was taking off. By that time, Jill was unlikeable. All of her agents, publicists, showbiz friends, etc. couldn't put Jill Zarin back together again. Fame's a bitch.

by Avivareply 21510/17/2012

I, too, would kick Jill to the curb in order to get fucked by Jason Hoppy.

by Avivareply 21610/17/2012

Now I know what Bravo should do for next season's NYC housewives. They won't but I would love: fire Heather. She showed glimpses of drama but nothing major and she tried to smooth everything over too often. Bring back Jill and THEN add in Cat Ommanney, that British bitch who was in DC housewives. Think about it-Cat HATES Luann and will make her interesting again by feuding with her. Carole hates Luann and will get meaner hanging out with Cat. Jill can fight with Ramona again and side with Aviva against Sonja. It would be perfect. Ramona, Sonja, Luann, Carole, Aviva, Jill and Cat. That is a winning cast.

by Avivareply 21710/18/2012

So everyone must be a crazy bitch? How about one person who is sane to serve as a measuring stick against whom we can contrast the loonies. The fact that there were a couple of more mature cast members made the lunacy of the others more pronounced.

by Avivareply 21810/18/2012

Carole can be the sane one. Heather was too bland in every aspect. She didn't add much. I like her actually but she's boring. I was hoping she'd go after Ramona and Sonja more but she didn't.

by Avivareply 21910/19/2012

Ramona really does look like white trash in that hideous blue dress. What was she thinking?

by Avivareply 22010/19/2012

Love 217's idea, but know it won't happen. I'd the Jill interview on line?

by Avivareply 22110/19/2012

Heather was very restrained when Sonja pulled out those logos. I would've slapped the bitch. She is so oblivious - you could tell that she had no idea she was being offensive!

I wish Aviva would warn people that she's a total downer. "FYI everybody: If I'm a miserable cunt tonight it's because my leg got chopped off, my mother died of alcoholism and my Dad is a sleazebag. K?"

What about Ramona getting up part way through Andy's final wrap up. Didn't that just some her up perfectly!

by Avivareply 22210/20/2012

Does anyone think LuAnne will ever marry Jacques?

I think (like Fergie) she's going to hang on to that title for the rest of her life. If he ever asks her, I bet she turns him down but says "they don't need a piece of paper" to prove their love for each other.

by Avivareply 22310/20/2012

She would marry him, but just for appearance. He,however, will find a younger woman when the Countess is off the show.

by Avivareply 22410/21/2012

So LuAnne went to pitch her idea for a brand ... or was it boots? No, I think she wants to make travel accessories? Well never mind that, as long as SHE knows what she likes and doesn't like. She can explain exactly what she wants in just a few words...or none.

That WOULD have been her most pathetic moment, were we not also privy to her pizza lunch with her children, in which Noel could barely sustain his intense disgust of his mother.

by Avivareply 22510/23/2012

I loved when they told Aviva to re-watch the episode when her pervy dad was getting thrown out.

She is so self-unaware.

Carole admitted she would rather do Harry than Aviva's dad. LOL

by Avivareply 22610/23/2012

Did anyone see the "lost footage" last night?

UGH HEather why the fuck are you still friends with Sonja after her unappreciatve attitude? I would NEVER have a friend like that. That's why Heather needs to go. She's a nice girl at heart and she doesn't seem bothered by assholes like the noble and honorable Ms. Morgan.

LOL @ Luann's business idea...check it out though-she has a website now and is hawking jewelry like Jill Zarin is.

Ramona is very rude. I wish Aviva wouldn't try to apologize and suck up to her. Ramona's a bitch there's no need to try to be nice or friendly with her.

I think there will be at least 1 addition and/or subtraction to this cast before next season starts. It was overall too dull.

by Avivareply 22710/23/2012

The lunch episode revealed the true LuAnn. She was fake and treated her kids like they were three. I doubt if she spends any time with them off camera. You can bet that Noel is into smoking pot and fucking his girlfriend.

by Avivareply 22810/23/2012

What was up with the cuntess and that whole pizza shop scenerio? It was odd how she was telling her kids to stop eating. From the way she was giving her kids the bum's rush, I couln't help but think she was being heckled.

by Avivareply 22910/23/2012

LuAnne was trying to script the show. The thing is, the show cannot be scripted. You can force a situation, but at the end of the day these are not professional actors and their feelings come through. She miscalculated her scripts throughout the season which is why her natural stupidity was highlighted.

