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Kitchen Cousins

Both ridiculously hot. Anything we should know?

by Please, do tell.reply 1101/08/2013

One of them, I forget which one, is engaged to be married (to a female) soon.

by Please, do tell.reply 109/17/2012

I think it's John who's engaged.

by Please, do tell.reply 209/18/2012

Most of Anthony's tweets end with LOL, a smiley face, or xoxo.

He does reference Genevieve Gorder from HGTV a lot, not sure if they are dating.

by Please, do tell.reply 309/18/2012

Feets alert in his Twitter avatar!

by Please, do tell.reply 409/18/2012

Anyone watching their new show, "Cousins on Call"? Good name for an escort service.

by Please, do tell.reply 501/07/2013

By all that is holy, I would DEVOUR them. Nothing left but skin and bones.

by Please, do tell.reply 601/08/2013

Gen Corder is happily married to someone else.

by Please, do tell.reply 701/08/2013

I want them both inside me. Deeply. Preferably at the same time

by Please, do tell.reply 801/08/2013

They're aspiring actors OP, just like the "Property Brothers" and most of those HGTV reality people.

They want you to believe these two "boyish, jocular, All-American good looking guys" are just regular guys and just LOVVE fixing up houses.

It's bullshit. The people who gorge on this fecal mess are societal bottom feeders.

by Please, do tell.reply 901/08/2013

Live in the same building (one floor apart) which they renovated from a factory into 23 units.

Easy to sneak up the stairs in the middle of the night.

by Please, do tell.reply 1001/08/2013

Can you imagine hiring contractors and these two dudes show up?

I'd die!!!!

by Please, do tell.reply 1101/08/2013
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