Exactly what happened to Jill when she tried to script her part.

by Avivareply 23010/23/2012

Well R228 and R229 , I don't like Ramona but I think she was totally right last season when she called Luann a "weekend mom" LOL. I can totally see that. Luann's kids go to private boarding schools and I doubt she spends much time with them. Her kids weren't even close to finishing their pizza when Luann wanted them to get going. What kind of mother does that? Most mothers want their kids to finish everything. I just don't get how a former nurse is so uncaring and unnurturing.

by Avivareply 23110/23/2012

They didn't go there because she thought they were hungry. They went there because she thought it was a good photo op at a very famous New York pizza place (Ray's Pizza). The reality that her kids were actually hungry would never interfere with the fantasy she tries to portray.

by Avivareply 23210/24/2012

I think Luanne's son was giving her lip so she wanted the lunch over pronto. We only saw her daughter this season, Noel has obviously had enough of his mother's bullshit.

I still hate Aviva. What a downer and a fake. She would have made a great lawyer.

by Avivareply 23310/25/2012

The best single moment in the history of all Housewife shows was "I Wanna Fuck You in the Ass" at the Christmas party.

by Avivareply 23410/26/2012

[quote]UGH HEather why the fuck are you still friends with Sonja after her unappreciatve attitude?

Please people, they are not friends. They are CAST MATES.

by Avivareply 23510/26/2012

R234 that was funny. Luann is just so clasy lmfao. She was pissed they did that at her paty.

R235 I know that but Heather called her a friend...I was just annoyed by it.

by Avivareply 23610/27/2012

lol former housewife Alex and her husband Simon are on VH1's "Couple's Therapy" along with other trash. Apparently, teen bride Courtney Stodden claims Alex physically attacked her but Alex said she merely put dollar bills in Courtney's belt because she dresses like a stripper:

by Avivareply 23710/27/2012

I wanna see that clip lol

by Avivareply 23810/31/2012

I hope Aviva's leg didn't get wet.

by Avivareply 23910/31/2012

Will Jill Zarin be returning? I wouldn't doubt it if old Andy was desperate enough to get Danielle back on NJ.

by Avivareply 24011/18/2012

R240 but Danielle hasn't annoyed Andy after she was fired...she was only difficult behind the scenes while on the show lol. Jill has been a mediawhore and has dished on things Andy never wanted us to find out about lol. It's a power struggle and he doesn't like Jill's aggressive nature. The fans would love to have her back on the show because she is so polarizing. I think if Jill had just done the Bravo interview and kept her mouth shut, Andy would have considered it but her post-interview comments to the press pissed him off, especially when it was admitted 1 of her people taped an unedited version lol

by Avivareply 24111/18/2012

When does NYC start filming again? NJ has already started and OC is filming now, I believe.

by Avivareply 24211/18/2012

Hot daddy Mario

by Avivareply 24301/06/2013

Does Mario like peen on the side?

by Avivareply 24401/07/2013


by Avivareply 24501/10/2013

When are these crazy NY hos coming back? I miss Ramona.

by Avivareply 24603/08/2013

Bump for Aviva's leg. Doesn't this show normally air by now? Has it been delayed?

by Avivareply 24708/09/2013

It's been delayed numerous times. They are filming now. It looks like it will probably start airing in November after Miami is over.

by Avivareply 24808/09/2013

Miami is about to start on monday. Beverly Hills has been filming for a few months now so it's likely they'll go on next as New Jersey finishes up. New York has been filming for around 2 months now so they'll go on as Miami finishes up and finally Atlanta just started filming.

by Avivareply 24908/09/2013

I need me some Ramona!

by Avivareply 25008/09/2013

Thanks for the info. It saddens me slightly that I care, I might need to get out more.

by Avivareply 25108/09/2013

Miss Cohen has said this season of NY is bonkers.

by Avivareply 25208/12/2013

What's he supposed to say," This season of NYC sucks; don't bother watching"?

by Avivareply 25308/12/2013

I thought these dumb cunts were all canned because they held out for more $ and missed the deadline to sign new contracts?

by Avivareply 25408/12/2013

It's being reported that Zill Jarin has been spotted lurking in some shots during filming.

by Avivareply 25508/12/2013

Jill, get a hobby.

by Avivareply 25608/12/2013

I'm surprised Miss Cohen hasn't let Jill creep in a little as a "friend" of the housewives. If nothing else, it's something to promote.

by Avivareply 25708/17/2013

R254 some think that was a story Bravo created to drill up public interest in the cast again...most of the cast is just boring though.

by Avivareply 25808/17/2013

Let's hear your captions, DL'ers. The original was from Aviva: "birthday fun with Teresa, Alexia, Marysol and Adriana" (she referred to them by their twitter handles though).

by Avivareply 25909/12/2013

Cray cray Kelly is back this season!

by Avivareply 26009/13/2013

R260 it's only a couple of scenes and Kelly said there "were no enemies or coo coo crazy"

by Avivareply 26109/13/2013

I don't know what to make of Kelly. She goes out of her way to make it seem as if she was playing a role on the show, as if everything was basically fake.

by Avivareply 26209/15/2013

If Kelly thinks that she can out-crazy me, she's got another thing coming!

by Avivareply 26309/15/2013

Is there any indication when NY will be back? NJ already filmed the reunion so that must be ending soon.

by Avivareply 26409/16/2013

Have we been asked back as well?

by Avivareply 26509/16/2013

I know it would probably cause Miss Cohen to eat a lot of crow, but I think they should have tried to insert delusional Jill back into the mix.

by Avivareply 26609/16/2013

Aviva was showing off her new townhouse this weekend on Open House. It's amazing! It's 1000x nicer than Sonja Morgan's old shack. Aviva and her hubby must be worth mega-bucks.

Jill also showed off her new waterfront Hamptons home on Open House last month, and it's amazing, too. She and Bobby must be doing very well.

by Avivareply 26709/16/2013

The shmata business was never negatively affected by the economy, so, yes, the Zarins are doing quite well. Allie's modeling career has taken off as well.

by Avivareply 26809/16/2013

What does Reid do? He looks like the type that gets mansex on the side.

by Avivareply 26909/16/2013

I'm not sure what Reid does, but their new townhouse must be worth at least $15 million.

by Avivareply 27009/16/2013

yes her 5 story townhouse that she referred to as their "apartment"

by Avivareply 27109/16/2013

Didn't someone once post that Reid is a banker of some sort and is worth 20 mil?

by Avivareply 27209/16/2013


by Avivareply 27309/16/2013

Reid is a hot jewish daddy.

by Avivareply 27409/16/2013

I thought Reid is in real estate?

by Avivareply 27509/16/2013

When the heck does NY come back? BH and ATL are both already back in November.

by Avivareply 27609/18/2013

According to Andy, this coming season of NY Housewives is off the chain. The producers must have sat those hags down and told them that if they didn't bring it, they'd all be replaced. Ratings for NY have been way off since Bethenny left the show.

by Avivareply 27709/18/2013

Technically wrong, r277. The first season without Bethenny (4?) did absolutely fine. They only did the overhaul because of the complaints of it being too "toxic".

by Avivareply 27809/18/2013

R274 - you got 2 out of 3 right...

by Avivareply 27909/18/2013

Atlanta is back already?


by Avivareply 28009/19/2013

I miss me some ms phaedra parks

by Avivareply 28109/19/2013

The Nene wedding show is on not ALl. My guess is NYC will be back in spring.

by Avivareply 28209/19/2013

[quote]The first season without Bethenny (4?) did absolutely fine. They only did the overhaul because of the complaints of it being too "toxic".

You know, i never watched any of these Housewives shows until that 4th season of NYC.

Each week I would nearly piss myself laughing so hard. That guy smoking a dead man's cigar. Alex's bondage dress. Morocco. Countess on a camel. Quog (sp?). Herman Munster shoes. Sonja performance art. Kelly getting flashed. Ramona's "deformity" comment.

It was so jaw dropping hilarious. I went back and watched the Bethanny seasons on DVD and was actually bored by her. I don't get her appeal.

by Avivareply 28309/19/2013

r282, yes ATL and BH are both back in November. And ATL started filming AFTER NY.

by Avivareply 28409/19/2013

2 big NY news:

1. LuAnn and Jacques have broken up! Good. That was a weird ass pairing.

2. Filming just finished this week.

by Avivareply 28509/21/2013

Jacques just couldn't deal with LuMan having a bigger dick than him

by Avivareply 28609/21/2013

[quote] If Kelly thinks that she can out-crazy me, she's got another thing coming!

And what would that "thing" be?

Oh, dear.

by Avivareply 28709/21/2013

They should definitely bring Bethenny back now that she made Jason hop the fuck away. She has the sharpest wit (and tongue) of all the NY fraus.

I'd rather watch a slow-moving bowl of diarrhea than that Jill twat.

by Avivareply 28809/21/2013

Who is this Aviva whore and why does anyone care?

by Avivareply 28909/21/2013

The new season is off the chain!

by Avivareply 29009/21/2013

You can't go by Andy...he said the current season of New Jersey was amazing and "the best" but it fucking sucks and is boring as hell.

by Avivareply 29109/21/2013

From a friend who works on the show, apparently Carole is the "villain" this season. You heard it here first.

by Avivareply 29209/21/2013

very interesting but she feuds with LuAnn...I hope that doesn't mean they make LuAnn seem like the protagonist. There's nothing likable about her. I enjoyed with Bethenny, Ramona and Alex pushed her buttons in seasons past.

by Avivareply 29309/21/2013

Does Mario get mansex on the side?

by Avivareply 29409/22/2013

Carol would have to sacrifice newborns to Satan, burn kittens at the stake and push disabled people in front of the subway in order to make Luann seem likable.

by Avivareply 29509/22/2013

I would explore Reid's love tank fer sher!

by Avivareply 29609/22/2013

LuAnn is telling the press that she and Jacques broke up because she isn't capable of having any more biological kids...who knows if that's really the story though. Jacques had to have known when he started dating her that it's likely she couldn't get pregnant anymore. The woman is 48 I mean...

Aviva gave an interview this week comparing the upcoming season of RHONYC to RHONJ and RHOA...I wonder if the ladies will deliver on that promise. I mean besides Ramona, Sonja and Aviva, I can't imagine the others really acting crazy. The new 7th housewife is a friend of Brandi though, so maybe she's spicy enough to shake up the cast.

by Avivareply 29709/28/2013

Sonja was on Wwhl

by Avivareply 29810/19/2013

I love Jill Zarin. The producers were so stupid to fire someone who is ratings gold.

Zarin has been asked her thoughts about the Mario cheating rumors, and she claims Mario hit on her and other cast members during her time on the show:

by Avivareply 29910/23/2013

These other bitches WISHED they looked as good as me in a bikini:

by Avivareply 30010/24/2013

[quote]They should definitely bring Bethenny back now that she made Jason hop the fuck away. She has the sharpest wit (and tongue) of all the NY fraus.

It was revealed awhile back that Frankl hired writers to help give her that "sharp wit."

by Avivareply 30110/24/2013

When was that revealed?

by Avivareply 30210/25/2013

The latest preview that they're showing for RHoNYC has Aviva acting like a huge bitch. Is she this season's villain?

by Avivareply 30312/28/2013

omg has anyone seen the trailer? lmfao at Aviva fighting with everyone and at some point her leg falls to the ground (not clear if the one she was wearing or a spare)!

LuAnn downgraded to "recurring".

by Avivareply 30401/09/2014

LuAnn is only missing from the first 3 episodes.

by Avivareply 30501/09/2014

R305 but she's no longer a full-time housewife. She'll be featured a lot in a recurring role but she's not holding the apple anymore. I agree with that as the last 2 seasons she was beyond boring as fuck.

by Avivareply 30601/09/2014

My leg-throwing episode this week is sure to wipe that New Jersey whore's table-tossing episode from your memories once and for all.

Plus, look at all I've gone through.

With much love,

by Avivareply 30707/20/2014
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